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The Science of Deliberate Creation A Quarterly Journal and Annual Catalog

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ntertain a wanted or unwanted thought, and you will feel a wanted or unwanted emotion. And as you choose to change your point of attention, you will change your thought; you will change your emotion — and you will change your creation. (Make more choices in every day.) Abraham-Hicks — 11/95 Abraham-Hicks Publications P.O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269 Tel. (830) 755-2299 or FAX (830) 755-4179 On line — © Copyright 2003

Hello from Jerry & Esther genius (Daniel Kehoe) has enabled us to down load, and listen to, the 74 minute Free Introduction to Abraham as well as a 13 minute free sampling of our A New Adventure music CD... Worldwide; no manufacturing; no packaging; no shipping; no customs; no waiting—no kidding. You can now direct your web savvy friends to an instant Abraham-Hicks experience. And... soon, using our web site’s search engine, we are expecting to be able to search for, gather, and pay-fordownload, selected segments of materials that interest us. (Ah, this fascinating new world!) Adventures in Music: The delicious musical treat, A New Adventure (Perhaps our most rewarding co-creation in over a decade) will be available for you by the time you receive this catalog. The first half of the recording presents twenty of Francine Jarry’s Abraham-Hicks inspired songs. The second thirty minutes reveals Phil Brown’s awesome, inspiring, uplifting mix of Francine’s mystical Mayan Theme and three of (many of you have been asking for this:) Abraham’s Rampages of Well-being.

Did these funky apes evolve from humans? (There is a resemblance.) Cruise News: For you who have been asking for an opportunity to participate in a more extended seminar together, we have the answer. We are now (with the assistance of our fun-loving Jackie Grace) engaged in booking a seven day Alaskan cruise. We will sail the inside passage. We will sail from and return to Seattle. We are considering July 3-10, 2004. We will inform you of further details. (If you guys reserve early enough, the ship—probably the Princess Lines—will be able to accommodate about 900 of us. Whadaya think?)

Well-being Cards: We have signed a contract with Hay House (Louise Hay’s publishing company) for the publication of a deck of artistically enchanting, and spiritually connecting Abraham-Hicks Well-being Cards. Louise selected 64 of her favorite Abrahamisms, and they plan to have them ready for distribution in April of 2004. Foreign Rights: Abraham’s teachings are now available in Hungarian, German, Hebrew, Korean, Dutch, Turkish and Swedish—and are soon to be available in Spanish and Chinese. (Contact our office for international publisher’s addresses.)

E News: Have you experienced our latest web site magic? (By the way, we sent our first email announcement “The Parking Lot Brawl” to about 17,000 associates. Are you on the list?) Our web

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Dear Friends, We do love receiving your messages and reading your letters and notes that come by the thousands! Even though we can't personally respond to you, we will continue to read and listen to and relish your wonderful responses to Abraham's materials... And we will continue to expect you to be aware of how very much we appreciate your delightful addition to our delicious physical experience — and to the upliftment of All-That-Is. From our hearts, Jerry & Esther


90 day event schedule details From time to time there are changes in our scheduling, so please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299. Prepaid reservations are required. If you cancel 7 days, or less, before any event, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. 4/30/03 — Virginia Beach, VA — Held at the Double Tree Hotel, 1900 Pavillion Dr., Virginia Beach, VA 23451. For directions or sleeping accomodations call (757) 422-8900. Wednesday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/3/03 — Washington, DC — Held at the:Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center, 9751 Washingtonian Blvd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (301) 590-0044. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/7/03 — Philadelphia, PA — Held at the: Sheraton Bucks County Hotel, 400 Oxford Valley Rd., Langhorne, PA 19047. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (215) 547-4100. Wednesday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/10/03 — Tarrytown, NY — Held at: The Westchester Marriott Hotel, 670 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (914) 631-2200. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/17/03 — Saturday Boston, MA — Held at: The Boston Marriott Quincy, 1000 Marriott Dr., Quincy, MA 02169. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (617) 472-1000. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/20/03 — Buffalo, NY — Held at the Adam’s Mark Buffalo, 120 Church Street, Buffalo, NY 14202. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (716) 845-5100. Tuesday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 5/24/03 — Chicago, IL — Held at the: Chicago Marriott Schaumburg, 50 North Martingale Rd., Schaumburg, IL 60173. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (847) 240-0100. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 6/7/03 — Boulder, CO — Held at the: Omni Interlocken Resort, 500 Interlocken Blvd., Broomfield, CO 80021. For directions or sleeping accomdations call 303 438-6600. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 6/14/03 — Fort Collins, CO — Held at: The Holiday Inn - University Park, 425 W. Prospect Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80526. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (970) 482-2626. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 6/21/03 — Billings, MT — Held at the: Holiday Inn Grand Montana, 5500 Midland Rd., Billings, MT 59101. For directions or sleeping accomdations call 406 248-7701. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 6/28/03 — Seattle, WA — Held at the: Embassy Suites, 3225 158th Ave. SE, Bellevue, WA 98008. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (425) 644-2500. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 7/12/03 — Portland, OR — Held at the:Embassy Suites, 9000 SW Washington Square Road, Tigard, OR 97223. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (503) 644-4000. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00. 7/19/03 — Ashland, OR — Held at: The Ashland Springs Hotel, 212 E. Main St., Ashland, OR 97520. For directions or sleeping accomdations call (541) 488-1700. Saturday 9AM to 4:20PM. $150.00.


2003 general workshop schedule Please reserve in advance with our San Antonio office at (830) 755-2299. Prepaid registration closes at 2:30PM on Thursday for Saturday Events and 2:30PM the day before all weekday Events. Prepaid reservations are required. Following is general information for up-coming workshops. Specific location and other details will be provided when you make your reservation, or you may request this information at any time. Time Format for following events: 9AM to 4:20PM

1/4/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Houston, TX

7/19/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Ashland, OR

1/25/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX

8/9/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Francisco, CA

1/28/03 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Tucson, AZ

8/10/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .San Rafael, CA

2/1/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . .West Los Angeles, CA

8/16/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . .West Los Angeles, CA

2/15/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .San Diego, CA

8/17/03 . . . . . . Sunday . . . . .North Los Angeles, CA

3/1/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .San Rafael, CA

8/23/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .San Diego, CA

3/8/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . .San Francisco, CA

8/30/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Sedona, AZ

3/15/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Sacramento, CA

9/2/03 . . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . .Albuquerque, NM

3/22/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . .North Los Angeles, CA

9/17/03 . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . . .Kansas City, MO

3/29/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Phoenix, AZ

9/20/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL

4/12/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX

9/24/03 . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . . . .Cincinnati, OH

4/26/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Atlanta, GA

9/27/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Detroit, MI

4/30/03 . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . .Virginia Beach, VA

10/1/03 . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . . . . . .Syracuse, NY

5/3/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Washington, DC

10/4/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boston, MA

5/7/03 . . . . . . . Wednesday . . . . . .Philadelphia, PA

10/11/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY

5/10/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Tarrytown, NY

10/14/03 . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . .Philadelphia, PA

5/17/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boston, MA

10/18/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Washington, DC

5/20/03 . . . . . . Tuesday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Buffalo, NY

10/25/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Asheville, NC

5/24/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Chicago, IL

11/1/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . . .Dallas, TX

6/7/03 . . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Boulder, CO

11/22/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .San Antonio, TX

6/14/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . .Fort Collins, CO

12/6/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Tampa, FL

6/21/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Billings, MT

12/13/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . .Boca Raton, FL

6/28/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . . .Seattle, WA

12/20/03 . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . . .Orlando, FL

7/12/03 . . . . . . Saturday . . . . . . . . . .Portland, OR

Indicates a change from previous announcement. 5

Allowing Your Natural Well-being The only reason that you don’t world that is hard in all of these allow your natural Well-being is ways—and let me activate within that you have experiences—pre- you all the troublesome things that sented by others, presented by your will certainly make this a hard own life experience, presented by world for you.” your own conclusions—that cause Why Is It So Hard? you to offer vibrations that do not Often people will say, “Well, allow the Well-being that is natur- Abraham, why are we set up this al to you. That is the only reason way? Why does it have to be hard? that you do not allow. If we are Pure Positive Energy, and Little ones allow. In other then we are born into these bodies, words, we think that you get a lit- why are we so assured that there tle older in your thinking when will be resistance surrounding us? you think about Why does it have the newborn that to be? Why does comes forth, there have to be because they so much that we Wanting to appear to be so worry about that dependent. And, protect them gets our attenin fact, they need tion and sets up activates your physical resistance within the struggle. support. But us, and keeps us then, when your from being in the assumption is place of allowing that you’ve got it that we so much all figured out, and you decide that want?” And we say, it is because you’ve lived the struggle that you the benefit of the contrasting envinow want to protect them from— ronment is millions of times more what you do is perpetuate an acti- valuable than it is detrimental. vation of the struggle. If you did not have the ability So it’s like feeding them with to discern difference, you could not one hand, and taking the food prefer; and if you could not prefer, away with the other. It’s like say- you could not vibrationally suming to them, “Welcome to this mon Source—and if you could not 6

vibrationally summon Source, then Universe is established to produce we would all cease to be. The desire. There are some who say that it entire Universe is based upon our ability to conclude the new idea, is inappropriate to have desire. And which is the summoning forth of we say, those are only those who have not figured out how to find the new life into the new space. vibrational alignAnd then you ment with the say, “But woulddesire, so the n’t it have been desire is always better if we could Find a thought painful. And we have had an envithat understand why ronment where it you would not was easier to stay feels good, want to have a connected?” And and practice it. desire that is we say, there is no painful—but the environment that only reason it is is easier to be conpainful is because nected than an environment in which you are free you have not yet learned how to allow. to choose thought. So then you say, “Well, how do And you say, “But it’s hard to choose a thought that feels good, we allow?” And we say, you find a when there’s so much around me thought that feels good and practhat feels bad. And we say, it’s only tice it until it becomes your probecause you haven’t practiced it clivity. And you say “Oh, that’s far that way. It’s only because you’ve too simple. There’s got to be somebeen convinced that you’ve got to thing bigger than that. There’s got clamor around the problem in to be something a lot more than order to find the solution. And just feeling good.” And we say, there is truth in some of that. The there is nothing more important clamoring around the problem is than that you feel good, because what is giving birth to the desire, when you feel good, you’ve got you see. And so, it’s all an integral control of your vibration. And when you’ve got control of your part of all this. vibration, you are the deliberate Is Desire Not Painful? creator of your experience. There are some who say that Why Must We Allow? we should not encourage you to have desire. And yet, we cannot So when you say, “Why do we stop you from having desire; the have to allow?” We say, it is Continued on page 18


Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love The information that you have brought into my experience has not only made a major impact on my life but has changed 100’s of lives of the people that work for me. I originally was referred to you in the spring of 1996. At the time I was young and struggling in business. After listening to the Introduction tape, I had the beginners series over-nighted to me so I could hear the rest. I immediately took off two weeks of work so I could thoroughly go through the teachings. I have been an avid listener/student since. I have implemented many/most of the teachings and experimented with them, both in my personal and business life. Recently (in the last 3 years) I have had an opportunity to try out these processes in a business environment in which I lead a very large number of people. The results have been astonishing. I have never contacted you before because I didn’t want to bother you, as I understand you are both very busy. However, I want you to know how much your work has meant to me and to the other people whose lives I affect. Thanks for helping me become the person I have always wanted to be and sharing the information that has changed so many lives for the better. Keep up the great work, Steve Quarles — CA

that what you were saying was truth. At first, my approach to your “teachings” were “Well, why not try it and see if it really does work, nothing to lose!!” Well, I can tell you I have “gained” everything!! I have my life now….I have had peak experiences in the past… But I am having a “peak” life now! I am so happy and so giddy and so thankful just to be alive. It’s the best!! You are truly wonderful people for bringing forth such clear, simple, logical instruction. My love, resonance and appreciation is with you always. Sincerely, Peg Redford — AK

Results are astonishing

I want to share the remarkable joys I have created and allowed because of the Abraham message you share. I began listening to tapes in September 2000. I listened to the Starter Set and a few Special Subjects and devoted myself to the 10-Minute Workshop and 10-Minute Awakening & Blending Meditation. By the end of 2001 the results were amazing. I had tripled the revenues in my corporate training business, hired a contract assistant, and hired five contract trainers. I had also moved into my dream neighborhood in the historic South End of Boston on a tree-lined street, all a daily part of my workshop. I cannot think of any way to appropriately thank you. I appreciate, daily; continue to mold energy, and buy lots of CD’s from you. Things keep getting better and better. The Law of Attraction is amazing and so are all of you…”There is great love for you!” Best, Mary Sandro — MA

To share her joy

After listening to your tapes for about 3 years, I feel compelled to write and express my sincere appreciation , gratitude and love for what you have brought into my life! From the moment I heard your words, years ago, I knew, in every cell of my body,

Nothing to lose


Love ❥ Appreciation ❥ Love She wants to share

I have attended two of your amazing workshops in Buffalo and will be at your upcoming one on May 20th, 2003. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the joy and hope you’ve brought into by life. I know you hear this regularly, but your tapes and journals have been a healing balm for me, more times that I can count; and, unfailingly, each one holds a key message that I need to hear at the precise moment I listen to it or read it!! And how I love your words!! They literally fill me, and I can ask for no more encouragement or enlightenment —I feel so blessed! I want to share this “freedom, joy, and growth” with as many people as I can through my workshops, so your Introduction Tapes are ideal for this purpose. Thank you for being there! I’m so grateful to have you in my life!! Love, Christine Sawyer — Canada

control myself, go to bed, or to give attention to my three year old child, instead of reading Sara (ha ha!); and the reason I am writing to you today is to tell you how much I appreciate and love these three wonderful books and their teachings. I am a guidance counselor and I bought all the books so I could give them to some of my students. I am waiting for them to bring them back so I can lend them to others… I am a teacher that understands more and more each day about the law of attraction, its importance and its logic and its magic, and I feel better each day!!! What a wonderful life we’re in! I intend, one day, to open a school which has the basic philosophy: law of attraction and how to feel good. The feeling good school…. Have a wonderful day, breakfast, dinner, smiles, and etc. ! Anne Chiasson — Canada Thank you for the Free At Last book. I am always thankful for the great words and energy of your products. I have quite an extensive library of Abraham books, tapes, videos and now CDs! I am also fortunate to have several others in my life with which I can speak the Abraham language. How many can say they have that bond with a mother-in-law?! Every time we listen to a new monthly tape, we decide it’s the best one we ever heard. We then discuss whether or not it’s in our imagination that Abraham keeps getting better and better. I think we’re all getting better and better. Thank you again and have a great day! Sincerely, Diane Bates — TX

We’re all getting better

I love your Sara & Solomon books. My granddaughter will be five in April, and she and her Mom are reading the first book each night. Some of it is over her head but she loves it and already understands the concepts. What a wonderful way to grow up!! My partner and I have eight other grandchildren aged six to fifteen and each family is getting a set of the three books for Christmas this year. Keep up the good work!! Sincerely, Gayle—Surrey, — Canada

Loves the Sara Books

We’re in a wonderful life

I am presently halfway reading the third Sara book, and I have to



and the

recordings (CD or Cassette) included are: • INTRODUCTION TO ABRAHAM — A valuable overall perspective of Abraham’s basic teachings — and about Jerry & Esther. • LAW OF ATTRACTION — Learn how this most powerful Law in the Universe affects your daily life. • LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION — Use this Process for creating your life deliberately, rather than by default. • LAW OF ALLOWING — Your Well-being is natural. Learn how to free yourself as you are freeing others. • PROCESS OF SEGMENT INTENDING — You will learn, here, how to use your natural power always to your advantage.

...Esther and I are extremely pleased to be able to offer this Starter Set to those of you who are ready for this delicious experience of upliftment.

CASSETTE STARTER SET — $35.00 (AB-1 thru AB-5) To order, call (830) 755-2299 or see ordering instructions on page 56.



before you move forward into the teachings of Abraham — this spectacular series is it! IF YOU WANT TO GUIDE A FRIEND to the clear basis of the lifeenhancing perspectives that Abraham has been teaching us since 1985, then this Abraham-Hicks Starter set is it! IF YOU WANT A SET OF RECORDINGS THAT YOU CAN RELISTEN TO FOR YEARS — and with each listening hear something “new” and valuable — then this is it! THIS STARTER SET CONTAINS the remastered and edited versions of the original five powerful and popular recordings that Abraham delivered in the beginning of their interaction with us. THE ORIGINAL ANALOG TAPES HAVE BEEN LOVINGLY EDITED to the 74 minute format; the sound has been professionally remastered — and they are a joy to experience.

