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Nikki Crosby Talks Return To 96.1 Written by A. Martin


on’t call it a comeback because Nikki Crosby never really left us. In terms of radio, that is, we have simply been sharing her with about 7 other Caribbean islands. Now she is back where it all started at one of the most popular urban radio stations 96.1Wefm. Nikki or Aunty Nikki as she is more fondly known, recalled with us that she initially started on 96.1Wefm approximately 17 years ago, doing a five minute segment on Adrian Don Mora’s morning show. She would eventually move on to host the “The Paul and Nikki Show” with Paul Richards. They both enjoyed a successful run which saw her emerge as one of the first females to enter the then small morning talk show scene. The duo was even able to unseat Dale and Tony and became the most listened to voices between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. across the country. They would eventually blend their attractive banter with soul music on 107.7, a move which Nikki described as equally exciting. Nikki subsequently made the

career decision to represent the Caribbean on a regional level, becoming a cohost on Caribbean SuperStation, a subsidiary of One Caribbean Media. With this move she was able to reach an audience of more than seven million. However, while this was an excellent opportunity which she thoroughly enjoyed, she admits that a part of her missed zeroing in on Trinidad and Tobago’s distinct issues. So she’s excited to be devoting her radio personality yet again to Trinidad and Tobago.

About returning to 96.1 in particular she says “I thought it was kinda like full circle.” She sees it as yet another new life challenge and though she had been gone from 96.1 for so many years, she describes with joy that by the third day of entering the building it felt like she had just been on a vacation, so connected was she with the place and people with whom she had initiated her radio career. So what can we expect? We can anticipate her unique and well balanced mix of political and social issues, comedy and music. According to her, “Sometimes shows can get too political…. Or there can be too much old talk… I deal with topical issues with my style of comedy.” This style she described as one which enables a listener to come out of their car after the traffic filled journey to work, having considered some of the deeper frustrating issues which we commonly have to deal with in Trinidad and Tobago, yet not feeling too drained or becoming too frustrated. That’s what the renowned comedian acknowledged as the power of comedy.

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I think most will concur with her simple summation that “There is no other person like Nikki… radio was missing a lil Nikki.” Many are looking forward to her doses of comedy, analysis and positivity. She says “it’s nice to come back home,” and to that we at ET&T answer it’s nice to have you back Nikki! All the best!

Local Designers To Join Foreigners For Caribbean Fashion Week C

oco Chanel once said that 'Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.' Bringing together the heart and soul of Caribbean style, Caribbean Fashion Week will definitely be happening on June 11th-16th 2014 in Kingston, Jamaica. Caribbean Fashion Week has been described by British Vogue as one of the important new trends in world fashion and is seen in over 150 countries via Fashion TV. Caribbean Fashion Week was conceived, organized and produced by Pulse, who since the 1980s has provided an international platform for the marketing and sale of Caribbean fashion and entertainment to the world. Caribbean Fashion Week launches with an open night reception, press conference and opening

Kelly Rowland will perform at the event

exhibition. The 5-day gala event will feature a mix of concerts, after parties, designer shows and buying meetings. Patrons will be treated to the work of some of the world’s finest designers, in the categories of women’s and men’s wear, resort wear, knitwear, swimwear and accessories. In the designer spotlight are participants from the Caribbean and beyond, including USA, Turkey, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Antigua, Barbados, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands and Trinidad and Tobago. Scheduled to exhibit pieces at

Fashion week from Trinidad and Tobago are several fashion houses that participated in 2013. These include fashion royalty Claudia Pegus, Delia Alleyne of Steampunk Revelation (Women’s wear), Saleem Samuels of Saleem (Women’s and Men’s wear), Amril Douglas of Amril (Women’s wear) and Asha and Ayanna Diaz of Wadada (Women’s wear). Guest performers at Caribbean Fashion Week include Voicemail, Ninja Man, Sizzla, Sheila E and headliner Kelly Rowland-American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. In 2012, Rowland ranked at number 61 on Complex magazine's list of "The 100 Hottest Female Singers of All Time" and was recognized as one of the best-dressed women by Glamour UK. In April 2013, Rowland ranked 7th on People's “Most Beautiful in the World” list. Rising to fame in the late 1990s

as the second lead vocalist of Destiny’s Child, Rowland has received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She released 4 solo albums between 2002 and 2013, which earned her 4 Grammy Awards, a Billboard Music Award and a Soul Train Music Award, and was honored by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers and Essence for her contributions to music. Rowland was featured on David Guetta's number-one dance hit "When Love Takes Over." On screen, Rowland made guest appearances in tv sitcoms, with starring roles in Freddy vs. Jason (2003) and The Seat Filler (2004). In 2009, Rowland served as a host on the first season of The Fashion Show. She also was a judge on The X Factor UK and The X Factor US. So get your outfit ready for the Caribbean’s premier fashion event, as it promises to be spectacular. •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T


