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TargeTing breasT cancer cells WHile PrOTecTing HealTHy Ones. THe difference beTWeen PracTicing medicine and leading iT. At Houston Methodist, we offer innovative, image-guided radiation technology that targets breast tumors and minimizes the radiation dose to the heart and lungs. This advanced technology, in some cases, offers shorter radiation treatments. Our unique team approach in developing personalized treatment plans allows patients to get back to living their lives.

Our cancer services are available at all Houston Methodist Cancer Center locations: TEXAS MEDICAL CENTER | SAN JACINTO SUGAR LAND | WEST | WILLOWBROOK


Texas tradition. Sports Medicine The Sports Medicine Program at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus scores in Houston as one of the best pediatric programs of its kind. With our comprehensive array of services, we run offense to successfully treat acute and chronic sports injuries, concussions and other conditions affecting performance for all sports and physical activities. In addition, we help athletes with wellness, injury prevention and return-to-play treatment plans. Our all-star lineup of sports medicine specialists, orthopedic surgeons, radiologists, sports-focused physical therapists, dietitians and other pediatric subspecialists huddle up to deliver the best possible care. To find out how we score a touchdown for Houston’s young athletes, visit

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COVER STORY October 2013


Fifth grader Hayden Conner has already accomplished more than most youth football players achieve in their entire careers.


For “Bandtober,” Katy ISD Band Directors tell why they got into directing and what it means to them.


From detection to recovery and even breast reconstruction surgery, find vital information every woman needs in breast cancer education.

COLUMNS 12 absolutely! FABULOUS FINDS Franklin and Cindi Rose with Lara Bell as Shrek, co-chairs of BONE BASH. Photography by Hallie Keller.

8 ONE STEP FROM A WHEELCHAIR One Woman’s 13-Year Battle for Normalcy After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and receiving life-saving treatment, Rita Beckett advocates for those fighting through the debilitating pain of Arthritis.


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40 ADVENTURES IN BUSINESS Big Plans for a Small Enterprise


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More than a Delicious Bite

Henry Dibrell Katy ISD School Board Page 18

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43 absolutely! DELICIOUS LISTING

At The Original Greek Festival

absolutely! H E A LT H Y L I V I N G 38 absolutely! Q & A

Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Answers Your Questions About Sleep Studies

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Jennifer L. Evans Out & About in the Heart of Katy Pages 34 & 40

Nancy L. Rommelmann PLLC Family Law Attorney Page 37

Stephenie Cox absolutely! focus media Page 42

42 Steve Kursar Auto Enthusiast Page 44



Bridget Reese, Penelope Ecklund, Ashlyn Harris and Grady and Conner Reese. Photography by Hallie Keller.


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Emergency care when you need it most. Now.

When medical emergencies happen fast, you need quality care that can react just as quickly. As a department of West Houston Medical Center, we can provide the high level care you need for your minor or major emergency – but close to home and without the wait. That’s the commitment HealthOne 24 Hour Emergency Care – West Campus makes to families in our community. • Experienced emergency physicians • Accepts all major insurance plans • Save Your Place online

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1-888-740-24ER • 281-232-1600 (Some areas may need to dial a 1.)


Publisher, LARA BELL I don’t think I even need to ask if everyone in Katy is in the fall spirit. Of course, everyone is! High school football is in full swing, the Katy Rice Harvest Festival is October 12th and 13th and pumpkins are popping up all over town. This month always marks the beginning of an extra grateful period of the year for me where I treasure my family and friendships even more! I recently reconnected with a group of high school friends for one of their fathers’ funerals. We all have remained friends over the Brent and Lara Milam. years and check in or bump into each other from time to time, but this was the first time we were all in the same place for one simple reason: to support our grieving friend, Crystal Lightfield. Crystal’s dad, Lynn Lightfield, was a longtime Katy resident who loved his kids, his country and going to Mo’s. He will be missed by many, and while this sad season in our friend’s life will eventually get better, it just brings us back to the simple reality that friends and family are the most important things in life. Our cover story this month is on Arthritis and how it is growing in numbers where children are concerned. The Arthritis Foundation came to me early this year and asked me to chair their big Halloween Gala dubbed BONE BASH to raise money Brooks and Dylan Milam. for people suffering with the disease. The reason I decided to volunteer my time for the year to help raise $200,000 is because it is a disease on the rise affecting more and more children and young people. If you’d like to help, we’d love to have you attend! Finally, in this issue we are touching on breast cancer since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I have had several friends diagnosed with this horrible disease, and I am encouraging you to get a mammogram. I get one every year, and while it isn’t something I look forward to, I know it can save my life and hope it can save yours, too. Keep the e-mails coming my way, because my goal is to make this the “go-to” monthly magazine in Katy, and each month we strive to improve! Have a great month, and see you back here in November! Absolutely! yours,


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EXECUTIVE PUBLISHERS Michael & Lisa Fredrickson E D I T O R- I N - C H I E F Patti Parish-Kaminski PUBLISHER Lara Bell S E N I O R AC C O U N T E X E C U T I V E Jessica Kij AC C O U N T E X E C U T I V E S Stephenie Cox Susan Dannhaus Jennifer Elliott Kay Garrett Andrea Rigamonti Bonnie Bell Woodrow A RT D I R E C T O R Grace Belleza GRAPHIC DESIGNER Ginger Garza C O M M U N I C AT I O N S C O O R D I NAT O R Sarah Bearden WEB DESIGNER Joey Belleza PHOTOGRAPHER Hallie Keller CONTRIBUTORS Henry Dibrell Robin Ebrecht Jennifer L. Evans Debra Ford Steve Kursar Nick Nicholson Mary Raines Nancy L. Rommelmann PLLC

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Lara Bell-Milam @larabell

READER FEEDBACK Hello Bonnie, All I can say is WOW! The pictures came out great, and I am so proud of what y’all wrote. Thank you so much for doing that for me. I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts. Thanks again, Suzette Steward


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Tour professionally decorated model homes. Each home will surprise you! Forget Pinterest and Martha Stewart! Bring your cameras

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More than 30 art vendors and festive food booths!

Sat. Oct 19 . 11am-4pm


The popular 4th Annual Fulshear Scarecrow Festival returns Saturday, October 19! Enjoy kid-friendly games, pumpkin decorating, live music and a stroll through a collection of full-size scarecrows.

for more details from $190s-Millions . 281.344.9882

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If you have ever decorated for the holidays or if you are wanting a new home for the holidays, this is the place to be.

Sat. Oct 12 . 10am-4pm

k Westpar



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HigHland . lennar . newmark . Perry Homes . Trendmaker . Village Builders Custom Home Builders: aVanTi . darling . HunTingTon . ParTners in Building . Taylor morrison


The Beckett family: Rita, Genevieve, Colton and Lee Beckett.


