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JULY 2014

Donovan Greer

Summer Shape Up for Kids

Women Driving Business MEMORIAL Memorables:

The DeAyala's




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Former NFL Player Donovan Greer gives advice on the best ways to help kids stay happy and healthy.

F E AT U R E S 18 MEMORIAL MEMORABLES Meet the DeAyala Family

28 ADD SOME MATH FUN TO YOUR SUMMER Smart tips from teachers

29 absolutely! KID FRIENDLY SCHOOLS & ACTIVITIES Tools to guide your kids into the school year


It’s not too soon to start planning!



Guide to Relationships 101 and Some Lagniappe for Summer Travel


Meet the SBMSA Team Blaze







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Lois McCall Treemont Resident Page 19

A Winning Team


19 Stephanie Valtasaros Contributor Page 22

Hosts 40th Anniversary Celebration


22 Nancy L. Rommelmann Family Law Attorney Page 25

24 DENMARK AND BOWERS Win Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Qualifier



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Shares Words of Wisdom


Jennifer Elliott absolutely! focus media Page 28

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Delivers Great Success

absolutely! H E A LT H Y L I V I N G 38 absolutely! Q & A

Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Answers Your Questions About Pediatric Urgent Care vs. Pediatric Emergency Center

30 Tamika Starks Contributor Page 33

33 Suzanne Stiles Memorial Mentions Page 34

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campbell wellness center A one-of-a-kind Memorial area progressive health facility offering a balance in lifestyle.

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oint Rd. gP Lon

Bingle Rd.

live your healthiest lifestyle.

Westview Dr. I-10 l JULY 2014



4655 TECHNIPLEX DR. STE 700 STAFFORD , TX 77477 281-690-4242

Publisher, LARA BELL The dog days of summer are upon us, and wow, is it hot! If you are spending July in Memorial like most of us, then you can’t help but sweat a little, so stay hydrated! In this issue, we are taking a look at childhood sports and nutrition. When I was growing up, we played sports, but I don’t remember it being competitive like it is now, nor do I remember discussions on concussions or other head injuries like we hear about today. Former NFL player and Memorial resident Donovan Greer gives some advice on the best ways to help kids stay Brooks and Lara Milam. happy and healthy. Also in this issue, Jennifer gives us tips to help our little ones keep up with their math skills over the summer months, and Stephenie has some super cute poolside snacks. Finally, you’ll meet another one of our Memorial’s Memorable families. Speaking of memorable families, if you know someone who has lived a long time in this great neighborhood of ours, please email me. I would love to hear about them! Finally, here is a photo of last year’s Fourth of July parade and float. If you haven’t made it the Villages Parade, it is a July 4th must do! It is one of my favorite things in Memorial each year! Next month, we are getting ready to go back to school – already – so see you then! Absolutely! yours,


Lara Bell-Milam @larabell

The absolutely! Memorial team: Suzanne Stiles, Bonnie Bell, Charlotte Stiles, Lara Bell, Meredith Clark and Lily and Stephenie Cox.

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I really like the Out & About section. It’s nice to see what’s going on in the community, especially when life gets too hectic to hear the news firsthand. Luis Legaria



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The sangria recipe in May’s issue was a hit at our last girls’ night! I was able to make it ahead of time. It was easy but still seemed special! Caitlin Pyle

Vol. 10 No. 7 July 2014

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ON THE COVER: Connor Thomas, Donovan Greer, Hayden Allen, Harrison Mansfield and Ally Greer. Photography by Hallie Keller.

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Memorial Area Kids and How They Shape Up!


ere’s what’s trending regarding our youth and their physical and nutritional lifestyles. For the first time in several decades, recent reports show that the current generation of children may have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. This is largely due to an unhealthy, fast food processed diet and lack of physical activity. Fast food, processed foods and boxed meals are just a few words that come to mind when it comes to convenient foods. As parents, fast food and microwaved meals are great for the busy parent, but in the long run, our children are ultimately paying a hefty price for that “quick fix” lifestyle.

Ally Greer, Connor Thomas, Hayden Allen, Donovan Greer and Harrison Mansfield. Photography by Hallie Keller.


Donovan Greer playing for the Buffalo Bills.


“What you eat is 80% of your physical and mental performance,” said Donovan Greer, a former National Football League (NFL) player and Memorial resident. Greer, who was a cornerback in the NFL for many teams including the Atlanta Falcons, New Orleans Saints and Washington Redskins, believes proper nutrition begins at home. “It is the parent’s responsibility to teach their kids proper nutrition, and children need to mirror their parents – so nutrition always starts with mom and dad.” In today’s society, children are living in a very competitive world. From academics to sports and even getting accepted into college has become much more competitive and challenging. “We all want the very best for our children,

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and our job is to give them every advantage that we can so that they can become successful as children and eventually, as adults,” said Greer. Parents are starting to become increasingly aware of the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet and the benefits that it has. Studies suggest that eating a healthy, well-rounded breakfast improves brain power and function. Research also shows students who eat a healthy, wellbalanced breakfast perform better not only physically but academically as well. The reason for this is because foods such as oatmeal, whole wheat and multigrain breads, fresh fruits and eggs are high in vitamins and nutrients. These are essential for growth and development of the brain, as well as muscles,

Let’s Get Physical By now, most of us are aware that childhood obesity has become an epidemic in our country. There are many ways for us to defeat this dilemma. One of the main ways is physical activity. Today’s progressive technology social media such as twitter, instagram, Facebook and video games are wonderful, and they all do a great job of keeping our children entertained for hours. However, they do nothing to help our children achieve and maintain a healthy weight or to burn fat and calories so that they can improve their overall health. “As a child, I was forced to go outside and play with my friends,” said Greer. “Activities such as bike riding, playing catch with a frisbee or ball, jumping rope and swimming are just a few simple things that kids can participate in that are fun to do without feeling like they’re actually exercising. The key is to find a physical activity that your child enjoys. These activities should be done at least five to six days per week for at least sixty minutes per day.” Physical activity and a healthy diet will enable a child to sleep better as well. During the summer vacation, kids tend to stay up late watching television, playing video games and on social media. This is to be expected during the summer vacation but at the same time should not allow for a child to sleep the entire day away. A child six to twelve years of age needs nine and a half to ten hours of sleep per night. A child thirteen to eighteen years of age should sleep eight to nine hours each night. According to Greer, “A good night’s rest is essential for the health and development of a child.”

An active child tends to be a healthy child. – Donovan Greer

child be the best and have an edge over everyone else. Twenty years ago, it was not the norm to have a personal trainer for a child. However, now it is becoming more common for a child to have a personal trainer and coach to work with on a one-on-one basis,” said Greer. Personal training has many health benefits including weight loss and weight management, muscle growth and development. Personal training for a child also works on their balance and stability, which is vital in sports. Personal trainers can become mentors and life coaches by boosting self-esteem and confidence. Greer is a staunch supporter and is involved with the Local National Football League Players Association Houston Chapter. Through this organization, they offer yearly youth events that incorporate fitness and health programs for parents and kids to better understand their bodies and what the right training and physical activity incorporated into their daily routine can mean long term. “An active child tends to be a healthy child,” said Greer, who also offers youth person training for weight loss and sports performance. Another avenue to obtain a competitive edge is to attend local summer

training camps and group fitness classes. Speed and conditioning camps are becoming more popular and benefit a child by helping them stay in shape during the summer months. These camps help in speed, agility, power and explosion and help kids maintain their endurance during the summer. According to Greer, “Waiting until the first week in August to get back into shape before the fall sports’ season will not benefit your child.” Joining a local gym and attending camps will keep them motivated, and at the same time, keep them in shape. When selecting a gym, find one that will offer youth programs or youth classes. Attending group classes will ensure that the child is not wasting his or her time in the gym. Group fitness classes hold them more accountable and will ensure a great workout. Youth Yoga is another trend that has so many benefits not only to kids who play sports but to all children. Yoga helps with flexibility, muscle development, stress relief, helps prevent injuries, improves posture and increases joint stability. Yoga has also been known to help children focus and become better students by teaching proper breathing techniques.

Eat Right

Training and Sports Another trend in youth is the competitiveness in youth sports and an increase in youth personal training. Today’s serious athlete is stronger and faster than they were 20 years ago. Parents are seeking more advice and knowledge from personal trainers and fitness professionals. “We all want to have our

which allows children to perform at an ultimate level.

Memorial High School graduate, student-athlete and Camp MVP Coach Max Yanke; Bunker Hill Elementary student-athlete and MVP camper Lee Fowler and Scott Singletary, founder of Camp MVP, a local youth summer sports day camp.

Greer believes that a healthy diet and physical activity goes hand-in-hand in the physical and mental development of a child, and these lifestyle changes will pay off for the rest of your life. Keeping children physically active and having a proper diet will not only ensure that they grow up to be strong and healthy but also help prevent common illnesses that stem from poor diets and lack of physical activity. “We will be doing our part as parents to help control and reduce the childhood obesity issues that we are facing today,” shared Greer. “A healthy lifestyle begins at home and should be followed by the family as an overall support system.” l JULY 2014



Group 1 Automotive and Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association: A Winning Team

Look Relaxed and Rested this Summer Hunter Coates with his new Ford F-150 truck from Group 1 Automotive.

