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he word green roof may be used to specify roofs that use a new form of green technology, like cool roof, a roof with solar thermal collector. Green roofs are also referred to as eco-roofs and living roofs. A green roof is a roof of a building that is completely covered with plants and a growing medium, planted over a waterproofing covering. Green roof also includes the extra layers like a root fence and drainage and irrigation systems. The use of the word green refers to be environmentally friendly. These types of roofs look beautiful and are also very useful for environments. Green roofs are also known as living roofs. They have many purposes such as absorbing rainwater or creating a home for wildlife. Green roofs also provide insulation and help to lower the temperature of cities and lessen the effect of heat. There are two different types of green roof: intensive roofs and extensive roofs. The intensive roofs are thicker and can support different varieties of plants. These are heavier and need maintenance. The extensive roofs have light layers of plants and are lighter than intensive roofs. Green roofs have several environmental benefits. Apart from heat reduction, green roofs reduce storm water. They filter the pollution and help to reduce the risk of diseases which are related to breath such as asthma. They also filter heavy metals from the rain

Go Green With Your Roof

water. Green roofs have also financial benefits. They lengthen the life of the roof noticeably and also increase the value of real estate. European Countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Sweden, the UK, and Greece have very active in promoting green roofs. They are also becoming popular closer to home in the United States. These roofs may be costly. They range from around 200 dollars per square foot for a properly designed system. However, they have extremely low maintenance requirements. Maintenance of green roofs frequently includes fertilization to increase peak and juicy plant cover. Extensive green roofs are fertilized with controlled-release fertilizers in order to avoid

pollution of the storm water. Conventional fertilizers cannot be used on extensive roofs. The main disadvantage of the green roofs is higher cost and the other is that some existing building w w w . a m g tt. c o m

structures cannot be converted into green roofs. However, it may just be worthwhile to give these environmental friendly choices a try in our pollution-heavy island. JUNE 2017




Understanding Real Estate Prices


etting the price on a piece of Real Estate is a complex decision. It usually requires a team of people (Valuators, Contractors, Investors), and depends on factors such as the type of property (whether commercial or residential); its location; the utilities offered; the perceived level of safety of the area; the degree to which the area is flood-prone; the relief of the land; and the cost of building materials. Type of property Commercial property (property that is used to generate a profit) describes land on which offices, restaurants, malls, hotels, and hospitals are located. The cost would usually be higher for these types of properties, as it would be closer in proximity to essential services and establishments such as schools, parks, entertainment grounds, museums, and other important institutions. Residential property describes land that is predominately used for housing. This is usually cheaper than commercial property because it may not be as convenient in nature as Commercial Property areas. Location The closer a piece of property is to goods and services, the ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 2

higher its price. In other words, properties located close to hospitals, schools, supermarkets, government offices, malls, public transportation etc. have a greater value because of their accessibility to extensive resources, and therefore will cost more than properties that are located further away from these amenities. Utilities offered Properties that are equipped with a regular water supply; electricity; a functioning sewage system; and access to telecommunications services carry much more value than properties that do not offer these utilities; or offer these utilities irregularly. The perceived level of safety The level of crime present in a particular area has a negative effect on property values. In fact, a study performed in Chicago found that just a 10% drop in crime usually increases property values by two to nearly five percent. The degree to which the area is flood-prone In Trinidad it is known that flooding has caused loss of life, disruption to living and millions of dollars in losses. As a w w w . a mg t t . co m

result real estate would be affected as well in terms of construction in flood prone areas as well as damages to buildings. The relief of the land Land that is sloping or bumpy may be viewed as less valuable than land with a flatter, more regular relief. Therefore, properties located on land with a more regular relief will cost more than those that are not. The cost of building materials This depends upon the state of the economy. If the prices of construction materials such as cement, steel, gypsum, and wood are high, then the cost of properties would increase. Prices remain steady In Trinidad property prices are holding steady. Information from AREA states: • While there is still hope in the market that prices will fall, this does not appear to be realistic as property owners are not desperate, As such, prices are holding and those with the financial base are still looking and purchasing. • There are not enough affordable houses for the middle-income range, which is where the greatest num-

ber of potential buyers are. Incomes are well below the criteria for qualification for mortgages in relation to the price of housing. • Developers are cautious to move forward with projects at a time of economic uncertainty as there have been many instances in the past where cost overruns have led to failed projects and this, together with the inability of buyers to qualify for mortgages, makes the risks higher. • The cost of construction and the price of steel remain high. Bureaucracy is increasing and this will impact on the cost of development because the longer it takes to complete a project, the longer the interest has to be paid on bridging loans and increased labour costs over a longer time period. Each of the above factors plays a significant part in influencing the price of Real Estate. There may have been aspects that we take for granted in property ownership, but all have an impact on the experience of the person(s) that may eventually own the property.


