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The challenge of globalization will overtake the sacredness of all organized religions due to the facts that religions in Asia and around the World does not hold a firm ideas and realities of what they were teaching and believing, uncertain people will turn away from the True Faith as prophesied in Matthew 24:10-14 “at that time many will turn away from the Faith and will betray and hate each other and many false prophets will appear and deceived many people, because of increased in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but he who stands firm to the end will be saved”. The influenced of earlier religious belief with paganistic practices, humanistic philosophies, Hellenistic and adaptation of mythologies, caused a great misunderstanding the Messiah of Nazareth whose name was called YAHSHU’A that walked on this earth 2,000 years ago. Religious men and women knew that the letter J was newly invented about 375 years ago but still insist on calling the Latinized Greek name and title Jesus Christ that the Messiah of Nazareth was not called and never been called in his lifetime when he walk on this earth 2,000 years ago. For the past 2,000 years churchianity has been constructing another building, which rests upon another cornerstone cut from a quarry of Greco-Roman teachings. These beliefs are cemented with false teaching and paganistic practices and humanistic philosophies and include a Savior bearing a Latinized Greek name. This spiritual building does not rest upon the foundation of the true Redeemer of Israel. Our Bible is HEBREW and main performers were Hebrew people, not Greek or Roman. The false foundation of Churchianity later influenced the next to be born religions, the Islam, Protestants and the present organized religions. This false foundation will caused the uncertain people to prioritize the Secular Globalization that will overtake the religious belief and fulfilled the prophecy in Matthew 24:10-14.


How Religion Interact with Regionalism and Globalization The foundation of belief of most of the religions of the world is the Bible. The Bible is the compilation of writings of ancient Hebrew people about the Almighty One, the Creator of Heavens and Earth and everything on it, the Universe and Mankind. Also we believed the Bible is the Manual of Mankind. Do you agree that the Bible is the Manual of Mankind? Therefore we all believed that the Bible is the Manual of Mankind. I remember my elder sister was a salutatorian in Don Alejandro Roces High School in Quezon City almost 40 years ago. I ask her if she read the manual of her car, and she says of course how I can operate my car in correct and proper operations if I will not read and understand the manual of my car. I ask again, How about the manual of your television, she answered, yes how can I operate all the features of the television if I will not read and understand the manual. I told her if I will file up all books and magazine you read, it will be taller than you? Of course she answered. The last question I ask is How about the Manual of Mankind has you read it? What is that Manual of Mankind she asked me? As we all agreed earlier that the Bible is the Manual of Mankind. If you did not read the Manual of Mankind you cannot operate all the features of mankind and you cannot operate yourself in correct and proper ways. In that logic do you agree? So therefore no one can give advice or correct someone if he or she has not read and understand the manual of Mankind. If that so happened that a man or a woman who does not read and understand the Manual of Mankind give advices to someone, do you think it will be correct advice? Of course not a good advise. I was at home when a Religious Pastor approaches me and told me ‘Brother I want to save your soul’. I asked the Pastor, how can you saved my soul? He answered, by means of this Bible. I asked again the Pastor, You will save my soul by means of that Bible? ‘Yes’ the Pastor answered and uttered verses in the Bible that ‘God has love the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us’. I asked again the Pastor, ‘are you really a Pastor?, He answered me ‘Yes’, I asked again, ‘As a Pastor you want to save my soul by means of the Bible but did you read the whole of the Bible? The Pastor answered ‘Yes’, I asked again the Pastor the second time and the Pastor swear, he did not read the whole of the Bible but repeated again the verse “God has love the world that he gave his only begotten son Jesus Christ to save us”. Then I told the Pastor that I am a Surgical Doctor and I have operated many cases of Appendicitis in our place but the only problem is I did not read the whole of the manuals and books of being a Surgical Doctor. Then I asked the Pastor ‘will you allow me to make operations on your appendicitis? Immediately the Pastor refused to be operated, he told me that because I did not read the manuals and books of being a Surgical Doctor, this might caused death to my patients by tetanus. I told him also how much more you (Pastor) did not read the whole of the Bible and you will make operations on my Soul to save me, my soul might likewise get tetanus that will caused death. In Saudi Arabia I was invited on Islam Conversion Lectures at Batha Muslim Center Riyadh. The Lecturer is a Filipino claimed he was formerly a Jehovah’s Witnesses Lecturer before he was converted into Islam belief. The Lecturer told us that to be a Muslim you need to follow the five pillars, the Shahadah or twin testimonies, Salah the five times prayer, Zakat the alms giving, Sawm is fasting during Ramadan month, Hajj is pilgrimage to city of Mecca. Every able-bodied Muslim who can afford to do so is obliged to make the pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in 2

