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The magic of the first blossoms of spring comes to those who wait

Patience, Miyuki Roxane Marie Galliez Illustrated by Seng Soun Ratanavanh Age s 5 to 8 — October 2019 8.5 x 11.65 in / 21.6 x 29.6 cm 28 pp / 21 color Hardcover with jacket 978-1-61689-843-4 $17.95 / £12.99 R i g h ts: Wo rld En g lis h

Anyone with a small child knows that patience is not a virtue easily won. In this magically illustrated story the young girl Miyuki, who we first met in the critically acclaimed Time for Bed, Miyuki, anxiously awaits the opening of one sleepy flower. When, on the first day of spring, the flower still hasn’t bloomed, Miyuki begins a frantic search for water to wake it up. Her grandfather gently encourages her to sit and watch with him, as she learns the important lesson that good things come to those who wait.

51795 9 781616 898434

Prize-winning writer, poet, and children’s book author Roxane Marie Galliez has a doctorate in the history of ancient civilizations and traveled the Pacific Islands for several years as a researcher and journalist. She lives near Saint-Etienne, France. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Paris, illustrator and painter Seng Soun Ratanavanh lives outside Paris, France.

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