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Villaware Espresso Coffee Maker – BWLESSL01 Quick Demo of the highly stylised Villaware espresso maker. You see me fill the double shot basket with ground coffee and lightly tamp, it doesn’t need a proper tamp as this is a pressurised basket (tiny hole type). On this machine all the baskets have a MAX FILL line because the grouphead lowers into the basket when you lock it. Now you see the strange thing about this machine is that the portafilter slides into place, rather that the traditional insert and twist, and you push down a lever to lock it. There are four settings on the coffee dial, Manual, one cup, two cups and the cleaning setting. After the shot is done the pressure relief valve activates and dispenses the excess water into the drip tray (nice touch) For this video I’m using the two cups setting as I’ve used the double basket, two cups is 60ml or 2 ounces. The resulting espresso is good (for a pressurised filter system) and has a healthy looking crema. PROS Looks good thermoblock heating powerful and long steam wand with everlasting steam great cup warmer auto 1 and 2 cup filling pressure relief function pretty quiet good build quality (High quality, durable full die cast metal body) chrome plated brass portaslide head locking filter baskets (handy when knocking out) 3 year guarantee (although I doubt you’ll need it) CONS Wet puck (this is normal for pressurised baskets) Pressurised baskets Overly complicated portaslide Although the basket is locked in the portaslide, the basket can still spin in the …

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Villaware Espresso Coffee Maker – BWLESSL01  
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