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Ribolator Reviews … … I CAN NOW COOK MORE FOOD!!! I bought the Rib-O-lator to use on my Weber kettle grill and it is one of the best things I’ve done. Everything I’ve cooked turns out fantastic. Plus I can now cook more food on it because before I had to move the charcoal to one side and the food on the other so it wouldn’t burn, so basically I only had half a grill to cook on. But the Ribolator gives me 340 sq inches of cooking surface and that’s more than the whole grill! –Derik D. EVERYTHING TASTES RIB-O-LICIOUS!! I live in Florida and barbecue a lot. When I saw your YouTube video I was amazed that such a thing existed. Now that I have my own Rib-O-lator I barbecue even more, and everything tastes rib-o-lishious. -Tim H. … … I WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! I bought the Rib-O-lator and your smoker box and they both work fantastic. I will highly recommend. -Lars V.

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Ribolator Reviews  
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