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Memorial’s Model Gardener

Mt. Everest


Kelly Emberg



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COVER STORY September 2013


A brief history on Houston’s Memorial Village


A grueling trek up nearly 18,000 feet was an unforgettable dream for one Memorial couple.


Find your home and make it your own! These resources will help you turn your house into your dream home.

absolutely! AUTO REVIEW 16 2014 JEEP CHEROKEE


Kelly Emberg

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24 absolutely! FABULOUS FINDS 25 FAMILY LAW Back to School and What to Do…Top Ten Tips

8 MEMORIAL’S MODEL GARDENER: KELLY EMBERG Born and raised in the Memorial area, Kelly Emberg, known as the “model gardener,” shares her modeling background, her newfound passion for gardening and her secrets on aging gracefully.



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Because She’s One Of A Kind

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EXCLAMATION POINTS! THE INSIDE SCOOP STRAIGHT FROM THE TOP Publisher, LARA BELL The temperatures may not be cooler just yet, but that doesn’t mean fall isn’t in the air! September is the kick off to fall festivals, football and fun events. In this issue, we have someone you may recognize on the cover: Supermodel Kelly Emberg. Kelly grew up in Memorial and was a cheerleader at Stratford High School. Do you ever meet someone and things just click? That is how it was for Kelly and me at the I Am Waters Foundation luncheon she attended this past spring. She is now the “model” gardener and has a radio show that features healthy eating and gardening! Also in this issue, Stephenie shows us some great Lara Bell “date night” restaurants. Some of the best advice I received at one of my wedding showers from someone who has a successful marriage was to have date night with my husband every week. I love that advice! In Memorial Villages, Tom Roth gives us a glimpse of Memorial Villages before paved roads and fast food. It was such an interesting read to me and got me thinking – I would love to read more! If you have photos and interesting stories of Memorial Villages from years past, please email me. I’d love to publish them. Finally, last month we shared the story of Jaimie’s Hope for a Cure. The letters and emails I received thanking me for sharing her story was overwhelming. We have one printed below. Absolutely! yours,


READER FEEDBACK Lara, I just received the August absolutely! Memorial Magazine, and the first story I read was your beautifully written Jamie’s Hope For A Cure. This story was so touching, it brought tears to my eyes and love for this brave woman. To share her story takes great courage. It is a special person who will show before and after photos, who will reveal her personal tragedy and work to help others with research. I am a two-time cancer survivor, so I can read between the lines. I know what she did not say about the horrors of cancer treatment, the unrelenting misery of radiation, the knowledge that cancer now knows where she lives, and she will always be a cancer patient no matter how many years in remission, if she achieves remission. No matter how many happy faces cancer patients put on, we cancer survivors know we are all members of a terrible club we did not want to join, and we cannot resign membership. And yet, horrible and dreaded as cancer is, with it can come unexpected experiences such as a deepening appreciation of life, joy in solitude and an abiding peace. Perhaps only a cancer patient can understand that. Cancer made me a better person for which I am grateful. I treasure each day. Thank you for writing the article. Regards, Barbara Duvall Wesolek


4655 TECHNIPLEX DR. STE 700 STAFFORD , TX 77477 281-690-4242


EXECUTIVE PUBLISHERS Michael & Lisa Fredrickson E D I T O R- I N - C H I E F Patti Parish-Kaminski PUBLISHER Lara Bell SENIOR AC C OUNT EXECUTIVE Jessica Kij AC C O U N T E X E C U T I V E S Stephenie Cox Susan Dannhaus Jennifer Elliott Kay Garrett Andrea Rigamonti Bonnie Bell Woodrow A RT D I R E C T O R Grace Belleza GRAPHIC DESIGNER Ginger Garza C O M M U N I C AT I O N S C O O R D I NAT O R Sarah Bearden WEB DESIGNER Joey Belleza


Lara Bell-Milam

Vol. 9 No. 9 September 2013


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Subscription requests are free to all Memorial and Galleria addresses. Annual paid subscription of $25 required outside the Memorial/Galleria area. absolutely! MemorialTM Magazine is published by absolutely! focus media, 4655 Techniplex Dr., Ste. 700, Stafford, TX 77477. Copyright © 2013 by absolutely! focus media. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited. absolutely! MemorialTM Magazine does not knowingly accept false or misleading advertising or editorial, nor do the publishers assume responsibility should such advertising or editorial appear. absolutely! MemorialTM Magazine welcomes editorial submissions from its readers.

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Memorial’s Model Gardener

Kelly Emberg

M Photo by

emorial is home to not only everyday people like myself, but the area has been known to boast a few super stars. I recently caught up with one model who has graced more magazine covers than almost any other model – Memorialite Kelly Emberg. What was so intriguing about Kelly when I met her is not only her beauty but her passion for gardening. She is known as the “model gardener” and is becoming more famous for her fruit and vegetables and less for her looks.





Did you grow up in Memorial?

My family and I moved to Memorial in 1967 when I was just entering 2nd grade. There was only I-10 and a two-way road, which you are probably familiar with, called West Belt. Town and Country shopping center was in its infantile stage. I went to Bendwood Elementary, then on to Westchester Junior High. Stratford High School would be the last bit of my formal education until later in life, when I finally got to go to college at age 30.


What sports were you involved in as a child? Rumor has it you were a cheerleader at Stratford. Throughout my childhood, I was extremely athletic, and my siblings and I joined the swim team. The Emberg family was pretty fierce when it came to the swim meets. When I was around twelve, my mother decided I should take gymnastic lessons, since my favorite thing to do was shimmy up the swing set and sit at the top of it. Olga Korbut was the Russian star who had won four Gold medals and two Silver at the 1972 Olympics. I idolized her and Nadia Comaneci. Unfortunately for me, the successful gymnasts were usually petite, and I didn’t stop growing. At one point, I grew out of the uneven bars. I am 5’8”, which is not that tall, but it I was definitely too tall for gymnastics. At Stratford High School, I set my sites on joining the drill team. My best girlfriends, Allison O’Meara and Suzy Bever, and I made the drill team. My senior year, I tried out

for the cheerleading team, and I was thankful my male partner, Kelly Bentner, was 6’2” or I probably wouldn’t have made it. My boyfriend at the time, Tim Streller, would practice throwing me around his torso and from a cradling position, flipping me over onto my feet. He was a big, strong football player so he thought I was light as a feather. It was such a fun time!


How did you get into modeling? My mother was responsible for me getting into modeling. At age 40, my mother started modeling in Houston and did fashion shows and informal modeling at stores and restaurants. She took my senior picture to local department stores, and they hired me for newspaper print. She also sent my sister and I to Gerri Halpin’s agency to take a self-improvement course. They taught us how to set a table, put on make-up and walk with a book on our head. A photographer named Allen Martin photographed me and sent my pictures to John Casablancas. John had just opened up a modeling agency called Elite Model Management the year before and was looking for potential models to join his agency. He wrote to me, but I didn’t want to be a model at the time. I wanted to go to University of Texas in Austin with my girlfriends. My mother talked me into taking the meeting with John, and his offer was too good to be true. He said he would pay for my flight to New York City and room and board for two weeks. In that time, if I booked an assignment, I would pay him back. If not, I would have had a two-week, free vacation. Of course, I had to bring my mother or I wouldn’t go. As our plane took off on June 17, 1978, I remember thinking, “Why me?” I didn’t think I was exceptionally beautiful, but I felt that destiny was knocking at my door, and I had to let it in. I was in store for one crazy ride! One of my first jobs was a British Vogue cover. Everything was happening so fast, and I had no other choice but to just let it happen. Shortly after that, I shot my first American cover, which was for Mademoiselle, and then started working every day, for the covers of Glamour, Vogue, Bazaar and

Cosmopolitan. Looking back on my career, I was in the right place at the right time. The all-American girl who was healthy and fit was all the rage.


How exciting! Do your parents and family still live in Memorial? No, my parents moved to the Galleria area once I left for New York in 1978 and eventually divorced. My mother lives in the Galleria area near my brother, Mike. Ree, my sister, lives close to Meyerland, and my father and his wife Susan live in Rice Military area.


I remember in the 80s, you were with Rod Stewart. How did you two meet? While I was shooting a drama documentary about the modeling business called Portfolio, the director informed me that I needed to meet with Rod Stewart because he was going to write a song about me for the film. The real story is Rod had seen the dailies from the film with his manager and wanted to meet me. So, the meeting was set and the rest is history. For the first two years of our relationship, we flew back and forth from New York City to Los Angeles, and we finally decided I should move to Los Angeles.


Do you have any children? Rod and I had been dating since 1983 and decided to have a baby. Marriage wasn’t in the cards for Rod and I, but we had the most beautiful little baby girl. You never can explain the unconditional love you feel when you become a mother. My daughter, Ruby, was born on June 17, 1987, the exact month and day I flew to New York to start my modeling career. Eleven years later, I gave birth to Tyler, fifteen, and three 1/2 years later, I had Cole, who is almost twelve. I love them dearly.


What have you been doing since your modeling


After my relationship ended with Rod in 1990, I had the

opportunity to change gears and start a new profession. I purchased a home in Manhattan Beach and signed up for the Architectural and Interior Design Program. I earned an interior design certificate. I worked for Michael Smith, a very successful interior designer, and I started my own projects in 1994. I’ve been able to design homes for many wonderful clients like Juliana Margulies, Patricia Arquette, Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon, and believe it or not, Rod and Penny Stewart.


Tell me about your passion for gardening. Yes, I have fallen in love with growing veggies, and it is my husband’s fault. In 2005, I met my husband, Mike Padilla. We married in 2007, and my children and I moved to Rancho Santa Fe, California. Mike bought me a greenhouse because
I liked to re-bloom orchids. The greenhouse was way too hot for the orchids, and so I started growing veggies instead. The first plants I put in the ground were seedlings I purchased from my local garden supply store. Now, I grow my own seedlings in my greenhouse or start them in the ground, depending on the vegetable. Having instant success made me realize that I could do it.


What is it about gardening? Growing and consuming organic veggies that are free from man-made fertilizers, chemicals or pesticides is the key to a healthier world. I believe that he benefits are incalculably powerful and that the world would be a gentler, kinder place if we started by treating our bodies respectfully. Before I gardened, I never looked to see where my mango came from and only purchased the cheaper, unblemished apple because of what it looked like; I wasn’t aware of what the chickens that were providing my boys’ breakfast had to endure. I didn’t realize that there were hormones and antibiotics in the eggs we were eating. I never looked on the back
of the bag of something I was consuming before. Growing has opened my eyes to a simpler, purer, more natural world. l SEPTEMBER 2013



I hear you have a new iHeart radio show that just launched. What is it about? Now that I am into my 50s, I look at the world differently. I have had an interesting life and enjoyed most of it. Making a difference and reinventing myself at 54 is on my to-do list right now. I am really excited about my new iHeart radio show coming out September called Food Made Simple. I will be talking about growing and the food we eat. You can download the iHeart app on your smart phone, computer or iPad for free. Chefs, farmers, nutritionists, scientists, authors, naturopaths, activists, the occasional celebrity and even my model friends will be sharing their tips, ideas and knowledge about health and the food they grow and eat on my new show. With my expert guests, we will learn about the labels on our food today. What do they mean? What is in season? Where does our food come from? Food Made Simple is about simply growing, simply cooking and simply understanding your food.



D AT E :


py helps a lot, too. Since I have been growing my own vegetables, I started to realize that when I ate mostly a plant-based diet, my skin, body, attitude and energy changed and changed for the good.


