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Mobile Based Telephone Billing System

Basically, to pay off our telephone bills we walk or ride for few kilometers. Even after that telephone exchange always try to shows that it’s one of the croweded queuing areas. In some cases if we don’t receive a bill then first queue up to receive a bill and then check weather having enough cash or not if not then run towords ATM. Again switch to paying queue. Basically what, telephone bills takes atleast 3-4 hours of a day. Now, Putting such amazing efforts for a Telephone bill payment is probably worth enough. If we create a system which will pay all telephone bill’s with no efforts with no time loss. I decided to build a website, which will help to pay all telephone bills, but for this people needs to move towords café’s. Instead if we let them pay through mobile then?, Mobile payment is quite easy and takes no efforts. But for doing this we still need a website, only mobile billing is not convinient. Now, Once a customer registers over a website and receives PIN(Personal Identification Number) he will start to receive his generated bill for every month over the mobile. His mobile will be emerged with our another application which will receive bills, pay bills, shows confirmation, Send queries to customer care, and is also helps to introduce new offer plans to customers, and many more. Mobile Applicaton will be designed in J2ME Application which is good for almost all current generation mobile phones. Website will be designed in Java and HTML with the backend support of MS. Acces. In this application user(Customer) is persuing a mobile application which receives monthly telephone bill, and to pay that bill he needs his PIN no. This number is required even if customer has regiestered his mobile number. Application will receive a Telephone PIN, Credit Card No, Amount To Pay and will send this information to server mobile application. Server mobile application will receive all information in binary format by which server administrator could not extract details from either way. Now serverside mobile will send this information to server computer to send it to merchant service. As merchant service gives confirmation of transcation. After confirmation, server will updates user account information at first and then it will tell to server mobile and server mobile to generate a confirmation message to user(Customer) mobile application that payment have confirmed. The same process can also be done over internet account. 1. Mobile Payment Service.

2. Mobile To Mobile Communication

3. Details Application Structure.


In this application user(Customer) is persuing a mobile application which receives monthly telephone bill, and to pay that bill he needs his...

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