This past April, Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) held their bi-annual gala “Boots, Buckles and Ballgames.” Group 1 Automotive served as the title sponsor of the event, which raised money for SBMSA to update and upgrade the fields, build restrooms and provide other necessary improvements. As part of the title sponsorship, Group 1 Automotive provided the organization with a $30,000 gift certificate towards a car or truck of a lucky winner’s dreams. Hunter Coates won the gift certificate and received a new Ford F-150 truck from Group 1 Automotive. Congratulations Hunter! In conjunction with the SBMSA gala, Group 1 Automotive is very excited to partner with SBMSA and looks forward to assisting members with their vehicle needs. Through the new VIP partnership program, Group 1 Automotive is able to offer members a preferred pricing structure similar to the Group 1 employee price. That means that for every car purchased under the SBMSA partnership name, Group 1 Automotive will donate to SBMSA. Group 1 Automotive is offering SBMSA members preferred pricing with access to their VIP department to insure that SBMSA members and coordinators at Group 1 Automotive stores are knowledgeable about this partnership. Visit for more information.

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You may know me as a Memorial mom of four fabulous boys and wife to Roger Clemens, but what you may not know is that I love finding cool and unique products because, let’s face it, in a house full of boys, a girl needs her girl stuff! So, here are some things I absolutely love... and hope you will too!

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Jan Glenn’s Pawsitively Purrfect

In the Doghouse


The Shaggy Shade Inn doghouse at the 2013 Reliant World Series of Dog Shows.

h, to be in the doghouse now! These days, dogs in the know want to combine all of their design ideas into the perfect pet palace. Some dream

doghouses have wall-to-wall carpeting in designer colors coordinating with gorgeous cushions or doggie beds. Pampered pooches might prefer stained glass windows to keep the sun out and air conditioning to stay cool. Many of the well-heeled, four-legged set enjoy a separate room for their special toys, wardrobe and grooming supplies.


laborate doghouses are expensive, but for the hard to please, they are worth every dog bone invested! Of course, these particular houses are for the dog with taste and money to make their dream house a reality. Last year, I viewed some of these gorgeous dream doghouses at the Designer Doghouse Competition held at the Reliant World Series of Dog Shows at Reliant Center in Houston, which benefited the animals at Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP). The doghouses are back at the show this year, and the “Best Little Doghouse in Texas” Designer Doghouse Competition for CAP will be held July 16th through 20th.

This desk was converted into a functional, cozy canine home.


The elaborate Silver Pup doghouse featured multiple windows, the American flag and food and water dispensers.

The doghouse competition is one of the best attractions at the show. For five days, more than 40,000 spectators and participants are invited to view, bid and vote on their favorite “Puppy Palace.” They are out of this world. In the real doghouse world, dogs just want a home to call their own. For many reasons, the owners also need for their loyal and special pooch to be out of the human house and into their own house in the garden. Here are a few of those reasons: Accidental Surprises – Giving your canine its own home allows you to avoid dealing with accidental surprises that a pet can leave in your home if left unat-

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tended for long periods of time. Pets tend to destroy a lot of furniture by chewing when they are bored. When excited, they can crash into household objects and leave a trail of plates, lamps, vases and other precious objects for you to bid farewell. Security – Robbers prefer not to rob houses that have dogs on the premises. In the doghouse, canines can observe all that goes on and, if an intruder is in the house, the barking is a “tail-tale” sign that something is wrong. This is especially true of larger breeds. However, my little Pomeranian Studley Dudley Moore could compete with the barking of large breeds pretty well. Safety – Some dog breeds are meant to be protectors or guard dogs and could bite if they feel threatened or provoked. This behavior can be very dangerous with children in the house. That is why building a home outside for your fourlegged friend is a good idea. Locating Your Dog – You will not have any trouble finding your dog. No more going from room to room looking for it. Just glance outside, and there is your buddy, safe and sound in its “animal manor!”

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S E E N on the Scene

Third Annual Curry Crawl Benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Seth Greenberg, Peter Walker & Liza Fouche

Chloe, Anthony & Dominique Montz

Randy & Marilyn Smith


Jonathan Sugaui & Robert Tierjina

Mary & Chris Stockton

Matt White & Katherine Ross with Tina & Sam Governale

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Allison Sharples & Dwight Moore

Seena Patel & Wayne Lilly

Kelly & Kevin Bryant

May 18, 2014 • CITYCENTRE Photography by Daniel Ortiz.

Natalia Macias & Tom Morris

Alex & Katie Kakhnovets

Adela Uchida & Ruchee Mukerjee

Sara Litton & John Almy

Mikeal Lucas, Katayoon Salimi & Atul Wadhwa

John Sikhattana, Matthew Pak & Susie Jimenez

Camille Falisse & John LeDuff

Bonnie & Amay Inamdar

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Photography by Gittings.


Memorables By Lara Bell


hen I am running around the neighborhood, people stop me all the time and ask if I’ve ever heard of “so and so.” It got me thinking. As rich in tradition and heritage as Memorial is, wouldn’t it be interesting to meet some Memorial families who are leaving their legacy in the community? Meet the DeAyala family and hear their thoughts on not only growing up in Memorial but raising their boys here, too.


How did you and Mano meet?

Melissa DeAyala:

Mano and I both grew up in Memorial. His family is from Havana, Cuba and arrived in Memorial by way of Dallas when he was in the second grade. My family did not have as far to go. My family moved into the Memorial area from Briargrove Park when I was in the third grade. Mano and I met at Memorial High School my freshman year and soon became friends. We began dating after Mano left for The University of Texas and while I attended Southern Methodist University, where he later joined me during law school.



You have all boys, correct?

Yes, we have three boys. Marcus, 18, just graduated from Memorial High School and will be attending The University of Texas in the fall. Matthew, 14, will be a freshman at Briarwood. Mitchell, 10, will be a fifth grader at Frostwood Elementary. We will have had at least one child at Frostwood for 13 consecutive years.


You and Mano are both involved in many community organizations. Which ones are close to your heart?


I cannot answer this question without talking about my parents. Growing up, I saw my parents active in our community. My mom volunteered at Texas Children’s Hospital and helped start The Texas War on Drugs


Mitchell, Melissa, Mano, Matthew and Marcus DeAyala with family pets Black Jack, Gigi and Turk.

Campaign with Ross Perot and Dr. Ralph Feigin. She continues to volunteer her time and talents with many Houston based non-profits primarily benefiting health care and children’s causes. She is a fabulous cook and was always cooking and taking food to friends and neighbors, especially during hard times. My father served in the U.S. Coast Guard, and when my brother and I became older, he coached my Chapelwood softball teams and my brother’s baseball and football Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) teams. He also served as the Bunker Hill Village Fire Marshall and has spent much of his life generously supporting organizations benefiting children, our veterans and community. My parents have been tremendous role models for me. Years ago, Mano and I decided to focus our efforts and resources in causes that benefit our city’s children. Through the Junior League, I was exposed to Texas Children’s Hospital and focused my efforts there. Mano and I later became involved with the Children’s Fund supporting several local child-centered causes. Since then, I have been active with the Spring Branch Education Foundation, school events and most recently with SpringSpirit Baseball. Mano has coached SBMSA sports for 13 years and currently has a leadership role in that organization. Mano has also been bitten by politics, and he currently serves in leadership roles with the Hispanic Republicans of Texas and the C Club of Houston. There are so many people in our community who have been

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examples in service. They inspire us to get involved when we can.


Why do you love living and raising your family in Memorial?


Memorial has always been home to both of us. There are many reasons we love living and raising our family here. As children, we enjoyed wonderful experiences. We loved our schools, neighbors, sports, community and having a little wilderness – although we lived in a big city. We rode our bikes around the neighborhoods, we swam at neighborhood pools, caught crawfish in the creeks, fished in the lakes of Sandalwood and had backyard BBQs with friends and neighbors. When we got older, we became more involved in our schools, athletics, cheerleading, student council and young life. After college and Mano’s law school when we were deciding where to raise our family, the decision to come home was a no-brainer. We wanted our children to be exposed to the same experiences we were blessed with. We were not alone. Many of our childhood friends also came home to raise their families. The decision has exceeded our expectations. Our children are happy. They love their schools, SBMSA sports, neighbors and have made so many lasting friendships as have we. Mano and I hope that Spring Branch ISD will continue to serve our community’s children with excellence, and Memorial will always be the place we call home.


Live Life Smiling!

