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Written by Mariel Seraiah Romero


haring stories of "favorite Christmas traditions" definitely had members of the gospel fraternity bubbling and eager. There were some aspects of family, food and togetherness that they all had in common.

Isaac Blackman

Isaac Blackman, son of the late Ras Shorty I and prominent Gospel artiste, could hardly speak about this favorite Christmas traditions without bursting into laughter. He began by explaining that Christmas is about caring for children and remembering Christmas as a child. He recalled his mother buying balloons on Christmas Eve, and sitting, "just blowing, blowing, blowing", which made his Christmas Eve. Later, he became well known in his family, for the invention of their Christmas tree - a pine trees from his back yard. He keeps the family tradition of the "best family breakfast", where everyone would bring anything, including mom and her scrumptious sweet bread. The family would engage in prayer and worship, which he describes as "good times". Isaac Blackman sees Christmas as an integral time of healing and celebration and the redemption of mankind through Jesus Christ. Nicole Larsen, program manager of ISAAC 98.1fm and a zesty media personality, expressed her downright love for all the "glitter and sparkling lights and all that goes with Christmas". However, she likes to strike a balance,

“Christmas has become very commercialized ", she expressed. “It is therefore a time to take an introspective look on the things and people seen as important in our life". She described an unconditional sense of fulfillment from reaching out to people, who at this time of year might not have family, friends or food on their table. She reinforced that after all, this is what Christ and Christmas is all about-- "loving your neighbor as you love yourself." She ended by saying, "I love an early morning Christmas, with pastelles, eggs, baked beans and ham! Not forgetting the homemade bread (not baked by me, of course!) Christmas is truly, my favorite time of the year!"

was the "big sleep over lime" with all of the cousins on a Christmas Eve. His grandparents would get them up around 5am, Christmas morning, and have them run to the "Thomas' Christmas tree". This tree was definitely not the usual. It was the back yard's guava tree, wrapped in cotton wool with various hanging decorations. J.T. ended by saying that before he became a Christian, he loved the "traditions" of Christmas, but now he understands that Christ should be celebrated throughout the year and the love for people is the true meaning of Christmas. He added that no matter where in the world you would have travelled, nothing can come close to a "Trini" Christmas. "High energy and unforgettable memories", is what comes to mind when Donald Job, 2009 Digicel Rising Star and Gospel artiste, thinks about his Christmas traditions. Coming from Tobago, he emphasized that chocolate tea with bread and ham is a must. He couldn't help but explain

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that this is the "real" chocolate tea, the one you "grate and boil". Cake baking has also been a main tradition. He immediately thought about that one Christmas when they "couldn't done eat cake." Apparently his mother and step father were mixing a cake, and as he described it, "just talking, talking", until they mixed about thirty (30) pans of cake. There are traditions that he no longer upkeeps.-"Christmas lights, I've grown out of that, man". Donald Job

Jamie Thomas

Program Director of WORD 107.1fm and dynamic media personality, Jamie Thomas, aka J.T. vividly remembers as a young boy, trotting down Oxford Street, Port Of Spain, Trinidad, to get to his grandparent's house. This

Nicole Larsen •






he Christmas season is upon us and we thought one of the best ways to kick start the celebrations is by getting a celebrity to reminisce on some memorable moments of seasons gone by. We caught up with the man of many hats – Stevenson ‘Shal’ Marshall who shared some of his experiences that are embedded in his mind forever. The Gift List! In addition to the pretty lights and ornamental pine trees, the dreaded question also comes with the season. “So…what do you want for Christmas?” Some of us choose to answer it honestly while others take a more modest approach and response “Oh me, nothing at all. I have everything I need.” Of course this answer is usually a silent plea saying, “You better buy me something.”