CD STARTER SET — $45.00 (CD-1 thru CD-5)




Your Well-being is Natural You have asked about your “core beliefs”. And so, we would like to express to you, here, some of your core beliefs: You know that you are valuable; you are good; and that you are GOD—and that this time/space reality is the most leading edge experience in the Universe. You know that Source adores you and that you have access to All-That-Is. You know that your environment will stimulate you... the stimulation will feel good... the resources are here to satisfy you... the satisfaction is inevitable... and that all others are experiencing the same. You know that you will collectively benefit one another. In your exposure to one another, new desires are born that feel good as they are born, and you know you have the ability to align with your desires and that Source will satisfy your desires, and that your experience will be expanded—and that the new idea will be born from that experience... and that it will ever be thus. You know that you will never get it done and that the reason for all of it is the pleasurable joy that you extract from the moment of your focus. The reason for the existence of everything is for the joy of the creator who set it in motion. This Art of Allowing is about you finally allowing yourself the natural Well-being that that which you call “God” — which is the creative center of that which is You—is all about. Abraham — G-8/3/02 — San Rafael, CA

G-7/3/02 — Discover how to allow your every desire. She still has issues with “evil” people. Her question is about her astrological fate. Is this the Universal Truth he’s seeking? The weaker country vs. the big bully? Is creation only activated by sober minds? What’s the difference between unconsciousness and death? G-7/13/02 — Why do people come to see Abraham? “Optimism”, as doing what’s best for me. Torn between teaching Well-being and earning $. Ranking man-made laws vs. Universal Laws? Raw foods, scrimping, saving; avenues to success? Total family disconnects when mother falls apart. Advice for first year high school teacher.


G-series tapes FALL, 2002 G-7/20/02 — Bad doesn’t just happen; good gets resisted. Does Abraham have any tips on meditation? So, what’s the purpose of my body? Are one’s past “unhealthy” thoughts still active? Any disease could be healed with distraction. The relationship between emotion and solar plexus? Is “being happy” enough to maintain Well-being? G-8/3/02 — To tell the truth, or feel good? An “Elderly New Ager” considers valve closers. Not stuck with illness she doesn’t resist? Why are his dreams no longer uplifting? The egg or the chicken; which came first? What’s best for smart, advanced children? Should they seek out their “core beliefs”? G-8/10/02 — Do things have “Vibrational Matches”? Twenty-five years of Teachers — and now Abraham. Speak about my own Well-being being enough? When does monkey’s Spirit enter fetus? A monkey’s Life Force vs. human’s Spirit? As father abandoned him, he abandoned son. Can anything physical block his business? G-8/18/02 — Do you enjoy a new insight? Has mother transferred irrational fears to daughter? Wrote children’s book using Abraham’s copyrighted material. Lost nearly everything; regained it; now what? She performs stand-up comedy in harsh environment. Getting from starving artist to prosperous artist? She has questions about her sexual dreams. G-8/31/02 — I’m on a joyous path to what? Is the “ego-in-natural-man” evil? At what point do we become separate? Will cluttered worldwide event not create “Armageddon”? What form of consciousness does our Soul take in Nonphysical? Mother feels lack of hugs from son. Is this guiding, or controlling, teenage daughter? G-9/2/02 — Deactivate what’s unwanted by activating what’s wanted. How does “forgiveness” fit in with “allowing”? Her mother’s funeral evoked family unity. But, when one misses relationship with deceased? Is there any value in utilizing hallucinogenic plants? Why doesn’t he get more straight answers? Wants clarification between humans and the beasts. G-9/7/02 — If I can remember, I can visualize. When taking the life of another being? The difference between drugged and rational thought? A one-on-one relationship with Inner Being? Has Abraham-Hicks ever committed an error? When trying to explain “channeling our Source”? Fears child’s ethnic background will provoke arrests. G-9/21/02 — Are “hands on stove” a family tradition? Can she avoid thinking about terminal illnesses? Do we have “free will” or “predestiny”? Can they work less and play more? What to do with her old tapes? He’s struggling with disorganization in his business. Should he break his knuckle cracking habit? SEE PAGE 56 TO ORDER: G-SERIES, FALL, 2002 CASSETTE ALBUM — $90.00 + S/H — EACHES $10 OR CD ALBUM — $117.00 + S/H — EACHS $15



If God Would Answer What Would You Ask?

Jerry: And 19% of them asked, “Will I have life after death?”

Excerpted from G-5/30/99

Abraham: Yes, because life is eternal, of course. There is no ending to any of that. And even if, from your physical perspective, you do not know that or understand that, in the moment you make your transition back into Nonphysical, you will know it fully. It’s not life after death, because there is no death. It’s just life, life, life, life, always life — different perspectives of it.

Jerry: A newspaper this morning had a survey of what adults would ask of God, or a Supreme Being, if they could get a direct and immediate answer. And so I thought I’d ask you the questions:

What Is My Purpose? Jerry: For 35% of them, this was their question: “What is my purpose here?” Abraham: To know that you are God.

Why Does Bad Happen?

Jerry: Could you embellish that a little?

Jerry: And then, 16% of them would ask God, if God could answer right back, “Why do bad things happen?”

Abraham: What is my purpose, as a physical being, coming forth into a physical time/space reality? Your purpose is to chew on the contrast for the purpose of giving birth to a unique new desire in this moment that will summon Life Force or Energy toward it. Contrast exists. You don’t get brownie points or anything for that. And you don’t get any for the desire that is born out of the contrast, because that’s the natural process. And so, once the contrast has produced desire within you, and the desire is summoning Life Force unto it, your work is to align with that Energy. Your objective is to seek joy. Your objective is to find appreciation or pleasure or positive thought from wherever you stand, no matter how you got there. And when you align with that Energy, you are fulfilling your purpose. And then the twists and turns that your experience will take are dependent upon your willingness to allow yourself exposure to contrast. In other words, you cannot get it wrong.

Abraham: There is no source of that which you consider to be bad. It is just that sometimes you get into a vibrational place where you disallow the good you deserve, that would be there otherwise. Everything comes to you by your attention to it. So if something comes to you that you say is a bad thing, it is only because you have somehow achieved vibrational harmony with it. You achieve vibrational harmony with a feeling of unworthiness a little bit at a time. But in time, you can begin to feel unworthy of good things… Bad things happen only because you, as a vibrating being, are disallowing the good things that are natural to you. There is a Source of pure positive Energy coming to you. It is the Energy that created you to begin with. It is the Energy

The Purpose of Life is Joy (The basis of life is freedom, and the result of life is growth — but the purpose of your life is Joy.)


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Abraham: You will live forever. You are eternal beings who have no ending. You will remain in this body as long as contrast is producing desire within you that summon life that is not being thwarted by your contradictory attitudes. The longest of experiences come from those who are stimulated to lots of new thought, who are in a place of not getting into strong resistance and who are allowing the Life Force they are summoning through their desire. The shorter lives are those who have strong desire and strong resistance. And so, there’s a big tug-of-war going on inside which sort of blows them up in one way or another. Or it may be those who have come to the place where their desires have been uncomfortable, because they haven’t figured out how to bring their beliefs in alignment with their desires, so the struggle is unpleasant. And so, little by little, they release their desire, until they have very little summoning. Those are evidences of shorter lives. But not to worry, because there is not death. In other words, you cannot get it wrong.

that sustains you and supports you. This Energy is always flowing to you, but sometimes you achieve an attitude or a mood or a personality that does not allow the goodness that is flowing to you. And so, it is as if you have created a shadow. You say, “Well, why is there a shadow?” We say, it could be any number of things, but mostly it is not understanding that the light is there for you, and you are worthy of it. It is a by-product of comparing yourselves to so many others, trying to sort out the manifestations, rather than understanding the Energy Stream to begin with. So why do so-called “bad things” happen? Because people come to expect less than good.

Other Intelligent Life? Jerry: So 35% would have asked a God, what’s my purpose? 19%: Will I have life after death? 16%: Why do bad things happen? And 7% would have asked: “Is there intelligent life elsewhere, other than on this planet?” Abraham: The Universe is abundant with Intelligence. All is Intelligence. But it is interesting, for as you stand in your physical platform, you would not revere any Intelligence that you did not understand fully. It’s tricky, isn’t it? Haven’t you noticed that people who are not on your wavelength don’t seem very smart? Or it is the other way around. Are there other places like here? Yes, there are many physical dimensions. Physical is leading edge. There are more physical dimensions than you have ability to calculate with your most sophisticated of computers. It’s a very big Universe, with very much consciousness.

Jerry: 6% were other than that, and the other 12% weren’t sure they had a question. So that’s it. Abraham: They were not sure it was worth asking, because they do not believe that there is anyone who knows the answer.

You Are Eternal Beings You Have No Ending You will Live Forever

How Long Will I Live? Jerry: And 6% would have asked: “How long will I live?”


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks



e are all Vibrational Beings. You’re like a receiving mechanism that when you set your tuner to the station, you’re going to hear what’s playing. Whatever you are focused upon is the way you set your tuner, and when you focus there for as little as 17 seconds, you activate that vibration within you. Once you activate a vibration within you, Law of Attraction begins responding to that vibration, and you’re off and running—whether it’s something wanted or unwanted. North Los Angeles, CA — 8/18/02

ou cannot let another and their needs supercede your own. Because if you do, you lose your balance. So nothing is more important than that I feel good. Which means, if I lose my footing, then I’ve got nothing to give you. Trust that they’re making their lives work in the way that they’re making their lives work. And just teach through the power of your example. Boise, ID — 7/3/02


f you guide through anything other than your own example, it crosses over into the category of control. If you say, “This is what I’ve found that works for me, try it if you like.” That’s guidance. If you say, “This is what I’ve found works for me, and if you don’t follow it, you’re in trouble,” that’s control. Sedona, AZ — 8/31/02


here is nothing that cannot be reoriented to the Well-being. But it does take the determination that you’re going to put your thoughts upon something that does feel good. And so, here we’re going to make a very bold statement: Any disease could be healed in a matter of days, any disease, if distraction from it could occur, and a different vibration dominate—and the healing time is about how much mix-up there is in all of that. Ashland, OR — 7/20/02


ou cannot judge the value of a life by its quantity. It is by the joy that you are feeling. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. Let yourself relax and breathe and be free and be joyous, and romp. The optimum physical life experience is to have plenty of things that stimulate you to desire, and an awareness of the way you feel, so you’re reaching for thoughts that feel good—so you’re wide open, so you’re tuned in, tapped in, and turned on. We promise you, the timing of your death is always chosen by you. Chicago, IL — 9/7/02


ravings are going to occur to you. So here’s the rule of thumb about eating, or about investing in the stock market, or about anything else: If the impulse comes from a joyous thought that feels good, follow it. If the impulse comes from an uncomfortable thought that felt bad, don’t follow it. Portland, OR — 7/13/02B


very particle of everything is selfishly motivated to its own preference. So you cannot stop wanting. What is in question is, “Am I in alignment with what I want? Am I in the receiving mode of that which I desire?” Portland, OR — 7/13/02B


llness or pain is just an extension of negative emotion. When you are no longer feeling any resistance to it, it’s a non-issue. San Rafael, CA — 8/3/02


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks gets to ask, and every vantage point is answered. And when everyone is individually choosing and Source is answering—then what could be a more balanced world? Sedona, AZ — 8/31/02


he only thing that makes the difference in the way you feel right now is the thought that you are thinking right now. It doesn’t matter how much money you’ve got; there are joyful people with no money, and there are unhappy people with lots of money. How you feel is about how you are allowing the Source that is You to flow. So when we talk about the Art of Allowing, we’re talking about the art of living; about the art of thriving; about the art of clarity. We’re talking about the art of being who you really are Ashland, OR—7/20/02


o matter what it is, if you really want it, and if you get out of the way of it, it will happen. It must be. It is Law. It can be no other way. It’s the way this Universe is established. If you want it and you relax, it will happen. Cincinnati, OH — 9/21/02


t is as easy to create a castle as a button. It’s just a matter of whether you’re focused on a castle or a button. G-1/12/97 — Boca Raton, FL


hoose what feels good to you and leave everybody else to choose what they want. Don’t spend any time saying, “They should choose differently and they’d feel better.” Instead say, “They’re choosing whatever they’re choosing; I’m choosing what I’m choosing, and I’m feeling good while I’m choosing it.” And let that be the end of it.Be certain that you are connected to your Source Energy, and let everybody else figure it out for themselves. Some of them will adore you, some of them will hate you — and none of it has anything to do with you. Portland, OR — 5/8/01B


hink of this random Universe where everything is possible. The organizational skills belong to Law of Attraction. If you will relax and allow Law of Attraction to do the organization, the managing, then you can spend your time doing the things that please you. Cincinnati, OH — 9/21/02


ou have your hand on the switch. You are the allower or the resister. And your emotions tell you which you’re doing right now. It’s easy once you understand the formula: When you feel good, you’re allowing good. When you don’t feel good, you are not allowing good. We didn’t say, when you feel good you are allowing good, and when you feel bad you are allowing bad (although it may translate into your experience in that way). There is only a Source of Well-being— which you are allowing or not. Ashland, OR — 7/20/02


he easiest way to let it in is by talking about what you want and why you want it. What you want and why you want it, is usually the purest form of your vibration. Portland, OR — 5/8/01A


f it is true, and it is, that when I, meaning, any point of Consciousness, asks, it is given, then can you not feel the perfection of the selfish ego? Every vantage point


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because you were born into an Why Learn Allowing? environment where there are And so, you say, “Well, this choices; you were born into an activation of this Energy is a good environment where there is variety. thing. But my resistance to it is not In other words, if you lived in a a good thing. Why do I have to household where everybody learn allowing?” And we say, you thought exactly the same way, and would not have to learn allowing if nobody had any contention about you had not learned disallowing. anything; everybody wanted every- And you say “That’s my point thing exactly the same; you were exactly. Why was I born into an all born to love environment pizza, and you where I learned were all born to disallowing? love milk, and Why do I have to We all you were all born go back now and to love the color learn how to need an yellow, and you allow? Shouldn’t I active were all born to just naturally love hardwood calling. allow?” And we floors instead of say, because you carpeted floors, wanted the enviand you were…In ronment of differother words, if you were all born ence, and you needed to find your with these samenesses, you say bearing, and you needed to find “Oh, we would get along so your place, and you needed to famously. We all sing the same decide what you want. songs, and do the same things.” We promise you, you did not And we say, you would not be want to come into an environment stimulated to a new idea. And a where you just said yes, yes, yes, continuing Life Force could not yes, yes, yes, yes to all of it. You continue to be drawn within you, wanted to say “Yes, no. Well, because you need, we all need, an maybe. Well, what do I think? active calling. (That’s big!) We all What do I conclude? What is my need an active calling. There has to preference?” Otherwise, your perbe an activation of that summon- spective has no value if you are not ing of Energy. And as long as here to decide, to discern, to prefer. there’s summoning of Energy, then So then you say, “But I life continues. And it is our thought we were all one.” And we promise to you that life will always say, we are all one, for the purpose continue.

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ABRAHAM’S NEWEST GREATEST HITS A CLASSIC ABRAHAM-HICKS WORKSHOP! Just too good to take anything out. Here, you get it ALL. The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Boston, MA — 10/5/02

TAPE/CD ONE 17:00 How true can I make my “Truth”? 5:00 Somebody should do something about that problem. 13:00 To deactivate the vibration of your resistance? 12:05 Abraham gives a brief Vibrational Reality example. 5:23 Fall in love with where you are. 3:00 He’s noticed that he has contradicted philosophies. 5:16 Is it possible to transfer negative moments? 12:04 Why did she get scratches on car?

TAPE/CD TWO 10:00 Where do compassion and empathy fit in? 4:18 How long to stay in meditation? 3:45 Some questions about “New Age energy” terms. 6:00 Her husband has his own unique wisdom. 8:20 She usually finds joy in her painting. 8:52 Therapist has little tolerance for client’s disconnection. 1:14 She wants to be the chosen one. 23:05 Her relations with relationships are still sticky. 4:50 What’s up with her sporadic head tremor?

TAPE/CD THREE 4:30 Why doesn’t Abraham laugh like others? 5:12 Her meditation teacher misguided her into vegetarianism. 5:54 Abraham doesn’t differentiate between males and females. 8:21 Is there a valid Energy Stream ritual? 7:41 The voice said “no” to medical procedure. 10:19 She has some questions about physical pain. 5:14 Was death as delicious as Mother observed? 4:09 How could she have lost unborn baby? 6:37 Would Law of Attraction determine starving adoptee? 15:43 He wants more success with less work. (Cont’d.)