Treemont Hosts 40th Anniversary Celebration Treemont celebrates 40 years as Houston’s “Retirement Tradition” with an anniversary celebration the week of July 14th featuring the three major elements that define it: residents, employees and a supportive public network. The kick-off event will be an Alumni Family-Resident “Tea for Two” on Monday, July 14th at 2 pm, honoring residents who currently live at Treemont, along with the families of previous residents. Some of the community’s most faithful supporters are those whose mothers, fathers, aunts or uncles have been recipients of the tender, loving care of Treemont in the past 40 years. Treemont will host a Community Anniversary Celebration on Wednesday, July 16th from 3 to 6 pm for the press, families or individuals considering housing, specialists in geriatric care who want to know about Treemont, neighbors and the public in general. On Friday, July 18th from 6 to 8 pm, a special Anniversary Gala Dinner Dance will honor residents, their families and guests. Treemont employees, who have helped achieve the community’s level of excellence and who add so much to the pleasure and satisfaction of residents, will be honored with an appreciation luncheon on Friday, July 11th to kickoff the 40th celebration week. The community boasts many loyal staff members who have served residents, some as many as 38 years. Their extraordinary service will be recognized at the Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Treemont will also honor the clergy who provide encouragement and comfort to residents with a private breakfast on Tuesday, July 15th. Treemont is located in the Westchase neighborhood at 2501 Westerland Drive at Westheimer. For further information and to RSVP, call 713-783-6820 or visit

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Bunker Hill students Jacob and Jackson Graham along with mom April had fun meeting J.J. Watt!

Memorial Middle School held their Spring Concert where sixth, seventh and eighth graders performed James Brown’s I Feel Good. Seventh grader Gianni Germani joined in the fun. Memorial Moms Organization is adding to the fun this year by taking their monthly meetings on the road, so to speak. Last month, members Heather Schuepppert, Joani Scaff, Stacy Lord and Cathy Amoruso invaded the beautiful Paisley House.

Congratulations to Sloan Rigamonti and Ashley Turnage, winners of the 2014 Huntington Learning Center Middle School Poetry Contest! Pictured with Sloan and Ashley are teachers Lee Lemons and Margaret Walker. Way to go girls!

Caroline Parnell, Wilchester Elementary, and Zoraya Garza, Edgewood Elementary, celebrated their win in the Female 11 & Under category at the 22nd annual Running for the Arts on May 3rd. They were congratulated by Laura Cannaday, Running for the Arts chair, and Duncan Klussmann, Spring Branch ISD Superintendent (SBISD). More than 2,500 runners turned out for the annual event and helped Spring Branch Education Foundation raise $61,400 allocated for cultural arts field trips for SBISD students in grades one through eight.


It was Time4LemonAid once again this year as the Alpha Charity League (ACL) Delta chapter from Memorial, for the third time, ran a lemonade stand on May 4th, National Lemonade Day. The successful Time4LemonAid stand at Bunkerhill Lowe’s attracted many thirsty customers, and all proceeds were donated to Texas Children’s Hospital and The Chris Saiz Foundation. Time4LemonAid team members Jacob Lackey, Peter Park, Justin Ryu, Tate Barnhill, Tucker Reinhardt, James Lo, Anthony Huynh, Trent Herndon and Andrew Su would like to give a big thank you to Lowe’s for their support.

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Q& A with Dr. Carin Domann and Dr. Angela Orfanos DON’T FORGET YOUR MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF EQUIPMENT…


Who needs mouth guards?


Both children and adults that participate in any contact or noncontact sport should wear a mouth guard. If there is a risk of injury to the mouth area, we recommend that a mouth guard be used.


Why use a mouth guard when playing sports?


Mouth guards assist in preventing mouthrelated injuries to your lips, tongue and soft tissues. They also protect against nerve damage to teeth, chipping or breaking teeth or even tooth loss.


Can I wear a mouth guard if I wear braces?


Most Definitely!!! Town and Country Orthodontics can provide you with a complimentary mouth guard. (Please be advised to stay away from boil and bite mouth guards while in braces or other fixed appliances.) The mouth guard will not only protect your teeth but any appliances that may be in your mouth.

Making Space for Living. “From the initial meetings with the architect to finishing the last items on the punch list, Erin and her team always exhibited the highest levels of integrity and pride in their craft. Her straightforward discussions we had throughout the process, exceptional attention to detail and commitment to quality, and most of all her open transparency with respect to project costs made our project seem easy. Stetzer Builders created a warm, beautiful, comfortable, and functional home for our family. Our home is not just a place to eat and sleep; rather, it is an extension of our family, a place to enjoy life, a place where friends and family can gather together, and a place of peace.” Client Testimonial

5 Cam Court Houston, Texas 77055

Erin Stetzer


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M EMeet E T Tthe H E Author AUTHOR

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EVENTS By Stephanie Valtasaros

Cougar Chronicles

The staff of the Cougar Chronicles: Bentley Bruce, Michael Contant, Madeleine Dukes, Leyla Ertan, Isabella Ezanidis, Chandler Gartner, John Genung, Mary Hidalgo, Elizabeth Hilgert, Andrew Jimenez, Ainsley Kurtz, Ava Leitner, Meah Matherne, Alex Nam, Merritt Norris, Alexandra Pappas, Kate Rotan, Savina Sabatelli, Philip Soh, Ava Willard, Olivia Willard, Kendall Woodard and Alex Yang.

Twenty-three Hunters Creek Elementary fifth grade students worked tirelessly all year on an online school newsletter called the Cougar Chronicles available at At the beginning of school, the students organized themselves into various topical categories according to what they were interested in writing about. They researched and worked collaboratively to learn how to add images, text boxes, polls, statistical data and slide shows to their weekly site. They worked as a cooperative community to make their site engaging, entertaining, informative and fun. Students met in the library twice a week to eat lunch, talk about the site and work on it, and some students even came before school to add to their page. As the elected leaders of the group, Chandler, Elizabeth and Meah helped solve problems or concerns from group members and asked for a show of hands when voting and making decisions on issues affecting the group. All of the students showed respect for one another and helped each other troubleshoot problems with the software. It was extraordinary to see an independent group of 20+ girls and boys work together over a period of nine months with enthusiasm, few, if any, disagreements and in a spirit of collective pride for their online newsletter. For the students, the joy was in the creating, not in being recognized. Remarkably, they found a way to bring a variety of opinions, backgrounds, interests and skills together to make a marvelous and perfectly wonderful project for the enjoyment of their school community.


July 3rd – 6th

July 4th Weekend Celebration Celebrate July 4th weekend with free concerts and a fireworks spectacular at CITYCENTRE, located at 800 Town and Country Boulevard. The Legendary Rhythm Bandits will kick off festivities with classic rock music at 7 pm on July 3rd. On July 4th, music will begin at 7 pm with a fireworks display at 9:30 pm. July 5th will feature an 80s tribute band at 7 pm, and a rock band performance will conclude the weekend on July 6th at 5 pm. Call 713-629-5200 or visit

July 5th, 8:30 pm Frozen Sing-a-Long

Sing along to your favorite songs in a sing-a-long version of Disney’s Frozen. A mountain climber and a young girl named Anna journey through snowy peaks and dangerous cliffs to find the legendary Snow Queen and end their kingdom’s perpetual winter. The free event is held at Miller Outdoor Theatre, located at 6000 Hermann Park Drive. Visit or call 281-373-3386.

July 10th – 31st Fallen Angels

With their husbands away, Julia and Jane learn that a mutual lover from the past is making an impromptu visit. After uncorking the champagne, tongues begin to loosen, and the claws come out. But, that’s nothing compared to the chaos that ensues when the husbands return unexpectedly early. Recommended for audiences 13 and up, the show is presented by Main Street Theater Rice Village, located at 2540 Times Boulevard. Visit

July 26th, 10 am – 6 pm

The Museum Experience: Zone 3 The Museum Experience features four walkable “zones” to help visitors navigate through the area and learn more about all 20 museums. This month focuses on The Jung Center of Houston, The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and The Museum of Fine Arts. The event will include special programming, pedicabs in select zones and food trucks. Fees vary by museum. To learn more, visit www.

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The Museum of Fine Arts.

Photo from museums/museum-fine-arts-houston/

Clifford Westbeld • Joe Bono III

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Houston Mayor Annise Parker recently spoke at the Women of Excellence in Business Luncheon at Tony’s Restaurant. Her focus? Leadership and volunteerism. Regarding serving as a leader, Parker said, “You must be able to speak in public, be able to chair a meeting and must be passionate.” She further extoled the virtues of volunteerism by encouraging women to make volunteering a family affair. “If you make your children volunteer, they grow up to be volunteers.” Parker also discussed teamwork. “You must have a cohesive team of go getters – individuals that you do not have to tell what to do. You also need people who can say, ‘Mayor, that’s the stupidest idea,’ in a kind way.” Known for her routine visits out in the community, Parker shared her thoughts on where to go for grass roots input. She shared, “If you go into a beauty salon, they won’t talk with you, but if you go in to a barber shop, men love it.”


Denmark and Bowers Win Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Qualifier at Memorial City Mall

Erik “The Red” Denmark.

Mary Bowers.

Photos by Breakaway Photography

Houston Mayor Annise Parker Shares Words of Wisdom

Marsha Murray, Jeannie Bollinger, Mayor Annise Parker and Donna Vallone.

Maria Moncada Alaou and Janie Harris.

