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revon Turner has had it just about as hard as any successful performance artiste in Trinidad on his way to achieving his recent limelight. He wowed us with his Marley-esque vocal style on his afro-tinged smash single She Bad. He followed that up with the solid reggae track Whe Yuh Want. However, before that he grew up with ten siblings and ended up in two children’s homes after the death of his father. Due to his struggles, the artiste who hails from the historically depressed area of Laventille has learned to be more grateful than most. He shrugs off the thought of being a “celebrity” as his only concern is being heard. Speaking of being heard, Turner recounts the first time he heard himself on the radio fondly. “Wow! It was such a great feeling. My heart was so full and I finally felt like things were looking up and it gave me hope and a reason to continue pushing even more” he said. Turner admitted to releasing tracks before, none of which had the impetus of She Bad. This newfound fame can be dangerous to navigate for some, but Turner seems to be ready for whatever comes his way. He says he is able to steer clear of the groupies, conmen and leeches thanks to a closely knit team that is always looking out for his best interest. When asked how he plans to stay consistent, Turner pointed to a strategic approach once again backed by teamwork. “I intend on staying true to my sound and my style. I know that it takes work but I am willing. Honestly, my life did not provide me with many options in the past and even with tough circumstances, music remained a consistent factor. Now that I am at a stage that I hoped to be at, I know this is just the start. I know the music is important and that is being worked on with my team from Nine Mind Entertainment, we are also working on getting videos out and other stuff as far as the business is concerned,” he stated.

The ET&T WEEKLY Tabloid is published by ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP Company Limited in the island of Trinidad and Tobago and is protected by strict copyright laws and is not to be reproduced in full or in part without the written consent from the management of ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP Company Limited. ©Copyright Abstract Media Group Company Limited 2013. All Rights Reserved. Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are expressed by the writers and do not reflect the sentiment of Abstract Media Group Company Limited. Disclaimer: The views or opinions presented in this publication are solely those of the writers and do not necessarily represent those of the company. Employees of ABSTRACT MEDIA GROUP COMPANY LIMITED are expressly required not to make defamatory statements and not to infringe or authorize any infringement of copyright or any other legal right. Any such article is contrary to company policy and is outside the scope of the employment of the individual writer concerned. The company will not accept any liability in respect of such article, and the employee responsible will be personally liable for any damages or other liability arising.

Having broken into the mainstream, we wondered if Turner viewed the entertainment industry any differently from when he was outside looking in. He was philosophical in his approach to answering as he alluded to just being happy to even have a platform to express himself. “All I knew about the industry is that I wanted people to hear what I have to offer and I hoped that they would love and I have been getting that. I also hoped to be able to perform and witness people enjoying my music and I have also been able to do that. As much as I have heard stories – both negative and positive – I never allowed them to add or take away from my hopes and dreams.” As far as his plans to follow up his two big records Turner did not divulge too many specifics. In fact, it is hard to be too specific with someone who admits they seldom write songs and most of his work is freestyled. However, he did promise that more content would be coming soon. “[There will be] more music… nothing that is typical. We are working on making some serious moves, but everything will be revealed soon.” For many of us, soon cannot come fast enough. www.amgtt.com •

JULY, 2017 • ET&T




he Uncovered TT juggernaut keeps growing with the 2017 season boasting 23 new talents. Produced by A Millien Concepts, the initiative is actively geared toward finding innovative and interactive ways to showcase and promote local talent across the creative/entertainment spectrum. Starting in 2014, the series utilized creative and strategic marketing to propel these up and comers in various fields to new heights. Most notably, Nailah Blackman was able to springboard from an Uncovered appearance to household name status. Now, a new wave of talent is being presented. There are many standouts in this season’s crop and in this issue we feature four of them whose attributes put them on the cusp of a mainstream breakthrough. Shereese Edmund’s ability to seamlessly blend genres makes her an appealing prospect. Coupled with a down-to-earth, soulful image she owns the keys to being accepted by a large audience. Speaking of soulful; her vocal chops mix traditional soul with a contemporary jazz style, all