Local News

Transparency Issues Linger After Carnival Written by C. Cassie


hen a state organization is responsible for awarding prize money that amounts to hundreds of millions of taxpayers' dollars, it is not surprising that transparency and accountability issues arise. This year, from Soca Monarch to Dimanche Gras, Panorama and Mas, it seems like judging looks shaky. While Carnival 2014 may be over, the bacchanal is not. The fiasco started following the results of the Calypso Mon¬¬¬arch 2014 finals at the Dimanche Gras show. Mistah Shak (Selvon Noel) claimed that his scores were “doctored” to ensure he did not win. Going into the finals as one of the favorites, he placed third and subsequently called on the Trinbago Uni¬fied Calypsonians’ Organization (TUCO) to overhaul the judging system and make scores available immediately after the performance to ensure greater transparency. Adding fuel to the fire was an email circulating that Winner Chuc¬ky’s (Roderick

Hollis Liverpool has called for more transparency

Gor¬don) stepmother was on the judging panel, giving him an unfair advantage. Similarly, in the Chutney Soca arena, competitor Rick Ramoutar also called for transparency from Southex, the event’s organizers. He said that the tie between Ravi B and Rikki Jai did not make sense based on the point system and called for the score sheets to be made available to finalists. On the road Carnival Monday and Tuesday was no different. President of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Bands Association (TTCBA) Gerard Weekes stated that about ten bandleaders have

complained to him about disqualification and loss of points issues, calling for clarification of results from National Carnival Bands Associations (NCBA) President David Lopez. Some bandleaders in the Medium and Large Band categories like Rosalind Gabriel, Ronnie and Caro, D Krewe with Roland St George and Trini Revellers with David Cameron have considered taking legal action. Weekes admitted that the implementation of “draconian rules” was responsible for many bands being disqualified, paving the way for the triumph of All Stars pre-sentation, “Sailors On Shore Leave At A Tropical Fiesta,” with 2,365 points. Bandleader Rosalind Gabriel who failed to place in the Small Band category for her presentation “Festival of Colours” claims discrimination, victimization and a case of “bad blood.” She intends to request her scoresheet for her Juniors’ presentation of “Colour My Culture” from the NCBA.

When asked for comment on this year’s judging, veteran calyp¬sonian and historian The Mighty Chalkdust (Dr Hollis Liv¬er¬pool) said “Pan is based on arrangement and tone. In mas¬¬que¬rade, they are strong on the designs. In calypso, we look for lyrics, melody, presenta¬tion and origi-nality. It is very dif¬fi¬¬cult to judge a calypso. When I look at some of the score sheets, the points they give did not measure with the comments. They would give a six and say ‘very good’.” It is obvious that the Minister of the Arts and Multiculturalism Dr. Lincoln Douglas and Carnival organizations have left much to be desired. The quality of judging should be enhanced through training of judges, as well as the rubrics used need more detail and should be available to participants. Greater transparency will ensure that the Greatest Show on earth retains its creativity and vibrancy over time.



atrons urged to "Come for the lime...Discover the Mu-

sic!" The cool and pristine grounds of The Greens at Farm Road have been the meeting place for jazz lovers from all over the Caribbean at the annual Jazz Artists on the Greens event. For 2014, Production One Limited celebrates twelve years of its signature event - the meeting place of Caribbean and Local Jazz music. If it's one thing about Jazz lovers, they know how to lime! Jazz Artists on the Greens provides the perfect atmosphere for friends, couples and crews to enjoy a breezy afternoon of great company and the best that Caribbean Jazz music has to offer. To add to the all-inclusive ambiance, a variety of dishes will be available for sale from local cuisine artisans along with a wellstocked bar of wines, cocktails and fruit juices. The JAOTG event


will carry a market atmosphere for those interested in additional event value. There will be local craft and bespoke jewelry available for browsing and purchasing. The star of the afternoon of course will be the music both on the stage as well as on sale at the official JAOTG CD booth where patrons can sample and purchase jazz music from all over the world. As with previous editions, JAOTG 2014 promises a delicious mix of contemporary Caribbean jazz styles, delivered by some of the most talented performers in the region. There will be an excit-

ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

ing line-up of live performers to entertain at this open-air festivalstyled event. Patrons are encouraged to walk with their picnic blankets and lounging chairs to experience the energy first-hand, outdoors on The Greens. At JAOTG 2014, you will enjoy a full evening of music from 5 pm and beyond, with the added spectacle of a Jazz-accompanied sunset over the majestic trees of the Farm Road grounds. Well-lit, Secured parking will

be available and located within 1 to 2 minutes walking distance of the venue, along with event WiFi and an accessible ATM machine for necessary withdrawals. Energies are high at Production One Limited as preparations move into top gear for its 12th annual edition of JAOTG scheduled for Saturday April 5th, 2014, on The Greens at Farm Road, St. Joseph. Be sure to hit up the JOTG facebook page for more info including the performance lineup.

Local News

Red Runway Kicks Off With Model Casting Promoter promises a lot more glam and new avenues for exposure


ocal models and fashion connoisseurs have something to be excited about. Esteemed fashion event Red Runway will be back in August of this year and casting/registration takes place in April. The exposé is one of very few fashion-related staples of that magnitude in Trinidad and Tobago so a large turnout is expected at the casting call. From 10am to 6pm on April 5th, Levels Ultra Bar on Ariapita Avenue will welcome the future faces of fashion as they aim for a chance to grace the runway in some of the country’s top designer wear in August. There are no height or experience requirements and registration is free. However, candidates must be 15 years and over and parental consent is required for participants below the age of 18 years. Dubbed the “OJT of T&T fashion”; potential models will receive free catwalk training, free makeup, health and wellness tutorials well as photo shoots and fitness training. This is the 7th consecutive year of Red Runway, yet the event’s promoters (Executive Events) have not bowed to the pressure to charge a fee for the service they provide to designers and models alike. The presentation is the brainchild of Keron Ward, who said that the purpose of keeping everything free was to make the experience more inclusive. He revealed that the project has always been designed to showcase new and emerging design and modeling talent from Trinidad and Tobago and as such he wanted to get as many applicants as possible to ensure a richer talent pool. The show has grown considerably over the years since inception and Ward believes that this year is the year he will finally take Red Runway on course to where he has envisioned it. “Last year we did a very big fashion show, but because of the scale of the event we did


not get the results we wanted in terms of the finished product,” said Ward. “Instead of the Centre of Excellence, the show will be at Cascadia Hotel. The program will be split into two shows (Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th August). The intimate setting will provide a better setting where we can establish a lot more glam. We are looking to do state of the art design and décor and really make it a world class event.” Ward added that there will be 500 seats available per night to facilitate the large crowd expected. Ultimately Keron plans to

ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

take Red Runway to the Stadium. He wants it to be the “Soca Monarch of fashion shows.” Ward wants it to be a mega show free of charge for all the people of the republic. For now, he is trying to put together the perfect two nights and he says plans are well underway to ensure this occurs. Keron says he is proud of what he has been able to accomplish with the Executive Events produced show over the years. Several models and designers have secured jobs and grown as entities since their early involvement with Red Runway.

Ward hopes to continually open more doors and will soon be introducing a novel addition to the Red Runway project that should help in this regard. “We will be launching a Red Runway website in June that is intended to feature all the models and designers at the show. It will highlight all the designs along with prices and more to give the local public a chance to access all the quality we produce here. A magazine is also in the cards, but the semantics of that are still to be worked out,” posits Ward. Apart from the regular Red Runway festivities there is also carded to be the Red Runway children’s event. This will also take place over two nights due to the overwhelming response from parents and sponsors for the event. Ward is expecting over 300 child participants and over 150 have already registered for the event though the casting is May 3rd, 2014. Over 400 teen and adult models are expected to take part in this year’s casting. Males are required to walk with a white t-shirt/vest and long or short jeans. Females should dress in a white fitted top with leggings or shorts and a pair of heels.