Pretty Your Pantry


Cleaning And Organizing Tips

s your pantry a disorganized mess? Is it brimming with dusty spice containers and overtaken with canned vegetables that may have been purchased in 1995? Whatever the situation in your kitchen pantry, whipping your food closet into tip-top shape is a good idea. Not only will having a clean pantry make you feel more inclined to cook in your kitchen, a thorough decluttering of old pantry items will also help ensure that the food you prepare tastes fresh. Get started creating a clean, organized storage space with these kitchen pantry-cleaning ideas. Step 1: Clear everything out Whether your kitchen pantry consists of an entire closet or a few kitchen cabinets, the process of cleaning and organizing the pantry starts with clearing everything out. Tackle the job one step at a time by starting on one side of your kitchen and moving cabinet by cabinet to remove all of the contents, until you reach your goal. Use empty cardboard boxes to hold your kitchen pantry contents as you remove them from the shelves. Try to keep like items with like so the next step in the process is easier to tackle. 4

Step 2: Clean The next step to an organized kitchen pantry is cleaning. With all of your food items cleared and temporarily in boxes, start wiping down all of your shelves. Wipe down every surface from floor to ceiling, clearing away all dust, bugs, and dirt. Finally, dust off or wipe down spice containers and cans. (Don’t forget the bottoms of sticky jars.) Before you put anything back in the pantry, every item should be clean. Step 3: Sort While you’re clearing and cleaning the kitchen pantry, take time to look at your inventory. Sort through the items, and get rid of any food or spices that are past the expiration date. (Spices don’t really spoil, though all but the most powerful spices tend to lose their flavor after about

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

six months.) While you’re sorting, check open containers for bugs and toss out any items that you haven’t used in years. If you can’t remember when you bought an open bag of flour, it’s best to throw it out and replace it. The pantry is ideally the kitchen storage space where you stockpile a reserve of food for your family. It’s no good if you’re keeping food in there that’s going bad. Resist the urge to keep food simply because you paid for it. If a food item is past its prime, get rid of it for the sake of your family’s good health. Do the same for any kitchen utensils, appliances, or pots and pans that are not in good shape: throw them out. If items are still usable, but have been untouched for ages, consider donating them to a local charitable organization.

Step 4: Organize With your kitchen pantry clean and sparkling, it’s time to put the food, spices, and cooking utensils back inside. Instead of just tossing everything back in there willy-nilly, it’s best to take an organized approach to refilling the pantry. Start by keeping like items together. Designate a shelf (or the right side of a shelf, for example) to spices. Keep another shelf for baking supplies, canned goods, cereals, main course items — whatever categories of food you keep in your pantry. Separating food by type will help keep your pantry organized. You may be surprised by how much room you really have in your pantry after the cleaning and organizing. If you’re still short on kitchen storage space, however, you may want to invest in such space-saving organizational tools as overthe-door spice racks, canned good risers, or plastic storage containers to make the best use of your pantry. With a clean, organized pantry at your disposal, you can look forward to meals that will seem fresher and tastier — and cooking will be easier and faster than ever before.


DIY: Home-Made Solutions

To Clean Your Carpet take up a lot of time and money. So, we’ve found some simple ‘do it yourself ’ tricks that can be used to clean your carpets, using home-made materials.



ne of the toughest items in the home to remove stains from is the carpet. Constant wear and tear on the carpet means that, if a stain is removed from one part of the carpet, the rest of it looks dirty. Additionally, removing a carpet to be cleaned can take a lot of work and having carpet cleaners come to clean your carpet can

Make a solution of vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the area and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes before using a sponge or cloth to remove the stain. Brush the cleaned area in the natural direction it was before and place a paper towel or tissue on top of the area securing it with a book. Leave the paper towel in the spot until it has dried.


Lemon juice- lemon juice works well with loose stains especially the ones that have not been there a long time. Sprinkle lemon juice on the area but do not soak. Leave for about 5 minutes then use a paper towel to blot out the stains.


Soap and water solutiondepending on the stain, simple liquid soap and water can take out a stain from your carpet. Try removing as much of the stain as possible before applying the solution. Then spray the solution onto this stain and let sit for 15 minutes. Rub the area thoroughly until the stain is removed then brush the cleaned area into the natural direction it was before and place a paper towel or tissue on top of the area securing it with a book.

Leave the paper towel on the spot until it has dried.