with Caribbean flair. The way she flips Sizzla’s “One of Those Days” (posted on her Uncovered TT Facebook page perfectly encapsulates her vibe.) Viren Neel’s vibrant vintage style is like a refreshing blast from the past. Strangely, this singer with an old soul is only seventeen. Viren’s country/folk flavour comes complete with his accompanying live acoustic guitar and harmonica. He is as talented as they come and definitely has a bright future ahead of him. Check his Uncovered TT Facebook page to experience it for yourself. Pauliana Padmore’s rendition of Prototype on the Uncovered TT Facebook page is mind blowing. Her immense vocal ability is

made more amazing by her ease of delivery. Add to that the fact that she’s an instrumentalist who backs her vocals with live guitar and you have a force to be reckoned with. She has extensive experience having performed alongside Freetown Collective, 3 Canal and Marge Blackman among others. Plus, a 4th Place finish in Digicel’s Rising Star competition three years ago offered her several opportunities to improve her skills while becoming nationally familiar. “Melodious, Moving and Motivated” is the description given to Gambian artiste Omar Jarra on his Uncovered TT page. A listen to one of his cover song videos and it is easy to agree with



il Saint is one of the hardest working guys on the local rap circuit. He is always doing press and you can never find him without a sixteen in the chamber at any given time. The ubiquitous MC also keeps busy building his Meet The Godz and Team Saint Entertainment apparel lines. However, that hasn’t stopped him from delivering quality singles that have begun to gain international traction. His most recent single entitled “Flex” (featuring Nico) received moderate airplay on every local urban station and reviews on social media have thus far been positive. In fact, social media was responsible for the song being 2

played on one of Africa’s biggest urban frequencies. Bunji Garlin reposted a question from one of the stations’ DJ’s asking who the top Hip Hop talents in the Caribbean were. Several people tagged Saint leading to his music being included into rotation. While that was definitely a good look, Saint is now looking to build on that momentum by

ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

doing a video for the bouncy track. He is also working on getting Flex into the very fruitful European Market – specifically the UK. Once that is achieved, Lil Saint does not plan to rest on his laurels. He is already cooking up more heat with frequent collaborator DLL. While he did not want to let the cat out of the bag, Saint stated that it will be a “high energy track.” No doubt, with school out and his main demographic in party mode, the song will be another club banger. For more on Saint, connect to his various Lil Saint social media handles and subscribe to his YouTube channel.


those adjectives. Even though his strong, natural African features make him look more like model material, he possesses a humble aura that many are sure to connect with. Over the years he has worked in the local theater and film industry with companies such as JCS Entertainment where he made his stage performance debut in musicals; Jesus Christ Superstar, Mahalia, and Altar Boyz working alongside some theater giants. Having crossed continents, the sky is now the limit for Mr. Jarra. Keep up to date with this progressive, engaging movement of artistically and culturally driven young talent on ET&T as the new season of Uncovered continues.


n Trinidad and Tobago when one hears the word culture it is often directly associated with Carnival. Carnival isn't our culture. It may be a part of us, but it does not define us. Our culture is one of love, unity, creativity and appreciation. That is the message that Steven Edwards Productions in association with the Montessori Academy sent to the audiences at the Theatre For Tots To Teens program at the Little Carib Theatre on Thursday June 22nd 2017. Patrons were entertained in an intimate setting and consisted of persons like Minister of Culture Development, Community and the Arts The Honourable Dr. Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Father Clyde Harvey, and Jacqueline Francois (C.E.O of Oscar Francois). It was inspirational to see children perform in theatre and dance to their native culture and keep traditions alive. The Return of King Sailor an original play by Steven Edwards featured a

Chief Operations officer Rachael Mahabir L Ministre of Culture and Community Development Dr. Nyan Gadsby- Dolly and Coporate Communications Manager Kathrina Simon R

world of traditional Characters. This play in particular exposed the young children to traditional mas for the first time and the Characters came to life with vivid costumes made by the traditional mas stalwarts such as Damien Whiskey (Midnight Robber), Keith Simpson(Sailor Mas ), Jason Meighoo (Dragon Mas) and Lionel Jagessar (Fancy Indian). Theatre for Tots to Teens is an innovative brand of education and entertainment for children between the ages of 3- 16. It uses