One Step From a Wheelchair

One Woman’s 13-Year Battle for Normalcy


magine walking down the aisle to marry the man of your dreams and then, a week later, while on your honeymoon, having your new husband literally have to help you up off of the toilet. While that might sound like a strange romance novel, it’s the true story of Rita Beckett, an accomplished attorney, mom and wife and now, an advocate for those fighting through the debilitating pain of arthritis. 8

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ita, a native of New Orleans, met and fell in love with Lee Beckett in early 2000. When he proposed, she saw a life filled with joy, love and family like so many women do. She was opening a law practice. Her husband, Lee, had a successful engineering firm, and together, they were busy remodeling a home where they planned to raise a family. Nothing could have prepared Rita for the nightmare that would overshadow the happiest time of her life. She was ill-prepared to spend her honeymoon writhing with pain while her new husband washed her hair, bathed her and carried her to and from the bathroom. But, that was exactly what happened. For more than two years prior to her wedding, Rita had experienced excruciating jaw pain, so much so that she was ultimately forced to eat through a straw. Her dentist did everything short of removing her teeth. Nothing seemed to relieve her pain, and no test would confirm a treatable diagnosis. A family doctor prescribed steroids for the increasing inflammation in Rita’s feet and joints, but still, no proper diagnosis surfaced for Rita. On the day of her wedding, Rita literally limped down the aisle, fighting off the pain that now coursed through her tiny body. When the newlyweds returned from their honeymoon, Rita’s knee had swollen to the size of a basketball. Alone at home a few days later, confused and afraid, Rita called her family doctor and was told she was having a heart attack. She was rushed to the ER. Her immune system was so compromised she was diagnosed with pneumonia. Just one week earlier, Rita was marrying the man of her dreams. Now, she was fighting for her life, imaging the worst, as she lay in a New Orleans hospital. Rita’s nightmare journey to find the root of her pain finally came to end as she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The Battle of a Lifetime Rita is a fighter, and she was determined to fight this disease with every ounce of strength she could muster. When her family was forced to move after Katrina, they relocated to Houston

fortunate to find the most advanced medical system in the world. Unfortunately there are many more stories like Rita’s right here in Houston. One in five adults is diagnosed with Arthritis. And, Arthritis doesn’t reserve its pain and disability for adults; 300,000 children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. In Houston, there are one million adults and 5,000 children living with some type of Arthritis. Rita, now the mother of two beautiful children, Colton (age 6) and Genevieve (age 3), fears her kids will inherit her disease. Rita’s grandmother was diagnosed at age 28 and died at 44, and her 30-year-old brother now exhibits some of Rita’s earlier symptoms.

Kim Padgett and Tara Brivic, co-chairs of the BONE BASH After-Party. Photography by Hallie Keller.

Diagnosing Arthritis Why is it so hard to diagnose the disease? Because Rheumatoid Arthritis is an auto-immune disease, symptoms often are hard to pin down. There are over 100 types of Arthritis including diseases like gout, fibromyalgia and lupus. The more common and widely known type of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, is often discounted as just something that inflicts us as we age. Nothing could be further from the truth as threequarters of those suffering from Arthritis are under the age of 65.

“No one should suffer through what I did. Early diagnosis can prevent joint damage and a life of misery, and the funds from events like BONE BASH will fund research, advocacy and programs for our community.” – Rita Beckett Arthritis left untreated can cause blindness in children. It is the number one disability in the U.S. robbing the U.S. economy of $128 billion annually. Its staggering costs are nothing compared to what Arthritis does to families and the lives of those living with the debilitating disease. Rita has learned to deal with Arthritis, but sadly, her kids have suffered with her. Her son, Colton at the age of 6, witnessed Rita’s worst Arthritis attack ever. Rita’s rib cage was so swollen she couldn’t breathe and was gasping for air. Colton still wakes up in the night screaming, “Mommy, are you going to die from Arthritis?” And Genevieve greets the day hugging her mom’s legs asking “Mommy, are your legs working today?” For Rita, that’s truly the worst part of the disease. How has she endured all of this? Rita will tell you that her husband, Lee, is her rock, laughing now as she recalls a honeymoon where Lee helped her on the toilet and washed her hair. “A lesser man would have run screaming into the night, but Lee has supported me through this. I was a 32-year-old woman trapped inside an 80-year-old body. Sexy, right? Lee is an amazing man.” What advice does Rita offer to someone recently diagnosed

Mark Your Calendar Upcoming Events Benefiting The Arthritis Foundation October 24th: BONE BASH, presented by Altus Infusion, the 3rd annual costumed gala, promises to be frightfully fun as guests enjoy cocktails, dinner and all sorts of bewitching entertainment, including a costume contest, live music, fortune tellers, Big Board and silent and live auctions. Visit

December 14th: Join fellow runners and walkers at the Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis at Northshore Park in the Woodlands to help fight arthritis. For race details, visit www. l OCTOBER 2013


with Arthritis? “Be in charge of your destiny. Keep yourself healthy and active. The absolute worst thing anyone can do is to let this disease take over. Sure, you’ll be in excruciating pain and fed up for that day, but don’t let it take you down. Become your own advocate, and keep up with the most recent medications. The Arthritis Foundation website is a great resource for keeping patients informed.” In fact, The Arthritis Foundation is the only private non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure and ending the pain of Arthritis. Founded in 1948, the foundation helps people take control of the disease by offering education and support for families, as well as legislating on their behalf. Rita is a strong advocate for those suffering with Arthritis. She is active in fundraising for the foundation’s upcoming BONE BASH gala on October 24th at the Hotel ZaZa, serving as the Auction Chair and then again, as the Gala Chair for 2014. She was recently recruited as a board member, serving on the Houston Community Development Board.

Cindi Rose, co-chair of the 2013 BONE BASH. Photography by Hallie Keller.

When asked about her involvement with the Arthritis Foundation, Rita explains that, “New Orleans rheumatologists were five years behind in treatment and research. This has to be the number one priority: to insure that anyone diagnosed with Arthritis gets the best possible care available. The

treatment I’ve received saved my life. I was one step away from a wheelchair.” Altus Infusion, the presenting sponsor for the upcoming BONE BASH gala, offers an infusion suite in Rita’s rheumatologist’s office so that she can get her medicine on premise. “That advanced medication changed my life. For that, and their support of the gala, I am forever grateful,” stressed Rita. Rita hopes that anyone inspired to help others in the fight to prevent arthritis will don a festive costume and attend BONE BASH, what she calls the costume party of the year. “No one should suffer through what I did. Early diagnosis can prevent joint damage and a life of misery, and the funds from events like BONE BASH will fund research, advocacy and programs for our community.” If you or someone you love is concerned about arthritis, contact the Arthritis Foundation at jburns@arthritis. org, 713-942-9063 or visit the website As for Rita, she’ll be the bell of the ball at a masquerade party, dancing with the man of her dreams.

Come One, Come All, to the Greatest Bone Bash of All Co-Chairs

Lara Bell & Cindi Rose

Starring the Backbone of Houston Honorees Dr. Larry & Theresa Roemer Dr. Sandra Sessoms

Thursday, October 24 Hotel ZaZa Houston For details: Janice Burns 713-942-9063 The Bone Bash benefits the Arthritis Foundation's mission to find a cure and end the pain of arthritis.

