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ire-blowers, sexy cheerleaders, tassa, rhythm sections, the Mexican wave, soca music and lighted stumps make up quality entertainment that has the franchise-based Twenty20 format cricket tournament being dubbed the “the Biggest Party in Sport.” It combines two of the most compelling aspects of Caribbean life – dramatic cricket and a vibrant Carnival atmosphere. In 2013, at the first annual Limacol Caribbean Premier League (CPL) tournament, over 250,000 spectators attended matches whilst a global TV audience of 36 million tuned into the action. The T20 version of the game is gaining momentum in the region and worldwide despite cricket enthusiasts raising concerns that it may be to the detriment of traditional test matches. But the attraction is clear. Indian fitness coach Ramji Srinivasan declared that it has resulted in a more athletic and “explosive” form of cricket, "raising the bar" in terms of fitness levels for all players, and demanding higher levels of strength, speed, agility and reaction time from all players regardless of role in the team. In 2009, Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist pushed for T20 to be made an Olympic sport, claiming "It would be difficult to see a better, quicker or cheaper way of spreading the game throughout the world." Similarly, legendary batsman Brian Lara stated that “Cricket is a dying sport and I believe that T20 is going to be beneficial for many reasons, bringing a different spectator.” CPL CEO Damien O’Donohoe notes that the numbers of kids participating in cricket have dramatically increased as a result of the CPL. But you may need to grab some Limacol when you realize that cricket is the new cash sport. The first official T20 matches were played in 2003, but it was in 2006 the Stanford 20/20 tournament made the game fiery,

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CPL CEO Damien O'Donohoe Dwayne Bravo

financially backed by billionaire Allen Stanford, who gave at least US$28,000,000 funding money. In 2008, Trinidad and Tobago won the Stanford Super Series, securing US$280,000 prize money. The Stanford Superstars played England, with the winner claiming US$20,000,000 in each match.

In 2013, the Franchise players in the CPL T20 were pre-selected and entitled to salaries of US$150,000. The five regional and six international players included Dwayne Bravo and Ross Taylor for T&T, Marlon Samuels and Ricky Ponting for Antigua, Kieron Pollard and Shoaib Malik for Barbados, Sunil Narine and Mohammed Hafeez for Guyana, Chris Gayle and Muttiah Muralitharan for Jamaica and Darren Sammy and Herschelle Gibbs for St Lucia. The tournaments’ other 78 players, were paid a salary depending on the Pool and Round they were selected for. The players were placed in three pools, A, B and C with A featuring primarily established regional and international players, B regional first-class players, and C regional Under-23 players. Pool A, is set to have a salary range cap between US$100,000 and US$70,000, Pool B between US$70,000 and US$20,000 and Pool C between US$20,000 and US$5,000. Chris Gayle landed the biggest contract in 2013, to the tune of US$250,000, more than US$100,000 more than the other

11 iconic franchise players. Kieron Pollard was touted as a “hallmark of what a modern cricketer should be” and in 2009 earned an Indian Premier League (IPL) contract at the players’ auction where he was sold for an undisclosed amount after attracting the maximum possible bid of US$750,000. In 2010, he was the joint highest paid player in the 2010 IPL. In 2011, Six Sides Management Group announced a new commercial partnership with Pollard, encompassing all off-field endorsements and sponsorship proposals for him worldwide. In 2011, Sunil Narine and Kevon Cooper also earned IPL contracts after competing for T&T and in 2012 were sold for US$700,000 and US$50,000 respectively at the 2012 IPL auction. But for 2014, O’Donohoe states that in an effort to reduce costs, the player salary cap is likely to be scaled down by close to 10%. The proposed change will affect the international players, but not those from the West Indies. He claims that while the league is a multi-million dollar business, funded by Denis O’Brien and Digicel, more support is needed from governments. O’Donohoe laments that CPL made a loss after its first season and that a profit in 2014 would also be unlikely. •

AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T




ports stars face the adulation of the public for various reasons. Obviously, they are revered for the fact that their talents can’t be matched by the average Joe or Jane. Plus, their talents take them to worldwide acclaim and we all know that the general public has always had a fetish with fame. However, the levels of adoration tend to grow exponentially when the athlete in question is better looking than average. Such sports personalities are able to make a mint off of their image and brand as opposed to their sporting skills (David Beckham comes to mind). In T&T we don’t have too many athletes who have been able to tap into endorsements based solely on sexiness, but that does not make them any less hot. We did a social media survey to identify who T&T’s sexist sports stars are and the results were interesting. Oddly enough, people found it very difficult to identify with sexy female sports personalities even though Trinidad & Tobago is known for having one of the most beautiful female populations on the planet. However, it is understandable since there is not a lot of media coverage or corporate support for many female sports in Trinidad. The two most popular sexy sports heroines were embattled Tobago sprint queen Kelly Ann Baptiste and Carapichaima pugilist Ria Ramnarine. Ramnarine’s flat stomach and even her ability to be physically aggressive were cited as reasons for her choice. Batiste was lauded for her powerful legs and glutes. An honorable mention went to the entire Trinidad & Tobago Volleyball Team who reader Terrance Dowrich could not stop praising. “There are beauties throughout the team who could be models due to their height and fit figures” he opined. A variety of male candidates were chosen with swimming sensation George Bovell and cyclist Njisane Phillip being the most 2

Ria Ramnarine

Njisane Phillip

ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

George Bovell

Kelly Ann Baptiste

mentioned. Phillip was regularly lauded for his abs with a couple interviewees adding that they found his lips/smile sexy. Bovell’s eyes were the object of the affection of several ladies. “You could swim in his eyes” said one participant. His hairless swimmer’s body featuring broad shoulders was also considered sexy attributes. Sprinter Richard Thompson got a couple of sexy nods with one person surveyed saying “His body says a lot.” Honourable mentions were given to young sailor Andrew Lewis and veteran Soca Warrior’s footballer Carlos Edwards.


e is the 2005 NAAA Athlete of the year, a double Carifta Gold medalist and part of the first ever local team to beat the USA in a 4x400m race. In fact, the national record still stands for the feat. His name is Kervin Morgan and at only 25, one would expect his promise to be matched with the support needed for bigger and better things. However, it seems as though the nation has turned its back on him. He sustained an injury which led him to lose his elite funding grant from the Ministry of Sports and few seem to have taken an interest in Morgan’s quest to return to prominence. Despite that, Kervin is dedicated to bringing more athletic glory to T&T as he embarks on his comeback trail. Morgan tells of coming from humble beginnings before joining Memphis Pioneers at age 12. His sporting talents took him abroad to South Plains College and the esteemed Zenith Velocity


track club where he put together a host of standout performances. “Sports can take you far” says Morgan of his journey. “Not everyone is academically inclined,

but once you apply yourself, you can excel in your field.” Morgan is living proof of that philosophy as his running abilities afforded him the opportu-

nity to pursue a first degree in Sports Science which he plans to follow up with a Masters. It’s the perfect fallback plan though Morgan is not about to fall back. Seeing Darryl Brown return to run 10.05 in the recent Sagicor Championships has given him added impetus. Now he has his sights set on making the Olympic team and more importantly medaling. He is also obsessed with fitness and with the motivation of his family it seems more of a possibility than before. Despite that Morgan still laments the state of T&T athletics which is plagued by sponsorship issues. He is eternally grateful to the late Mr. Cumberbatch who helped him rehabilitate from his injury in the absence of support from sponsors or government. With this young man’s determination and self-motivation he is on the right track when it comes to fulfilling his destiny.

players that went to college. It's definitely not the same level and not the same atmosphere because at home there are hardly any fans at the stadiums, but at my home games there always at least 15000-18000 fans every game. There are also benefits you have from playing in the bigger league compared to home for example, retirement plans and also insurance which are organized by the club. In T&T those things have to be organized by the players them-

selves which is a bit unprofessional and also difficult because the salaries aren't enough to build a good life.” Bateau shared that despite these issues, he is always looking forward to giving his all for the country. However, he insisted that full support be given to the cause. “My message to the frustrated local fans is keep supporting the league and the players and (especially the young ones. They are the future and the players aren't to blame 100 percent because the league itself is not really professional. Few people care about the progression of the league. It's more or less one or two trying to develop local football. I think any professional league needs help from the government for any serious development to take place, but at the moment anything goes, so I hope the league continues to grow and the number of fans also.”