Trinidad and Tobago and by extension Caribbean culture to teach morals, manners, patriotism, tolerance for others, self-confidence and esteem. Currently an online platform is being built to support the program to introduce original characters, music, books and even games that would reinforce lessons that are taught in the program. Currently the program is being offered exclusively to the Montessori Academy in Long Circular, which has incorporated the program as part of their cur-

riculum. The platform would be available and marketed to all schools through “pre” primary and secondary schools throughout the Caribbean region. The evening came to a climax with performances of the actionfilled play by Steven Edwards’ productions entitled David and Goliath and the kids were treated to a close up performance by the Legendary Super Blue, who invited them to perform with him onstage, a memory they would no doubt treasure for the rest of their lives. After the performance Super Blue was presented with a DVD of a music video of his hit song “Hello” the music video was produced, directed and acted by the children of the Montessori Academy. It was a proud moment for both them and the acclaimed soca artist. One left the show with a feeling of hope and inspiration that the future of our culture and our children are in good hands. Email theatrefortotstoteens@ gmail.com for more info about this novel program.


n almost every corner of the globe, you are likely to find a Trini – not just existing, but making a name for him/herself. Due to our close ties and proximity to the United States, it’s no surprise that so many Trinbagonian success stories take place there. Trini-born, NYC resident K-Wolf is another of those success stories in the making. K-Wolf, The great grandson of calypsonian ‘The Mighty Dougla’, is forging his own musical path and he spoke with ET&T about his journey. One would expect someone with such iconic calypso heritage to follow in his ancestral footsteps. However, K-Wolf is bringing forth traditional Hip Hop/ RnB flavour. He said that style of music comes natural to him, having been largely influenced by chart-toppers such as Brian McKnight. However, he reveals that he


also has local influences such as Machel Montano, Bunji Garlin and Voice. “Simply put, their music is incredible. Their on stage presence is a remarkable thing to watch, a true reflection of what a lot of hard work can accomplish” he says about the soca stars. K Wolf also posits that his natural mix of influences gives him a distinctive advantage. “Recently we have seen many artistes mixing up

ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

their style to sound more Caribbean, being Trinbagonian I don't need to try to duplicate that sound.” This young artiste has a true understanding of sound, being that he is a singer, songwriter and producer. When asked which aspects of his craft he enjoys most he singled out recording. “I have a passion for all aspects of my craft, but standing behind that mic, saying the words that so many people can relate to, very few things are better than that.” This passion can be heard in his past projects such as his single ‘Motions’ off his album Daydreams. He spoke fondly of that project and says it has done well to segue into his next venture. "Motions" was a fantastic project for me. I put a lot of sexy into it. But that was only the start. What is to come is all very exciting. "Daydreams" speaks to both male and female, young and old. I feel as

though the production of this song has its own momentum and does all of the work for me. As for building on this momentum, K-Wolf says he has “some amazing projects in the works” and we can soon expect a summer release. As far as collaborations go, K Wolf has already worked with rising local artiste Diamond Starr. He looks forward to working with other singers such as Multisymptom.Until then, the up and comer says he plans to keep working on his craft as experience is the best teacher. “My skills as a recording artiste, writer and producer, is a result of and continues to be enhanced by experience. However, I have also received vocal training. Having this greater control improves my output.” We look forward to his release of some new summer heat.

6BEACON (623.2266)





oka… Your quintessential new-millennial erotica. It does not borrow from the same formulaic plot as other novels of its kind. It’s daring and almost forbidden. It takes us through the relationship between a married woman and a single man. It is tailored to the working class with its big dreams and endless potential. Its protagonists, Thaicion Ortega, a sizzling gym instructor and Sonia Kirk, a recluse artist, demonstrate this fact. It rekindles the never ceasing flames of forgiveness versus revenge. Meeting the Author It was a race against time getting the interview done while she busied herself with cosmetic palettes and fluffy powdered brushes. Instead, I am mostly distracted, staring in amazement at how deftly she applies her Sephora cosmetics to caramel skin. And it’s no wonder. Her husband is patiently waiting to take her to her Sephora destination where she assumes the roles of makeup artiste and mentor. I wonder where she even finds the time to write amidst such high demands of full-time employment and family matters. “It took me almost three years to complete!” Sparkle Richards says of Moka, during our FaceTime interview. “And my husband is very supportive. I just love the fact that I’m getting to do what I love!” she beams. She ushered me further into her reel of excitement. She has received good news. Her book has been sold out at Nigel R. Khan Book Stores nationwide, the sole distributor of Moka, toppling world renowned, Stephen King’s, ‘End of Watch’. She is living a writer’s dream. Furthermore, Moka has received positive feedback from its readers. Conversely, life as a novelist has not always been close to a dream, the two-time author reveals. She shares the grim side 6

ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Article by A.Z. Sharpe

of a writer’s life, revealing that publishing woes once sent her on a writing hiatus after launching her first novel, ’D Next Bacchanal’. Emerging the second-time around with renewed positivity, she envisioned for herself a literary agent, but found herself once more, an indie-publisher. Only this time, the challenging task was welcomed with a fresh new perspective. “I wouldn't want to lose control of Moka, my creativity cannot be replaced by royalties. My work will not be mine, and I couldn’t live with that,” she confesses. Today, Sparkle Richards is enjoying, not only the rewards of her labour, but the escapades which it brings such as traveling from her home in Queens to her hometown in Trinidad, attending several radio interviews, hosting various launches and meeting diverse fans. Why Moka With the advent of Fifty Shades of Grey, written by English author, E.L James, the erotica genre was about to take the world by storm. In 2012, it did. E.L James later released Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed and has single-handedly captured the covetous role of best-seller-ofall-time in her own hometown. "I think she’s a fantastic author and one day I hope to be as prolific as she is,” Richards professes. But as prolific as EL James is to Richards, the English author failed to compel the local writer to walk a mile in her shadow. Instead, the 33-year-old novelist opted to create something which embodies

the Caribbean diaspora distinctly; choosing Trini dialect as the marked language in which her characters communicate. “I felt like the world needed a quintessential Caribbean love story,” she says, “people who are blue collar like us, and not shades of grey.” And as colourfully as the author visualised her artistic production, she reflects on how daunted she felt by what her readers may think of the instalment. “My fear was that people would view the book as purely sexual and dismiss the factor of an artistic license that went into drawing from the experiences that make up our culture,” she articulates. There is no denying that many experiences of our Caribbean culture were drawn by Moka. And that an artistic licence is existing within, one not born of fear. Intense, detailed and erotic, almost every inch of a sexual encounter was birthed, not from research, but from the bowels of her own creative imagination. The purely sexual scenes to which Richards refers, developed mentally as her characters blossomed. Supporting culture The Caribbean author, who was pleased to put her imaginative power and signature into something patriotic, believes, despite the obstacles, her small nation is capable of supporting its own. “We do it each year for Carnival, I believe we can support our literary work as well,” she attests. Sparkle Richards harnessed a fascination with books at an early age and has been inspired by the works of Caribbean authors, Earl Lovelace and VS Naipaul. She reveals that writing is not her only passion though, but part of a family of passions which encompasses her love of fashion. She holds a degree from Fashion Institute of Technology. It also includes her love of artistic drawings, which is displayed on her Facebook fan page Sparx Richie; not to mention the fantastic makeup makeovers she performs daily, and of course, her love of writing. “I want to put Trinidad on the map in a unique way, by allowing our foreign counterparts some insight into what Caribbean love is like and what Caribbean sex is like and what our genres of writing can bring about,” she declares. Moka can be found at Nigel R. Khan bookstores nationwide at a price of TT$290, and online @ www.trinirotica.com at US$30.00 a copy.

REGIONAL NEWS a film festival and market to showcase the cinematic prowess of filmmakers.


CARIBBEAN FILM FESTIVAL AND MART (CFFM) CANCELLED Due to a reorganization of national priorities in The Bahamas, the decision has been taken by The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism to cancel the Caribbean Film Festival and Market (CFFM) which was slated to take place November 2-5, 2017 on Grand Bahama Island. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism expressed its sincere apology for this unexpected turn of events stating it’s pride in the rich filmmaking talent evidenced in the productions that so many have submitted. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism looks forward to another occasion, in the not too distant future, to stage

