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lot of things happened within the realm of fashion, entertainment and celebrity this year. A random chick named Honeybee tried to parlay her fifteen minutes of social media fame into cash by turning making men “tap out” into a tune. Surge made a resurgence… somewhat. Dwayne Bravo and Orlando Octave engaged in some exciting online promotion that turned out to be bigger than their actual release. Several natural disasters in the region led artistes to come together and record and do shows for charity. The list of noteworthy events goes on, but here we focus on the absolute biggest events in the entertainment and celebrity sphere. Let’s look back at the year’s leading and most talked-about stories.

Album de Musique de Monde for Calypso Rose The “Album de Musique de Monde” (the equivalent of a French Grammy) was awarded to local icon Mc Cartha SandyLewis a.k.a. Calypso Rose on February 10th 2017. The 76 - year - old veteran declared herself “the Queen of France” after receiving the award from a country that has shown her tremendous love over the years. Rose copped the World Album of the Year award for her Far From Home album which was released in June 2016. The

album features hit singles Leave Me Alone, Zoom Zoom Zoom and remakes of Abatina, Calypso Queen and others.

Record-Setting Carnival Dr. Hollis Liverpool, otherwise known as the Mighty Chalkdust, became the winningest calypsonian of all time as he sang his way to a 9th Calypso Monarch title. The bard broke a tie with Slinger ‘The Mighty Sparrow’ Francisco on Dimanche Gras night with his equal parts humour and social commentary song “Learn From Arithmetic” which took on the issue of child marriage. The Ultimate Rejects also had a record-setting Carnival. The group led by Edghill ‘MX Prime’ Thomas won the Road March title with the mega hit “Full Extreme.” The song was played 556 times at various judging points eclipsing Superblue’s previous record of 511 plays. The tune’s popularity

birthed many social media memes which played off the popular phrase “We jamming still.”

Brigo Passes On Samuel Abraham, better known as calypsonian Brigo passed away at 1pm on Tuesday 16th May. An undisputed cultural icon, Brigo was famous for his facial contortions and humorous musical classics such as Mama Popo, Voodoo Man and Limbo Break. 80’s babies will also remember his popular “Det kill dem” dead insecticide endorsement. Prior to his death the bard was ill for some time and was said to have Alzheimer’s. He was 76 years old at the time of his passing.

Bubbles Goes To School It has been a big year for Bubbles. Not to be confused with Michael Jackson’s pet monkey with the same name, Bubbles a.k.a. Ruckia Webster is a local dancehall star who made a name for herself with graphic lyrics and equally graphic performances. However, her headlining moment of the year came when she faced a

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social media firestorm for leading some uniformed primary school students in singing her popular R-rated tune “It Bunnin.” As video of the encounter spread, things got so bad Minister of Education Anthony Garcia called for a probe into Webster’s interaction with the students.

Drue’s Baby Reveal Soca star Ricardo Dru became a hot topic of conversation when he took to social media to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday. What’s wrong with that you ask? Nothing… However, the child also happens to be Patrice Robert’s baby, Lily. Industry insiders have been hearing murmurs about this for some time. However, it caused quite a stir when the general public was brought up to scratch. Patrice always kept mum publically about the father of the child and the farse fans wondered why it took Drue a •



ET&T FEATURES year before informing them about his bundle of Joy. While it truly matters not what celebrities do in their personal lives, it was surely a major surprise and talking point on social media and radio call-in programs for some time.

Golden Boys: 4x100m relay team and Akeem Stewart Paralympic Olympic athlete Akeem Stewart made history when he set new world records and won gold in both the Men's Javelin Throw and Shot Put events at the World Para Athletics Championships in London in July. The feat was made more amazing by the fact that he received so little support in preparation for the event. London seemed to be a lucky place for Trinbagonian athletes as the T&T’s men’s 4x400 metres relay team won gold in the 4x400 metres relay final today at the 2017 IAAF World Championship a month later. Renny Quow, Jareem Richards, Machel Cedenio and Lalonde Gordon made up the winning team that beat the USA and Great Britain into second and third respectively.

several secular dancehall greats. Gitta Dan seamlessly mimicked the vocal styles of entertainers such as Anthony B, Buju Banton, Sizzla Kalonji and others during performances. His own signature style led to hit songs such as Jah Come Lead the Way and Wise Vibes. As his name suggests, the artiste was also extremely proficient at playing acoustic guitar and tributes poured in from various corners of the world when he died. Destra Double Whammy/ Bounce Back A Belizean court ordered Soca star Destra Garcia to pay damages to a male fan who ruptured his bladder when Destra jumped on him during a concert in Belize back in 2015. The July judgment saw Destra having to pay over TT$50,000 in damages. Almost exactly a month to the date of the Belize judgment, Destra suffered a double blow of sorts when she fell through a poorly constructed stage in Bermuda. The accident resulted in a broken ankle for the singer whose bad month probably had her thinking about a blue soap bath before Olatunji and Asten Isaac made the challenge popular. At the end of it all, Destra bounced back like a true champ and even did some shows while wearing her cast. That wasn’t the end of it. She made more headlines in November when she unveiled that would soon be married. Her longtime partner and father of her child Brian popped the question signaling that Destra would soon legally be off the market. To celebrate the occasion, the soca star released a track entitled marry this wine. It’s safe to say there was no bigger bounce back story than hers this year.