What life lesson can you give our readers that you have learned through your travels? When I work at something, I work hard at it. When I look back at the chapters of my life, starting with trying out for cheerleader, to becoming a model, interior designer, a mother and my desire to change the world, I realize nothing comes without effort. Find what you are passionate about, believe you can do it, march forward and listen to your heart and intuition along the way. Never give up on your dream. Remember, “One seed can change your life!”


You look amazing! What is your secret? Well, thank you. You are what you eat. That is what I am learning now that I am in my 50s. Of course, exercise and just being hap-


To catch up with Kelly, visit www., twitter@kellyemberg and Facebook Kelly Emberg the model gardener.

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Memorial Villages By Thomas Roth

Ed Bauer sat in an early Bauer Lumberyard Company truck long before paved roads came to the Spring Branch area.

Photos from Spring Branch by George Slaughter.


n the early 1950s, a group of citizens living on the West side of Houston concerned about the lack of zoning gathered to incorporate their own cities. The Memorial Villages derived from land grants given to John Taylor and Isaac Bunker for their service during the Texas War of Independence from Mexico. Over the years, they sold parts of their land to various owners. Many of the early settlers were from Germany; some of the streets are named after them. They were farmers and some raised livestock. Since the area was heavily wooded, there were also sawmills and lumberyards in the area.

Arnold Louis Hillendahl worked on his family farm in Spring Branch.

Memorial Drive was a narrow road that followed the borders of the farms that lined the road. Highway 90, also known as Katy Road, was there before Interstate 10. Piney Point Road had been put in around the 1900 to 1905 time frame, first as a dirt road, then oyster shell. There were some small businesses that lined the stretch of where Interstate 10, Campbell and Voss Road currently exist. Up until the mid to late 30s, many people got around by horseback due to the lack of paved roads. On Echo Lane, across the street from the present location of Memorial High School, there was a chicken farm where the owner sold eggs. People would ride their hors-


Students posed in front of a Spring Branch school bus.

es on Piney Point Road to Taylorcrest and over to where Memorial City Mall is now located and stop to pick berries. Rumor has it that there was an illegal still on part of the site where the mall now stands. When the original people who founded the villages met in the early 50s, the main roads that provide the current boundaries of the Villages already existed. The Spring Branch School District began in 1856 with the Spring Branch School Society sponsored by St. Peter’s Church. In 1900, there were 50 students in the white school and twenty students in the local black school. In the early 1900s, there was a school house at the corner of Campbell and Long Point. Until the 1948/49 school year, Spring Branch School District had only nine grades requiring the students to transfer to Addicks, Lamar

W.G. “Pistol” Vogt and children enjoyed a wagon ride on Vogt’s family farm. Before the city of Houston grew westward and the area became urbanized, Spring Branch was primarily farmland.


or Cypress Fairbanks, where they had the nickname of “the country kids from Voss Road.” In early 1952/53, the high school was opened until it closed in 1985. The school district had 440 students in 1942 and 14,000 by 1960. Memorial High School was opened in the early 1960s to relieve overcrowding at the Spring Branch High School. Over the years, the area continued to grow. When Voss Road was paved with asphalt, many in the area wondered, “Why did they make this nice street in the middle of nowhere?” One of the early residents who moved from the Heights to Hedwig Village told her former neighbors that she could see cows and bulls grazing on the land that is now in the area of Beinhorn and Hedwig Road. In the early 1950s, Prudential Insurance relocated from New Jersey to Houston. Some of the transfers settled in the Memorial Villages, and the area kept its growth due to the influence of the energy industry in Houston. Over the years, the Villages have kept their appeal of living in a small city with its own school district, police, fire and other city services, surrounded by a major city. Next time you or your family are out on one of the many hike and bike trails in the shade of the many trees, and you see a senior citizen, be sure and thank them for their help in making the Memorial Villages the most desired spot to live in Houston.

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njoy tasteful, distinctive living at the Village of Tanglewood. Our convenient location in the heart of Houston’s most desirable area offers easy access to world-class shopping and urban amenities. Maintain long-time friendships, community ties, and personal interests while simplifying your life. From quality suites and delicious dining to concierge service and stimulating activities— the Village of Tanglewood offers an exceptional retirement lifestyle.

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16 00 A ug usta D ri ve , H ousto n, Te xa s 77 05 7 w ww.villa ge oft ang le w oo d.c om l SEPTEMBER 2013


Walk the Talk D

entists, oral surgeons and essentially all medical professionals are trained to use their expertise, education and training to diagnosis their patients’ issues and provide the best possible resolution. It’s part of the Hippocratic Oath, which is historically taken by healthcare professionals, to practice medicine while honestly valuing their patients’ well-being and best interests.


hile all healthcare professionals take this commitment seriously, there are some who take their commitment a step further. Some have “walked the talk” or experienced what their patients are experiencing due to life circumstances or simply by choice. These experiences allow these unique healthcare professionals to provide not only the best possible care to their patients, but they are in a rare and distinct position to empathize with what their patients are experiencing because they have been there. Samuel E. Cress, D.D.S., a visionary in the field of Craniofacial Pain and Dental Sleep Medicine, is just such a healthcare professional.

Doctor or Dentist? Being a dentist was not always the plan for Dr. Cress. As a young man, he wanted to attend medical school to become a burn surgeon to help children at Shriners Hospital for Children. This empathy as a young man helped lay the groundwork for a career where patients have always been the priority for Dr. Cress. Dr. Cress was exposed to the world of dentistry during college and discovered that it was something that he actually enjoyed. “It just so happens that I am good with my hands and I truly enjoy dentistry,” recalled Dr. Cress. A prerequisite for becoming a good clinician is one who has the skill set of problem solving and critical “out of the box” thinking. Dr. Cress realized early on in life that he pos-


sessed these unique skills. In order to undergo what his patients would be experiencing, as well as to hone his skills, Dr. Cress practiced what he preached. “During Dental School, I used myself as a guinea pig to practice injection techniques and suturing skills throughout my education.” Fellow classmates also found a willing subject in Dr. Cress as he served as their patient while they practiced injections, suturing, perio scaling and replacing simple amalgam fillings with ones that were white composite. One day while in dental school, Dr. Cress and his fellow classmate, Larry Cunningham, had patients booked, but they did not show for their appointments. In order to maintain their requirements and not get docked for the no-shows, the two classmates came up with a plan: Larry extracted Sam’s wisdom teeth and they both received credit for the extractions.

Practicing What You Preach Perhaps a bit unconventional but extremely effective, Dr. Cress continued on his path to becoming a dentist. He finished all of his graduation requirements by the end of the fall semester of his senior year, took his dental boards in early February, became board certified, and received his license well before the rest of his class graduated and finished their requirements. Once he began practicing, he continued to “walk the talk” by making himself bite guards and bleaching


Dr. Samuel E. Cress, D.D.S. trays. He perfected his injection techniques on himself with the Wand System and was one of the first dentists to utilize the system when it debuted over 18 years ago. He also practiced gingivectomies on himself using laser, so whatever his patients needed, it was likely that Dr. Cress had experienced the procedure first hand. Early in his practice, Dr. Cress decided to take his mantra a step further, and he went through orthodontics and orthonagthic surgery to correct his overbite and overjet that resulted from an unsuccessful stint with orthodontics as a child. He also had his large fillings replaced with crowns along with two elective root canals to experience what he himself was performing on his patients. Since that time, he has undergone additional root canals. When Dr. Cress entered into the field of Dental Sleep Medicine after completing his Sleep Residency at Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston, he took his same tried and true approach. To better understand his patients and their struggles with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), Dr. Cress went through a sleep study in a sleep lab, participated in numerous home sleep studies with a multitude of different systems and even tried the CPAP machine. Additionally, he has had ten plus different oral appliances made to alleviate OSA to personally determine which ones glean the best results with the least side effects yet yielded the best benefits for his patients. His results? The DNA/mRNA yields the


Lessons Learned First-Hand As a result of his personal full mouth rehabilitation, Dr. Cress has made adjustments in his practice to make his procedures more comfortable for his patients. “As a patient, I was more in touch with the amount of time my patients have to spend in the chair for full mouth rehabs,” said Dr. Cress. “As a result, I now have Dr. Michelle Howard, an anesthesiologist, sedate my patients for the procedure to make it more comfortable for them and to decrease the time

my patients sit in the dental chair. The fact that Dr. Howard is with my patients throughout their procedure not only adds to the comfort and well-being but ensuring the high level of care and quality that I provide my patients.”

After years of continuing education, Dr. Cress has perfected his technique of full mouth rehabilitation. “Needing some of my crowns replaced and my implant restored, along with cosmetic enhancements, I elected to have full mouth rehabilitation done myself,” said Dr. Cress. While Dr. Cress’ case is completed, he still wears the mRNA device to manage his OSA, as well as to protect his full mouth investment. When asked if he has any regrets regarding the numerous procedures he has experienced he said, “My only regret is not having the full mouth rehabilitation done earlier in my life!”

Dr. Samuel E. Cress, D.D.S.

and in combination with full mouth rehabilitation. He is a featured speaker at industry conferences and educational seminars. Dr. Cress pursues ongoing advance education in the field of Dental Sleep Medicine and full mouth rehabilitation. He has recently completed his Residency in Craniofacial Pain through the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain Institute. Dr. Cress is a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, American and Texas Dental Associations, the Academy of General Dentistry and the Greater Houston Dental Society. Dr. Cress has been in private practice in Sugar Land, Texas for over 18 years and has been a family member of the prestigious Arrowhead Dental Lab since 1995. Dr. Cress and his wife, Kimberly Cress. M.D., director of the TMS Serenity Center, share their life with their son, Carter. The Cress’ support various community organizations including Child Advocates of Fort Bend, Fort Bend Christian Academy, Fort Bend Women’s Center, Fort Bend Optimist Club of Sugar Land, Texana Center and are active members of Sugar Creek Baptist Church. For a complimentary consultation, please contact The Center for Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine at 281.565.4100.

Samuel E. Cress, D.D.S., director of The Center for Craniofacial & Dental Sleep Medicine located in Sugar Land, Texas, received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Dental Branch and his residency in Dental Sleep Medicine at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in Boston. In addition to his practice specializing in dental sleep medicine, cosmetic and general dentistry, Dr. Cress is a clinical instructor in the prestigious Dr. Dick Barnes Group where he teaches other dentists the benefits and applications of Day Nighttime Appliance (DNA) Therapy for patients suffering from Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). He has successfully treated OSA patients with DNA Therapy l SEPTEMBER 2013

Photos by Nesossi Studios

best results for OSA, and he has been wearing the device to non-surgically remodel his upper airways and widen his dental arch. Dr. Cress’ walk with his patients has yet to end. Over the past year, he has had an upper right bicuspid extracted, a bone graft, sinus lift and implant placed in lieu of a three unit bridge for one reason and one reason only: for the experience. “I routinely offer my patients the option of implants, and for me to effectively communicate how the procedure will impact them personally, I wanted to experience the process myself,” explained Dr. Cress. Restoring patients’ complete mouths back to their proper form and function has been a part of Dr. Cress’ treatment plans since he began in dentistry. After years of continuing education, Dr. Cress has perfected his technique of full mouth rehabilitation. “Needing some of my crowns replaced and my implant restored, along with cosmetic enhancements, I elected to have full mouth rehabilitation done myself,” said Dr. Cress. Dr. Cress contacted Kent Garrick at Arrowhead Dental Laboratory and the company, who Dr. Cress has been using his entire career, referred him to Dr. Jason Lewis in Draper, Utah. Dr. Lewis took on the task and performed full mouth rehabilitation on Dr. Cress with Arrowhead Elite full mouth crowns. Like Dr. Cress, Dr. Lewis is truly a “Dentist’s Dentist”. And, what was the outcome of Dr. Lewis’ work? “Simply The Most Beautiful Smile” and a dentist, Dr. Cress who could “walk the talk” with his patients.