Grammy-winning reggae group Morgan Heritage has announced a new partnership with California cannabis provider Proper Rx to provide a HIPAA-compliant cannabis delivery service to the Bay Area. The service will allow MMJ patients who do not have access to cars, who are handicapped, or are too ill to leave their homes, to receive medicine delivered to their door. Proper Rx offers patients a “consultation to determine course of treatment,” “safe and secure delivery,” and a “follow up consultation to adjust the initial course of treatment as patient progresses.” “We have signed on as a shareholder in an effort to take an amazing local business from Oakland, CA, across the state and subsequently across the country in states where medical Marijuana is legal,” vocalist and percussionist Mojo Morgan said. “Last year I was sent by the Group to spend 2 weeks with the Proper Rx

owner Elliott Marshall and his staff to truly understand what they do. I quickly realized that the services they were rendering far exceeded the recreational use of Marijuana.” “As members of a large family and as parents in our own right, we jumped at the opportunity to make the world know about how this thriving entrepreneurial effort was changing lives via a safe and secure HIPAA compliant delivery service,” Morgan continued. “After just one week I told Elliott that he has brilliantly discovered the future FedEx of the Marijuana industry and we just want to lend our voices to make people aware of the great work Proper Rx was doing in Oakland, CA and help to bring their services to medically needy patients across the country.”

WORLD NEWS The 35-year-old tennis champion, who is expecting her first child with fiancé and Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, wears only a flesh colored thong and belly chain on the August 2017 issue of the magazine. The power couple, who got engaged in December 2016, plan to marry this fall after the birth of their baby.


PREGNANT SERENA WILLIAMS POSES NAKED FOR ‘VANITY FAIR’ Serena Williams posed for a very revealing photo shoot, stripping down and showing off her baby bump for the latest cover of Vanity Fair. 8

ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Shah Rukh Khan's journey to stardom can serve as an inspiration for aspiring actors but the superstar does not believe that his life story can be made into a film as it is 'not that controversial'. The 51-year-old actor said if anyone were to write his biopic it would be more of a success story than a life journey as people still do not know some of the most interesting things related to him. "For so many years, people who are closest to me will tell you, I have never let people know the most interesting parts of my life so you will never get a good script unless I write it. Whatever they will make of my life will just be a success story which I think is extremely boring," Shah Rukh said in an interview.

Shah Rukh started his journey with television shows like 'Fauji' and 'Circus' and later made a switch to films with 'Deewana'. The actor initially played antihero parts in films such as 'Baazigar', 'Darr' , 'Anjaam', but soon went on to become the king of romance courtesy his movies like 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', 'Dil to Pagal Hai' and 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai'.


Name: Mileya Alisha Monique Baptiste Age: 17

Hometown: San Fernando Hobbies: Dancing, Reading Mileya Baptiste is an effervescent young talent with a level head that defies her age. She has dreams of being an entrepreneur and lawyer and she has begun the process of achieving that reality by pursuing a Business Management Degree at the University of the West Indies. Mileya balances her education with her new-found penchant for modeling. In the year since she

stepped into the fashion circuit she has aligned herself with some esteemed company and she hopes to continue evolving with their help. Baptiste hails the work of designers such as Neballah Chi, Shaun Griffith, Aaron Moneer and Mark-Anthony. As far as photographers, she can boast of having worked with Matthew Creese, Carlos Alexander, Shots by Shaun and Miguel Tanakiam. Her unique features have led

to many of her shots being more artistic in nature and she is likely to find a more lucrative niche in the industry than the local wave of “body models.” That is not to say that Mileya is a slouch in the physique department. The young southern lass maintains her model figure by eating healthy and exercising regularly. We look forward to seeing more from this new industry prospect.


Photographer: Matthew Creese

10 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com



Deviate from the teachings I got from my hero - my dad - who I hold in high esteem. WHAT ABOUT PETS: I love animals and I have a number of pets from the weirdest of creatures to the simplest of them. Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t pursue a career in vet science. Maybe in the near future I will. BEFORE YOU DIE YOU’LL: Visit Dubai. FAVORITES ARTIST: I'm a true patriot of Trinidad and Tobago so I would have to say Machel Montano and of course some of our local chutney artistes. FAVORITE MUSIC: Soca, chutney, slow rock and alternative. FAVORITE PLACE FOR A MEAL: There are many places I enjoy dining, but mostly I enjoy eating and relaxing in the comfort of my home among friends and family. EVER CHEATED: NEVER! THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: What kind of readership is this? Wow… That cannot be disclosed here. YOUR WEAK SPOT: Rather not say... Don't want people taking advantage of me (Lol). YOUR MOTIVATION: Encouragement from my best friend/brother Sivanan and being around people with positive vibes.

