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Tweak the travel experience Made by locals

Background Swedish entrepreneurs Bo & Jonas Gustafson, and Mallorca local expert and entrepreneur Xisco Amer, are making reality the project of reinventing a popular and during the sixties pioneer destination in mass tourism: the Mediterranean island of Mallorca under the expression of

“Made by locals”. This payoff emphasizes the fact that is local people

working together with Swedish travel experts, with a common goal, making you feel like a local while discovering the secrets treasures of this beautiful destination.

The crew Xisco Amer. Born and raised on the island of Mallorca.



Destination area manager with more than 20 years of experience, totally focused with this new and inspiring project, will contribute to its success with his experience, local contacts and creativeness. Jonas Gustafson. ‘‘I was born into the travel industry and I consider myself an entrepreneur and Global-citizen, due to the extensive travel I have made in my life and the family business. I have also lived abroad many years in the US, Switzerland and Mexico. Since I was a child, teen, adult and father Mallorca fascinates me, there is always something that appeals to all ages. Today the island is being transformed and no matter how many times one has been there, there is always something new. I promise, we Absolutmallorca offer several experiences that even local´s didn´t know existed on and around Mallorca. I am so pleased to be a part of this new endeavor and finally be able to tell the true story of Mallorca and it´s tale‘‘. Bo Gustafson. “We are really pleased to line up with Xisco and with his extreme local knowledge and our years of experience in the travel industry we think that we have teamed up to meet the new consumers needs”.

Our Vision Mallorca has always kept a hidden side, far away from mass tourism. Places and people with its ancient traditions and peculiar lifestyle only known by locals, and only available to those introduced by locals. We want to keep it so. We have learned from previous mistakes of the industry, and we know that the only possible way to guarantee the future of this destination, is by protecting its precious treasures. Unspoiled calas, seaside mountain ranges, stone villages, local festivities, seasonal and unique gastronomy, its people and the Mediterranean peculiar way of seeing things.

All journeys have
 SECRET DESTINATIONS Of which the traveler is unaware –

martin buber

We at Absolutmallorca will open the door of our beloved destination and welcome travellers in. We will introduce everyone the local way of doing and seeing things, to trendy and not so trendy places, and local traditions. A different look from a local perspective, in order to make a life time positive memory.

The market 15 million tourists and growing is visiting Mallorca yearly. Our natural market to start with is the people from Sweden. In 2013, 250.000 Swedes will fly to the island, a 15% more than previous year, almost double than 7 years ago. Next step is to reach the German and Russian market. Our Goal Sharing these unique experiences that this beautiful destination hides.


Balearic Islands – Mallorca All success is backed by a reason. We should therefore ask ourselves why Mallorca, the largest island of the Balearics, has been upheld as a privileged place since the 19th century. What was it that made it not only a tourist hotspot but also a powerful source of creativity, art, music and a place to communicate with the world and its landscape. The explanation lies in three words: Variety, sincerity, intensity.


means that Mallorca  is both mountainous and flat. That it contains the rainiest and driest places of the archipelago. A land of dry rivers, fertile plains and majestic towns. Mallorca represents something like a miniaturesized continent.




All travelers have always praised the way of life in these islands, their particular way of perceiving time and human relationships. And this authentic component, which has been preserved despite busy tourist activity, is conferred to everything. The easygoing and direct relationship with people and the land. That is why so many visitors have stayed on the islands forever. Because on the islands, you live by your heart.


From the brilliance of the colors to the fluency of the natural elements, everything is upped in scale. It is pictorial, sculptural, literary. One may prefer the romantic cliffs of the Tramuntana mountain range, whilst others opt for the caves of Llevant; some will lean towards the Moors and Christian festivities in Soller, the night-life in Palma and others who choose a stroll with the wind brushing their face, listening to the sea washing white sand, along the Cap de Ses Salines. The Balearics, an especially Mallorca island, within their geographical boundaries, are immense, never-ending. And not because of their real size but the depth of worlds, the moving experience they offer and the rare balance they hold between inner and outer life. Benvinguts! Xisco Amer

“poc a poc”

slowly but surely

Made by locals BY



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EARTH, WATER, AIR & SUNSHINE An exciting program of individual and independent package holidays We meet the needs of travellers who are seeking the advantages of an independent holiday with the assurance of a well planned, prebooked itinerary. Packages include all transportation, accommodation and essential sightseeing visiting Mallorca's top resorts and scenic attractions.


New ways to interact MOBILE FIRST website has been designed Responsive to



provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. This and the fact that users currently seem to prefer reading and booking their holidays on the mobile web rather than in apps — it's inevitable to go responsive.

‘‘ Unusual travel suggestions 
 are dancing lessons from God‘‘
 – Kurt Vonnegut

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Bo Gustafson 路 Jonas Gustafson 路 Xisco Amer Plaza Bisbe Llorenc, 5. 07002 Palma de Mallorca. Spain E: xisco.amer@absolutmallorca.es路 T: +34 616 938 367 路 facebook: absolutmallorca

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