By Steve Kursar

absolutely! AUTO REVIEW




he Jeep Cherokee is back! It’s an all new 2014 model that’s awfully sleek and stylish. It also handles likes a car instead of a rough off-roader, and it boasts amazing fuel economy for a mid-size SUV. But don’t let that fool you because it’s still a “Trail Rated” Jeep and will safely take you places that most of its competitors wouldn’t dare think of going. Jeep introduced the first Cherokee way back in 1984 when the brand was owned by American Motors, and it continued as a successful SUV model even after Chrysler bought the brand in 1987. The original Cherokee was a boxy, rugged SUV that found itself on the cutting block when Daimler-


Benz bought Chrysler in 1999. The new German owners brought in the Jeep Liberty as a replacement and the Cherokee name lived on only in foreign markets. Fast forward to 2013, and the Cherokee is back and the Liberty is history. Showing up in dealerships this autumn, the 2014 Cherokee shares the same platform as the popular new Dodge Dart. This car-based platform gives the new Cherokee the handling and driving comfort of a car as well as excellent fuel economy. The base Sport model, with an MSRP of $22,995, is equipped with the 184 hp, 2.4 liter four-cylinder engine that’s mated to a nine-speed transmission delivering an estimated 31 mpg. If you need more power, move up in trim and opt for the 271 hp, 3.2 liter Pentastar V6 engine. But since this is a Jeep, it must be capable of getting you through tough conditions, and it can. All new Cherokees feature the Jeep Selec-Terrain traction control system that promises you better control in difficult conditions. Just select any of the five cus-


tomized modes: Auto, Snow, Sport, Sand/Mud and Rock, and the Cherokee adjusts itself to get you through safely. If you need a Cherokee that can rock crawl, then the “Trail Rated” Trail Hawk has to be on your shopping list. For less than $7,000 over the base Cherokee, the 4x4 Trail Hawk exemplifies everything that is a rugged, go anywhere Jeep. Standard equipment includes Jeep Active Drive Lock with locking rear differential, skid plates and signature red tow hooks. Whether you need a Cherokee to get you to the mall or up a mountain, there’s one for you. I just think it’s great to have the Cherokee back on the block and on the rock. Follow Steve Kursur at KursarOnCars.

Jan Glenn’s Pawsitively Purrfect

Why Cats Do That


here is catnip, a catwalk, catatonic, catastrophe, cat and mouse, a cat nap and cat houses. However, none of these have anything at all to do with what a cat is all about!

People who don’t like cats were probably mice in their first life. These fourlegged creatures are more fun to watch when they are at play than just about anything else. They are like potato chips; you can’t have just one. Two cats can live as cheaply as one, and their owner has twice as much fun. I have two cats, and they are both rescues. My cross-eyed cat, George Strait Eyes, is from the Houston Humane Society, and I adopted him when he was a kitten. After one week in my home, he got into the parakeet cage of Elvis and Priscilla, and I never saw my precious eight-year-old parakeets again. George Strait Eyes almost went back to the Houston Humane Society after that, but 20 years later, he is still with me. Tammy Whynot is my rescue from Willowisp Country Club. She is still with me after 15 years. Her pal and mine, Conway Twitty Kitty, died a few years ago and that was tough for both of us. Cats are independent, and they usually get their way. They have staff where dogs have owners. As every cat person knows, nobody owns a cat.

George Strait Eyes in his cat box.


Some interesting facts about domestic cats are: • If a cat’s tail “shakes” in your general area, it means that your cat is declaring love. • Cats can produce over one hundred vocal sounds, and the basics are purring, meowing and hissing. • Cats use their whiskers to help them navigate cramped and dark spaces. • Cats can jump up to five times their own height in a single bound. • Cats have 32 muscles in each ear, and they can rotate their ear 180 degrees. • In life, the average house cat purrs around 10,950 hours and that sound has benefits for people. Conway Twitty Kitty.

Hendricks, the Citizens for Animal Protection Thrift Store cat.

Cats outnumber dogs by millions as house pets but with that love come some cat haters. Two of the most notable were Ghenghis Kahn and Julius Caesar. Famous folks who loved felines are Sir Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln. There are celebrity cats such as Morris, Garfield and Sylvester. Regardless of those precious kitties’ statures in life, they still have common cat behaviors.

Common cat behaviors include: • On average, cats spend two-thirds of the day sleeping. That means a 12year-old cat is awake only four years of its life. • The earliest evidence of a pet cat was found in a 9,500 year-old cat grave in Cyprus! • The richest cat in the world is Blackie, whose owner Ben Rea left him 15 million pounds of cash. • The oldest cat in the world was Crème Puff of Austin, Texas. She was 38 years old – that is 226 years in human years! At 20 years and going strong, George Strait Eyes, my cat, is looking pretty spry!


• If a cat’s ears are flattened, it means they are annoyed or frightened. • Slinking low to the ground is either stalking, or the cat is scared. • When a cat is lying down with its eyes closed and the tail flicking, it is spying. They can keep it up all day – eyes totally shut! So these are a few answers to “Why Cats Do That.” They are quirky and curious creatures. They will keep you oohing and aahing as you gaze upon their fascinating behavior. A final note on these feisty finicky felines: If you want the best seat in the house, move the cat!

Q& A with Dr. Carin Domann & Dr. Angela Orfanos

It’s Never Too Late... One of our most frequently asked questions is, “Am I too old for braces?” The answer is simple, NO. There is no age limit when it comes to creating a beautiful smile that you have always desired. Plus, braces do not know how old you are!!!


What are the benefits of Braces?


Besides a great smile, braces can help with the general health of your teeth. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, they wear more evenly and assist in better overall health. A beautiful smile will also improve your self -confidence.


What are my options for treatment?


Many choices are available to correct your smile. The most common type of braces is metal. Ceramic or clear braces are an alternate, more esthetic choice. If you are looking for something less noticeable, Invisalign or limited Lingual (tongue side braces) are additional options.


My dentist wants me to consider Implants to replace missing teeth. Why should I visit an orthodontist as well? Often an orthodontist will help upright leaning teeth or create more or less space for the implant. The adjunctive treatment ensures that the implant is properly placed. An orthodontist may also adjust the occlusion or position of the opposing teeth.


Team members, Cathy, Krista and Rosalinda, smile with their braces!

Please call today for a complimentary exam.


911 Town and Country Blvd., Suite A Houston, TX 77024

It’s Like Asking For A Pony And Getting A Unicorn.

FREE Bundtlet with the purchase of a bundtlet

Houston Uptown • 5000 Westheimer Road, Ste. 108 Houston, Texas 77056 • (713) 552-9100 Expires 9/30/13. Limit one offer per guest. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Redeemable only at the bakery listed. Must be claimed in-store during normal business hours. No cash value.

Don’t let joint pain slow you down Relieve your joint and back pain with MLS Laser Therapy Painless and effectively eases: • Back & Shoulder Pain • Joint, Neck & Knee Pain • Sports Injuries

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1145 Highway 6 South, Houston, TX 77077 l SEPTEMBER 2013



& QA

Sports Medicine

Experts: Dr. Jorge Gomez, primary care sports medicine physician Dr. Megan May, sports medicine and pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott McKay, sports medicine and pediatric orthopedic surgeon


ith the surge in youth sports in recent decades, sports medicine specialists are seeing a greater number of injuries due to overuse. Children and adolescents are often playing sports year-round, which increases the likelihood of sports-related injuries. However, unlike adults, children’s bodies are still developing and need specialized care to prevent growth issues. Below, the experts of the Sports Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus, which is dedicated to treating children for all types of sports-related injuries, explain more about the program’s expansion and new, state-of-the-art clinic. Located at I-10 and Barker Cypress, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus houses the only 24/7 pediatric emergency room in the Greater West Houston area, four surgical suites and a minor procedure room, inpatient services and advanced imaging services including ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. For more information, visit sports nutrition, sports physical therapy, musculoskeletal radiology, sports concussion program and injury prevention.

Q: Patient Caroline Casey sees Dr. Jorge Gomez at the West Campus.


WHAT SERVICES DOES THE SPORTS MEDICINE PROGRAM AT TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL WEST CAMPUS PROVIDE? The Sports Medicine Program provides a comprehensive array of services to appropriately care for and treat acute and chronic sports injuries, concussion, exercise induced asthma and other conditions affecting sports performance. These services include: primary care sports medicine, sports orthopedic surgery,



The 28,500-square-foot, state-of-theart sports medicine facility at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus houses a 3,000-square foot gym, two x-ray rooms, three casting rooms and 16 exam rooms for seamless, patient-centered service. The new space houses advanced technologies, including robotic dynamometry for isokinetic testing, motion recording and analysis to enhance rehabilitation.


Dr. Scott McKay works with 7-year-old patient Alyssa Morfin.

May, sports medicine and pediatric orthopedic surgeon and Dr. Scott McKay, sports medicine and pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Our sports medicine doctors work collaboratively with radiologists, sportsfocused physical therapists and dietitians, as well as other Texas Children’s Hospital subspecialists when needed.


WHAT TYPE OF SPECIALIZED CARE DOES THE SPORTS MEDICINE PROGRAM AT TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL PROVIDE? Because a child’s bones, muscles, brain and other organs are different than an adult, they respond much differently to injuries, stress and athletic training, and therefore require comprehensive, specialized treatment. The Sports Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital utilizes an interdisciplinary approach for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of young athletes with acute and chronic sports injuries. Our program is the only sports medicine program in the area focused solely on the unique needs of the pediatric and adolescent athlete. Our program also includes dieticians specializing in sports nutrition to further enhance recovery and performance in the young athlete. Learn more or make an appointment by calling 832-22-SPORT (77678).


The Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Sports Medicine Program team includes: Dr. Jorge Gomez, primary care sports medicine physician, Dr. Megan


Patient Brian Turner is seen by Dr. Megan May at the West Campus.

Dentistry with a Woman’s Touch... Stephanie A. Barfield, D.D.S.

General and Cosmetic Dentistry Texas Dental Association • Academy of General Dentistry • American Dental Association

Your complete care includes Tooth-Colored Fillings • Crowns • Veneers • “Zoom” In-Office Whitening and Take Home Trays Professional Cleanings and Polishings • Implant Restorations

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915 Gessner Rd., Prof. Building 3, Suite 660, Houston, TX 77024 Located Next to Memorial City Mall

DHA Digestive Health Associates • Specializing in Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders • Colon Cancer Screenings • Advanced Endoscopic Procedures Including Endoscopic Ultrasound and ERCP (Pancreatic and Biliary Disorder) Memorial City Medical Plaza 3 915 Gessner Suite 650 • Houston, TX 77024

G.S. Ramesh, M.D., F.A.C.P, A.G.A.F.

Methodist Hospital West 18400 Katy Freeway Suite 440 Houston, TX 77094

J. George Sun, M.D.

Call for appointment: 713-468-2030 l SEPTEMBER 2013


Mentions Memorial


Shelley and Newt Barineau celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary at Triple Creek Ranch in Darby, Montana.