Local Trinidadian Singer/Songwriter News selected for Tobago Jazz Experience 2014 Written by K. Forde


athan Marcelin was selected from a number of submissions vying for the opportunity to perform at one of the most anticipated musical events in the Caribbean --- Tobago Jazz Experience 2014. Marcelin is putting together a documentary that shows the entire process, from auditions, rehearsals and last but not least, footage from his grand performance at Tobago Jazz Experience on Sunday 20th April, 2014. “Honest, Intimate, Urban Music.” I think that what people enjoy most about music these days is connecting with the artiste. If the music speaks to you personally, if it feels familiar, relatable and safe.” Born to a family of no distinguished musical background on the twin isle Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Nathan Marcelin’s journey into music as a young boy growing up in rural Couva, is one of pure coincidence and blind

luck. He started out, as most do, on a whim, when he decided to audition for his primary school choir. Having had neither prior experience nor vocal training, he was pleasantly surprised when he was quickly accepted by the group. From then on his thirst for knowledge on the music industry was insatiable. At the age of fourteen (14) he began to write original composi-

tions, his love of song writing, he says, was ignited by the vinyl records of artistes such as Lionel Richie, Percy Sledge and Michael Jackson, that his grandparents would play while he visited them on summer vacations in Moruga. Now at the age of twenty four (24), he states that his mission is a clear one, “My art is my expression, it’s always amazing to see the power music has in everyone’s

and was a feature at the AMMBCON event at Fiesta Plaza. She then took her talents and look to the pageant circuit as part of the

Miss Talented TT competition in 2011. Her work has been recognized by several people within the industry who have been quick to lend support to her. One of the producers she has worked extensively with is Anson Soverall of local Hip Hop group Sovereignty. In fact, her talents have taken her beyond the music as she has been cast in the acclaimed musical Jesus Christ Superstar which is set to hit theatres next month. Whitney hopes this will be the start of a promising acting career for her since she feels comfortable in all aspects of the stage. This may be a surprise to many who would view Cummings as a shy person. However, she opens up when a microphone is in her hand and she has the opportunity to perform. We look forward to big things from this rising star as 2014 progresses.

Whitney’s Rise Imminent W

hitney Cummings believes Trinidad and Tobago has a lot more to offer than just soca. She wants a living testament and reminder that we can battle with the rest of the world in any musical genre. The 26 year old who hails from the east side of Trinidad is currently in the early stages of putting together a R&B/Pop compilation. She admits that she does not know if it will be a full-length album or an EP, but she knows that it will be a quality product nonetheless. While she is influenced by greats who have usually made hits by tapping into emotions in their music, Cummings wants her music to reflect positivity and love, which she deems is the truest reflection of her life and experiences. Those who have heard her perform previously will be able to attest to these assertions. She performed at Digicel Imax


ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

lives, when you play my songs, we’re uniquely bonded if only for a time.” Nathan Marcelin has worked with many distinguished producers both in his native island and Internationally , such as Soca Monarch and Road March winning writing producer Jelani ‘Pops’ Shaw ( Machel MontanoMinistry of Road), and Grammy Nominated, Los Angeles based producer Skhyehutch. (Kendrick Lamar, good Kid M.A.A.d city) Recently, Nathan Marcelin was selected from a number of submissions vying for the opportunity to perform at one of the most anticipated musical events in the Caribbean --- Tobago Jazz Experience 2014. Currently, Marcelin is working on his first album, Polaroid II You can find him on Facebook at nathanmarcelin and listen to some of his music on Youtube or SoundCloud.

regional news

Barrington Levy blasts increased level of hardcore content in Dancehall 2014 has seen a sharp increase in hardcore sexual content and imagery within Dancehall, with the likes of Alkaline, Demarco, Ricky Carty and J Amsterdam pushing boundaries with eyebrow-raising material to gauge interest from fans. One legendary artist is sick of this growing trend. Barrington Levy, singer of classics such as Broader Than Broadway, Under Mi Sensi and



Pharrell Has A New Fragrance Coming Out Pharrell season is not over yet. Skateboard P is releasing a fragrance with fashion designer Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons called G I R L and it will be for both men and women. Pharrell on working with Comme des Garçons, “I am so honored to be working with Comme des Garcons and cherish the education that I’ve experienced in this collaboration.” 8

countless others, says he is tired of the X-rated nature that the genre has taken on and thinks it has damaged its credibility. In a Jamaica Observer interview, Levy said, "I see where the music business is taking a turn for the worse. It's going in a direction where we are losing it." "These people have no morals anymore. Are we going to do anything for money? I never came into the music business just to sell records. I thought I would just sing for the love of it." Levy went on to state that a lack of positive influences in the fraternity has also led to the increased shock value in their musical content. He then asked for better examples in the music.

professed ‘Worl’ Boss’ as they have petitioned the United States government to help free him. The petition, started this weekend, claims that Vybz Kartel did not receive a fair trial in the Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams case, which he and three co-accused were convicted of his August 2011 murder. It goes on to claim evidence tampering by police during their investigation, citing alleged corruption and bias against him throughout. With over 700 signatures to date, the petition is hoping to secure 100,000 signatures by April 14 so it can be formally presented to U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration.

