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AAAREMOTES Your Garage Door Opener Experts

ABOUT US • The company is established in 1993. As compared to other

company product prices, they are the lowest.

• They carry huge number of brands and models including

transmitters , accessories , peripherals. Also have wired & wireless keypads, monitor detectors, upgrade kits and many more.

• They offer wholesale and discounts on most of the product . • They also provide discounts on 50+,100+,500+ quantities. • The products they carry with them all are brand new and unused


DIFFERENT ACCESSORIES List of accessories provided : • LiftMaster 825LM Remove Light Control • LiftMaster 829LM Garage Door Monitor • SuperSlick Stuff Cleaning Lubricant • Genie Universal Perfect Stop 34964R • Genie 35048R Garage Door Opener Replacement

Safe-T-Beam Kit

• Remocon Frequency Counter

LIFTMASTER 825LM REMOVE LIGHT CONTROL • Sku: 825LM • Price: $25.00 • Liftmaster 825LM • Remote Light Control • Controls House Lights • Only works with new MyQ

compatible Garage door openers

LIFTMASTER 829LM GARAGE DOOR MONITOR • Sku: 829LM • Price: $29.00 • Garage Door Monitor • Control the Garage from inside the

house • This innovative monitor lets you check and close the garage door from any room in the house. • Can monitor and close up to four garage doors • Only works with new MyQ compatible Garage door opener

SUPERSLICK STUFF CLEANING LUBRICANT • Sku: superslick • Price: $5.25 • The one greaseless product that will

lubricate, penetrate, clean and protect in a wide range of applications and in freezing weather.

• Great for bicycle chains, fishing

equipment, reels, outboard motors, and other valuable equipment.

• Solves more problems for a longer


• Cleans and then protects.

GENIE UNIVERSAL PERFECT STOP 34964R • Sku: 34964R • Price: $10.40 • Genie Universal Garage Parking Guide. • For use with ALL garage door openers. • As door opens, ball lowers to indicate

proper parking position. Stop car when ball touches windshield. As door closes, ball raises to ceiling for out-ofthe-way storage. • Complete installation instructions included.

GENIE 35048R GARAGE DOOR OPENER REPLACEMENT SAFE-T-BEAM KIT • Sku: 35048R • Price: $39.95 • Compatible with ALL Genie

machines with 2-pin connector Safety Beams

• Kit includes both Infrared eyes,

brackets, bell wire, hardware and installation instructions

• Original Genie product. Easy do-it-

yourself installation

REMOCON FREQUENCY COUNTER • Sku: FREQCOUNT • Price: $59.00 • RF- Remote Control Transmitter


• Used for modifying frequencies, fine-

tuning and testing gate or garage door opener transmitters where labels have rubbed off from years of use.

• Includes 9V AC power supply adaptor • Works with all garage door opener

transmitters, car alarm remotes, home security devices, as well as other devices that transmit standard radio frequencies.

CONTACT INFORMATION Address:- 23961 Craftsman Road Suite C Calabasas, CA 91302, USA Toll Free:- 800 349-8313 Sales:-

818 222-7191


818 222-7736


Website:- Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Opener  

AAARemotes is the Garage Door Opener Expert. They have a full line of receivers, wired and wireless keypads, motion detectors, garage door m...

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