Stratford student Jake Johnson is on the Texas Patriots team, who won the USSSA World Series in Gulf Shores, Alabama on July 14th. Jake pitched the final game beating the East Cobb Braves in the finals 12-4. Pictured are Jake and his mom, Christy Johnson.

St. Francis Elementary student Abbie Wallace enjoyed a trip to Disneyland.

Erin and Ava Pluchino visited New York City!


Rummel Creek Elementary’s Theresa Trevino was the school’s teacher of the year for 2012-2013, and she went on to earn Spring Branch ISD’s coveted Teacher of the Year. Her second grade class was more than happy to help her celebrate. Pictured with Trevino are students Ryder Anderson, Cade Hanlen, Andrew Thomas, Luke Robbie, Ben Saterbak, Charlie Baird, Callan Reimann, Adam Elbanna, Cameron Koithan, Lowell Moss, Jinhoo Yoon, Wylie Burton, Molly Higgins, Ashley Cooper, Anna Sophia Cashiola, Ava Cofran, Abby Gannon, Griffin Ross, Harris Timmreck, Anna Petruzzi and Ashley Zindler.


Blair Barineau cut off her hair for Locks of Love with the help of her stylist, Orlando Castellanos, at Vanity Salon.

Tucker and Emily Copeland attended the Summer Celebration at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church (MDPC).

Jack, Walt and McKennon Denny celebrated McKennon’s 12th birthday at Benihana.

Author Melissa Williams and artist Hanh Tran hosted a workshop that Bunker Hill Elementary students Tess Waggoner, Vicky Chiravanich and Mykaela and Jade Lawson-Ho attended.

Cecelia Rizo-Patron and Caroline Stiles enjoyed face painting at the Summer Celebration.

Brooke Brenton, Julia Elliott, Lainie Hampton and Dylan Milam loved the CLIMB theme at MDPC’s Summer Celebration.

The MDPC Summer Celebration Leadership Team: Jennifer Vajdos, Sue Harkins, Kristen McGee, Becky Singley, Kathy Suerth, Alison Transou, Tracy Thornton, Amy Hubbard, Andrea Bishop, Rise’ Johns, Pam Rundle, Daisy Gichaya, Lyndsey Dottavio, Susan Fargason, Alicia Boykin, Amy Hampton, Marty Chapman, Ashley Michels, Leslie Valentine, Page Copeland, Becky Funderburk, Karen Lopes, Rachel Poysky, Amy Delgado and Suzanne Stiles.

Memorial resident Marilyn Wolff and fellow NinetyNine Elizabeth Frankowski attended the Girl Scout Peckham Park Twilight Camp in Katy where they presented the “Girl Scout Councils Girls Own Award - Discovering Flight.” This award introduced the girls to aviation pioneers including the Wright brothers, Harriet Quimby, Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, Jackie Cochran, Sally Ride and Kalpana Chawla.

Ali Survant, Maya Blanton, Melissa McCown, Heather Cody and Kerri Kenne stayed at Hotel ZaZa for a Memorial Moms’ Association Women’s Retreat. l SEPTEMBER 2013


s u o l u b Fa inds F BY DE B B I E C L E M E N S @debbieclemens

You may know me as a Memorial mom of four fabulous boys and wife to Roger Clemens, but what you may not know is that I love finding cool and unique products because, let’s face it, in a house full of boys, a girl needs her girl stuff! So, here are some things I absolutely love... and hope you will too!

Egyptian Magic The ancient Egyptians’ magic secret cream is an all-purpose cream and works magic on scrapes, scars and even sunburns. It is made with olive oil, beeswax, honey and more. And, if you are not satisfied with the product, they will refund your money!

Nudo Olive Oils Made from 100 percent Italian olives, these straight from the grove olives are pressed the same day as picking! You can enjoy many flavors, too. My faves are Extra Virgin, Lemon and Chile. You can buy a single bottle or a three pack. Enjoy!

French Bull Zodiac Mugs French bull has created a 12 piece collection of porcelain mugs representing every sign in the Zodiac. They are unique and very colorful! I love that they are packed in an orange box for a special gift, or you can be like me and buy the whole set for your kitchen!

Restore Instant HOT Flash Aid Toru iPhone Wallet Cases All of my boys in the house are sporting a Toru Leather iPhone Wallet. They love it and say it is a must! Easy to carry, the cases are rated five stars, and they come in an assortment of colors.



It’s hot here in Houston, and I can’t imagine suffering from hot flashes as well! However, if you do, this has been highly recommended. Restore is hormone-free and provides instant relief from hot flashes. A unique product, Restore offers three-in-one relief: it cools, hydrates and balances. Be cool!

Back to School and What To Do . . . Top Ten Tips By Nancy L. Rommelmann PLLC


eparated and divorced families frequently experience communications problems regarding homework, test and school events for their children.

The following are tips in the best interest of your child to make the process easier. 1. Look at the school’s website for information

regarding open house and meet the teacher opportunities for you and your child. Don’t rely on the other parent to give you this information.

David H. Young CEO, David Young Team Top five Houston real estate team year after year. Awarded Top 70 Real Estate Team in the U.S. by the Wall Street Journal. Driving force in Energy Corridor real estate and beyond. Sought after luxury home sales expert. Believes success can always be improved upon.

2. Before school starts, call your child’s school


directly to check if there are events that aren’t on the school’s website that you and your child should attend.

3. If you attend an open house, and your child and other parent are present, be nice! Don’t create an awkward or embarrassing moment for your child in front of the teacher and other parents.

4. Advise your child’s teacher that you would like to be emailed regarding parties, events, field trips, etc.

5. Sign up to volunteer for activities and follow through. This means a lot to your child!


6. For elementary age children, ask the teacher if

homework “packets” are distributed weekly, and find out what day of the week the “packets” are distributed. Do what you can to assist your child to ensure their homework is completed, and attempt to coordinate with your child’s other parent to assist in completing the packet.

7. Participate in purchasing back-to-school supplies, books and uniforms.

8. If you are the higher wage earner of the two

parents, either purchase the items mentioned above or give the other parent extra money to buy items.

9. Periodically email or meet with the teacher to make sure your child is on track.

10. If you are in the unfortunate but common

situation where communication with your child’s other parent is slim to none, check out “Our Family Wizard” at Parties are increasingly utilizing this resource to facilitate communication between parents.

“I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught.” – Winston Churchill

Each office is independently owned and operated.


• Divorce Planning • Divorce (Contested or Uncontested) • Child Custody • Child Support • Complex Property Division • High Net Worth Divorce • Parental Relocations • Post Divorce Modifications • Paternity and Parental Rights • Visitation Rights • Grandparent’s Rights • Pre- and Post- Martial Agreements • Adoptions • Collaborative Law • Alternative Dispute Resolution (mediation and arbitration)

Nancy Rommelmann is regularly consulted by local media for her on-air analysis about family law.

Straight Answers • Strategic Thinking Compassionate • Experienced

Nancy L. Rommelmann Family Law Attorney

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Memorial Hermann Health System President and CEO Dan Wolterman showed off the award recognizing the system for the second consecutive year as one of the nation’s top 15 health systems by Truven Health Analytics. The award was recently presented at the 20th annual 100 Top Hospitals Summit in Washington, D.C. Pictured with Wolterman are Mike Boswood, Truven Health Analytics president and CEO; Jon Gogola, M.D., Chief of Staff at Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center; and Keith Alexander, CEO of Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, which was recognized for being one of the 100 Top Hospitals, 2013 Large Community Hospitals.

Elaine Turner and lucky Meadowwood student Lauren Vogan got some fashion advice.

Holden Mock and Zachary Christie were all Smurfy smiles at the Smurfs 2 Houston Premier at Edwards Theatre.

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Cal Ripken visited with David Espinosa, 6, and Rodrigo Nambo, 7, as they checked out their new eyeglasses for the Spirit of Baseball event.

The Spring Branch Education Foundation’s third annual fashion event, A Legacy of Style, in partnership with designer Tory Burch and her Galleria I store, is scheduled for November 22nd. Cochairs Debbie Slack and Susan Griffin were over the moon with excitement at the announcement.

Christine Cook and Judy Buchanan have reason to smile. Their store Kaleidoscope just celebrated its five year anniversary. Congratulations!

Landon, Britney and Peyton Long had fun at the Mayan Dude Ranch in Bandera.




Jump Spectate

Join the Fun at The Houston Polo Club! Lesson Packages & Box Seating Available for Fall. Season begins September 8th


Carol Peyton Leadership Consultant, David Young Team Sought after national speaker on Leadership. Highly awarded Team Leader, Regional Director, and CEO Award recipient for a Top 3 national real estate firm. Former Dean of the real estate industry’s first Leadership Institute. Believes everything rises and falls on leadership.


Each office is independently owned and operated.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry


Susan Yarbrough Ashy d.d.s., p.a.

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Pantone 874 Black

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two convenient locations Investment products and services are offered through Wells Fargo Advisors Network, LLC (WFAFN), Member SIPC. J.D. Joyce Investment Management Group, LLC is a separate entity from WFAFN.

2944 S. Mason Rd., Ste. N • Katy, TX 77450 • 281.693.1110 2450 Fondren Rd., Ste. 250 • Houston, TX 77063 • 713.266.5773 l SEPTEMBER 2013


Empress of China Massage and Foot Reflexology Empress of China Massage has a highly experienced, talented group of licensed massage therapists who are committed to providing clients with high quality massage therapy in their state-of-the-art facility. Each one of their therapists is committed to quality service and encouraged to innovate, as well as to develop and enhance their style and natural talents to give clients the best massage possible. Although Empress of China Massage may appear to be a luxurious spa, they are much more. Their main focus is on providing clients with the finest, most effective and most professional therapeutic treatments. Their therapists are innovative and believe that one treatment does not fit all. Their highly-qualified massage therapists assess each person on a case-by-case basis to find what treatment options will be the most beneficial: relax, breathe, stretch, let go of the stress, aches and pains. Empress of China offers Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, hot stone massage and foot massage. They also offer a combo foot and body massage, as well as bioelectric therapy. Clients will feel relaxed and at ease in their comfortable, immaculate facilities that allow you to leave the stress of the outside world behind you. Visit Empress of China Massage at 8412 Katy Freeway, Suite 340 in Houston or at Call 713-468-3799 to schedule an appointment.

J.D. Joyce Investment Management Group, LLC Local businessman J.D. Joyce has launched his new business, J.D. Joyce Investment Management Group, LLC. Joyce, a Bunker Hill resident, has been guiding investors with their portfolio management for more than 20 years, J.D. Joyce and he has made this move in order to provide more personalized service. J.D. and his two long-term associates, Katie Letsos and Dell Thomason, recently moved their offices to Bering Drive off of San Felipe. Joyce reports that just three months into the new venture, business is booming. “We are humbled by the volume of clients who have committed to making this move with us. As an investment advising team, our top priority is listening to our client’s financial goals and establishing a plan to help them achieve their goals and objectives,” said Joyce. Joyce’s clients have been overwhelmingly supportive of the move. Many have commented about the convenience of the second floor Bering and San Felipe location and accessible parking. Several said they no longer need to dress up to meet with Joyce and his associates for they are simply stopping by in the neighborhood. “This move had been wonderful for our loyal clients. Our relationships are strong, our independence great and our affiliation with Wells Fargo comforting to those who are looking for independent quality advice coupled with the strength and affiliation of a major financial institution such as Wells,” said Joyce. absolutely! Memorial reported on Joyce in December of 2012 following the release of his book, The Story of Rich, published by John Wiley & Sons.

