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Things Your Real Estate

Agent Won’t Say B uying and selling real estate is always a tricky business. That’s where real estate agents come in. These are the people you should trust to make the right decision for you. However, as good as any one agent may be, there are some secrets they are not likely to readily divulge.

Qualified clients are priority - If you have been preapproved for a mortgage, know how much you can put down and understand debt-to-income ratio, then any broker will be happy to spend day and night finding you the perfect home. If you’re just getting your feet wet to either rent or buy a new place or don’t quite have the cash to start the process, it is better if you go to open houses as opposed to a private outing

with a broker. Open houses are designed to let people look and ask questions without wasting a broker’s time. Later on you may find a broker you want to work with who can get into specifics for your budget and needs, when you’re ready to pull the trigger.

Your Home Isn’t Worth The Price You Think - Some agents won’t take a listing from a seller who wants more than the market will bear. Other agents aren’t so choosy. Even though overpricing can come back to bite the seller by lengthening the amount of time the house sits on the market. These agents encourage a seller to have surreal expectations, by promising to get top dollar for the house. The wideeyed seller then signs with the agent who talked up the list-

ing, and the house comes on the market at the seller’s dream price. But after a few weeks with no serious offers, the agent advises cutting the price. At that point, a seller has little choice but to drop the asking price to a more realistic level — and is none the wiser to the agent’s tricks. Commissions are negotiable - Some agents may charge a percentage of the sale price, others may charge a flat fee. Agents will offer different services, depending on the commission, so ask questions about how your home will be marketed, whether in the newspaper, through flyers, online, or all three. Do not be fooled by the offer of a free valuation of your home in exchange for signing with an agent. Most agents will do this for free.

Steam Cleaning Advice

steam without actually boiling water. This means that the steam will not be as hot as real steam but a bit cooler. On the other hand it will hold more water and therefore the steam will be more humid/contains more water.


ometimes usual cleaning methods are not enough and a bit more is needed to get the job done. In many cases, steam cleaning is the answer. There are basically two types of steam cleaners. The difference is based on how the steam is created in the apparatus. A High Humidity Steamer This type will generate the

Hot and dry steam cleaner The second type is a system that boils the water and thus creates a very hot steam, above 260 degrees Celsius usually. A boiler fed system creates a very low humidity steam, a socalled dry steam. These steam cleaners are therefore sometimes referred to as dry steam cleaners. What kind of vapor steam cleaner should I choose? The boiler fed system is likely best.

• The steam leaves less moisture on the surface. This means that the surfaces you clean dry much faster. • Boiler fed systems create much more heat than the non-boiler steam cleaner – steam temperatures over 300 degrees. Due to this excessive heat you need to scrub less and further the heat will sanitize as the high temperatures effectively kills germs and bacteria. • A little water goes a long way with a boiler fed system; one quart of water produces about a thousand gallons of steam. • Less moisture is left in the indoor environment, far better for those suffering from allergies. • No chemicals needed. w w w . a m g tt. c o m

Portable steam cleaners (hand held steam cleaners) Portable steam cleaners are made as smaller and more handy devices. The hand held steam cleaners are less powerful than the regular steam cleaners but also cheaper. The applications vary, but are generally for smaller jobs such as cleaning a stove for example.

There are many options for steam cleaning systems on the market today, truthfully I am not convinced it is worth the expense overall. It seems like it just adds a piece of complicated machinery to your cleaning kit when the cleaning really can be done using tried and true cleaning methods. But no doubt steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly way to clean. APRIL 2014





Making Rooms Roomier

ach year the space in our homes apparently gets smaller. This comes as a direct result of a growing family and the ever increasing urge to buy more. Little by little, we add more and more to our living spaces, creating a cramped and uncomfortable atmosphere. The need to create more space soon arrives and that’s when you will need some space creating tips. Space creating tips are ideas that can be used to create more space or even create the illusion of it. These tips come in handy especially around the holiday season. There are a lot of new items being bought and older ones that are put away until they are needed again. Space needs to be created for both the old and the new. In order to create space within a home a general assessment must be done. You need to take an in depth look at what you have right now and analyze what you would like to do with it. The reality is that some things will have to be thrown away. Think about those old curtains that you had plans to reuse but just never seem to or


toys that your kids have grown too old to play with. Getting rid of the unnecessary stuff is a great place to start. It is just like having a clean slate to write on. After you get rid of the unnecessary stuff, your next line of action would be to decide where you would like to have what. Create a picture in your mind as to what you want and how you plan to go about getting it. If you think that something may be impossible it is still good to think about it as possible. If you don’t get it done exactly as you want it, you can still get it as close as possible to what you would like it to be. The kitchen is a great place to start because it is where you spend a lot of your time. After a year of having some of your wares loaned out, broken, damaged or lost you decide to buy new ones. The new set meets the older set and everything becomes jumbled or harder to find. Trust me when I say the kitchen is no place to be lost. Kitchen cabinets and cupboards are a great space saver. You can store wares that are hardly used at the back and the most used