Gitta Dan Death Denton “Gitta Dan” Peschier passed away after a long and secret battle with illness in October. Peschier was instrumental in attracting a lot of urban youth to the Christian church via his music which was heavily influenced by 2

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

Anthony Bourdain Visits T&T Anthony Bourdain visited T&T and it was kind of a big deal. Of course foodies and chefs were thrilled to have him here, but celebrities frequent Trinidad. What made this visit special was how much controversy the episode of Bourdain’s Parts Unknown that was filmed here stirred up. It was a very real and balanced take on Trinbago society and it opened many eyes to the level of social stratification that pervades even so long after slavery. When Bourdain visited the home of the Sabga-Abouds, comments were made that the Syrian/Lebanese community was “the smallest”, but “mostpowerful ethnic group” in the country and that “the middle class served as a buffer between the haves and have nots.” This part of the episode was also responsible for the trending phrase “the 1 percent” which referred to the Syrian/Lebanese in T&T.

Miss TT Universe Scandal When the Miss Universe TT competition took place few people even knew there was a competition. However, nothing draws attention to something in Trinidad and Tobago like a good bacchanal. That’s what ensued when the winner Yvonne ‘Yvee’ Clarke was stripped of her title for what was deemed a contractual breach by the franchise holder. The bacchanal reached fever pitch when Yvee’s sponsor Fay Ann Lyons switched to agent mode and hosted a press conference for the delegate to highlight what they deemed an unfair dismissal. The move paid off as public pressure was too great and Yvee was reinstated. She quickly became T&T’s

darling and left for Nevada to make us proud. Devon’s Journey Ends Devon Matthews left an enduring legacy of radio excellence behind when he shockingly and suddenly died of cardiac arrest at Tribe’s band launch in July. The affable giant with an equally big personality was celebrating one of his biggest years to date having placed third in the 2017 International Soca Monarch. The 36 year old star’s death remained a trending topic for longer than any of the other topics as his No Kill Joy attitude had permeated the hearts of many. His funeral was held at a rammed out Arima Velodrome on July 24th. It was attended by the Borough’s mayor as well as several other politicians and entertainment and media celebrities.

Machel & Bunji Bury The Hatchet Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin put their differences aside during C2K17 to finally collaborate on a massive track entitled “Buss Head.” The duo had previously been at odds, with Bunji accusing Machel of "playing politics" to win the 2011 Power Soca Monarch title. Both artistes famously threw lyrical barbs at each other during that year’s Soca Monarch competition with Montano eventually emerging victorious. Many fans and artistes alike praised the collaboration. Local musical legend Roy Cape described the song as a “message of healing” and expressed that it felt “fantastic” to be able to witness this moment in our country’s cultural history. Since the song debuted, the iconic entertainers have performed together numerous times locally and abroad to frenzied audiences.



t’s been 30 years since Soca Parang artiste, Leon Coldero has spent the season at home in Trinidad and Tobago. This year he’s switching things up a little, spending the season that’s often filled with the sound of sweet Soca Parang and the taste of fruitcake and punch de crème, at home, surrounded by friends and family. He’s excited to say the least. Coldero has released two new tracks for the Christmas season and as he sees it, there’s more than enough time to give Christmas lovers a truly enjoyable and memorable Trini Christmas. “I’m here this year to bring a new vibe, new energy to Soca Parang,” he said, revealing that the song, ‘Soca Parang Nice’ will be accompanied by true entertainment when he hits any venue this season. “I feel really good about this track. It’s the second one I’ve done with Jesse,” he said, referring to the man in charge at Optimus Productions TT Ltd– a local production house that’s responsible for Christmas Vibes Volume 3. “This track is a really

upbeat one. It’s all about true enjoyment at Christmas and it tells the story of making the rounds at the places in Trinidad, like Paramin and Lopinot that are traditionally known for harboring the sweetness of the season” said Coldero. A video for the track is also in the works- a medley that will see the music of the other artistes on the riddim, showcased as well. Leon Coldero, a native of South Trinidad, has been a longstanding part of the Soca Parang fraternity in Trinidad and Tobago and while he has spent a great deal of time overseas, his appreciation

for the traditional essence of Trinidad and Tobago’s Christmas, has never dwindled. “I’ve tried to keep the traditions over the years. I live in Orlando, Florida so I keep the Trini Christmas vibe out there as much as possible, but it’s really good to be spending this Christmas at home in Trinidad;” His sentiments would certainly be echoed by many Caribbean people living abroad. With a relatively short Christmas season this year, as a result of Carnival 2018 making a grand early entrance ahead of its short season, Leon says he still feels there’s adequate time for Christmas to be celebrated and the artistes who give of their time and talent, to be given the respect of adequate airplay. “I really feel that both the Soca Parang and the Carnival Soca tracks that are being released can be played. There is enough time. If less foreign music was played, there would be more than enough airtime for these two indigenous genres,” he suggested. Prior to his release of ‘Soca


