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Steel Garages - Protect Your Valuable Investment Purchase one of the different models




available, and protect your valuable


ensuring a longer life for it in the process. The exteriors and



components of your car, recreational vehicle, trailer, truck or boat would be safe under one of these reliable outdoor storage sheds. It would resist damage from fire, heavy snow, wind, hail, sunlight, termites, pinecones and other of nature’s elements. In addition to vehicles, the structure can provide superior shelter for workshop tools and farming equipment, children’s toys, Christmas decorations or other items that may be stored there to avoid cluttering the home with them. Steel Garages – Value-for-Money Purchases These steel storage buildings offer the best quality for a low cost when compared to traditional garages such as those made of wood. Established dealers would sell only models made out of modern steel-based materials and using advanced technology for engineering. The construction would have been done in such a manner as to satisfy local, county or state building specifications for snow load certification or wind speed. With features incorporated to safeguard whatever they are being utilized to protect, steel garages definitely make value-for-money purchases. Steel Garages

Keen’s Portable Buildings

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Other Reasons Why They Are Great Storage Options In addition to the main factor of durability, there are other reasons why these steel buildings are considered a great storage option for precious investments. •

Lots of Space – The interiors of these structures maximize space, being truss-less. What’s more, if you think you would require additional storage space in future, you can purchase either a two-bay enclosed metal garage or an adequately big structure. A recognized dealer would have convenient options such as roll-up garage doors, walk-in








Affordable – They don’t cost as much as garages constructed out of traditional building materials. If you still cannot afford one, don’t worry. Your dealer may be able to help you with a convenient financing option. One example is $0 down financing for a maximum period of 12 months or 84 months.

Minimal Maintenance – Once steel garages are installed, they call for only minimal maintenance. Steel doors too are easy to maintain and won’t crack or warp. Adding to the maintenance benefits is the fact that steel is rust-proof under any conditions.

Can be Installed Easily, and again and again – The structures are easy to install. If you don’t want to do the installation yourself, your dealer would be happy to do it for you. A structure once installed can

Steel Garages

Keen’s Portable Buildings

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easily be removed and erected again – a great advantage for all those frequently shifting auto lovers. •

Customizable – You can choose from different gauges of steel; lengths, widths, colors and styles of garages; and types of doors.

So, protect your valuable investment with one of the many quality steel garages available and increase the value of your home. Contact Details Keen’s Portable Buildings Valdosta 3990 N. Valdosta Rd. Valdosta, GA 31605 229-247-6200 URL:

Steel Garages

Steel Garages - Protect Your Valuable Investment  

Steel garages can protect your valuable investment from extremes of weather and prolong its life. Steel garages are rust-and-fire-proof.