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

ones to the front. Place containers and pots one inside each other to create even more space. The use of the hutch is a great decorative idea. Your more valuable pieces can be placed here out of reach and it adds to the décor of your kitchen. Another part of the house that attracts much clutter is the bedroom. Whenever the closet is full, what was supposed to be in there spills out into the room. Shoes can be seen stored under the bed as well as in the corners. Some people also incorporate the use of barrels to help eliminate the clutter and this detracts from the décor. The solution to this problem is to create shelves. When building shelves for the bedroom, go higher instead of wider. Less used items go at the top and vice versa. For shoes get a shoe rack. You can have one made or you can buy one. Storing items under the bed is not encouraged because they can attract mosquitoes as well as affect the quality of air that you breathe. You can also use the new vacuum storage method. Bulky items such as comforters and sweaters are placed into a

bag and the air is vacuumed out creating a lot of needed space. In the dining and living room areas, space saver shelves are most commonly used. They are used as entertainment units as well as well as decorative stands. The use of book shelves is also very common in these areas. Bookshelves can be used to store books as well as figurines and other decorative items. Avoid having too many ceramic items and paintings in one room. Try to spread them out as much as possible and remember less is always more. Have a few signature pieces that will stand out and make a great impression. A great space creating illusion is the mirror. Mirrors make spaces look bigger than they actually are. Adding one can cause a small room to look a whole lot bigger as well as add to its décor. Be sure to try one or all of these great space creating tips. They can create space where it is limited and greatly increase the look of a room. So go ahead and have some fun redecorating with the new space that you created by using these helpful tips.


Cleaning Your Dresser


ust wiping down the top of your chest of drawers and rearranging your perfume bottles on the top of it won’t do the trick. Cleaning your dresser takes a bit more work. The key of course, is organization. Roll or Fold It’s classic advice, but it bears repeating: Fold cotton tops; roll synthetic tees (they won’t wrinkle, and they take up less space rolled) and small items, like tanks and tights. While we’re on the topic of folding, make sure to take everything out of the drawer monthly for a quick refold. Organize the small stuff Don’t be afraid to place a container or two in your drawer. They can come in handy for putting away small items such as coins and old money. Keep

a jewelry box for watches and necklaces, plus a large bowl to hold your bow ties. Segregate Create canals for various-shaped garments that share real estate, like gym clothes. Pack pairs together (say, a top and shorts) so you can grab and go. Use a shallow drawer so garments, like ties, are only one layer deep—no riffling required. Organize your

items by color or type to make them easier to access. Freshen Up Whether it's a new or even just a little nub of a mostly burned one, a candle placed in your drawer will keep your clothes smelling lovely. You could also use bars of soap. It won't keep your drawers organized, but it will make you enjoy opening them up!

Removing Woodlice From Your Home


oodlice are garden pests which only inhabit areas indoors where suitable damp conditions exist, such as cellars and around sink waste pipes. Resolving the problem long-term will involve removing the underlying causes of the damp. However, infestations can often be self-treated quite effectively: Firstly obtain a suitable ‘crawling insect’ powder for outdoor use and, if necessary, a general purpose aerosol for ‘crawling insects’ for use indoors. If the source of the infestation can be established, then concentrate the treatment on that area. If the source of the infestation cannot be identified or if the infestation is widespread, then a more general treatment is required. Check around the outside of the building and remove any debris, wood, bricks etc from 4

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

the base of the walls to deny harbourage. Using the ‘crawling insect’ powder, apply the dust to any cracks and crevices and into the air grates. Inside the building, apply the spray along the wall/floor junctions into cracks under the skirting boards and over the door thresholds. Leave the insecticide in position for as long as possible (4-5 days) and repeat the treatment every 1 or 2 weeks for it to have a maximum effect, since the problem may recur while ever suitable conditions exist. Insecticidal powder and aerosols are available from Garden Centres, Hardware Stores or DIY Stores and are very effective if used correctly, so always remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Never use insecticides in the house that are intended solely for outdoor use.



When His And Hers Meet

oving in together is meant to be a happy experience for newlyweds. It means that you both have more time to spend with each other, and you would be able to see each other everyday. This happy time could however be short lived, especially if you both have different tastes when it comes to decorating ideas. His look could be casual and laid back and yours could be elegant and sophisticated. Now the first thing that needs to be decided on before moving in with together is getting a place to stay. You should both be involved in deciding whether it is going to be a condo, apartment or a house. This decision can be made according to your budget. You must keep in mind that this would be the place that you would be spending most of your new life if not the rest of your life. This might the place that your children would grow up in so location and size of the place is important. The next thing is to get your ideas to compliment each other. Getting two totally different individual styles to compliment each other can be a hard task. It can be as hard as trying to fit a square fixture into a round hole. Some items of furniture were just never meant to be placed together. Therefore some of his things have to go as well as some of yours. This is where the compromising comes in between partners. You both need to sit and 6

decide which items of furniture must go and which can stay. Deciding on what stays and what goes calls for patience and understanding of each other’s needs. Some of your partners’ items would be of sentimental value. Items such as the first piece of furniture that was ever bought, or a chair that was passed down from a family member can be hard to part with. These items of sentimental value can be kept in some cases. Try finding an alternate use for them so that their memories can live on. An old sofa can be placed in room that is set aside for relaxation such as a den. Or a new life can be given to the item by giving it to someone who is going to appreciate it as much as you did. After you have decided what stays and what goes, it’s time to redecorate. Some new pieces can be bought to replace the old ones. Talk about what color scheme you both like and try to see how the different ideas work. Many people are now experimenting with different colors around the home. Rooms are no longer just one colour, there are different blends and mixes that look great together. Each room can have a different personality. One of you can decide on the theme of one room while the other can decide on the theme of another. Cooperating with each other can make the decorating easier. Respecting each other is also an important part in decision making. Listen to your partner’s