heldon Bateau is on track to realizing his goal of plying his trade in the English Premiership. The 23 year old National team defender currently earns a salary playing for Belgian Pro League club KV Mechelen. Apart from individual glory Bateau also has his sights set on International success, but he realizes several changes would have to be made to facilitate it. He spoke to ET&T about some of these issues. Speaking on T&T’s chances of making it to the next World Cup, bateau was optimistic. “I think we have the quality because now we have a good mixture of youth and experience and also youths with experience like myself. I think if we are prepared in the right way and not last minute we can be at the next World Cup for sure. This is especially with Steven Hart who 4

Bateau monitors an attacking threat

has brought a lot of change to the national team so I hope the TTFA and Ministry of sports give us the best preparation possible.” Beateau went into depth to explain several shortcomings and he took time to explain the difference between playing professionally in Belgium as opposed to locally. “I played home for about 4 years in the pro league before I came to Europe so for me it's easy to compare, compared to

ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •


passion and an ability to move past her personal trials with a determination to shatter all possible records. At the time of her death she was ranked as the #1 light middleweight boxer. In 2008, she broke ground in the Caribbean by becoming the first to successfully defend all her world titles for six times consecutively.


rinis love you when you are up and ‘badtalk’ you when you are down. However, the people on this list are some of the most beloved personalities to represent the Red, White and Black in sports. This list details our most beloved athletes according to ET&T.



Brian Charles Lara Coined the ‘Prince of Port of Spain’, Lara is one of the greatest batsmen of his era. His 501 not out against Durham in 1994 along with his 400 not out against England in 2004 are among records which still stand to this date. One only has to look at the iconic picture of President Barack Obama practicing batting form with ‘The Prince’ to understand his legacy and appreciate the fact that the terms cricket and Lara will forever remain synonymous.

Dwight Yorke Another member of the historic ‘Strike Squad’, Tobagonian born Dwight Yorke is arguably our most successful international footballer. However, he revealed in his autobiography he thought Russel Latapy was the better player. Nicknamed the ‘Smiling Assassin’ because of his capacity for goal scoring and his trademark smile, Yorke landed high profile spots on several international teams including Manchester United’s treble squad of 1999.


Ato Boldon Ato Jabari Boldon emerged as one of the most formidable figures in track and field in Trinidad and Tobago after the era of Hasley Crawford. The country began to take note of him not simply because of his outspokenness, but also as a result of his success at the World Junior Championships and the Commonwealth Games. He would later bring home bronze medals in the 100m and the 200m, his signature events, at the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta and silver and bronze respectively in the 100m and 200m at the Sydney Olympics.



Russell Latapy Latapy or the Little Magician as he is fondly known played in both the Strike Squad and Soca Warriors eras. An excellent midfielder, Latapy forced the adoring Trinbagonian fans to notice his agility and skills on the football field. His crowning moment as a national was reaching the 2006 World Cup. 6


Hasley Crawford In 1976 he brought us our first gold at the Montreal Olympics. For this major reason Hasley Crawford has earned the eternal respect and admiration of the entire populace. In his honor he has received the country’s highest order, he has been inducted into the Caribbean Hall of Fame and the national stadium has been named after him.

ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •


Giselle Salandy Her untimely death in a car accident on January 4th 2009 stunned an entire nation; one which had been following the career of a young female who found within boxing a

Keshorn Walcott He’s the youngest of the bunch and his Olympic gold in 2012, some 36 years after Crawford’s, sent Trinidad and Tobago into unforgettable pandemonium. At 19 years old he became the first athlete to hold the World Junior and Olympic titles in the same year. This javelin thrower from Toco also holds the record for being the first black male athlete to win gold in throwing events at the Olympics. His Olympic feat has most certainly been etched into the consciousness of every citizen who has lived to witness it.