Erik “The Red” Denmark of Seattle, Washington and Mary Bowers of Dan Point, California won the regional qualifier for the Nathan’s Famous July Fourth International Hot Dog-Eating Contest held on May 3rd at Memorial City Mall. Their performance allowed them to secure spots in the ESPN-televised July 4th Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest finals in Coney Island. Denmark consumed 36 hot dogs and buns and Bowers 11 ¾ to secure their spots. A field of 10 contestants including nine men and one woman consumed 164 ¾ hot dogs and buns in a 10 minute period in front of hundreds of cheering mall spectators. Other contestants who placed in the first ever Houston qualifier included second place finisher Juan “More Bite” Rodriquez of Las Vegas, Nevada with a total of 31 hot dogs and Texan “Nasty” Nate Biller of McKinney, Texas with a total of 21 hot dogs. Nathan’s Famous Mobile Tour was also on hand providing interactive Coney Island Boardwalk games to visitors to the mall. A Kid’s Eat Neat Contest preceded the actual qualifier.

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Guide to

Relationships 101 and Some Lagniappe for Summer Travel By Nancy L. Rommelmann, Family Law Attorney


I geared this article to relationships between children and their parents, and upon reviewing it, I realized these points would improve a relationship with your spouse. Give it a go, and watch relationships around you improve! 1. Actively listen to your child/spouse. Give them your undivided attention as much as possible when they speak to you. Give them eye contact. 2. Minimize conversations on your cell phone/use of your iPad while with them. 3. Ask for your child’s/spouse’s opinion: “What do you think about…?” 4. In appropriate circumstances, ask how something makes your child/spouse feel. Be sensitive to their emotions. 5. Don’t negate a child’s/spouse’s feelings, but be a listening ear. You might want to follow up with, “Why do you feel that way?” or “Why do you think you feel that way?” 6. Tell your child/spouse how much you love and value them. Don’t assume that they know. Don’t assume they are clairvoyant! 7. Tell your child/spouse that you will consider their point of view and then do so. Follow up with them about how you factored their viewpoint into your plans/decision. Children learn a lot by this type of discourse. 8. Don’t embarrass your child/spouse in public by making fun of them at their expense or chastising them in public. 9. Spend quality time with your child/spouse, giving consideration to what they want to do. Don’t underestimate the value of the amount of time you spend with your child/spouse. It is very important as well. 10. Walk next to your child/spouse, not ahead of them or behind them. Lagniappe: If you are traveling on an airplane with your child, always bring something for them to eat or drink while the plane is ascending and descending. A young child doesn’t always have the understanding that they should swallow to decrease the pressure in their ears when a plane takes off or lands. If your child is traveling by plane to visit you this summer, be on time to pick them up at the airport! “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin


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Nancy Rommelmann is regularly consulted by local media for her on-air analysis about family law.

Straight Answers • Strategic Thinking Compassionate • Experienced

Nancy L. Rommelmann Family Law Attorney

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By Christopher Hill

Hiccup´s long-lost mother Valka (Cate Blanchett) has lived among dragons, learned their ways, discovered their secrets and become their fierce protector. How to Train Your Dragon 2 © 2014 DreamWorks Animation LLC. All Rights Reserved.

How to Train Your Dragon 2


artoon movies used to be a child medium targeting wide-eyed youth with less discriminating tastes than their eye-rolling guardians. No longer. The past two decades have shown a multitude of films providing as much enjoyment to the kids as the adults who take them. Revenues from these films put the studios on notice. Where there used to be a handful of cartoon films a year, now it’s a summer swarm. The challenge used to be finding a film that was visually enjoyable to keep youths engaged while providing just enough over-the-head humor to engage their elders. Now, in addition to those requirements, the story must be unique enough to stand out in a crowded field. Four years ago, Dreamworks Animation discovered that trinity after loosely


adapting the British book series How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Their movie by the same name was a blockbuster earning critical acclaim and almost $500 million worldwide. The sequel is the uniquely named How to Train Your Dragon 2. The first story centered on the town of Berk, their battles against dragon attacks and a boy’s discovery and eventual befriending of a rare Night Terror Dragon. Eventually, the pair save their village and provide an olive branch between dragons and the town. The follow-up brings us five years in the future, and the integration experiment is a full on success. The dragons are full members of the town and all seem better for the change. The boy, Hiccup, voiced by Jay Baruchel, is again with his dragon friend named Toothless, exploring and mapping beyond their world. They discover dragon hunters who work for a mad conqueror named Drago Bludvist. Knowing this hoard will find Berk, they seek a way to end an eventual conflict. In so doing, they find a Dragon haven organized by Hiccup’s long thought deceased mother Valka, voiced by Cate Blanchett. The movie brings a story with an expected outcome but a unique path getting there. Adult themes of abandonment and loss provide an interesting narrative to what is really a coming of age story. Perhaps most impressive in the writing is their avoidance of clichés concerning the protagonist’s physical limitations. In the first film, Hiccup befriends

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Toothless by creating a mechanical harness to help the injured dragon fly. Later in the film, Hiccup loses his own leg and must rely on Toothless for support. How to Train Your Dragon 2 shows their ailment but showcases their ability to move forward. At no point do their noted differences endanger their capability to save their village. It would have been an easy plot point that the disciplined writers avoided to their credit.

Toothless and Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) make plans for their next adventure.

This is a truly a “Family Night at the Movies” film. Absolutely amazing animation showcases an incredible depth of field as you truly find yourself immersed in their world. How to Train Your Dragon 2 is a visual treat that leaves a solid aftertaste. Strong writing, delivered well with enough humor for the entire family to feast on. Violence: Cartoon based, but there is a dramatic loss. Language: None Sexuality: None Now Showing: In Local Theaters MPAA Rating: PG

It takes guts, hard work and dedication to play sports, so Athletic Orthopedics & Knee Center salutes the kids and parents who hit the fields week after week.

SprinG Branch

Sports Spotlight

Congratulations to the Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association (SBMSA) Girls Softball Team Blaze on a fantastic year!

Sponsored by

9180 Katy Freeway (I-10 and Campbell) Houston, TX 77055 713.984.1400

Ava Galluzzi, Blaine ten Wolde, Sarah Heckler, Logan Allwein, Brianna Ellis, Kinsey Jeansonne, Lindi Ruthven, Emma Bingaman, Madison Peters, Leslie Mendoza and Holly Riquelme.

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By Jennifer Elliott

Add Some

Math Fun

“If I bou of the 24 ght ¾ cupc at Ooh La akes La, how many cupcakes would I ha ve?”

to Your

Summer W

e’re all used to getting the summer reading lists and helping our kids pick out a few books. But, what about their math skills? “My motto is every child should do math every summer, just as they have been taught to read each summer,” said Carol Lisch, sixth grade math teacher at Memorial Middle School. “Where did we ever get the idea that doing math should take a two month break?” Lisch suggests incorporating math into everyday life by practicing estimating and reasoning skills. Ask your child questions: “If I bought ¾ of the 24 cupcakes at Ooh La La, how many cupcakes would I have?” You can teach kids to calculate tax and tip when you go out to eat. They can also figure discounts when shopping at the mall. Katie O’Brien, Algebra teacher at Westchester Academy, recommends a variety of fun activities to help reinforce your kids’ math skills this summer. You can collect junk mail, then sort it and graph your results. Have your child estimate how many items there are that need to be picked up and then have them count as they clean. “Talk through time concepts throughout the day,” O’Brien suggested. You can ask, “How many minutes until we leave? What time will it be when we are half way there?” Older kids can figure how long it will take to get somewhere traveling at 60 miles per hour, and then at 70 miles per hour. Younger kids can count down backwards with the microwave, while older kids can evaluate the costs of various cell phone plans.


Practice division by fairly dividing up grapes or M&M’s for different numbers of people. The grocery store offers a multitude of math opportunities. Kids can use the scale, figure discounts, stay within a budget and compare labels to calculate a unit price. “One of the most authentic ways to help children develop number concepts is to play cards and board games with them,” suggested Leslie Marquez, Independent Education Consultant. Card games like Crazy Eights, Gin Rummy, Kings’ Corner and Go Fish teach matching, adding, sorting and many more math concepts. Sorry, Trouble, Rummikub, Monopoly and Yahtzee are great games that reinforce skills such as, “counting forward and backwards, looking for like numbers, adding numbers, figuring out combinations of numbers, sets, and pairs, counting money, counting dice with automaticity and deciding which is the smarter move,” explained Marquez. Another great activity is to measure and chart the growth of all of the members of your family. You can measure height, shoe size, hair length, etc. and then chart and compare the results. There are also plenty of websites and apps out there to help you. Try parents/articles/mathhome.html and the My Math App. “Working on math at home needs you to be creative, but don’t reinvent the wheel,” advised O’Brien. “Be resourceful and borrow ideas from others.”