A Special Thanks:


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These scarves are my favorite for several reasons. First, they are so pretty and so soft. Second, the story behind them. Each scarf has a little angel wing charm in honor of the designer’s dad who she lost. It just makes you fall in love them. Third, there are so many styles and colors to choose from, and they have scarves for every season.

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Good Luck This

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w w w . c o t t o n l o g is t ic s . c o m l OCTOBER 2013


Eleven-Years-Old and Already Being Scouted

Hayden Conner By Lara Bell


t’s not too often that you see a kid going into 5th grade who stands at 5’11” and is 205 pounds, but there’s a certain prospect from Houston that’s towering over the others. Hayden Conner is only eleven-years-old, but he has already accomplished more than most youth football players achieve in their entire careers.

At 5’11”, Hayden Conner towers above his peers at football practice.


In a short span of time, Conner has been an FBU Top Gun selection, First Team All-Offensive Line in the Houston Select Football League, KYF All-Star, member of the FBU Houston White National Tournament Team and has won a Turf Bowl Championship. It’s also important to note that Conner not only attended FBU’s Top Gun, but he held his own against the top 7th and 8th grade players in the nation. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree with Hayden, as the Conner family has had success in the football world for years now. Conner’s father, Steve, played college ball at Sam Houston State but that's not all. Both of his grandfathers played college football, as well as his uncle and two cousins. For Conner, he has a long way to go before he gets to the college scene, but it’s never too early to think about the future. “If I had to pick my dream school, it would be between Louisiana State University (LSU) and Texas A&M,” said Conner. “Right now, I’d go with LSU because Les Miles pulled me off of the field at camp this summer and told me he can’t wait to see me come back and play in purple and gold.” Conner is light years ahead of his age at this point, as he has already attended college camps at LSU and Texas A&M, and with that kind of training, he has set some big goals ahead of himself for next season. “For next season, my goals are to win the FBU Na-

OCTOBER 2013 l TO ADVERTISE CALL 281.690.4242

tional Championship with the Houston White Team and do everything I can to help my four teams win games,” said Conner. “In the fall, I also want to be selected as a KYF and KAAF All-Star, and in the Spring Select Season, I want to make HSFL Lineman MVP, 1st Team All-HSFL O-line and HSFL AllAcademic Team.” To help achieve those goals, Conner is always training in the gym and working on different areas of his game with his coaches to get to the next level. He also likes to study film and watch the techniques of his favorite players and tries to model his game after some of Hayden Conner the NFL’s best. “JJ Watt and Chris Meyers are my two favorite players,” said Conner. “JJ Watt, especially, because he is the hardest working player in the NFL and does a lot for Houston and kids. I like to play oline like I think an angry Watt would play.” Although Conner plays mostly offensive line, we may have a future JJ Watt-type player in the making here, and it may just be coincidence that the two look very similar in appearance.

Hayden Conner

Houston Texan JJ Watt

This may be one of the most talented and hard-working kids at this age level in the country, and he is the kind of player that any coach would love to have on their team. “My coaches say that my best ability is being coachable and my football IQ,” said Conner. “I spend a lot of time learning what everyone is doing on the field so I can help my team during practice and games. No one will out work me!”


Houston Methodist West Hospital’s team of orthopedic surgeons specialize in treating injuries and disorders of the foot, hand, spine and joints, as well as sports or exercise-related injuries.

With access to the most advanced technology available in Katy and West Houston, the team provides compassionate, personalized care for every generation in your family.

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FILM REVIEW By Nick Nicholson


our family is – or should be – your most prized possession. That being said, what would you do in order to protect them? What if one day you realized your child was missing? That is the nightmare that has become all too real in Prisoners. Directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring the wonderful talents of Hugh

Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal, Prisoners contains an incredibly well-written script and a cast of virtual all-stars who each carries their own weight throughout the film. Jackman stars as Keller Dover, whose six-year-old daughter has come up missing along with one of her girlfriends. Jake Gyllenhaal returns to a role in law enforcement as Detective Loki and quickly locates the best clue in the story – an old mobile home – and apprehends the driver, Alex Jones, brilliantly played by Paul Dano. However, Loki’s case doesn’t hold water, and the detective is forced to release his suspect. As the frustration continues to build, Dover concludes that every hour gone by creates a lesser chance that his daughter will be found alive. He looks deep inside of himself to find the courage that, if his daughter is going to live, it is entirely up to him to find her before it is too late. Prisoners is a whodunit unlike any that I have seen in a number of years. As each scene passes, the audience is left to decide how best to put the pieces of the mystery together. What is truly unique about Prisoners is that Ville-

Hugh Jackman as Keller Dover and Maria Bello as Grace Dover in Prisoners.

neuve has mastered the art of the cat and mouse game. He keeps the audience on its toes throughout the entire film, and the solution does not come into focus until the very end. Guess as much as you’d like, but this one is tough. The film is expertly shot by Roger Deakins, who is arguably the finest cinematographer alive today. With Prisoners’ brilliant script, wonderful acting and simply gorgeous visuals, look for multiple Oscar nominations out of this film as the award season draws near.

Prisoners Starring: Hugh Jackman, Melissa Leo and Jake Gyllenhaal Director: Denis Villeneuve Company: Warner Now Showing: In Local Area Theatres MPAA Rating: R Grade: A+ All photos courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Photos by Wilson Webb.

Viola Davis as Nancy Birch, Jake Gyllenhaal as Detective Loki and Terrence Howard as Franklin Birch in Prisoners.

Nick Nicholson is the Film and Entertainment Critic for CNN Radio, the Fort Bend Star and absolutely! focus media. In addition, his reviews can be seen and heard in numerous other print/media outlets in Texas and Oklahoma. Mr. Nicholson is in great demand as a speaker to both public and civic organizations on the subject of film and the entertainment industry. He is the co-founder of the Houston Film Critics Society and is currently the President of the organization.


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And the Beat Goes On! By Henry Dibrell


ctober among us band parents is also known as “Bandtober” because of the month-long marching contests. Band is just one of the many popular programs offered in Katy ISD. Marching bands may have 200 to over 300 members on the field at halftime this season. The band directors are some of the finest professionals anywhere, and their fall shows are simply incredible! Let’s hear from them why they do what they do.

Christopher Bailey Taylor High School My love for the arts and teaching kids motivates me to work in such an amazing program as the JET Band. Our children learn important life actions through band that they will utilize for the rest of their lives. It is so much more than just enrichment; it is vital to their development as young men and women.

agement, just to name a few. These are “real-world” skills that help students further their education and eventually get a job. The camaraderie the students have is unlike anything they get in any other setting or group. Once I became a director 20 years ago, it didn’t take long to find out how much I loved it. Music is my life, and I hope I can impart that love of music to my students and make a lasting impact on them in a positive way – regardless of where life takes them.