Written by D. Nandlal

Shal took the latter of the two some years ago. He explained “it was a really busy period for me, my head was hot so when asked the question, I hastily replied - nothing, I don’t want anything.” Christmas morning arrived and everyone was under the tree, unwrapping presents; excited screams filled the air. Shal patiently waited for his turn to tear open his surprise, the anticipation building. Only to realize that the surprise was the fact that he got exactly what he asked…NOTHING. He looks back and laughs at the moment. It taught him a few lessons, one of which is: Never say no to presents! Fiery Launch? As we all know, fireworks are used to celebrate the dawning of a new year. Keeping within tradition, Shal and his family headed to the neighborhood park to send up fireworks with the rest of the

the best for last. Earlier in the day he purchased a lantern, which at that time was fairly new to Trinidad. Feeing excited, Shal launched the lantern and applause erupted from those around him. Shortly after, to everyone’s shock and horror, the lantern veered to the left, crashed into a tree and immediately set the tree on fire! Soon the applause stopped and the atmosphere changed. Shal and a few others had to climb the tree to extinguish the fire. As he recalls the experience he can barely contain his laughter and so can we. What a champ!


community. While others looked on, a competition between Shal and his neighbors began, as to who could put on the best show. What they did not know was, Shal was saving

For more on Shal Marshall, be sure to download his new song: Motivation, available on the app store us/album/motivation-single/ id937577984 The video is expected to be launch within the upcoming weeks.


ajan Sensation Andre ‘DJ Puffy’ Parris describes himself as a fun-loving, innovative and ambitious individual who takes pride in making the most out of every situation possible, no matter what cards are dealt. The 23 year old says he stumbled into DJing about 5 years ago after fooling around with a couple programs on his computer. Since then he has made a name for himself as one of Barbados’ biggest deejays. His professional career also started by chance. “Things got serious after I met Matthew Ashby (my manager to date) at an accidental gig. I suppose some things are just destined to be. From that night my career turned into an insane rollercoaster, filled with crazy nights, lots of flights and opportunities to meet some amazing individuals” he said. Puffy combines signature technical skills with a great image in order to capture his audience and he has set his sights on diversifying his brand even more in the future. 2

He says that in five years he hopes to have a couple original singles a few alternative business ventures. He is already heavily involved in a new project called Black Boy Fly. “It’s still in its baby-like form but it is basically an inspirational/motivational organization. I don’t want to let too much out the bag at this moment.” When asked if he can see himself following in the footsteps of DJ’s such as Lil Rick to start sing-

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

ing he was a bit cautious. “I look up to Rick as a DJ/Performer/Radio Personality. However I think my path is a little different. I’ve already studied some aspects of music production and it is definitely something I plan to dabble in.” In case you were wondering where he got his sobriquet, he states that he went to a Halloween party dressed as Puff Daddy back in his secondary school days.

His costume was a little too over the top at the time and he was nicknamed Puffy from that day on. He admits he hated it at first, but eventually got over it and the name stuck. Puffy says that he doesn’t believe any of his gigs were more important or memorable than the others so he cannot pinpoint a particular event that stands out. However, he posits that he loves to embrace and experience new and unique cultures. “I love them all equally, but the important thing is that every night we make new memories.” On a more personal note, Puffy would like readers to know that he loves chicken and shrimp pasta and he has a passion for fashion. Oh, and in his next life, he thinks he’s going to be a Lion. Riiiight! If you want more of DJ Puffy, follow anyone of his busy social media platforms. @DeeJayPuffy (Instagram & Twitter) Search Dj Puffy on Facebook.



hristmas in in the air…and one facet of that is the sweet sounds of soca parang that stream on the radio airways in malls, groceries and street corners. Of course there are the classic songs that remind us of Christmas, from favourites like Scrunter and Crazy. But what are the favourites within the last 10 years? 100 people were polled and this is what they had to say. Spanish Woman by Baron was the favourite among those interviewed, with 19 persons agreeing. This is no surprise; it is a delicious delivery that tells of Trini culture, in the melodious voice of the Baron. The first time Spanish Woman aired was when Allan Diaz played it on Sweet 100 FM late in 2008. 15 persons vouched for Coro, Coro by Walter Taylor. In 2009, Taylor released this highly energetic, sometimes laugh-inducing composition. This hit has become a favourite rendition for many parang groups. Following closely with 13 persons was Black Cake and Sorrel (A Ma$tamind Christmas) by Da Spirits. This infectious instrumental single was released in 2006. Like a breath of fresh air to Trini Christmas music Shawn "Da Ma$taMind" Noel has been consistently excellent with his work, and released another instrumental shortly after called Sweetbread. Chinee Parang by Los Paramininos and Christmas Riddim by H2O PHLO tied with 12 persons voting each. Coming from the developing agricultural community of Paramin, Maraval, known for its warmth and traditional village atmosphere, Damien Joseph, along with his sister Melina won the Soca Parang of the Year 2006 for Chinee Parang. The 37-year-old got the idea for the song while liming and playing impromptu music with friends one day. He started humming a tune and his friends suggested he write a complete 4

Ma$tamind has a famous instrumental


song about Chinese people. In 2004, Jason, Audie, Junior and Keston of H2O PHLO released the Christmas Riddim, produced by Glenroy Watson and Richard "Charsu" Ahong. This contagious tune is always a favourite for Christmas family limes.