BIGGIE IRIE IS NEW RULER IN THE KINGDOM OF SWEET SOCA 474 points was the number it took for Biggie Irie to take the crown of Sweet Soca Monarch in Barbados. He won the title ahead of RPB, Sanctuary and Blood bringing to an end a 28 year wait for victory on his home soil. His winning song Pankatang has been a massive hit ever since its release earlier this year and it was enough to finally get him the crown. Biggie Irie was moved to tears upon winning the title. In 2007 Biggie Irie became the first and only non-Trinidadian to win a Soca Monarch title when he won the Groovy competition with “Nah Going Home” His prizes included a Ford Eco-sport, a 500 dollar clothing voucher, 7,500 dollars in cash and a staycation from Divi Southwinds.

Negril-based hotel, Hedonism II is once again living up to its name as a haven for some of the most risqué and provocative events on the planet as the popular beach resort has announced that they will host the Miss BumDelicious Pageant from August 31 to September 7 of this year. The pageant will be split into five segments: the Poolside Bikini Challenge, the Talent Segment, the Evening Gown Parade, the Bare as You Dare Knockout Round, and the Final Sexy Question & Answer. All participants must be over 18 years old. Ladies who wish to participate are urged to contact the resort immediately by email with two recent full-body and face photos. “We are very excited to bring on stream this sizzling new addition to other events that we offer here at Hedonism,” Managing Director Kevin Levee said regarding the event. “We’ve just spent some US$5M upgrading and enhancing our amenities here. We are looking forward to hosting this new event so that our guests can enjoy this amazing contest while

experiencing a vastly enhanced resort, including new VIP treats, Jacuzzi suites, fantasy guest rooms, fully stocked mini bars with premium brands, deluxe bathrooms, and a lot more.” Miss Bum-Delicious 2014 is expected to be a magnet for hundreds of pageant fans who will converge in Negril during pageant week, and guests can participate in a number of activities, including fashion shows, pajama parties, body painting, toga parties, a wet t-shirt contest and nude volleyball playoffs.


IGGY AZALEA TO MAKE CAMEO IN 'FAST & FURIOUS 7,' VIN DIESEL SAYS Vin Diesel revealed a juicy piece of information during a recent interview to promote his new Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy: rapper Iggy Azalea will be making a cameo in the upcoming Fast & Furious 7. The news slipped after an interviewer with France’s Skyrock FM asked Diesel which songs he’d like to dance to most between Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle,” Azalea’s “Fancy” or Ariana Grande’s “Problem.” “Well, Iggy Azalea, I just worked with her two weeks ago,” the actor responded. “I guess you’ll be the first person that knows this — we casted her in Fast & Furious 7.” 8

ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

There has been a lot of controversy centered around Nicki Minaj’s new single, “Anaconda.” First, her eye grabbing cover art had people’s eyes glued and necks broken. Then, her single was pushed back. Now, Nicki is coming after songwriter and producer, Eric Bellinger for claiming he produced her second single. Last week, Bellinger did a series of interviews, more notably with MYV talking about Minaj’s record. ”She [Nicki] went crazy, he said.”Turn up. That’s it. Just turn up. The realest turn up possible.” Nicki went on her Twitter and ethered Bellinger and labeled him “thirsty” for seeking credit for a record that was clearly produced by Polow Da Don and Da Interns. Check out her tweet below, which has now been deleted. There are only 2 producers on #Anaconda ~ Polow Da Don & Da Internz. No one else should be out here doing interviews about it. #ThirstyAss — PillsNPotions (@NICKIMINAJ) July 29, 2014 Bellinger has yet to respond to Nicki’s tweet. Her second single, “Anaconda”, is slated

to come out Aug. 4 after being moved from its original July 28 date.


COCONUT UNSHELLED A delicious blend of natural coconut, passion fruit nectar and premium French spirits that offers superior mixability. Satisfy your customer’s taste for the islands with New Alizé COCO.

