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Summary -Spring 2014National Stadium in Warsaw

We were stunned by what we saw at the Absolvent Talent Days and by the popularity of our booth among the visitors. Justyna SĹ‚owik Marketing Specialist Randstad Polska Sp. z o.o.

Introduction On March 11, 2014, at the National Stadium in Warsaw, the first edition of the Absolvent Talent Days – the largest job and internship fair in Poland – took place. Below you’ll find a brief summary of the event, including information on attendance, participants, exhibitors, location, promotion, effectiveness and a few additional curiosities. We also invite you to view video and photo coverage of the event, accessible through links provided in the report. The Absolvent Talent Days are organized by the leading recruitment platform for students and graduates in Poland -

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Exhibitors Section A

Section B

Section C

1. Urząd Dozoru Technicznego

19. MicroStrategy

39. Deloitte

58. Antal International


20. Akademia Leona Koźmińskiego

40. ABC Data

59. Jeronimo Martins Polska

3. Wojskowa Akademia Techniczna

21. SGGW

41. Peek & Cloppenburg

60. Accenture 61. Grupa PZU

im. JarosłaZwa Dąbrowskiego w



23. Sii

42. Microsoft

62. Leroy Merlin Polska

4. empik school

24. Super-Pharm Poland

43. Getin Noble Bank

63. Grupa Danone

5. Warbud

25. Medtronic Poland

44. MAKRO Cash and

64. Grupa Eurocash

6. T-Mobile Polska


7. Nestlé Polska

27. Samsung

45. State Street Bank

8. Nestlé Twoim


46. PKO Bank Polski

29. Jones Lang LaSalle

47. Grupa Goodyear

67. Sygnity

9. Asseco Poland

30. Comp Centrum Innowacji

48. EY (dawniej Ernst & Young)

68. Budimex

10. Panasonic Marketing Europe


49. FIBAR Group

69. Bank BNP Paribas


50. Schneider Electric Polska

70. PwC

11. Millennium Bank

33. Unilever Polska

51. Sodexo Polska

71. KPMG

12. Hays Poland

34. British American Tobacco

52. AVON

72. Netia

13. Provident Polska

35. TNT Express Worldwide

53. PLAY

73. Bank Pekao

14. Fujitsu Technology Solutions

36. Reckitt Benckiser Polska

54. Pelion Healthcare

74. Bank BPH GE Capital

15. Procter & Gamble

37. Randstad Polska


16. CBRE Corporate Outsourcing

38. AmRest Holdings

55. 3M Polska

76. NATEK Poland

17. Crido Taxland

80. ACCA

56. ING Bank Śląski

77. L’Oréal

18. Citi (Citi Handlowy oraz

81. People

57. Program Kariera

78. TPA Horwath

Mentorem Kariery

Oddział w Polsce

Citi Service Center)

KG Wien

Carry Polska

65. ProTRADER 66. Acxiom Global Service Center Polska

75. Raiffeisen Polbank

79. Grupa Allianz Polska

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Media patrons

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Statystyki Absolvent Talent Days, wiosna 2014, Stadion Narodowy w Warszawie

Absolvent Talent Days Statistics

8 032 Number of visitors

81 Exhibitors 4 200 m2 Fairground 2 186

Applications sent to job offers posted on the event’s website

of Nestlé 6 500 Cups coffee consumed

of popcorn 2 500 Cups consumed

(provided by Play)

taken by 981 Pictures “fotomat”

3,6 t Informational materials distributed

Absolvent Talent Days are the largest job and internship fair in Poland. On March 11 at the National Stadium in Warsaw, on over 4 200 m2, 81 exhibitors were presenting their oer. For many of them the Absolvent Talent Days were the only event they took part in. Literally everyone was amazed by the number of participants, moreover, non-casual visitors, who appeared at the fair with a concrete goal - to get to know the employers better and to ďŹ nd an internship or a job.

Participant profile As a result of effective and widespread promotion of the event, the Absolvent Talent Days were attended by students and graduates from many universities, mainly the largest and most valued by employers.


18 %

Warsaw University of Technology


Warsaw School of Economics


University of Warsaw


Warsaw University of Life Sciences





Lodz University of Technology

Kozminski University


University of Lodz

5% 2%

University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw

Military Technical Academy


Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw

Participant proďŹ le Sex Age

36% 23 - 24 years 30%

21 - 22 years




29 years and more


20 years and less




25 - 26 years


27 - 28 years

registered online


registered on-site

57% women

Participant proďŹ le Professional experience

Since the Absolvent Talent Days were attended by companies from dierent sectors, searching for students and graduates of every specialization, the Absolvent Talent Days promotion did not exclude participants from any university or faculty, which is reected by the presented statistics. However, students and graduates of economics and technical faculties (including informatics) constituted the largest group. As many as 65% visitors had previous professional experience.

