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Real Ribolator Reviews ……GREAT BARBECUE ACCESSORY…… The Rib-O-lator is a great barbecue accessory. My fish and ribs where the best I have ever done. The Ribolator gets my vote! -Bill Clinton, Little Rock, AK (this is not the president, just a guy with same name and state.) NOW..I HAVE MY OWN RIB-O-LATOR!! I live in Florida and barbecue a lot. When I saw your YouTube video I was amazed that such a thing existed. Now that I have my own Rib-O-lator I barbecue even more, and everything tastes rib-o-lishious. -Tim H. ……AS A GIFT…… My wife bought me a the Rib-O-lator as a gift after I had mentioned I saw it on the BBQ Brethren Forum, and how others liked the way their ribs, and burgers turned out. Now mine turn out just as good. My wife even uses the Ribolator (now i wonder who she really bought it for!) -Mike F.

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Real Ribolator Reviews  
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