Scott Shanks Morton Ranch Junior High School I have been blessed to share many life-changing events with these great kids while at Taylor. One of my most heartfelt memories was when our band joined forces, five years ago, with the Seven Lakes Band in a half-time performance, honoring the life of a Seven Lakes’ band student who tragically died. In such a devastating time, it created a sense of teamwork, camaraderie and district pride for over 700 kids that transcended the walls of individual high schools to create a broader sense of community pride. Both schools were proud to accept the KatyOne Award given by our superintendent recognizing and celebrating those who work together from different schools to do something positive for our community. Simply put, band changes kids’ lives. We hear a lot about what is wrong with our society. When I look out across the concert stage and onto the marching field; however, I see kids who will make a positive difference in our world. I am honored to share in their success.

Michelle Mitchell Morton Ranch Junior High School Students learn a wide variety of skills in band: effort, patience, teamwork, social skills, commitment and time man-


OCTOBER 2013 l TO ADVERTISE CALL 281.690.4242

I never intended to be a band director. I had a great band experience in school and was very much inspired by my director. I decided to major in music because I could not think of anything else to major in. I got an education degree never intending to use it. Circumstances thrust me into teaching junior high band, and I found that I really liked junior high kids. Through band, students learn to apply the skills that they learn in their academic classes. Through music, we teach citizenship, kindness, ethics, decision-making, multitasking and more.

Kyle F. Coleman Morton Ranch High School Courses in the Fine Arts like band provide students with the opportunity to create ideas/music and express these to a large audience over the course of time. This encourages creativity and instills quality where the end product does not necessarily have a “right” or “wrong” answer. This is what universities and future employers are looking for in today’s young people – creative thinkers who are able to work “outside the box” yet still perform at a high level and produce quality results. I personally love working with high school students. After teaching for 22 years, I take great pride in watching my students develop into great leaders and outstanding citizens.

Joe Young McDonald Junior High School I have taught for 18 years, and I have considered changing careers for various reasons, be they financial or personal. Each time I have considered making this change, something happens that makes me come back another year. Simply put, my reasons for becoming a teacher are inextricably linked to the reasons I remain in this profession. Growing up in tiny Malakoff, Texas, my future seemed pretty much mapped out. If I were to graduate high school, I was to go to work at one of the factories in the area, making televisions, boats, bricks or one of the other blue collar jobs. I decided early on that this was not what I wanted to do. Lance Johnson and James Sprayberry entered my life when I was in the 8th grade. I had been in band since 6th grade but had never taken it seriously. I had joined to be with friends, and I was not a good player at all, that is, until I was forced to practice. These two directors treated me with respect, even when I didn’t have the money for the things I needed. They were patient with my mother when she had to make payments on things that others could pay outright. They even went out of their way to make sure I had a good instrument. Most importantly, however, they held me to the same standard as they did for all other students making sure that I didn’t just pass classes but that I made the highest grade I could. The first person to see my report card was my band director. Whereas I was not a straight A student, I was a hard worker. The longer I stayed in band, the higher my grades went. The higher my grades went, the more my directors expected. I began to look forward to impressing them. I teach because I am trying to pay it forward. I am trying to change lives and perhaps even save lives. I know without a doubt that my life would be vastly different now had it not been for my experiences in band. The “good” jobs in the factories have all left my hometown. Poverty is rampant, and people don’t have much hope for the future. I am so thankful that I live in Katy and that I get the opportunity to change lives, just as my life was changed, by being in band. Each day, I can, I will, I must pay it forward!

Damon Archer Seven Lakes High School

The vehicle of music enables students to learn about various cultures from multiple perspectives from historical, to the scientific, to mathematical, to exploring great literature through this discipline. In today’s global society, being able to learn and explore these various cultures through music allows students to have a common point to be prepared to communicate effectively all over the world. It is an honor to teach in the Katy Independent School District that understands and supports the value of a holistic educational system. The value of the Fine Arts Program is more than a club or activity; it is essential to the wellbeing of our students and teaches them about a quality of life and the pursuit of being truly educated. It is so much more than winning a trophy or playing the right notes at the right time; it is all about the next step.

Jeff Eldridge Mayde Creek Junior High School

We teach music because we love it. We enjoy witnessing the development of student musicians. The maturity of thought that develops through goal setting, problem solving, awareness and attention to detail is amazing. Of the multitude of skills that group performers develop, the sense of responsibility to community is the most important.

Brenden Steber Beck Junior High School Both my junior high and high school band directors made life-changing impacts on me. Not only did they give me the confidence and support to learn that I could do absolutely anything if I put my mind to it, they saw it through. My band directors were my mentors and role models. I teach today because I feel it is my duty to give back to the profession that had such an impact on me. l OCTOBER 2013


Troy Eads Wood Creek Junior High School

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If we can light the spark of curiosity in children, they will learn without any further assistance. Children are natural learners, and curiosity is the engine that enables that learning. Through broad curriculum that celebrates varied talents, students learn important life lessons such as the pursuit of excellence, meeting a deadline without any excuse and working with others to reach a goal. While education should teach all young people the basics of reading, mathematics, science and technology, the real short-coming is that it does not help them to find their passion – the one thing that any individual feels is what they are supposed to do. The arts are important not just because they improve math scores but because they speak to parts of children’s being that are otherwise untouched, and teach children to ignite the passion of creativity. These men and women are making huge impacts in the lives of young people. Go Katy ISD bands!

October is

Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Educate yourself and your loved ones about awareness and detection. Learn about treatment options available in our community. l OCTOBER 2013



When Breast Cancer Hits Home

Ankur Mehta, M.D. Timeless Plastic Surgery


r. Ankur Mehta has accompanied breast cancer patients on their journey from diagnosis, to treatment, reconstruction and to becoming a breast cancer survivor. Even though he deals with breast cancer patients on a daily basis, he was not prepared for the news he received one day. “I remember everything about that phone call even though it was so long ago,” said Dr. Mehta. “I was a plastic surgery resident at the time and was on the way to the operating room when my dad called my cell phone. I hurriedly answered some of his questions except for his last question, which was, ‘Can you come with us to your sister’s doctor’s appointment today?’ I could sense something was not right. Then, as the words left my dad’s mouth, my heart began to pound, I sank down in a chair, shook my head in confusion and tried


to comprehend how my 28 year-old little sister, my free spirited, happy-golucky, beautiful little sister, could have just been diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after her diagnosis, this brave 28 year-old, underwent a nipple sparing mastectomy with implant reconstruction.” It wasn’t until his sister’s journey that Dr. Mehta better understood some of the true fears, thought processes and concerns of women fighting this fight. Dr. Mehta has spent countless hours speaking to female plastic surgeons, breast cancer patients and breast cancer survivors to better understand what the perceived consequences were in regards to different options for treatment. Dr. Mehta always knew his sister would defeat her breast cancer, but he worried what the diagnosis and treatment would do to her strong spirit and bright aura. “My sister’s spirit only became stronger and her aura brighter!” said Dr. Mehta. The loss of a breast, such as by partial resection or mastectomy, is just the beginning of the reconstructive and emotional healing process. The female breasts are symbolic of a woman’s pride, power and self-worth. When a woman is fully confident, she will radiate from within, achieving goals and building stronger relationships with family, friends and loved ones. Many surgeons have typically been taught that the goal is to