TAPE/CD FOUR (Cont’d.) 14:20 He wants more success with less work. 7:32 Realistically, how far is he from success? 1:26 How do psychics read other’s thought waves? 19:20 My InfiniteSelf relationship. 16:00 The season of her long lost father. 8:00 Whether fungus or emotions, so be it! 1:00 Abraham closes the Boston Massachusetts Workshop. Order 4T10-5-02—$50 or 4CD10-5-02—$60


C O M M E N T S F R O M S O M E L I S T E N E R S Lovin’ the journey

Dear Jerry & Esther, Your new Abraham Music CD! The first time I listened to it I had such “Head Rushes” of energy—it was Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this true gift of talent and Connection. I will treasure it Always! What you have added to my Journey—mere words cannot express. My cup truly runneth Over! Lovin’ the Journey & Lovin’ You! Maxine in Abilene

Music is awe inspiring

Thank you for the great new “Music Experience” CD. It keeps getting better and better each time I listen to it. The feeling of the music and the message together are “awe inspiring”. And when the Abraham message comes on with the music in the background, the message comes through so much more powerfully. It enhances the message and makes me want to just stop whatever I’m doing and just listen. Congratulations! This concept of putting forth the Abraham message to music is a winner! Francine’s music was a great prelude to Abraham, yet in no way was I prepared for the overwhelming, joyous, delicious feeling that went through me when Abraham started to speak with the music. I was absolutely awed with the reverence that the music provided for Abraham’s words. This CD offers a very different vibration than the Weekly Tapes. The Weekly Tapes are great for teaching the message and inspiring one’s thinking, but this takes it to a whole new vibration—an instant connection to Source Energy. The CD is about the feeling-place, and it’s a wonderful gift! It brings you to that “Aha!” place. It’s just very powerful—that instant delicious moment. I classified this as a magnificent spiritual experience when I heard Abraham’s rampage of Well-being to music. I look forward to being able to have this available for my clients. The Abraham to music, rampage of Well-being, again, is beyond any words to describe it. I am just so excited for you guys. Can you tell that I like it? Love and Appreciation, Linda Falluca, Ph.D., Msc.D.

I do not leave my house but what I play your music. It is so uplifting. I cannot get the songs out of my head. Number 7—Appreciate, Number 13—I want to Live My Life to the Fullest, and Number 19—Joy to the Universe... You know, I had to pull into a gas station to buy some Kleenex before I could journey forth... I was so moved. I introduced your music tape (before I introduced Abraham) to a friend, recently. She called Abraham-Hicks immediately and said, “I must have that musical CD right away.” Then she ordered the beginning CD’s of Abraham, purchased some books, joined a Tape Program, and signed up for a Workshop. Her life was instantly transformed. Music adds a new and delicious element to Abraham. It is truly spiritual. Everyone hears the “knowing” from Abraham in a different way—all good; and when music is added to it, it conveys a power and, I feel, an added depth all of its own. In love and joy, Mary Ann Bergholtz

An added depth


A B R A H A M - H I C K S M U S I C P R E S E N T S

A New Adventure, the teachings of Abraham masterfully combined with the music of Francine Jarry This album contains more than 70 minutes of a variety of uplifting musical styles that project the philosophy of Abraham in a way we have never felt it before. The first half of this album contains 20 of Francine’s bright melodies that project a wide range of musical styles. From her Count Your Blessings, and Reach for a Thought That Feels Better, she carries us S/H — $15 + D C r through to the rollicking e d r O I Want to Live My Life to the Fullest, and on to the elegant, meditative Joy to the Universe. The second half of the album promises to give the listener a first in a lifetime experience. You will be enraptured when you immerse yourself in this 30 minutes of Abraham’s Rampages of Well-being. Over Francine’s haunting Mayan Theme, we have blended, from three live workshops, Abraham’s Living Happily Ever After and Finding My Core Beliefs, and finally Abraham reminds us that our Well-being is natural as this album closes with their, never to be forgotten, It Is Good To Feel Cassette — $10 + Good. S/H 21

A Twelve Point Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks’ Teachings


You Are a Physical Extension of That Which is Nonphysical.


You Are Here in This Body Because You Chose to Be Here.


The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.


You Are a Creator; You Create With Your Every Thought.


Anything That You Can Imagine is Yours to Be or Do or Have.


As You Are Choosing Your Thoughts, Your Emotions Are Guiding You.

All-That-Is, or that which you call God, is not finished and waiting for you to catch up. You are the leading edge of thought, here seeking more: more of all that feels good to you, more of that which is fresh and gloriously uplifting. (You are, in essence, bringing heaven to earth.)

You chose the opportunity to experience this delicious contrast in time and space, and with great anticipation you came to co-create with other joy-seeking beings, to fine-tune the process of deliberate thought. (What, where, when and with whom you create are your choices, too.)

You are free to choose to discover new avenues for your joy. In your joy you will grow, and in your joyous growth you will add to the growth experience of All-That-Is. (However, you are also free to choose bondage or pain.)

By the Universal Law of Attraction, you are attracting the essence of whatever you are choosing to give your attention to — whether wanted or unwanted. And so, you often create by default. But you can know by how your emotion feels if what you are attracting (creating) is what you are wanting or if it is not what you are wanting. (Where is your attention focused?)

As you ask yourself why you want it, the essence of your desire is activated, and the Universe begins to bring it to you. The more intense your positive feelings, the faster it is coming to you. (It is as easy to create a castle as a button.)

Your loving Inner Being offers guidance in the form of emotion. Entertain a wanted or unwanted thought, and you feel a wanted or unwanted emotion. Choose to change the thought and you have changed the emotion — and you have changed the creation. (Make more choices in every day.)



The Universe Adores You for it Knows Your Broadest Intentions.


Relax into Your Natural Well-being. All is Well. (Really It Is!)


You Are a Creator of Thoughtways on Your Unique Path of Joy.

You have chosen to come to earth with great intentions, and the Universe constantly guides you on your chosen path. When you are feeling good, you are, in that moment, allowing more of that which you have intended from your broader perspective. (You are Spirit Incarnate.) The essence of all that you appreciate is constantly flowing into your reality. As you find more things to appreciate, your state of appreciation opens more avenues to more for which to feel appreciation. (As you think, you vibrate. As you vibrate, you attract.)

No one can limit where you can direct your thought. There are no limits to your joyous journeys to experience. On the path to your happiness you will discover all that you want to be or do or have. (Allowing others their experiences allows you yours.)


Actions to Be Taken and Possessions to Be Exchanged Are By-products of Your Focus on Joy.


You May Appropriately Depart Your Body Without Illness or Pain.


You Can Not Die; You Are Everlasting Life.

On your deliberately joyous journey your actions will be inspired, your resources will be abundant, and you will know by the way you feel that you are fulfilling your reason for life. (Most have this one backwards, therefore most feel little joy in their actions or their possessions.) You need not attract illness or pain as an excuse to leave your body. Your natural state — coming, remaining or leaving — is that of health and Well-being. (You are free to choose otherwise.) In grace, you may choose to relax and allow your gentle transition back into your Nonphysical state of pure, positive Energy. Your natural state is that of Foreverness. (Have fun with all of this! You can’t get it wrong, and you’ll never get it done.)


It is not necessary for even one other person to understand the Laws of the Universe or the processes that we are offering here in order for you to have a wonderful, happy, productive Life Experience — for you are the attractor of your experience. Just you! Jerry & Esther Hicks — 11/95 (


SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I FOCUSED IN OUR NOW, the only point in which we have the power to create — neither speculating into the future nor reminiscing into the historical past — ABRAHAM speaks, primarily, toward that practical information which we can personally learn to deliberately apply to our current experience and thereby gain beneficial results....From their broader perspective, unencumbered by your cultural beliefs, ABRAHAM reaches into a place, within you, of clear, primal acknowledgement, from which you will repeatedly hear that enthused inner "voice" reminding you, "I knew that!" As you experience these Special Subject tapes, expect a fresh state of joyous becoming, for ABRAHAM'S words will stimulate you to a new beginning. Retain the beliefs that are of value to you, and learn to become unaffected by any acquired beliefs or influences that have been a hindrance. ABRAHAM guides us, first, to harmony with our Inner Being, and then, all else falls into perfect alignment. In order to build a foundation of an understanding of Abraham’s teachings, begin with the tapes AB-1, Free Introduction To Abraham, through AB-5, Segment Intending, and then progress through the Special Subject Tapes Series— as per the order of your interest. Each tape addresses different levels of awareness, and as you repeatedly listen to them, as you are moving forward, you will continually be achieving new insights and experiences. Order a single at $10, 3 or more at $9, or order 5 or more, and receive a complimentary (while available) 12 space cassette album. ORDER ANY COMPLETE SET OF 10 TAPES FOR ONLY $90 (PLUS S/H) See page 56 for ordering information, or call (830) 755-2299. AB-2 LAW OF ATTRACTION * — The most powerful Law in the universe. It affects every aspect of your daily life. A Law which is, whether you understand that it is or not. Specific processes are offered here to help you learn how to harness this Law — to get what you want. AB-3 LAW OF DELIBERATE CREATION * — Discover the ecstasy of understanding universal Laws which are absolute — no matter what the circumstances. Without an understanding of this universal Law, it is as if you are playing in a game where the rules are not understood, so it is not only impossible to know if what you are doing is appropriate, but you do not know how to win the game. The rules of the game of life are clearly offered here. 24

SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL I AB-4 LAW OF ALLOWING * — Of all things that you will come to understand through this physical life experience, nothing is more important than to become an allower. In becoming an allower, you are free of the negativity that binds you. Learn the joyful difference between tolerating and allowing — and experience the blissful difference in every relationship you have. AB-5 SEGMENT INTENDING — Our futures are individually paved by the steady stream of thoughts we set forth. We are literally creating our future life as we direct our thoughts of this moment into the future. Discover the magnificent power you hold in this moment — and learn how to use that power always to your advantage. AB-6 GREAT AWAKENING, BLENDING — You have deliberately and excitedly chosen this time to be physical beings upon this planet, because you knew in advance that this would be the time when many — not all — physical beings would recognize the broadness and great value of their being. Follow this step-by-step process for awakening. AB-7 RELATIONSHIPS, AGREEMENTS — We are all creators as we individually think and plan, but we are also often co-creators as we interact with others. Most relationships with others are far less than we want them to be. Find out why. Discover how to rejuvenate unhealthy relationships and attract new harmonious ones. AB-8 BODILY CONDITIONS — Nothing is more important to us than the way we feel and look, and yet so many do not look or feel as they would like to. There is not a physical apparatus, no matter what the state of disrepair, that cannot have perfect health. Discover the powerful processes to bring your body to the state of being that pleases you. AB-9 CHRIST, RELIGION & BIBLES — While it can be satisfying to read and remember the teachings of the great ones who have gone before us, it is ever more joyous to discover the power of that knowledge within our own being. Learn the process to go within — as Christ encouraged — to experience the blissful oneness with Christ. AB-10 ADDICTIONS — Habits, or compulsions, or addictions can range from annoying to destroying. Often, long after they are no longer wanted, they can bind and control your life. As you listen to this recording — you will for the first time understand exactly what the addiction is, and the simple process offered here will free you from it. AB-11 JOYOUS SURVIVAL — While there are seemingly earth shattering events occurring in greater frequency upon your planet, you need not be affected by them. Discover how to create and control your experience in this seemingly unstable environment. 25

SPECIAL SUBJECTS TAPES — VOL II ...I AM A MEDICAL DOCTOR and have not, before, run across material that has this much potential to create health...Have enjoyed Abraham’s books and tapes beyond any expectations I had when my mother originally sent them. I would like to subscribe to your “Weekly Tape Program”. Thank You. CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP, MD — ME — Best Selling Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom.

AB-12 PIVOTING & POSITIVE ASPECTS * — If I am the "Creator of my own experience", why don't I have more of what I want? Fostered by an action oriented world, most of you do not understand your true nature of attraction, thus the confusion in why you are getting what you are getting. These processes of pivoting and the book of positive aspects will assist you in the self-discovery of what is important to you, and will put you in the strong, clear place of Well-being, so that you can allow what you want into your experience. AB-13 SEXUALITY — Love, sensuality and the perfect sexual experience — pleasure vs. shame. This misunderstood issue lies at the heart of more disruption in the lives of physical beings than any other issue. Discover the true nature of your being, and release yourself from the negative turmoil that surrounds the subject of sexuality. AB-14 DEATH — Aging, deterioration and the perfect death experience — choices vs. chances. The gathering of years is a natural experience. However, deterioration of your physical body is neither natural nor necessary. Be healthy and productive and active and happy until the very day of your chosen re-emergence into the Non-Physical. AB-15 DOLLARS — Abundance, in perfect flow — gaining the freedom that dollars can bring vs. losing your freedom while gaining your dollars. As there is an abundance of the air you breathe, so there is an abundance of the dollars you seek. Listen and learn how to relax and breathe in the fresh air of freedom offered to you through the abundant flow of dollars. AB-16 HEALTH, WEIGHT & MIND — The perfect states of weight, health and mind — how can I get there and stay there? Diet plans abound and research continues and yet the number of those unsuccessful at maintenance of satisfactory bodily and mental conditions increases. Understand how your body functions and why you are as you are — and then begin your swift and steady progress toward that which you desire. AB-17 MATING — The perfect mate: getting, being, evoking one — Attracting vs. attacking. While it is your natural endeavor to co-create with others, there are few who have discovered the bliss of magnificent relationships. Find out how you can experience the joy of a perfect union. 26

SPECIAL SUBJECT TAPES — VOL II AB-18 PARENTING — Perfect harmony between my children and me — and me and my parents. Harmonizing vs. traumatizing. While often disconnected from parents, either by death or by distance, your parent/child relationships often have great influence in your experience with your children or with your current life experience. Learn how to perceive what has been in a way that is beneficial to your now rather than destructive. Let that which you have lived be of value. AB-19 CAREER — The perfect career. What, where and when is it — and what can I do about it now? With so many exterior standards or rules regarding the appropriateness of your behavior or choices — in most cases more confusion than clarity abounds. Use this process to discover and attract that which is perfect for you. Stop the futile backwards approach — and begin creating from the inside out. AB-20 SELF APPRECIATION — If I am so "Perfect as I am" — then why don't I feel better about me than I do? Selfishness vs. selflessness. Your awareness of your perfection was intact as you emerged into this physical body, but it was soon sabotaged by the critical, comparing, judgmental world that surrounded you. Rediscover your true sense of value and Wellbeing and perfection. AB-21 INNER GUIDANCE — Tell me more about my Inner Voice? Because you have thought in terms of being dead or alive, you forget that you are, simultaneously, physically focused while another part of you remains focused from Non-Physical perspective. Once remembering that the inner you exists, you may begin to listen to what your Inner Voice is offering. Here is the process for re-establishing that important conscious connection. ORDER 10 TAPES FOR ONLY $90, Order a single at $10 (Plus S/H)

Free 74 Minute Introduction To Abraham Available in Cassette or CD format

A stimulating overview of Abraham’s basic message: How to consciously harmonize and interact with your pure, positive Inner Being...How to realize who you are and why you have chosen to be physical in this time...How to joyously and deliberately utilize the Laws of the Universe to Attract all that you are wanting to be or have or do....Also, Jerry & Esther summarize the process of their introduction to Abraham. This recording is a comfortable means to share Abraham with those who seek a new way of realizing a successful life experience. (Order AB-1 or CD-1 Include $5.00 Minimum S/H) ...Since receiving ABRAHAM’S Free Introductory Tape, I’ve listened to it 3 or 4 times. It is concise and very recreatable both in my life and in my work as a consultant...I wanted to thank you for so much value in this one small tape. I am impressed and moved...Enclosed is my first “real” order.—Texas 27

NEW!! VIDEO MONTEREY, CA These videos were recorded in Monterey, California, on Saturday, the 29th day of August, of the year 2000.

The Science of Deliberate Creation Presents

The Art of Allowing This powerful workshop series demonstrates the simple proven techniques that will allow you to easily create anything you desire! Five, one-hour video cassettes. Ask for 5V-8/29/00 — $100.00 plus S/H

Included in Part 1: You are a creator. Shouting no is saying yes. Stop sticking your pencil in the fan. Never face reality. Nothing is more important than feeling good. There is not a source of evil. Abraham’s sales job for selfishness. Disease causes a heightened desire for health. You cannot appreciate and resist at the same time.


Included in Part 2: Stop holding your cork under the water. The 17-second focus flash-point. Little things can be behind a big illness. Finding the value in school. Reclaiming your sense of power. The only thing that matters is which thought lets it in. The lesson of TV’s Survivor. Realize that there is no death. We are all eternal beings. Included in Part 3: What is it like for Non-Physical? What Abraham sees. Your senses are focusing mechanisms. How to observe Auras. Negative thought-forms can’t assert. The deciphering of contrast. Learn to offer more of your vibration by choice, rather than as a reaction to your observations. Using your Book of Positive Aspects. Included in Part 4: Delegate to The Manager. Removing the brakes on abundance. Bridging belief and desire. Visualize for the pleasure of visualizing. Why you don’t remember who you are. Yes your way through life’s buffet. There is no such thing as fixing a problem. Your natural state of Well-being. Abraham’s mission statement. Included in Part 5: Learning to selectively sift your subjects of attention. Your vibration on any subject is right where you last left it. Tell it the way you want it to be. Playing the wouldn’t-it-be-nice-if game. Following the path of your new desires. Steps for becoming a vibrational match to your Well-being. Abraham explains how bad things happen.

Ask for 5V-8/29/00 — $100.00 plus S/H To order see page 56.