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

suggestions and don’t dismiss your partner’s ideas because you don’t like them. Try to find out what is the reason why they like it and then tell them what your reason for not liking it is. Listening can be a great tool in relationships as well as everyday lives. Listening and talking things out can help alleviate problems that might occur. You should budget how much money you will be spending on furniture. Think about how long the furniture will be used for. Ask yourself if it will be a piece that will be used for a long time or will it be a temporary thing that will be changed when moving into a new house. Consideration of this will determine how much will be spent on a specific piece. Think about where the piece would be located, is it going to be in a high traffic area or will it be used for special occasions only. If you both have not considered having kids yet now would be the time. Thinking about the future can help you both decide on a few things. What would happen to the spare room should a child come into the picture? Would this room be used for a nursery? Thinking about this lets you know how much effort to put into the decorating of this room. If a child is being considered the room would have to be repainted and redecorated when the reality of the baby comes. This saves you both the time of decorating and furnishing a room that will have to be redone in a short space of

time. Remember furniture is not the only thing that must be decided on when moving in together. There is also the deciding of the general look of the place. If you are renovating your new home, there would be decisions to make as to what style the house should be in. Should a new bathroom be added or should the tiles and cupboards be changed in the kitchen? These are questions that you both need to ask each other. These questions help decide how the house is going to look. Window treatments, pictures, ornaments and basic kitchen accessories such as plates, help add to the overall look of the home. Colors must be coordinated and the choice of style must show a bit of each person. You should be sure that the pieces complement each other as you don’t want half of a room looking like something from a storybook and the other half looking as if it was taken from a scene in a jungle movie. Don’t cluster a room with ornaments remember less is more. Make the rooms comfortable enough so that you as well as your visitors can enjoy being in the room. Remember to enjoy what you are doing, have fun decorating and create some memories about your new home. Your new home is there for you both to enjoy. So after you have finished sit back relax and enjoy. I hope these ideas help you in getting both of your ideas to complement each other.

home office

Five Common Mistakes Small Businesses Should Avoid


anaging your own business it not as simple as it seems. Any entrepreneur would admit that the first couple of months are the hardest but they help you decide right away if your business is going to become a success or not. Although no business is the same, there are some mistakes that should be avoided at all costs. The model for a successful business should be followed for all, allowing for a few minor exceptions. Remember, it is never the wrong time to revitalize your business and rework your business and marketing strategies. If you are starting your own business or you are the owner of a small business, be sure to stay away from these mistakes.


Partner problems. Limsey Knerly, a financial contributor for Investopedia, which is one of the Internet’s most visited and trusted financial websites, revealed that many business partnerships are first formed informally, over a casual discussion, and with little consideration for how suitable the match will be in the 8

long term. She said “Many experts suggest that budding entrepreneurs avoid becoming partners with family members or close friends, as it could blur the boundaries needed to make good business decisions possibly making any failure of the venture a messy experience.” A prime example of this is Uhaul’s decision to file for bankruptcy after the families of the company argued over money.


Being Careless with control. If you are the sole proprietor of a business then all financial transactions as it relates to the business should be solely up to you. Avoid giving subordinates this kind of control as it can backfire in the long run. She said “Never give check-signing authority or access to online financial accounts to an employee, as this puts you in danger of having fraudulent activity occur.”


Keeping secrets. When you get a great idea, the first thought is to keep it secret for fear of someone stealing your idea. Knerl said that this is a bad choice since

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

failing to get expert advice or consulting services may cut you off from valuable connections that can improve your business as time goes on. “Most issues of this type can be solved by a wellwritten confidentiality agreement - something that doesn't have to break your business budget. This type of agreement (also called a "non-disclosure agreement" or "NDA") can be a simple one-page contract guaranteeing that your business practices not be revealed to the media or others in your industry - especially competitors.”


Avoiding all risks. One of the elements that need to be considered when starting your own company is financing, particularly start-up capital. Knerl said without the right amount of capital your business may be doomed before it even starts. “If you're in need of equity financing, it will take a certain element of faith to reach out and allow investment partners into your small business. While it takes some courage to begin approaching and screening angel investors and other partners for the resources that

you'll need to carry on, it can be done with minimal risk to your own capital and the company's processes and culture.”