OCTOBER 2013 l TO ADVERTISE CALL 281.690.4242

treat the cancer first, just get it out, and worry about the cosmetic aspect later. A patient, however, thinks differently about this defining characteristic of the female body – the breasts. Although the cancer operation should never be compromised for cosmetic outcome, a harmonious balance between cancer treatment and reconstruction can be achieved. Today, as a plastic surgeon at Timeless Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mehta has the honor of providing “concierge care” to all patients including, but not limited to, breast cancer survivors. Dr. Mehta takes his and his sister’s personal experiences and applies it to his patients by trying to understand what they desire whether related to the face, body or breasts. In regards to breast reconstruction, Dr. Mehta focuses on secondary aesthetic breast reconstruction. Simply put, this is the art of creating a more beautiful breast after cancer removal and initial reconstruction. The main objective of secondary aesthetic breast reconstruction is to produce a more natural and proportioned counterpart to the opposite breast. Since her diagnosis, Dr. Mehta’s sister remains cancer free, has recently gotten married and has moved to Germany where she continues to make the most of every minute of her life. “Going through this very personal journey with my sister has definitely made me a better physician,” shared Dr. Mehta.

Male Breast Reduction BEFORE




Center of Excellence for Cosmetic Surgery



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10505 Cash Road in Stafford, Texas For more information please visit

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Breast cancer is a disease that claims the lives of so many people. Although many deaths cannot be prevented due to the severity and late stage of the breast cancer, early diagnosis goes a long way to improving mortality rates and sending individuals into remission faster. Knowing the symptoms of breast cancer can help women and men improve their chances of surviving the disease after diagnosis, as the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better a person’s chance at survival. Not every person experiences symptoms of breast cancer. That’s because, in its very early stages, breast cancer may not exhibit any symptoms, or if a tumor is present, it may be too small to detect during a breast self-exam. Furthermore, there are different types of breast cancer, each of which may have its own distinct symptoms. Some of these symptoms may mimic symptoms of more benign conditions as well, making it difficult to determine if symptoms are indicative of breast cancer or another ailment. But even though the following symptoms will not necessarily lead to a breast cancer diagnosis, it’s still important to visit your doctor for further clarification if any of them appear. • swelling of all or part of the breast • skin irritation or dimpling • breast pain • nipple pain or the nipple turning inward • redness, scaliness or thickening of the nipple or breast skin • a nipple discharge other than breast milk • a lump in the underarm area • changes in the size or symmetry of breasts • presence of unusual lumps

A Younger Yet Natural Looking You

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Awareness Month

“Thanks to improvements in cancer treatment and early detection, millions of women are surviving breast cancer. Self examination and regular screening mammograms are the best way to detect early signs.”

State Representative, John Zerwas, M.D. District 28

Political Ad Paid for by Friends of John Zerwas P.O. Box 852, Fulshear, Texas 77441 l OCTOBER 2013


FOCUS ON THE CURE Lowering Your Risk of Breast Cancer


reast cancer is the second most common cancer among women, second only to lung cancer. One in eight women is expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and a recent survey by the Society for Women’s Health Research found that 22 percent of women named breast cancer as the disease they fear most. The specter of breast cancer makes it no surprise that women are eager to seek various ways to reduce their risks of developing this potentially deadly disease. Though cancer treatments continue to evolve, there remains no cure for breast cancer or any other types of cancer. However, there are steps men and women can take to reduce their risks of developing breast cancer. In fact, the National Cancer Institute says avoiding breast cancer risk factors is the best path to prevention. Avoid exposure to radiation. Repeated exposure to radiation therapy used to treat illnesses like Hodgkin’s disease can increase a person’s risk of breast cancer. Maintain a healthy weight. Obesity increases the risk of breast cancer, particularly in postmenopausal women.

Get your exercise. Exercising four or more hours a week can lower breast cancer risk. Exercise need not be heavy lifting at the gym. Any moderate physical activity, from cycling to walking, can be effective. Eat a low-fat diet. The Women’s Intervention Nutrition Study from the National Cancer Institute found that the highest rate of breast cancer reduction was among a group of women who ate a low-fat diet. Reduce alcohol consumption. Various studies have indicated that women who drink alcoholic beverages may develop cancer at a higher rate. Women who consume two to five drinks daily have a greater risk of developing breast cancer than those who abstain from alcohol. Weigh the risks of hormone replacement therapy. There are mixed reviews on hormone replacement therapy, or HRT, for postmenopausal women. There may be a link between long-term HRT and breast cancer, particularly when estrogen and progesterone are used in combination. Use of SERMs and aromatase inhibitors. Selective estrogen receptor

modulators, or SERMs, are drugs that act like estrogen on some bodily tissues but block the effect of estrogen on other tissues. Aromatase inhibitors decrease the amount of estrogen made by the body. Women with a high risk of breast cancer may benefit from taking a SERM or aromatase inhibitor. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption. Carotenoids are cancer-protective pigments found in a vast number of fruits and vegetables. Researchers at New York University found women who had higher blood carotenoid levels had a significantly smaller risk of breast cancer than women with lower levels. Go sparingly on antibiotics. Only take antibiotics when they are truly needed. New evidence suggests that the more often a woman takes antibiotics, the higher her breast cancer risk. Breastfeed your children. Lactation can suppress ovulation and the body’s production of estrogen, which has been linked to higher levels of breast cancer. Although there is no cure for cancer, there are a number of different ways women can reduce their risks for breast cancer.

DHA Digestive Health Associates • Specializing in Gastrointestinal and Liver Disorders • Colon Cancer Screenings • Advanced Endoscopic Procedures Including Endoscopic Ultrasound and ERCP (Pancreatic and Biliary Disorder) Memorial City Medical Plaza 3 915 Gessner Suite 650 • Houston, TX 77024

G.S. Ramesh, M.D., F.A.C.P, A.G.A.F.

Methodist Hospital West 18400 Katy Freeway Suite 440 Houston, TX 77094

Call for appointment: 713-468-2030 26

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J. George Sun, M.D.

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Keys to Breast Health at Houston Methodist West Hospital


pon first glance, patients of the Houston Methodist West Hospital’s breast center might mistake the facility for a luxurious day spa. But make no mistake, beyond the waiting room lies robust, alldigital breast imaging equipment and highly skilled technologists and radiologists specializing in breast care. Women can come to Houston Methodist West Hospital for any breast care service including: • Digital Mammography • Diagnostic Ultrasound • Ultrasound Guided Biopsy • Breast MRI • Stereotactic Biopsy • MRI Guided Biopsy World-class breast imaging specialist Dr. Correna Terrell is a diagnostic radiologist and medical director of Houston Methodist West’s breast center. “We focus on preventative health,” says Terrell. “But if a problem is detected, everything is available here. We have a team approach – we work with all the physicians on our campus and should an area of concern be identified in an annual mammogram, we work to quickly get definitive results.” With the ability to do biopsies and clinical evaluations five days a week, the center is able to deliver, often with same day biopsy results, and always with a radiologist available to talk with patients who have problems or concern. “That’s important to us and our patients,” says Terrell. Houston Methodist West is hosting a breast health event on Saturday, October 19th from 9 am to noon. In a fun, morning atmosphere, women will have the opportunity to learn how to protect themselves from breast cancer and visit with specialists dedicated to breast care and wellness. Call 832-5225522 or visit for more information and to register.