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks



nd so, who is Abraham? Abraham is a Nonphysical Energy present in all things that are physical. Source Energy. G-10/15/96 — Lincroft, NJ

here isn’t anything anybody wants that is for any other reason than that they think they would feel better in having it. G-7/3/99 — Seattle, WA


braham is not about guiding anyone toward or away from anything. We want you to make all of your decisions about your desire. Our only desire is that you discover the way to achieve your desires. Monterey, CA — 3/20/01


he basis of your life is absolute freedom, the goal is joy, and the result of that perfect combination is motion forward, or growth. Your goal is to find objects of attention that let your cork raise. G-4/12/97 — Virginia Beach, VA


here is no risk for you. When you come to understand the true nature of Well-being in which you have come forth—then you can relax and begin to enjoy this magnificent adventure which is your creative life experience. We are not here to guide the specifics of that which you choose. You get to choose that, and you can’t get it wrong. We are here to assist you—only to assist you—in finding vibrational harmony with your desire; knowing that when you find vibrational harmony with your desire, you are, in this moment, a joyful Being. And that is our dominant wish for you. Kansas City, MO — 6/1/02


he standard of success in life isn’t the things. It isn’t the money or the stuff — it is absolutely the amount of joy you feel. G-10/15/96 — Lincroft, NJ

ilk every moment for all the pleasure you can get from it. When you say, “It is my dominant intent to look for things that feel good today. No matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, no matter who I’m doing it with, it is my dominant intent to look for what I’m wanting to see, to look for things that feel good,” and the more you develop the habit of that kind of vibration — the more the Universe understands that that’s who you are! And so, the more you have access only to those kinds of things! Albuquerque, NM — 5/9/99




very time you praise something, every time you appreciate something, every time you feel good about something, you are telling the Universe, “More of this, please. More of this, please.” You need never again make another verbal statement of this intent, and if you were allowing your cork to float — all good things would flow to you. G-4/19/97 —Silver Spring, MD

here is such a tendency to say, “Well, I would do it this way, and if you don’t do it the way I do it, then there’s something wrong with one or the other of us.” And that isn’t true at all. You are just approaching things in different ways, all working. Whether it seems like it or not — you are all working toward the same ultimate goal of joy. G-12/11&12/99


Quarterly Quotes from Abraham-Hicks unless you are in your joy, you have nothing to give, anyway. G-12/11&12/99


aw of Attraction says, “That which is like unto itself is drawn.” Vibrations are always matched. So, as you experience the contrast which inspires the new desire, this new desire, whether it is a strong one or a soft one, is summoning unto itself proportionately. And as it summons, it is always answered. It` is the basis of our Universe: When it is asked, it is always given. Humans think they are asking with their words, or even with their action, and sometimes you are, but the Universe is not responding to your words or your action. The Universe is responding to your vibrational calling. Cincinnati, OH — 7/15/00


ou cannot look at that which you do not want and not join and perpetuate that vibration. Take your attention from that which is not in harmony with who you are, and your “now vibration” will adjust to who you really are — and then you can uplift others. G-6/10/97 — Portland, OR


orrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want. Asheville, NC — G-9/5/98





hatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating you are planning...What are you planning? G-4/19/97 —Silver Spring, MD

ithin the seed of your desire is everything necessary for it to blossom to fulfillment. And Law of Attraction is the engine that does the work. Your work is just to give it a fertile growing place in order to expand. Albuquerque, NM — 5/9/99

he Universe does not know if the vibration you are offering is because of what you are imagining, or because of what you are observing. In either case, it is responding. Emotion is your guidance or your response to your vibration. Your emotion does not create. Emotion is your indicator of what you are already creating. As you think, you vibrate. And it is your vibrational offering that equals your point of attraction. So, what you are thinking and what is coming back to you is always a vibrational match. The emotion (your Guidance System) is telling you what’s coming. North Los Angeles, CA — G-3/7/00

sk, and it is given means that whether you are a full blossoming genius human, or a cell in one of your bodies, when it is concluded that something else is preferred (no matter how developed the consciousness is) every time a preference is noted—Nonphysical Energy rushes forth to answer it. It is the promise of our evolving beingness. St. Louis, MO — 7/18/00


ven when we are encouraging you to selfishly seek your own joy, we are actually saying to you: Your joy is the greatest gift that you can give to anyone. Because


Hello from Jerry & Esther (Continued) Continued from page 2

Voice Changes: Did Abraham once speak with a foreign accent? No. When we began working with Abraham, neither Esther nor I were sure of what this was going to lead to. And so, we felt some mixed emotions: Joyous desire and apprehensive resistance. What you hear in the early voice, as you would have seen in the early body movement, is a sort of tension. As Esther has relaxed into the process through the years her voice has relaxed to a more natural sound. In stages, she began to open her eyes, move her arms, stand, walk, dance, etc. To me (Jerry) it was very much like watching the development of a child. And it just gets better and better!

Looking Into Our Future: Perhaps our most rewarding cocreation in over a decade: The delicious A New Adventure musical treat is now ready for you to order and enjoy. From our web site you can now download (worldwide) the Free Introduction to Abraham and listen to 13 minutes of our new music CD. (Soon, you will be able to access our pay-to-download offerings.)

Sara 3 on Tape: We expect to have it available for you, to be announced in our July, August, September Quarterly Journal. Open House: We had a memorable gathering here in San Antonio this past weekend. Abraham; food; mariachi musicians; fun people. Our next San Antonio event is scheduled for November 22nd and 23rd. We expect to conduct that workshop at our new center. We intend to accept only 77 persons. So, if you really want to be with us—reserve now!

A 112 page full color Catalog and Quarterly Journal is nearly ready to ship. Sara 3, A Talking Owl is Worth a Thousand Words recordings will be available by July, 2003.

See Ya Down the Road: We’re really looking forward to our East Coast trip. We’re packing the Monster Bus and getting ready to roll. Last month while driving across the Arizona desert in the Monster Bus, with our Tahoe in tow, a car came up along side of us and honked their horn. I looked down into the smiling face of a pretty lady holding our Introduction Tape up to her window letting us know that she knows us. We loved it! So..... we’ll see ya down the road! Our love,

We’re planning a seven day Abraham Alaskan Princess cruising seminar for July of 2004. (We’ll do a test run for you this summer.)


ABRAHAM’S NEWEST GREATEST HITS NOW ON CD OR CASSETTE — Here are three dynamic recordings of uplifting material skimmed from the six hour Los Angeles Workshop, February, 2002. These three recordings are a prime example of Abraham’s expanding message of consciously regaining our natural Well-being. Abraham’s cocreative, fun-filled dance with the questioners and the audience offers new, exciting words to guide us toward creating our everyday joyous journey. This is the perfect album for those who are asking for more. A classic!

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Los Angeles, CA — 2/9/02 (Nearly 4 hours of Classic Abraham) Tape/CD ONE • • • • • • •

Practice, first, your Virtual Reality. Why would a pure positive beast sleep? Had a fear of losing mate; guess what? Are Abraham’s teachings becoming world wide? Her ex-mate evokes uncontrollable angry outbursts. Playfully taking finances to the next level. Fox fur jacket vs. rabbit fox dinner.

• • • • • • •

Movie progressed during traumatic medical diagnosis. Mother’s death directed praying son to Abraham. Is not every illness a “mental” illness? To do for her “mentally ill” son? To better understand her propensity toward seizures? Which is worse, medical fears, or realities? What about the abused little children?

• • • • • • •

Did painful childhood create neurological damage? What about surgeries on his basketball knees? Likes the exercise, but hates the pain. Let her daughter’s medication become a non-issue. Can 27 year cat now live forever? Abraham gives definition of who they are. Abraham closes the Los Angeles Workshop.



Order S3-2/9/02—$30 or S3CD-2/9/02—$45


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS Here are three dynamic hours of uplifting material skimmed from the five hour San Antonio Workshop, April, 2000. These three tapes are a prime example of Abraham’s expanding message of consciously regaining our natural Well-being. Abraham’s cocreative, fun-filled dance with the questioners and the audience offers new, exciting words to guide us toward creating our everyday joyous journey. This is the perfect album for those who are asking for more.

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

San Antonio, TX — 4/15/00 (3 hours of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

To monitor your pile of “Vibrational Sticks”. Reach for the thought that feels best. His Ex-wife and Their Kids Stick. Were they divorcing from their happiness? The Golden rule or the Platinum Law? Human’s overlaying vibration: the desire for approval. Can’t communicate with dead father’s Energy.

• • • • • • •

Is daughter more protected attending church school? Who should be controlling your child’s mind? Will religious beliefs affect her death experience? Death experience, likened to Lovable Cat’s door. What is the mission of my life? Can one have freedom without expectations? What should she invest in singing career?

• • • • • • •

When one’s mate isn’t seeking same “Truth”? In every relationship, a guide and a follower. Getting past his compulsion to eat sugar. Addictions, as cell’s compensation for dietary imbalances. Why does he get small things faster? Look great in mirror or on sailboat. Your cells respond to your visualized perceptions.

Tape TWO


Order S3SA — $30 plus S/H


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS It seems that at the end of every Abraham Seminar we all agree: “That was the best one yet!” This Burlingame, CA (San Francisco) group seemed to evoke extraordinary wisdom and clarity from Abraham. Abraham commented that this was truly co-creation at its very best. We are so appreciative of the wonderful people who bring to these seminars the details of what they are living and assist Abraham in taking thought beyond that which it has been before.

The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Burlingame, CA — 8/21&22/99 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

Evolutionary basis of your body’s individual cells. When asking Soul: “Why me, here now?” What about needing to “be of service”? He’s still stuck on the victimized clam. Does his lethargy indicate his forthcoming “croaking”? Does a few drinks make him nicer? His little guy’s mother turned on him.

• • • • • • •

Allowing new desires versus past opposing beliefs? Moving one’s vibration up the “Relationship Stick”. About helping them without feeling their pain. Will the computer replace the worker’s value? What’s the game plan for “handicapped” children? Sameness doesn’t evoke new ideas — diversity does. You have been wired to be “selfish”.

• • • • • • •

Is my death contracted before each lifetime? Involved with widowed father of spoiled teenagers. She desires a perfect artistic lifestyle job. Cellular diseases are not about the cigarettes. Doctor’s experiment with testing prayers for patients. Envisions energetic ease in her business operations. Wanting a two-way conversation with Non-Physical.

Tape TWO


Order S3BU — $30 plus S/H


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS ...I received the 3-tape set expressed in San Francisco, and with great delight I listened to the first tape a few days ago and am still vibrating in great appreciation. I have just now been with the 2nd tape, and it is profoundly resonating within me in a kind of paradoxical I feel like a kid eating an ice-cream cone with sprinkles on it and simultaneously experiencing the profound tranquility and excitement of an adult who organically knows everything is all right as I continue to have the appetite for more. I am deeply appreciative. — R.E. — CA The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

San Francisco, CA — 2/20 & 2/21/99 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

You live in a flexible self-created reality. Are there better choices than world peace? Regarding: “I’m only human; I’m not perfect.” How much tennis would be too materialistic? To maintain my Tone while observing unwanted? Interact with as many people as you can. Tell us about the merry old souls?

• • • • • • •

AIDS carrying survivor considers rejoining dating pool. Birth control pills, do they affect natural selection? Abraham’s perspective of celibacy, orgasms, etc. Brief series of Abraham’s past one-liners. She really, really, really resents men. Do fathers always have to be right? To understand relationship between sex and violence?

• • • • • • •

Is child’s weight perpetuating classmate’s teasing? Teach children through clarity of your example. How much action to do or not? Total financial freedom for her family? Where is the place here for compassion? What if mate dies and I’m left alone? Focus Wheels, Meditation and a screaming kid.

Tape TWO


Order S3SF — $30.00 plus S/H


new video: death & life Mike and Karen Sherlock, our videographers and long time friends, surprised us with this spectacular special edition of Abraham, on Death & Life. Especially timely is an excerpt from the San Rafael workshop taped in September, 2000. It seems most revealing of the stance of the mass consciousness, in that, one year before the vengeful September 2001 event, that one of the questions asked of Abraham was regarding those who would “give up their lives to blow up buildings.” Esther and I reviewed this video last night, and we were both thrilled by it. (Esther, especially enjoyed it because she had the opportunity to “see and hear” Abraham much like the rest of us do.) And Abraham’s closing segment, “Audio Ecstacy” is as good as it gets!

SUBJECTS INCLUDED: • Realize that there is no death. (12:00) • We are all Eternal Beings. (8:00) • What is it Like for Non-Physical? (16:00) • When you understand death, you can begin to live. (8:00) • When Middle East Fanatics give their lives to blow up buildings. (7:00) • There’s no resting in heaven. (1:00) • Abraham offers audio ecstacy. (6:00) Order: AV-8 Death & Life — $30 Running time: 1 hour (To order, see page 56, or call 830 755-2299). 37

G-series tapes/CDs SUMMER, 2002 Creative control is yours G-5/7/02 — You seem to have forgotten why you came. From the boogie man, to the IRS. How does one’s tithing relate to prosperity? Can my new alignment affect my ancestors? Can he revive his successful business vibration? Is past cancer poised in her future? Can we fly, like in our dreams? G-5/11/02 — You have creative control of your life. Virtual Reality isn’t about fixing something broken. The Non-physical, as incompatible with our logic. What’s the nature of the physical body? She was taught earthly things aren’t worthy. So, is there value in being physical? He has noticed the evolution of “Abraham”. G-5/13/02 — Get in, feel good — and get out! When believing humans aren’t made quite right? Geriatric Nurse questions “survival of the fittest.” Veterinarian questions how biology connects with spirituality. Can his work feel “in the flow”? Regarding Seth’s setting proper blocks of sleep time? Has selfishness evoked unresolved body lumps? G-5/18/02B — We teach it; we don’t live it. Why sleepy after twelve hours of work? Will this unique, eccentric me always be? She has been diagnosed with something unpleasant. What if we’re working on more dollars? How does the “Universe answer” our desires? Mom, in coma, visited with comforting grandparents. G-5/21/02 — You have creative control over your manifestations. School’s teaching children to practice horrible deaths. Teacher’s young daughter isn’t enjoying her school. After 85 years, she expects improved eyesight. She’s fascinated by the evolving, expanding Universe. All wonderful things are coming to her. Abraham’s words of wisdom for new parent. G-5/25/02 — Imagine yourself anywhere you want to go. Why should birth experience be painful? Contractor has recurring fear of being broke. Her cats vs. her business partner husband. Painful issues take away this Psychologist’s joy. How can she deactivate financial abundance fluctuations? Stock market investor wants some daily phrases. G-5/28/02 — How does your new desire make you feel? To keep Process-practicing from becoming boring? Any recommended sweeping social and environmental changes? He disturbed himself with an inappropriate thought. Friend’s sexual chemistry felt better than husband’s. Wants a realistic feeling of Source Energy? Is there time for all I want? G-6/1/02 — Your life, as an adventure without risk. Got more money, but more responsibility too. What is his best question to ask? Various religion’s founders; “what were they thinking”? He plays procrastination games with term papers. Hated father doesn’t visit children often enough. Son belches the alphabet at dinner table. G-6/15/02 — When horses pull together vs. pulling apart. There’s nothing from which to protect yourself. She really doesn’t know how to meditate. Son’s “third strike” and it’s jail for life? Had a year of phobias and anxieties. Has ongoing power struggle with preteen son. To inspire son to be “team player”? G-6/29/02 — I can damn well choose my thoughts! Can she eliminate her basic core beliefs? How can she make her mate behave? Does deceased Dad observe her sexual activity? How can we not interact with complainers? Should she remarry the man she divorced? Accidents,healing and “cause & effect law”? SEE PAGE 56 TO ORDER: G-SERIES ALBUMS — $90.00 + S/H — EACHES $10 OR CD ALBUM — $117.00 + S/H — EACHES $15


G-series tapes/CDs SPRING, 2002 VIRTUAL REALITY process refined G-1/26/02 — Not "one world", but many individual worlds. What does Non-Physical want from our religions? Does our bombing Afghanistan split our Energy? But, Thomas Edison invented thousands of "failures"? Does watching movies affect our future reality? How can she foster her child's birthright? Meditation techniques to communicate with Non-Physical? G-2/2/02 — How can one person help floundering Argentina? To get past his habits of thoughts? Is “couples counseling” proving counterproductive for them? Free from resistance to media war violence. Non-Physical’s perspective of our ongoing varied wars? Saving the state and its problem children? Is resistance lighting up your Light Board? G-2/23/02 — They have labeled her son, paranoid. Must our view of god be limited? Precognition, deja vu, & meaning of dreams? Been trying meditational techniques for 20 years. “Kurt, get away from the explosive tree!” Can she heal self of bipolar illness? Gets obliterated when with “Alcoholics Anonymous” friend. G-3/2/02 — Well-being is the special of the day. Was this instantly unpleasant relationship a reincarnation? Follow your bliss; let the slender in. Other’s opinions of you are from you. As physicians, do we cocreate illnesses? Allow Well-being, with or without the body. The perfect life, from appreciation to inspiration. G-3/9/02 — Is “lost oil cap” the Dominant Thought? Is there a more gentle “monitoring process”? Does her Dominant Thought underlie her fear? In regard to having that one relationship? You deserve good thoughts about bad people. How to feel which thought feels better? Four year old has morbid spider fear. G-3/16/02A — Allow others to have their experience. What’s your dominant vibrational pattern of thought? What’s your opinion of penny pinching fathers? Do you believe foods make you fat? Doesn’t trust, or feel safe with, men. But, aren’t children affected by their environment? Why do some children have horrible experiences? G-3/16/02B — Regarding my age; what’s my dominant vibration? Abraham, regarding “time” in our physical shoes. Esther translates the prebirth attitude of Non-physical. Seth, Solomon, Abraham, a soup of Energy? After astrological concerns, she feels better now. What now, after his catastrophic investment scenario? How did Abraham choose Esther and Jerry? G-3/23/02A — Somebody should be doing something about that. Whenever you’re remembering, you are visualizing. Learn to practice thoughts that feel good. Striving to throw consistently fast ball. Does girlfriend stuff affect his baseball pitching? The difference between “Inner Being” and “God”? Is it fair to say God evolves? G-4/20/02 — A discussion of the Virtual Reality Process. Another look at the Place Mat Process. Fortuitous fan belt break, at 100 MPH. What is the purpose of our dreams? Her bug attack nightmare became a reality. Can she speed up her business development? After husband’s transition, she began noticing couples. G-5/4/02 — Create your own dream with Virtual Reality. Is there a role for preventative medicine? What is belief’s role in physical health? Should healer seek emotional cause of illness? Visible Energy floated between him and Abraham. Will mammogram bring her peace of mind? Should New Thought coworker fear “Bible Belters”?