ew artistes all have the potential to be superstars, believe it or not. Sometimes all it takes is a little commitment and of course, consistency. T&T’s Keturah Gamba is one of those less known female songbirds who’s clearing her own path and making it understood that she refuses to take no for an answer. Last year, the multi-faceted entertainer crossed over into the Soca genre for the very first time, and of course, one year later, she’s back again, ready, she says, for greatness. She teamed up with young production duo, Badjohn Republic and together they’ve laid down a full-fledged Soca single called, “Lose Control.” The song was released on Monday, November 13th, and already with great feedback being received, Keturah is preparing herself in a major way, to ensure that she’s seen, heard and understood. Like most other artistes, Gamba sings with passion, refusing to accept the comments of


ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

naysayers and instead turning every obstacle into a possibility. She’s worked with Pengco Music’s Randal Alexander in the past- the pair having dished out “Like Sinatra” in 2016. They’d however worked together on two singles prior, building a solid musical partnership that is often treasured by artistes in the business. Earlier this year, Keturah teamed up with Trinidad and Tobago’s Kerry John, an artiste who himself experienced tremendous carnival acclaim in 2017 when he penetrated the Soca circuit with “Drink King.” When he met up with Keturah however, they decided to unleash a raunchy, provocative dancehall/soca fused single they called, “Rude Gyal”. Gamba’s voice on that

Parang Nice’, he released a song called, ‘Parang in the Sun,’ a track produced by Mastamind Productions and written by Ruthven Le Quay. “That one’s for all the foreign based Trinbagonians- folks in places like Brooklyn, Boston, Toronto – wherever they are; folks who are yearning to spend the Christmas at home in the sun.” Coldero said this particular song fires a few harmless political jabs, all in good fun and admits to having had a great time recording it. “The music is available for everyone to enjoy. Let’s have a really good Christmas season together. Let’s bring back the love and share in the season of giving as one people here at home,” he said, willing the country to return to a place of peace and harmony as the New Year approaches. With a carnival vibe already in the atmosphere, Coldero tells music lovers to stay tuned as he’s very well prepared for the upcoming season of revelry as well. He is set to unleash a Carnival track before the end of November.

track was powerful to say the least, and delivered the essentials of a truly effective single. Beyond music, Keturah Gamba has been championing an incredible Cancer awareness and assistance initiative called, “iCancervive”. Her sister having been diagnosed with the disease, Gamba’s been working alongside some of her friends in the music industry to assist with the financial costs that often-time burden family members of those battling cancer. “This effort will remain a focus for me beyond my sister’s situation. iCancerive is more than just a family assistance drive. It is a ‘people’ assistance effort, aimed at helping everyone who is touched and scarred by this awful disease. Sometimes, it takes one person to be the driving force behind something that has the potential to help thousands. Maybe I can be that person,” said Gamba. With music and a heart full of love, Keturah Gamba’s leaving no stone unturned as she sets her mind on conquering the music business with her God-given talent. “When He empowers you- gives you the tools you need to make it in this world, you should never ignore it,” she said, referencing the big man above. Courtesy Etceterabuzz



agical! That’s the adjective Marge Blackman uses to describe the video for her most recent single ‘Be’. In truth the video which was directed by Walt Lovelace and Gabriel Nagee perfectly captures Blackman’s eclectic style and haunting vocals and frames these against vivid, lush, natural aesthetics…literally playing like a three minute and a half dream. According to Blackman, it was really important for her to present a visual for the song which accurately captured the phase she is at in her musical journey, “I wanted to tell my story in terms of where I am now, how things feel, how things look…” She describes it as a privilege to have worked with Lovelace who had also captured one of the late great Ras Shorty I’s iconic songs, “I wanted to work with someone who connected with the music in a different kind of way and I eventually went to Walt Lovelace whose first video was ‘Watch Out My Children’, a timeless piece. I had no doubt that he would do something magical and that’s exactly what happened!” The upbeat, feel good single ‘Be’ marks her first release in 7 years. In fact, the song was one of the projects which her now deceased mother, Mrs Blackman, took a liking to and this added to the extra drive and significant energy which was invested in it after her passing. Additionally the opportunity to work with producer, Sheriff Mumbles on the track leant itself to what she terms the ‘revolution of Jamoo’ as he was able to be faithful to the core of Jamoo, while injecting his own widely celebrated style and brand, “we gave it a different appeal, a different’s a little more radio friendly but yet still you can hear the core of Jamoo in it still.” Describing her 7 year hiatus as a period of transition, given 6

the dissolution of the Blackman family band and her membership in two offshoots of that band, Blackman shared that she finally discovered what she was searching for a year ago. Soon after incorporating a tabla player, Jamoo The Band became a reality when she was asked to participate in a play on the life of Ras Shorty I, which was produced by the UWI Afrikan Society, “what I saw and I felt from this group of young individuals was so amazing. The way they portrayed Jamoo and how they understood it. I just knew that I had to work with them!” By the time the band had made its debut at the first New Fire Festival, fusing pan, African and Indian drums she knew that she had struck gold, “The first night of New Fire was so magical. I knew then and there that this is exactly what I wanted, the sound, the feel, everything!” Blackman is currently working on an album which she hopes will have the same impact as ‘Be’. Her mission is to appeal to diverse audiences, perform

ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •


on world stages and spread her music as far as possible, “I don’t want to be put into any particular genre. I’m not a gospel artiste. I’m not a secular artiste. I’m just an artiste and so far I am seeing the song just touching everybody, everywhere. That’s what I want Jamoo to do. I want it to touch everybody. There is no religious thing connected to it. It’s for everyone.” About what seems like a regeneration and what she herself

coined a wakeup call, she explains that the recent passing of her mother has been somewhat of a catalyst, “sometimes with a loss it’s either you sink or you float. With the passing of my dad I had the same feeling that I had to do something but I don’t think that I was at that stage of my life where I could’ve done what I really wanted to do, but with this passing I felt like I really had to wake up! I know it’s strange to understand because you would expect somebody to go into hiding or silence, but I had the opposite reaction. I had to be able to do something to let them be remembered by so I had to really get that fire to get up and do something because they cannot be forgotten.” Marge has poured some of her magic into a groovy soca collaboration with a two time Soca Monarch champion for upcoming Carnival 2018, “I’m excited about it, it’s gonna be a different experience for me and I am looking forward to it.” We wish her the best. After all we can always do with a little more magic!



his Christmas add a twist to your traditional Christmas dishes! Recipes courtesy Jason Peru. FOR THE HONEY THYME SCENTED HAM Ingredients Needed • 1 Large Shoulder Ham • 10 Cloves • 1 Cup of Brown Sugar • ½ Cup of Honey • 4 Tbsp of Minced Fresh Fine Thyme FOR THE PINEAPPLE CHOW CHOW

• • • • • • •

3 Tsp of Minced Garlic ½ Tsp of Cayenne Powder Pinch of Nutmeg ¼ Tsp of Cinnamon Powder 2/3 Cup of Pineapple Juice ½ Cup Red Wine Vinegar 1 Cup of Small Diced Pineapple • 4 Tbsp of Yellow Mustard • ½ Cup of Julienned Purple Onions • 1/3 Cup of Fine Diced Carrots. • ½ Tsp Salt • ¼ Tsp Black Pepper • 2 Tbsp of Fresh Chopped Parsley METHODS

Ingredients Needed • 3 Tbsp Vegetable Oil • 3 Tbsp of Fine Diced Pimento Peppers • 6 Tbsp of Fine Diced Onions 8

For the Ham Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees Fahrenheit. Place Shoulder ham on a flat sheet pan. With dry napkins,

ET&T • NOVEMBER, 2017 •

swab and dry the outer surface area of the ham and ensure it is dry all round. In a slightly shallow and wide baking tray, line the inner base with two layers of foil . Place ham in the baking tray with the most protruding part sticking up . With a small paring knife, stick slight holes into the surface of the ham and gently push one clove in each hole. ( Do not put too much cloves as this can have an overwhelming flavor ) Cover ham with foil properly. Based upon the weight of the ham (For each Lb you cook for 18 Minutes) place in the hot oven to cook. In the last 20 minutes of cooking time, remove the foil of the ham and apply the Honey and brown Sugar Thyme scented Glaze. Do this evenly with a brush and place back in oven to finish cook or until the

internal temperature of the ham reaches 150 Degrees Fahrenheit (check by sticking a cooking thermometer in the centre of the ham). Remove from oven and let sit for half hour before cutting. For the Pineapple Chow Chow Place a medium sauce pan over medium heat. When hot add the vegetable oil. Add the pimentos, garlic and onion. Sweat gentle for one minute. Add all powdered spices accompanied by the pineapple juice, red wine vinegar and chopped pineapple and mustard. Let it reduce for two minutes then add the carrots and purple onions. Continue cooking until it reduces by half. Season with salt, black pepper and the freshly chopped parsley. Remove and let cool.