A HolidAy SHopping Wonderland

Thursday, November 7

saTurday, November 9

10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 6 pm

Friday, November 8

suNday, November 10 10 am - 6 pm

10 am - 8 pm

Admission is $14 each at Market or $13 each at Houston-area Randalls beginning october 14. Half-price admission daily 3 hours prior to closing. Children under 6 are free.

FoR tiCket inFoRMAtion CAll



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All proceeds benefit Houston Ballet Foundation, its Academy and Scholarship programs. Strollers, wagons, rolling bags, rolling carts and pets are not allowed in the Market. l OCTOBER 2013


Early Detection: Key in Fighting Breast Cancer

Amina Sayeed, M.D. OGA West


omen in the United States get breast cancer more than any other type of cancer except skin cancer. While women may not be able to prevent getting breast cancer, early detection gives women the chance to identify a cancer at a stage that can be treated and possibly cured. Screening for breast cancer means looking for the disease even if no symptoms or any risk factors for breast cancer are apparent. Breast self-exams are recommended at regular intervals so that any lumps or changes can be detected. For most women, a monthly exam in

the week after their period is best as the breasts are not as tender as are before a period. For women who do not have periods, exams may be performed on a certain day each month. A clinical breast exam is one performed by a doctor or nurse who uses their hands to feel for lumps or changes. Regular mammograms are essential. They pick up changes in the breast that are visible before a mass is detected by an exam. It is recommended that a woman undergo a mammogram every one to two years after the age of 40, depending on her risk factors and results of previous mammograms. Modalities that are available in our community in conjunction with mammograms are tomosynthesis or 3D mammography and ultrasound. Women with risk factors for breast cancer may be offered additional tests including MRI. To determine your risk of developing breast cancer, know your family history of breast cancer and discuss with your physician what other risks you might have. For more information, contact Amina Sayeed, MD at 832-553-5452 or

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What’s Kickin’ in

Katy By Mary Raines


all is in the air! The weather is cooler, pumpkins are out, there’s Friday night football and festivals galore! Now is the perfect time to get out and about and see what’s Kickin’ in Katy! September 27th - October 6th The 77th Annual Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo Fort Bend County Fairgrounds Highway 36 South of US 59 Rosenberg Celebrate Western heritage at this annual event featuring livestock shows, a rodeo, carnival and children’s activities. Admission is $12 for adults, $5 for children ages 6 - 11 and children 5 and under are free. For more information, visit October 5th Fall Festival & Craft Show 9 am - 4 pm St Paul’s Episcopal Church Grab a friend and enjoy shopping, children’s activities and BBQ plus free admission. For more information, call 281-391-2785 or visit October 19th 23rd Annual Pick-A-Dilly Crafts Fair 9 am - 4 pm St. Peter’s United Methodist Church 20775 Kingsland Blvd. Join St. Peter’s United Methodist Church for their annual crafts fair. Enjoy indoor and outdoor craft booths, a silent auction, pumpkin patch and bake sale. Admission is free. For more information, call 281-856-6217.


Oct. 12th - 13th Katy 33rd Annual Rice Harvest Festival The annual Katy Rice Harvest Festival is two big days of excitement and family fun with two stages of continuous live entertainment, craft and food booths, carnival and more taking place in Historic Downtown Katy. For times, admission, parking and location, visit or call 281391-5289. October 12th - December 1st Texas Renaissance Festival 9 am - 8 pm Every Saturday, Sunday and Thanksgiving Friday in Plantersville, Texas, kings, lords and ladies turn out for a celebration of Medieval times. For tickets, a map of the festival location and more information, visit Saturday, October 19th Katy Market Days’ Vintage Car Show

Are you ready for some Katy football? October Katy High School Homecoming Games

October 3rd Seven Lakes High Homecoming vs. Taylor High 7 pm Rhodes Stadium October 4th Cinco Ranch High Homecoming vs. Morton Ranch High 7 pm Rhodes Stadium October 10th Morton Ranch High Homecoming vs. Memorial High 7 pm Rhodes Stadium October 18th Katy High Homecoming vs. Seven Lakes High 7 pm Rhodes Stadium

Always the third Saturday of the month, enjoy heritage homes, open produce, arts, antiques and more. Call 281-391-1993 for more information.

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Get Your Greek On at The Original Greek Festival Now in its 47th year, The Original Greek Festival returns October 3rd through 6th at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, located at 3511 Yoakum. This year, crowds of 40,000 are expected at the event. Festival Chairman Stathy Demeris emphasizes that this festival has always been a multigenerational enterprise. One of the chief lures of the Greek Festival is delicious food, which is all cooked by the parishioners of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral in strict adherence with traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. “Even my 98 year-old grandmother is there every day preparing food nonstop,” Demeris said. “She loves it!” This year’s festival will feature delicious Greek food, entertaining displays of tradi- Parishioners of the Annunciation tional Greek dancing, numer- Greek Orthodox Cathedral ous shopping opportunities, prepare souvlaki using recipes handed down through Cathedral tours, children’s generations. activities at the Athenian Playground, live music and more. New this year is a selection of craft beers from Karbach, St. Arnold’s, Goose Island and Firestone Walker. Visitors will enjoy the convenience of a free shuttle service, pre-sale ticket packages and the ability to pay for food and drinks at the festival with credit cards, plus ATMs on-site. The shuttle service will operate from the Lamar High School West Student Parking Lot, located at 3325 Westheimer. This year, festival organizers are excited to announce additional buses to accompany an increasing amount of patrons. The shuttles will run approximately every 15 minutes and are handicapped-accessible. Additionally, a handicapped-only parking lot will be available at the northeast corner of Yoakum and Marshall. Popular savory items include souvlaki, gyros, spanakopita and pastitsio. Delectable pastries are also in abundance, including baklava, koulourakia and loukoumades. For the full variety, get the dinner plate, which includes pastitsio (baked macaroni, beef filling and Romano cheese topped with bechamel sauce), tiropita, spanakopita, keftedes (Greek meatballs) and a traditional Greek salad. For more information on the Original Greek Festival, visit


23501 Cinco Ranch Blvd., Ste. D130 In the LaCenterra Center Tues. & Wed. 2pm – 10pm Thur. & Fri. 2pm - Midnight Sat. 4pm – Midnight | Sun. 4pm – 10pm

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By Jennifer L. Evans


absolutely! Katy Publisher Lara Bell and John Daugherty Realtors’ PR powerhouse Roseann Rogers were feted together for their birthdays at a private gathering in the wine room of the newly opened Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in the Houston Galleria. Guests from all over the greater Houston area enjoyed delicious beverages and libations.


Aashish Shah, Roseann Rogers and Lara Bell with husband Brent Milam.

Longtime Katy resident Bryan Bell with Lara Bell.

Danielle Steel, Bonnie Woodrow and Holly Chervnsik.