G-series tapes/CDs WINTER, 2001 PRACTICE YOUR VIRTUAL REALITY G-10/06/01 — Preferences are evoked when unwanted is observed. When it seems like the majority rules. When controlled by your fear of death. Who is in charge in Charlie’s life? Her health feels affected by 9/11 event. The “Antichrist” or the “Charlie Consciousness”? Will Abraham confirm her 9/11 conspiracy rumors? G-10/13/01-A — The good news is, it’s never done. Structure his “Workshop” thoughts to achieve goals? Basket of rich people / bad people beliefs. Where did 9/11/01 event vibration come from? How does a God allow 9/11/01 events? Will 9/11/01 event compare to Christ event? Why aren’t Universal Truths remembered by more? G-10/13/01-B — What “deliciousness” could possibly evolve from 9/11/01. Are therapies focusing him on heart problem? How can he safely “protect” small children? Air Force son eagerly anticipates 9/11/01 retaliation. What was 9/11/01 supposed to teach us? You may assume worldwide Well-being. Want to be successful? Just be happy. G-10/20/01 — Are we branded with our “Soul Intentions”? Can we return to another economic period? Will power, is it assertive, or allowing? Children, choices, and clumps of colorful clay. Negative media, and the buffer of time. She wants to begin to enjoy sex. Something, to us, as us, to dinosaurs. G-10/27/01 — Is she “at one” with worldwide fears? Physical time, as related to NonPhysical expansion? Do physical families reunite after our transition? Creating deliberately, when involved in a relationship? Is there no ultimate right or wrong? Is it time to discontinue his supplements? Should we be concerned with Karma Koncepts? G-11/03/01 — Through the vibration you’re emanating, you’re “asking”. Her “obligations” to workers who “betrayed” her? What brings about the characteristics of leadership? Physician ponders “beliefs” role in spontaneous healing. He wants more freedom, but same money. He prefers brief, while still positive, relationships. What’s up, with menopausal flaming night sweats? G-11/24/01 — Just relax and enjoy this comfortable unfolding. Are our emotions different than our intentions? He is intending healthy, wealthy and slim. Her husband was unfaithful to her, again. To be free of the opinions of others? He dreamed a dream of transparent eggs. Now, as limited vs. past and future. Are angels guarding or are they guiding? G-12/01/01 — But, when there are bad things out there? From sting ray to 9/11/01 to bird’s song. You have been trained to endure pain. A clearer understanding of the 17 Second Process? Culmination points, and the nature of creation. Stop calling your obsession a bad thing. How can she guarantee positive medical diagnoses? G-12/15/01 — Spend more time in your Virtual Reality. When drunkard’s Inner Being became designated driver. Does name, “Goat”, carry specific vibrational data? Her virtual “Feeling of Channeling” ability. Minister friend, argues for painful perspectives. When virtual relationships become physical reality? When you joyously make manifestation a non-issue. G-1/5/02 — Step one is one, and step three is three. What to do for alcoholic family members? She has everything, but wants passionate desire. Appropriate to tell children of past immoralities? Giving and receiving, and dwindling natural resources? When successful acquisitions prove unsatisfactory? Can she release beliefs about physical aging?


G-series tapes/CDs fall, 2001 whatever you like is appropriate G-8/4/01 — It’s only about a handful of issues. When placing career order with the Universe. Attorney wants dancing, and dollars, without effort. Should he submit to diagnostic medical tests? Wanting to feel the presence of GOD. Does All-That-Is have any desires? His career, thoughts, cliff notes and death? G-8/11/01 — Catching yourself with egg on your face. Envisioning future job without jeopardizing present? Purloined paintings portfolio of visiting visionary artist. The power of consciously raising one’s vibration? Wants another baby before final egg drops. Catholic guilt vs. doing the Hokey Pokey? Closing chapter of “going through” his divorce. G-8/13/01 — What does transition experience feel like? Autistic 37 year son has special needs. Does Abraham see human’s version of GOD? Will other life-forms come onto this planet? When keeping company with an habitual complainer? Losing one’s possessions, as joyously moving on. Is she working too hard at savoring? G-8/18/01 — In their fear they relinquish their power. Any place for retaliation in “no fault” Universe? The evolution of planetary diversity and upheaval. Are we almost in a godly form? Earth, the perfect rendezvous for all events. Appropriate to be happy with unhappy others? Baghdad born Jewess abhors the terrorizing bombings. G-8/21/01 — Would the Universe thwart our mundane plans? No shortage of men in her labyrinth. With opposite intentions, couples still find satisfaction. Guilt-free resignation as manager of the Universe. Energy exchange at the moment of transition? Internist is practicing sensitive, futuristic Joy Medicine. The process of connecting with Source Energy. G-8/25/01 — Vaccinate? Daddy says yes; Mommy says no. Chemotherapied mother-inlaw is retreating into dementia. Except for money, he’s creating exceptionally well. Do our sexual unions create special bonds? All ailments will resolve themselves if allowed. MS (multiple sclerosis) gone; SM (Soul Mate) coming. Should children have choices of unpleasant chores? G-9/22/01 — A broader perspective of the 9/11/01 event. Retaliation for the 9/11/01 New York destruction? Her lover vacated, but Mother moved in. Becoming a better teacher to his children? Are our emotions not indicators of conditions? Would a sensitive Pollyanna not seek revenge? Is retribution our only course of action? G-9/25/01 — This is a time of significant contrast. Terrifying New York news turned her into jelly. Trying to understand the 9/11/01 disaster? Reaching for the thought that feels better. Virtues, Martyrdom, Goodness and Pride and Patriotism? Canadian felt patriotism for United States’ unity. G-9/29/01 — Seventh grade socialite son not applying self. She has received a frightening osteoporosis diagnosis. Was he “speaking in tongues” with God? Abraham and law professor discuss legal business. He’s in the process of redefining himself. It’s time to accept that Well-being is. Feels hypocritical regarding 9/11/01 vs. neighborhood trees. G-10/1/01 — Whatever it is you like is appropriate. “Bless me, and please enlarge my territory.” Wants new ways to connect with Well-being. An effective parent is a happy parent. Mother becomes as rude as her daughter. He’s playing with a “law of attachment”. If Abraham were president during 9/11/01 resolution?


Continued from page 18

Because we feel your pain when of coming up with a new idea. And you say “Well, it’s painful, because you choose the other. In other now I have to learn how to allow words, we think that it must be all over again.” And we say, you’ll easy to know “the stove is hot”. In be all right. You other words, that can use your does not feel good E m o t i o n a l to put your hand Guidance System on a hot stove. to know. “Do I dare And we do not If you don’t understand sometake my hand get too far from times why it is so where you are, it’s from the stove?” hard to take your always easy to hand off the stove. bring yourself back And you say, to center. And even “My mother had if you do get far her hand on the from where you are, it’s still easy to stove, her mother had her hand on bring yourself back to center. It the stove, our family puts its hand just takes deciding that feeling on the stove, that’s what we all do. (Fun!) The day I was born they put good is worth something, and my hand on the stove.” And we practicing, with real determinasay, but now you get to decide how tion, to feel good for no other reayou like it. And you say, “But it’s son than to feel good. And in time hard. Do I dare take my hand from you show yourself that Allowing is the stove?” And we say, risk it and not a big issue. try it. And you say “Ah, it is sweet It’s Easy to Allow relief to take my hand from the It’s easy to allow. In fact, it is stove.” your dominant proclivity. You These Are Your Choices would much rather love than not “But look! My mother still has her hand on the stove. And my government still has its hand on the stove. They’ve all got their hands on the stove. Who am I to find the relief of not putting my hand on the stove?” And we say, alright, put your hand back on the stove if you want to. (Fun!) But understand that you get to allow or not allow. These are your choices.

love. You know how we know that? When you don’t love, you feel miserable. You would much rather praise than criticize. You know how we know that? When you criticize you feel awful, and when you praise you feel wonderful. You would much rather know your success and know your value than to feel that you do not have value. You know how we know? 42

It is Natural To Be Joyful Clarity is your natural state of being. Healthy is your natural state of being. Eager is your natural state of being. Loving is your natural state of being. It is natural for you to have desire, and it is natural for you to anticipate happy outcomes. And it is natural for you to love. It is natural for you to sing. It is natural for you to play. It is natural for you to skip. And it is natural for you to be joyful. It is natural for you to know Well-being. It is natural for you to expand. It is natural for you to question. It is natural for you to find interest. It is natural for you to want more, and it is natural for you to feel good. And anything else is resisting the natural state of who you are. There is great love here for you. We are complete.

We are wanting you to understand it’s not hard to allow. In fact, the hardest thing of all is to learn patterns of not allowing who you are: It’s a lot harder for you to be confused than to be clear minded. It’s a lot harder to be sick than it is well. It’s a lot harder to not have enough money than to have enough money. It’s a lot harder to be negative than to be positive. It’s a lot harder to be pessimistic than to be optimistic. The hard, hard, hard, hard thing is not allowing. It’s easy to allow. You just have to give yourself permission to do it and practice it a little bit. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. We think you have it. We think that you know what to do. And we think that together we’ve practiced very well. But you are on your own in this, and you like it that way. You came into this environment knowing that you would be an individual Consciousness. An individual Consciousness that would have your individual preferences, and that anything that you, in your powerful individualness, identify as your desire—Source Energy will answer. And over the next few weeks, it is our expectation that you will prove to yourself that you have the ability to let it in. It is so much easier than you think. There’s just one thing that you have to remember: It is good to feel good: It is good…

It is good to feel good!

Excerpted from Abraham-Hicks Workshop G-7/20/02 — Ashland, OR


Conversations With God for teens by Abraham-Hicks

A B R A H A M - H I C K S P U B L I C A T I O N S 2. Do your desires inspire you?

11. To love myself and my enemies? (5:58)


12. Improved schools vs. cheating?

3. A valid Conversation with God?



13. Parents vs. the generation gap?

4. Purpose of life; hate; suffering?



14. Must we always “reap as we sow”?

5. Fated to parental controls?



15. Can we end world’s suffering?

6. What about teenage sexuality?



16. Hell; death; and meditation?

7. Killing, merciful or cruel?



17.Heaven, or afterdeath revenge?

8. Spiritual vs. religious?



18. Would God change our society?

9. What is God; what am I?



19. A perfect me would look like?

10. Does success mean earning $?



CD-22— Conversations with God FOR TEENS by Abraham-Hicks © J & E Hicks P.O. Box 690070, San Antonio, TX 78269 (830) 755-2299 or fax (830) 755-4179

In 1999 USA Today published an article: “If you could ask God any question... what would it be?” I presented those questions to Abraham and we published the recording as G-5/30/99. We recently discovered N.D. Walsch’s If you could ask God any question...? book: “Conversations with God for teens”, and it has been a thrill for me to present over 50 of my favorite “teens” questions to Abraham at our El Paso Workshop — and to now make the dialog available to you! Don’t you wish we could have had this wisdom “back then”? Isn’t it a blast to have it now?! Order CD-22 — $15 (plus S/H) AB-22 (cassette) — $10 (plus S/H)


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Sara, and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather ...My whole family read this book and we haven’t been the same since. My husband, perhaps, was the most moved by it. He actually said that it had such a tremendous impact on him that he looks at life with new eyes. It’s like being nearsighted your whole life and then finally getting glasses. Everything becomes crystal clear. I cannot say enough good things about this lifetransforming book. If there is only one book you ever buy, make sure it is this one. You won’t regret it! (all ages) — by Denise Tarsitano in the “Rising Star Series.


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Sara and the Foreverness of Friends of a Feather is now available as an unabridged book on tape. Containing three audio-cassettes, this album offers over three hours of inspiring, uplifting and entertaining listening. At the wheel of your vehicle or doing mundane chores or relaxing with closed eyes, you can now comfortably absorb the pleasure of this extraordinary magical relationship between young Sara and her ethereal, old, feathered owl friend, Solomon... CASSETTES: Ask for S3S1 — $30 (830) 755-2299 (Order form page 56)


Sara and Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends ...My family had read the first Sara book and were captivated by its wisdom and clarity. I knew we were in for a treat with this new story, “Sara and Seth”, but I had no idea just how much of an impact it would have on all of us. The sheer brilliance of this unassuming little book with its powerful message (of Well-being) will leave you breathless. (all ages) — by Denise Tarsitano in the “Rising Star Series.”


When Seth moves into Sara’s mountain town, and right into the middle of all of the secrets of Thacker’s Trail, Sara doesn’t know what to do with him. She is drawn to him in a strange and powerful way, but the idea of letting anyone in on her unbelievable secrets seems impossible. But Sara soon comes to trust Seth, and together they embark on an even more wonderful experience with Solomon. Seth has been gathering important questions all of his very short life. He can barely believe his good fortune in meeting Solomon, who understands all things. You’ll enjoy seeing Sara’s good life getting even better, and Seth’s rather awful life becoming wonderful. And like everyone else, you will love Solomon. BOOK: Ask for SARA-2 — $15 (plus S/H) Softcover ISBN# 0-9621219-7-5


Sara and Seth, Solomon’s Fine Featherless Friends is now available as an unabridged book on tape. Containing three audio-cassettes, this album offers over four hours of inspiring, uplifting and adventurous listening. Relaxing with closed eyes, you can now comfortably absorb the pleasure of this extraordinary magical relationship between Sara and her new friend of a feather, Seth... plus, her ethereal owl friend, Solomon, makes his welcome reappearance, adding his wise perspective to their/our learning experiences. CASSETTES: Ask for S3S2 — $30 (830) 755-2299 (Order form page 56)


❥ The Newest Sara Book ❥ Sara Insights!

Thanks for the great new Sara book! I have read it three times so far, and I find lovely new insights each time I read it. And what wonderful fun that the book ended on page 222! Linda Mabry — SC

paragraphs. Then he started singing all the voices. It was SO sweet! I thought how wonderful it would be to have Sara produced as a musical (someone else’s job, not mine, I’m afraid!) Of course a movie would be cool, too. I’m sure lots of people have said that to you! Love to you both, Judi Royer — CO

We here on Maui enjoy your work tremendously. You have lifted my vibration and continue to do so as I listen to your tapes. My daughter who is six enjoys listening to Sara and Seth through tapes and the books. Your teachings have brought a whole new light in the raising of my daughter and 22 month old boy. I have seen changes in my husband because of your tapes. I thank you for all of this. Sincerely, Larissa Pasek — HI

Meaningful To Us

Great Changes!

The Sara 3 book was so meaningful to my husband and I that after we read it individually, we want to read it aloud to each other. Thanks for your love and time. Mary Naughton — IL

The Best One Yet!