35% none 37%

up to 1 year


over 1 year

Field of study





technical/ informatics






natural sciences




6% 8% other

exact sciences

8% social

3% other

26% student

Participant proďŹ le Where they came from The Absolvent Talent Days thanks to their innovative formula have attracted people from all over the country (and not only). As many as 19% participants arrived from outside the Masovian Voivodeship. The number of employers, presentations, discussion panels and other attractions convinced as many as 82% participants to spend an hour or more at the fair.

Would you recommend the Absolvent Talent Days to your friends


Masovian Voivodeship



10% Other


Lublin Voivodeship

Amount of time spent at the fair



1-3 hours


8% no


I don’t know


Lodz Voivodeship


Less than 1 hour


More than 3 hours


Throughout the Absolvent Talent Days as many as 6 panel discussions took place. Their goal was not only to deliver substantial knowledge and suggestions but also to inspire to take action in order to reach career success.

Ireneusz Smaga

Terri Gerosa

Sebastian Mikosz

CEO Citi Service Center


Norbert Biedrzycki

Maciej Filipkowski

Jacek Szwajcowski

CEO Panasonic Marketing Europe


Vice President Samsung Electronics Polska

Ronald Binkofsky

Jacek Szugajew

Adam Sawicki

CEO Rabobank Polska

Senior Advisor MCI Management

Dariusz Blocher

Julian Kozankiewicz

CEO Budimex

COO Comp Centrum Innowacji

Jacek Olechowski

Mirosław Godlewski

Yann Gontard

CEO Mediacap

CEO Netia

Agnieszka Świergiel

Tomasz Misiak

CEO Microsoft Polska

Dariusz Żuk

CEO Polska Przedsiębiorcza

CEO Imperial Tobacco Polska

President of the Supervisory Board Work Service

CEO Pelion

CEO Sodexo

Event promotion (online) Mailing to 450 000 students and graduates from all over the country.

Publication on 112 Career Offices and/or university websites throughout the country. Information in main Polish media, both local and academic – over 30 publications on web portals.

Widespread campaign on Facebook over 1 000 posts regarding the Absolvent Talent Days. Display campaign on, and over 1 000 000 views. Text message campaign over 10 000 recipients.

Event info featured on over 60% exhibitors’ websites.

The Absolvent Talent Days promotional activities had been undertaken both offline and online. Our main promotional advantage, compared to other organizations, is an exceptional popularity among students and graduates gained by the event’s organizer – recruitment platform

Event promotion (offline) Billboard campaign - at some of the best Warsaw locations: Downtown (near Rotunda PKO), Centrum subway station, Politechnika subway station, Pole Mokotowskie subway station.

Video advertisement on 31 Infoscreen displays installed at the 10 most popular subway stations, with daily passenger traffic of 330 000.

Poster campaign at the 20 largest universities in Warsaw. Flyer distribution at 8 strategic locations. Advertisements in the 31 largest dormitories in Warsaw.

Information in main Polish media both local and academic – radio interviews, press publications, TV spots.

Radio spot broadcast by RMF MAXXX.

The online campaign was effectively complemented with the offline campaign, based mainly on billboards, posters and flyers, distributed in strategic places with high levels of student traffic.

I was genuinely impressed by the number of paper folders and resumes brought to the fair by participants. The candidates seemed to be very well prepared. Zyta Machnicka blogger Candidate Experience

An event organized in an outstanding manner. Impressive attendance, interesting people. Unforgettable ambience. We’ll certainly be there next year – even more… Can’t wait.” Adriana Oleksy Training Centre Manager Play

A remarkably advertised event giving the opportunity to develop your company’s image and recruit very interesting young people for work and internships. Excellent organization and service.

Marta Łapińska Employees Relations and Recruitment Department Bank BPH S.A.

Even a week after the fair we are still receiving replies to our job and internship offers. We are truly pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness of our presence at the fair. Karol Trocewicz Busines Development Manager COMP Centrum Innowacji Sp. z o. o.

After the fair Many companies take the opportunity oered by the participation in the Absolvent Talent Days to promote their image not only among the participants but also among other potential candidates. Employers create photo and video footage and promote them in various social media and on internet.

Video by PZU

Video by PwC

Organizer is the leading recruitment platform for students and graduates in Poland. We successfully support recruiting processes and employer branding campaigns for even the most demanding clients, often from the Top 500 list.

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Excellent organization. Awesome event, well worth its price.

Łukasz Lampka Social Network & Web Portal Sourcing Assistant Natek Poland

It was fantastic!!! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful event. Małgorzata Miętek HR & General Affairs Manager Samsung Electronics Sp. z o.o., Kazimierzowska 70/6, 02-518 Warszawa, KRS 0000447104, NIP 5213636204, Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 237,180,00 zł

Summary Absolvent Talent Days spring 2014  
Summary Absolvent Talent Days spring 2014  

Absolvent Talent Days – the largest job and internship fair in Poland – took place on March 11, 2014, at the National Stadium in Warsaw. He...