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How to write a 10 page research paper If you have recently got an assignment for 10 page research paper writing and don’t know how to go about with it, here are a few tips. Follow them and start writing and we are sure you will be pretty impressed with your own piece of work. First think of an enthusiastic topic to write on which you are already familiar with, so that the research process won’t be difficult and you will save up on a lot of time as you might already know what credible books, journals, reports, websites and references to refer to and what not. Then establish and a general synopsis of the topic and identify the key points and pen them down onto a paper. Alongside, mention about several subtopics related to the main topic as well. The second key to writing a lengthy research paper is to go around the process of writing as a cycle. You will have to keep on researching, then write, and reorder, and finally review each subtopic mentioned in your paper and also maintain a proper arrangement and flow of content in between the various paragraphs. Frame a thesis statement. It is basically the summary of the whole of your research topic compressed into one single sentence. It will give evidences supporting the content in its following paragraphs. The evidences have to be strong enough to persuade the reader and affirm him into believing it rather than making it seem to be contradictory in nature. Give correct citations to the content taken from other sources so there are no accusations of plagiarism. Now write the body paragraph which consists of the details and the logics behind the arguments you have placed in your introductory paragraph and the thesis statement. You can also introduce the various subtopics you had thought during the research process. The body can stand alone on its own or be split up into various subtopics. Just ensure that the flow of your writing doesn’t get disrupted. Next comes the conclusion, it is nothing but the reverse of your thesis statement. It should consist of a brief summary regarding all your research findings which provides the reader with a finish. Remind all that has been mentioned above in short sentences once again to the reader so that he doesn’t forget anything from what he has just read. Mention your own views on the subject topic, taking the reader a bit away from the original subject. This will give the reader an opportunity to take away with him/her some learning from your writing as it has now created a lasting impression in the minds of the reader. Never finalize before revising. You sure wouldn’t want the readers to laugh at your efforts because of the slightest errors visible in the writing that ruins the whole thing. Thus, if necessary, read the whole thing again for a thousand times. Look for spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammatical errors etc. These tips are sure to guide you with your writing and your 10 page research paper is surely going to get better with the proofreading and revision.

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