Kartel fans petition Obama administration for retrial Despite Vybz Kartel’s conviction on a murder charge on Thursday, his family and fans are clinging on the smallest bit of hope the deejay can beat his current predicament, as dire as it may be. His fans in particular are going to the extremes to try and secure and out for the self-

Not only does Pharrell supply you with great music to dance to, he also provides the scent to attract your dance partner. The winning streak continues.

Big Bang Theory Renewed For Three More Seasons! It may have all started with the Big Bang, but who knows when (or if) it's going to end. CBS's blockbuster comedy, The Big Bang Theory, has been renewed for three more seasons, and will run through at least 2017. In its seventh season, the sitcom has logged its highest ratings to date, averaging 19.79 million viewers. The Chuck Lorre creation has long been one of the top shows for the network, winning five Emmy Awards and one Golden Globe, mostly for the work of Jim Parsons, who plays quirky nerd Sheldon Cooper.

Oprah Winfrey to Publish Book of Her "What I Know For Sure" Essays Exciting news for Oprah Winfrey

ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

fans! The media mogul will be releasing a new book this fall called

What I Know For Sure, it was announced in a press release on Wednesday. The title comes from the page of the same name featured at the end of each and every issue of O, The Oprah Winfrey Magazine, which Winfrey has used to pen essays of inspiration and revelation in the 14 years since launching her magazine. According to the press release, the essays will be organized by theme (joy, gratitude, awe, possibility and others) and will "offer a rare, powerful and intimate glimpse into Oprah's inner life—her thoughts, struggles and dreams—while providing readers a guide to becoming their best selves."



NAME: David Lovelace AGE: 36 HEIGHT: 5’ 10” WEIGHT: 195lbs


CAREER: Personal Trainer BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxer briefs FAVORITE SCENT: Fahrenheit Cologne FAVORITE THING: Helping people improve their bodies DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: A woman who devotes herself to her man and is well aware on how to keep her body in shape. Educated and a humble beauty (Is beautiful, but doesn’t let it go to her head).

YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Yes, a long time ago. Life is such a great teacher. YOUR HERO: Bruce Lee… Alive: Arnold Schwarzenegger. FAVOURITE FOOD: Oxtail THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Show that you are an originally caring person who truly knows how to take care of her man in all the ways. YOU’D NEVER DO: Drugs of any kind. WHAT ABOUT PETS: My

favorite pet is a Rottweiler or German Shepard both smart and loyal. THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: Swim the English Channel. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Michael Jackson. Alive: Kanye West. FAVOURITE MUSIC: Reggae. FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: New York City. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: Not when I am in love with the Person.

model mania Name: Valene Craig Age: 28 Hometown: Chaguanas Hobbies: Swimming, reading, cooking new foods, meeting new people.

Career: Head of Customer Service. Goals: to have a positive impact on at least one person I encounter. How long have you been modeling: On and off for 6 years. Pet Peeves: Shopping. I absolutely despise it, which is probably hard to believe since I am a model and a mom. Favourite designers: Our island is blessed with so many talented people, so I am going to have to support our local industry and make mention of one of my fa-

vorite designers Ms. Charu Lochan Dass CLD. Photographers you worked with: In the order that I’ve started… Ephraim Hunte, Sancho Francisco, Kibwe Brathwaite, Brent Wellington, Kwesi Marcano, Kerron Riley, Brendan Bhagan, James Ceasar, Gerald Hart, Gary Jordan, Richard Young, Anthony Scully, Richard Munroe, Nigel Reid, Julie Charlette, Lauren Ferreira, Ronaldo Roberts, Stephen Doobal, Calvin French and Lyden Thomas. What About ads: Digicel, Fer-

reira Optical. Share some feel sexy tips: Smile…it confuses people and its contagious. Regardless of whatever you may be faced with your smile is your prized possession and it creates a positive attitude. That to me is sexy! What’s your Beauty/fitness regime: You get out what you put in. You don’t have to be a health guru or a fitness junkie. Simply eat healthy and exercise daily. It will pay off. After I work out I reward myself with M&M’s. Shhh… it pays off, I smile :))

Valene Craig

12 ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •



Strictly Local

ocal designer Shaun Griffith-Perez recently released his 2014 men’s resort/carnival collection entitled RENAISSANCE. The fresh, colourful take on Caribbean menswear was a hit during the local festive season as several foreigners and local celebrities as well as style savvy shoppers contacted the rising talent for his pieces. Here we feature some of Mr. Griffith-Perez’ designs which were inspired by the islands and the waters which surround them. It doesn’t hurt that some of the country’s hottest male models are rocking the designs as well.