Over 40 Years of Serving the Memorial Area The Darsey - Krivan Orthodontics Team

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• Dr. Drew Darsey & Dr. James Krivan are Board Certified Orthodontists. • Friendly and Experienced Team • Flexible Hours and Payment Plans • Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen® Preferred Provider • Located in the heart of the Memorial Villages at I-10 and Campbell Rd.

9090 Gaylord Suite 103 • 713-464-8905 • 28


Helping you navigate through the Tax Exempt Bond markets. David or Darrin Loesch

And announcing...

605-B Park Grove Drive Katy, TX 77450

Tamara Mannen


Director of Team Building and Career Development, David Young Team DRL Group LP is a branch office of and securities offered through WFG Investments, Inc.(WFG), member FINRA & SIPC. Registered Representatives of WFG Investments.

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Noted trainer and team leader in Houston real estate. Sought after business coach to top producing agents. Proven business planning and marketing expert. Believes talent is never enough.


Each office is independently owned and operated.

H o u s t o n Tu r k e y Tr o t . o r g

Empress of China Massage Massage therapy helps you relax, re-align and rejuvenate. There are many positive aspects to receiving massage therapy on an ongoing basis, and with the busy lives we lead, we can all benefit from a little stress-management. 1 Hour Full Body

Swedish M assage




any other offers. 99 withLimited time offer. Not to be combined

absolutely! Memorial

1 Hour

foot M assage



any other offers. 99 withLimited time offer. Not to be combined

absolutely! Memorial

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Memorial Pediatric Dentistry We love your children!

David Tang, DDS Board Certified - Pediatric Dentistry


Our mission is to provide the highest quality dental care for children. Dr. Tang and associates are committed to that mission. • Fun & Exciting ChildFriendly Environment

• Staff member of Texas Children’s Hospital

• Latest Advancements in Dental Technology • Trained and accredited to perform all forms of safe sedation

• Trained staff in Spanish & Vietnamese • Kids & Teens love our custom mouth guard

Convenient to Shopping, Restaurants & Entertainment Two Convenient Locations

Memorial Pediatric Dentistry • 791 Town and Country Blvd., Suite 210 • Houston, 77024 Ashford Pediatric Dental Specialists • 14740 Barryknoll Lane, Suite 120 • Houston, 77079

David Tang, DDS • • 281.822.6600

10 MINUTES = 1 HOUR AT THE GYM Increased metabolism Decreased weight Increased muscle tone & firmness Decreased cellulite Higher bone density Stress relief / improved sleep Anti-aging effects Improved circulation 10 minute sessions No contracts FREE DEMONSTRATION




TMS Serenity Center’s Dr. Kimberly Cress Releases Clinical Data Showing Benefit of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation New data at the 166th Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in San Francisco was released by the TMS Serenity Center, under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Cress. The poster, “Treatment of Unipolar, NonPsychotic Major Depressive Disorder with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Dr. Kimberly Cress Results from a Retrospective Evaluation of Measured Outcomes during Routine Clinical Practice,” presented the effectiveness and safety of using TMS in the first 64 consecutive patients treated for Major Depression in her private practice in Sugar Land. Results from this study revealed 70% of individuals obtained relief from their depression and 68% relief from their anxiety. Patients responded to TMS despite having failed an average of 3.3 antidepressant medications during their current episode of Major Depression. There were no significant side effects experienced during or after TMS treatments. Based on these results, Dr. Cress was able to conclude that TMS is effective, safe and well-tolerated for the treatment of Major Depression as well as some anxiety disorders. TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, utilizes an MRI-strength magnet. During this in the office procedure, the magnet pulses on and off over a 30 minute period of time stimulating the area of the brain that is less active due to the mood disorder. This magnetic field stimulates the nerves to fire releasing chemicals or neurotransmitters like serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. These are the same neurotransmitters that are provided artificially through antidepressant medications but without the risk of side effects from medications. TMS Therapy was cleared by the FDA in October 2008 for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). It is a non-systemic (does not circulate in the bloodstream throughout the body) and noninvasive (does not involve surgery) form of neuromodulation. Nearly 12,000 patients have received treatment since clearance by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2008, with the TMS Serenity Center exceeding 100 patients, the largest provider in Texas. Visit, for more information about TMS Therapy.


Food Allergy Bullying in Schools: A Growing Epidemic The Conery Family at a previous FARE Walk for Food Allergy. Parents John and Eileen with children Ian and Claire, who both live with food allergies.

According to Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), one in 13 children in the U.S. has a food allergy. Nearly 40 percent of these children have experienced a severe or life-threatening reaction, such as anaphylaxis, and approximately one-third of children with food allergies report that they have been bullied because of their allergies. Nearly half the time, children with food allergies do not tell their parents they have been bullied. This encouraged FARE’s recent launch of a PSA that addresses food allergy bullying. “Bullying has a significant social and emotional impact on children with food allergies,” said John L. Lehr, chief executive officer of FARE. “Research released earlier this year demonstrates it is important to identify and address cases of bullying proactively. FARE’s new public service announcements mark an important step in educating and raising awareness of the physical dangers and emotional toll imposed by a new form of bullying in this country.” A study published in Pediatrics (January 2013) demonstrated that bullying is common in children with food allergies. Researchers concluded that this bullying is associated with lower quality of life and distress in both children and their parents. According to the study, when parents are aware of the bullying, the child’s quality of life is better. “Each of us can do our part in addressing bullying in schools,” said Mike Lade, FARE Walk for Food Allergy Volunteer Chair and FARE Board Member. “One way is to talk to your children about the seriousness of food allergy. Ask to address your child’s class or ask the school nurse to address the students about the seriousness of food allergy and the importance of supporting one another. When children better understand how serious it is, they often will support their fellow student.” Monies raised at the Houston FARE Walk for Food Allergy help FARE address issues like this, as well as fund research for a cure. The 2013 Walk is Saturday, September 7th at Sam Houston Park. Registration begins at 8 am, and the Walk will begin after the opening ceremony at 9:30 am. Visit, for more information.

The new David Young Leadership Team Uniting proven forces in the industry to create a dynamic real estate team like never before. The David Young Team. Raising the Bar in Houston Real Estate.


Each office is independently owned and operated.

Paul S. Metz, DDS, MD • Shelley Seidel, DDS, MD John Orfanos, DDS, MD

Back to school and sports

WE TREAT FACIAL INJURIES Dental Implants • Teeth Extractions • IV Sedation • Bone Grafts Sleep Apnea Correction • Facial / Dental Trauma • Oral Pathology Orthognathic/ Reconstructive Surgery • Teeth-in-a-Day


8800 Katy Freeway, Ste. 210 • Houston, Texas 77024 l SEPTEMBER 2013


Magness Orthodontics

Live Life Smiling

EVENTS By Stephanie Valtasaros

Phyre Hawkins, Mark Evans and Christopher John O’Neill in The Book of Mormon. Source:, copyright Joan Marcus

• Board certified orthodontists with over 66 years combined experience • Brand new state-of-the-art facility next to Memorial City Mall • Creating beautiful smiles for kids, teens and adults since 1960 • Voted Texas Monthly Super Orthodontist • Complimentary initial exams 902 Frostwood Ste 300 • Houston, TX 77024 • 713-468-9669

September 3rd – 15th

The Book of Mormon at Hobby Center Winner of nine Tony Awards, The Book of Mormon musical production features book, music and lyrics by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone. For show times and tickets, visit the Hobby Center Box Office, Ticketmaster® outlets or Houston.

September 5th – 29th

The Real Thing at Main Street Theater Rice Village Main Street Theater Rice Village, located at 2540 Times Boulevard, presents Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing on their main stage shows for adults. For show times and tickets, visit

September 6th, 8 pm

Dominic Walsh Dance Theater’s An Evening in Italy

We provide tutoring for all grade levels and in every content area: • Dyslexia • Early Literacy Skills • Autism • Reading Comprehension • Phonics • Writing • Math

• STAAR Preparation • Geometry, Algebra, Calculus • SAT/ACT Preparation • Biology, Chemistry, Physics • AP Classes • Spanish 713-927-8061 We Love What We Do!



Dominic Walsh Dance Theater performs An Evening in Italy: Celebrating 2013, The Year of Italian Culture in the United States at Miller Outdoor Theatre, located at 6000 Hermann Park Drive. Free tickets are available at the Miller Outdoor Theatre box office the day of the performance between 10:30 am and 1 pm. Visit or call 281-FREE-FUN.

September 14th and 28th, 2 pm

Family Magic Show at Houston Improv Every other Saturday, Houston Improv, located at 7620 Katy Freeway #455 in Houston, provides first class magic and comedy entertainment for all ages with live magic, illusions and comedy. Presale tickets are $10. Visit www.

Memorialites Ces and Laura Guerra Conquer Mount Everest By Ces Guerra


n May of 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary was the first to summit Mount Everest. He and his guide, Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, led the way to this magical region of the world. Flash forward 60 years to May of 2013, and I am proud to announce that my wife, Laura, and I reached Mount Everest Base Camp on May 23rd. For novice trekkers, this is an incredible accomplishment. Hiking at high elevations for two weeks for Memorialites is a tough challenge. It was a grueling trek through tough Himalayan terrain in Nepal, and we were privileged to see scenery that was spectacular! Making our trip possible were the friendly Nepalese people, and our World Wide Trekking team was fantastic. Our team leader was Dean Cardinale, owner and founder of World Wide Trekking/Human Outreach Project. His expertise in Nepal and the Khumbu Valley region is second to none, which

Ces and Laura Guerra posing in front of the Mount Everest Base Camp.

includes a summit of Mount Everest in May of 2005. We relied on Dean’s knowledge and experience to help us reach each successive destination along the trail to Mount Everest. Our group rested at Tea Houses, rustic “hotels,” in the villages of Monjo, Namche Bazaar, Pheriche, Lobuche and Gorak Shep at elevations of 10K, 12.5K, 14K, 16K and 16.5K respectively. The Tea Houses provided us with hot meals, small rooms with beds to lay out our

sleeping bags and in some cases, hot showers! In addition to Dean, we had a team of dedicated local sherpas to assist us with equipment and daily preparations. Reaching Mount Everest Base Camp at nearly 18,000 feet was exhilarating and difficult. I would say that for someone that lives at sea level in Houston, it is possible! With a great deal of physical training before you leave for Nepal, fit hikers can make this trek. Being surrounded by magnificent peaks reaching 29,000 feet, along with many around 25 to 28, 000 feet, was aweinspiring, and something we will never forget. Hiking through the Khumbu Valley region where we started out in lush forests, crossed cable bridges over roaring mountain rivers and dodged yaks and porters transporting supplies to the upper valley region was like a fantasy dream. It was a dream we will never forget.

Lose at least one inch of fat or your money back! Body and Facial Contouring BellaContour® is the market leader of non-invasive body and facial contouring systems with unmatched results in inch loss, cellulite and wrinkle elimination, guaranteed! BellaContour® Houston is the only clinic to offer these facial treatments. FDA approved ultrasound technology with zero pain and no downtime for both men and women.

Treated areas: Abdomen, Buttocks, Love Handles, Legs, Thighs, Arms, Hands, Face and Neck.