Patent your product. Persons may think that because their business is small they don’t need to patent their product but big names such as Microsoft and Samsung have fallen victim to battling over the rights of certain products. Knerl said “You don't have to be a big fish to suffer from vague claims to your ideas, however. Small companies have been hurt in battles over the rights to manufacture, market and sell their ideas, as well.” In order to ensure that your idea really remains your idea, patenting and trademarks are the best way to protect your rights. Learn from the bad experiences of others. At times it may seem like a great idea to partner with someone but always look at the long-term benefits of any deals. These are some of the most important mistakes to avoid but remember to do further research when deciding to open your own small business.

elegant ideas

Lavish Lavatories

A large mirror and rich wooden detail adds to the elegance of this bathroom

w w w . a m g tt. c o m

APRIL 2014



elegant ideas

This half bath/laundry is becoming more common in cramped city spaces 12

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

elegant ideas

The modern fixtures bring this lavatory to life

w w w . a m g tt. c o m

APRIL 2014



elegant ideas

Small shower consoles are functional bathroom additions that have become popular again


ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

elegant ideas

This vintage bathroom features fixtures with exposed decorative pipes

w w w . a m g tt. c o m

APRIL 2014




Sanitizing Cutting Boards


onquering bacteria in the kitchen is imperative if you want to keep your family healthy and your kitchen smelling great. Cutting boards are one place where bacteria tend to collect. Here is some advice to keep your boards clean. Using water and dishwashing detergent can weaken surface wood fibers on cutting boards and butcher block countertops. To disinfect and clean your wooden surfaces, wipe them instead with full-strength white vinegar after each use. The acetic acid in the vinegar is a good disinfectant, effective against such harmful bugs as E. coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. When your wooden cutting surface needs deodorizing as well as disinfecting, spread some baking soda over it and then spray on undiluted white vinegar. Let it foam and bubble for five to ten minutes, then rinse with a cloth dipped in clean cold water. If you clean cutting boards and breadboards with soap and water, rub them afterwards with a damp cloth dipped in 16

salt. The boards will be lighter and brighter in color. You can also create a paste of salt and lemon juice, and use it to deep clean your cutting board as needed. If your cutting board smells after you chop onions, crush garlic, cut raw and cooked meat and chicken, or prepare fish, get rid of the odor and help sanitize the cutting board by rubbing it all over with the cut side of half a lemon. You can also wash your cutting board in undiluted lemon juice from a bottle. Hydrogen peroxide is a surefire bacteria-killer. It’s just the ally you need to fight the proliferation of bacteria on

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

your cutting board, especially after you cut chicken or other meat. To kill the germs on your cutting board, use a paper towel to wipe the board down with vinegar, then use another paper towel to wipe it with hydrogen peroxide. Ordinary 3% peroxide is fine. Keep your wooden or plastic cutting board cleaner by occasionally scrubbing it with a paste made from 1 tablespoon each baking soda, salt, and water. Rinse thoroughly with hot water. For a butcher block cutting board or countertop, you never want to use furniture polish or any other household cleaner. Instead, clean the surface with a brush dipped in a solution of 1 teaspoon bleach diluted in 2 quarts (2 liters) water. Scrub in small circles, and be careful not to saturate the wood. Wipe with a slightly damp paper towel, then immediately buff dry with a clean cloth. Extra Tips Hand wash your wooden cutting boards. Don’t submerge

your wooden cutting boards in water, and do not put them in the dishwasher because of the potential for cracking and splitting. Gentle surface cleaning with hot water and a tiny bit of soap is best for lightly soiled boards. Give your wooden cutting boards a little love. Occasionally rubbing a bit of coconut oil over your dry cutting boards will extend their life span. Coconut oil is a perfect choice because it has anti-bacterial properties and a long-shelf life. Unlike olive oil, it will not go rancid. All you have to do is rub a small amount of melted coconut oil over your cutting board, let it soak in for a bit, then lightly rub off any excess with a dry cloth. Use separate cutting boards for specific things. Using a separate cutting board for things like onions, garlic, and chilis will keep your other fruits and veggies from being contaminated with the smell of these delicious, but pungent foods. I also recommend not using a cutting board for raw meats.



Supreme Sandwiches

here’s nothing simpler than slapping something between two slices of bread to create a quick meal. The sandwich is a staple in almost any diet globally. Here, we share some simple twists to add to your sandwich arsenal.

Peanut Butter and Apple Ingredients 2 slices whole wheat bread 1 tablespoon peanut butter, or to taste 1 small apple - peeled, cored and shredded Directions Spread a thin layer of peanut butter onto one side of each slice of bread. Place shredded apple onto the peanut butter, and place the other peanut buttered side of bread on top. Serve immediately.

Speedy Tuna Melt Ingredients 1 (6 ounce) can chunk light tuna, drained 2 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard 1 bagel, split and toasted 1/2 cup shredded Cheddar cheese Directions Preheat oven to 300 degrees F (150 degrees C). Combine the tuna, mayonnaise, and mustard in a medium bowl, using a fork to mash the ingredi-

ents together. Top each bagel half with half of the tuna mixture. Sprinkle the 18

tops with shredded Cheddar cheese. Place bagel halves on a baking sheet. Bake the bagel halves in preheated oven until the cheese melts, about 5 minutes.

Spicy Grilled Cheese Ingredients 2 tablespoons butter or margarine 4 slices white bread 2 slices American cheese 1 plum tomato, thinly sliced 1/4 small onion, chopped 1 jalapeno pepper, chopped Directions Heat a large skillet over low heat. Spread butter or margarine onto one side of two slices of bread. Place both pieces buttered side down in the skillet. Lay a slice of cheese on each one, and top with slices of tomato, onion and jalapeno. Butter one side of the remaining slices of bread, and place on top buttered side up. When the bottom of the sandwiches is toasted, flip and fry until brown on the other side.