A tag team of top-tier fashion

Patterned vests were popular this season, but this one of a kind design stood out

Wardrobe: Shaun Griffith-Perez Photographer: Julio Sifontes Models: Sherland Durham, Marcus Espinoza, Justin Wang, Russell Wilkinson and Brent Vincent. 14

hot seat

Pump up your pastels with a touch of bold gold

Casual confidence is displayed in this outfit

Playing the background with enough style to rule the fore •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 15


How to be More Street Smart…literally


arnival is over, but that doesn’t mean we should not be as vigilant as we were during the season. While many of us haven’t stopped having fun since C2K14 we have to be able to separate fun from causing danger to ourselves and others. Too many people have died or been involved in serious accidents on their way home from parties and other events. These accidents stem from having impaired judgment or plain callousness on the roads. ET&T has decided to share some tips on road awareness and safety in an effort to eradicate those factors. • Know how to get where you're going. This will help you to avoid being distracted by having to look for street names or hard-to-see landmarks. This is especially important to designated drivers who may be transporting incoherent passengers or people on their way to parties. Think about easy parking locations before-hand. • Don't tailgate, and if someone is tailgating you, stay calm and let them pass. • Under good conditions, the two-second rule provides

• •

enough distance between cars. Increase this distance to three or four car spaces when it is raining, or visibility is low. Many things can distract you while you drive. Pull over if you have to eat, talk on a cell phone, or write notes. Watch out for other drivers who are weaving, going too fast or too slow and ignoring signals. If someone like this is behind you, turn off as soon as you can and let them move on. If you have to turn, get in the correct lane well in advance; don't wait until the last minute. This tip cannot be understated. Always use your turn signals in traffic and when getting on or off a highway. Too many people neglect to do this. When passing, check your mirrors, but don't trust them entirely-look over your shoulder, too. Be patient. Leave a little early so you aren't in a hurry. Don't get emotional. Driving somewhere is a neutral task like anything else. The goal is to arrive safely. Idiot drivers

16 ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

are a hazard, but don't take them personally. Try not to let road rage become part of you. Defensive driving techniques are very valuable and can be the difference between life and death if applied. • When approaching a green light, be prepared for it to turn red. It may have been green for a long time. • When stopped at a red light and it turns green, proceed slowly. Look left and right before you drive through the intersection. • Yellow lights mean proceed with caution, not speed up to get through the intersection before the light turns red. Drive a well-maintained vehicle. Malfunctioning or faulty vehicles are a hazard. Check the following elements at least once a week: • Cooling system (radiator, radiator cap, thermostat, and hoses) • Brakes and brake fluid • Belts (fan, alternator, and air conditioning)

• Tires • Engine fluids (motor oil, transmission fluid, and coolant) • Lights • Wiper blades Apart from those tips the two most important yet overlooked tips are:• Always wear a seatbelt and encourage everyone in your car to wear them (even in the backseat).Many people, including drivers view this as a drag. They find it un-cool to buckle up. However, dying was never cooler than seatbelts. • DON’T DRIVE DRUNK. As a matter of fact, stay away from the influence of any drug which may impair your thought patterns. As much as some of you readers may not agree, marijuana is one such drug. These pointers will help you to save yourself and others from being part of the carnage that occurs on the nation’s roads. These tips are also universal, so no matter where u drive, you will be well served putting them into use.


Bunji Garlin Hits SXSW

HOT Takes Soca To Texas SEAT

Written by Aba A. Luke


oca’s journey to worldwide exposure continues. On the heels of a successful Carnival 2014 season, Bunji Garlin – the man who has had movers and shakers in the music industry talking for months, is again making strides overseas, having recently performed in Austin, Texas at the much touted, South By South West Music Festival. He was one of the headline acts for Mad Decent’s showcase held at the Empire Garage. We caught up with the VP Music signed soca star to get his personal feedback on the overall experience. Here’s what he had to say… ET&T: How would you describe your feeling at this point in time, considering all that has taken place since Carnival 2013? BG: I feel so much vindicated and it's a blessing not only to see these developments as a soca artiste, but also to see it with another soca artiste who is also my wife and business partner. It makes all these strides even more special. ET&T: What is this particular SXSW music festival like, for those of us who’ve never heard of, much less experienced such an event and what do you expect this to do for your career? BG: From what we’ve observed, this SXSW is more of a showcasing of talent in music and film. All the actors, comedians, singers, rappers, songwriters, poets, musicians from every part of the world are hereall over the city of Austin. There are streets blocked off and every bar, cafe, lounge and restaurant is hosting a showcase and even if there are only two people inside you better find yourself on that stage because everyone who is anyone walks into all of these

