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The surgeries are state of the art with the best in equipment and stringent sterilisation procedures.

42 Juice Dental Health Spa Conceived in September 2007 by Clinical Director and 2011’s Dental Hygienist of the Year finalist, Christina Chatfield, DentalHealth Spa strives to offer you the very best in contemporary dental care. Their highly qualified professional dental practitioners provide care and treatment regardless of your current or previous dental history. This is not a dental surgery as you know it. They work in an open environment, protecting your privacy without conducting treatments behind intimidating closed doors. The surgeries are state of the art with the best in equipment and stringent sterilisation procedures. They also offer you the opportunity to brighten your smile with a range of affordable toothwhitening treatments in full confidence, knowing that you are receiving professional treatment from reliable practitioners that specialise in working with teeth. 14 - 15 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3WAÂ



Cold pressed juice producers 42 JUICE claim that their focus is to give their customer delicious, nutritious products that make you smile. "Keeping our customers happy is fundamental to us and we want to be there for you every step of the way". The juices and nut milks are made on site daily ensuring we give you the freshest, most vibrant juices possible. Organic cold-pressed juices and real healthy products should be more available and accessible to everyone. "We want the process to be easy, achievable, delicious and convenient so that a healthy lifestyle can be enjoyable and maintained".

The main benefits of having cold-pressed juice is that you are getting the purest you can get in terms of nutritional value from the fruit and veggies that make up your juice. No other juicer will give you this many vitamins and minerals that your body can absorb as easily in such a short space of time. Fact. 19 Market Street, Brighton, BN1 1HH

Absolute Sussex Easter 2018 Edition 139  
Absolute Sussex Easter 2018 Edition 139