LIFE’S MORE COLORFUL WHEN YOU MIX IT UP. ™ Mix It Up Responsibly. | © 2012 Kobrand Corporation, New York, NY | Alizé COCO Liqueur 20% Alcohol by Volume |


GUY NAME: Luke Hernandez AGE: 22 HEIGHT: 5ft 5" WEIGHT: 170 lbs

CAREER: Personal trainer BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers FAVORITE SCENT: Hugo Boss Energise. FAVORITE THING: Working out, playing football and getting tattooed. DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: Sexy, independent, confident, caring and short or my height. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Yep. That was when I was 19. YOUR HERO: My parents and grandparents. FAVORITE FOOD: Provision,

Grilled Chicken and Callaloo THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: By being real. YOU’D NEVER: Lead someone astray. WHAT ABOUT PETS: I love them (especially dogs) THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: I want the opportunity to meet Messi. FAVORITE ARTIST: Machel Montano / Drake FAVORITE MUSIC: Soca /R&B and Hip Hop FAVORITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: Texas de Brazil.

HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: Once, and I’m not saying when. THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: (The sound of crickets) WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: Definitely my neck and ears. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: The people who wish I don't make it in life drive me to do better. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: I work out twice a day and live in the kitchen (LADIES) Photos by Maria Parris


MODEL MANIA Name: Shenelle M Flanders Age: 19 years old Hometown: Point Fortin / Carenage Hobbies: Hiking, sailing, swimming, volleyball and nature. Recent Achievements: Was a grand finalist at the Top Model Worldwide competition in the UK. Shenelle Flanders is one of the industry’s freshest faces with only a year under her belt. However, she has already done a few gigs and things are looking promising for the young talent. Her pet peeve is pessimistic people and it’s no surprise since Shenelle has had to overcome so much in her life. Flanders thrives off of positive energy and those who foster personal growth. Speaking of growth, the aspiring model rose out of the foster care

system and credits herself as one of the few success stories. She is currently enrolled as a Fashion Design student at UTT while also being a swimming instructor/lifeguard. Her standout ethnic features have made her the target of several top photographers including Luis Young, Kerron Riley and Gregory Reyes. She also made a brief appearance in a television ad for a major telecommunications network and she hopes more of those opportunities come her way. Her Favorite Designers are Peter Elias, Heather Jones, Christian Boucaud, Noor, Shaun Griffith-Perez, Claudia Pegus and Tobago based Delia Alleyne. Shenelle believes her hair is one of her most defining features and she naturally styles it on her own. Having her hair open is a form of expression that she claims adds to her exotic nature and sex appeal. She also keeps her body toned by swimming constantly. In the long run, Shenelle hopes to explore the possibility of working as a caregiver and motivator for young people as a means of helping those who were in a situation similar to hers.

SHENELLE M FLANDERS Photos by Anthony Joseph

12 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •




lot of people are into fitness these days. However, people who have been training for some time would have witnessed some differences across the exercise landscape. In 2014 people are using varying methods to get lean. Here are some of them.

more convenient for us to train from home via online media. Lots of professional trainers and fitness enthusiasts in general take their skills online and an excited audience laps it up as soon as it is uploaded. There are some workouts that are interactive, while others are simply done and left for the participant to follow.

Dance Workouts With blasting music, high-energy routines, and non-stop movement, these classes are more than fun. They’re also a great cardiovascular workout. The average Zumba “fitness party” burns more than 300 calories. Plus, by engaging your entire body, dance workouts ranging from ballet to Bollywood can hit muscles traditional workouts miss. Bodyweight Training No disrespect to fancy equipment, but your body is a super-efficient exercise machine all on its own. You can easily tailor the intensity to fit your ability, and by allowing your body to exercise in its natural planes—rather than in stiff motions—these exercises relieve pressure on joints and reduce the risk of injury. While bodyweight workouts have been a pillar of athome workouts for years, gyms are now upping their no-gear game. More personal trainers and group fitness classes now integrate bodyweight training into their workouts.

Workplace Fitness Programs In an effort to reduce healthcare costs and boost productivity, more and more companies are offering their employees a range of fitness programs and services. Employee incentive programs, for instance, offer workers cash prizes, gift certificates, extra vacation days, or other rewards for participating in the program. In corporate fitness challenges, different companies, or different departments within the same company, compete to lose the most weight, run the fastest, or complete the most pushups.