12 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Photography by Maxrishka Photography by Suresh Gopie

NAME: Andy Tikoree AGE: 30 HEIGHT: 5’11 WEIGHT: 165 CAREER: Electrical Technician BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers F A V O R I T E SCENT: Chanel Bleu F A V O R I T E THING: There is no one particular favorite thing, but there are several things that I consider my favorite such as the numerous pets that I have, my fitness routines and socializing to name a few. YOUR DREAM GIRL: Firstly, she has to be attractive. But mostly, she must have a down to earth personality, be easy to converse with and have realistic goal-directed behavior… Oh and of course a good sense of humor. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Of course, which person has never been heartbroken at some point in his life? Lol. YOUR HERO: My dad, who is not with me today, but he taught me all the morals, values and humility. He is the main reason I am where I am today. FAVORITE FOOD: Lasagna in moderation (lol). THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Being around friends who I consider genuine where I can share in happy times. YOU'D NEVER:



aron Moneer is one of the Caribbean’s hardest working young designers. He has been doing tons of networkA ing in addition to creating stunning couture and putting together his first ever Island Fashion Show (IFS) which will feature the best in local and regional designs. One such featured collaborator is the uber-talented

Shaun Griffith Perez whose resort wear is quite the commodity these days. To promote IFS, Moneer teamed up with SGP for a shoot helmed by lensman Carlos Alexander. Here is a sneak peek of how it came out.

Designer: Shaun Griffith Perez Female Models: Tsegaye Christopher, Dianna Ramjattan, Melissa Torres, Christine Carty, Mileya Baptise Male Models: Stephon Stoute, Anthony Wallace, Sahriff Mason Makeup: Anastasia Lewis, Kandis Taung-Aki, Creative Direction: Aaron Moneer Photographer: Carlos Alexander

Christine sits stylishly in this flowing piece.

Dianna does this outfit the justice it deserves.

Tsegaye looks stunning in this SGP ensemble.

14 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com


Mr. Wallace wears this ensemble well.

Shariff shows he is not afraid to push boundaries.

Stephon stands out in a simply put-together outfit.

Melissa models an outfit where attention to detail is key.

www.amgtt.com •

JULY, 2017 • ET&T 15



litt is the new age of Caribbean urban fashion. The couture line has been around for roughly one year and already has the streets buzzing. Their goal is simply to emblematize the island vibe and render high quality products. No doubt, they have achieved that objective. Now, only time will tell what is in store for this youthful, urban brand. In the meanwhile, we show off some of their simple, but effective signature styles.

Our Caribbean skies and seas are reflected in this casual outfit.

Living the island lifestyle means being bold enough to pull off pink

Nothing says Caribbean like beachwear with a twist.

16 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Simple tees and super short shorts suit our forever summer style.

You can’t do urban without hoodies.




there anyone else that you would like to collaborate with? Nailah: Right now I'm in the process of doing my EP and I will have a collaboration with an African artiste who will not be named, a Jamaican artiste who will not be named, and hopefully a Canadian artiste who will not be named as yet. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag (chuckles).


he gave us a good ‘Work Out’ for Carnival! Now, before we could catch our breaths, this talented, beautiful ‘Mami’ has us dancing again to her fresh, enchanting sounds. Rising star Nailah Blackman recently gave us the scoop on her upcoming EP as well as some exciting times ahead!

ET&T: Did you feel a pull to do Gospel music like most of your family does? Nailah: Yes and no. Yes I was a part of a gospel band and Gospel is music to God, so I've always felt a pull to do music to God, but when people say Gospel they mean Christian music. I'm not a Christian, but I'm a very spiritual person and I have my love songs to God and I have songs about God, but they won't be considered Gospel because it's not portrayed in the typical way.

