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FLEISHMAN HILLARD Characteristics of the Gen Y Workforce • • • • • •

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Looking for a more collaborative work environment and want to be a part of a “team” or small group within a large company. Looking for a work-life balance whether that is for family or “me” time and this is sometimes a bigger issue than money. Want to be creative, constantly stimulated, never bored and they want to keep moving so retention will continue to be a big issue. They want to be recognized constantly for their creativity and they want to be encouraged to provide more innovative ideas and have a role in the companies future. They are skeptical about employee loyalty and want to feel like they are in control of their relationship and experience with their employer. They are the “entitlement” generation and they want to start at the top or climb the ladder as quickly as possible becausethey feel they deserve it whether they are experienced or not. They simply want immediate gratification at every turn becausethat is what they are used to. They will work longer and even adhere to standard hours as long as the work is stimulating and engaging. They are very concerned with their benefits and saving for future They have a speak-your-mind philosophy and are much less likely to respond to the traditional command-and-control type of management. Basically they've grown up questioning their parents, and now they're questioning their employers. Many are deciding that corporate America doesn’t fit their needs and are becoming entrepreneurs. Part of this is their desire for customization —they want to create a custom life and create the kind of career that fits around the kind of life they want. They are the best-educated, most techno-savvy group to ever come into the workplace. While boomers may expect a phone call or in-person meeting on important topics, younger workers may prefer virtual problem solving and communications. They seek out creative challenges and ongoing learning opportunities and often view colleaguesas vast resources from whom to gain knowledge. They want small goals with tight deadlines so they can build up ownership of tasks. They have grown up getting constant feedback and recognition from teachers, parents and coachesand can resent it or feel lost if communication from bosses isn't more regular. They are looking for a social workplace and want multipurpose rooms and diverse functional spacesto accommodate their team-think mentality.

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They are much more socially conscious as individuals, consumers, and employees and they want to work for a company that cares about how it affects or contributes to society. Selling points for companies include: company benefits and perks such as flexible work schedules, telecommuting, full tuition reimbursement, online mentoring tools, time off given as awards, and recognition.


Characteristics of the Gen Y Workforce • They are much more socially conscious as individuals, consumers, and employees and they want to wor...