Rubbing alcohol- This can be used to take out tough stains as the alcohol removes the dirt that has been trapped in the fabric of the carpet. Apply the rubbing alcohol to a white piece of cloth and blot out the stain as much as possible. Make sure to keep blotting the spot in one direction so as not to spread the stain on the carpet. No need to rinse.

The Pantry- The Perfect Kitchen Accessory


he kitchen pantry provides a place to store food, and other small kitchen items. You may also find cookbooks lining a shelf or two of a typical pantry. The pantry came about in the late medieval period, when rooms were built for the purpose of storing specific foods. Meat was stored in a room known as the larder, alcoholic beverages were stored in the buttery, and the pantry itself was used for storing and preparing bread. Pantries were often built on the outer edge of the home, so the room would remain cool, allowing the food to be stored at a lower temperature. Kitchen pantries were common until the mid 20th century, when kitchens were made larger, with more 6

storage space available. When planning on adding a pantry to your kitchen, you should think about what it is to be used for, and the amount of

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

space available. If you have a large space, with an extra room next to the kitchen, you could consider making it into a pantry. If you only have a small amount of

space, you may be able to install a cabinet in an empty corner, to be used as a pantry. A closet near the kitchen or a corner of the garage or basement may also be used. Consider what the pantry is to be used for. Cooler temperatures are usually better for food storage, so you will want to take the room temperature into consideration. Kitchen pantries have proven to be essential part of a kitchen for storage of various foods and other goods. This is especially true when some foods are purchased in bulk, and the space required to store them is not otherwise available. Kitchen pantries are not only useful; they can also add to the value of your home and bring a fine aesthetic quality to it as well.


Great Ways To Earn Cash Online


he information age has brought with it myriad possibilities for human development and economic growth. While most people try to take advantage of numerous online resources at work, school or in the home; what most people overlook is the fact that with the ability to access knowledge online also came the ability to cash in on it. There are great ways to increase your earning potential from behind your computer screen. Here are some ideas that you may not know of or just haven’t had the cajones to try. Information Marketing/ Teaching This is probably the trendiest of online capital making initiatives at the moment. Everyone is looking for quality information on a variety of different topics, and with the aid of your Kindle or sites like Amazon CreateSpace you can quickly publish & profit from your ebooks and audio courses. Like any other business you have to understand how it works fully, before just diving into the game. 8

To get started with this business model, you need to pick a niche market, figure out what they want, and give it to them at the right price. Plus, you don’t need a degree in education to teach people how to do something you know inside and out. It’s all a matter of teaching something you are passionate about. Create instructional packets and videos for download from a website, or schedule real-time Skype lessons with clients. Social Media Consultancy More and more firms have realized the importance of having this done. Of course, the bigger companies may already have that resource handled. However, there is a need for this across the small-business sphere. Small businesses can hardly afford to

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

take time off to do social media marketing and sadly, that is the most effective tool for many small businesses. This is not just about updating Facebook and Twitter though. If you want to make this work for you, you have to provide an entire social media marketing strategy for each client that is specific to his or her needs. Big firms can easily let an intern or staff member do it but it is really the work of a consultant, who will help them determine the best tactics, posting schedules and content for their target audience. As their follower count grows, so will your business. A Domain Dealership Many a business owner and celebrity will probably hate you, but that does not mean they won’t need you. Domain dealing can be very profitable with a bit of common sense and some luck. Domains are internet real estate and like real estate they could be considered as an investment. Don’t just buy any domains, spread your risk with a portfolio and make sure you hold out for the highest price possible.

Learning how to connect with the end consumer, rather than other domain dealers, will enable you to get the highest price possible for your domains. If you have a bunch of common enough domain names that people may want to purchase after some time, then you are in luck. Health/Nutrition Coach As much as our lifestyle habits have become worse over time, Health Consciousness is also trending worldwide. When it comes to nutrition, we’ve all seen the article on little old Trinidad and Tobago being one of the world’s most obese nations. Well many people want to lose weight or alter their body image and do not know where to start. Others just need motivation from someone who has been there and done that. Certified dieticians may have an edge, but online it mostly boils down to ‘relatability” as well as your knowledge. Start by offering meal plans and diet counseling to your client base. Soon, you could be helping people get healthier through your online service.

6BEACON (623.2266)


Make Gardens Grand with Gazebos

This wonderful wrought iron gazebo is a cool backyard accent. w w w . a m g tt. c o m

JUNE 2017




This gazebo offers an amazing opportunity for relaxation amid your greenery.


ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m


The perfect place to stay cool around the pool.

w w w . a m g tt. c o m

JUNE 2017




An elegant outdoor space to rival many indoor nooks. 14

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m


An Asian-inspired gazebo that is perfect for our tropical lifestyle. w w w . a m g tt. c o m

JUNE 2017




Considering A High End Kitchen Upgrade? The kitchen is the hub of many Trinbagonian homes. That is why so many people opt to renovate their kitchen before other rooms. While kitchen renovation is a valuable project, it is also a tough project to begin. Kitchen renovation can increase the value of your home and brings freshness into your life. It is not only where you prepare and serve the meals for your family. You keep many food items in the kitchen, so it is better to make it beautiful and hygienic. If you want to give a stylish and modern look to your kitchen, then it is important to add lights and space. Modern kitchens have light-colored cabinetry, stainless steel surfaces and recessed lighting effects and appliances. Proper and bright lightning can make your kitchen look larger and seem brighter. You can also include beautiful designs on the doors and drawer hardware. Always give your kitchen a smooth look. Avoid 16

clutter. Using matching colour appliances with the rest of your kitchen can give a seamless, spacious look. Flooring is also an important element. You can use wood flooring or marble flooring to give an elegant look to your kitchen. Wood flooring is more expensive than marble flooring. Before choosing your kitchen style, it is better to take advice from other home owners or in-

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

dustry experts. Granite, bamboo, cork and ceramic tiles are also options for flooring to consider for achieving a high-end look. Always leave functional space in your kitchen. We cook and do a host of other things in the kitchen so we need space. Speaking of functionality, you can also choose counters of varying heights to suit the needs of each of your family members.

It is also important to leave a large space for the storage. If your kitchen has a lot of space, you can use wall ovens and cook top ranges. It is better for you to design a kitchen which caters for your wants and lifestyle. Kitchens renovations are expensive and very time consuming. Don’t invest time and money on a job you will have to frequently revisit. Always choose branded materials and appliances for your kitchen which are long lasting. Similarly, there are many countertops available in the market. Always choose the counter tops which suit your needs and are to your liking. The most widely used counter tops all over the world are granite, marble, concrete and slate. These materials are expensive, but highly durable. These counter tops can bear the heavy workload experienced easily in every kitchen. Whichever material you use, make the renovation a reflection of you.


Exfoliate your skin, jumpstart your home pedicure, rid your hair of product buildup, and freshen your breath!


Facial Scrub & Body Exfoliant Give yourself more radiant skin with an ARM & HAMMER™ face exfoliation and body scrub recipe.


Hair Care


Home Pedicure Foot Soak


Hand Cleanser


Natural Deodorant

Find an easy solution for oily hair, and to remove the residue that styling products can leave behind, with an ARM & HAMMER™ at-home baking soda remedy.

Create your own inexpensive foot bath with an ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda recipe, and pamper your feet with a soak and gentle scrub.

Clean and soften your hands with an ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda homemade exfoliating hand scrub.

Use ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda as a natural deodorant that absorbs odors and keeps you smelling fresh all day.

6 7

Exfoliating Pedicure Trust the ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda homemade pedicure recipe to exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.

Brightening Manicure Soften your hands with an ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda homemade manicure soak recipe.


Soathing Bath Soak


Pearly Whites

Turn your bathtub into a home spa by adding ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda to your bath water. It will soften your skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

Follow the ARM & HAMMER™ homemade mouth rinse recipe to freshen your breath, and add Baking Soda to your toothpaste for a powerful cleaning.


Clean Brushes and Combs Keep your hair shiny and lustrous by cleaning your brushes and combs with an ARM & HAMMER™ Baking Soda solution.

COUNTLESS USES FOR PENNIES A DAY Always read the directions on each package for proper use.



Smoothie Recipes

smoothie is the ultimate solid food replacement. When made with the right ingredients, they are nutrient dense, tasty options that you can have on the go‌ almost anywhere at any time. Check out these beautiful breakfast smoothies to keep you energized throughout your day.

1 tablespoon almond butter Water as needed Directions Combine blueberries, banana, almond milk, and almond butter in a blender; blend until smooth, adding water for a thinner smoothie.

STRAWBERRY OATMEAL BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE Ingredients 1 cup soy milk 1/2 cup rolled oats 1 banana, broken into chunks 14 frozen strawberries 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/2 teaspoons white sugar Directions In a blender, combine soy milk, oats, banana and strawberries. Add vanilla and sugar if desired. Blend until smooth. Pour into glasses and serve.

Directions Blend ice, soy milk, banana, and peanut butter together in a blender until smooth.



Ingredients 3 grapefruits, peeled and sectioned 1 cup cold water 3 ounces fresh spinach 6 ice cubes 1 (1/2 inch) piece peeled fresh ginger

Ingredients 2 cups ice 2 cups chocolate soy milk 1 large banana 2 tablespoons creamy peanut butter, or more to taste

Directions Blend grapefruit, water, spinach, ice cubes, ginger, and flax seeds in a blender or NutriBullet(R) until smooth.


ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

TROPICAL SMOOTHIE WITH KALE Ingredients 1 1/2 cups frozen pineapple chunks 1 cup chopped kale 1 banana, cut in chunks 1 cup almond milk, or as needed Directions Place pineapple, kale, and banana in a NutriBullet(R) or blender; add almond milk. Blend until smooth.

ALMOND BERRY SMOOTHIE Ingredients 1 cup frozen blueberries 1 banana 1/2 cup almond milk

PROTEIN MANGO SMOOTHIE Ingredients 1/2 mango, chopped, or more to taste 1/2 cup low-fat vanilla yogurt 1/2 cup almond milk 1/2 cup ice 1 scoop vanilla whey protein powder 1 teaspoon honey, or to taste (optional) Directions Blend mango, yogurt, almond milk, ice, protein powder, and honey together in a blender until smooth.


Creating A Wedding Menu Choose a Theme Creating a theme can streamline your food creation process and make things easier for all involved. Whether it is buffet style or a la carte, you can model your menu on regional, or ethnic, favorites. Or you might want to base your reception menu on a favorite meal you shared as a couple. Even the simplest theme can become elegant with the right caterer. Lighten Up... the menu that is You don’t need five or six courses. Keep things light and stick to the traditional three-course menu (appetizer, entrée, and dessert). In addition, avoid heavy foods and sauces, which will weigh guests down. Trinbagonians love to dance, so give them something that will satisfy them, but not weigh them down and keep them from dancing and having a ball. Steer Clear of Calamity There are many ways food can 20

be able to eat what you provide. Do point out foods which contain products that commonly cause allergic reactions in some people. Pineapples, nuts, shellfish and dairy are just a few. If you choose to serve pork at your wedding, ask that it is prepared and stored separate from the other dishes.

go wrong, so try to avoid the risky options. You do not want your wedding meal to make your guests or yourself sick. Those are not the memories you want to forge. Avoid foods likely to cause food poisoning or even burns. Skip the fancy flambé. Walk away from raw options such as sushi or oysters. While curries are common at local weddings, be sure to keep

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

the spiciness to moderate levels. Most important, make sure your caterer is familiar and comfortable with the food you are requesting.

Cater for the Thirty Minute Rule A wedding reception is not a dinner party, so each course should be consumed and cleared within half an hour. Food is just part of the wedding festivities; it should not take the spotlight. Therefore, the food provided to guests should not be difficult to consume. Be careful with the crab legs (especially since they also pose a splatter problem).

Be Considerate of Allergy Sufferers You may not be able to totally avoid including some items on your menu, but note that there are many people who may not

At the end of it all, be reminded that you cannot please everyone, nor should you. It is your wedding, not theirs. Think about them, but don’t let guests dictate how your reception should be.


Mother - Daughter Bonding Tips


he mother-daughter dynamic is beautiful and important. It shapes the woman the daughter will turn out to be and gives mothers the chance to create a lasting legacy through their child. When this dynamic breaks down, there is a ripple effect that is seen in wider society, possibly for generations to come. This article gives some insight on developing a stronger mother-daughter bond. Don’t bring in third parties It’s common for mothers and daughters to bring someone else into their conflict. A daughter might involve dad because mom is driving her crazy. Mom might involve another child because she feels like she can’t talk to her daughter. Talk directly to the person. Be Prepared to Change Many think that the only way to improve a relationship is for the other person to change their ways. But you aren’t chained to their actions; you can change your own reactions and responses. Interestingly, this can still alter your relationship. Think of 22

shorter words. You should also occasionally talk casually. When the two of you talk, it shouldn't all be serious. Talk about school e.g. What's going on at school? How was school today? But, you should also go deeper than that. Ask her about her future, sports, or hobbies.

it as a dance. When one person changes their steps, the dance inevitably changes. Talk It's important for your daughter to know that she can always come and talk to you if she needs anything. When you talk to your daughter, make sure that you look at her, and she does the same. Tell her, "I need you to listen" but in a calm, friendly way. Try to stay short and sweet, or your daughter will get bored, not focus, and think that she is in trouble or being lectured. Leave the key point for the first sentence, and keep it simple, using non-confusing and/or

