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BBQ Smokers Buying Guide From Canadian Tire See All BBQ Smokers: BBQ Smokers Buying Guide BBQ Smokers make it easy to enhance your food with delicious smokey flavor. Whether you choose a traditional charcoal or modern electric digital model they all enhance the flavour of your food depending on the choice of wood you burn and the exposure time. Charcoal smokers smoke food in the traditional manner. You prepare the coals add the wood and monitor the smoker throughout the day to ensure there is adequate fuel to smoke your food. If you like to have more control over the end results this type of smoker might be for you. If easy operation is important to you an Electric Digital model would be a good choice. They start up instantly — just turn it on add your wood flavouring and you’re ready to go. They are also designed to work efficiently in the background while you do other things and do not need constant monitoring and input. Some units are optimized for use of pre-formed bisquettes and feature an external smoke generator and automated dispensing. The bisquettes are loaded ignited and control-burned to the point of full-combustion. This ensures that your smoke is never bitter or unpleasant. It also means that you can go back and repeat a favorite recipe with predictable results. Other electric digital models feature an internal burn chamber and are more geared towards loose wood chips and pellets. This method widens the range of available wood sourced products and allows you to easily mix your own …

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BBQ Smokers Buying Guide From Canadian Tire  
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