I just wanted you to know how much I’ve gotten already from the new Sara book. Just got it yesterday and read it last night. It’s wonderful — the best one yet. It seems to help solidify all I’ve been coming to know, especially through Abraham. What I’ve been realizing is that I never knew it was OK to choose to be happy. It took me a lot of pain to really think “This cannot be what life is for.” So thank you for your work and for loving what you do. Although I’m 45 years old, the Sara books really speak to me — to my heart and to my true innocence. I am coming to remember who I really am. Blessing to you all, Your friend, Cindy Shilanskis — PA

I am really enjoying Sara 3 book. It has given me clearer understanding of how to stay more connected instead of feeling like I need to look at “what is”, and understanding that I don’t have to suffer just because someone else had that experience and it didn’t get better. I am so grateful for this book and also the newest monthly tape, Tarrytown, NY, 5/18/02B. Much love and appreciation, Joyce Taylor — TX

A Clearer Understanding

My son (11 years old) and I want to thank you so much for following your joy in writing the Sara books. We have just devoured book 3 and are enthusiastically awaiting Sara books 4, 5, 6… The laws are getting clearer and clearer and we are so happy to receive your gift. Thank you Abraham, Esther and Jerry! We truly appreciate you and send you our love, Agnes and Narturi — Email

Clearer & Clearer

Seems like a year since we’ve seen you! Or was it yesterday? Colton (7) is reading Sara to me as we drive to Boulder every day. The other day he was doing the voices like I do, sort of (Sara has a higher voice, Solomon has a lower voice, very imaginative!) except since Solomon has no lips, he makes a sort of beak as he speaks. Then he gave Solomon the voice of a robot for a couple

A Sara Musical?


❥ The Newest Sara Book ❥ Sara, Book 3, A Talking Owl is Worth a Thousand Words Sara’s adventures expand as she and her best friend, Seth, are joined by Annette, a new girl in school. Of course, Solomon stands by to offer his fun-loving guidance (for all of us).

ADD ME TO THE LIST! The list of those that were totally delighted, enchanted, and inspired by your newest book, Sara 3. I read it in two sittings. I read it out loud as if I had an audience of eager listeners hanging onto every word. A few times I had to stop, lift my glasses and wipe away the tears. I have never enjoyed reading a book as much as I did this book. As Esther has said, our language is so inadequate when it comes to finding the correct words to describe our vibrations. I am vibrating an appreciation and love for the both of you and for Abraham that just does not exist in the English dictionary. Thank you does not come close. With all my love and appreciation and gratitude. Kathy Johnson — North Carolina Order the book: Sara, Book 3 — A Talking Owl is Worth a Thousand Words $15 plus S/H, Softcover, ISBN 0-9621219-9-1 (to order, see page 56)



It is the current that carries the vitality to the cells. And so, the more you are breathing, the more you are thriving. Fortunately, it’s not left to your conscious mind to prompt you to breathe. It just happens. But you can prompt yourself to breathe more. As you deliberately breathe in more, breathe in will begin to expand your lung capacity, and in time you will begin to breathe more deeply, voluntarily and naturally— and your bodies will thrive. Breathing is the way life moves through your physical body. When concentrating on deep breathing, you are focusing on something positive, and so, while feeding the cells of your body, you are also aligning with Source Energy—and every body comes alive. Everything works better: metabolism, clarity... Thriving comes from deliberate, deep breathing. (Excerpted from G-11/25/00 — San Antonio, TX)

PRESENTING A POWERFUL 365 DAY COURSE IN SPIRITUAL PRACTICALITY ments of my life — I simply carried, daily, a fresh, updated sheet of paper in my pocket. This works! The first sides of the pages are compilations from the best of the Abraham teachings. The second sides of the pages are designed to accommodate your daily list of things to do. But as the course progresses, you will discover that the pages will be offering processes and techniques to fit the advancing stages of your progression within these materials. Your only power to create your life is in this moment, and the Abraham-Hicks Planning Calendar is designed to focus the purest of your intentions to your todays, the time in which you have your creative power. In our estimation, this Abraham-Hicks Planning Calendar/Workbook is the most effective tool available for the practical application of “The Science of Deliberate Creation.” Utilize it to create and to teach others to create, the perfect (by your ever changing standards) adventure in living.

Habits are usually created slowly. And since a major aspect of the value to you of using this material will be the changing — often slowly — from unwanted habits of thought to habits of thought that are more appropriate to your current conscious desires — the most common use of this calendar will be as a joyous 365 day journey into a new world of leading edge thought and experience. Begin experiencing the power of this calendar at any time. You don’t have to wait until the first of next year. However, in order to get into time sequence with the calendar — it is best to start at a month’s beginning. Let the first day of your first month be day one (page three) of this calendar. After over 30 years of studying, teaching and enjoying the art of personal fulfillment, I have long understood the power of clarifying and writing out my decisions in appointment books, journals, organizers, etc. But as the years passed, I became aware that at the most joyous and highly productive seg-


“If you want to change what you are living, you only have to change the balance of your thought.” — Abraham

The Science of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Daily Planning Calendar and Study Group Workbook

A 365 Day Course in Spiritual Practicality • The material in this calendar/workbook has been specifically intended as an experiential guide to comfortably change your balance of habits of thought to that which will enrich every aspect of your experience. • Begin in any month. The pages are left to be dated by you. • This is a study to do, not a study to simply peruse. It is a study to have fun with in every way that you can imagine. • The pages are the size of two $100 bills, side-by-side. Tear out a page a day. They are portable. Fold them into your wallet or checkbook, or simply carry them in a pocket. On one side you will find life enriching reminders of some things you may have forgotten and on the other side you can write intentions, ideas, names, numbers. Post them on your mirror, refrigerator, the sun visor of your car... • Carry a seven day segment or a vacation segment with you when you are away from home — and then file them for future reference. — Let the Magic Begin — SELF HELP FROM YOUR TOTAL SELF

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FREE CD/CASSETTE “INTRODUCTION TO ABRAHAM” …Yesterday I received the Introduction to Abraham CD! Although I have been working with Abraham’s ideas for more than a year, am a member of the “CD of the Month” club, and was very happily present at the workshop at the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, I had never heard the introductory tape. Well, the information on that CD helped me bridge a gap in my thinking about the principles of deliberate creation. And the clarity feels wonderful! Many thanks for the CD, and for all the wonderful work you are all doing! With boundless appreciation, — LR — NC

…Thanks for the wonderful new Introduction CD. Wow! I’m so very pleased! My gratitude, for so much Joy and Well-being that I am now experiencing, is immense. I resonated with the comments from the readers and listeners on the inside of the jacket cover of the CD: “I’ve been a ‘searcher’, ‘seeker’, ‘sharer’ since I was a teen,” except in my case it’s been since I was about 5. The next line just floored me, “My middle name was purported to be ‘Why?’” How true… I was asking as a child. Especially as a child. I never stopped asking. And thank you for clarifying the role that “contrast” plays in our lives. Yes, all the pieces are finally falling into place. And also “Thank you for helping to put the fun back into my life”. My entire experience has pivoted, literally. Thanks again — In absolute bliss — BF — Canada This 74 minute professionally remastered Introduction to Abraham is now available in cassette or CD format. It’s a comfortable way to share Abraham with those who seek a new way of realizing a successful life experience. Order:AB-1 or CD-1 (Include $5.00 Minimum S/H)

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SAN FRANCISCO WORKSHOP VIDEOS These videos were recorded in San Francisco, California, on Saturday, the 26th day of August, of the year 2000.

The Science of Deliberate Creation The Art of Allowing This powerful workshop series demonstrates the simple proven techniques that will allow you to easily create anything you desire! Five, one-hour video cassettes. Ask for 5V-8/26/00 — $100.00 plus S/H

Included in Part 1: Abraham tells all that they know; The Law of Attraction; There is no such thing as exclusion; What you are getting is always a vibrational match; Your emotions are your guidance system; Contrast gives birth to rockets of desire; Know that all is well; Ask and it is given; Be more like your cat; Putting death in the proper perspective.


Included in Part 2: Examine the content of what you're living to understand your vibrational offering; The pulling power of desire; Realize your power is in the here and now; Reach for the thought that feels better; Difficult relationships teach unconditional love; How to see an extraterrestrial spaceship; Allowing your child to not be an allower. Included in Part 3: Understanding your connection to Source. Why does Abraham seem to trivialize ecological concerns? The difference between physical and Non-Physical energy. How does healing take place? Why has Abraham philosophy not manifested clearly before now? The meaning of astrology. Appreciating your leading-edge role. Included in Part 4: Abraham's tips for teaching connection. Whatever it is you are feeling is your indicator of your level of allowance or resistance. In your appreciation, you are a vibrational match to what you want. Accept the grace in which you live. The life-giving effect of asking and receiving. It is about aligning, not earning. Included in Part 5: Dreams and out-of-body-experiences. Your triad of intentions. Whatever happened, your work now is to let it in. Know that all of your desires are in the process of being answered. How contrast manifests. The mantra of the universe is "Now what?" The art of allowing is in feeling good about what you want.

Ask for 5V-8/26/00 — $100.00 plus S/H To order see page 56.


ABRAHAM-HICKS VIDEOS AV-1 — INTRODUCTION TO ABRAHAM, $23.77 Now, the perfect way to share Abraham! In the first half of this 55-minute interview, Jerry and Esther tell the whole story of just how they came to "meet" Abraham and how their desire to be of value gradually led them to this incredible encounter with the unknown. Then, in the second half, watch and listen as Abraham summarizes their Basic Teachings in this, their most concise, powerful presentation yet! In their uniquely clear and simple way, Abraham reveals the keys to creating anything you want in life. A must for all who appreciate the value of Abraham.

CONVERSATIONS WITH ABRAHAM —VOL I Albuquerque, NM — 1993 Now, the next best thing to spending a weekend with Abraham in person! This first of our new series of video tapes was recorded on May 15 & 16, 1993 in Albuquerque, NM, and on it is the entire two-day workshop, just as it unfolded for the participants. Listen and watch as Abraham takes their simple message, and by applying it to a myriad of different situations, leads the group, and you, on a truly transformational odyssey. Available on 5 VHS video cassettes. Each of the first four parts contains two complete sessions with Abraham — averaging 1 hour 38 minutes total. Part five contains the weekend's powerful concluding session and runs 44 minutes. The total length of all 5 parts is 7 hours 15 minutes.

Some highlights of each of the five parts are: AV-2 — How clarity evolves from lack. How all things happen in our experience. The relationship between Energy-flow and action. How to tune in to the guidance from your Inner Being. Feeling your way through life. The relationship of beliefs to emotional response. Parents as teachers. How to rediscover your own knowing. Recurring dreams. $29.77 AV-3 — More about parenting. Being a catalyst and guide to a child's natural connectedness, without addressing lack. If a 4-year-old sees a ghost. Why children may be drawn to weapons play. Why we all are here — the advantages of a broader contrast. Understanding violence. All disease is disconnection. Gardening tips. Action, in ease. $29.77 62

ABRAHAM-HICKS VIDEOS AV-4 — Attitudes toward planetary re-alignment. There is no death. Tips on staying connected. The Book of Positive Aspects. If you fall in love with someone who is HIV positive. Does Abraham have a sense of humor? The value of acknowledging what you want from where you stand. Hiding behind words and actions. What, exactly, is vibration? $29.77 AV-5 — Growing children in safety. Steps to action. How appreciation opens doors. Action and allowing. Soul mates and past lives. Tectonic rumblings. Relating to cancer. Meditation and channeling. Understanding the innocents. Being a joyful oddity. Your Triad of Intentions. Wanting and belief. Flowing Energy to perfect health. $29.77 AV-6 — How to define what you want. Memories, as catalysts to connection. Process of attraction. Techniques for transforming your physical body. Shifting Energy by asking “what and why” questions. Where passion comes from. Time, and the lack of it. Focusing on what you're putting out, rather than what you're getting. Recognizing your true value. $23.77

SPECIAL SUBJECT SERIES: Abraham on Parenting AV-7 — Excerpted from AV-2, AV-3 & AV-5 of "Conversations with Abraham, Volume I." Abraham applies their powerful teachings to the subject of interaction with children. Discussions include: How children can help you discover your own inner knowing. How parents are often a child's principle source of disconnection. How to guide a child's behavior without addressing lack. And, how to become a catalyst to your child's natural connectedness. Running time (approximately) 48 minutes. $23.77

AV-2, AV-3, AV-4, AV-5 are $29.77 each AV-6 is $23.77 Order AV-2 thru AV-5 at one time and get AV-6 free! The complete workshop on video tape — $119.08 (See order form on page 43)


ABRAHAM’S GREATEST HITS This is the special Chicago, 3 Tape Album that has evoked so much praise from our Weekly Tape Program subscribers. This was a Workshop that generated much too much new and fun material for us to edit down to anything less than this 4 and 1/2 hours of Classic Abraham. The Science Of Deliberate Creation Abraham-Hicks Publications

Chicago, IL — 10/31 & 11/1/98 (4 hrs. 30 minutes of Classic Abraham) Tape ONE • • • • • • •

Learn to find familiarity with pure desire. Is that another Declarative Statement you’re making? Wants Soul Mate, but enjoys current variety. How does OOB experience relate to one’s Soul? Am I, indeed, on right path to wellness? Can she love her unlovable teen son? Would true friends kick a happy cat?

• • • • • • •

Their feelings about you affect only them. Every belief was once a conscious thought. Your current reality was once a pretense. Is not grief appropriate at funerals? This is how eternalness is eternally eternal. How can they get out of “work hell”? About her seven year old psychic son?

• • • • • • •

How does Abraham select the Workshop questioner? The next logical step to experiencing a “Frank”. Did time stop when he fell from the bridge? Balancing children’s educational structure with freedom. Is a “genetic” pain a genuine pain? Let’s have more clarification on “Vibrations”. Nurse wants to understand purpose of husband’s death.

Tape TWO


Order S3CH — $30.00 plus S/H


G-series tapes SUMMER, 2001 LOCK ON TO YOUR RECEIVING MODE G-3/24/01 — Busy healer has received shocking diagnosis. Teen advocacy, and this body of work. She can’t struggle her way to success. He’s leaving her, but not for another. She enrolled in “Sex and Love Addicts” group. Here’s the way to destroy the love. Are cyclic economic business slumps natural phenomenon? G-4/7/01-A — Do dollar desires thwart his musical skills? Does appreciation of “temporary” job trap him? Do positive thoughts negatively affect her desires? What’s up with his thrilling “goose bumps”? His new project feels like something big. Wealthy, artistic mentor lives with dreaded disease. Is All-That-Is a bearded old man? 4/21/01 — Fears and dreads her kind gentle horse. Can disconnected Union cause her job loss? Abraham gives a social activist some compliments. Athletics, and balance of mind and heart? Gene manipulation, consequences and child’s chosen fate? When a belief runs counter to his desire? In any moment, you have a choice. 4/30/01-B — Singer fears finding a vocal cord lump. Should she intercede in her sister’s homelessness? At her age, should she fear illness? When does surgically cutting it out help? Why doctors deny her vertigo and candida. Why hasn’t sculptor manifested “grossly expensive” toys? Why Abraham chose him from the questioners. 5/8/01-A — The ratio between your desires and beliefs? Eternal Beings will never get it done. Future of email, message boards and search engines? Why are banker’s finances and health impacted? How are you judging other’s financial standards? Discussing some aspects of Alzheimer’s disease. How much of Us came with us? 5/8/01-B — His issue (subject): attracting significant relationship. Humorist questions concept of “natural born leaders”. She doesn’t believe humans have personal choices. Still killing and molesting whales and kids? To make upcoming interfaith marriage feel good? Cocreating the essence of newly wed’s merged desires? “Senior” wants more lifetime with newest lover. 5/19/01 — Consciously locking on to your receiving mode. Addicted to the struggle for trivial wants. Feeling guilty about unbalanced addiction to work. Drug addicted daughter has gone her separate way. No healing ever takes place in condemnation. “Tough” doesn’t belong in the same sentence with “love”. She teaches vacillating alternative high school children. 6/2/01— Does the Spiritual vie with physical manifestation? Did financial imbalance influence motherdaughter hospitalization? Can’t get over death of her dog. Bankrupted, but really wants to reimburse benefactors. Not an “alcoholic”, but the craving continues. “I’m not getting any younger”, gets what? You are a manifestation long dreamed of. 6/9/01 — When emotions agree with your own desire. Is a disease hiding in her spine? Have you ever grieved an animal’s death? Wondering about transitioned friends as guardian angels. To unhook from her past value systems? But what about having compassion or empathy? Daughter’s a star in a square hole. 6/23/01 — Good feels good, and bad feels bad. Substitute teacher is coping with rotten kids. Will humans finally eliminate all other species? Was childhood contrast a platform for teaching? The expanding business of modifying “rebellious” ones. Abraham’s positive definition of the term, “blending”. British “Vagina Monologues” lifted her chronic fatigue. SEE PAGE 56 TO ORDER: G-SERIES ALBUMS — $90.00 + S/H — EACHES $10 OR CD ALBUM — $117.00 + S/H — EACHES $15