Digital Gyms We don’t mean actual digital gyms where you walk into some sort

14 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

of cyber world with electrodes plugged into you. However, the digital age has made it much

Water Workout This type of exercise format has been around for some time. Aqua Aerobics has increased in popularity because of the trend of seniors beginning to work out more regularly. It is popular among the elderly because it is easy on the joints and the water offers a less dangerous resistance format than heavy, bulky weights.



Hard bodies and hot weather call for showing off at the beach. The operative words here are “showing off.” It’s not just about showing up. You must possess the right accessories to make your look magical. Here we feature the latest in sexy male swimwear. Photos by Roger Jackson of Absolutpics

Add your own slice of style to a simple beach getup

Super short and super tight are these sporty Speedos

Stunner shades and standout trunk colours to complement your sporty physique at the beach

These barely there briefs are as bold as the man who wears them •

AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T 15



You’ve worked hard for that fantastic figure and now you are ready to flaunt it at the beach. Too bad Trinidad and Tobago doesn’t encourage nude bathing. Since we have to wear something, it is best to step out in swimwear worthy of the body it belongs to. Check out these cool designs. Swimwear Deson Ayinde Designs • Photography Stoneography

This one piece ensemble is all kinds of sexy.

A little white can work just right

16 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

Vibrant colours exemplify the true essence of the Caribbean.

Embrace the ocean in a creatively constructed bikini in shades of aqua.




ET&T: What is your biggest vice? RT: I'm a carnival baby. I wish I could run away every year to be part of it, but it obviously clashes with my training. Every carnival season I'm itching for the opportunity to go back home to fete and play mas, but I've only been able to twice in the last 8 years because of training.


ichard Thompson is arguably our most celebrated active local athlete. The multiple Olympic medalist and National 100m record holder returned fresh from earning Commonwealth relay bronze to chop it up with ET&T on the Hot Seat.

ET&T: What was your lowest moment professionally? RT: My lowest moment professionally would be the recently concluded Commonwealth games. I came in as the favourite to win the 100m and didn't make it to the finals. But life is about learning from your mistakes and failures and allowing it to shape you into a stronger and wiser individual. I've taken note of everything, so what seems like a loss now will be a gain for me in the future.

ET&T: You started the year in stellar fashion. To what do you attribute your form? RT: I can attribute this year's success to a great team of people that worked with me. Doctors, trainers and my coach Dennis Shaver who all believed that I can return from my 2013 injury to better form than ever this year. Of course, it required my determination to make all their thoughts and expectations a reality. ET&T: Which of your athletic accomplishments do you hold dearest. RT: There's no doubt that my 100m Silver medal from Beijing means the most to me. If not for the greatest sprinter ever (Usain Bolt) I'd be the 2008 Olympic Gold medalist. ET&T: As a celebrity athlete you would have encountered several groupie experiences. Which country has the most forward female fans, Trinidad or overseas? RT: (Laughs) Trinidad has a lot of forward women. They don't hesitate to let you know when they're interested, but I have had some really blunt encounters in Europe. Craziest experience in my career was a girl asking me to give her my jock strap after a race and she was 100% serious. (Lol) They get really fanatical for athletics in Europe so I'll have to say they outdo the Trini women.

ET&T: There are obvious benefits to being a world class athlete. With that said, what’s the worst thing about being an athlete? RT: The worst thing about being a professional athlete is that you spend a lot of time away from your family. At times I'm away for as long as 3 months competing in Asia, Europe, all around the world. You get a bit home sick, but you understand that you have a duty to your country, sponsors and the same family that supports you on your journey so you have to suck it up and keep going. ET&T: What are your views on doping in Sport? RT: The integrity of my sport has been compromised by many athletes in the past who tried undermining the doping system.

There's been unfortunate cases where it was unintentional, but those that weren't, really hung a dark cloud over the athletes heads who take pride in working hard to achieve their goal the honest way. When you have a clean athlete now that runs fast, it raises doubt and suspicion. It's sad and unfair to all the clean athletes like myself. ET&T: How difficult is it to maintain a relationship with your current commitments and lifestyle? RT: It has its difficult periods. Sometimes it's almost like a long distance relationship because I'm away so much, but with modern technology it makes communication a lot easier so it doesn't seem like she's as far away. Skype, whatsapp, tango, you name it I'm on there staying in touch.