281-779-8966 2500 Fondren, Suite 301, Houston, TX 77063 As seen on l SEPTEMBER 2013



H O M E I S W H E R E T H E H E A RT I S The Advantages of Westchase District

There are many factors that go into a business owner’s decision to lease office space. The residential real estate truism of “location, location, location” holds true in commercial real estate decision-making as well. Prospective office tenants are choosing Westchase District in large numbers – more than 1.4 million square feet was leased in 2012 – because of the District’s easily accessible location. On the crossroads of the West Sam Houston Tollway and the Westpark Tollway, between Interstate 10 and US-59, Westchase District is accessible from four major highways. Plus, their location is surrounded by great neighborhoods. Briargrove Park, Lakeside, Rivercrest, Walnut Bend and Royal Oaks Country Club offer excellent living options for young families, corporate executives and everyone in between. There are 53 apartment communities for the Generation Xs and Millennials who prefer an urban lifestyle to homeownership. Great shopping is minutes away at City Centre or the Galleria, and excellent amenities are around the corner – from banks to grocery stores, restaurants to health clubs. Employees of area businesses can enjoy their morning coffee on the patio and come back for the afternoon happy hour, all within an easy drive to their homes nearby. Time and time again, commercial real estate brokers say their tenants are interested in locating in Westchase District because of the great diversity of housing choices and neighborhoods adjacent to the District. With more than one million square feet of office space currently under construction in Westchase, the supply is meeting the demand. For more information, visit

Class A Office Space just blocks from Class A Homes




Erin Stetzer: Who Is She? Erin Stetzer is the heartbeat of a family, a company and a community. Her heart is with her family and in helping people create exceptional homes … a haven for their families. What makes a house a home? “Home” is often referred to as a “safe zone,” where people develop their authentic virtues. It is where they learn self-control and table manners, where they daydream, share their deepest thoughts and navigate the ups and downs of life. It is the hub of the family. There are a lot of things under that one roof. Erin grew up with six siblings. Together, they learned (were forced) to be creative with relationships. Relationships were about giving time, love and attention. One perfect example was the single bathroom they all used every day. Some of Erin’s siblings chose to fight about who got to use it each morning. Erin chose to wake up at 5 am and take a nice, hot shower in peace. After reflecting deeply about what brings her happiness, Erin landed on two questions: “How can I best serve and give to others around me? What is my gift to share?” In the ten years since Stetzer Builders’ inception, Erin has learned to recognize and appreciate the massive amounts of support from others throughout the creative process. Stetzer Builders chooses to help people realize their home is not just a house. What is your choice? Visit or call 832-527-6968 for more information.



Explore Houston’s Newest Antiques Showroom

Back Row Antiques A trio of long-time, Memorial area antique merchants have opened a new, 9000 square foot showroom adjacent to the Katy Freeway access road near the Bingle/Voss exit. The new showroom houses the collections of three well-known vendors. They include 2 Lucy’s Antiques, owned by Memorial residents Kelly O’Donnell and Tracey Shingledecker; Designs by Grace, owned by Gracey Hall and Leighton Hale Antiques owned by Leighton Hale. The three formerly housed their operations at MAI Antiques Center. The newly designed showroom is named Back Row Antiques in reference to its location among the back row of buildings in the Memorial Design Center. The new facility was launched with a grand opening reception January 31st. 2 Lucy’s Antiques specializes in antique European furniture, accessories and one-of-a-kind items. Leighton Hale emphasizes antique American and European furniture and accessories, and Designs by Grace features antique and artisan built furniture, lamps and accessories. Back Row Antiques is located at 8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 111. It is open weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. It is open for both the trade and private collectors. For more information, call 713-827-9292.

(L to R) Tracey Shingledecker and Kelly O’Donnell, 2 Lucy’s Antiques; Gracy Hall, Designs by Grace; and Leighton Hale, Leighton Hale Antiques.

Discover the unique collections of 2 Lucy’s A ntiques, L eighton h ALe A ntiques and D esigns by grAce – longtime Houston merchants of European and American antique furniture, accessories and one-of-a-kind ideas.

8570 Katy Freeway, Suite 111 | 713.827.9292 | Open Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Saturday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. or by appointment. Exit I-10 at Bingle/Voss. Located in the Memorial Design Center (MDC) – north of Katy Frwy. Enter at MDC sign or turn onto Bingle and enter at the Spring Valley Town Center sign. Proceed to the back row. 003809-04-AbMemMag_mech.indd 1

2/4/13 3:56 PM

Making Space for Living. “From the initial meetings with the architect to finishing the last items on the punch list, Erin and her team always exhibited the highest levels of integrity and pride in their craft. Her straightforward discussions we had throughout the process, exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality, and most of all her open transparency with respect to project costs made our project seem easy. Stetzer Builders created a warm, beautiful, comfortable, and functional home for our family. Our home is not just a place to eat and sleep; rather, it is an extension of our family, a place to enjoy life, a place where friends and family can gather together, and a place of peace.” Client Testimonial

Erin Stetzer


5 Cam Court Houston, Texas 77055

P 832.527.6968 l SEPTEMBER 2013



H O M E I S W H E R E T H E H E A RT I S Home Furnishings: “Where Do I Start?”

Purchasing furniture and accessories for a home can be a daunting task. Questions constantly arise: How much should I pay? Will what I purchase fit in my space? Will the fabrics hold up? Will it look like I pictured? And, while it may seem luxurious to hire a decorator, or you think you can do it yourself – and there are those who can – hiring a qualified design professional often results in saving time and money. Design professionals can educate consumers on fabrics, dimensions of furniture and whether what is being considered will work in the space. They also have a greater knowledge of other furniture and accessory choices that may not necessarily be “on the floor.” They can educate consumers on quality, where money should be spent and where something less expensive will work. Paisley House proprietor Joani Scaff believes that educating yourself can give you peace of mind and a better end result. At Paisley House, it is important that anyone who walks in the door feels good about their purchase, whether it be bedding, a throw, a candle or a sofa. It is Paisley House’s goal that each customer is educated in his furniture purchase. The staff at Paisley House can walk customers through all of the questions that come with a furniture purchase. And, if you cannot find what you are looking for, they can help you make the right choice from their furniture and fabric library. A satisfied, well-educated customer is the goal at Paisley House! For more information, call 713-463-7600 or visit

12474 Memorial Drive 713.463.7600 Mon-Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-3 Paisley House



Practice – Play – Entertain Whether it is a putting green, playground area or a soft, clean lawn space for your backyard, let Green Links show you how to turn that outdoor space into a useful asset to your family and home. With over 10 years of experience, Green Links has design skills and broad expertise to help create a much more inviting, useful and beautiful outdoor space. The synthetic turf surfaces have become increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. They are consistently good looking and require very minimal maintenance. These turf surfaces drain very well and keep the outdoor space clean and dry. The putting green surfaces look and perform like top-quality country club greens; this is how Green Links started the business, and they create the best designed/ performing greens across the Houston region. These greens are used by the top area golf professionals and amateur players as home practice surfaces, and many homeowners find them to be great practice and social areas for family life. In conjunction with the synthetic turf surfaces, Green Links understands the importance of integrating these spaces into the home setting, so they offer landscape design and installation services as well. Whether it is a seating area, water feature, arbor, stone work or simply updating the plant beds, Green Links will work with you to create an outdoor living space that is attractive and adds more enjoyment to your family life. Contact Terry Westbrook at Green Links to discuss some initial design concepts and learn more about their synthetic turf solutions at 713-9329997 or visit


KALEIDOSCOPE studio of interior design

What Can You Expect When You Hire an Interior Designer? From new construction selections to remodeling ideas to furnishing your home, interior designers do it all. They will meet in your home with you and your family to determine exactly what it is that you need help with, focusing on your needs and wants as the first step. When furnishing a home, the designers at Kaleidoscope-Studio encourage concentrating on one room at a time or an area of rooms that flow together, instead of sprinkling money all over the house and not having anything completed. As soon as one room is planned and in order, you can move on to the next area right away or wait, if that is easier for your mind and budget. A designer will give you a complete picture of what you want to accomplish and will help blend styles and tastes if everyone is not in agreement. A designer will take measurements, suggest furniture placement, show you fabrics and furniture styles, wall colors, flooring and window coverings and quote how much it will all cost. Once the decisions are made, they will order, track, coordinate all the workrooms, receive, deliver and install everything. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the fact that you have a beautiful, comfortable home that you can enjoy with your family and friends. The designers at Kaleidoscope-Studio would love to sit down with you and discuss how to make your life simpler and complete. Visit for more information.

Your Neighborhood Interior Designers Judy Buchanan

Christine Cook

Furniture • Window Treatments •Upholstery Bedding • Accessories Rugs • Lighting • Art

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713-827-1282 8558 Katy Fwy. • Ste. 119 Houston, Texas 77024 I-10 @ Bingle

Putting Greens • Playgrounds Synthetic Turf Lawns

Take the fun outdoors from clean, soft attractive lawn surfaces to home golf greens like the pros use to safety rated fall zones under playscapes, let Green Links help beautify your home and take the games outside.

Call us for a free consultation

713•932•9997 l SEPTEMBER 2013




Memorial’s Premier Resident Realtor: Reneé Davy Oakum

Texas Custom Patios: Design Solutions for Outdoor Living

Reneé Davy Oakum of Davy Oakum Properties is one of Houston’s Top Producing Realtors offering a true boutique Real Estate experience. Along with her Realtor Associates, Reneé Davy Oakum provides vast market and community knowledge throughout Houston specializing in the Memorial area. A native Houstonian, Reneé has been a licensed Realtor since 1989. She believes it is paramount to treat each client’s transactions individually and understands that communication is the key to success! Reneé’s enthusiasm, past proven marketing methods and reputation have been highly recognized, and she is strongly referred by her clients. As a Memorial resident, Mustang mom and community supporter, Reneé knows the importance of strong neighborhood values and commitment to her clients, their investments and their families. Reneé specializes in and focuses on the clients’ goals first and foremost. Professionals hire CPAs for their taxes and attorneys for legal advice, so it only makes sense to hire a professional for your Real Estate needs. Davy Oakum Properties is a full-service boutique firm offering knowledgeable, ethical and professional services to buyers and sellers of all price ranges. Feel free to email Reneé at or call her at 713-647-8278 with anything from questions you may have about the market to the current value of your home in this ever-changing market. Davy Oakum Properties is conveniently located at 12900 Queensbury Suite 101 in Houston. For more information, visit

You will find your design-build outdoor living experts at Texas Custom Patios. Family-owned, Texas Custom Patios has completed nearly 1,000 outdoor living projects since it opened its doors in 2004. The residential remodeling contractor provides turnkey design solutions for outdoor living, including patio covers, kitchens, screened porches, room additions, guest houses, pergolas, decks and fireplaces. Their specialty is constructing projects that look original to the home. Texas Custom Patios builds in Katy, Cinco Ranch, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Fulshear, Richmond, Rosenberg, Tomball, Pearland, Friendswood, Memorial, Bellaire and West University. Experience the Texas Custom Patios difference. Texas Custom Patios offers personalized service and flexible payment terms. When you choose to work with them, you will work with the same project developer every step of the way, from the preliminary design stage to project completion and cleanup. When you schedule a consultation with an experienced project developer, you will receive more than just a ballpark figure. Your estimate is exactly how much your outdoor living project will cost – down to the penny. Every estimate includes a detailed drawing with specifications and dimensions, plus rendered views and elevations, so you can preview your completed project on your home. Contact Texas Custom Patios today to schedule your free design consultation at 281-265-1994 or visit

Patio Covers • Outdoor Kitchens • Screened Porches • Decorative Patios • Sunrooms • And More!


r New Outdoor Living Room u o Y For Design Ideas, visit 38

Call today to schedule a free design consultation.