ET&T: How do you feel post Carnival? Nailah: It feels like it hasn't really finished. I'm booked all the way up to the summer. Since 'Baila Mami’ has been released things have picked up in a big way. I intend to build on this for the rest of the year going into next year's Carnival. I want to take my brand worldwide. ET&T: Who are your musical influences? Nailah: My family - the entire Love Circle, my grandfather, my mother, Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday, Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, Asha (she is an African artiste), Corinne Bailey Ray. I have a lot of influences I could stay all day calling out names… ET&T: What are you working on at the moment? Nailah: Right now a lot of labels have their eyes on me in a big way. I'm just working on doing what I can on my end because the music industry is different right now. It is not like before where they would take unknown artistes and build them. They want readymade artistes that have a following already. They prefer to invest in a sure thing. I intend to be an international artiste and it's just a matter of time before I get that done. I want to keep doing Soca music at the same time, but I want to do something completely international and different yet still very Caribbean because I am a Caribbean artiste. ET&T: You're getting a lot of airplay post Carnival? Do

you think that the lack of local content throughout the year is a fault of the artiste or the system? Nailah: It’s definitely the system, but more so the culture because radio DJs are only doing what they have seen done before. We push the Jamaicans or the Bajans or anybody from outside more because only when it comes from outside it's good and that stems from colonialism where ‘we’ as in anything Trinidadian or local is not good enough. This mindset manifests in the artistes sometimes as well. It's now time to change the culture and I believe that the younger generation coming up can do that. ET&T: What has been your most memorable performance thus far? Nailah: There was this one gay party that I performed at and I was so blown away by the reaction of these men because they were just screaming, chanting my song

‘Work Out’ and it was just so amazing to see them sing the song word for word and they acted so crazy! It was the first time I was ever at a gay party so I guess that it was a whole different experience for me as well. ET&T: What is your dream place to perform? Nailah: One event would be Coachella and one country would be Greece. ET&T: People have been asking about your accent? Any comment? Nailah: My Trinidadian accent? (Chuckles) Well Trinidad has many accents. When you go to Penal, West Moorings, Sangre Grande, Rio Claro, Guayaguayare or Point Fortin, you hear different accents. Everyone in Trinidad has a different accent. I am just one of those people. (chuckles) ET&T: You’ve done a major collaboration this year. Is

ET&T: How do you wish to be branded? Nailah: I see myself as an artiste period. I'm a soca artiste, a dancehall artiste, a pop artiste, a calypsonian, a folk artiste, an alternative artiste... ET&T: Do you think that Soca is evolving or dying? Nailah: I think that Soca in a transition period. Everything has to evolve. Soca is an evolution of Calypso music. Soca is being mixed with other genres, but that's what needs to be done in order to reach to a place of newness. I think there is a movement in the soca industry to make Soca not just about Carnival. I'm just happy to be part of that. ET&T: What's next for Nailah Blackman? Nailah: I am going to be releasing a Hip Hop track real soon. It may be a collaboration with someone who is not yet to be named. ET&T: Any hints? Nailah: Nope (chuckles)

www.amgtt.com •

JULY, 2017 • ET&T 17


allOut hosted a Labour Day boatride deF spite the threat of Tropical Storm Brett and the party proved that Brett really wasn’t


a threat at all. A high turnout braved the rain, wind and occasionally choppy waters for the fiesta aboard the Harbour Master. The morning party rolled into afternoon with patrons seemingly reliving Carnival Tuesday. Such was the pace at the event that we were happy to be present. Peep a few of the photos here. For the rest, visit the ET&T Facebook page.

Ezel engages the audience

Priming up with a photo

Saucy sisters

Team vibes

A colourful couple

Peace bro

Rain can’t stop the feting

You know it’s lit when Ken comes out

What having a time looks like

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Boucaud on board

A leggy lady smiles

JULY, 2017 • ET&T 19


Skin-baring sistren

The GT pose

Careful now

More than happy to pose

Rocking the white

Team DIS

20 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Posing in patterns

Sunglasses in order

Happy with his people



ain doesn’t have anything on the R party spirit of Trinbagonians. Despite the rainy season being all ‘rainy

seasony’, patrons stepped out in their numbers to jam the night away at Hollywood. The event was a cooler party hosted at Paragon Sports Club in the West. A wonderful mix of music catered well to the mainly mature audience and you know that when it’s a big people party, the vibes are extra nice. Check out a bit of the action.

