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5 Hacks to End Your College Essay Powerfully It is a known fact that the most important part of a composition is its introduction, but writing it is not a piece of cake. If the audience is not given an engaging introduction, then the artist will never be able to catch the attention of his audience. It is the introduction that provides an ignorant reader insight on the sort of material he will be encountering. If the beginning of the essay is bland then it is possible that the reader may put it down without giving it a second chance. Thus, for a writer to be successful, it is very important that he must know how to write a good introduction. The introduction is basically a short outline of the complete work. But this does not mean that it can be a summary of the overall work. It has to be intelligible and creative. Although the sort of introduction largely depends on the kind of article being written, however, it is best to start with the topic sentence of the work. The topic sentence is composed of two parts: the topic and the purpose. A proper topic sentence always has these two parts. The rest of the paragraph will give a basic introduction to the topic and will include plausible points that support the point of view of the writer. And the last line of an introductory paragraph will have the conclusion of the paragraph as well as a teaser on the rest of the paper. It must be noted that each and every paragraph of an article must take the thought further and make the paragraph connect to the upcoming paragraphs. Best Coursework Writing Services: If the essay paper is describing a step by step procedure, then the introduction will probably be an overview of the outcome of the formula and its pros and cons. It is expected that the writer gives the reader an overview of the need to read the whole of the paper. Thus, it would be a bad strategy to abruptly start the paper with step one of the descriptions under discussion. In critical analysis of a piece of work, like a piece of art or a theory etc., it is best to start with an outline of the work, its pivot, the general apprehension of it and what you will be discussing in your article. Depending on the total length of your work, the length of the introduction must be logically maintained.

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