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

It’s painting time….ahhhhhhhh. Following with 11 persons is Paintbrush by Kenny J. Even though this song was released more than 10 years ago, in 2011 he released a CD containing 11 of his past Christmas songs entitled “The Hottest Christmas Soca

Parang Hits.” Paintbrush has become a classic, and he admits in a Trinidad Guardian article that “When I launched the Paintbrush, it caught on the following year. The second year was when people heard about it. You don’t have to produce a new song every year. A hiatus gives the song enough chance to breathe. Let them grow on the people.” Mr Santa Claus aka Socks and Drawers by RemBunction was also a favourite with 8 persons agreeing. “Ah go come to de north pole, Ah go cuff yuh in yuh nosehole, Ah go pelt yuh with a snow ball, You doing this ever since I small.” With witty words like these, combined with a catchy rhythm, launched in 2006 this song is undoubtedly one that will become a classic. In 2007, Ninja may have paranged the wrong house, but his song is truly great and will last for many more Trini Christmases to come. Parang the Wrong House gained the approval of 5 persons. 3 persons agreed on Barrel Ah Rum by The Incredible Myron B. Myron B released his 2nd solo Christmas album "The Incredible Myron B Show" in 2011, which featured his runaway hit "Barrel a Rum" and "Talking Parang." He also produced over 40 soca parang songs in the same year, collaborating with Kenny J, Scrunter, Crazy, Fireball, Prophet Benjamin and Shurwayne Winchester. Finally, 2 persons made mention of The Turkey Song. At the top of the Trincity Central Road, as one waits for the green light to access the Churchill Roosevelt Highway, the announcement that the “Turkey Song Coming Soon” was mounted on cardboard and supported by heavy stones. Keron Bourne, of Tunapuna composed and recorded “The Turkey Song” released in time for Christmas 2014. As he sells cold beverages to drivers that pull up before the red light, he sings a verse and a chorus to those who ask. “Where de turkey? It cooking… Where de turkey? It cooking…”

2014'S HOTTEST GIFT IDEAS E R FEATU Written by Crystal Cassie

The new gold iPad Air


rthur C. Clarke once said that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Worldwide, it seems as though the magic of Christmas 2014 will be felt through a range of sophisticated gadgets and accessories. According to the newest review from Mirror Tech UK, the hottest gift ideas include smart phones, tablets/readers and watches. They identified the best phones as the IPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 630, Amazon Fire Phone and Somy Xperia Z2. Best tablets/readers include the IPad Air, Amazon Kindle and Asus Transformer Book T100. The best watches are the Pebble Steel, Asus Zen Watch, Acer Liquid Leap and the Samsung Gear 2 Neo. You can also please the tech lovers with stocking stuffers of selfie sticks, mobile phone chargers and all function pens. What do top retailers in Trinidad and Tobago have to offer for Christmas 2014? Bmobile identified the hot seller this Christmas as the IPhone 6, which is already available. PRW Enterprises notes that hot items this year include anything that is “smart” and is wireless and integrated all in one micro system. For instance, smart TVs and hand held devices like tablets, laptops and cell phones. For the music lovers, Beats by Dre still is number one. The representative also noted that there has been a surge in the sale of security systems for home and business. Similarly, speaking with a sales representative at Radioshack, as Christmas gifts, best sellers remain smart TVs, tablets, home theatre systems, ITunes cards, MacBooks and Nikon cameras. New items for Christmas 2014 include the Beats pill and headset as well as the Gold IPad Air. The old saying goes that Christmas is for children. Of course, toy sales are expected to boom but have also been influenced by the wave of technol6