his or her lifetime. The Lecturer also claimed that from Adam to Noah to Jesus all of the prophets and patriarch in the scriptures are all Muslim. And the last thing he claimed that all of this was written and everything not written we must not believed and accept. Then the Lecturer allows me to raise questions. ‘Mr. Lecturer you claimed that everything written only we will believed and accept but not written we must not believed. To be a Muslim is to follow the five pillars you mentioned, and also that from Adam to Noah to Jesus all of them were Muslim as you claimed. Now my question is Adam, Noah to Jesus all of them Muslim and therefore they followed the five pillars and the same time they practice Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, my question is where it was written that Adam, Noah to Jesus that they performed Hajj in Mecca? The Lecturer was not able to answer. That moment I continue asking the Lecturer

questions, “when you were Lecturer in Jehovah’s belief had you read the whole of the Bible? The Lecturer answered that no need to read the Bible since he was converted to Islam but I asked again if he read the whole of the Bible during the time when he was the lecturer of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He insist that no need to read since he was converted into Muslim and at the time he was Lecturer in Jehovah’s Witnesses he did not read the whole of the Bible. Then I asked the Lecturer, “how about now, had you read completely the Holy Koran”? In this moment other members interrupt and intervene in the discussion. I keep on praying to Yahweh of my safety and I was saved and was able to exit alive thru the help of their high priest named Professor Sawalahadid that I had a healthy conversation a month ago. The point here I want to reiterate that those lecturers, teachers, and pastors of the Bible they did not read the whole contents of the Bible but only they relied on the Dogmas and Doctrines of their affiliated religion. In Yemen I was invited in their church by a Filipino OFW turned Pastor. Immediately the Pastor told me that Yahweh is only found in Old Testament but now we are in the New Testament era and no more in the Old Testament. At that point of conversation, I took his Bible and try to separate the Old Testament from the New Testament. The Pastor asked me why I am trying to torn the Bible. I told him “As what you said no more Old Testament so I am removing the Old Testament in your Bible, and immediately the Pastor took his Bible. I told the Pastor that my father in the Philippines send me five (5) pages letter but my colleagues distributed the five pages letter into my five site offices, the page five (5) I received first and read the last page of the letter of my father. The following week I arrived in my second site office I found page four (4) of my father’s letter, I asked the Pastor do you think I already understood the will of my father? The pastor answered “No, because you read only the last two pages of the letter”. After another week I found page three (3) on the third site office and page two (2) in my fourth site office and page one (1) in my fifth site office. I asked again the Pastor “do you think I understood now the will of my father after reading the letter from page 6 down to page 1? The pastor answered “No, because you need to read the letter in correct sequence to understand the will of your father. Then I asked the Pastor “whose will to write this Bible? The Pastor answered “The will of the Father in Heaven”. Therefore if you read only New Testament it was like you read only page 5 and 4 of the letter of my father and you told me that still you will not understand the will of your father, how much more you did not read the old testament is like you did not read page 1 to 3 of the letter of my father that you said still I will not understand because I need to read the letter in correct sequence to understand the will of your father. If you did not read the Bible in correct sequence you will not understand the will of the Father in Heaven. I told the Pastor why are you teaching? In your teaching you will bring your student to falsehood understandings. Then commotion again happened and I was saved again by Yahweh from troubles.