JoAnn Tilton with Volunteer of the Year Sandra Escobar. The Gary Tilton Firefighter Training Fund recently hosted the 6th Annual “Heroes, Legends & Leaders” Gala at the Omni West Houston Hotel. This year’s Legend award recipient was Wendy Norris, Executive Director of the Texas Line Of Duty Death Task Force.

Wendy Norris with JoAnn Tilton.


OCTOBER 2013 l TO ADVERTISE CALL 281.690.4242

Katy Mayor Fabol Hughes with James Dillon and Billy Evans.

The 68th Pin Oak Charity Horse Show presented by Irish Day Farm yielded a record donation of $200,000 for its designated charities: Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston’s Ronald McDonald House Family Rooms and Candlelighters Childhood Cancer Family Alliance (CCFA). Through their annual world-class horse show, Pin Oak supports the healing of sick children through financial donations, outreach and volunteer support.

Michelle Riley-Brown, Mary Jones, Lynn Walsh, Ketrese White, Charles Hankins and Shannon McCord.

Lynn Walsh, Elly Berman, Chris Tresten, Joan Cantrell and Barbara Dott.

Katie Cooper and Katie Lambert Boone.

Elly Berman, Ruth Hawk and Michele Luccirelli de Gomez organized gifts for the Texas Children’s CCFA Event.

Katy Williford, Rachael Walker and Mary Jones.

ZoAnn Dreyer displayed a horse cookie at the Candlelighter’s Childhood Cancer Family Alliance (CCFA) Summer Surprises event. l OCTOBER 2013


By Jennifer L. Evans


Katy ISD’s 2013-2014 year kicked off with happy smiles and hugs on the first day.


Creech Elementary Assistant Principal Sally Gupton, Principal Elena Thrun and Coach Carrie Dasher joined school mascot, dachshund Comet, and Comet’s sibling to welcome students on the first day.

Jentina and Jeydin Pham walked to school on day one.


Beck Junior High’s Ali Russell gave cousin Colton Harris an encouraging hug before the first day.

OCTOBER 2013 l TO ADVERTISE CALL 281.690.4242

Williams Elementary students Grace Polk and Evan Schroen dressed to impress on the big day.

Child Support By Nancy L. Rommelmann PLLC


ignificant Change in Calculating Child Support Became Effective September 1, 2013


There is a significant change regarding child support that became effective September 1, 2013. The Texas legislature amended the Texas Family Code to increase the monthly “cap” on net income used to calculate child support. This will affect higher wage earners and the amount of child support they might have to pay. The “cap” was raised from $7,500/month to $8,550/ month. This change can result in an increase in the amount of child support for one child to $210, for two children to $262.50 and for three children to $315/month. “Net” resources is determined by taking a parent’s gross income and deducting federal taxes, social security, Medicare, health insurance costs for the child(ren) and union dues. Withholding for retirement, savings plans and many other voluntary payments that one might make are not deducted for purposes of calculating child support. Thereafter, a percentage is applied to the net resources, which is 20% for one child, 25% for two children, 30% for three children, 35% for four children and 40% for five children. The percentage is adjusted if the conservator paying child support has other children to support in which case the percentages are adjusted slightly downward. If you are either receiving or paying the maximum child support presuming the “cap” of $7,500, you might be eligible to file a modification for child support. Grounds for modification for child support exist when the new amount of child support would differ by 20% or $100 of the previous amount of child support ordered. The court may order periodic child support payments in an amount other than is established by the guidelines in certain circumstances. The court can consider factors, including but not limited to, the age and needs of the child, the ability of the parents to contribute to the support of the child, any financial resources available for the support of the child, the amount of net resources of the parent who has primary care of the child, to name a few.

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Sleep Studies

Experts: Dr. Daniel Glaze, chief of Texas Children’s Sleep Clinic and Dr. Binal Kancherla, pediatric pulmonologist and sleep specialist with Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus.


ocated at I-10 and Barker Cypress, Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus houses the only 24/7 pediatric emergency room in the Greater West Houston area, four surgical suites and a minor procedure room, inpatient services and advanced imaging services including ultrasound, MRI and CT scans. For more information, visit www.



There are a number of signs and symptoms that parents should be aware of including snoring or breathing problems during sleep, problems falling and/or staying asleep, tossing and turning while sleeping, excessive sleepiness during the day and behavior or learning problems, among others.

Dr. Binal Kancherla works in the Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus Sleep Clinic with 7 year-old patient Evelyn Chavez.

Photos by Paul Vincent Kuntz.


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Rett Syndrome patient Rachael Seiler with Dr. Daniel Glaze.





The Sleep Center at Texas Children’s Hospital West Campus specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children with sleep disorders, including difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and other disruptive sleeping behaviors like sleepwalking, nightmares, night terrors and repetitive leg movements. If you are concerned about potential sleep problems your child has, call our pediatric subspecialists at 832-227-1570.

Our state-of-the-art facility allows sleep specialists to conduct overnight routine sleep studies and multiple sleep latency studies in one of three sleep rooms. Positive airway pressure (CPAP or BIPAP), a treatment option for children with sleep apnea, are used for certain studies. Children may be evaluated in the Sleep Disorders Clinic before and after their sleep study. Sleep disorder specialists take an extensive sleep history and conduct a physical exam to properly diagnose the patient, then offer lifestyle and medical help to manage the sleep disorder. Children are welcome to bring their favorite pajamas, stuffed animal and a blanket to help them remain comfortable through the duration of their sleep study.

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Adventures in Business:

Big Plans for a Small Enterprise By Jennifer L. Evans


ore than five years ago, I said goodbye to a beloved employer in search of a different work/life experience. It wasn’t the first time I had departed from a well-paying position in an attractive business in search of a better balance. I had done so three years prior for many of the same reasons. Like many other working parents, I was unhappy with the balance of my life and work. I loved


my work – I am a public relations practitioner – but I loved my family more, and I just couldn’t reconcile my type A work style and drive with my rookie experiences as a mom to a little boy and a wife to a wonderful man who occasionally traveled for work. Many of the people who knew me either professionally or personally thought I’d never last as a temporarily retired/parttime consultant/stay-at-home parent.

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It makes me smile to think of all the bets that were lost! If you want to grow a big business, rule the world and have a swanky office with lots of your own employees, you should probably stop reading this now. I greatly admire my friends who have launched their own businesses and now have thriving operations under their own umbrella. But that’s not what I wanted. I wanted to be able to do the work I love passionately and still have enough energy left to feel good about my role as wife, mom, daughter, sister, etc. I also knew that I had to create a work environment for myself that would provide financial income. Three months into my new reality with my former employer as my first client, I participated in a women’s panel discussion on launching your own business. As I listened to someone else on the panel, whom I adore and respect, advise the audience of all the things you must have in place that I didn’t, such as lots of capitol and a detailed 5-year business plan, I realized that I basically had an “anti-business” business model. And, I felt good about that! I still do. But, I had done my homework before I launched my business.

Below are some of the finer points you should consider if you want to carve out a small piece of the working world for yourself, do something you are passionate about and earn money.

Can you afford to start your own business?