Not So Sloppy Joes Ingredients 2 pounds lean ground beef 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 cup chopped celery 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup 1/4 cup ketchup 1 tablespoon white vinegar 1/4 cup packed brown sugar 1 1/2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon salt

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

1/4 teaspoon garlic powder 8 hamburger buns

Directions Place ground beef in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook until evenly browned, stirring to crumble. I like to use a potato masher to even out the lumps. Add onion and celery, cover the pan, and cook until tender and transparent, about 5 minutes. Drain off any grease. Stir the tomato soup (undiluted), ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar and Worcestershire sauce into the beef mixture. Season with salt and garlic powder. Heat to a simmer over low heat, and cook until thoroughly heated, stirring frequently to prevent it from burning on the bottom. Spoon the hot beef mixture onto buns, which may be toasted first, and serve.

Gourmet Melongene and Bell Pepper Ingredients 1 eggplant (melongene), seeded and cut lengthwise into 1/4 inch slices 1 red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips Salt and pepper to taste 1 French baguette 2 ounces soft goat cheese 1/4 cup tapenade (olive spread) 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese Directions Preheat the oven broiler. Place the eggplant and red bell pepper on a medium baking sheet, and season with salt and pepper.

Broil 5 to 10 minutes, until tender and slightly browned. Cut baguette in half lengthwise. Spread bottom half with goat cheese, followed by tapenade. Layer with eggplant and red pepper, then sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Cover with top half of baguette. Cut into 4 pieces. Serve hot or cold.

Vietnamese Sandwich Ingredients 4 boneless pork loin chops, cut 1/4 inch thick 4 (7 inch) French bread baguettes, split lengthwise 4 teaspoons mayonnaise, or to taste 1 ounce chili sauce with garlic 1/4 cup fresh lime juice 1 small red onion, sliced into rings 1 medium cucumber, peeled and sliced lengthwise 2 tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro Salt and pepper to taste Directions Preheat the oven's broiler. Place the pork chops on a broiling pan and set under the broiler. Cook for about 5 minutes, turning once, or until browned on each side. Open the French rolls and spread mayonnaise on the insides. Place one of the cooked pork chops into each roll. Spread chili sauce directly on the meat. Sprinkle with a little lime juice and top with slices of onion, cucumber, cilantro, salt and pepper. Finish with another quick drizzle of lime juice.


10 Tips For Satisfying Your Guy


ountless pieces have dealt with what women want, but now it’s time to see what men like. So, ladies, read this carefully if you don’t want to leave a bad impression on your spouse in the bedroom. These things may not be helpful for every couple, because every one of us has different needs and requirements for sex.


Some women do very little to nothing when they have sex. It is like they are just lying down and expecting to receive pleasure. Put frankly men hate that. Even a man who likes a submissive woman still wants her to do something, even it is minimal. Women should move even if the man is on top. Women, show your partners that you want to have sex with them as much as they do. If you are unresponsive and lying down like you are playing dead it could even lead to your man developing sexual problems.


Almost every woman would agree that she likes to be kissed. The same usually applies to men. Though he may shy away from too much of it in public, a man hates not getting affection in bed. A man must be kissed, teased and played with. Otherwise he feels unappreciated and that plays on his mind.


into the sadism and masochism thing, but we are talking generally here. Be sensitive. Men do not like it any other way.

5 3

Even the most old-fashioned guy likes to be upto-speed in the sexual department. Some old-fashioned women think that men have to take control during sex. That is not true. Sometimes men like to be controlled. It’s all about taking initiative. Show your man that you want sex and tell him what he has to do. Dictate the rules to him and he will be excited. Men get bored having to initiate all the time and men hate being bored.


Women should reciprocate. Men should be shown a level of sensitivity that is at least close to what you expect from your man. Be very sensitive to your partner. Men’s bodies are sensitive too and men do not like to be treated like inanimate objects. A few men are

ABSTRACT HOME APRIL 2014 w w w . a mg t t . co m

If you want to end your relationship with a man, all you have to do is compare him to a past lover. When you do this in bed it becomes tenfold worse. Even if you are trying to boost his ego by saying that your past lovers did not measure up to him, you are making a mistake. This is because an image of your past lovers is formulated in his mind. The man now feels like he is having sex with your past mates.


Women who are afraid to reveal themselves and throw away their inhibitions are well on their way to taking their man to angry-ville. Men prefer modest, innocent women, but not in bed. Ever heard the term “Lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets”? Well that is what men want.


If your sex-life is a bit boring, his probably is too. Things must be done to spice it up. Monotony and men don’t mix. You may see a man sit in front of a television drinking the same beer at the same time every night, but even so the episodes change. So even if you

make small changes along the way, make them. Stop being monotonous.


Women tend to think that sex is more about pleasing a man’s ego than the man himself. Sometimes that may be true to an extent, but more often than not it isn’t. Do not fake orgasms or enjoyment during sex. Men would prefer to know their faults and work on them than feeling so worthless you have to lie to them.


