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Hi ha un moment on Osgood Fielding III truca per telefon a Daphne per convidar-la a un sopar romàntic al seu iot Nova Caledonia. La conversa va així:

Will you give her a message? Tell her I'd like her to have supper with me on my yacht after the show tonight. Got it. Supper, yacht, after the show. I'll tell her.- Your yacht?  The New Caledonia. That's its name. The Old Caledonia went down during a wild party off Cape Hatteras. But tell her not to worry. This'll be a quiet little midnight snack, just the two of us.  Just the two of you? What about the crew?  That's all been taken care of. I'm giving them shore leave. We'll have cold pheasant with champagne . I've checked with the coastguard. There's gonna be a full moon tonight. And tell her I've got a new batch of Rudy Vallee records.  Qui es pot resistir a una invitació així? Faisà fred i xampagne gelat. No m'estranya que Tony Curtis suplanti al millionari per a conquistar a l'encantadora Sugar Kane i en Jack Lemmon es passi la nit ballant tangos per mantenir Osgood allunyat del iot. Laura Solanilla, Cuinejar

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