NAME: Anya-Marie Pierre. AGE: 15 years old. AREA: Arima. HOBBIES: Modeling, Make-up Artistry, Photography, Fashion, Listening to music. At only 15 years old it is rare

to see someone in the industry envision a life beyond modeling. However, Anya already has her future set on a career in Business Management and Photography. She already has a year of experience under her belt and in that period has worked with some of the country’s most reputable designers and photographers. No doubt the emotional intelligence-based learning environment from her home-schooling has inspired her entrepreneurial spirit. Her favourite designers (Some of whom she has worked with) include Séjoux, Kristian Jagessar, Shopshari, Rhea Ahong, Loud by Afiya and Ryan Chan. Her astute


10 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

model senses have afforded her the opportunity to work with photographers such as Marc Jeffrey (Retoucher Marc), Mark Romany, Mattew Creese, The Vanity Project and Shannon Britto. While young Ms. Pierre espouses a pleasant personality and an affinity for the beauty around her, she does have her share of peeves. Her main dislike is people who have absolutely no respect for others and their boundaries. With that said, Anya understands the boundaries which should not be crossed in modeling. She does what she can to ensure she maintains her model figure. “I try to drink lots of wa-

ter and coconut water,” she said. However, she does confess that she does minimal exercise, but insists she is “actually starting the gym this month.” As far as her beauty regime, she is on top of it thanks to constantly having a professional in her corner. “My mother is a Skin Care Professional, so I do monthly microdermabrasion/light chemical peels. I am on a strict skincare routine daily with professional products that cleanse, tone, moisturize and protect. Plus, I mask once a week and I NEVER SLEEP WITH MAKEUP ON… EVER!! We look forward to amazing things from Anya in the future.



NAME: Shivanand Bahadoor AGE: 23 HEIGHT: 5ft 8in WEIGHT: 160lb CAREER: I’m currently a student and I work part-time at Body By Imran. BRIEFS OR BOXERS: Boxers FAVOURITE SCENT: I haven’t chosen one yet. I like to

mix things up every now and again. FAVOURITE THING: Food DESCRIBE YOUR DREAM GIRL: Smart, sexy, tall and must be able to connect with me. YOU WERE HEARTBROKEN: Yes but I suppose most people have been. YOUR HERO: My hero would probably be my mother for raising me to be the man that I am now. FAVOURITE FOOD: I love all food! THE WAY TO YOUR HEART IS: Food. YOU’D NEVER DO: I want to experience life to the fullest so

there are very few things that I won’t want to try but if I have to exclude I would exclude the illegal things. WHAT ABOUT PETS: Pets are a big responsibility that I am not ready for at this moment but I’d like to have a dog. THE ONE THING HE WANTS TO DO BEFORE HE DIES: Be 200lbs with under 10% body fat. FAVOURITE ARTIST: Linkin Park. FAVOURITE MUSIC: Rock music rocks. FAVOURITE PLACE FOR A

MEAL: Home. HAVE YOU EVER CHEATED: No, I’m literally a Dream Guy. THE FREAKIEST THING YOU HAVE EVER DONE: I don’t do anything freaky. WHERE’S YOUR WEAK SPOT: Probably my calves. WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION: My woman is the best motivator ever. HOW DO YOU MAINTAIN YOUR BODY: Consistency is the key to success. I try to be consistent with my meals and my training.

Photography by Suresh Gopie of Maxrishka Photography

12 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •



n the words of Johnny Mathis “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and ET&T was able to interview a few local celebrities to find out exactly what makes Christmas special to them. Although the answers varied a bit with each person we interviewed, many agreed that it was all about family. They found the occasion especially appealing to children and they held fond memories of Christmas as kids. Check out what the celebs had to say.

Avionne Mark This model, former pageant queen and entrepreneur revealed that family is what makes this time of the year special for her. She said “I love them dearly and spend a lot of time with them during the year and especially at Christmas time. I love that I also get to see my family members that live abroad.” She further admitted that besides family, food definitely makes the list of things that makes this season special to her. She said “It's amazing! From the turkey and festive rice to the Ponche de Crème, I enjoy it all. What Carnival body? It's truly a time to celebrate.”

bazaar and overall excitement of any event held around this time reminds him of how Christmas is truly enjoyed by children. Peru aims to replicate these memories for himself and family. He does this by creating delicious dishes like pastelles, ham and hops, crispy pork and a host of other over-indulgent treats. Apart from everything that invokes such pleasant recollections and experiences for him, he also looks forward to his birthday which is on Old Year’s Day. Despite his special day being a bit overshadowed by the aura of the Christmas season and even suffering with that “One Gift Syndrome” (which is basically receiving one gift for your birthday and Christmas), he admitted that he would never trade this auspicious day of birth. He further added “the season of perpetual hope is one that I love dearly and look forward to and will always ensure that even when I have a family of my own in the future, I will establish and foster these similar feels and meaning with them.” Jehue Gordon Despite not celebrating Christmas due to religious beliefs, this track and field star admitted that he enjoys this time of the year as he gets to unwind and spend time with his loved ones and get away from all the usual distractions.