Talking too little goes well with the eighth tip. Men do not appreciate having sex with mannequins. At least the men I know don’t. I am not advocating that you go out and give him a long-winded speech while you’re making out, but make noise. Soft grunts, groans and moans are what is required to make a man happy.


Talking too much is not a way of contradicting what was previously stated. However, it is imperative to note that some things should not be uttered during sex. Don’t wonder aloud what movie is on while you are in bed. Don’t talk about anything, but sex while in bed for that matter. Your man will surely appreciate it.



Time To Throw Your Hat Back Into The Ring

fter being involved with someone for a relatively long period of time it can be hard to let go. Sometimes letting go may come as a result of differences between you and your partner. These differences often lead to the end of the relationship by a break up or a divorce. While single you may consider your options for moving on and how to do it. The hardest part of moving on is determining when the time is right, especially when there are children involved. Dating as a single parent can be hard in terms of finding the time to run a household as well having time for your work. It can be even harder when you need to find time for your personal life. There are often debates as to how soon is too soon to start dating. The topic is often discussed at length but a single solution is never found. In the end it all boils down to each individuals’ choice of when they feel is best for them to move on. The pressure is hardest on single parents who went through a rough divorce. The children having already been through the trauma of a divorce or breakup


may not react positively to seeing someone new in their parent’s life. As a parent you may feel pressured to stay single for the sake of your children. This is understandable because you do not want them to get hurt. However at the same time you must consider your own feelings and well being. It is good to spend your time taking care of your kids but it is also good to take time out for yourself. If it means that at least once a week you have to acquire the services of a babysitter then so be it. When the decision to start dating again is made the parent must be able to communicate effectively why it has been made to the children. This enables the children to better cope with having another adult around the house should the relationship become serious. Talking to kids is the key to finding out what they think and how they feel. Ask questions about how they will feel if you start dating and tell them what they should expect. You should not expose your children to the person that you are dating until you are serious

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about them. This would avoid your children seeing you with multiple partners. Children especially small ones are easily attached to people, so keeping them away until you are certain would help you to avoid breaking your little one’s heart. Try dating another single parent as they can appreciate that there are times that you would want to be with your kids instead of with them. When you decide to introduce your kids to your new partner tell of all the good things that he or she has done for you. Get your partner to participate in social activities along with you and your kids. This will let your kids know that even though there is someone new in your life they will not be left out. Always make your kids feel as if they are the centre of your world. If you are busy doing other things, take a time out, even as little as five minutes, to spend with them. Good meeting places for single parents are gyms and sidewalk cafes. You can get to know them better by meeting and having occasional conversations with them. It is also

a cool way to be on an actual date without your kids knowing and not so personal that it makes you feel committed. Your lunchtime can turn into a routine lunch date with that person until you decide to bring them home. Saturday evenings are a good time to plan a date. Most kids spend time at the home of the other parent on the weekend. Your mind can also be free of the Sunday worry of preparing for work or school. You can totally channel your mind to tune in to what the other person has to say. The date doesn’t have to be rushed because you have Sunday to take care of things and your kids are being taken care of. If you think that it is time you start dating again you can take into consideration some of the ideas discussed. They can help you make a good decision as to when the time is right for you to start dating again. You have been through enough and your former partner may have already moved on with his/her life. It is time to for you to make your move, so go ahead and have some fun.



Mixed And Matched Men’s Styles


Six Tips To Enhancing Nails Naturally


o you want strong clear nails with beautiful white tips? You don’t have to spend a huge wad of cash at the manicurist. Here are some home DIY tips to try.


Lemon is a natural manicure ingredient. Just rub the nails with lemon or wash them with lemon juice. This makes the nails white and shiny.


Add lemon juice to a bowl of soapy water and soak the nails in it for 4-7 minutes. Rinse with fresh water and apply a body lotion.


Use baking powder in warm water to get shiny white nail tips naturally. Do this once a week instead of doing it regularly.


White vinegar is another natural ingredient that will give you white nail tips naturally. To get manicured nails, soak nails in warm soapy

water. Add few drops of white vinegar and soak for 8-10 minutes.


You can also apply whitening toothpaste to get white nail tips naturally. Leave the toothpaste on nails for 4-8 minutes and then wash with warm water.


Rub lemon and salt on the nail tips to whiten them. This makes the nails shiny and also makes the tips white and glossy. Try these beauty tips to get white nail tips naturally. Keep your nails clean to maintain hygiene and cleanliness.

hen it comes to men’s fashion, it’s all about the details. Whether you’re a laid back kind of guy or a man who means business, mixing and matching patterns and textures will make a strong style statement. Dressed-up denim The sharp contrast between casual and dressy pieces is another way to mix it up. Pairing your blues with items like a blazer or button-down will automatically dress-up your denim. Adding rich texture, like velvet, cableknit or cashmere can also help create a polished appearance. Cardigans with contrasting buttons establish a vertical line and add another visual element to draw interest and appeal. A pocket square or handkerchief is a small detail that can make a big impact. Whether you decide to tuck-and-go or fold a clean line, consider this option to add new life to an old jacket. Casual suit When you say suit, most men think shirt and tie. Try something new with your neckline and nix the tie to test a mock turtleneck or v-neck instead. Sweaters can be a great way to spice up a sometimes stuffy style, and help the suit look go easily from work right into the weekend. Versatility is the cornerstone of style, but if you’re bewildered about what looks w w w . a m g tt. c o m