ET&T: In light of the crime situation in T&T, what is your message to the T&T public (youth in particular). RT: Change has to start up top. The leaders of our nation have to set a better example. When there's disorder at the top, it creates a domino effect and everything else crumbles. From the stand point of keeping youth out of trouble, it's all about involving them in activities that not only occupies their time, but shows them that there's an honest path to a successful life. This way they don't resort to crime to get what they want. ET&T: What do you plan to achieve by year’s end? RT: I've run the national record this year, which I think exceeded everyone's expectations based on last year. I have a few more meets for the season and I'd just like to finish strong. Coach and I experimented with a few things this year so we had highs and lows. Unfortunately the lows came at a bad time. However, the main thing is to keep building for 2015 and ultimately Rio Olympics in 2016. •

AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T 17


iving legend of L the local arts Ian ‘Bunji Garlin’


Alvarez has enjoyed an enviable run in recent times thanks to the success of hit songs such as Differentology and Carnival Tabanca. This success has seen him jet set across the globe for anticipated and appreciated performances. He even signed a label deal or two amid his travels. The singer took time to touch base with home for his Birthday which he celebrated with fans at Woodford Café Chaguanas. Several of his contemporaries showed up to lend support at the party and entertain the mass of fans present. ET&T was there to provide evidence that a grand time was enjoyed by all.

Cake… cake…cake…

Two leggy ladies

A playful pose

Ace all hugged up

DJ’s always get through

Photographer meets FayeAnn

Fireball blazed the stage

There from the beginning

They love a good party

Three fans pose

Mr. Killa takes his antics into the crowd

Performing with his favourite brew •

AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T 19


he O2 Park at Chaguaramas was the venue for One T Entertainment’s Wake Up 2014. Patrons partied into the wee hours of the morning with the aid of a variety

of shots plus the added vibes of water trucks, foam dispensers and fog machines. It was like a good old-fashioned outdoor rave and few people needed waking up by the time the event was in full swing. This was one of the parties of the so-called summer. Check our Facebook page for more photos.

Shorts in full effect

Fully awake and refreshed

Team bai!

Hope it’s not his natural tongue colour

Rocking on

20 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

Enjoying the early morning atmosphere

He’s done that before

Four friends connect

Partying till the sun comes up

Asian persuasion

A happy camper

Repping for the darkies



his Journey took patrons on a quest for pleasure T that began aboard the Treasure Queen. Helmed by Stereotype Entertainment, the shindig starred

the talents of Red line Intl, Triple Threat Sounds, Poison Sounds and Custodian on the boards. Drinks of all types flowed freely since the event was a cooler cruise. Suffice it to say, the drinks helped to create a freer atmosphere than usual and ultimately a full-fledged flex-down took place not long after sailing commenced. Here are a few pics.

They enjoyed the pump

Hugged up and happy

They came looking to score

Mama mia!

Hair blowing in the wind

22 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

Once again guys were outnumbered

Showing off her style


Urban casual cruise couture

Black Attack!

What in the…

Doing her thing


aracas beach was the venue for the latest installment of M Rave events’ popular Sahara beach party. Bikini bodies converged at the north coast spot to skip and sway in the sands for

the night-into-morning party. Those who attended the Carnival version of this event know how massive it can be. While this wasn’t exactly the biggest beach party the promoters have hosted, it did feature a good turnout. The most important factor was the fact that a good time was had by most of those present.

Chilling with the Bae

Loving the lime

Strong man swag

Taking selfies to new heights

Ladies love Sahara

Slim and trim

Showing her colours

In rags, but not raggedy

And the Lord said “It was good”


Three is glee

Dat is woman!

Approved! •

Pretty as a petal


AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T 23


EVENTS EXTRA ubbed the ultimate Ice Cream lover’s exD perience, Sundae Fest was presented as the perfect opportunity to deflect from the

usual types of entertainment offered. Broken into two segments, Sunday Blue (for the kids) and Sunday Red (for the Adults) the fair was a celebration of all things ice cream. We all know that few things are as satisfying as cold ice cream on a tropical day. However, the weather presented some challenges as the heavens opened up from time to time providing a drab backdrop for the festivities. Our photographers braved the bad weather for a chance to experience the sweetness up close. For more, check us out on Facebook or •

AUGUST, 2014 • ET&T 25

PUTTING THE RAT IN RATCHET P eople can easily make the mistake of being ratchet if they aren’t careful. Despite your intentions, stereotyping is a reality we have to come to terms with. Don’t make these mistakes if you don’t want the Fashion Police to get involved.