Beats Pill by BeatsByDre

ogy. Knowledge Zone in Movietowne states that for Christmas 2014 new stock includes Leap Frog items. A representative at ToyMart, Trincity says that best sellers remain the Easy Bake oven and Baby Alive, but new items that have been selling hot off the shelf are the new Barbie “Endless Curls” and merchandise from Disney’s “Frozen.” For boys, Ninja Turtles and remote control vehicles are the best bet. For the fashionista, clothes, shoes and accessories are always the best bet. Simply Runway in Grand Bazaar offers Gift Certificates for complete styling – (clothing, shoes and accessories), valid for 1 year. Owner Candice Bacchus suggests hot sellers this year includes versatile tops and dresses that can transform easily from day to night looks with minimal manipulation, handbag & wallet combos and formal/cocktail dresses. Statement

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

accessories like necklace and earring sets are definitely in now, you can visit @trendingnowtt on Instagram for those one of a kind pieces. Wonderful World offers unlimited gift ideas from flashy costume jewelry to makeup, body products and nail art. But this year, they are also promoting gift cards. “Don't know what to get?! #GiftCards can be loaded with any $ amount you wish! Just tell the cashier what you want to spend and leave the rest to us!” For more exquisite taste, visit Zina’s Jewelry Facebook page, where they offer a sneak peek into what the store offers. They gives some unique gift ideas and their significance, including charms and charm bracelets, tie pins & cuff links, anklets, pendants, birthstone jewelry and classic brooches. For those that want to “give the gift of reading”, Nigel R

Khan Booksellers has options for all ages, from toddlers to adults. Manager at Trincity Branch identified a number of new best sellers, including I am Malala, the Organized Mind, Edge of Eternity and The Wonder of Aging. Favorites from local authors now out are Letters to Dr. Narcissist, a cookbook called Kunuwanton and Great Estates of Trinidad. Those that love to give gifts for the home, or simply want to upgrade their furniture and appliances for the Christmas season can benefit from Courts Furniture store’s “Ultimate Christmas” promotion. Details have not been released yet as customers have been given only a trailer teaser. Beware; pets are not a good idea for Christmas gifts. Many individuals may not have the time, energy and resources to commit to the well-being of the animal in the long run. Also, while children can help with some age-appropriate responsibilities, pets require adult caretakers. With a few days till Christmas, we all know Trinis will scramble for last minute presents. Remember that for those of us on a tight budget, gifts from the heart are always a winner, from homemade black cake and ponche de crème to do-ityourself gift certificates for car washes and back massages.



he Christmas spirit is rife in Trinidad and Tobago and your favourite celebrities are filling up on the special feeling as well. ET&T touched base with some of these stars and they were more than willing to share their Christmas greetings with the world. Here is what some of them had to say.

Shurwayne Winchester: May the spirit and love of Christmas find a home in our hearts and that of sweet T&T. Let the true meaning of Christmas (Jesus Christ) shine bright in us. Let us not forget the less fortunate who are struggling day by day, but embrace them as we celebrate at this time in one way or another.

Fadda Moses – On behalf of my management team and myself, I would like to wish each and every citizen of my wonderful twin island Republic a very merry Christmas and an achievement filled New Year. Thank you all for the continued love and support. God bless! 8

Five Star Akil – Merry Christmas to everyone. And to those who are lesser fortunate be sure to share with them. Growing up in St James everyone was like family and sharing helped to keep our traditions alive. Adults please encourage youths to keep on giving. Merry Christmas and may Trinidad and Tobago have a blessed, joyous and prosperous New Year.

Super Blue: May T&T have a happy and blessed, merry Christmas, full of joy, love and prosperity and may all your dreams come true. May we all live to see many more! - sb

Devon Matthews: I want to wish a Merry Christmas to my mom and dad and special greetings to all my new and old friends and supporters of my craft. Also, I want to wish everyone a safe and productive new year. - pic 2 Buffy: As a mother of two and as a child at heart, I look forward to Christmas and appreciate

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

what it means. On behalf of my family and myself, I wish a merry Christmas and happy

New Year to ET&T magazine, their readers, my family and supporters. – cut face



10 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics

NAME: Warren De Mills AGE: 20 HEIGHT: 5’9” WEIGHT: 180 lbs CAREER: Personal Trainer | Poet | Student | Aspiring Author BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers FAVOURITE SCENT: Armani. FAVOURITE THING: My pen as it helps me write my poetry. YOUR DREAM GIRL: She must not only be dynamic, but intelligent, well-spoken and well-read with lots of passion. Being multi-dimensional really excites me. While creative talents like music and art are not mandatory, they are a very welcomed bonus. She should be fit and someone who takes her health and career to heart. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Unfortunately yes, but I got over it and moved on. That’s history now. YOUR HERO: Greg Plitt. FAVOURITE FOOD: Indian. THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: A woman cooking dinner for me. YOU’D NEVER DO: Drugs or things to compromise my health and future. WHAT ABOUT PETS: I would like to have a pet wolf. BEFORE YOU DIE YOU’D: Visit as many countries in the world as possible. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Metallica. FAVOURITE MUSIC: Rock / Heavy Metal. FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: In a restaurant on top of the tallest building in the world. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: No. THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: It involves the following words in no particular order: Highway, late night, car, hands, girlfriend… an that’s all I can say. WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: My neck.


