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If I can descrive myself in five words at least, they should be: High commitment, drive, passion, ambition and flexibility Hi My name is Abraham Castro, I´m 22 years old, I'm from Barquisimeto-Venezuela, I am Mechanic Engineer Also I am dynamic person that enjoyed participate actively in improving things and developing the activities. My goals are: • Increasing the productivity at your company • Learning and upgrading team work in your factory • Working in a team to realize a common goal and to gain experience in international business relations as well as engineering activities • I consider me a business lover, I truly enjoy• searching and learning about business.

In my spare time: •

I love to read about emotional intelligence I like to read and hear motivational books in order to grow and learn new stuff

Good skill in CAD system

Business driven

Management of technical projects

Strongly believer in AIESEC Values. Thanks my experience working as Vice-President Out going Exchange, I´ve developed competency such as: • Global mindset • Emotional intelligence • Learning proactive • Entrepreneurial outlook • Social responsibility

Drive and innovation

Able to work independently

Customer driven

As Trainee at Ford Motor Company of Venezuela, it turned out to be a changeling and fruitful professional experience

I always tried to find new creative solutions and innovative ways when performing different task. Also I was responsible for the continuous improvement of elements form new assembly line ( tracks, hangers, track clamp, bean, splice assembly ).

Also I have processed and monitored the movement suppliers, with excellent accuracy and punctuality .

I developed so many skills as : • Design of 3D models from prototype parts and drawings and structure in AUTO CAD

Always creating innovations solutions I designed splice assembly track in order to splice correctly girder form monorail systems for avoid future breakdowns. Also participated in designing of monorail systems, being one of most tough and best learning experience ever in my live as engineer.

Others skill developed:  supervise production in factories  determine causes of breakdowns  test manufactured products to maintain quality  estimate the time & cost to complete projects  Maintenance  Design and verification of preferred solution by building of functional prototype ( splice track)

Thermodynamic Mentor High comprehension in thermodynamic and heat transfer. Being the best student in thermodynamic class. I was selected to become the mentor of students from mechanical engineering school in order to help and transmit knowledge in this subject

I developed : • High comprehension of the thermodynamic cycles in appliances ( Rankine cycle, brayton cyvle, refrigerator) . • Academic background • To became a qualify candidate with theoretical skills within the field of applied thermodynamics • Basic gas turbine and heat exchanger knowledge.

All this place me in a good position for your internship


little bit information about my profile

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