‘Darkers’ in the night. Fail! Earrings that don’t match the ensemble… Fail! Positioning Me Too phone in bosom for a pic… Fail! Hope the handcuffs didn’t leave permanent marks on your hands. This female in white decided to take her criminal ways to a family restaurant thereby putting innocent children and the elderly at risk. Not only was she arrested for the hideous and nonsensical hairpiece, but we traced the people who sold it to her and booked them too.

So you leave your house to hit a party in a see-through lace top knowing fully well that the bra underneath is a bright red. Now your “headlights” have become stop lights, but you are not stopping. Lock up!






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Name: Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. Age: 42 (March 13, 1972) Profession: Rapper, Actor, Writer. Claim to Fame: Common (formerly Common Sense) is one of the most talented and respected rappers in Hip Hop history. He released several critically acclaimed albums and singles in an almost three decade career. Some of his memorable projects are Can I Borrow a Dollar?, Resurrection, One

Day It'll All Make Sense, Like Water for Chocolate, Electric Circus, Be, Finding Forever, Universal Mind Control, The Dreamer/The Believer and his new album Nobody's Smiling. He also made a name for himself on screen. In 2003, Common made his TV acting debut with a guest appearance on the UPN sitcom Girlfriends. He soon found his way onto the big screen, playing Sir Ivy in Smokin' Aces

(2006) alongside Ben Affleck and Ryan Reynolds. Next up, he portrayed Turner Lucas in Ridley Scott's Golden Globe-nominated American Gangster (2007), starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Roles in Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves and Wanted starring Angelina Jolie were followed by a role in the blockbuster film Terminator Salvation (2009), starring Christian Bale. But the acting hasn't stopped there. Common has con-



veryone loves the type of edge of your seat suspense that keeps you guessing till the last scene. The movies featured here provide just those sorts of thrills.

A Walk among the Tombstones A heroin trafficker whose wife is abducted and murdered hires a haunted private investigator to track down the men who killed her in this brooding crime drama starring Liam Neeson. Matt Scudder (Neeson) was an NYPD cop having a quiet drink in a Washington Heights bar when a pair of armed robbers came in guns blazing. Giving chase, Scudder guns down the robbers in the street, though a stray bullet turns a heroic

drug dealer (Dan Stevens), Scudder scours the bars and back alleys of New York City in search of his elusive targets - and the closer he gets, the more apparent it becomes that they are something much more sinister than your typical kidnappers.

moment tragic. Devastated, Scudder subsequently goes to work as an unlicensed private detective, working just outside of the law and surviving on generous gifts offered in exchange for his services. Now, tasked with rooting out the sadistic thugs who brutally murdered the wife of a wealthy

28 ET&T • AUGUST, 2014 •

No Good Deed Terri (Taraji P. Henson), a devoted wife and mother of two, lives an ideal life that takes a dramatic turn when her home and children are threatened by Colin (Idris Elba), a charming stranger who smooth-talks his way into her house, claiming car trouble. The unexpected invitation leaves her and her family terrorized and fighting for survival.

tinued to land roles alongside big names, some of the more recent ones being Date Night (2010) with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey, alongside the long list l of stars in the comedy New Year's Eve (2011) and with Jennifer Garner and Joel Edgerton in The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012). Common is also known for his high profile celebrity relationships. Some of the A-listers he dated are Erykah Badu, Serena Williams and Kerry Washington.


ETT Vol 8 August Issue 2 2014  

In this issue A Salute to Sports Sexy Sporty Swimwear Looks Torpedo touches the hot seat Meet a defined dream guy

ETT Vol 8 August Issue 2 2014  

In this issue A Salute to Sports Sexy Sporty Swimwear Looks Torpedo touches the hot seat Meet a defined dream guy