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Small Businesses - Pros and Cons It is quite apparent that a society consists of both small and large businesses that have their own sets of pros and cons for the people and the country in which they operate. Large businesses ensure that they fulfill their social corporate responsibilities and they take care of ethics while doing business. However, it is not only the large businesses that benefit the society but the smaller growth businesses also play a vital role in the development of the society since their contribution to the social and economic growth is substantial. Small businesses contribute to the society in various ways that help in uplifting the social and economic growth. Despite of the fact that the small business operate on a smaller scale and they make less profits, there are still many benefits it can provide to a society and to the overall growth of the economy. Both economic as well as social growth is dependent on the growth of the small businesses as well. When a small business starts, it requires people to operate the business and this means that it creates employment in the society. Since the small business operate on a much smaller scale than compared to the large businesses, their operations are small and they mostly do not require the most highly qualified staff. This means that an opportunity here is created by the other people who are comparatively less qualified than the individuals who have attended the best universities and colleges. Small businesses not only provided employment opportunities to the skilled people but the unskilled people also get jobs and when these people get jobs, economic development takes place and their social status in the society also improves Since the small business does not have enough finances to form their own departments for various purposes, they normally hire the services of the accountants and lawyers. This means that the service providers get work and they earn more and this in turn reflects the overall growth of the economy. The small businesses benefit in terms of economic growth and they also play a major role in the other developmental works that are carried out in a society. In small business, product development is done on a need basis. However, whenever a company is launching a totally new product in the market, the rate of risk involved in it is very high but the small businesses take this risk and they introduce the product in the market. Small businesses create healthy competition alongside large businesses and sell products or services at competitive prices. When the small businesses come into existence, their goal always is to expand its operations further in order to make more revenues. In order to make the customers aware of the existence of the brand in the market, it is essential to inform the customers through advertising and sales promotion. Most businesses start on a small scale but hard work and sincere efforts can lead to unprecedented success. If you are searching for someone with “can you help me with my homework quickly?� then you have to log on to the website of We are a team of skilled tutors who have been accredited before being permitted to distribute online homework assistance to students. By utilizing the power of the internet, we are capable to control the power of outsourcing and convey only the best faculty from

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