The fiction or non-fiction pocket book which is much more thicker than the Bible we can read completely and discussed diligently with our friends of the whole contents of the pocket book, but the smaller than the pocket book the Bible we cannot read and we have no knowledge about it but we only rely our understanding on those Pastors and Priest who did not also read the Bible in whole. It’s not fair; we don’t give importance to the most important of all, the Manual of Mankind. In our houses we make the Bible as a Display only, the Bible is still new and unopened, We walk on Sunday holding the Bible on the street going to our church but we did not read it, we only hold the Bible as a display to say that we are good or religious. Better are those that show they were not religious but read the whole of the Manual of Mankind. Do you know that before, only Kings and rich people can afford to own a Bible and they are very few who has the opportunity to read the Bible. How much more this time we have all the opportunities to read and understand the contents of the Bible. But, why I will read the whole contents of the Bible if whatever I read in the Bible is not being practiced and followed in Churchianity that I belong to. What we noticed was being practiced and followed now on our generation were the teachings of man. Let’s see some of this teaching of man that were fooling our society and we continue to agree and be part of the lies and falsehood in our societies belief, or else we will be considered FOOLS or INSANE. Example is the word Dece means ten, Septe means Seven. Septe in our society that we agreed is September is nine, October is ten, November is eleven, Dece is twelve, but Dece means ten, therefore December is the tenth month and on the last day the 31st is the last day of the year making the 11th month the First month and start of the new year. Will you start your New Year on March 1st and greet everybody Happy New Year on March 1st. You will be called fool, insane, it is not even Chinese New Year, and people will laugh at you. The next day will start at 12:01 midnight and end on 12:00 midnight also this was introduced by Pope Gregory X on 13th century about 700 years ago. The original start of day on the time of the Messiah 2,000 years ago is the day start after the sunset and end on sunset of the next day. We can say today the time is 7:00 p.m. is (Friday) no it was already (Saturday the Sabbath day) because sunset already passed; it is not (Friday) anymore. So we are weird. The Seventh day was made Holy and to make Holy convocation but the Seventh day become the First day the Sunday where Holy convocation is held on Sunday not on Sabbath day which is Saturday. And many more as prophesied in Daniel 7:25 “He will speak against the Most High and oppress his Saints and try to change the set times and laws”.

Greatest Mistake But one of the Greatest Mistake in our present time is calling the wrong and different name for the Messiah of Nazareth. The only name to be saved according to Acts of the Apostles 4:12 is in the name JESUS (Acts 4:12 there is no other name given among men whereby we must be saved”). The name JESUS was never and never been used to call the Messiah of Nazareth when Messiah walked on this earth 2,000 years ago. It was published in Catholic Digest on January 1992 vol.32, no.6 How Yeshu’a become Jesus by JOSEPH STALLINGS. The Messiah’s name is Yeshu’a in Aramaic pronounced


