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Women’s Health Newsletter

November 2012

In This Edition Welcome Our New SIG Chairs

Angie Conner & Susan Nigro

Meet the MEN of Women’s Health Maintaining Industry Awareness

Staffing guidelines

Community Involvement Tips & Tricks

Results copy from mom to baby

“Did You Know...?”

“Refresher training” course available

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Prenatal Summary Delivery Summary Birth Log Book

What We’re Doing

FetaLink+ 510(K) Clearance Vermont Oxford Network

Women’s Health Newsletter Welcome our new SIG Chairs: Angie Conner RN, BSN, Clinical Application Analyst, Floyd Medical Center Angie has worked in the Labor and Delivery Unit at Floyd Medical Center since Nov. 2001. In September of 2009, she was asked to be the Build Lead for PowerChart Maternity and FetaLink. As the project grew, her role as build lead evolved into that of the application specialist -- helping to design, build, test, educate, and support the golive for PowerChart Maternity in October 2010 and FetaLink in March 2011. In February of 2012, she transferred into the IT department as a Clinical Application Analyst. Fun Facts: I was born here at Floyd Medical Center in Rome, GA. I live in Trion, GA with my husband and 3 children—Cody 14, Kendra 12, and Kaitlyn 11. Our pets include; 2 dogs, 3 cats, and we have 3 aquariums. My favorite dessert is Key Lime pie My favorite vacation thus far was our cruise to Half Moon Cay and Nassau With 3 very active children my hobbies are pretty limited—but I do love to read a good book and I am a 4H adult volunteer at our local county extension.

Susan Nigro, RNC, BSN, Director of Obstetrical Services at Olathe Medical Center. Susan has worked Obstetrics for 28 years with the last 6 years as the Director of The Birth Place. The Birth Place is a 29 bed LDRP unit at Olathe Medical Center in Olathe Kansas. She is proud that this unit was the recipient of the 2012 Cerner Unit of the Year Award. Susan has spoken at the 2011 Healthstream Summit for a break-out session as well as a poster presentation for the 2010 AWHONN convention. She has been the award winner for the John McEwen Excellence in Nursing Award & nominated for the Heart of Health Care Award for the State of Kansas. Susan was part of the build team, implementation & decision support for PowerChart Maternity and Fetalink with go live in February 2010.

Our next SIG meeting is December 12th 11:00am CST We hope you’ll be able to join the call! Invites coming soon.

Fun Facts: I was born in Wood River Ill, and currently live in Overland Park, KS. I have 2 children, Angela 27 (also a nurse who has done ER & is now a NICU nurse) & Ashley 25 who is an elementary school teacher. I have 2 cats: Chloe & Lola My favorite dessert is anything chocolate or caramel! My favorite vacation was traveling in Europe as a teenager. I wish I could repeat this vacation with the maturity of an adult so I could really appreciate the architecture & history! My favorite hobbies include traveling (when I have time!), I love antiquing and attending Estate sales & auctions.

November 2012

Community Involvement

The Whisper Walk Members of the Women’s Health team got together for this walk,

Meet Some Men of the Women’s Health -- The Technical Implementations Team!

supporting Ovarian Cancer

Russ Snyder, Ryan Biller, William Burress, Adam Dougherty, Chris Hill, Chris Schmidt, Keith Sonnier, Kyle Weber Combined we have 90 years of technical experience, 50 of those are at Cerner *Special Delivery: In the month of October, we had 5 conversions and 3 upgrades. (8 more scheduled before the end of the year.)

Maintaining Industry Awareness Staffing guidelines According to AWHONN survey results 79% of people found staffing a pain-point. We are focused on addressing this pain point by developing an L&D workforce management tool aligned with AWHONN guidelines, Please attend our Q4 SIG meeting to find out additional information about this.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Cerner sponsored a team at the race, and the Women’s Health team held a special potluck to raise money and donate to the cause.

Women’s Health Newsletter Tips and Tricks

Did You Know

Results Copy

The Clinical Strategists Team now offers a “Refresher Training” Course for existing clients:

PowerChart Maternity has the

• This is scalable and can be customized to your needs. We would be more than

functionality to allow results

happy to set up a call to better explain this process if you would like as there would

from mom’s chart to be copied

be prep time included in the cost as well.

over to baby(s) chart with just a few simple clicks. By using this, it eliminates the chance of transcription errors and also the dreaded “double

• Train the Trainer Refresher is typically 6 hours. • Nursing Refresher is typically 2 hours in which we will highlight the following: • Using Pre arrival • Using Pregnancy/Neonate Summary (a lot of clients don’t use them) • Importance of completion in order for birth log to be complete • Working with dynamic groups

documentation” that nurses

• Double clicking in cell heading

are all too familiar with. You can

• Pulling in vital signs from FetaLink into IVIEW

customize what information you

• Adding/subtracting/re-ordering bands

would like to be copied over,

• Flagging and adding comments

from newborn deliver y dat a to maternal lab results. It is Cerner’s recommendation to set a policy as to who is responsible

• Refresher on result copy (multiples) • Customizing your own individual views • Starting a pregnancy • Care plans- IPOC • Transferring pt with FetaLink

for completing the task and

• Fill in “Reason for Monitoring” field

when. We recommend Result

• Retroactive associations

Copy to be done at least 3 times

• Find time on FM strip from annotation dialog box

during duration of stay, once by

• Alarms and setting at the patient level

delivery RN at time of delivery, at 24hrs postpartum and again at discharge of mother or at the discretion of the unit.