JJ Design Group Specializes in Style for Life Houston places a high value on family life. You see this in the lush lawns throughout Memorial where families gather to share an evening around a pool or an outdoor kitchen. Inside our homes, people pay even more attention to living their lives to accentuate the unique lifestyles of a busy, Houston family or executives on the go. JJ Design Group embraces a perspective that your home is not only a sanctuary; it is a multifaceted environment for all that you love, and what you love to enjoy with family and friends. It’s a Style for Life perspective. They appreciate your heritage collections and mix them with vibrant touches of color in fine fabrics and immaculate finishes. You will often see vintage trim or beautifully weathered wooden craftsmanship alongside the gleam of silver or the custom details of antique ironwork pieces. The designers will customize wall treatments and design tile-work for your new or established home. Principal designer Kathy Johnson knows how to mix and mingle timeless traditions and unexpected touches. Her design partner, Heather Johnson, adds new generation energy to your project. Both specialize in custom finishes that are a little familiar and always exceptional in their craftsmanship. Restoring and reworking your heirloom furniture, or new pieces they discover for you, is a large part of their 20-year tradition and aesthetic. It’s a beautiful balance that supports a richly layered Houston family life. Visit or call 713-868-7064 for more information. l SEPTEMBER 2013



H O M E I S W H E R E T H E H E A RT I S Beautiful Views From Your Future Colorado Home Site

You may have dreamt about a retirement house in Colorado or just a vacation home. You may want to consider a master planned development that offers much needed utilities. This beautiful waterfront lot with picturesque mountain views in Pagosa Springs is close to the family-owned Wolf Creek Ski Area and the mineral springs that made Pagosa Springs famous. This lot is approximately .24 acres in the Pagosa Lakes development that has all utilities as well as several fishing lakes, a golf course and other amenities. $89,000

Deborah Kerns • Wolf Creek Realty


Gorgeous Hill Country Home Site Waterfront Lot in Comal County Just 20 minutes from San Antonio and minutes from the Guadalupe River in Spring Branch, this 1.72 acre lot is your Hill Country dream come true! Amazing views on the hillside lot that features a meadow with waterfront along Spring Creek, The Crossing at Spring Creek, an acreage home site community, is the perfect place to build your Hill Country getaway. The community offers all underground utilities, paved, county maintained roads, plus a beautiful 10+ acre owners-only park with scenic hiking trails, a swimming pool and pavilion and a playground. $89,000

For Sale By Owner

281.728.1204 40


Fabulous Online Boutique

• Apparel & Accessories • Home Decor • Gift Ideas For questions call

(832) 470-4286

Strong Bones


Healthy Joints


Better Balance

Tamara Mannen Joins The David Young Team The David Young Team has announced the addition of Tamara Mannen to their executive leadership team. “It’s not the time to bask in the glory of our electrifying market,” said CEO David Young, “It’s time to challenge the status quo, reinvent and reimagine what it means to be the best. Mannen has a history of doing just that. She is an exciting addition to our team.” Mannen, Young’s new Director of Team Building and Career Development, has long been a force in Houston real estate. A noted trainer, team leader, coach and former top producer, her passion is building offices and training and coaching agents. “With over 25,000 agents in Houston, ‘good’ service is easy to find. Young’s team demands excellence, attention to every detail, every technology, every community need. I am beyond excited to work with David and my first real estate mentor, Carol Peyton. Together, we plan to build an even more collaborative culture for our agents. From our partnership with Apple to our international resources, this is bar none the most exciting, forward-thinking place to be in Houston real estate,” Mannen said. Carol Peyton, agent and Team Leadership and Growth Consultant, stated, “David, Tamara and I are passionate about challenging the norm in real estate brokerage and establishing a continually improving business model. Tamara and I worked together for years with highly successful results. Reuniting with Tamara, with David’s vision, reputation and business resources behind us, is a dream come true.” For more information about the David Young Team, call 832-858-4365 or visit See ad on pages 25, 27, 29 and 31.

A unique, natural way to improve bone health, balance & strength.

You deserve a strong pain free lifestyle!

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• Joint & Back Pain • Osteoporosis • Fibromyalgia

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Dr. Brad Jennings, D.D.S., M.D.S.


Orthodontics • 281.497.7920

...THE eyelash extension studio

2012 Texas Monthly Super Dentist

“Your Lashes… Only Better” ™

LOCATED IN THE ENERGY CORRIDOR Houston’s Only Luxury All-Xtreme Lashes® Brand Studio • Using Only Xtreme’s Faux Mink Lashes & medical-grade Ultra Adhesive • Employing ONLY Xtreme Advanced Trained/Certified Master Stylists • Carrying the Full Line of Xtreme’s Aftercare Products/Cosmetics We do not offer “too good to be true” discounts. Our goal for our clients is overall satisfaction to include quality of service and safety, not about sales volume. Now offering eyelash perming.

Extend Your Beauty™

New n Locatio

13132 Memorial Dr. • Houston, TX 77079 (Near Beltway and Memorial Drive)

Monday - Wednesday • 8am - 5pm

YOUR EYES DESERVE THE BEST GET YOUR FABULASHES TODAY 1111 Eldridge Pkwy Ste 400 Houston, TX 77077 281.679.7050

Come One, Come All, to the Greatest Bone Bash of All Co-Chairs

Lara Bell & Cindi Rose

Starring the Backbone of Houston Honorees Dr. Larry & Theresa Roemer Dr. Sandra Sessoms

Thursday, October 24 Hotel ZaZa Houston For details: Janice Burns 713-942-9063 The Bone Bash benefits the Arthritis Foundation's mission to find a cure and end the pain of arthritis.

A Special Thanks:



absolutely! DELICIOUS By Jennifer Elliott

All Girls

Can Cook


magine you are helping your younger child with homework or casually folding laundry while a wonderful aroma escapes from your kitchen. Take things a bit further and imagine it is your middle school daughter cooking up a delicious and nutritious dinner. Gabrielle Welch believes this should not be just a fantasy you have, but a frequent reality in your home. Creator of the “All Girls Can Cook” program, Welch teaches girls to plan meals, shop for groceries and safely cook a fabulous dinner. In addition, Welch talks to the girls about the kind of food they choose to put in their bodies. “We discuss the importance of buying organic and eating seasonally when possible and how food affects your health, skin and performance in the classroom and on the playing field,” comments Welch. My seventh grader, Sarah, attended one of Welch’s classes this summer. The group took a field trip to Whole Foods and talked about reading labels for the ingredients. They also stocked up on tons of organic fruits and vegetables. Welch showed the girls how to juice. Each recipe included some ginger, which Welch says, “is a natural antibiotic and antiviral food.” My daughter loved the juice, even drank the green one

Houston West Chamber Women Driving Business members Tere Batista, Ilene Duwaji, Maria Moncada-Alaoui, Connie Inman, JoAnn Miller, Jeannie Bolinger, Sarah Cain, Constance McDerby and Dulcie Wink.

with kale, and is now begging me for a juicer. This group of five girls also made vegetarian dumplings for us to eat for lunch. They had fun folding the wonton dough and truly ate the dumplings as fast as they could scoop them out of the pan. The group setting provides a little positive peer pressure to try new things. Sarah would not normally eat onions, mushrooms, cabbage or quinoa, but once she tried it, she loved it. In addition to classes, Welch also meets with moms to help them put their family on a path to healthier eating. She is a nutritional consultant with a MBA from Baylor University and is the author of The Pizza Trap. Her book discusses how to get your kids off of junk food and also has valuable information about genetically modified food, what to buy organic, and the dangers of the “kid’s menu.” With three daughters of her own, Welch has a personal interest in educating parents and kids about healthy living. “The more we know about food, the more we can take care of ourselves. Knowledge is power.” For more information, visit

The Houston West Chamber Women Driving Business series will host “A Time to Play Social” themed “High Heels in High Places” at Momentum BMW West located at 15865 Katy Freeway on Thursday, October 10th at 6:30 pm. Don’t miss out on exceptional grand prizes, door prizes and gifts! The Houston West Chamber of Commerce thanks all of the 2013 sponsors of Women Driving Business for their support of this important women-oriented initiative. The 2013 sponsors include Title Sponsor Momentum BMW West; Presenting Sponsor ABIP; Breakfast Sponsors Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center, Dr. Shel Wellness & Medical Spa, Clear Channel Media + Entertainment and Proforma TaCaBu; Luncheon Sponsors West Houston Medical Center, Granite Properties and MCA Dermatology; and Social Sponsors Prather Kalman, PC and Memorial Oaks Funeral Home. Also, special thanks to Stiletto Sponsors absolutely! Memorial Magazine, Sling and Slide Sponsors, as well as all in-kind sponsors and media partners. For more information about the Chamber and its programs, call 713.785.4922 or visit l SEPTEMBER 2013


Houston West Chamber Women Driving Business Celebration

Gabrielle Welch at Whole Foods with Sarah Elliott, Maribelle Gordon, Ellie Farmer, Riya Patel and Annalisa Tomicic.


By Stephenie Cox

absolutely! DELICIOUS

Date Night I

t is a busy, hectic life we lead in 2013. I often pine for a more relaxed time before reality TV, Internet, smart phones, laptops and the constant need to stay “updated” with everybody and everything at every moment. Times were not easier, but constant inundation of technology leaves little time for imagination and fostering close relationships. Often a Friday night consists of watching the latest Housewives episode on DVR, catching up on Facebook or finishing some work tasks on the lap top – all while sitting five feet from the one you

For a Neighborhood Vibe: Hollister Grill in Spring Branch is much beloved by its devoted patrons who flock to the unassuming restaurant for well-made comfort food like chicken fried rib eye steak and homemade meatloaf. It’s a small restaurant set back off of Hollister and Longpoint. The food is delightful, and the sound of laughter is contagious. The owner, Chuck Pritchett, is on the floor mingling, joking and making sure each person is taken care of and that your expe-

swore to love, honor and cherish the rest of your life. This constant noise and brain clutter zaps your energy and isolates you from all around you. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to be on your deathbed wishing you worked more, posted more pics or watched more TV. You will have wished you spent more time with those you love. Time to dust off the date night outfit, make a reservation and put date night on the calendar. Here are a few spots that offer you just what you need to rekindle your relationship.

rience is perfect. The food is well-made, comforting, delicious and happy. Yes, I said the food was happy! It makes me happy to see well thought out dishes with a Southern/ New Orleans flare. In February, Chuck opened up Hollister on Washington at 5555 Washington Ave. He brought his favorites dishes with a more modern twist conferred by chef Jason Kerr to the new location. Bring your favorite bottle of wine or two, and enjoy a fun evening that will lift you spirits. Reservations: 1741 Hollister Street, 77055 713-973-1741

In the Loop: Put on your heels and head to Corner Table. Former Ruggles’ chef Bruce Molzan’s Corner Table Restaurant is the latest River Oaks hot spot. Its glamorous bar, 1919 Wine and Mixology, is a sexy little place to enjoy



your before dinner cocktail and people watch. Go earlier than your reservation time, check in and enjoy a cocktail. It will set the tone for the fun evening you are about to embark on. The restaurant itself bustles with fabulous patrons, everyone bringing out their “A” game for a night out. You will likely run in to several people that you know so you won’t feel far from home. The shabby-chic décor with the charming chandeliers at Corner Table is a delight for everyone. They have a delicious menu that ranges from comfort food to fine dining. There is a certain aesthetic sensibility to the food that comes out of Molzan’s kitchen. There are paleo diet offerings, like the Paleo Shrimp served with spaghetti squash noodles and sautéed shrimp in a spicy coconut sesame curry that melts in your mouth. Corner Table is a great place to go and rekindle the romance or have a great time with friends. Reservations: 2736 Virginia Street, 77098 713- 568-9196