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absolutely! Kid Friendly Schools & Activities

Tips for Choosing After School Activities


he intense demands of schoolwork may cause parents to hesitate when it comes to after school time. Although parents don’t want to overload their child’s schedule, the academic, social and physical benefits of extracurricular programs are hard to ignore. The Afterschool Alliance reports that kids who participate in after school programs have better school attendance, higher grades and loftier aspirations about graduation and college attendance. Kids also develop social and leadership skills in after school programs. These guidelines will help you sort the best from the rest. Content. Help kids find activities that reflect who they are and what they want to learn instead of imposing your preferences on them. Kids flourish when they’re deeply engaged. Quality. “Discipline-based activities that allow kids to create a quality product over a period of time are best,” said Sara Hill, Ph.D., Senior Consultant for the National Institute on Out-of-School Time. Kids might learn math and science by building a boat or practice art and leadership by putting on a play. Staffing. Staff members should have legitimate skills and experience. Programs with strong community connections usually have the best resources, Hill said. Movement. After school sports encourage persistence, provide exercise and more. Exercise boosts mood, improves learning and memory and relieves stress. Leadership. Extracurricular activities, including sports and clubs, are ideal places for kids to explore and practice what it means to be a group leader, said Kuczmarski. Logistics. “After school activities can provide balance to a class schedule that is overly academic,” said Susan Kuczmarski, Ed. D. And remember that good programs don’t necessarily cost big bucks. After school activities can provide enrichment, adventure and variety. If you can’t find quality after school activities near you, contact your school district to advocate for programs you’d like to see. Source:

Huntington Learning Center’s Annual Poetry Contest


re you a poet and just didn’t know it? Or, do you rhyme all the time? Students from all Spring Branch elementary and middle schools, as well as 15 local private schools, were invited to submit poems to Huntington Learning Center to find out. This year’s theme was nature. The winning poems displayed originality, creative use of theme and creative use of language. Many of the submissions were worthy of recognition. It seems that each year it gets harder and harder to just choose one. But, alas, a winner had to be chosen. Congratulations to this year’s winners of the 2014 Huntington Learning Center poetry contest. The elementary school category winner is Ashley Turnage, a fifth grader at Second Baptist School in Margaret Walker’s English class. The winner of the middle school category is Sloan Rigamonti. Sloan is a sixth grader at Memorial Middle School in Lee Lemons’ language arts class. Each winner received a trophy, a certificate and movie passes courtesy of Studio Movie Grill. Thank you to all of the students who submitted poems this year. The staff at Huntington Learning Center is proud and excited that they have so many young poets in their midst. Keep writing, and in the words of Dr. Seuss, “Think and wonder, wonder and think.” View the winning poems in the lobby of Huntington Learning Center at 9451 Katy Freeway. The poems can also be viewed at com in the “News and Events” section or at

SUMMER LEARNING LEADS TO FALL SUCCESS! For over 35 years, our proven method has helped thousands of students improve skills, confidence, and grades. • Interactive Summer Reading and Math Adventures • An academic evaluation identifies problem areas • Programs tailored to address each student’s needs • Lessons are taught at the student’s pace

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HPA111-3 l JULY 2014



A Celebration of Neighbors M

emorial is known for its neighborhoods: children attending schools together, ladies enjoying their garden clubs, book clubs and Bunco groups, block parties and Friday night cocktails with the neighbors while the kids run around. If you sit for a minute and watch, you will see the heart of each neighborhood and the pride each of us takes in it.

Ann Tidwell and Jim Wolf.

May 17th was a busy night for the Whispering Oaks and Frostwood neighborhoods in Memorial as each hosted their annual progressive dinners. It was a perfect evening in Memorial with cool breezes, a beautiful sunset and excited guests. Whispering Oaks neighborhood held its Annual Adult Dinner Party. This year’s co-chairs, Emily Anderson and Inga Smith, selected the theme of “White Linen Night.” The dinner has been spearheaded over the years by the neighborhood’s “matriarch” Ann Tidwell and is becoming a longstanding tradition that gets better every year. The progressive dinner began with an appetizer course hosted at the lovely home of Paula and Steve Thomas. Their elegant home was full of candles, greenery and white flowers of every sort: magnolias, tulips, hydrangeas and more. A jazz trio greeted approximately 120 residents who were all decked in white attire.


The guests drew for their dinner home assignments graciously hosted by Ann Tidwell, Christina and Steve Morse, Robin and Marcus Tucker, Laura and Gary Guthrie, Chris and Gene Linscomb, Patti and David Garrett, Patty and Dean Atkinson and Jackie and Travis McDermott. Jonathan’s The Rub provided the mouth-watering main course of baconwrapped pork tenderloin. The evening ended with everyone together for desserts at the beautiful home of Christy and Andy Iverson where guests savored delights such as bread pudding with bourbon sauce.

Starr Zaleski, Emily Anderson, Christy Iversen and Inga Smith.

Frostwood celebrated their 20th annual progressive dinner this year. Frostwood Social Committee chair Lucille Fendley, along with committee members Tiffani Adams, Tracy Allison, Monica Brauchle, Vanessa Goebel, Susan Reinhardt, Teresa Skrabanek and Julie Treadwell, organized the event. Fendley

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Julie Treadwell, Vanessa Goebel, Teresa Skrabanek, Stephenie Cox and Monica Brauchle.

previously lived in Whispering Oaks and enjoyed the event so much that when she moved over to Frostwood, she thought it was something the residents would enjoy and allow neighbors to get to know each other better. The evening began at the home of Stephenie and Michael Cox where around 40 guests were greeted by a poolside Mexican fiesta. The cheerful neighbors had a chance to catch up with old friends and meet new ones in a festive, Mexican-themed atmosphere. The social committee provided delicious appetizers, and dinner was catered by Escalante’s. Escalante’s served their fabulous sizzling chicken and beef fajitas, Chile con Queso Blanco, fresh hecho a mano guacamole and chicken flautas. The party continued for dessert at the home of Julie and Brett Treadwell. The delicious, homemade deserts were made by Frostwood resident Tracy Allison. Raspberry Lemon Cake, Carrot Cake, Fudge Rum Cake and Cheesecake were among the delights enjoyed. Guests enjoyed playing pool, shuffleboard and best of all, the company.


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BMW and Women Driving Business Celebrate 10th Year Anniversary with Unique Speakers and “The Most Interesting Man in the Room”

Mary Butler, Martha Ceballos, Jessica Woods, Kathie Edwards, Vivian Yeh, Heather Ablin, Leslea Stock-Lopez, Tere Batista, Ilene Duwaji, Dulcie Wink, Jeannie Bollinger, Sarah Cain, Connie Inman, Gail Prather and Constance McDerby.


elebrating its 10th year, Women Driving Business (WDB), a committee of the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, will commemorate this momentous occasion with a three part series featuring inspirational speakers from a diverse array of fields. As the presenting sponsor for the last few years, BMW West’s General Manager Maria Moncada-Alaoui continues to support WDB because, she says, “Women Driving Business is the perfect platform to network and connect with incredible talented and inspiring women in our community. BMW West, part of the Momentum Family, is proud Jeannie Bollinger and to support an organizaMaria Moncada-Alaoui. tion that celebrates and


promotes female-owned businesses and is honored to celebrate their achievements.” BMW West and a dedicated committee of seventeen West Houston business women will be welcoming to the “Women Who Inspire” breakfast keynote speaker Debra Neill Baker. Neill BakDebra Neill Baker. er is an evolutionary thinker, beauty business evangelist, mother, wife and principal and CEO (Chief Energy Officer) of Neill-TSP, a unique corporate collaboration that owns and manages several successful businesses serving the beauty industry. Neill Baker’s portfolio includes Paris Parker Salons and Spas, Vomor Hair Extensions, Aveda Institutes beauty schools and an Aveda distributorship for the Southeast. “Women Who Inspire” takes place at Lakeside Country Club on Tuesday, August 5th.

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West Houston Veteran Florist Delivers Great Success with Humility By Tamika Starks

Janine K. Iannarelli.

The featured keynote speaker at the “Women Who Empower” luncheon on September 25th at the Houston Country Club is Janine K. Iannarelli, founder and president of Par Avion Ltd., based in Houston. Par Avion, an aircraft marketing firm, specializes in the exclusive representation and acquisition of business aircraft and lends its expertise to the Bombardier, Citation, Falcon, Gulfstream, Hawker and the new Phenom product lines. In the last ten years, numerous men have been denied access to this powerful group of West Houston’s elite businesswomen until 2014. This year marks the inception of “The Most Interesting Man in the Room,” a single gentleman with the opportunity to speak to 200 women business owners and “C” level executives. “The Most Interesting Man in the Room” must be secure in his beliefs and knowledge, spontaneous, fun-loving and a role model for his family, the community and future generations. He has to be fearless, wise and respectful of women as an equal. He is a man successful in his endeavors but not consumed by success. He will be a man who balances the demands in his life brilliantly. The committee will be releasing clues about him over the summer months leading up to his exciting reveal. The Houston West Chamber of Commerce is located in the population center of Houston that is home to the Galleria Area, Uptown District, Westchase District, Spring Branch District, Memorial City, International District, CityCentre and the Energy Corridor District – an area of more than 8,000 businesses that employ more than 100,000 people in industries responsible for West Houston’s exponential growth such as oil and gas, manufacturing, technology, retail, medical, engineering and service firms. For more information on these events and the Houston West Chamber of Commerce, call 713-7854922 or visit