Bunji Garlin says we can expect new music soon. He has been hanging out with Tracy Morgan’s son and Jamaica’s Jesse Royal seen farthest right, while on his SXSW festival experience.

places to see and feel the sounds of the globe, whether it be old or something new. On our first day we met so many incredible people and connected within the space of 30 minutes; it's unbelievable, and we'll be here for the few days of the festival so there is no telling what can and will happen. ET&T: How was this opportunity presented to you? BG: Major Lazer's team Mad Decent extended the invitation to be a part of their showcase, which has some huge names on it on the global EDM and party scene so we made the arrangements and the timing was good too. Once word was out that we would be there, requests started flying in like crazy to be a part of other showcases because ‘Differentology’ is still pounding into people so deep that its growth is still on the expand plus Fay- Ann's song "Catch me", which many people slept on "again"… is getting some crazy reviews and responses on the international music scene so they had to have her one as well. ET&T: What are some of the things you’re doing to better inform the masses you’re entertaining overseas, of the soca music genre? How do you explain it to them… or does

the music automatically explain itself? BG: The music is at a stage where it speaks for itself, but we too get the crowd involved because remember soca artistes are very interactive artistes and we engage these audiences in a way they’ve never quite experienced. It's one of the reasons why Major Lazer is like wild fire around the world. They DJ like artistes perform, and that is a WINNER! ET&T: Has Fay-Ann been hitting the stage with you out there or has it been a solo engagement? BG: She is on everything with me out here because they requested that she be on some of the showcases as well. ET&T: Jumping out of Carnival 2014 to now travel overseas so soonwhat has this been like? How is your body coping? BG: I had a whole day to rest on Ash Wednesday so I'm fully regenerated. ET&T: How has the reception from the audiences at the SXSW festival been to soca music and to your particular brand of soca music? BG: Well my brand of music as I have always said finds its

way to acceptance easier outside than back at home, which is cool because I always play for the last laugh. These audiences are used to music in a very different way, a fearless and bolder music, a raw music, raw vibe, plain talk…so soca always had the challenge of reaching because we have a view of how and who soca must hit and it narrows our chances. We are doing soca, which is music as well but if we can't even satisfy ourselves at home with it how can we expect it to touch others outside? We saw an instance where many West Indians moved through a dance with the soca and those who heard it for the first time and were about to walk out had to stop and then fit in as well, and you hear them tell you, “I was about to leave when this music started but when I saw the crowd moving like that I had to stay.” ET&T: What’s next on your musical agenda? Your EP is out and you’re promoting it overseas, but when can we expect new music? BG: New music is being recorded already, so expect that soon. ET&T: Finally, out of this year’s carnival back at home, what are some of the experiences that have stood out- experiences that have made you wiser than you may have been last season? BG: One of the experiences that stood out for me was when I noticed going on stage with our whole Vikings assembly was no issue because we knew exactly what to do in a situation like that. The one that made me wiser was when I realized our schedule. We had to change eating formats and habits in order to try our best to conserve and expend our energy properly. You can't have that kind of demand and still want to party and lime everyday, everywhere. Your job requires you to be diligent so we had to act accordingly. •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 17

La Barge

e know Carnival is over, but we just can’t seem W to let go of those precious moments. One of our most memorable events at Carnival was the crazy


Fantastic Friday party known as La Barge. The party took place on a boat, but it was not a regular boat ride. Patrons were ferried to the venue and partied from evening into night on a stationary Barge. However, the venue was the only thing t remained still as everyone bounced and swayed till it was time to head back to land.

One great reason to attend La Barge

Pampering pit stop

The art of accessorizing discovered

We love when crews unite

Rocking those polka dots

Everything seems better printed



Keeping her close

Peace be unto you as well •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 19


Atmosphere fuh so

Wassy and sassy

Loving the edgy looks

20 ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

Toting coolers, not feelings

Rep your country

Vibes nice



Fall Out

a Soledad Estate, Maracas, St Joseph was where the fine people of Fall Out hosted their Red Light District L all inclusive event. This marked 5 years since the incep-

tion of the first edition and things seemed to have consistently grown each year. ET&T was there for the action and we have the photos to prove it. Check our facebook page or for more.

