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Create The Perfect Gift With A Festive Fruit Basket


reating fruit baskets for friends and family members is a great way to save money and still give wonderful gifts that your friends and family will love. When you buy fresh citrus fruit in bulk you can keep some for your own family and use the rest in bright, cheerful baskets that will be perfect for any occasion. If you are even slightly creative you can make beautiful and unique fruit baskets that can be tailored for any occasion without spending a lot of money. Here are some tips that will help you put together wonderful, inexpensive gift baskets that look much more expensive than they are Fruit is an important part of a fruit basket, but many people overlook the other important part -- the basket. You can score a great deal on used baskets at a local thrift store or garage sale, and wicker baskets can be


cleaned with a water hose or in the sink to ensure they are safe. Baskets are also available at craft stores but will likely be more expensive. Decorate your basket with ribbon to make it a central part of the final product. Fill the wicker basket, or other container, with coloured shredded paper, and arrange the fruit on top. Put bigger pieces of fruit on the bottom, or off to one side of the basket,

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and display smaller pieces of fruit around it. You can probably find organic fruits at the supermarket, but you may be able to find a more interesting variety of items at a local farmer's market. These fruits will be fresher than what you find at the grocery store and will likely come from a local farm or orchard. Additionally, the farmer's market may carry unusual fruits that you may not normally find at the grocery store, giving you a chance to add a special touch to your fruit basket. Use a mixture of tropical and exotic fruits as well as apples, pears and more. Make sure there is variety in terms of ripeness. Don’t send a basket of unripe fruit or fruits so ripe that they all end up spoiling. Arranging the fruit is the fun, but important part of the process. Give yourself some time to do this right. Don't just

dump the fruit in. You want the fruit to look attractive. Make sure the tops of the fruits are seen. Grapes should drape over other fruit or the edge of the basket. Look at pictures of fruit baskets and arrange the items in a similar style. In addition to fruit, you can add flavored mixed nuts, milk chocolate covered cherries, summer sausages, award winning garlic cheeses, dark chocolate covered almonds, yogurt covered pretzels, smoked salmon, pistachios, dried fruit, gourmet popcorns, honey wheat crackers, raspberry preserves, shortbread, salsas, chocolate covered toffee, a bottle of sparkling cider or wine, or any other gourmet items. If you know of a favorite food, even something as simple as a Twix candy bar, be sure to include that as it shows that you had your recipient in mind when you made the gift basket.

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Abstract Home Volume 9 December 2018 - Issue #1