arah Cain knows there’s a close correlation between growing flowers and growing a business. Both require nurturing, attention and consistent care in order to bloom to their fullest potential. Perhaps it’s this knowledge that has kept Cain in business as a master floral designer for over 28 years. As the proprietor of Sarah’s Florist, Cain attributes her success to having a passion for what she does. She has enthusiastically taught the artistry of floral design to students and encourages young learners to explore the profession at career events. She also loves to share the physiological and cultural impact that flowers have on people. Although prosperous in her own career, Cain realized that other women needed a networking vehicle that addressed the specific needs of women in business, so 10 years ago, as a member of Houston West Chamber of Commerce, she founded Women Driving Business, a series of networking events aimed at “C” level executive women business owners. It has grown into a 200-plus signature event series within the Chamber that Sarah Cain. encourages and celebrates the business women of Houston. Women Driving Business has become a reliable resource for women entrepreneurs and executives by offering education, resources and encouragement, and by making valuable connections that help women overcome obstacles to grow their businesses. According to a report published by American Express OPEN, there are more than 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States that generate more than $1.3 trillion in revenues. Unfortunately, women still face obstacles when it comes to growth, with the majority of their businesses being in low-revenue industries such as retail. It’s these types of issues Women Driving Business helps Chamber members navigate to get on the path to success. With so much experience under her belt, coupled with her work in the Chamber, Cain implores women to stay focused and never give up, no matter how winding the road. “Don’t let anyone steal your dream. Keep focused on your goals, and start small. Learn from your mistakes and correct them. Always be positive and connect with people. It’s not about sales; it’s about relationship building.” Cain doesn’t take lightly her longevity in business. In an unpredictable business climate with constant technological changes, it’s not easy for smaller traditional companies to survive and thrive, but Cain has found a way to continue blooming year after year. l JULY 2014


Mentions Memorial


Bunker Hill Elementary fourth grade students Madelyn Olive, Sarah Shields, Cecelia Rizo-Patron, Elizabeth Jackson, Caroline Stiles, Emily Basham, Dylan Milam, Anna Graber, Lainie Hampton, Sydney Shelton, Brooke Brenton, Andrea Herrera and Grace Rigamonti enjoyed “Bike to School” day.

Bunker Hill Elementary Diamonds were the regular season champs for Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association 6U softball! Pictured are Kennedy Wall, Brooke Kearns, Becca Survant, Suzanne Goddard, Reese Waggoner, Annalise Bash, Mary Claire Pounds, Nicole Hiemstra, Lauren Spivey, Lillian Gregory, Camille Amoruso and Anna Wolf. The girls were coached by Head Coach Nick Hiemstra and Assistant Coaches David Gregory, Michael Kearns and Jim Bash.

Pam Crystal attended the Pi Beta Phi “Under the Sea” Luncheon and Style Show with daughters Alix Nakfoor and Laura Napier.


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Mason Walker, a junior at Memorial High School, completed the installation of a 250 pound cast iron cannon at the City of Bunker Hill Village as part of his Eagle Scout project for Troop 641. The symbolic monument is prominently displayed between the U.S. and Texas flags at the entrance of City Hall.

Spring Forest Middle School National Junior Honor Society honored seventh graders Andrew Plant, J. P. Graham, Kyle Schleinscok, Reagan Mansfield, Tyler Ziegenbein, Canon Culver and Ben Janacek at the ceremony.

People Against Leigh’s Syndrome (PALS) hosted its second annual event at Saint Arnold Brewery. With nearly 200 attendees, PALS raised $95,000 to benefit Leigh syndrome research at the UT Mitochondrial Center of Excellence at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital through the Memorial Hermann Foundation. Pictured are Mike and Emily Sperandio, Craig and Tahra Peterson and Bridgette and Keith Bilski.

Cast members of Spring Forest Middle School’s production of High School Musical Jr. included Maddie Suerth and Chloe Hayes as Wildcat cheerleaders and Morgan Pierce as the lead role of Gabriella Montez.

The Padres won the Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association Midget Silver Championship! Celebrating were Coaches Rick Chapman, Matt Cohen, Wade Crawford and Blake Harrison with Henry Cohen, Jake Chapman, Logan Hatcher, James and Jack Cox, James Millan, Bo Harrison, Johnny Crawford, Cooper Harrison and Braden Smith.

Best friends Valorie Waggoner and Christie McCartney celebrated turning 40 with a trip to Anguilla with friends! Pictured at the Viceroy Hotel are Greg Smith, Dawn Krieg, Dave Forrest, Chris Krieg, Stacey and Michael Kearns, Victor Ho, Kristy and Chuck Wall, Lance and Ruth Odom, Oya and Brian Freed, Stephanie and Todd Scheyer, Courtney and John Anderson, Kim and Richard Lucas, Lamandra and Brian Kuck, Kevin and Amie Henry, Robert and Jaimee Slovak, Meg and Aaron Thorburn, Shalin and Nicole Shah, Stacy and Michael Hardison, Christie and Billy McCartney, Valorie and Sean Waggoner, Danielle and Josh Batchelor, Jeff and Melissa Driskill, Patricia Smith, Missy Forrest, Michael and Stephenie Cox, Karen and Kevin Maley, Arielle Lawson and David and Vivianna Denechaud. l JULY 2014


Mentions Memorial

Wilchester Elementary students were excited and inspired when they got a chance to see a mini-art car parade at Wilchester Elementary. Pictured are Mackenzie Arend, Natalie Dinh, Jewelz Cody, William Elliott and William Wiley.

The Hooks from Hunters Creek Elementary won the Spring Branch Memorial Sports Association Midget 8U Gold Championship. Pictured are Coaches Baris Ertan, Seth Womble, Rick Witte and Adam Peavy with Jacob Witte, Alexander Donnelly, Luke Nini, Chance Voorhees, Robert Hendrix, Michael Peavy, Jack Ramsey, Jackson Staley, Miles Reitman, Beckham Wagner, Cameron Ertan, Todd Dixon and Thomas Womble.

Lisa Rose-Morrow, Susan Marks and Erin Cunningham, co-chairs for the Rummel Creek Elementary annual PTA auction, revealed the next event’s highly anticipated theme during a luncheon at Lakeside Country Club.

Houston Alumnae Panhellenic Association and Foundation held its Annual Scholarship Luncheon at the Junior League of Houston. Attendees were Anna Riseden, Liz Rotan, Jolyn Scheirman, Debbie Jones, Joni Landon, Kay King, Sandy Lewis, Anne Woods, Judy Schudy, Connie Zieba, Melanie Frank, Erin Hasbrouck, Dianne Hammelman, Judy Perkins, Pam Jarrett, Gayle Saunders, Kay Newman, Penny Bryant, Mary Cooper, Kathy Wilson, Sharon Reynolds, Trish Watson, Suzanne Shelton, Cathy Coers Frank, Merry Adamcik, Mary Katharine Roff, Cindy Cochran, Sherry St. Aubin, Pat Shuford, Candace Turner, Sharon Shelton-Pease, Polly Kent and Lyn Flynt.


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Pediatric Urgent Care vs. Pediatric Emergency Center

O Dr. Joseph Allen Expert: Dr. Joseph Allen, medical director of the emergency center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus


ftentimes, families turn to an emergency center after hours, on weekends or perhaps even during the day when a significant event occurs with their child. Though the emergency center is the right place for some incidents or ailments, the majority of the time, minor illnesses can and should be treated at a pediatric urgent care facility. Texas Children’s Urgent Care recently opened its first location in Cinco Ranch, with a second location slated to open this summer. The clinic offers high-quality, efficient and affordable patient care during evenings and weekends in convenient, community locations.


If your child is younger than eight weeks and has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, you should take them to a pediatric emergency center immediately. If your child is older than eight weeks and has a fever of 100.4 degrees or higher, you should contact their pediatrician or seek care at an urgent care clinic. Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus is Houston’s first community hospital designed, built and equipped exclusively for children. Their dedicated pediatric emergency center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is staffed with board certified pediatric emergency medicine physicians.



Conditions that are life or limb-threatening should be treated at a pediatric emergency center. The emergency center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus is available to treat pediatric patients with illnesses and injuries requiring immediate attention. The emergency center can also provide initial stabilization for severely injured pediatric patients. Other conditions that should be treated at a pediatric emergency center include: • Bleeding that won’t stop • Extensive or complicated cuts or lacerations • Fainting or head injury with loss of consciousness or disorientation • Loss or change of vision • Major fracture that breaks the skin or is at a severe angle • Serious burns • Seizures without a previous diagnosis or epilepsy • Snake bites • Sudden change in mental state • Sudden shortness of breath or difficulty breathing • Vomiting or coughing up blood





Conditions that require immediate care but are not life threatening should be treated at a pediatric urgent care clinic. Texas Children’s Urgent Care is equipped to treat the following conditions: • Allergic reactions • Pink eye • Cough • Rashes • Croup • Simple lacerations • Ear pain • Sinus infections • Fever • Skin infections • Flu • Sore throat • Mild abdominal pain • Sprains and strains • Mild asthma • Urinary tract infections • Minor burns • Vomiting and diarrhea • Minor injuries from falls or sports

Texas Children’s Urgent Care is open Monday through Friday from 4:30 to 11 pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12 to 8 pm. Clinics are staffed by board certified pediatricians who have privileges at Texas Children’s Hospital. Visit for more information about the emergency center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus. And, for more information about Texas Children’s Urgent Care, visit Photo by A. Kramer.