G-series tapes SPRING, 2001 GOOD FEELS GOOD & BAD FEELS BAD G-1/13/01-B — Must worries of yesterday affect today? Maverick “12-Stepper” wants improved health. Suffering “Catholic guilt” over miraculous manifestations. Will low classroom grades affect future Wellbeing? “Senior citizen’s” health, and her annoyed expectations. Inner Being never gives you orders. She fired them from “toxic workplace”. G-1/21/01 — Lift your hands from the hot stove. She was diagnosed as manic-depressive, bipolar. Can we discuss other vibrational physical realities? Earth, as the Nonphysical place of choice. He deliberately looked for their Positive Aspects. Releasing her guilt regarding paternal sexual relationship? A loving closing of the Tallahassee Workshop! G-1/27/01 — Good feels good and bad feels bad. The meaning of her severely retarded child? Does abortion process snuff out Life Force? There’s a bump in her relationship road. Opportunities come before her readiness to act. If needed again, your clutter will reappear. Is she loving caring for dying mother? G-2/3/01 — If you could rewind and replay it. What is your overall mood about money? Time for a self employment “leap of faith”. Love others, as he loves his children? Carnivorous alligators, and resolving other disempowering beliefs? Does daughter embody her grandfather’s Inner Being? Husband seems undecided between her and freedom. G-2/17/01 — Mother’s dream of son’s accident came true. About the entity formerly known as “Abraham”. All American basketball contender recaptures his zone. Is mother supporting, or asserting, child’s choices? Wanting to be a conduit for healing. Emotions indicate spread between desire and belief. When another’s desires make him feel selfish? G-2/20/01 — Don’t leave home without your Inner Being. At feelings Hub of her Thought Wheel. Brain functions, Alzheimer’s, ADHA, Hyperactivity, causes, cures? When fun becomes a habit, becomes addiction? Big Bang, Little Bang and 17 Seconds. Her Inner Being’s relationship to her finances? Why does she sabotage peak spiritual experiences? G-2/24/01 — To throw his fast ball fast enough? They won the Mardi Gras “beads lottery”. She’s still riding on the “Wheel” of guardedness. At a loss for the right words? She’s so happy, and he’s so unhappy. Consciousness of Martin Luther King still expanding. Making a difference with high school kids? G-3/10/01 — Which path should this actor painfully pursue? Does sadness make his happiness happier? Any quick fixes for societies’ children? Optimist is in love with a pessimist. Children and animals and medicine that works. Must he really bear this disease forever? The truth about tax avoidance group’s seminars? G-3/17/01 — You ask; Universe yields; let it in! What can he do to feel love? To Focus Wheel a Rampage of Appreciation. What are mother’s obligations to divorced children? She’s getting lots of everything except time. Isn’t home schooling about freedom to choose? Twin’s preverbal siblings are having ownership issues. G-3/20/01 — Is your dish locked on to the satellite? An 80 word synopsis regarding health studies? Do we have an insidious (chauvinistic) tendency? What work should she be doing now? His non conformance to an unhappy society. Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah. Your every desire is beneficial to all.


G-series tapes WINTER, 2000 LIMITING BELIEFS & THE ART OF ALLOWING G-10/14/00 — Jealous of recognition of another’s success? Joy equals success equals Joy equals success. Why aren’t we offered only good stuff? Wants pleasure and passion from sexual intimacy. Health professional now wants health for self. Can an “evil eye” impact another’s Well-being? When to stay, and when to go? G-10/21/00 — Delegate it to Your Universal Manager. She reached her financial goal, but then..? Abraham clarifies the concept of racial profiling. Adopted European child manifests disruptive “Attachment Disorder”. It’s about your vibration, not their behavior. Every moment ecstatic if you’ll allow it. Life is good, it really, really is! G-10/24/00 — Your emotions guide, they don’t empower. As groups gather, does individual empowerment suffer? What’s it like to reemerge into Nonphysical? When physician declares one’s condition as “terminal”. What is Abraham’s perception through Esther’s eyes? Her family believes in a punishing deity. What is our role as uplifting parents. G-10/29/00 — Meditation, as a time of not thought. Should she be fulfilling any pre-life agreements? Attraction based vs. an assertion based Universe? When sticking one’s head in the sand? Medicate, meditate or enjoy the migrating geese? Reach for the food that feels best! Helping Mental Health Counselor to give help. G-11/4/00 — Can her sexual energy be used creatively? Can he avoid overworking Abraham’s teachings? Authentic daughter lost custody of her children. To integrate an ancient African thought system? He misses being with his divorced son. Has goal orientation cost him his “now”? G-11/11/00 — Am I letting it in, or not? His friend’s needling barbs provoke his anger. Seeing Abraham’s aura made music lover’s day. He wants his music to uplift seekers. Free children turning bread into dough balls. Eat all the cherries without feeling guilty. To lose ten years of girthy pounds? G-11/25/00 — How much are my limiting beliefs limiting? Why start all over when we re-emerge? You, and your little barking dog, too. The symbolic power of the purple chairs. Value of conscious breathing to our Well-being. “Increase fun; decrease work: Increase income”? First, define the “truth” you are seeking. G-12/9/00-A — A contagious, laughing, uplifting grocery shopper. Adding to the expansion of the Universe. What if his physical condition is only gas? Eager son has been diagnosed “accident prone”. Athletes, and perspective of many broken bones. The perfect relationship will always be incomplete. Upgraded her vehicle desire to a “BMW”. G-12/9/00-B — The meaning in his magical parrot moment? She has moved on from family’s religion. Many close to him have suddenly died. Should she pull her mother’s feeding tube? Can’t get poor enough to enrich others. Was incestuous relationship prepaved from Nonphysical? Who’ll win presidential election, Bush or Gore? G-1/13/01-A — If neighbor’s furniture purchase activates your desires? To enjoy the process of heart surgery? Lover told him “a pack of lies”. No such thing as “close to death”. What is my overall mood about this? How can I be my authentic self? Her current husband or a future lover?


G-series tapes FALL, 2000 THE ART OF LETTING IT IN G-7/22/00 — Is it procrastinating or more perfect scheduling? Which thought feels better about abundant dollars? Is lust seeping into his sexual love? Pedophiles, children, and the Law of Attraction? Wonderful friend wants to discuss personal problems. Questions about the evolution of our Souls. What’s the difference between believing and allowing? G-8/1/00 — Simply lift up off from abrasive sandpaper. Should she allow, or abet, dog’s transition? Did Jerry Hicks have a “Walk-in” experience? Irked at work, but loves these teachings. What does Abraham see through Esther’s eyes? “How can I get my passion back?” Nurse’s son rebels against alternative medicine. G-8/5/00 — When another judges my behavior as inappropriate? She has some concerns about fearful nights. She’s in and out of 12 Step programs. Is it “deja vu” all over again? Scientist discovers that cellular expectation makes sense. Doesn’t want the responsibility for another’s Well-being. She feels fear of intimacy with others. G-8/19/00 — He wants to age without physically declining. Will someone invent a smell recording machine? Develop an ability to release unwanted past. Comparing the value of collaboration to competition. “Loch Ness Monster”, fact or fiction? The model Jewish son, and mother’s calls. It doesn’t matter; it really doesn’t matter! G-8/21/00 — She wants a cat’s sense of responsibility. Without action, what channel would bring abundance? When in sync, you follow your inspiration. Is your analytical mind trying too hard? He wants to write pure genius material. His nervous voice, and Esther’s “Abraham accent”? Can appreciator sculpt Soul Mate into reality? G-9/9/00 — Abraham’s aura show, not so unlike “Casper’s”. Is she trying too hard to mate? Seeing your body as a manufacturing plant. Are therapist’s poker winnings creative or predictive? Her friends haven’t repaid $25,000 personal loans. Lost her children and wants them returned. She’s looking for ways to feel good. G-9/23/00 — You are naturally a worthy, deserving being. Deja Vu, and the exorcism of “bad” thoughts. Minister seeking to know about healing prayers. “Don’t bring this job that I don’t want.” Daughter’s daughter preferred living with divorced father. Loves husband but titillated by forbidden sex. Revitalization center, and the purpose of visualization. G-9/27/00 — Further insight into the Art of Allowing. Mind as busy as a drunken monkey. Daughter-inlaw swimming in a pool of mother-in-law. Lawyer now finds herself embroiled in lawsuit. Dealing with diametrically lovable twin boys. Can Esther connect with live creative spirits? Teacher learning to enable “learning disabled” children. G-9/30/00 — Can he get justice from a jury? She’s practicing law, but wants a change. Loves teaching law, but his body’s tired. Physician suspends judgment about friend’s health paradigm. How can parent help self-hurting child? Would appreciate addressing the pursuit of joy. Art of choosing thoughts that feel better. G-10/7/00 — Speak up for self without evoking anger? She lacks the ability to defend herself. Trying for two years for fourth child. Can he think too much about desires? Good foods, bad foods, blah, blah, blah. Comparing marijuana interaction to glasses of wine. She’s learned “it all” the painful way.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 2000 LAW OF ATTRACTION, THE MANAGER G-5/20/00 — Your work: get happy and stay there. Reluctant boss seeks feelings of freedom. Went from terrifying dreams to refreshing mornings. Will these best friends meet after death? Grandmother’s genes and potentially inherited perspectives? To be ageless forever with diabetes diagnosis? Can he hold back dead friend’s development? G-5/27/00 — Only you know what’s right for you. He has concerns about nature of abundance. Your world is awash in abundance. Flowing with the current of Universal Currency. She wants to croak, asleep and healthy. Can onlookers positively influence deathbed transition? Your vibrational card gives access to what? G-5/30/00 — “Stamp Out Cancer” posters disturb her equanimity. Child’s natural selfishness is a good thing. Should we not be disturbed by unwanted? Does the Non-Physical enjoy our physical humor? Enjoying self, “but what is getting done?” Concerned about her teen daughter’s driving disability. Is addiction as destructive as the label? G-6/10/00 — Helping them rediscover their natural Well-being. Will my freedom create chaos for others? Can you believe in the law of gravity? It’s time to love your worthy Self. You only want anything because it feels good. What are Jerry and Esther’s Abraham intentions? Is your being busy inspired, or motivated? G-7/1/00 — What takes place when computer is learned? She negatively judges her “forgiveness work”. Would GOD forgive a parking space thief? Her delightful spiritual son is “hearing voices”. Your body, your weight and your perceptions. Is eternal life possible in physical body? Is there a life partner for all? G-7/5/00 — Her mate’s fidgeting fingers are disturbing her. Why can taking revenge feel so good? Does the corn kernel envision progeny ears? Discussing the “Survival of the Fittest” concept. Non-physical realm’s relationship to the physical? Considering hierarchal and graduational aspects of reincarnation. Why would she choose her negative family? G-7/8/00 — Allowing one’s desires while “allowing God’s will”? Debt, earning, timing, action and financial abundance? Will the meek actually “inherit the earth”? To regain optimistic feeling of her youth? The significance of being born a twin? The “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If...” game. The Hokey Pokey is what it’s all about. G-7/11/00 — When the librarian swipes your worrisome card? Judaism, Abraham-Hicks, Meditation and consciousness shift? The Messiah, and an ancient Jewish saint? Physician, a monster slayer or bridge builder? She’s beginning to fear her negative thoughts. Are suicides not earthbound in astral plane? Psychic has predicted her daughter’s fatal wreck. G-7/15/00 — How could penny pincher attract large inheritance? Ten years without, and still no baby. Her passion’s gone and her children grown. You can’t be an heir to cancer. Mental health therapist questions pregnancy abortion choices. Understanding Natural Laws and Male/Female counterparts. What is becoming of Estherham’s accent? G-7/18/00 — Soothing words for a traumatized military warrior? Can Universal Manager manage her Stock Portfolio? Soothe her mother, or move to Texas? Breaking one’s cycle of illness and injuries? Presentations are fun, but preparation is stressful. When her perfect dream feels too radical. Why are more “Abrahams” channeling instead of reincarnating?


G-series tapes SPRING, 2000 INTRODUCING THE ART OF ALLOWING G-2/15/00 — When fanning both ends of Vibrational Stick. Prosperity, vitamins, exercise and health? When a co-creator’s different desires are involved? Ouija Boards, Thought Forms and Focal Points? To know if it’s a “worthy” thought? Should they conceive a child or not? The relationship between “forgiveness” and unconditional love. G-2/19/00 — Does her divorce attitude affect current relationships? Scientist questions the evolution of earth’s animals. Positive aspects of the Internal Revenue Service. Are we authentically “wired to be selfish”? To not put family at financial risk? Lovable Cat demonstrates Laws of Universe. Teen daughter is leading the sexual revolution.” G-2/26/00 — Learning to Allow Life-giving Energy to Flow. Why is student healer experiencing illness? Why Esther leaves the answering to Abraham. Treat that cancer “Stick” like a hot potato. Can he miraculously recover, financially and physically? Lawyer feels a limitation of desired time. Why is Alzheimer’s disease taking so long? G-3/7/00 — How did historical Moses receive his information? Pesticides, sun damage, thoughts and feelings? Could man not live on dirt alone? Prominent actress’ answering machine is bogging down. Maintain passion for relationship and business too? Your nation’s politicians really do mean well. Is joy the purpose of “have-nots” too? G-3/11/00 — Which way is your endless loop looping? She has everything except a loving relationship. He is wrestling with his abundance allowance. She’s “working on” creating her ignored vision. What is the actual process of death? Does Abraham’s teachings justify self-centered behavior? Considering his concern for wildlife habitat loss. G-3/14/00 — How to get from motivation to inspiration? Using doctors, lawyers and ministers as facilitators. What national political system would Abraham endorse? Stopping irritating habits between husbands and wives? Could one consciously create within a dream? What is causing his baseless fleeting anxiety? Can our brain utilization be mechanically measured? G-3/18/00 — A Study in Allowing the Energy to Flow. She’s considering a future conscious death experience. Has concerns regarding her connection to earth. Will Earth become as barren as Mars? Son has decided to flunk School System. What if her philandering husband abandons her? Are health conditions affecting her love conditions? G-5/6/00 — The pulling power of desire through you. Why you attempt to rein in enthusiasm. Were we born to perform specific functions? Must our disconnection today leave hangover tomorrow? Death compared to L.C.’s cat door. Trying to prove what, about your dollars? Are there limits to the physical universe? G-5/13/00 — Helping his children realize real angelic selves? Manic-depressive artist wants happiness without alcohol. Tantra, sacred sex, and right and wrong. Do Esther’s opinions ever influence Abraham’s transmissions? Are there Non-Physicals who enjoy our pain? Changing beliefs about a displeasing physical body. Rampage of appreciation for woman he loves. G-5/16/00 — We would practice the Process of Meditation. Will she transition to a greater place? To comfortably allow Divine Timing for manifestation? Is this therapist affected by negative clients? Abraham interacts with physician seeking another way. Is there an ultimate style of selfishness? After eighteen years he lost sexual interest.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1999 “NOW REALITY” IS PLATFORM FOR GROWTH G-10/16/99 — Thirty minutes of classic basic Abraham philosophy. Are we responsible for our mate’s behavior. You’re not concerned their choking is contagious. Grief or joy, on Journey to Ithaca? Tradition of creation as a linguistic phenomenon. Guidelines for classroom of diverse resistant beings. Joyful teacher’s influence in a student’s experience. G-10/30/99 — Are you as happy as a clam? You are, indeed, the center of the Universe. Can we give our children too much? Greedy child took two pieces of cake. Some questions regarding Non-Physical beingness. Why does he enjoy his hated violence? Abraham’s definition of “We are all One.” G-11/6/99 — Destroy the broadcasters, or adjust your dial? Now Reality as the platform for growth. The belief that teeters the totter. Mother is dead but still she influences. Belief, as per your birth environment. Why the children choose adventure over safety. A scenario of 15 reincarnational questions. G-12/12/99 — Reality, as per your interpretation of reality. Is he too comfortable for superb success? Her desires have been outrunning her abundance. Should this doctor pursue healing or belly dancing? How can one influence mass birthing process? Habitual deceit as a striving toward joy. Well-being comes to you in many forms. G-1/8/00 — Here’s how your cycle of creation works. About the “other 99%” of her brain? Did she cocreate in her dog’s death? He lives unwanted circular patterns of relationships. Would not grief be to his benefit? Did her loner cat, Felix, commit suicide? Sound, as a coarser, more discernible vibration. G-1/11/00 — An Eternal Being can never be complete. Her kid snatched the other kid’s banana bread. Her deceased mother is still controlling her. Why does Energy/Healing work exhaust healer? What about those who can’t afford treatments? Every death experience is a perfect one. Aerial view of good stuff, bad stuff. G-1/15/00 — Would worldwide unity bring heaven on earth? Many, in battle, are feeling heaven, too. Answers seemed to magically appear to him. Our deliberate effect on the cultural consciousness? Co-creating her great house without his cooperation? Others criticize her beliefs regarding her longevity. He’s having a run of “impossible” positive experiences. G-1/18/00 — We will always have an unfulfilled desire. She wants to discuss “Creation on Demand.” Does accelerated Energy affect the spirituality “STICK”? One’s physical death as another temporary experience. Dad had the classical hospice death experience. At what point do we individualize from Source? Decide to be happy in your NOW! G-1/22/00 — Learning to play the “Vibrational Stick Game”. She’s in Georgia and lover’s in Canada. Feeling good is the prize you’re seeking. Are there some misconceptions about our GOD? Parent’s power of influence over child’s free will? Why does Abraham call the animals “beasts”? Wanting to quit her unwanted necessary job. G-2/12/00 — Can a being think wordless thoughts? When a “born killer” follows his bliss? Her sister’s strange, remote, autistic angelic child? If she gets too happy, then what? Vibration of fear: a feeling of his powerlessness. Why would she choose this painful life? Realignment, and thoughts about his joyous survival.


