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October 2013

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Women’s Health Newsletter FAQ

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Labor Epidurals… when is the ideal time to schedule them? Pregnancy

Last months newsletter contained instructions for personalizing the Pregnancy Summary MPage.

In order for the anesthesia team to document a laboring epidural, a case must be created within the schedule. That makes sense…right? The question then becomes, “So, when should we schedule the labor epidural?” How your unit decides to answer this question is a decision of what workflow works best for your unit. Since laboring epidurals are very common (with some sites reporting over 80% of their “to be” moms wanting an epidural), it is reasonable to think about proactively creating a case for all labor patients upon their arrival to the unit. Yet, some organizations opt to schedule the labor epidural when the mom requests it. Let’s look at the two schools of thought and make sure that you have chosen the best option for your unit.

We inadvertently left out one step, 1. which is to clear your preferences in

Schedule all moms for the labor epidural upon arrival to the unit. 

order to see updates to the default

Pros: 

You can create an “Anesthesia out of OR surgical area” and appointment book for that area to schedule the labor epidurals. (This book only would contain anesthesia records.)

The Anesthesia department can see the potential cases and can plan staffing accordingly.

The Anesthesia Record is readily available for the laboring epidural or should the case go to C-section for the anesthesia personnel.

or position-level configurations.

Cons: 

If a C-section was necessary, a second appointment would need to be scheduled (within SurgiNet Case Manager) for intra-op nursing documentation.

There are no performance concerns with unused anesthesia records. An ops job can cancel non-completed cases when the patient is discharged (orders are also caught by the ops job).

October 2013

FAQ continued

Did You Know


Printing at CernerWorks sites

Schedule the labor epidural only at mom’s request. 

Pros: 

Feedback from anesthesia departments who schedule this way, feel it was more organized because the information coming to them was in "real time."

Cons: 

Should the epidural or C-section become emergent there will have to be a set procedure for scheduling the case.

No potential to plan ahead for anesthesia staffing

Potential time delay for patient to receive the labor epidural

Clients who are remote-hosted may encounter issues when trying to save the PDF export of the patient’s

Save the Date October 6th - 9th. Join us in Kansas City for the 2013 CHC conference!

episode, as the directory may not be accessible via Citrix.

All you need to do is request client drive reconnection from CWx and For more detailed information and a printable schedule of Women’s Health events

they will set up a drive that is the

during CHC, visit:

local c: drive.

For more information around CHC and to register, visit:

Women’s Health Newsletter Community Awareness

Did You Know

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Women’s Health group offers scalable, customizable courses to fit your needs!

Refresher Courses

Train the Trainer Refresher—Typically 6 hours. Nursing Refresher—Typically 2 hours. 

Using Pre arrival

Use of MPages

Importance of completion in order for birth log to be complete

Working with dynamic groups

Double clicking in cell heading

Pulling in vital signs from FetaLink into iView

Adding/subtracting/re-ordering bands

Flagging and adding comments

national public service organizations,

Using Pregnancy/Newborn Summary

professional medical associations,

Refresher on result copy (multiples)

Customizing your own individual views

Starting a pregnancy

together to promote breast cancer

Care plans- IPOC

awareness, share information on the

Transferring pt. with FetaLink

Fill in “Reason for Monitoring” field

Retroactive Associations

Find time on FM strip from annotation dialog box

Alarms and setting at patient level

Correct way to associate and disassociate patients

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) is a collaboration of

and government agencies working

disease, and provide greater access to services. Further information can be found on the NBCAM website.

October 2013

Did You Know continued

Global Corner

Physician Refresher—Typically 1 hour. 


Dubai goes Pink for Breast Cancer Month

Precompleted Notes

October 3rd starts Breast Cancer

Macros and AutoText


FetaLink Annotations


month in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Breast Cancer Arabia foundation

PCM Build Class—32 hours. Millennium Fundamentals as a prerequisite for this class.

plans fundraising events throughout the month of October raising money

Maternity Content and Functions Security

Pregnancy History

to help provide Cancer care for


Pregnancy Summary

women diagnosed with Breast



Interactive View


Cancer in the region but cannot

Event Set Hierarchy


afford treatment.

Dynamic Group

BIN File Mapping


Standard Reports

Result Copy

Clinical Reporting

Related Records

Other Histories

Tracking Board Security

Tracking Reference Data Tables

Tracking Shell

Patient Movement

For more information or to schedule, please contact Kaisha Weldy at

Further information can be found here.

Women’s Health Newsletter World Record Pregnancy Facts

Content Releases

1. The youngest girl to give birth is

Neonate Summary – Hyperbilirubinemia Component No Birth Time Correction (CR 1-7166750714) - The Hyperbilirubinemia graph will not display if the infant’s birth time is NOT entered or if a foreign registration system ONLY supplies the birth date with no time to Cerner. The graph will only display if the infant’s birth date AND time are both entered.

a five-year-old girl in Peru who gave birth to a baby boy by Csection in May 1939. 2. The biggest baby ever born weighed 23.12 lb (10.8 kg) and died 11 hours after birth. 3.