& QA


The emergency center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.

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Christmas in


he hustle and bustle of the holidays will be here before you know it. Get a head start on the holidays with this handy guide.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER... When you can have Christmas in July! Buy that present early. Texas Direct Auto, 12053 Southwest Freeway in Stafford. Call 281-499-8200;

ENJOY CHRISTMAS IN JULY Enjoy the outdoors with a new patio surrounded by family and friends. Call for a free design consultation. Texas Custom Patios. Call 281-265-1994;

HO, HO, HO! With Christmas just around the corner, this light-up Santa will certainly dazzle. Visit D & S Antiques to see their Christmas collection. D & S Antiques, 801 Second Street in Historic Downtown Rosenberg. Call 281-232-0035.

HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS Kaleidoscope Studio of Interior Design is overflowing with accessories to complete your home for the holidays, including wall art, lamps and unique accessories available for individual purchase or to be placed by a design professional. Kaleidoscope Studio of Interior Design, 8558 Katy Freeway, Suite 119. Call 713-827-1282; l JULY 2014


absolutely! DELICIOUS

Sweet Tips for a


t’s easy to throw a 4th of July party that looks like you worked on it for weeks. Celebrate the holiday in style by serving classic entrées everyone loves and focusing your attention on delicious, easy-to-make desserts.

Yield: 6 servings Drizzled or dipped in melted candy, these festive star pops are easy to shape in starshaped silicone treat molds. ★ 1 envelope (2 1/4 teaspoons) ★ 1 package (8 ounces) ★ 1/8 teaspoon salt unflavored gelatin cream cheese, softened ★ 1 bag (12 ounces) royal ★ 1/4 cup granulated sugar ★ 1 teaspoon pure blue Candy Melts candy ★ 3/4 cup boiling water vanilla extract ★ Lollipop Sticks Prepare 6-cavity mini star silicone mold with vegetable spray. In small bowl, whisk gelatin, sugar and water until dissolved. In large bowl, beat cream cheese, vanilla and salt until smooth. Gradually add gelatin mixture, beating well. Scrape bottom and sides of bowl. Continue beating until fully combined. Pour into prepared pan. Refrigerate 2 hours or until completely set. Carefully unmold cheesecakes onto cookie pan. Melt small amount of

Candy Melts candy. Dip lollipop stick in melted candy and insert 3/4 way into cheesecake stars. Freeze 30 minutes or until firm. In large bowl, melt remaining Candy Melts according to package directions. Drizzle or pipe candy over cheesecake stars as desired. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Note: Choose a firm, brand name full fat cream cheese for best results.

Yield: 12 mini cakes Sweet, light and airy, these mini icebox cakes pack a refreshing burst of creamy flavor, perfect for the summer. Vanilla wafer cookies are stacked in a flavor-filled mixture of fruit and whipped cream. ★ ★ ★ ★

2 cups fresh or frozen mixed berries 2/3 cup granulated sugar 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 tablespoon lemon zest (about 1 lemon)

★ 2 cups heavy whipping cream ★ 1 package (4.9 ounces) vanilla wafer cookies ★ Blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, for garnish

Line muffin pan with plastic wrap, pressing plastic into each cavity and letting plastic hang over edge of pan. In large skillet, combine mixed berries, sugar and lemon juice. Bring to a gentle boil over medium heat. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer until berries soften and liquid reduces to 1 cup, about 20 to 25 minutes. Gently mash berries. Transfer to medium bowl and cool completely. In large bowl, whip cream on medium-high speed until cream holds stiff peaks. Gently fold in berry mix-

ture and zest until completely combined. Place whipped cream in decorating bag and cut off pointed end. To assemble, pipe small amount of mixture into each muffin cavity. Lightly press a cookie into whipped cream. Continue layering whipped cream and cookies until cavities are full, finishing with whipped cream layer. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Remove plastic wrap and carefully flip out onto serving platter. Garnish with additional berries. Serve immediately. Source: Family Features;


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100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies with FREE glass vase

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absolutely! DELICIOUS By Stephenie Cox


Poolside Bites

he Houston heat and sweltering humidity can only mean one thing – it’s time for a pool party! Houstonians won’t be stopped by the heat that we adoringly refer to as summertime. Our backyard and neighborhood pools are ready for us to invite our friends and family for a delightful cooling off experience. In addition to planning a perfect cannonball to splash your guests, a light and refreshing menu is the ideal way to appreciate the summer’s best in show for fruits and veggies. Try a few of these ideas at your next pool get together, and stay cool and refreshed. 42

Lily Katherine and Ava Cox

Watermelon Fruit Wands

Watermelon is a staple at any summer get together. We have hollowed them out and used them as bowls, made cocktails out of the juice, and they make fabulous bases for art carving. But short and sweet is on my mind – more time to enjoy poolside and still have the staple make a grand entrance. Cut the watermelon into two inch thick slices, and use your favorite cookie cutter to make shapes. Add berries to the skewer, and place in a vase on your table.

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Single Serving Crudité No pool side event would be complete without a few perfectly tasty crudité. Instead of opening up a grocery prepared veggie tray, try your hand at a simple yet effective veggie cup. Single servings are sure to be a hit – no unwanted double dippers! Your favorite veggies with your favorite dipping sauce. What could be better?

Skinny Pool Side Dip It’s all the creamy sinfulness you crave without guilt later. Mix one chopped red pepper, two seeded and chopped jalapeños, three ears cooked and cut corn (or two cups thawed frozen corn), 8 ounces of fat-free cream cheese softened, ½ cup of low fat greek yogurt and one packet of Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning dip mix. Chill, and serve with tortilla chips or triscuits, and you have a crowd pleaser.

Dolphin P lay

For a little playful fun to entertain young and old, try this whimsical fruit creation with a dolphin ready for fun. It’s a simple idea but promises to deliver happy faces and giggles. This requires only bananas, grapes, serving cups, a marker and a happy heart.

Caprese Pops Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, a garlic clove, fresh ground pepper, a dash of sea salt, balsamic vinegar and pearl Bocconcini balls are all you need to create Caprese Pops. Just chop the basil and garlic, and mix with balsamic vinegar, fresh ground pepper and salt to taste. Then, marinate the cheese. Hollow out the cherry tomatoes, and add the marinated Bocconcini, and skewer them. You have an old favorite appetizer made new again. l JULY 2014


By Amy Gross


elcome to July in Houston! Summer is

in full swing, and it’s time for “Patio Pounder” and “Summer Sipper” wines, wines you can enjoy in the heavy, humid heat we endure in Houston. It’s time to sit on the patio, visit with neighbors and friends and giggle as we tell our own childhood summer stories and watch our children make their own – with a refreshing beverage, of course!

This summer is the first that my daughter will enjoy the summer camp that I enjoyed as a child. I’m ready to toast to that, as well as to my boys growing up, earning merit badges at Boy Scout camp and our family making our own memories in between those camps and other summer activities with friends. But, let’s get back to those “Summer Sippers.” In my book, summer is perfect for light, crisp Pinot Grigios, it’s great for zippy Sauvginon Blancs and it is ideal for delicious dry roses. Please don’t be mistaken; pink doesn’t always mean sweet, and I’m not talking about our moms’ White Zinfandels here when I mention dry rose. I’m talking about wines with flavors that are perfect with a margarita pizza and a great conversation with friends. So which wines would I recommend? Well, I can tell you which wines I like, and I can tell you a few that I believe to be crowd-pleasers, but I want you to find the wines that are right for you, too, not just the ones I like. While I may not be able to tell you what wines you will love, my new, free iPhone app, Wine4.Me, can help you in a snap.

All you need to do to find the right wines for you is to: 1. Download Wine4.Me from the App Store – it’s free! 2. Tell the app which wines or grapes you know you like. 3. Take a look at the lists of wines ranked just for you. 4. Head to the store. 5. Purchase. 6. Enjoy!.


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VineSleuth’s Summer Suggestions If you really want my suggestions, here are a few of my favorite Summer Sippers for Houston: • Etude Rose of Pinot Noir, Carneros • Rodney Strong Estate Sauvigon Blanc, Russian River Valley • Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand • Sophora Sparkling Rose, New Zealand • J Winery Pinot Gris, Sonoma

After you’ve tried the app, rate the wines you tried in Wine4.Me so that we can get even better at ranking wines for you. Seriously, can it get any easier? My team has done all of the tasting and evaluating for you. Then, our statisticians checked all of the data. And then, all of that went into a magical, patentpending algorithm to tell you what you’ll like. It’s summer. And it’s hot. Do you really want to risk not having a refreshing wine in this heat? Give Wine4.Me a try and let me know what you think and which wines you love. Here’s to summer memories past, present and those to come. Cheers!