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

Know How To keep Secrets As we just pointed out, communication is key to motherdaughter bonding. A big part of keeping communication channels open is through earning trust. When the daughter is a child, she typically asks her mother to keep a secret, and later, when both mother and daughter are adults, secrets can go both ways. Problems may occur when one asks the other not to tell family members about something they discussed. But, as in all important relationships, the ability to keep intimate discussions in confidence is critical to maintaining trust long-term. Be Open Walk your daughter through the doors from childhood to womanhood. As your daugh-

ter’s body changes during puberty, talk with her about it. Give her straight answers to all of her questions. Help her resist society’s pressure to grow up too fast; encourage her to enjoy the beauty of her innocence and act her true age. Set clear rules about issues such as entertainment choices, clothing styles, makeup, boy-girl parties, and dating. When she sees your good advice unfold, she will be grateful and more likely to pass it on to her children when the time comes. Lose Baggage Break free of all the baggage that’s weighing you down and preventing you from growing closer to your daughter: low selfesteem, rejection, bitterness, fear, unrealistic expectations of perfection, shame, anger, guilt, etc. Don’t assume that your daughter is bound to experience the same heartache you’ve suffered in your life. Build your life spiritually and then do whatever it takes to work through the healing process so you can leave your past issues behind and move into a better future.



Eyelash For Sale


alking aimlessly through Long Circular Mall, I wondered lightly, “How come all these girls’ eyelashes are so freaking long and pretty?” This was in November of last year. Now it’s all the rage all over the town. Well, boys and fellow stubby eyelashes girls, just like hair, nails and eye colour – you can buy these babies for as little as $50. Initially the grand scheme was to do it, as in have mine done and write about it, uhmmm no, not gonna happen. I had my dear friend do it and here’s what I got. • They come in different lengths and you really should trim them. Snip off 2 or 3 of the outer lashes to match the width then snip off the outer four lashes or so. That’s right sister, lashes fanning your ear is not a good look. • Too much glue equals goo. Use just enough to see it on the lashes adding more where necessary. Thin it out a little with a Q-Tip. Wait about 20 seconds for the glue to become sticky and position false eyelashes slightly above your natural lash and press ends into place following the natural curve of your eyelids. You can adjust with tweezers, a toothpick or your nimble fingertips. • Keep some liquid liner close by. Use this to fill in areas of tiny slivers of skin between your real lashes and your new fake ones. Often, wearing fake lashes is dramatic enough to

look complete without mascara and heavy eye make so be careful when finishing up that look for later. • To remove you have to gently peel the band off your lid starting at the outer corner. Remove the adhesive from the band and (wow factor) you can re-tray your beauties for re-use. Also, it’s not one look; there are types so determine what look you’re aiming for. A full set of false eyelashes adds that high drama effect (not recommended for the office) then there are the little clumps of fake lashes you add just to the outside corners of your eyes to create added drama… really people, in Trinidad unless you’re in drag, this is not necessary for day to day wear. If you thought these add-ons came solely in black you haven’t been eyelash shopping lately. Though black is the rational option, they come in gold, silver, shades of brown and multi-colored, perfect to go overboard with on Carnival Day. And finally you should know it is not as easy as it looks to carry off. This is not just from me who tried press on nails once and felt like a crab. It is a challenging beauty trick to master, so practise, practise practise. The question was, “Why?!” Loud, short and powerful. Girls use eyelashes as part of the complete beautifying process. Just one tiny part of a larger compass geared towards perfection and the inevitable overpowering of male hearts.

Men Can Liven Up Their Wardrobe With A Few Fashion Accessories


ccessories for men can greatly improve a man’s outfit and create a positive style statement, but they are not always top of the list when building up their wardrobe. This article will discuss the benefits of using men’s accessories such as; ties, cufflinks, belts, socks, bags, wallets, watches, hats, scarves, underwear and gloves. Accessories are a great way to add style and personality to an outfit without overdoing it. A lot of men’s clothing is quite simple and classic, and so it is not easy to stamp your own personality onto your clothes. Because accessories are quite small e.g. cufflinks, it is possible to choose more dramatic pieces without dominating the whole look. For this reason, there is vast range of accessories available for men for every occasion and personality. Accessories are also a great way to introduce colour into your clothes, without creating a lurid outfit. Another benefit of using accessories is their versatility, because one accessory can be matched with a whole variety of different outfits. In addition, swapping over an accessory on the same outfit will create a whole new look. For example a basic suit and shirt can be livened up with a jazzy tie and crystal cufflinks, whilst it can be w w w . a m g tt. c o m

perfect for work with a power tie and classic cufflinks. Accessories are relatively inexpensive, even from the designer brands and therefore are a very useful style tool for men. Belts are available in two types; dress belts and casual belts. Dress belts are thinner, have a less obtrusive buckle and tend to have a shiny leather finish. Casual belts on the other hand are thicker, have a matt finish and can have more creative buckles. It is important to always wear a formal belt on a suit. Ties can add some much needed personality and colour to a suit and shirt. Ties mainly vary in colour and pattern, but also in width. Skinny ties tend to come in and out of fashion, although kipper ties haven’t been in fashion for some time. Cufflinks are a great way to add glamour to your outfit and are available in a wide range of styles from crystals to coloured enamel to novelty cufflinks. Socks are not the most glamorous accessory, but still must be considered. A watch is a great way to add some detail to an outfit, and is usually the only piece of jewellery a man owns. Bags for men have increased in popularity over the past decade, as the messenger bag has become a fashion item. JUNE 2017





