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My neighbor tries FiAir on his charcoal grill Watch FiAir bring these new coals to a blaze in about 2 minutes. I had used my FiAir prototype the previous weekend to help my next door neighbor get his charcoal grill going. He had been blowing on it for a long time and finally gave up. I had told him about FiAir and my prototype had just arrived, so it was the perfect time to offer a little neighborly assistance. There was still a spark of life in his coals and FiAir brought it up to cooking temperature in about 12 minutes. I’ll be posting that Charcoal Test video soon. Anyway, this was the following weekend and Robert had been working on his grill again and sent his 3 little girls over for a little more FiAir. It was the same problem again. He had started with last week’s coals and got tired blowing. He added new coals and we hoped there was still some heat in the older ones he had blown on. There was and FiAir really brought it out! Check out Robert’s reaction when he got to try FiAir himself for the first time. I had been wanting something like this for over a decade. When I couldn’t find it, I finally commissioned an industrial designer to help me make it. Now I have my final prototype of FiAir and all the tests prove it really works great! So I got mine. But I want you to have one, too. I’m almost ready for production and you can help. If you like what you see, please SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT. Your comments really can help make this happen. For more information, visit Thanks – FiAir Chief

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My neighbor tries FiAir on his charcoal grill  
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