Jason Peru For our previously featured celebrity chef, Christmas brings about a sense of nostalgia as he often remembers his 6-year-old self listening to Marcia Miranda, Scrunter and Susan Maico. This coupled with the determination of getting good end of year grades in Primary school exam so as to ensure Santa brought him what he wanted. The Christmas school 14 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

Leonce Taylor US based soca artiste Leonce Taylor revealed to us that Christmas is about the children and family time. This Christmas is particularly special for her as she gets to spend it with her 15-month old baby. She admits that both her and her family always seek to ensure that it is a warm and cozy time particularly for the children. The season is also spent doing similar activities done in a Trini home to get it ready for Christmas. This includes lots of baking, cleaning and decorating. As for the baking, she admits not only does she love doing it, but she also tries to get the kids involved and make it a truly interactive experience. Although her baking list is extensive, some of the popular treats she makes are black cake, cookies and scones. On the actual day, the family spends time opening presents, reminiscing on the year gone, good times and lessons learnt from the not so pleasant experiences that occurred during the year.



veryone loves to receive gifts, but very few of us appreciate the hassle associated with buying them. This article shows some great gift ideas for various types of people in your life. We’ve got something for the home owner, the techie, the fit freak, the beauty conscious, the everyday dude and the business-oriented.

Fitbit Blaze Ionic Watch This is no ordinary smartwatch. It’s a fitness addict’s dream. It records the usual such as steps, calories burned, and stairs climbed and it can check your heart rate with no chest strap needed. What makes it super dope is it provides personal coaching, with on-screen video and real-times stats.

he adores. You can’t go wrong with the Sephora Favourites Cologne Sampler. It comes in a handy travel bag and contains twelve tiny samples that are not only for one use. "All in: 101 Real Life Business Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs" If you want to get the perfect gift for the special entrepreneur in your life, look no further. This book by serial entrepreneur Bill Green came out earlier this year and has been reviewed as one of the best recent business books

iRobot Roomba 690 This is an app-controlled vacuum that cleans carpets, tiles and hardwood as good as anything on the market. It can be scheduled and controlled from remote locations so you don’t have to sit and monitor its progress.

Anker Portable Charger Techies can rejoice because they can be absorbed in hours of tech use without losing power. This small, lightweight portable charger can keep multiple pieces of hardware running and it is both Apple and Samsung compatible.

available. The author outlines 101 tips and pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. It provides good, motivational reading in an entrepreneurs downtime.

MAC Power Palette Makeup enthusiasts will absolutely love this gift. The set from high-end brand MAC has eight eye shadows and two highlighters, plus the brushes to apply them all perfectly. With a half-dozen palette options, she can achieve her favourite look that much easier. Sephora Favorites Cologne Sampler Dating a dude and unsure of what to gift him? Give him a fragrance package with lots of options that will make sure he finds something •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 15


ET&T: What has been your career highlight thus far? SD: There are so many highlights but the biggest was being able to release my first ever music video to my brand new single "One Step At A Time".


amuel Dyer has witnessed both sides of the spectrum from secular to Saved. If we are to judge him by his recent actions, it seems being saved is too sweet a victory to go back to anything else. A gifted vocalist, Dyer is out and about promoting his new gospel album “The Son” which he hopes will touch the hearts and souls of many. ET&T touched base with this talent to get some insight on his latest journey.

ET&T: Let’s talk future plans both as an artist and individually. SD: My plan is to take over the world just kidding (lol).... As a Gospel Minister my plan is not just to win the awards of men but to reach people around the world. One of my goals is to have every church in the world sing my songs.

ET&T: How did your interest in gospel music begin? SD: I have been raised in the church all my life. My father was a preacher and a singer so gospel music was embedded in me from birth.

ET&T: Given the crime situation escalating in T&T, what advice would you give to the decision makers? SD: The heart of our nation’s crime situation is the matter of the heart. Investment in programs that can help spiritually transform darkness of heart into light is needed. What can turn an evil heart to right? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

ET&T: How would you describe your music? SD: My music is a mixture of Christian and Contemporary Gospel music with a Caribbean touch. I call it the "sound of the church", it's what you hear when you attend church service - "Praise and Worship."

ET&T: There’s an ongoing debate about homosexuality worldwide, what is your take on it? SD: I have family and friends who are homosexuals and are some of the nicest people I have met, we get along great, but I don’t agree with their lifestyle based on my belief which is built from the reading of the bible. It doesn't mean that I hate them, but I do love them and I give them respect because no one is different from us as we all are sinners.

ET&T: What are your thoughts on other genres of music such as soca, reggae, dancehall etc. SD: I love and appreciate all genres of music, I believe the purpose of all music was designed to bring glory and worship to God. ET&T: What have been your best and worst moments in your career? SD: There are so many amazing moments in my musical career, but the one that brought great joy losing over $165,000 which had is when I completed my 3rd album us having to start my album all - "The Songs of Adoration". It was over from scratch. truly 4 years of intense trials and testings’ from 2012 to 2016. The ET&T: Tell us a bit about worst time was when we found your current projects? out we were scammed in 2015 SD: We just released my first 16 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

official music video and brand new single - "One Step At A Time" off of 'The Son' album and presently we are doing a lot of preparation for promotions and marketing in the United States of America and Africa.