best, one styling secret is to take some cues from store displays. Retailers showcase great combinations, and will usually display pieces that work well together close to each other. While we know how you feel about asking for help, (or god forbid,directions!), salespeople can offer valuable advice. For instance, they’ll ensure your pants fit properly. Pant hems should fall well past your ankle, while the waist should rest slightly below your belly button. Also, slipping into a sporty shoe can still look sleek, and offers a fashion-forward option to dressing down your suit. Classic black-tie Revel in this luxury and celebrate the ease of looking good with a tux that is sure to turn heads. Stick with a classic cut. Black is still king, but for those who want to switch things up, charcoal gray and midnight blue provide a subtle color difference that can be unique. Also, blacktie dress code doesn’t literally call for a black tie. Finesse your way through formalwear with a smart-looking bow tie. Clipping it on won’t cut it, so select one that really ties. Finally, let your instinct be your guide when you mix and match. Also remember that when it comes to style, you men know more than you think, so don’t be afraid to go for the bold. APRIL 2014




home gym

Everyday Health Uses For Peroxide


he health and cosmetic benefits of hydrogen peroxide are numerous. You don’t have to spend big bucks to get yourself in gear. Check out these home health uses of peroxide.

Infections Soak any infections or cuts in 3% for five to ten minutes several times a day. Even gangrene that would not heal with any medicine has been healed by soaking the affected part in Hydrogen peroxide. Put half a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in your bath to help you get rid of boils, fungus or other skin infections. Rejuvenating Detoxifying Bath Use about 2 quarts 3% Hydrogen peroxide to a tub of warm water. 24


exy abs don’t come from sitting down and eating cheesecake. They come from putting in work. The main abdominal exercise is the common sit-up or crunch. The key to success is making sure you are doing it correctly.

Foot Fungus To cure a foot fungus, simply spray a 50/50 mixture of Hydrogen peroxide and water on them (especially the toes) every night and let dry. Mouthwash Many people don’t realize that hydrogen peroxide makes a very effective and inexpensive mouthwash. Use 3% H202 – add a dash of liquid chlorophyll for flavoring if desired.

Tips To Perfect Sit-Ups

Don’t do it old school Sit-ups that require you to come all the way up from the floor to your knees can put a strain on your lower back and neck. Make the switch to crunches instead. Crunches should be a smaller movement where you lift your head and shoulders up from the floor about 1/3 of the way, then back down again. Soak at least 1/2 hour, adding hot water as needed to maintain a comfortable water temperature. Douche Use 2 capfuls of 3% Hydrogen peroxide in warm distilled water once or twice a week to remove even chronic yeast infections. Sinus Infections A tablespoon of 3% Hydrogen peroxide added to 1 cup of nonchlorinated water can be used as a nasal spray. Depending on the degree of sinus involvement, one will have to adjust the amount of peroxide used.

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Don’t place hands behind your neck Pulling your head up with your hands when you do crunches can really put a strain on your neck. Instead, cross your arms over your chest and focus on pulling up with your abdominal muscles. Your head, neck and abs should be in one straight line—if your neck is coming up first, make the change! Pull in and press down. At the top of your crunch, pull your belly button in towards your spine while you press your lower back down to the

floor. Exhale while you do this to steady your breathing. This will create the right amount of tension in your abdominal wall, making the muscles stronger. Chin Up Instead of touching your chin to your chest while you crunch, keep your chin pointed upward to the ceiling. This will isolate your core and create that burn in your lower abdomen. You will also minimize strain on your neck. Inhale and relax When you’re lowering down from your crunch, inhale and relax while you return to your starting position, without completely relaxing the muscular tension in your abs. A set of 10-25 repetitions should be a challenge if you are doing your crunches correctly.



5 Things You Should Not Do While Driving


here are lots of dangers to be encountered on the roads. As drivers, we need to be extremely vigilant and use good sense. As such, there are things that should not be done while driving. Here are five of them. Reaching into the Backseat A big no-no to do while driving is reaching into the backseat to find something, like a purse, a phone or a snack. This usually takes longer than a couple of seconds and will definitely make your vehicle wander as you twist your body around in your seat. Again, wait until you can pull over to get what you need. Phone Usage Some drivers have the bad habit of answering phone calls or even making them. While driving, all your senses should work together in order to make you constantly aware of any event that may occur on the road. When having a conversation over the phone, this awareness of the road highly decreases. Your reaction time while driving and having a phone call becomes 50% slower than normal, making you vulnerable in the event of a collision. And don’t get me started on texting…


Applying Makeup Ladies, your hair and makeup look good! Excuse me, great! You don’t need to be doing your face and hair, in the car if you are driving. Undressing We all find ourselves overdressed from time to time. The weather may have been cooler in the morning, but as you continue to drive, the weather becomes warmer and you need to take off a jacket or sweater. Undressing while driving is never a good thing. I’ve watched people pull their sweater over their head while their vehicle is in motion and it amazes me they don’t crash into something or someone. Wait until you can pull over before disrobing. Listening to music at full volume Music is good, but listening to blasting music when driving is not suitable for your ears and is a distraction for you as a driver, as well as to other drivers on the road. Some street hazards require you to have your ears available in order to prevent some unfortunate event from occurring. These practices not only distract you while driving, but it is important to consider that high decibels can damage your hearing.