Career: Student Age: 24 Hometown: Gonzales, Belmont. Hobbies: Modeling, writing poetry, swimming, zip-lining, researching and sightseeing. Credo: Will it and it will be; Nothing's impossible! Maurica De Peza has been

modeling for almost a decade even though she is not even 25 years old. The House of Jacqui alum also has goals of becoming a psychologist in the near future and she is currently pursuing a degree in the field at COSTATT. Of course she also wants to be an internationally renowned model and she definitely has the proportions to make it happen. The brown beauty reveals that she is not a gym or diet fanatic, but attributes her look to good genes. However, she admits to using old school remedies to maintain her beauty such as aloe and shea butter for skin.


12 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

Mauricia claims that she does not have a favourite designer. She is more concerned with her professional duty as a model to display whatever designs she is chosen to wear in a professional, sophisticated and tasteful manner. This she has done in numerous platforms from runway to photo studio. Speaking of photos, she has worked with a who’s who of lensmen including Anthony Scully, Calvin French, Damian Luk Pat, Gary Jordan and Kerron Riley among others. Her face is also well known as part of advertising campaigns for Sacha Cosmetics, Wonderful World, Bang Bang/212

Location, Micles, Shhh Boutique, MasterCard, CPL T20 and Rizzoni Italian Restaurant. Your favourite feel sexy tips: I believe a woman that embodies confidence yet a sense of ease is sexy. When asked to share a feel sexy tip with our readers she confidently proclaimed: “Knowing your strengths, weaknesses and self acceptance is the first step to being comfortable in one's skin. No one is perfect!” Credits MUA: Renee Milford Photographer: Kerron Riley Clothing: Shhh Boutique, 45 Ana St Woodbrook






enneth ‘K. Rich’ Richards is doing his bid to become a household name via his consistently strong efforts in the soca/ entertainment industry. The handsome singer hooked up with ET&T interviewers for a Hot Seat (Christmas-Style). Check it out! ET&T: What does Christmas mean to you? Rich: For me, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and also a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds (and eat lots of ham without feeling too guilty.) ET&T: Describe how you normally spend Christmas Day from the moment you wake up till you go to bed? Rich: My mother would wake me up early in the morning to eat a huge Christmas breakfast which is then followed by a family debate whether or not we should open gifts before or after lunch. Lunch usually comprises of dishes that have become somewhat of a traditional menu over the last 20 years; such as broccoli and cream corn, sweet potato pie with melted marshmallows and cornish game hens with wild rice stuffing to name a few. The rest of the day is spent relaxing with family and friends and trying on new clothes or playing with new PS4 games (hint hint Santa…) ET&T: What is the best gift you ever received for Christmas? Rich: Hmmm…. Tough one… Probably my PS4 *hides face* ET&T: What is the worst Christmas present someone ever gave you? Rich: Tighty whitey Power Ranger briefs…. When i was 17… 14 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •

Photos by Zacques Morrison and Styling by P. Noire Vou Agency Ltd.

How could I ever forget? ET&T: What would comprise your perfect Christmas dinner plate? Rich: Stuffing, a well cooked ham, cranberry sauce, string bean casserole and some ‘bess’ homemade pepper…Everything on my mom’s Christmas menu. ET&T: What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten? Rich: Dog biscuits, but I think every youngster has tried that before…Right? ET&T: What are three things most people do not know about you? Rich: - I'm deaf in my left ear. I wanted to be a pro-wrestler and I’m afraid of flying roaches. ET&T: When you become a celebrity, females normally come to you, but when was the last time you made an advance to someone of the opposite sex? Rich: Good question ET&T! I tend to have to always make the first advance when I'm attracted to a lady. It's probably because I'd reveal my true nerdy nature. ET&T: If you were Santa, would you put the incumbent government on the nice or naughty list? Rich: Is there a 5th amendment in the North Pole? ET&T: What are your goals for 2014? Rich: I am extremely pleased with the continuous growth of my brand and strive to triple my numbers on all fronts. I plan on capturing new listeners with a wide variety of projects that are set to unfold over the next year. ET&T: What is your favourite Christmas song? Rich: Baron - Spanish Woman. ET&T: In your opinion what