La Femme de Caribe

Female friends converge

22 ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

That guy's in a good place

Who needs a dance partner?

A true Caribbean woman

Three friends pose



Not me pardna…

Celebrities always GT

He had fun


One of the vastly outnumbered men

Getting their Big People Party on

Ya don’t say?

Need a ladder dude?

Showing off for their Country

Easy Custodian •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 23


EVENTS EXTRA his event is loved by the mature masses. Every Tuesday before carnival T you can expect to see a more dignified crowd converge for this all–inclusive experience. However, these dignified souls don’t hesitate to get loose at this fiesta. ET&T always make ourselves available for this event which continues to grow every year. Here are some of the sights as they occurred. •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 25


ometimes fashion fails are just downright nasty. Some are funny S and others make you feel a little up-

set inside. When we see those types of disgusting fashion crimes we can do little else but turn up our noses. Come on, people are trying to enjoy their Carnival cool down. This photograph of this scantily clad male is the only one that was not too graphic to print. Undies are supposed to go under something. This guy wore a Gstring to the beach and it fit him like a t-string. Why don’t people realize that not everything is for everyone?

Once again I stress that if you cannot go to a dance in shoes, do not go to the dance. What if someone who was properly clad in shoes stepped on her exposed toes? Shoes are one of the most important parts of any form of complete attire. This bare foot girl was given ten years for going stage-side where everyone could see her error.

The lady on the right side of the picture is on the wrong side of the law. Why? Look at the powder on her neck. Is she frying fish at the club? Furthermore, are those club clothes?



Soca entertainer and writer of Machel’s ‘EPIC’ Preedy

5 Star Akil is all smiles with ET&T paparazzi

Radio announcer and body builder Ken Simmons on the road in Carnival mode •

APRIL, 2014 • ET&T 27

celeb profile

Kareena Kapoor

Name: Kareena Kapoor Age: 33 (September 21st, 1980) Profession: Film actress, fashion designer, author Claim to Fame: She is the daughter of actors Randhir Kapoor and Babita, and the younger sister of actress Karisma Kapoor. Noted for playing a variety of characters in a range of film genres— from contemporary romantic comedies to crime dramas—Kapoor has

received six Filmfare Awards, and has established herself as one of Bollywood's highest-paid actresses. As a child she studied in Jamnabai Narsee School in Juhu, Bombay, and thereafter was enrolled in Dehra Dun's prestigious Welham Girls' Boarding School. Then she re-located to Harvard for approximately 3 months to take a course in Information Technology and Microcomputers. Upon her return


April Action T

he movies are coming fast and furious. This is just the perfect remedy for the slow party period. These two upcoming flicks will hold you down in April. Transcendence Wally Pfister, l o n g t i m e cinematographer for Christopher Nolan, makes his directorial debut with this scifi adventure starring Johnny Depp, Rebecca Hall and Morgan Freeman. In the movie a terminally ill scientist downloads his mind

into a computer. This grants him power beyond his wildest dreams, and soon he becomes unstoppable.

The Other Woman Nick Cassavetes directs a film written by Melissa Stack, and produced by Julie Yorn. After realizing she is not her boyfriend's primary lover, a woman teams up with his wife and plots mutual revenge. Cameron Diaz, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Leslie Mann and Kate Upton star in this comedy.

28 ET&T • APRIL, 2014 •

to India, she joined the Government Law College in Churchgate, Bombay, but left it after one year, to enroll in the Kishore Namit Kapoor Acting School. Her dad, Randhir is very protective towards his daughters and wanted both of them to keep away from acting, get married, and settle down, as per the Kapoor family tradition. This led to irreconcilable differences between her

parents, ultimately leading to a separation, with both sisters living with their mother who managed their careers. Her film debut was in the year 2000 with 'Refugee' along with the debut of Amitabh Bachchan's son, Abhishek. She went on to appear in over 50 other Hindi movies with her roles in ‘Refugee', 'Chameli', 'Dev', and 'Omkara' among the most memorable.

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ET&T Vol. 8 April Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: This sizzling stud heats up our pages Nikki speaks on switch BUNJI continues to Fly Flag Cool Caribbean Style Inside

ET&T Vol. 8 April Issue 1 2014  

In this issue: This sizzling stud heats up our pages Nikki speaks on switch BUNJI continues to Fly Flag Cool Caribbean Style Inside