ET&T: What piece of advice would you like to give to the youths of T&T? SD: The world teaches self-worth and having high self-esteem and nothing is wrong with it but we’re living in a selfish age and it is important to deny self sometimes.





eauty and brains is just one of the ways you can describe Miss USA, Kára McCullough. She was born in Naples, Italy, but raised in Virginia Beach for the majority of her childhood. Her mother’s previous position as Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy (she is now retired) exposed Kára to many different cultures and places at a young age, including Sicily, Japan, South Korea and Hawaii. For as long as she can remember, Kára has been fascinated with science and the impact it has on our everyday lives. This fasciation has also led her to pursue a career within the scientific realm as she is currently a scientist for the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission. In addition to her already impressive portfolio, she is also the founder of a self-funded community outreach program called “Science Exploration for Kids” (SE4K), which creates interactive activities celebrating math and science to cultivate a passion for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) among children. ET&T was fortunate enough to get a chance to interview Kára despite her busy schedule where she shared with us what the journey has been like thus far, upcoming goals and even her thoughts on T&T’s defeat over USA in the World cup qualifying match. Check it out down below. ET&T: Tell us, what made you get into pageantry? KARA: I entered pageantry because I was determined to try something new, which was also something I've secretly always wanted to do. Pageantry ended up marking the turning point in my life where I decided not to live with "What-ifs". ET&T: What is the hardest part of preparing for a

by Daniela Nandlal

that although I have entered this year as Miss USA and am enjoying every amazing experience and opportunity that I receive, I still love to jump on the NYC subway and venture off into the less popular areas around NYC to experience life outside of the hub. Exploring NYC also means lots of walking and exercise is a huge part of my life so this means I can skip the squats at the gym sometimes!

pageant? KARA: Putting together a stunning wardrobe! While competing in pageants, you always want to look and feel your best and at times I struggle to find pieces that fit my body type. ET&T: What was that moment like when you heard your name announced as the winner of Miss USA? KARA: Surreal! On stage when I was in the top 2, I dropped my head, closed my eyes, and began to pray. I asked for protection from disappointment. I also told myself that no matter what happens, life goes on. ET&T: What has the journey been like thus far? KARA: My 6 months as Miss USA 2017 have been life changing. It’s amazing to have a national platform and voice to engage with people from all walks of life and particularly children about my passions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education and careers.

ET&T: What is something you’re hoping to accomplish once this is all over? KARA: Having my STEM program SE4K - Science Exploration for Kidsfully up and running in targeted areas especially underserved communities. The plan is to continue encouraging young women to remain persistent in their goals, particularly in pursuing careers in a STEM field, which is typically male dominated. ET&T: We read that part of your current strategy for Miss Universe is to have an opinion. Why is this key? KARA: This is a major key especially in our current time. Having an opinion shows you are wellinformed and able to make decisions in your best interest. Miss Universe is all about being confidently beautiful and unashamed of your accomplishments and opinions. ET&T: What is something most people don’t know about you? KARA: I think something about me that would surprise people is

ET&T: What are some of your goals for the next 5 years? KARA: In the next 5 years I plan to soak up every remaining minute of my year long experience as Miss USA which has been and will continue to be a once in a lifetime opportunity with the Miss Universe Organization. I also plan to fully dive into advocating for STEM education for children and specifically young girls via my program SE4K. Somewhere in all of that I also hope to attend business school! ET&T: What are your thoughts on T&T defeating USA to end USA's football World Cup qualifying run? KARA: Well I am of course always going to support the USA, but as a former basketball coach I understand the importance in a loss and the lesson to be gained from it. This is the opportunity for them to revisit the plays and training… but go USA! ET&T: Pet peeves? KARA: Having meetings and conversations with no action plan. I’m a busy girl and like to get things done! ET&T: Name of a book that inspired you? KARA: Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz. He's the founder and owner of Starbucks. I adore his story, because he truly started from nothing and has created a true empire. •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 17


he Glam God Gala team promised to T give patrons the experience of an epic ultra-inclusive party when they hosted

Touché at the uber swanky-decorated Pier 1 poolside. Entertainment was provided by a strong cast of mix-masters and MCs including Glam God event regulars Rapid Response and the ever popular Artiste Team. Cutters were served throughout while guests were also entitled to feast on some seasonal Christmas fare or Italian cuisine at the two food stations. Patrons drank till the bars couldn’t take it anymore and danced till the DJ’s almost ran out of tunes. For a sneak peek check out these two pages. For more, visit our Facebook page.



Ladies in a row with champagne in hand

The calm before the storm

Looking like a snack

Two friends pose

Styling and profiling

For those who enjoy shaken, not stirred

A happy couple

Showing off their style

A dapper mixed and matched ensemble •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 19


Ringing out tunes

When the music hits…

Showing his moves

Glam God is flanked by two ladies

Dat wine serious

There were ladies in abundance

Service with a smile

For our next balancing act…

Enjoying his cocktail on entry

Jamming by any means necessary

20 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

Taking advantage of the photo opportunities

Feeling as fine as she looks

Utilizing the Touché backdrop



Enjoying the atmosphere

The Barbie’s were on hand


he iconic Legacy Mas Band switched things up a bit by opting for a more intiT mate setting and vibe for the 2018 launch. Vas Lounge was the venue for the unveiling of the collection entitled “We Jammin Still.” Big Mike and his team didn’t disappoint the masquerading faithful with his costumes, electing for simple designed with bold colours. This was a reflection of the atmosphere of Caribbean freedom the band hopes to promote when it hits the street next February. Attendees showed appreciation for the band and the collection as they mingled and casually bubbled the evening away. Here’s some of what took place.