A Little Amore: Italian is the language for lovers and the mother tongue of the renowned seducer Casanova. Learn to whisper sweet nothings to your sweetheart in Italian! “Come sei bella”—How beautiful you are. “Tu sei una mia stella” – You are a star. “Cara mia, ti voglio been” – My darling, I love you. Piatto Ristorante is the perfect dining experience to sip champagne and stare lovingly into each other’s eyes. The scrumptious Italian food and a candlelit table with soft music in the background will surely delight all of the senses and make it a memorable night with your beloved. They infuse their family’s lifelong passion for food into their menu, featuring rich, homestyle Italian cuisine prepared every day from scratch. Some of their recipes have been handed down through four generations, creating authenticity and homemade tastes that are one-of-akind. Every dish on the menu will meet your expectation of delicious. You will find John M. Carrabba and his family

in the restaurant tending to each aspect of the food and atmosphere making sure the experience is just right. Reservations: West Alabama at Post Oak Blvd. 4925 W. Alabama, 77056 Galleria: 713- 871-9722 or Westheimer at Royal Oaks Club Dr. 11693 Westheimer Rd., 77077 Royal Oaks: 281- 759-7500

Just the Two of Us:

For an intimate night out relaxing with your loved one, 024 Lounge welcomes you with refined interior shades of calming blues and greens – the perfect spot to wind down from a busy day. Sip a signature Memorial City Mojito or Poma Paradise, and enjoy delectable selections from 024 Grille’s full menu. For dinner, 024 Grille combines the atmosphere of a local bistro with the traditions of a Texas steakhouse. Chef

Justin Strang created a unique menu of locally inspired foods for freshness that produces classic dishes with a modern twist dinner. They have a sophisticated, yet approachable wine list, signature cocktail menu and daily happy hour selections. Rustic wood dining tables, a large backlit bar and leather stools greet guests with a contemporary yet rustic ambiance. Reservations: 945 Gessner, 77024 281- 501-4300 l SEPTEMBER 2013


A B S O L U T E LY ! D E L I C I O U S L I S T I N G AMERICAN SHARKY’S AMERICAN GRILL 1140 Eldridge Parkway, 77077 281-496-7427 Sharky’s American Grill serves a variety of everyone’s favorites from the freshest seafood dishes to mouthwatering burgers. Recently named by the Houston Chronicle as “one of the best restaurants for dining in the Energy Corridor,” Sharky’s provides a casual atmosphere for professionals to relax after work, and a fun place for families to enjoy. Sharky’s is committed to offering West Houston the best dishes and highest quality ingredients at affordable prices.

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN CUISINE MASRAFF’S 1753 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, 77056 713-355-1975

John M. Carrabba, Proprietario

Four generations of recipes. Home-style Italian cuisine. A Carrabba family eatery.

Hands on proprietors, Russell and Tony Masraff, recognized premier Houston restaurateurs, offer affordable elegance, attentive yet unobtrusive service and exquisitely fresh American cuisine prepared with the best ingredients from around the world. Located in the heart of the Galleria, Masraff’s, features the perfect ambience for business and social gatherings. Whether dining in one of the elegant dining rooms, stunning bar area with the elevated fireplace or The Patio on the Boulevard by the waterfall, Masraff’s impeccable service is sure to offer a dining experience to remember.

CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN CUISINE THE WYNDEN 1025 South Post Oak Lane, 77056 281-768-6070

Full-Service Catering Private Banquet Rooms Box Lunches & Delivery

Masraff’s has long since been known for excellence and uncompromising quality, and this tradition continues with our event venue, The Wynden. Nestled in the center of the prestigious Galleria area, The Wynden features a picturesque courtyard along with a Tuscan setting for indoor events. Perfect for corporate or social, wedding or fundraiser, Masraff’s exquisite cuisine and impeccable service will ensure that your next event will be a memory made to last a lifetime.


Royal Oaks

HARVEST ORGANIC GRILLE Galleria Area • 713-243-0900 1810 Fountain View, 77057


Westchase Area • 281-597-0000 11681 Westheimer, 77077

11693 Westheimer 281.759.7500 4925 W. Alabama @ Post Oak Blvd. 713.871.9722 46

Harvest Organic Grille is a new, healthy restaurant in the Houston area. We serve healthy foods, natural, organic products, free range chicken, wild caught seafood and certified natural angus beef. From freshest selections on our unlimited salad bar to the natural grassfed beef, free-range chicken and wild caught seafood cooked over flames by our grillmasters, we are serious about providing you with a fresh new take on the way you dine out.


A B S O L U T E LY ! D E L I C I O U S L I S T I N G

Southwell ’s


Hamburger Grill

024 GRILLE 945 Gessner, 77024 281-501-4350 024 Grille combines the atmosphere of a local bistro and the classic tradition of a Texas steakhouse. This contemporary restaurant provides a full menu of locally-inspired foods for freshness and classic dishes with a twist. Complete with four intimate private dining rooms, a sophisticated wine list and a signature cocktail menu, 024 Grille is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Buy one hamburger, fries and drink, get another hamburger for F R E E !

ITALIAN PIATTO RISTORANTE 11693 Westheimer @ Royal Oaks Club Dr., 77077 281-759-7500 4925 West Alabama @ Post Oak Blvd., 77056 713-871-9722

Limit 1 coupon per customer. Expires October 1, 2013

At Piatto, you’ll taste the Carrabba family’s lifelong passion for food in every delicious bite. John Marion Carrabba, owner of Piatto, has family recipes that have been handed down through four generations; you’ll enjoy authentic Italian cuisine made the old-fashioned way – from scratch! These delicious dishes are served by a superb staff in a warm and relaxing environment. From boxed lunches to a large dining banquet, Piatto can help make your next event a delicious success! Piatto offers catering for all occasions – social, business or ‘just because.’ Extensive on-site banquet rooms and off-site catering available.

Memorial 713-464-5268 9410 Gaylord TX 77024

Galleria 713-789-4972 5860 San Felipe TX 77057

MEXICAN CANTINA LAREDO 11129 Westheimer, 77042 713-952-3287

Shawn M. Rodgers, D.D.S.

Cantina Laredo specializes in authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere. The entire lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch and Cantina menus are all available for take-out, some delivery and catering. Selections such as Ensalada de Cilantro y Pollo, Cascabel Ribeye and Tacos al Carbon are divine, not to mention the Mexican apple pie that is served with a warm brandy butter and choice of cinnamon or vanilla ice cream.

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Mon. - Thurs. 7:30am to 4:30pm Presents

From the page to the stage club. This month: THE CAT IN THE HAT

Saturday, September 28th at 10 am



14532 Memorial Dr. @ Dairy Ashford

1121-19 Uptown Park Blvd. Houston, TX 77056


Conveniently Located Off of I-610 and Post Oak Blvd. In the Uptown Park Retail Center l SEPTEMBER 2013



On the Move: House Moving in Houston, Then and Now


hile nine of the ten historic structures in Sam Houston Park were relocated from other areas in Harris County beginning in the 1950s, house moving is nothing new. In fact, two of the structures were moved multiple times before they made their way to the park. The Baker Family Playhouse, originally constructed in 1893 at 1104 San Jacinto Street, was moved by the Baker Family a total of five times before it moved for its sixth and final time to Sam Houston Park in 2010. The Baker family cherished the playhouse and moved it along with them throughout Houston, beginning in 1899 with their move to 1416 Main Street. The playhouse was loaded onto a trailer and pulled by horses to its new location. As transportation advancements were made over the years, moving the playhouse was easier. Paved roads and trucks cut down significantly on travel times. Like the Baker Family Playhouse, Nichols-Rice-Cherry House had multiple changes of scenery over its history. In the late 19th Century, when its original location on Congress Street across from the Harris County Courthouse became too valuable for housing stock, the 1850 Nichols-Rice-Cherry House was moved to the corner of Franklin and San Jacinto Streets. In 1899, when artist Emma Richardson Cherry purchased the home, she moved it to its third location at 608 Fargo Street. The Heritage Society acquired the house in 1959. This time, instead of being moved in one piece, the house was meticulously documented, completely disassembled and painstakingly reassembled in Sam Houston Park. The 1905 Staiti House was also moved in pieces to Sam Houston Park. Unlike Nichols-Rice-Cherry House, however, which was moved in many dismantled pieces, Staiti House was moved in only two pieces. House moving was quite common in the 19th century, mainly for economic reasons. The cost of labor required to demolish and rebuild a house, plus the cost of new materials, made house moving a better option. With no plumbing or electrical tie-ins, 19th century homes were autonomous objects The Staiti House in two pieces.



4th Ward Cottage moving past the City Hall.

that could be lifted from their original sites and moved to new foundations. While cold temperatures in New England aided the move of houses by freezing the ground, creating a slick surface for sliding houses to new locations, house movers in cities such as Houston had to rely on other means. While the main principles of the house moving process – lifting, moving and lowering – remain the same today, the tools used for each of those principles have become more advanced. Today, hydraulic jacks do the work of manual screws and jacks while steel beams and heavy duty trucks and trailers do the work of large timbers, logs, carts, horses and oxen. While paved roads and automobiles make the moving process faster, the preparation of the house before it is moved, and the situating of the house once it reaches its new location still takes a great deal of time. When the circa 1866 4th Ward Cottage was moved to its permanent location in Sam Houston Park in April of 2013, Cherry House Moving, Inc. spent many days preparing the cottage for its journey. The cottage was cross-braced throughout its interior to prevent racking during the move. The windows were covered with plywood and thin wooden boards were attached to the roofline. These boards were coated with Ivory soap, a house moving industry staple, so they could easily slide beneath power lines and tree branches. The cottage was lifted slightly to allow long steel beams to be inserted beneath its sills. Once on the beams, wheels were added, and the cottage was ready to make the ½ mile trek. A large truck pulled the cottage to its new location, where the wheels were removed, and the beams on which the cottage rested were coated with soap and slid onto cribbing. The cottage then awaited the preparation of its new foundation piers. With the piers completed, the house was lowered onto its permanent foundation. Though house moving has a long tradition in Houston, it is no longer as common as it once was. Visit The Heritage Society to see nine historic structures that were moved from within Harris County to Sam Houston Park.


W h e r e v e r l i f e ta k e s y o u


JO COCHRAN 281.582.3961


SHELLEY FILLA 281.582.3957



MARGE HOPKINS 281.582.3951


VICKI JACKSON 713.899.5221












DONNA MULLANE 281.582.3950


SUZAN PHENICIE 281.582.3904




DONNA PIERCE 281.582.3903


CAROL WALDROP 281.582.3962



MARTHA WHITE 281.582.3956


H E R I TA G E T E X A S . C O M


Memorial: 14340 Memorial Drive, 281.493.3880 • Royal Oaks: 11689 Westheimer, Suite C, 281.679.0101


September 2013- Absolutely Memorial Magazine  

Community magazine absolutely highlighting the people, events, happenings, businesses and town of Memorial Area, Texas.

September 2013- Absolutely Memorial Magazine  

Community magazine absolutely highlighting the people, events, happenings, businesses and town of Memorial Area, Texas.