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Our corporate identity

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


We take responsibility for the quality of our work and are committed to professional management of the assets entrusted to us. Our customer relationships are characterised by fairness and trust, and we are committed to the principle of mutual respect in everything we do. We show loyality to the IMMOFINANZ Group and its shareholders. We share goals and take a creative, dedicated approach to achieving them. We are open-minded and value honest communication when working with colleagues and partners.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


We are proud of our lean organisation and management style. Cost awareness and the efficient, responsible use of resources are at the heart of everything we do. We use our leadership in expertise and experience to sustainably increase our profitability and to make the company successful in the long run.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


The merger that gave rise to the IMMOFINANZ Group has created one of the world’s biggest real estate companies, with over 1000 employees and some EUR 9.0 billion in assets under management. We have worked hard to put the company on a sound financial footing. Our property portfolio is stable and deeply rooted in our regional markets. We are in good shape for the future. We offer our customers and staff the stability and reliability they would expect from a large, well-established real estate company.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


The IMMOFINANZ Group is an international company through and through. We are firm believers in Europe, its economic power, its people and its ideas. The extensive market expertise and broad-based specialist know-how that flow into all of our projects help to build relationships between up-andcoming regions and innovative enterprises. We grow with our dynamically changing markets, and we will use the opportunities they generate responsibly.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


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A passion for creative solutions and hard work is the foundation of true success! Every project is important to us and we do everything we can to implement them successfully. Our enthusiasm is infectious. We work as a team to achieve the necessary, then the possible and ultimately the impossible.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


A professional approach to all of our markets and customers, and constant communication with all of our partners are at the core of our identity. Our shareholders value the transparency, clarity and reliability of our activities. The declared aim of our commercial operations is to maximise long-term profit. At the same time, we are also dedicated to the principle of sustainability in our thoughts, plans and actions.

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Our corporate identity

Our corporate identity


experience? Expertise in vities, keeping a cool head a crisis, and a discerning nds.ÂŤ We can look back on 20 years of real estate experience. The IMMOFINANZ Group is young, flexible and innovative enough to respond to the steady stream of new challenges. But also experienced enough to have in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and risks of the European market. Our top-quality international property portfolio, highly effective internal structures and an increased confidence in the future are a sound basis for future profits.

Our Corporate Identity  

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