This trio enjoyed the proceedings

Teamwork makes the dream work

Striking up a vibe

Foundation Legacy members

Can’t wait to see this on the road

The colours of Carnival

Mike Antoine seems proud of his work


The queen of Carnival Band launches

Couldn’t hide the excitement

Skin is in

Loving the colours

22 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •




'Embassy Lounge in Arima was the locale for the launch of Tameeka Castillo’s D book of poems entitled “Written from Within.” The short affair occurred on November 25th amid an intimate family-type setting in one of Arima’s trendy new spots. A few well known faces came out to support and listen as Tameeka and others took to the microphone to vocalize some written pieces. Copies of the book were available to patrons and the artist took time to sign each copy that was taken. The book is ET&T approved as a holiday gift for all poetry and prose lovers. Here is a little bit of what went down. For more, hit us up on Facebook.

Getting the kids involved

Two lovers of the oratory arts

Word, Power and Sound

Brother Resistance spreads the love

Happy faces abound

Writing words of encouragement and appreciation

The author shares a smile

Authors signing autographs like rock stars now?

A congratulatory cake

He couldn’t wait to read his copy •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 23



full house of patrons attended the Hyatt Regency Trinidad to experience Ecliff Elie’s unveiling of his 2017 menswear collection. The entire line was inspired by Ecliff’s recent visit to Italy and he named it Prima Volta in homage to the trip. Several celebrities took part in the evening’s proceedings with some of them even modeling some of the signature styles on the catwalk. From sports stars to musicians and other designers, the affair was a who’s who type of soiree and ET&T was happy to be invited. Here’s a peek at the action. •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 25

PINK IS THE SEXY NEW HOLIDAY HUE D reams of white Christmases don’t resonate too well in the tropics. The Caribbean is a colourful place. However, we’re ditching those wine reds, metallic greens and glittery gold for something a tad softer, but no less popping. In this urban spread, we will show you four simple, casual looks to take you through your Trini Christmas period. By the way, they are incorporating 2017’s hottest new holiday colour… PINK!!! Photography: StudioKWADRAT • Model: Jacky Mzee

Show off your sexy skin in this modern danceinspired ensemble.

Pick your poison of a pink varsity-style jacket or pink eyewear to urbanize your swimsuit.

You don’t have to go all out. Incorporate pink with other colours for equal effect.

Distressed denim with a sleek, pink thin strap top is both a sexy and simple option. •

DECEMBER, 2017 • ET&T 27



Name: Sloane Stephens Age: 24 (March 20, 1993) Career: Pro Tennis Player Claim to fame: Trinidad and Tobago has not had much international success in tennis. Therefore, it is easy to see why so many Trinbagonians were happy for Sloane (who has Trinidadian heritage) when she recently rose up the ranks to win her first Grand

Slam. Stephens began playing professionally in 2010 and enjoyed mixed success. Inconsistent play and injuries meant that Sloane would seldom make it beyond the quarterfinal round of many major tournaments, though she has several other titles on the WTA circuit. Her highest ever singles rank-

ing was 11th and she is currently ranked 17th despite toppling Venus Williams and other high seeds on her way to US Open victory. Sloane has cited Kim Clijsters and the Williams sisters as her main inspirations in tennis. She

also cited her Trinidadian grandfather as her biggest influence growing up. Stephens has also made headlines for being half of a sporting power couple as she is dating United States footballer Jozy Altidore.



he movies featured here include the over-the-top Sci- Fi blockbuster, the pseudo biographical drama and yes… two of them are sequels. However, they all provide good movie fare to take you through Christmas and into the New Year.

Pitch Perfect 3 Following their win at the world championship, the now separated Bellas reunite for one last singing competition at an overseas USO tour, but face a group who uses both instruments and voices. Ruby Rose, Hailee Steinfeld, Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks all reprise their roles.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega lead in this film which also features Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher.

28 ET&T • DECEMBER, 2017 •

I, Tonya Competitive ice skater Tonya Harding rises amongst the ranks at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships, but her future in the activity is thrown into doubt when her ex-husband intervenes. Margot Robbie acts as Tonya in what looks likely to be a critical favourite.




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ET&T Volume 11 December Issue 1  

In this issue Leon Coldero Returns to T&T Celeb Chef Shares Christmas Recipes Six Sweet Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017

ET&T Volume 11 December Issue 1  

In this issue Leon Coldero Returns to T&T Celeb Chef Shares Christmas Recipes Six Sweet Gift Ideas for Christmas 2017