The MPage 5.0 release is tentatively scheduled for October 31, 2013.

Pregnancy Summary – Overview Component Abnormal Results Alert (CR 1-7086995341) - The Overview component now provides an indication of abnormal results for the following clinical results: 

ABO/Rh – the display of the blood type result will bold and turn a font color of purple if the patient’s RH is negative.

Rupture of Membranes duration clock – the display of the ROM duration clock will bold and turn a font color of purple if the duration from the first ROM is greater than or equal 12 hours. Note: The ROM abnormal result alert is configurable via Bedrock filters.

The smallest surviving baby, born in 2004, weighed just 8.6 oz and was only 10 inches long.

4. A Russian woman reportedly gave birth to 69 children in the 18th century during 27 pregnancies. She popped out 16

Multiple Gestation (CR 1-7086995352, CR 1-5546655205) – The Multiple Gestation display has been corrected and now displays a more descriptive response instead of 'yes’. The descriptive responses support multiple gestations up to 10 babies (such as “Yes, Twins,” “Yes, Triplets,” “Yes, Quintuplets” and so on.)

pairs of twins, seven sets of triplets and four quadruplets. 5. In 2013, a California woman gave birth to octuplets, only the second time in history octuplets have survived more than a few hours.

Face-up Pregnancy Menu Options (CR 1-6461657962) – The Overview component now displays the following menu options as a face-up visible option on the component: “Add Pregnancy,” “Reopen Last Active Pregnancy,” “Modify Pregnancy,” “Close Pregnancy,” and “Cancel Pregnancy.”

October 2013

Content Releases continued Rupture of Membrane Duration Clock (CR 1-3890078991) – The Overview component will now display the calculation of hours since the date and time of the Rupture of Membranes (if multiple ROMs, it will go off the earliest date/time of the first ROM). The component provide the ability to hover over the duration clock and display a detail list of all current date and times of ROMs per Dynamic Group.

Pregnancy Facts Continued 6. The world’s first pregnant man gave birth to a baby girl in 2012. 7. Genetically identical quadruplets were delivered just minutes after midnight on March 27, 2002. 8. In March 2004, a Texas woman

Gravida/Para Display (CR 1-4335624201) - The Gravida/Para counts will now display in a bolded, slightly larger font than currently used.

gave birth to two sets of identical twin boys. 9. In May 2003, twins were born in

Gravida/Para Charted Prior to Onset Date (CR 1-5565938381) - The Gravida/Para information now displays in the Pregnancy Overview component if the results were charted prior to the onset date of the pregnancy.

Jerusalem from 12-year-old frozen embryos. It’s reported to be the longest human

Pregnancy Summary – Secondary and Tertiary Assessment Components Locked Column Headers (CR 1-5214844889) – The Secondary and Tertiary Assessment components now lock the column heading if scrolling is enabled. Lookback Filters (CR 1-6900973583) - The Secondary and Tertiary Assessment components now allow the ability to define and apply the standard MPage look back filters which are defined in Bedrock. The standard filters are: 

All encounters

Current encounter only

All encounters Specified Time – such as 23 hours

Current encounter only - Specified Time – such as 23 hours

Note: The components still honor the Pregnancy Onset Date as the furthest look back range.

cryopreservation. 10. The Hanselman sextuplets were born in just one minute in Ohio in February 2004.

Women’s Health Newsletter In the News

Content Releases continued Pregnancy Summary – Delivery Summary Component Separation of the Delivery Summary (CR 1-7086995374) – The Delivery Summary has now been detached from the Pregnancy Overview component and will be a component by itself.

Delivery Summary Infant Feeding (CR 1-6949252932) – The Delivery Summary now pulls in the correct Feeding type (Newborn Intake Type) from the dynamic group. The Pregnancy Overview will continue to pull in the Feeding type (Feeding Type Newborn) from the birth plan. We want to congratulate all Cerner clients who were recognized in InformationWeek 500 List of Top

Delivery Summary Charted Baby Results (CR 1-6130867241) – The Delivery Summary now pulls the current charted information for each baby if babies are charted separately.

Innovators. Innovation is the lifeblood of modern business and the

Baby Specific EGA at Delivery (CR 1-7086995385) – The Delivery Summary now displays the EGA at delivery for each baby, despite whether the babies were delivered on the same day or not.

defining characteristic of InformationWeek 500 companies. To these companies, innovation isn’t just a buzzword. Their creative, even pioneering, technology initiatives are producing clear business results.

Delivery Summary Laceration (CR 1-7233597797) - The Delivery Summary now displays the Laceration events along with the Episiotomy .

October 2013

Cerner Health Conference Schedule MONDAY – October 7th 10:30AM Session 428: Successful Training Strategies – From Conception to Birth. Amy Hansberry, Mindy Brancamp; Beloit Health System Carlene Henriques; Adventist West

10:30AM Session 253: The Physician Experience Playbook: One Year Later Jeff Wall; Cerner

In the News Continued Below is the list of Cerner clients who have been recognized with this honor.