ET&T HOT SEAT is the greatest soca song of all time? Rich: I'm not sure about the greatest, but i will say that my favorite has to be Lord Nelson - Disco Daddy. That is timeless music! ET&T: Send out your Christmas greetings to the world. Rich: I hope that this Christmas marks the beginning of change… A change of spirit, heart and mind which will strengthen the soul. Hold those dear to you and give the gift of love. Don't fall victim to the commercial nature Christmas has developed into. Instead remember its true purpose and meaning. ET&T: What’s next for K. Rich? Rich: With Carnival 2k15 just on the horizon, my mission is simple; to push the envelope of soca music to meet the demands of a global entertainment industry. Each and every year I strive to fuse our music in a way that it can be embraced by

the rest of the world, while still making sure it is tailor-fitted to please our dedicated feters and masqueraders. It's a tricky task, but a challenge I've welcomed for the last 3 years and succeeded in doing so. •

DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 15



ormally, our pages feature top models rocking the latest in eye-catching couture. Some of these models happen to be hot moms and dads. That got us wondering; why not share some creative and cool looks for the kids this Christmas. These looks will have your young ones styling through the season.

Don’t leave the tiny-tots out of the action. Get them outfitted for the season as well.

There’s a right way to do denim and this kid knows it. Now she can ride her Christmas gift in style.

This is the ultimate choice for Christmas clothing. Traditional flannel is turned up with a waistcoat and murse.

Plaid is always prevalent at this time of year. Incorporate popular holiday colours and a cool accessory to top off the look.

16 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •


This outfit is simple, yet festive and free for the active child.

A nice casual outfit with Christmas-red shoes to complete the look.

This is an example of cool, Caribbean children’s couture. These printed shirts are all the rage in any age.

Christmas nights can get chilly. Sweaters and denim are functional and the right colours add to the holiday feel. •

DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 17

E ASK PHONICS – THE MEET AND GREET EVENT VENTS handi Romano’s Ask Phonics Facebook discussion page has fast been growing in T popularity. The page which promotes literacy while acting as a conduit for sharing information, features written topics by anonymous writers and urges people to share opinions on the

content. Recently, the Ask Phonics team took to Diego Martin for a meet and greet. A few companies took the opportunity to set up information booths and to share product samples as well. It was an interactive experience with lots of laughter and good energy all around. Peep the pics.

Line up ladies

Posing for photos after the event

Happy like pappy!

Sharing an interesting story

Looking lovely in black and white

Thandi Romano in all her glory

An attentive audience

You know it’s an occasion when cake is involved

Mr. Shell It made an appearance

Happy audience members •

Enjoying a drink as well

DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 19



ed and got buzzed on whatever they could stuff into their coolers. Suffice it to say, there were vibes aplenty from very early on in the event. T’was a fine celebration of fun by the YUMAN Race and ET&T has the proof. See it on or check our fanpage on Facebook. In the meantime, check this out.

A peek at the décor

They eat, sleep and breathe YUMA

Leg baring allowed

he Queen’s Park Oval was the venue for popuT lar mas band YUMA’s latest cooler fete entitled YUMA Booze Up. Patrons did as the name suggest-


Massages helped patrons get loose

A happy camper

20 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •


Revealing their posse

The 80’s TV show pose in effect

Letting loose

Smiling faces were omnipresent

Who you pointing at?



ast Trinidad residents had a treat in Valsayn E recently when well-known party animal Raj celebrated his birthday in style with a ram jam

session. Ladies bared bellies and more and the hunks came out looking to hook up with them. Great music and drinks galore was the order of the night for this fiesta. ET&T photographers had a wonderful time at the party while they copped pics of the action. We have a whole bunch of photos online, but you can start with a sneak peek here.

Well executed head lock

ET&T Dream Guy Alumni

What is going on here?

A bit of group action

Liquor in hand

Fun-loving friends

Good question

22 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2014 •


Wining on wind


Raj yuh GT!

