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Seychelles Summer 2018 is starting to shine its light at the end of this drizzly tunnel and as per usual, the sunshine season comes with expectations of rest and relaxation, adventure and exploration and sun-drenched drinking and dining. But how do you go about meeting these expectations, ensuring that this summer is the brightest yet? How about taking up BA’s new offer to discover paradise with direct flights to the mecca of Indian Ocean chic; The Seychelles.


rom March 24th 2018 customers will be able to fly direct from Heathrow Terminal 5 to the Seychelles, making British Airways the only airline offering a non-stop service from the UK. Scattered across the Indian Ocean and famed as some of the most idyllic islands on the planet, flights will take to the skies twice-a-week from March to October and will be operated by the airline’s newest fleet of aircraft, the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The Seychelles offers honeymooners, families and sun worshippers world famous beaches, crystal clear waters, easy island hopping and colourful coral reefs. With flights taking off on Wednesdays and Saturdays, the route timetable is perfectly positioned for honeymooners and holidaymakers keen to immerse themselves in island-life for longer and book 10 night trips and extend their break.

Sean Doyle, British Airways’ director of network and alliances, said: “The Seychelles is one of the most beautiful places on earth and we’re delighted to be adding this collection of islands to our extensive route network. Customers can now get into ‘holiday mode’ even earlier with British Airways’ direct flights from London taking 10 hours, instead of over 13 hours with a connection in the Middle East. As one of the leading luxury holiday destinations, the Seychelles offers customers a wide range of accommodation and activities in stunning natural surroundings.” Heavenly beaches, tropical greenery, guaranteed sunshine on tap and luscious peaked backdrops are the key ingredients that all 115 paradise islands that collectively form The Seychelles have in common. Scattered like summer blossom across the Indian Ocean, The Seychelles is a destination well-renowned for being the ultimate in luxury, celebrity escapes and the honeymoon location that dreams are made of.  With this VIP clientele, it is easy to understand why The Seychelles has a reputation for being


reserved only for the likes of the incredibly rich and famous. Luckily for the rest of us, this is a reputation misplaced as thanks to a collection of luxurious yet affordable boutique hotels and BA’s new offering, holidaying utopia is indeed more accessible than you think. Firstly, flight prices are now much more reasonable than you would think. With BA, return fares start from £699 in World Traveller,  £999 in World Traveller Plus, £2499 in Club World and from £3499 for First, and are available to book now on ba. com. With these offers, you will soon be enjoying everything the islands offer, from beach dwelling to incredible jungle trails, mind-blowing nature watching, fine-dining and all at an andante tempo.

The Seychelles offers a unique opportunity to hop across these charming islands, taking in the diverse culture that each provides, enriched by the islands’ colourful history. As a country, the Seychelles was settled as recently as the mid-18th century, by French colonists and their retainers. The first people to settle temporarily on islands were the ancestors of the people who eventually populated the nearby island of Madagascar. They rode the oceans on primitive but rugged outrigger canoes from their home in the SundaIslands of the Malay Archipelago sometime between 200 and 500 AD and it is likely some of their craft, blown off course during their spectacular migration, used the islands as a base before venturing on into the azure vastness to what would eventually become their new home. From this early fleeting visit followed Arab explorers in the 9th century as they made their first forays into what they called ‘bahr al zanj’, (the sea of the blacks) and Portuguese navigator Juan de Nova made the first recorded landfall in the Seychelles in 1501. This was followed by a sighting of her Amirantes group by the celebrated Vasco de Gama in the following year. 


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