Miami Children's Hospital


Vanguard Health Systems


Dignity Health

2:15PM Session 218: Women’s Health Physician Benefits - “Meaningful” Use from Ambulatory to Acute Christopher Morosky; The Hospital of Central Connecticut Dr. Lantzman; Alaska Native Hospital

#109 Carolinas HealthCare System #127 Advocate Health Care #141 CHE Trinity Health


#148 Memorial Hermann Health

Session 145: Maternal Risk Factors for Preterm Birth and the Impact on Infant Morbidity & Mortality

#189 Christiana Care Health

Candace Rouse; LifeBridge Health


TUESDAY – October 8th

Also making the Top 500 were


Banner Health and Sharp Health

Session 482: Two Different Paths: From Conception, Collaboration through Discharge & An Accelerated Delivery of PowerChart Maternity & FetaLink


Penny Wilms, Miriam Halimi; Trinity Health Conrad Ramirez, Jaclyn McGlone; UHS, Inc. of Delaware

Women’s Health Newsletter Breast Cancer Facts

Cerner Health Conference Schedule continued TUESDAY – October 8th

In 400 B.C., Hippocrates


described breast cancer as a

Session 343: Restructuring the Support of FetaLink (and other iBus Applications) Success Story

humoral disease caused by

Benji Long; University of Missouri Health Care

black bile or melancholia. 

Physicians in ancient Egypt

2:45PM Session 92: Powerchart Maternity and Anesthesia: Deliver Me from Pain Kim McAdams, Angie Conner; Floyd Medical Center

described breast cancer more than 3,500 years ago. 

The first recorded mastectomy

2:45PM Session 221: Breast Milk Management: Providing Safety for your most fragile patients Susan Roy, Donna Miranda; Sharp HealthCare

for breast occurred in A.D. 548. WEDNESDAY – October 9th 

In 1882, William Steward Halstead (1852-1922), intro-

10:15AM Session 314: ST Analysis as an Adjunct to Electronic Fetal Monitoring Maureen Brennan; Neoventa

duced the first radical mastectomy. Until the mid 1970s, 90% of women with breast cancer were treated with this procedure.

11:30AM Session 306: Women’s Health - iPoc Development, Partnership & Beyond Terry Carson, Teri Leydon, Dee Dee Johnson; MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital

11:30AM Meaningful Use: Staff Led Design for a New Perinatal EHR Beth Remsburg-Bell; Palomar Health

October 2013

Cerner Health Conference Schedule continued

What We’re Doing Illumination Sessions

Changes to the Solutions Gallery This year, you will notice a shift from individual solution demo pods, to a focus on full integrated workflows. This means that when you visit us in the Women’s Health Workflow Zone, you will be able to pick an area: Clinic, Hospital or Remote Access and preview optimal workflows for those areas. This will include how other solutions (such as Breast Milk Management, patient education, and unit staffing and acuity) integrate

Watch this newsletter and the Women’s Health Collaboration

in with Women’s Health solutions, creating ideal, efficient workflows. You will also have the opportunity to take your traditional deep dive into specific areas of interest at our “deep dive” pod stations.

Women’s Health Focused Events Women's Health L&D Open House & Site Tour

Community uCern group for the announcement of three upcoming illumination sessions. 

Shawnee Mission Medical Center, a local Cerner client will be hosting guided tours of their Labor and Delivery unit giving attendees a first-hand look at their beautiful new Birth Center and how they use Women’s Health solutions in it. Sunday, October 6th

Jill Meier will be discussing our new mobile solution, FetaLink+.

1:00 pm-3:00 pm

Emily Vano and Krystal Cunningham will be discussing the changes with the MPages

Women's Health SIG Networking Reception Come network with your peers and Cerner experts over cocktails and hors’ d’oeuvres at the event space (Kill-Devil) above BRGR. Don’t let the name detour you: We promise it’s going to be a great time and is just a brief walk from the convention center. Monday, October 7th 5:00 pm-7:00 pm

5.0 release. 

Jill Meier will be discussing the new FetaLink 2013.01 release.

Women’s Health Newsletter Cerner Health Conference Schedule continued FetaLink Technical Support Training - NOTE: The original date for this event has changed. It is no longer on Sunday, and will now take place on Wednesday afternoon FetaLink technical support training event that provides a refresher course on best practices for backend support tools. This event is specifically designed for live client sites, and for technical, IT roles -- not clinical. Wednesday, October 9th 1:00 pm-5:00 pm

October 2013

Social Media Become a member of our Women’s Health Collaboration Community on uCern. uCern is a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments around PowerChart Maternity and FetaLink, hear about upcoming events, network and share tips and tricks with your peers. If you are not already a member, we hope you’ll sign up soon!

You will be able to sign up for all of these Events through the “Build your agenda” tool once you’ve registered for CHC. Join us on Facebook To register for the conference visit:

Already registered but want to add any of these events? Visit the same link and select "Attendee Login". In the session search box, type in the event title then click "Enroll".

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