Posse pic

Locked and loaded

Aww… cute

Two happy posers

A bare belly and a smile

Doing denim right

Work it girl

100% Approved


Taking a breather

A radiant duo •

DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 23


EVENTS EXTRA acha Cosmetics and hair by Vidal SasS soon provided the finishing touches for the country’s hottest models as they

graced the runways of Style Week Portof-Spain recently. The Coco Velvet International production featured both Christmas 2014 and Carnival 2015 resort collections from Trinidad & Tobago’s new, emerging and established fashion brands. The action all took place at the scenic Trinidad Country Club and not only were the presentations stellar, but it was really well-received by the audience. Here is a sample of what went down in our events extra. •

DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 25


ome people stay stuck in different eras and their S style choices remind us of this. However, we need to do better if we are to move forward to first

world fashion status. There is a time and place for retro. These people don’t know when and where.

This dude could not be from Trinidad. He had to be fresh off the boat from some other island filled with ‘asininely’ dressed people. Not only is he rocking shades in the night, but he came to a water party in an 80’s-inspired fur hat. Wrong era… wrong choice. Lock up!

People always tend to get carried away and end up bareback these days. While we don’t like it, we won’t go in on the guy too much here. However, the girl who is wronging him from behind is clearly from Neanderthal times. Bare feet in the dance, plus, she doesn’t seem to realize that those aren’t women’s boy shorts, but actual male undies. Oh well… at least her armpits are well taken care of.






DECEMBER, 2014 • ET&T 27



In 1647, the English parliament passed a law made Christmas illegal. The Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell, who considered feasting and revelry on what was supposed to be a holy day to be immoral, banned the Christmas festivities. The ban was lifted only when Cromwell lost power in 1660.

THE holly in a wreath symbolizes Christ's crown of thorns while the red berries are drops of his blood. “Xmas” stems from Greece. The Greek “X” is a symbol for Christ.

The holiday Boxing Day was originally celebrated in England for the servants to the rich people. After Christmas, the servants “boxed up” all the left-overs from the rich people and took them home.


Mistletoe (Viscum album) is from the Anglo-Saxon word misteltan, which means “little dung twig” because the plant spreads though bird droppings.


Despite the tale of three wise men paying homage to baby Jesus, the Bible never gives a number. Matthew's Gospel refers to merely "wise men."



ver the years you’ve gorged yourselves on classics such as Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Story and Home Alone. However, these films also pack a punch and should be added to your perennial holiday list.

The Night They Saved Christmas An oil company is exploring two Arctic sites for oil. The needed blasting at the first site rocks Santa Claus' North Pole village. He realizes that any blasting at the second site will destroy his home. He enlists the aid of a woman and her children

to convince her husband (who works for the company) that the first site is where the oil they want is. Along the way, Santa explains all his secrets in delivering presents all around the world.

All I Want For Christmas "All I Want For Christmas" is a comedy about two New York City children who launch a hilarious scheme to get what they most want this holiday season. Ethan, a practical older brother, and adorable Hallie, who knows how to charm her way out of a difficult situation, are intent on spending

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Christmas with their parents, Catherine and Micheal, and grandmother Lillian. As Ethan and Hallie embark on their adventure, almost nothing goes exactly as they planned. Complicating things is a smarmy businessman named Toney Boer, who has taken an interest in Catherine. Ethan, meanwhile, is preoccupied with not only his parents' romantic dilemma, but also his own - one brought about by his new friendship with Stephanie, his first teenage crush. What evolves is an elaborate scheme involving mice, telephone calls and an ice-cream truck, as Ethan and Hallie try to achieve their goal with the help of Stephanie. The duo's primary obstacle is their mother's fiance, Tony. The children finally succeed with a little Christmas magic from Santa Claus.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale This Finnish film is a black comedy about an archaeological team that unearths the real Santa Claus (who's not too jolly about it) and tries to sell him to a multinational corporation. Santa's elves, however, will stop at nothing to free their fearless leader from captivity. What ensues is a wildly humorous nightmare - a fantastically bizarre polemic on modern day morality.


ET&T Vol. 8 December Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: A K.Rich Christmas A Yultide treat for the ladies See the sizzling beauty inside Celebrity christmas traditions and more

ET&T Vol. 8 December Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: A K.Rich Christmas A Yultide treat for the ladies See the sizzling beauty inside Celebrity christmas traditions and more