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Pet Health Checklist

eeping your pets healthy is as important as keeping yourself healthy. Pets do not live as long as we do so when they are alive, we should do our best to maintain their well-being. Regular check-ups by a veterinarian can ward off sickness and disease and can treat worms and ticks. See below a list of check-ups that each pet should have done. Dental visits- Pets need to visit the dentist as they too may have tartar buildup on their teeth and gingivitis on their gums. If you notice a brownish, yellowish colour on your dog’s teeth this can signal a buildup of tartar and bloody gums can be a sign of gingivitis. What about the odor from your dog’s mouth? A dog’s breath is determined by what they eat but if the odor is too offensive, this may signal an underlying health problem. Vaccinations- These help protect your dogs and cats from diseases. Your pet's annual vaccination is an important part of ensuring your best friend's long-term health and wellbeing. Be sure to visit a vet practice that does more than vaccinations and please, be sure you and your pet get the most out of the consultation. To meet the Kennel Association requirements, your pet should have at least the follow-

ing annual vaccinations: 1) Dogs C5 - protects your dog from distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, bordatella and parainfluenza 2) Cats- Cats F3 - protects your cat from feline enteritis, calicivirus and rhinotracheitis General check-up- Check your dogs ears for signs of infection. If the ear is clean it will be pale pink without any odor. If the dog has an infection, a liquid will ooze out of its ears and the dog will shake its head violently. If this happens, dip a cotton ball into warm water and use it to clean around the area until you can carry the dog to the vet. If its eyes are glassy or too glazed, ensure that it is not an early onset of glaucoma and carry the dog to the vet to get its eyes checked. De-worming- Although nearly all dogs are infested with parasites at one time or another, most develop an immunity that keeps the parasite population in check. Dog worming products are used to free the dog of parasites. It is normal to see whole worms or pieces of worms in the dog's stools for a short period after worming. A new fecal exam should be done two weeks after the first treatment to ensure that all of the worms have been eliminated.



Dealing With Travel Delays

light cancellations and other airport delays are the stuff vacation nightmares are made of. Nobody likes to be stuck in transit. However, if you travel regularly, you would know that it happens more often than you think. This article will help you deal with delays.

to book an alternative ticket, and pocket your original airfare. The one thing to look out for is that most airlines charge a closein booking fee for award reservations made within 21 days, so that can add to your expense. These are usually discounted or waived for elites.

Be early In general, early morning flights suffer less delays and incidences than those that fly in the evening or at night. Also, make sure you turn up in plenty of time so if something does go awry, at least if you will have time to react and look for alternatives to get to your destination. And you’ll be at the front of the queue at the customer service desk. And if all is fine, you can use the time to do some work, clean up your inbox, or something equally exciting.

Be sure to be insured Travel insurance is a guarantee that whatever trouble you might encounter it will be easier to solve. This ‘extra’ cost will prove a worthwhile investment if the unexpected happens. However, it’s a common holidaymaker mistake to not get insurance that covers every possible need or problem you might have.

Know your rights Ok, so there is a massive storm and it looks like you are not going to be flying in the next few hours, or maybe your flight is overbooked and you’ve been left at the airport. In cases such as these, it is vital that you know your rights. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to claim what you deserve and 28

hopefully find a solution to your problem with a few aces up your sleeve: from getting refunded for all your food and drinks expenses to getting a hotel or some alternative transportation. Use frequent-flyer miles for Rebooking Miles are the best insurance policy for last-minute travel emergencies. That’s because though airfares can shoot up drastically in the last few days before a flight, that’s also often the time that award space opens up – and they’ve been known to come to the rescue for people in many instances. So if your flight is canceled and you can get a refund, your best option might be to use miles on another airline

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Explore the airport Since you have some extra time on your hands, turn it into a positive: you’ve got time to explore the fascinating sights and attractions of the airport without worrying about straying too far from the gates and departures boards. Firstly, there’s duty-free: when do you usually have the time to sniff and spray all the top-selling scents on the market? Sample extravagantlypriced tipples and invest in a bottle of something good for your drinks cabinet.

Entertain yourself Always carry with you something that helps you kill time: from a book (or an e-book reader, with lots of titles in its memory) to your laptop or a tablet loaded with films. That would be sensible. Sleep In the severe case of a cancellation, you’ll be looking to kill a fair amount of time before you leave the airport. If you are not entitled to a night in a hotel near the airport, as you may just have relied upon your airline to fly you away, seek out a place where you can get some shut-eye. Prepare for such an eventuality by packing a sleep mask, earplugs and a light blanket in your hand luggage. Eat and drink Making a packed lunch doesn’t seem a very glamorous preparation for your holidays, but it could save your day if you’re delayed. There’s always the champagne and oyster bar if you want to pass the time in style, but do keep up your water intake. Dehydration is obviously going to make you feel worse later on in your journey, as will several hours in the airport bar, but if all else fails…

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