Five Mucus Reducing Foods


here is much talk about the negative effects of too much mucus in the body. While mucus has its role, heightened mucus production when we become unhealthy can cause problems. For relief from these issues, try one or a combination of these five mucusreducing foods. Cayenne Pepper Cayenne pepper can break down mucus build-ups and help the body to flush it from the system. Once the mucus is removed, general relief from flulike symptoms usually follows quickly. Use cayenne pepper as a general pick-me-up to boost the metabolic and circulatory systems, thanks to the detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Onions Quercitin in onions has been shown to thin the blood, prevent blood clots, raise good cholesterol while lowering bad levels, help with diabetes, atherosclerosis and fight infections, as well as fighting asthma, chronic bronchitis and hay fever, all conditions which cause excessive phlegm production. Grapefruit The active ingredient found in grapefruit, which works to reduce phlegm and mucus, is salicylic acid, known for its antisep24

5 Reasons Why Warming Up Is Essential

tic properties. It is imperative to check with your health provider if you are taking certain medications as grapefruit can interfere with their efficacy. Fatty Fish, Fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, herring, lake trout, sardines and flounder, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids – healthy fats that might help reduce inflammation. Omega-3 fats also boost immunity. For optimum benefits, replace protein sources that might worsen inflammation and mucus production, such as red meat, whole milk and high-fat cheese, with baked, grilled or broiled fatty fish. Ginger Ginger has been shown to strengthen the immune system’s response to inflammation associated with asthma. Ginger is a panacea of sorts and is a powerful detoxifying agent that targets the underlying imbalances that lead to mucus overload in the body. It is a detoxificant at heart and an effective one at that.

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ou have done the hard part and got your diet in gear. Now, you want that extra effect only working out can give you. Before you touch those weights or start your intense routine, consider warming up first. Warming up before intense exercise is crucial to results and here’s why.


Increased Muscle Temperature The temperature increases within muscles that are used during a warm-up routine. A warmed muscle both contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly. In this way both speed and strength can be enhanced. Also, the probability of overstretching a muscle and causing injury is far less. It also increases overall body temperature which improves muscle elasticity, also reducing the risk of strains and pulls.


Improve Efficient Cooling By activating the heatdissipation mechanisms in the body (efficient sweating) an

athlete can cool efficiently and help prevent overheating early in the event or race.


Increased Blood Temperature The temperature of blood increases as it travels through the muscles. As blood temperature rises, the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin weakens so oxygen is more readily available to working muscles, which may improve endurance.


Improved Range of Motion Soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, muscles) injuries are less likely as the range of motion around a joint is increased. This extra flexibility during the workout can provide that extra push.


Hormonal Changes Your body increases its production of various hormones responsible for regulating energy production. During warm-up this balance of hormones makes more carbohydrates



Autopal Revitalizing Local Rental Services


veryone needs to get around. However, it may not be feasible to for everyone to own a vehicle. Plus, we are living in dangerous times. Getting around can be risky… especially for females. We have all heard the horror stories about PH taxis and even the registered taxis and maxis have been making the news for the wrong reasons. Many breathed a sigh of relief when foreign giant Uber decided to bring its reliable transportation services to T&T. However, there have always been options locally. Why not just rent a ride from time to time? Many have cited cost and more so convenience as an issue when it comes to car rentals. However, young husband and wife team of Fidel and Cyanna Holder are trying to boost the slumping car rental industry. They claim the company which started over a year ago is thriving because of a commitment to excellence and a knack for creativity which has led them to go against the grain. A visit to their social media accounts reveals 100 percent positive feedback from clients. The couple takes pride in this and says their unique strategy is what sets them apart. “We offer a 24-hour service which is accessible whether via social media platforms, email, Whatsapp or calls,” explains Fidel. He also 26

Cyanna and Fidel Holder

Four Tips For Senior Dog Care


states that a big seller is the fact that you don’t have to come in to get a vehicle. There is a delivery and pickup service throughout the country. In keeping with the vein of convenience, Autopal assists with not just vehicle rentals, but the transport of goods and equipment. “Drivers can rent a onetonne truck from us with a regular class 3 permit or we can provide a driver for them” adds the Autopal owners. The couple adds that vehicles kept in immaculate condition... Regularly cleaned, serviced and detailed. The next big step for the brand is working on launching the Autopal membership program so customers can receive discounts and specials. These tweaks to the local renting options make Autopal stand out and they are on their way to revitalizing the industry. For more, check out the AutoPal Rental Services page on Facebook.

