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Once we had gotten comfortable Raphael brought us the wine list, and was happy to make recommendations. This was not necessary however, as just like the drinks list in Bar 72, the extensive menu simply describes each wine with no more than three words. Making it easy to make a choice. My partner adores Sauvignon Blanc so we plumped for a Chilean “La Garuma”, Vina Leyda which was described simply as “intense, mineral, and herbal”. It was exactly as described and did not disappoint. The evening menu consists of a lovely selection of delicious sounding starters. Meat, indulgent seafood and Sashimi platters. The mains consist of fish and vegetarian options, and as you would expect from a restaurant called “the grill room” your attention is drawn to the steak options, with a full range of cuts, including Chateaubriand, and Wagyu, supplied by the internationally renowned Aubrey Allen, which serves the very best restaurants in the country as well as being the queens choice of butcher. Cooked in a Josper charcoal Grill which is known to be the best grill in the world for cooking steaks, with the high temperature and the charcoal creating a fantastic taste and structure to the meat. The menu also displays a broad choice of sides, sauces, and add-ons (for the steaks such as lobster and prawns). We called on Raphael to help, as we were stuck at even ordering the starter, and he suggested the Pickled Dorset Crab for my dining companion who had already proclaimed to be a seafood lover. He also suggest we try some Tuna Sashimi which he had given to some friends of his the previous night and had gone down a storm. I however was in the mood for Steak Tartare, so we ordered all three to share between us. Raphael was right about the Sashimi, it tasted like it had been caught that day, and was served with crisp garlic shavings and a creamy wasabi mouse which brought out the freshness and full flavour of the fish. An original take on a dish I often take for granted in the Japanese restaurants. The Steak Tartare was incredible. Served on a long thin clay plate, with beef fat Crostini,


shaved horseradish and droplets of egg-yolk jam scattered amongst the tender meat. The saltiness of the Crostini and the twang of the horseradish really enhanced the flavour of steak. A real treat. Surprisingly though my personal favourite of the three was the crab which my companion had selected. The crab delicately wrapped in pickled cucumber served on a bed of rice, scattered with juicy sun-dried tomatoes, crunchy squid ink bread and avocado. Each mouthful was a delight, with juicy zingy flavour bursting out with each bite, and the squid ink bread giving a satisfying crunch. A refreshing dish with a lovely twang to invigorate the taste buds ready for the main. As we sat and reflected on the first course I glanced around the room to take in the surroundings. Around us we could see couples enjoying romantic dates, birthday celebrations, family gatherings, and friends laughing and chatting. The background beats added to the chilled atmosphere, and I remember thinking that this place is something special. Not only is it unlike any other place I have been to in Brighton and Hove, it is cool! Although sorely tempted by the steaks, for main I decided to go for the lamb cutlets, as I had only recently enjoyed a visit to a local steakhouse and wanted to try something different. My partner predictably plumped for the Seabass, and we shared a side of confit garlic butter creamed potato. The tender medallions of lamb were delightful, the delicate sweetness of the toasted sesame highlighted the richness of the meat, and the subtle bite provided by the Wasabi yoghurt further set the dish off. Served on a bed of tender stem broccoli and mashed Aubergine. The dish was both filling and satisfying. The seabass was served whole. The gentle garlicy white wine sauce meant that the fantastic natural flavour of this fish was able to do the talking. The flesh light and flaky as you would expect and topped with fresh clams, mussels, tiger prawns lemon and cherry tomatoes. A seafood lover’s dream. As well as being delicious, a nice touch with


the side of creamed potatoes was that it was served in a cute cast-iron pot to keep it warm. The desert menu consists of six choices, and at first glance looks quite simplistic. However when you read the descriptions you can tell allot of thought has gone into them, we usually share a desert after a feast such as what we had just experienced, though this time we couldn’t help but to pig out and choose one each. We opted for 3 chocolate cakes, which included chocolate nemesis, chocolate truffle, chocolate and hazelnut clotted cream ice cream and honeycomb. To contrast this we also ordered the Mango and lemongrass mousse, which encompassed coconut ice cream, mango puree, BBQ mango, toasted marshmallow and shaved coconut. Both deserts appeared similar in presentation, with the various elements scattered on the plate, and both were exciting and fun to eat! With each mouthful and adventure, taking elements from each ingredient and piling them on the spoon before devouring them. Being a lover of all things chocolate my companion couldn’t stop smiling as she wolfed it down. Me, I was in my element dipping the toasted marshmallows in the mousse and ice cream. Heaven! We finished the night by heading back to Bar 72 next door to sample a cheeky cocktail or two, after that my mind is a bit of a blur but I know we ended up dancing till the early hours. Third Avenue has everything you could possible wish for in night out. You can tell a lot of love, passion and consideration has gone into this new venture, and I wish the owners the best of luck. I truly believe they have nailed it, because what they have achieved is seriously impressive. With two fantastic visits under our belt, we are thoroughly looking forward to heading back for more. Tony Shattell 70-72 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FP

Absolute Sussex Easter 2018 Edition 139  
Absolute Sussex Easter 2018 Edition 139