WEEKEND ! BRUNCH A whole new dining experience has arrived at 024 Grille, featuring an exciting fusion of fun, fresh and seasonal flavors with our reimagined Eggs Benedict station, handcrafted Bloody Mary menu, and speciality flavored Mimosa Carafes for $12.


Our brunch buffet is served from 7:00am – 1:30pm Saturday & Sundays and is priced at $18.00 (tax & gratuity not included) for adults and $12 for kids.

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Reservations are encouraged and can be made by calling 281.501.4350 Complimentary valet parking. Large party space is available, please contact Ryan Hess at for more information.

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GATEWAY MEMORIAL CITY | 947 GESSNER (AT I-10) HOUSTON, TEXAS 77024 | 713.461.1688 | KUURESTAURANT.COM H A P P Y H O U R M O N D AY T H R O U G H F R I D AY · 4 : 3 0 - 6 : 3 0 l JULY 2014


ABSOLUTELY! DELICIOUS LI S T I N G CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN CUISINE CLEMENS’ KATCH 22 RESTAURANT AND BAR 700 Durham Drive 77007 832-804-7281 Clemens’ Katch 22 Restaurant and Bar showcases the talents of Chef Kory Clemens with his menu of classic American favorites. The bar, dining room and private seating area feature flat screen TVs, and the setting is perfect for brunch, lunch, an afternoon wind down or a family dinner. Come for the food, and stay for the game at Clemens’ Katch 22!

Four generations of recipes. Home-style Italian cuisine. A Carrabba family eatery.


John M. Carrabba, Proprietario

MASRAFF’S 1753 Post Oak Blvd. 77056 713-355-1975 Hands on proprietors, Russell and Tony Masraff, recognized premier Houston restaurateurs, offer affordable elegance, attentive yet unobtrusive service and exquisitely fresh American cuisine prepared with the best ingredients from around the world. Located in the heart of the Galleria, Masraff’s, features the perfect ambience for business and social gatherings. Whether dining in one of the elegant dining rooms, stunning bar area with the elevated fireplace or The Patio on the Boulevard by the waterfall, Masraff’s impeccable service is sure to offer a dining experience to remember.


Full-Service Catering Private Banquet Rooms Box Lunches & Delivery

New Location: The Heights

1111 Studewood Just North of 11th Street 713.802.2000


4925 W. Alabama @ Post Oak Blvd. 713.871.9722


THE WYNDEN 1025 South Post Oak Lane 77056 281-768-6070 Masraff’s has long since been known for excellence and uncompromising quality, and this tradition continues with our event venue, The Wynden. Nestled in the center of the prestigious Galleria area, The Wynden features a picturesque courtyard along with a Tuscan setting for indoor events. Perfect for corporate or social, wedding or fundraiser, Masraff’s exquisite cuisine and impeccable service will ensure that your next event will be a memory made to last a lifetime.

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024 GRILLE 945 Gessner 77024 281-501-4350

KUU RESTAURANT 947 Gessner, Ste. A180 77024 713-461-1688

024 Grille combines the atmosphere of a local bistro and the classic tradition of a Texas steakhouse. This contemporary restaurant provides a full menu of locally-inspired foods for freshness and classic dishes with a twist. Complete with four intimate private dining rooms, a sophisticated wine list and a signature cocktail menu, 024 Grille is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Situated in the new Memorial Gateway complex, Kuu Restaurant has now opened to bring upscale Japanese dining to West Houston. Executive chef Adison Lee, formerly of Nobu, has brought his talent and passion for Japanese fusion cuisine to the Memorial area. Focusing on artistry and complementary flavors, Kuu has a constantly changing menu featuring locally raised ingredients. With an extensive wine list and private dining area, Kuu is well equipped to handle any event.



EMBERS AMERICAN GRILLE 5709 Woodway 77057 832-242-1888

CANTINA LAREDO 11129 Westheimer 77042 713-952-3287

The Memorial area has a new dining addition to their neighborhood with the opening of Embers American Grille. Embers American Grille’s enticing menu brings patrons home cooking in a classic but upscale atmosphere with artisan salads, decadent pastas, fresh seafood, gourmet sliders and grilled steakhouse favorites. The wine list would appease any sommelier. A private room is available for party bookings and wine tastings. Embers American Grille is open daily for lunch and dinner and for brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

ITALIAN PIATTO RISTORANTE 1111 Studewood (Just North of 11th St.), 77008 713-802-2000 4925 West Alabama at Post Oak Blvd., 77056 713-871-9722 At Piatto, you’ll taste the Carrabba family’s lifelong passion for food in every delicious bite. John Marion Carrabba, owner of Piatto, has family recipes that have been handed down through four generations; you’ll enjoy authentic Italian cuisine made the old-fashioned way – from scratch! These delicious dishes are served by a superb staff in a warm and relaxing environment. From boxed lunches to a large dining banquet, Piatto can help make your next event a delicious success! Piatto offers catering for all occasions – social, business or ‘just because.’ Extensive on-site banquet rooms and off-site catering available.

Cantina Laredo specializes in authentic Mexican dishes in a sophisticated and upscale atmosphere. The entire lunch, dinner, Sunday Brunch and Cantina menus are all available for takeout, some delivery and catering. Selections such as Ensalada de Cilantro y Pollo, Cascabel Ribeye and Tacos al Carbon are divine, not to mention the Mexican apple pie that is served with a warm brandy butter and choice of cinnamon or vanilla ice cream.




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The Revolutionary Tendencies of


George Fisher

n 1820, Texas had approximately 4,000 settlers. Some were illegal Americans, but most were Spanish or Mexican. The largest group of immigrants by far was Anglo-Americans. Immigration was opened to Americans in 1821. By 1836, there were 38,000 settlers residing in Texas. In 1836, the new Republic of Texas was deeply in debt after the war and sought relief through European loans and immigration. However, European countries were wary of Mexico’s possible claims on Texas. Envoys of the Republic were able to spur immigration, which inspired people who preferred the new Republic to their own governments. The next largest ethnicity in Texas derived from German descent. As early as 1850, German descendants constituted over five percent of the population. A subgroup of Prussian immigrants arrived from Saxony, Brandenburg and Hungary. These Wendish immigrants were bilingual and bicultural with Germans and joined their settlements. One little known immigrant from Hungary shared this affinity of cultures. Born in Hungary in April 1795, he started life as Djordje Ribar. Later known by his American name, George Fisher, he played numerous roles in the independence of Texas. Fisher was a scholar with knowledge of seventeen languages including Slavic and Latin languages, as well as German and English. Fisher had revolutionary tendencies long before making it to Texas. He joined the Slavonic Legion during the Serbian Revolution in 1813. When the uprising was crushed by the Ottomans later that year, Fisher fled to the U. S. He could not pay for passage, so he in-


George Fisher

numerous household articles. Prior to practicing law, Fisher held multiple posts that may explain his wealth and access to such a collection of rare items. He was appointed Collector of Customs at Galveston in 1829 and was recognized as Administrator of the Port of Galveston. Fisher set up the customhouse at Anahuac on Galveston Bay in 1831. In 1835, Fisher was in New Orleans as commissary general and secretary for the Tampico expedition. In 1837, he became commission agent in Houston. While these bureaucratic jobs served to enrich him, Fisher continued his interest in revolutionary ideas. He became secretary of the municipal government at San Felipe only to be discharged, suspected of acting as secret agent for Vicente Ramón Guerrero. From 1832 to 1835, he published the newspaper Mercurio del Puerto de Matamoros. The paper was too liberal for officials and caused his dismissal from Mexico, including a fine of $10,000, an enormous sum at the time. Fisher was also president of the German Union, a philanthropic society, and major of the Second Brigade of the Texas militia. Fisher was an excellent example of the variety of diverse and interesting people that came together to create Texas as we know it today.

dentured himself to repay his fare with labor. Upon arrival, he managed to escape his ship’s captain. Fisher assumed his new identity in 1815 settling in Mississippi with wife Elizabeth Davis before making his way to Texas. He had come a long way from escaping indenture. Fisher and his wife lived in a house on Main Street in Houston next door to the Republic’s president. The site is currently occupied by the Scanlan Building. In 1839, Fisher was a Justice of the Peace and later a city councilman. Fisher’s family lived an incredible life at this time. It was extremely difficult to get expensive wares in Texas, yet Fisher’s home was extraordinarily impressive for a home of the day anywhere. A published inventory of the estate listed nearly 100 pieces of fine furniture, including one tin bathtub painted green and white, as well as Among Fisher’s possessions was a tin green and white bathtub.

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Where ver life takes you


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roBin Mueck President/ceo

H E R I T A G E T E X A S .COM Memorial: 14340 Memorial Drive, 281.493.3880 • Royal Oaks: 11689 Westheimer, Suite C, 281.679.0101


July 2014 - Absolutely Memorial Magazine  
July 2014 - Absolutely Memorial Magazine  

Community magazine absolutely highlighting the people, events, happenings, businesses and town of Memorial Area, Texas.