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Thinking Of A Tech Gift For Your Child? Be Sure To Monitor Your Kid’s Internet Usage


re you thinking about getting your kid a laptop, computer or tablet for Christmas? If so, you should note that you have a responsibility to keep them safe once you do. It’s the computer age and there is no shortage of content you cannot have access to online. While that may be good for some, it is not so good for your children. It is difficult to track the websites your child visits as popups make it easier for them to leave one website and visit another. Some of these sites don’t verify age which makes it easier for your children to view inappropriate material. Now, there are steps that you can take to monitor the sites your children are allowed to visit. Read on to see how you can stay on top of what your kid absorbs.


Parental controls. These allow you to limit the sites that your child is allowed to visit. It also allows


Also, tell them that they are not allowed to divulge private information without your permission and explain why doing any one of these is harmful.


you to set times when they visit and how long they are allowed to stay. You can also select what categories they can view and the ones they should stay away from - for example, pornographic sites. Parental controls are also password protected so it doesn’t restrict your use as a parent and they generate reports so that you can view the websites your child visited.


Put the personal computer in a family room. This way you will be able to monitor the websites your child visits and the length of

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time they spend on the site.


Set rules. Although you can limit their usage, let them know that there are certain rules and punishment for not adhering to these rules when using the computer. Setting rules can offset any potential problems in the future.


Educate children. Cyber-bullying is now deemed as a threat to a child’s well-being. Talk to them about ways of identifying cyberbullying and advise them to notify an adult if this happens.

Be open with your child. If they happen to stumble across a website that they were not supposed to, allow them to tell you how they got there. This way, you can better filter the website in the future and prevent similar sites like those appearing.


Ensure that your child is using an account that does not have administrative rights. The administrator has access to different sites and controls on your computer. Be sure to give your child his/her own username and password separate from the administrator. This would make it easier for the parent when he/ she needs to log on for their own personal use.

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