If you are currently in the work force and are looking to transition to your own business or practice, evaluate the finances. If you have another income, could you live off of that single income during down times? Further, have a discussion with a good tax attorney who can advise on how to structure your business. Should you obtain an LLC or form a corporation? If you are not a finance expert, you will need to research tools for tracking income and expenses. Do you have start-up costs covered for this business?

Will you be working from home or renting space?

There are a variety of shared workspace options in the greater Katy and Houston area, some with monthly rent as low as $500 for a tiny office with access to equipment, support staff as you need it and more. Will your business need a “store-front?” If your work is such that a great computer, phone, fax and storage for products or ser-

vice items are all you need, perhaps you initially want to work from home. Warning to rookies: Not everyone can stay focused in a home office setting. If I had a dollar for every person I know who started a consulting practice and couldn’t sustain it – largely because they lacked the organizational capacity to self-manage – I’d be in Hawaii instead of Katy right now.

How do you want to spend your time?

Do you want to spend your time on the computer? Are you a writer? Are you a natural salesperson or a slight agoraphobic? Ensure that the consulting or part-time business you envision puts your work style and strengths to good use.

Does your professional network include people who will hire, endorse and otherwise support your endeavor? This is not an optional item; it’s an absolute. Engage people you know and respect and see what they think of your idea. Consult with a public relations professional on the basics you need in order to promote your business. Beautify your LinkedIn profile and your resume’. Utilize educational, professional organizations and educational seminars to brush up and learn new tools for managing your business. And, read and pay attention to the real news around the community and the world. Someone recently asked me if I had “more of a life” now than when I worked in-house for a direct employer. Yes, I believe I do because my business fits me better as a person now. Not everyone can happily facilitate a conference call at 6 pm with a client and vendors all while sitting on a park bench with a laptop while their son practices football. But, I can and sometimes do, because I also have the benefit of greeting my child at home most afternoons after school, fixing his snack and being in the moment with him right up until he stepped onto the field. I have always believed that if you don’t like your life, you should change it. We live in one of the most resourcerich economic hubs of the greater Houston area. What are you waiting for? l OCTOBER 2013


By Stephenie Cox

absolutely! DELICIOUS

Pumpkin . . .

More than a Delicious Bite


umpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin pie, pumpkin risotto, pumpkin beer . . . the options are endless, and endlessly mouthwatering. It’s finally pumpkin season, and the reasons to celebrate are many. Fall’s signature squash is versatile enough to fit into any cook’s menu. As if the abundance of delicious recipes one can make with pumpkin were not enough, they also pack some powerful healthy perks like keeping heart health, vision and waistlines in check. As long as you take it easy on the pie, pumpkin can be the super food to crave.

Pumpkins Keep Eyesight Sharp

Pumpkins May Reduce Cancer Risk

Pumpkins Aid Weight Loss

Pumpkins Can Boost Your Immune System

The best way to safely get vitamin A in your diet is eating foods rich in carotenoids. A cup of cooked, mashed pumpkin contains more than 200 percent of your recommended daily intake of vitamin A.

Pumpkin is a great source of fiber. With three grams per one-cup serving and only 49 calories, it can keep you feeling full for longer on fewer calories. A fiber-rich diet seems to help people eat less and thereby, shed pounds.

Pumpkin Seeds Can Help Your Heart

Pumpkin seeds are naturally rich in plant-based chemicals called phytosterols that have been shown in studies to reduce LDL or "bad" cholesterol.

Pumpkins Protect The Skin

The same free-radical, neutralizing powers of the carotenoids in pumpkin that may keep cancer cells at bay can also help keep the skin wrinkle-free, Health magazine reported.

Pumpkin Seeds Can Boost Your Mood

Pumpkin seeds are rich in the amino acid tryptophan. A handful of roasted pumpkin seeds may help your outlook stay bright.

Pumpkins Can Help After A Hard Workout

A little extra Potassium helps restore the body's balance of electrolytes after a heavy workout and keeps muscles functioning at their best. A cup of cooked pumpkin has more of the refueling nutrient Potassium, with 564 milligrams to a bananas 422.


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Like their orange comrades the sweet potato, the carrot and the butternut squash, pumpkins boast the antioxidant beta-carotene, which may play a role in cancer prevention, according to the National Cancer Institute.

When you feel a cold coming on, Vitamin C may be helpful in warding off that illness. One cup of cooked pumpkin contains more than 11 milligrams of the essential nutrient.

Gingered Pumpkin Soup Ingredients: • 1 Tbsp light butter • 2 - 15 oz cans of pumpkin • 2 - 14 oz cans of low sodium chicken broth • 1/2 cup fat-free milk • 1/4 cup pure maple syrup • 1/4 tsp. ground ginger • Salt and pepper, to taste • Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and brown sugar, as garnish Instructions: 1. Melt butter in a large saucepan over medium heat, and stir in pumpkin, chicken broth, milk, maple syrup and ginger. 2. Bring pumpkin mixture just to a boil, and season with salt and pepper. 3. Garnish with pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and a sprinkling of brown sugar. Enjoy!

Expires 10/31/13

Expires 10/31/13

Expires 10/31/13

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By Steve Kursar

absolutely! AUTO REVIEW


he 2014 Chevrolet Impala is a head-turner. Don’t be surprised if you say, “Wow!” the first time you see the latest version of this Chevy classic. No really, the Impala that defined bland automotive design for decades is gone and a new Impala has happily taken its place. But the wow factor doesn’t end at the exterior. Nope, this Impala is not only gorgeous, it’s stylish on the inside with high end materials and the fit and finish of a luxury vehicle. These are all the reasons Consumer Reports gave the 2014 Impala its highest rating for a sedan. For those of us old enough to remember the early Chevy Impalas, they were iconic cars that still turn


heads when they show up a classic car shows. But by the time the 1970s rolled around, the Impala had lost its cool and was just a big, boxy car that seemed to be relegated to rental car fleets. But, the Impala name was too valuable for Chevrolet to abandon so they brought together the right resources for this tenth generation car, and this time, they got it right in so many ways. You can choose from three powertrains mated to a six-speed transmission that should deliver pretty good fuel economy. The standard base engine is a 195 hp, 2.5 liter four cylinder engine that will get you 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. If you need more power, you can opt for the 305 hp, 3.6 liter V6 that will power you from 0-60 in less than seven seconds, but that power will drop your fuel economy to 18 mpg city/28 mpg highway. And now showing up in dealerships is the mild hybrid version for the Impala called eAssist, which integrates a 182-hp, 2.4-liter four-cylinder and a small 15-

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hp electric motor to save fuel. It’s not a full-blown hybrid, but it will improve fuel economy to 25 mpg city/35 mpg highway. The new Impala’s interior is larger than the old model trimmed out with luxury materials and all the technology you would expect. The Chevrolet MyLink system features an 8” screen, which allows you to hook up your smartphone or your MP3 player via Bluetooth. Both the backseat and the truck are huge. With a base MSRP of $26,860, the 2014 Chevy Impala is now one of the top choices in the full-size segment. Follow Steve Kursur at KursarOnCars.

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