An all girl crew

Group action

The lady in red

Pics before the pace

Posing in her print

Tic like a time bomb

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“Doh drop it eh”

Our kind of hug


Four friends

Smiling patrons

A low conga line

Feeling right in white

Photo on entry

Banging in blue

Black is never wack


Social wine

When you win a door prize

The legendary Howie Tee

Brace yuhself bro

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EVENTS EXTRA lub Silhouettes Valsayn was the location for JC Management and JunC ior K’s collaborative endeavour, Boudoir. Listed ladies got in free before 11pm and men were not left out of the discounts either. Despite the

astronomically reasonable entry fee, the event was extremely classy and patrons benefitted from great performances by the likes of Nailah Blackman, K Rich, Mr. Renzo, Azaryah, Sekon Sta and more. Some of the promoters’ favourite DJ affiliates kept the vibes flowing between live sets and by the event’s end everyone left soaking wet and satisfied. Here is a little of what you may have missed. For more, see this full gallery on our Facebook page.

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JULY, 2017 • ET&T 25


P went all the way back to 2011 to show the public F how far we have come (or didn’t come) with as far as responsible wear goes. It can get really cold in these streets. No wonder these criminals are rocking wintery apparel.

Umm… that sweater failed in so many ways we don’t have to say anything. Sigh!

Umm… It was probably 33 degrees on that fateful day in 2011. Fashion could be the least of her worries with the health risks she is exposing herself to. Apparently he was partying in the Arctic because he wore this winter hat (complete with earmuffs) proudly all night long. Too bad his core body temperature didn’t agree as he could be seen sweating from his armpits through both a t-shirt and sweater. Too make sure he ended up in the Fashion Police pages he decided against wearing a belt and instead opted to wear sunglasses in the night. Tsk…tsk… poor mentally unstable soul.





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JULY, 2017 • ET&T 27



Name: Misty Danielle Copeland Age: 34 (September 10, 1982) Profession: Ballerina Claim to Fame: Misty Copeland endured a tumultuous home life to find her way to dance, even-

tually studying under California ballet instructor Cindy Bradley. Copeland joined the studio company of American Ballet Theatre in 2000, becoming a soloist several years later and starring in an

array of productions such as The Nutcracker and Firebird. An icon whose star shines beyond the world of classical dance, in late June 2015 Copeland became the first African-American performer to be appointed as an ABT principal dancer in the company's decades-long history. Copeland has also been able to forge a career outside of the classic traditions of ballet via the guidance of manager Gilda Squire. In addition to having her own 2013 calendar, endorsement deals with COACH and American Express, a spot on Prince’s Welcome 2 tour, and a guest appearance on So You Think You

Can Dance, Copeland was one of the stars of Under Armour’s “I Will What I Want” video campaign, with her clip receiving more than 8 million views and counting. Copeland was also a member of President Barack Obama's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. The ballerina has also become a tour de force in the literary world, publishing two works in 2014: New York Times best-selling memoir Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, with journalist Charisse Jones as co-writer, and the award-winning children’s picture book Firebird, with art by Christopher Myers.



he July-September movie season is usually where most of the biggest blockbusters are featured. The best animated and action science- fiction flicks take place during this period when school is out. Here are two of the early options.

which will be bridged by two television series. Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba star in the film, while Akiva Goldsman (Da Vinci Code,

The Dark Tower Director Ron Howard brings Stephen King's most beloved series to life with this first chapter chronicling gunslinger Roland Deschain's journey to find an ever-elusive tower in an alternate dimension filled with fantastical creatures and characters directly connected with many of the author's most famous works. The feature film will be followed by two sequels, each of 28 ET&T • JULY, 2017 • www.amgtt.com

Batman & Robin) provides the screenplay.

War For The Planet Of The Apes In War for the Planet of the Apes, the third chapter of the critically acclaimed blockbuster franchise, Caesar and his apes are forced into a deadly conflict with an army of humans led by a ruthless Colonel. After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind. As the journey finally brings them face to face, Caesar and the Colonel are pitted against each other in an epic battle that will determine the fate of both their species and the future of the planet.




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ETT Volume 11 July Issue 1  

In this issue: Hot Seat: Get to know Nailah Turner turns pain to gain Meet Melanin Model Mileya SGP Shines in IFS Promo Shoot

ETT Volume 11 July Issue 1  

In this issue: Hot Seat: Get to know Nailah Turner turns pain to gain Meet Melanin Model Mileya SGP Shines in IFS Promo Shoot


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