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he first thing to consider when offering senior pet care to your dog is the actual age of the dog. Dogs age at different rates. Smaller dogs usually age much slower. For example, a Great Dane is considered to be senior at approximately 6 years old, whereas a Chihuahua would be considered a senior until 10-11 years. At about 8-10 years of age, a Golden Retriever, Doberman or other middle-large sized dog is considered senior. Note that genetics, nutrition and environment contribute to how well your dog ages. No matter what you do, ageing is inevitable. So here are some quick tips for caring for senior dogs. • Ask for a body condition evaluation during each vet visit. Body condition is crucial to determining whether your senior dog is overweight, underweight, or at an ideal body weight. In fact, you should also ask your veterinarian to show you how to evaluate your dog's body condition at home.

• Stay on top of parasite control. As dogs age, their immune systems become weaker, so that means the potential health risks caused by ticks, fleas, worms, and other pests are greater. Talk to your vet about the safest preventative measures. • Change to a lighter food made specifically for senior canines. Many dogs gain or lose weight with age, so keep an eye on the diet. Your dog can benefit from the same nutrients as you, so try to choose whole foods with antioxidants, omega 3's, alpha linolenic acid (ALA)(to help reduce inflammation) - ProPlan and Nutro have holistic foods for seniors. • If your dog's endurance is declining or he is having trouble getting around, take slower and shorter walks several times a day rather than one or two long, brisk walks. However, do not stop exercise or significantly decrease it - your dog still needs to be active.



3 Tricks To Getting A Business Class Upgrade

he business class on airlines is a unique class between first class and economy class. It is still far less luxurious than first class, but it is still way better than economy class. In business class you at least have more leg room, relatively better service than economy, and have a far better meal selection on the menu. It is quite possible to be upgraded from economy class to business class if you pay a few more dollars to upgrade. However, what is even better is that if you apply some simple tactics, you may even be able to upgrade to business class for free. Here are three clever tactics that can increase your chances of upgrading to business class for free. Tactic #1: Ask for upgrade on an overbooked flight One quick and simple method to upgrade for free to business class is to book your economy ticket on an overbooked flight. Airlines sometimes overbook


work every time, but if you are flexible with your travel dates, then this may be worth a try.

the economy class, and if you are flexible with your travel date, you can politely let the airline know that you will volunteer to give up your seat for someone else, and travel on the next available flight. By doing this sometimes the airline operator will upgrade you to business class for the next available flight as a sign of good will for your kindness in giving up your seat from before. However do take note that this does not

ABSTRACT HOME JUNE 2017 w w w . a mg t t . co m

Tactic #2: Upgrades for loyal frequent flyers Loyal customers who frequent the same airline operator, usually collect a lot of air miles in their frequent flyer programs. Usually airline companies will provide perks to their most loyal customers who travel a lot with them, by upgrading tickets to business class for free. The higher your status in the airline’s frequent flyer program, the higher the chances you may get an upgrade. It is worth a try to call the airline in advance to ask them if there are any promotions that will upgrade you from economy class to business class for free. The worst they will do is just say “no”, so it does not cost you anything to just take your chances and ask. Tactic #3: Dress to impress In addition to tactic number

one above, you can increase your chances of the airline selecting you for an upgrade by dressing professionally. It is similar to a job interview, in that the way you look is important if anyone is to take you seriously. By dressing professionally, then the air attendant may take you more seriously and prefer to select you for an upgrade for the overbooked flight, than the other person wearing flip flops and a tank top. Again, this is not a guarantee that you will be selected for an upgrade, but it will help increase your chances. Flying in business class is a great experience, especially for the long haul flights. You will have extra leg room, a better entertainment system, and better food. Getting upgrades to business class is possible, but it all depends on how flexible your travel schedules are and how much of that calculated risk you are willing to take.




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Abstract Home Volume 8 Issue 2  

In this issue: Decorating Ideas to Make Your Gardens Grand What you need to know about Real Estate Scintillating Smoothie Recipes and More

Abstract Home Volume 8 Issue 2  

In this issue: Decorating Ideas to Make Your Gardens Grand What you need to know about Real Estate Scintillating Smoothie Recipes and More


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