‘yahshua’ was translated Iesous in Greek pronounced as ‘yeh-soos’ and translated Iesus in Latin pronounced ‘yay-soos’. When Letter J was invented by German-Dutch printer on year 1633 about 375 years ago the Latin name Iesus become JESUS pronounced dyezuz. The Latin name Iesus was translated to Arabic as Issa, well known to Islam. So the mistakes of churchianity were brought to another belief. The Reformation and the present well organized religious groups followed the same mistake in calling on the wrong and mistaken name for the Messiah of Nazareth. Other will say ‘You know when translated into another language the name also change. Let’s translate into Tagalog “President of America Bill Clinton visited the Philippines”. In Tagalog language ‘Pangulo ng Amerika si Batingting (Bell) Malinis (Clin) Tonelada (Ton) ay dumalaw sa Pilipinas’. The name now become famous is Beel-Clean-Ton (Batingting-MalinisTonelada) is the president of America that visited the Philippines it was no longer Bill Clinton. If you say the correct name is Bill Clinton people will laugh at you because the one become famous is Batingting Malinis Tonelada . The same as in the only name given among us to be saved is in the name YAHSHU’A not Beel-Clean-Ton or Batingting Malinis Tonelada or Jesus. So if you say Yahshu’a is the name of Messiah people will laugh at you. Try to tell this name Yahshu’a in your home when you go home today, they will laugh at you. How much more it was prophesied that “you will be hated by all nation for my name sake” for the sake of the name Yahshu’a you will be hated by all in Matthew 24:9. Do you got my point? The personal name cannot be translated but transliterated meaning transferring the name by sound, like name Mao-Tse-Tung is ‘mao-tse-tung’ also in any language. What we want to reiterate the correctness should start on our self on our personal faith; next correctness will follows like a domino effect in our family, to our friend, in our society, in the politics, in economy, in regionalization understanding and in globalization policies. We were taught by unlearned teacher in the past and the continuation of their teachings, still indoctrinating the mind and belief of our society especially of our youth. What will be the result? The continuations of indoctrination of wrong and false teaching into our youth will result to our future leaders and people will depend and relies on the falsehood and will no longer accept the truth as what is going on now. As I remember my poem when I was in my grade schools, I will recite for all of us “We are what we are today, because You our Elders have made us this way, We are what we are, because we had become a victim, an endless victim of your bungler and smugness, your incompetence …” Now this time the elders I am talking is I myself and you my dear intellectuals, will we not stand to correct the wrong, will we not move our hands to change the falsehood into truth? When I will start to move, this is the same question I asked myself when I found the falsehood, maybe I will move if I am now old, yes I will move when I am no longer active in my organization, or I will move to correct the falsehood when I am no longer here in this world. Remember our life is so short, how many more years I will live, how many more years you will live? Lets move now and correct the falsehood in ourselves and specially in our belief and everything will follows, our family and relatives will follow, our friends will follow, our society will follow, our politics of course will follow, our life style or way of life will be corrected and the economy will follow, regional and global understanding will based on our


basic foundation that is the TRUE and CORRECT FOUNDATION that can only be found in the MANUAL OF MANKIND THE BIBLE.

How the Falsehood in Religion Interact with Regionalism and Globalization

Because of very fast communication and bulks of information in the internet, this falsehood will be revealed and those hiding in white garments will be unmasked and people will no longer believe in their teaching that will turn away from the Faith and will betray and hate each other, and because of increased in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. There will be no more Good Samaritans in the road, their will be no more alms-givers, their will be no more philanthropies, everything will be with price, there will be no more free in this world even the basic needs, as we are experiencing now. You have to pay when you use the comfort room, you have to pay when you enter the park to relax your eyes, and time will come that we need to pay to have fresh air to breath. As what is going on now in Europe, church-goers are becoming lesser and lesser and priesthood is no longer popular professions. Churchianity in particular will loose their grab to their members and loose their importance to the society. There will be tremendous effect in our politics. The lawmakers will no longer be influenced by Churchianity and the laws will favor the fast growth of globalization in expense of the basic human right needs. Because of the revelations of falsehood, many will turn away from Churchianity and will betray and hate each other, and because of increased in wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. This is because there were no teachers of the TRUTH, there were no GOOD Examples, and there is no TRUE and CORRECT FOUNDATION. Teachers of the TRUTH, how can you teach the TRUTH if you did not study and learned what you are teaching? Teachers based their teaching in the teaching of Man. Teachers teaching Darwin’s theory of Evolution, “You know students MAN came from Monkey”. Evolution is a continuous process, where can we find a man now saying his father is a monkey? But most of our Elders now knew more on Monkey business. There were no GOOD examples, as a leader you must be a good example. But leaders is the one who were corrupt, leaders were the one doing vises, leaders were the one showing correct is wrong and wrong is correct. The leaders is not limited to government officials only but also in show business society and also those famous. Being famous you must show the correctness in you into our society. They married and divorced and married and divorced, having children with different partners, are they good example to our society? Why this is happening, because we have no law that restricts this wrong attitude of our society? We have law that restricts Jaywalkers but we cannot restrict Famous People. Yes we have many laws to restrict them but it was not applied for them. The leaders are not only limited to famous and government official but also all matured individual father or mother or brother or sister of individual family and organizations. As a leader we have to show GOOD Examples to others, but what is the good example? This is the problem, we don’t know the good example to others because we been incorrectly doctrinated by the movies we idolized. As an example when I was in my youth, I was punched in my face and what comes immediately into my mind, I remember the movie I saw when the actor was punched, the actor immediately retaliated with a fist to show that he is a tough guy. But this is