• Correct way to associate and disassociate patients • Physician Refresher is typically 1 hour in which we will highlight the following: • PowerPlans/Orders • Precompleted Notes • Macros and AutoText • PowerForms • FetaLink Annotations • IVIEW Contact for more information or to schedule

November 2012

Content Releases:

Cerner Health Conference (CHC) Recap Thank you to all for helping contribute to a successful CHC! We had 843 attendees in our sessions this year! Our first Physician Summit was a success. Thank you to all who attended and a special thanks to Dr. Morosky, Dr. McCracken and Dr. Wall for presenting. Another thanks to Olathe Medical Center for hosting our SIG event and opening their L&D unit up for tours.

Prenatal Summary A new version of the Prenatal Summary Genview report is now available to all clients on Package 62683. This new version has a new look and a cleaner feel to the report. Each section has been reformatted to increase readability and highlight specific clinical snapshots of a patient’s prenatal information throughout a current pregnancy. The new Prenatal Summary Genview will replace the existing Prenatal Summary Genview and will require some pre-configuration setup. Please refer to the package Special Instructions - End of Package Installation section for more details. For a complete list of CRs on this package, please refer to the Description section of the package.

Click below to find the Women’s Health Education Sessions posted on uCern: https://connect.ucern. com/community/cerner/ solution_forums/groups/ womens-health-collaborationcommunity?view=documents

Women’s Health Newsletter Prematurity Awareness

Content Releases (continued) :

November is Prematurity Awareness month and November 17th marks World Prematurity Day. AWHONN is encouraging everyone to take the pledge to wait for labor to start on its own and encourage pregnant women do the same when all is healthy and well. The nurses of AWHONN remind everyone not to rush their baby; give her at least 40 weeks of pregnancy. Take the pledge here:

For more information on prematurity awareness visit the March of Dimes website:

Delivery Summary We recently made some changes to the Delivery Summary report. The report will now display the Fetal Distress label in the Overall C/S Rate section as Nonreassuring Fetal Status as well as various calculations have been corrected. The Delivery Summary report is now available on Package 62192. For a complete list of CRs on this package, please refer to the Description section of the package.

November 2012

Content Releases (continued):

Last Call! Your Opinion Matters This is your final oppor tunity to make a difference and communicate directly with the FetaLink engineers: The Cerner Design Team is working on ways to update the look and feel of FetaLink to improve usability.

Birth Log Book The Birth Log Book Extract report has currently been updated and revamped to improve performance. The report has been modified to display Gravida/Para counts that have been documented across different encounters as well as include mothers who have delivered but whose pregnancies were not closed out. The Birth Log Book Extract report is currently packaged and in validation testing with various testing partners. But don’t worry, Package 62452 will be available by the end of November. Please look to our uCern Client Community group for notification of when it will be GA. For a complete list of CRs on this package, please refer to the Description section of the package.

We wo ul d l i ke to g i ve yo u an opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Please fill out a short questionnaire : FetalinkNewDesignQuestionnaire

Women’s Health Illumination

Giving “Thanks” in November

Reporting Within PowerChart Maternity

T h e Wo m e n ’ s H e a l t h te a m i s

November 29th, 2012 from 10am – 11am CST

showing special ‘thanks’ in

Join us in an Illumination session focusing on:

November for:

• PowerChart Maternity Reporting Capabilities • Birth Log Book • Open Pregnancies by EDD/EGA • Delivery Summary Report • OB Activity Log • Fetal-Well Being Endorsement To register for the session, click the link below. You will need a user name and password.

Eac h other, our team, the technology that saves lives everyday, the Doctors and Nurses who provide bedside care as well as help us continue to develop our

solutions to improve the lives of

Once the registration is completed and approved, you will receive a meeting link to gain access to the session.


Women’s Health Newsletter Are you a part of our social network?

November 2012

What We’re Doing:

Become a member of our Women’s Health Collaboration Community on uCern. uCern is a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments around PowerChart Maternity and FetaLink, hear about upcoming events, network and share tips and tricks with your peers. If you are not already a member, we hope you’ll sign up soon!

FetaLink+ 510(k) Clearance: We are very excited to announce the 510(k) clearance of FetaLink+. We recognize that OBGYN providers are constantly on the go and need immediate access to key maternal and fetal information from any location. FetaLink+ is a native application for use on iPads and iPhones. It will allow OB providers visibility to what’s going on within the hospital by displaying maternal and fetal monitoring data and additional clinical data such as EDD, EGA, cervical exam status and annotations -- just to name a few. Click links below for more information: Blog Post:

Join us on uCern

Press Release: en/Cerner-Receives-FDA-Clearance-for-Mobile-Fetal-Monitoring-Solution.html

Follow Cerner on Facebook Follow Cerner on Twitter Follow the Women’s Health team on Facebook Follow the Women’s Health team on Twitter

*subject to change

Vermont Oxford Network: Our VON project is currently in development and is slated to be released early 2013. This functionality will allow clinicians a single source to document, review, and submit patient data electronically to the Vermont Oxford Network. It will be comprised of a VON Patient Census view and a Single Patient view resembling what is seen here. We are working with solution partners to create an optimal experience.

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