wrong; correcting the wrong by applying wrong action is not the solution. If they throw you stone throw them bread as written in the Manual of Mankind the Bible. All seven of the great religions of the world have Golden Rules: The Hindu: "The true rule is to guard and do by the things of others as you do by your own." The Buddhist: "One should see for others the happiness one desires for oneself." The Zoroastrian: "Do as you would be done to you." The Confucian: What you do not wish done to yourself do not do to others." The Mohammedan: "Let none of you treat your brother in a way he would dislike to be treated." The Jew: "Whatever you do not wish your neighbor to do to you, do not unto him." The Christian: "All things whatsoever ye would that men do unto you, do you even so to them." All of this golden rules are good to the sight of men but Without TRUE and CORRECT Foundation, in Proverbs 14:12, it is good to the sight of man but will lead to death” How can we have foundation if no one knows what is right or wrong. No one read the correct foundation that only can be found in the Manual of Mankind the Bible. Now I challenges every one of us here as a pilot project, all of us read the Bible and we come back and meet again, there will be big difference in you, each and everyone of us here will have different understanding from the present, in opinion and in deeds. But how we read the Bible? In John his name is YahYah not John because there was no letter J in his life time. YahYah 14:26 of the New testament ‘ The Holy Spirit will be send by the Father in my Name, and that Holy Spirit will be the one to teach you all things and remind you of everything the Messiah thought”. Our teacher is the Holy Spirit and that Holy Spirit will be send by the Father Yahweh in Heaven thru the name YAHSHU’A only, not on Jesus name or any other name. Therefore when we read the Bible we have to restore the correct name of Yahshu’a whenever we find in the Bible the name Jesus. Also in Old Testament and in New Testament whenever we find God or LORD we have to replace it by the correct name of the Father in Heaven which is YAHWEH. In doing this the Holy Spirit will come to us to teach you of all and everything’s Yahshu’a thought. Bare in mind the reminder in Revelation 22:18 “………” we will not be included in the plagues and curses because we restore the correct name of Yahweh and Yahshu’a. Remember we are not nor removing anything from the Bible, we are only restoring the correct name that the writers removed from the original copy, Jeremiah 8:8.

I thank the presence of all of individuals, the intellectuals, men and women of our society, parents and children. I thank the presence of the Dean of this school, the doctors in philosophy, the masters and graduates. I also thanks the officials that invited me to this very healthy and mind opener conference and I hope and pray that continuation of such will move forward the goal of each one of us for the good of our society and for better regional and globalization understanding, and in particular I pray for each and everyone of us to be a good example to others as we follow what was written correctly in the Manual of Mankind the Bible. The Almighty Father Yahweh be with us thru the correct name of our savior Yahshu’a Messiah, halleluYah


If any one interested in my book Pilipinas Ay Nasa Biblia 2004/ 2005, this is regarding the former name of the Philippines is ‘Ophir’ that you can find in Grade 4 books of author Cynthia Danao. Ophir is in the Bible and according to Historian Gregorio F. Zaide on his book Philippine History that Padre Chirino a historian found that Tagalog has mystery and obscurities of Hebrew language, we have original 12 regions as 12 tribes of Yisrawale, we are kayumanggi or tan the color of skin of King Solomon the ruler before the captivity of Yisrawale happened. The Sri-Visjaya and Datu and Sholtan are ancient Hebrew words. Thank you very much.