G-series tapes fall, 1999 moving up the vibrational stick G-7/25/99 — She wants to do movies with more heart. Who makes the laws of the diverse religions? Can he come and go from Non-Physical? Her one year child is “having shakes”. If sculptor manifested only one specific desire? How much of this lifetime was preordained? G-7/31/99 — Your point of power is right now. You are creating from the inside out. Writing a will to protect her child. Digging up and evaluating unwanted childhood experiences. After 20 years of attracting unavailable men. She fears going back to not knowing. What did her clutter control class accomplish? G-8/15/99 — Is it God’s will or free will? How can she trust her metaphysical thoughts? Never answer questions that haven’t been asked. Why the pauses in partnership’s business creation? Would this divorce unfairly separate their children? Can she rise above this physical pain? Consider the Conspiracy of Universal Well-being. G-8/28/99 — Where am I on the Vibrational Stick? Can producer raise the vibrations of foods? Were males created polygamous and females monogamous? Is the process of reincarnation totally random? His lover’s a “realistic” media oriented psychologist. Chiropractor, as more a psychologist than a pathologist. Wanting more clarity on meaning of life. G-8/29/99 — New language, beyond separating of matter/Energy? How do humans appear to Abraham’s sensors? Differentiating the consciousnesses of trees, ants, humans...? Low self-esteem, and separation from Well-being? Moving, from resistance, up the Vibrational Stick. About love, intimacy, and an ideal marriage? Menopause, and cultural aspects of physical aging? G-9/11/99 — Desires, and the evolving natural evolutionary process. Vibrating up the custom home building “stick”. Just choose something, then make it right. Feels an “uninvited guest” in her head. Party Cat was in lost and found. Abraham’s guidance for birthing a forthcoming baby. Little children are born knowing this. G-9/18/99 — If “that” changed, would you be happy? Every clam in Universe is naturally selfish. Physician questions responsibility for a patient’s death. Why couldn’t Native Americans buck the current? Harmonize, before you pick up the Stick. Can their pessimism cancel out my optimism? Stuck on wrong end of “Mother’s Stick”? G-9/19/99 — Universal position on the “Eating Meat Stick”. Wanting to move up the “AIDS Stick”. Her role in non-aborted grandson’s negative attitude? Why is there such violence in your schools? Parkinson’s disease and a magnetic therapeutic device? Getting children to put away their toys. The animals and you are telepathic beings. G-10/9/99 — Is Law of Attraction failing against “karma”? She still has concerns about earth’s realignment. His ideas fade before their manifestation. Envision for the pleasure of the envisioning. Why is he favored with these answers? He wants a demonstration to demonstrate teachings. How about her obsessive compulsive disorder? G-10/10/99 — When one’s compensation is tied to another’s performance? To take pride in his yo-yo body? Wanting to justify artist’s dollars through action. Why didn’t her week-long workshop work? His metaphysical experience with a dying Soul mate. Would Abraham ever tolerate a negative dream? Without predestiny how do psychics predict?


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1999 FEEL THE JOY OF UNFULFILLED DESIRE G-5/30/99 — If a GOD would answer these questions? How to manifest without taking action? Wants to eat cake and lose weight, too. Is dog working way up hierarchal ladder? How would helping shooters feel to her? Which feels better: condemning or understanding? Police shot and killed her suicidal daughter. G-6/5/99 — Gave up son and soul to ex-wife. Soothing his fears regarding second millennium prediction. Why does rock music blow him away? He’s concerned about focus on dollar bills. When goals caused her confidence to fade. There’s a conspiracy of Well-being that abounds. Is there more power in small groups? G-6/6/99 — It’s so simple; why don’t we do it? Going around in crop circles realities, again. Focus Wheeling Alzheimer father into nursing home? Advising parent’s guidance of rebellious teenage children. When your soul makes its Nonphysical transition? When denying one’s state of denial. Her recurring night terrors feel physiologically based. G-6/13/99 — Which thought feels better: “insanity or marijuana”? Perfect daughter crashed perfect car and friends. To understand how contrast affected school killings? Nothing can protect you from your vibration. Why you don’t want a “finish line”. Their kitchen remodeling project keeps evolving. She wants to avoid the oppression of time. G-6/27/99 — Chronic health problems evolved from chronic thoughts. To help “manicdepressive bipolar disordered” son? Why do most youngsters lose natural connections? She wants to do what Esther’s doing. Have you recalled a delicious, sensual experience? Physician questions a genetic predisposition to disease. Practice playing Abraham’s new “yessing game” process. G-7/3/99 — If you’re getting it, you’re vibrating it. Is not “desire the root of unhappiness”? Jingles is gone, and Lucy is moping. What could be troubling a pigeon-toed pigeon? How can she allow her mother’s negativity? Process to get in touch with positive? Tough love or allowing of destructive son? G-7/4/99 — They did lock up her “different” father. Discussing the potential value in grief counseling. Mother’s hyper-devotion to her two year daughter. “Child of mine, hear these loving words.” Eating mangos naked in her bathtub. The “17 Second Thought Creation Process” revisited. How can she focus on her energy and passion. G-7/7/99 — How can one re-achieve a childlike eagerness? Unmotivated son not inspired to do chores. Did his excitement cause his heart’s “dizziness”? What about our negative effect on planet? Is breaking up always hard to do? “To allow what I want and deserve?” How does Esther personally communicate with Abraham? G-7/11/99 — “My versus other’s roles in my creations?” What levels of Consciousness are hearing this? “TV Zombie” girls were born cable-ready. When “stuck” in the area of money. Questioning the synergistic creativity within a group. A translation of his most profound dream. Hot flashes and natural management of change. G-7/24/99 — Kennedy’s plane crash death as next logical step? Bad cat soul ate good bird soul? Is “death do us part” compatible with Abraham? She wants to live the broader perspective. New New Thought mode of relationship arguments. How Jerry responds to a disconnected Esther.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1999 WHICH THOUGHT FEELS BEST? G-3/21/99 — He’s mentally hearing Christmas songs in April. Mr. Fix-it is experiencing restless nights. Lawyer requests Abraham’s perspective on litigation aspects. This nurse is smelling sweet Nonphysical beings. Considering some ecstatic aspects of sexual transmutation. Vibrational frequencies and creations of realities. Third set of teeth nubs aren’t showing. G-4/3/99 — Has reality turned your attention switch on? A good Energy vs. a bad Energy? She “wants” us all to stop wanting. Why different people gravitate to different teachings. To get to self-love quickly and easily? Body weight as a work in progress. Religions, Jesus and Abraham of the Bible. G-4/4/99 — Why that incomplete baby still feels secure. Wanting a partner who is “emotionally available.” Reincarnation, continuity, individuality, Inner Being and time. Your vibration is where you last left it. Walk us through “weight loss without exercise.” Why are we allowed our negative creations? Conflicting beliefs about weight loss systems? G-4/11/99 — Source of the extraterrestrial river of paranoia. “Which feels better?” is the only question. Was his leper experience his favorite incarnation? No rights to impose war or peace. Choosing to allow children their own choices. Regarding time, eternity and the year 2000. Sara, Seth and Solomon’s natural unconditional love. G-4/24/99 — Desire as the reason for this physical environment. Why do negatives attract her focused attention? Psychologist wants efforts to bring more dollars. Esther at airport, and “Hi! I’m Sierra!” Basis of Littleton High School teen shootings. Can anything be done to prevent shootings? Sudbury School, a positive picture to envision. G-4/25/99 — See your perfection through a child’s eyes. Envision prosperity for sake of your pleasure. Let’s talk about keeping our manifestational score. Her vision doesn’t include her current mate. Why come from peaceful Nonphysical to this? Cocky teenage son wants to drive car. Can we be uplifters and still evaluate? G-5/9/99 — What is the best way to visualize $? She is gaming with the slot machine gamble. CARE, and helping others help themselves. Wants, instead, to awaken from dreams laughing. How can we love child killing children? Without protection, you’re living a secure life. Can he allow his young son’s anger? G-5/15/99 — Is “All-That-Is” all there is? Depression, as an indicator of powerful desire. Often awakens to a sense of terror. Should this activist turn his other cheek? Her lover ran around and then away. Singer is feeling a new sound of music. There is great love here for you! G-5/22/99 — He’s living happily with “full blown AIDS.” How valid are the many diverse “Ologys”? Wants harmony between their many diverse animals. Sold business, now taking his first job. What is the possible value of mourning? Is this a wrong time for career change? Why does least wanted seem to come fastest? G-5/29/99 — You will always have an unfulfilled desire. Molestation victim seems to attract more injustice. A crisis seen as a turning point. Here she is without a problem. She pinned selfish, noncooperative woodchuck with pitch fork. Not wanting to argue with her mate. When you feel better, they feel better.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1998 is this the next logical step? G-10/18/98 — Is a joyous life, purpose enough for you? Expand your time by leveraging your Energy. What does she attract to her babies? Next logical step to a life partner. Wants to speak for her Spiritual Guide. About “year 2000 fourth dimensional” concern. Is “being wowed” the next logical step? G-11/14/98 — Anything you give your attention to, expands. When hurt feelings are most familiar vibration. What clothes would a natural being wear? There is enough Well-being for everyone. You have your own direct connection. Does her deceased grandfather participate on stage? When persecutors die, are they then persecuted? G-1/10/99 — Can a truly happy person get poison ivy? When her legs move correctly: “Good job!” Abnormal blood pressure led to weight-loss motivation. Different physical healing strokes for different folks. Disturbed by spending $40,000 on walk-in closet. YK2000 millennium fear threatens her Well-being. Pottery maker feels limited by his selfness. G-1/16/99 — She believed her purpose was to right wrongs. Wealthy and healthy but fearing death and poverty. When Eastern masters deny their natural desires? A mother’s greatest gift to her children. When choosing “dangerous” adventure over boredom. Can we change thoughts in our dreams? Payment received in Energy flow of project. G-1/17/99 — Having it to want is what matters most. How can one’s lack of health not matter? Mother wants a baby that doesn’t scream. Wants trim body without giving up anything. What makes a woman most beautiful? Psychologist concerned about adopting child. A magnificent closing statement of Well-being. G-1/30/99 — Her fears become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Negative declarative statements aren’t serving you well. Words for infant daughter’s christening celebration. Spending 17 seconds focused upon new work. To participate as an ideal citizen. Should he seek balance as job nears? He’s considering inventing an energy detection gadget. G-1/31/99 — Why does he get opposite of wanted? Keeping the essence of our identity forever. Gynecologist questions the limits of self-healing. Rage over Hitler’s injustice serves you not. Does abortion deny a soul an opportunity? To help her sister get more sleep? Can this doctor dissolve her bodily dichotomy? G-2/7/99 — Can one release clinical depression without drugs? Do the dolphins change to please you? To not match her children’s uncomfortable vibrations? Dessert, and your slender, energetic, beautiful body. Asking for ways to fan our desires. Their tithing envelope is getting quite full. Questioning pre-birth agreements to physical restrictions. G-2/27/99 — Have you a desire for perpetual youth? Her influence regarding suicidal brother-inlaw? Wants enough dollars to give much away. Dad has been diagnosed with “terminal illness”. Professional is overwhelmed by career details. Unsatisfactory grades on her doctoral program. Independent pre-teen has discovered political talk radio. G-3/13/99 — Y2K headlines, and the value of greed. About rumored secret government health conspiracies? Resolving his fundamental conflict re: “good and evil”? Allow and uplift his family of ministers? Wants to preserve diverse regional worldwide cultures. Whining little child is disobeying family rules. Lessons learned through President Clinton’s perjury trials?


G-series tapes FALL, 1998 YOU HAVE A TRUSTY VIBRATIONAL METER G-8/22/98 — All comes in response to your vibrational offering. You pay a great price for your empathy. Practitioner wants to honorably integrate Abraham’s materials. You can’t impeach your leader into connection. Wants the low-down on “Mercury in retrograde”? Abraham’s philosophy regarding cussing, swearing children. Who is responsible for the “victim’s plight?

G-9/5/98 — How can we impact Nonphysical from Physical? Your fresh, powerful present rockets of desire. Evaluating others from your current ethical biases. Contrast ain’t necessarily conflict or trauma. Now, she does want to bear a baby. Law of Attraction and its influence on births. Is this co-dependency or is it co-creativity?

G-9/6/98 — Receiving conscious communication from Nonphysical. When tragic deaths become next logical step. That “vengeful, angry, punishing God” never existed. About the dynamics of tithing? Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, neighbor’s dog. Yipping, clattering, eternally linking, “horrible” tenants. Wife’s religious perspective doesn’t embrace his.

G-9/13/98 — Wants constant conscious connection with Inner Being. She is 38 and single and (bleeped). Caught up in children’s rage and cynicism. How about her last 3 significant relationships? Tell me about “being present in my now”? Fears she has denied physical entry to spirits. She has a recurring hair loss problem.

G-9/27/98 — Creational X,Y,Zs and the variables of time. What they are addicted to, is feeling good. His lucrative, 4 days a week, profession feels unfree. Attorney loves, and dislikes, aspects of her profession. Are Pintos n’Cheese stuck in her chakras? “At your age”, what do you expect? Wants to synthesize his Rockets of Desire.

G-10/11/98 — Focus Wheels, Place Mats, Creation Boxes and Dollars. Lotteries, and the exchange of human energy. A review of Abraham’s Prosperity Game Process. Student wants un-work-related dollars. 17 Second Process to having enough time. Launching of children’s program is bogging down. Do we choose when and how we die? G-10/13/98 — All creation is on the leading edge. Are we, at some point, homogenized beings? She always falls asleep after she eats. Can our prayers override another’s intentions? To deal with her ornamental bushwackers. Focus Wheeling 50 pounds weight loss worries friends. Questioning the nature of Nonphysical time.

G-10/15/98 — You did not learn to smell, you smelled. When seeking the cause of her discomfort. Can this prosecutor protect victims from victimizers? Which came first: chicken or egg? Can we communicate with plants and animals? Teen is “flipping off” her angry mother. Why does this cultural pity party exist? G-10/17/98 — Inspired, or motivated, to her new job? What being fully connected feels like. The real purpose of Esther’s tree house. Is resistance natural to our physical form? No “joy in heaven” from pain on earth. Clarification of “We are all one.” A new perspective of “Families of Consciousness”. G-11/1/98, III — How does Abraham select the Workshop questioner? The next logical step to experiencing a “Frank”. Did time stop when he fell from the bridge? Balancing children’s educational structure with freedom. Is a “genetic” pain a genuine pain? Let’s have more clarification on “Vibrations”. Nurse wants to understand purpose of husband’s death.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1998 MONITORING YOUR VIBRATIONAL METER G-6/14/98 — Abraham’s tenth year with Unity of Fort Collins. She wants to do like Esther does. Faced with a “peanut butter” project at work. She loves their personal experience with Abraham. Allowing, accepting or resisting “Senior Citizenship”. To remove his attention from his diabetes. Let’s talk about conditional living. G-6/20/98 — Let’s talk about your infinite Vibrational Meter. Why didn’t her furiousness create worse results? How can we shift our protective stance? Rebuilding your body weight belief system. When “terrible” things happen to innocent babies? Gerontologist seeks an “ageless” life until death. Abraham’s Prosperity Process and robust “agelessness”. G-6/21/98 — Are the pendulum’s answers valid regarding others? Chiropractor questions Nonphysical aspects of healing. What if your rules required bigamy? He’s got alien bones on his mind. She plummets through extremes of career contrast. Staying in a state of perpetual creative motion. Should parent protect child from a dis-empowering teacher?

G-6/27/98 — You have this Vibrational Meter within you. Why does Abraham neither laugh nor cry? “Can’t worry and love children at same time?” Loves to serve, but money evokes her fear. When alien thoughts create alien thought forms. Climb aboard a butterfly, and use your imagination. “Live in the world but not of it”?

G-7/11/98 — How much allowance to give to children? She gained 40 pounds in three years. Why to begin playing Abraham’s Prosperity Game. Abraham of the Jews, Christians and Muslims. To be less sensitive to influence of others? To communicate relief to her ailing grandmother. Where was Abraham before the earth evolved?

G-7/25/98 — Aerial view of your Rockets of Desire. Tears, at births, weddings and funerals? Seeking inspired careers in alternative traditional healing. His patent has been infringed; now what? Is there a cosmic form of birth control? When one’s unwanted lover keeps hanging on? Son resists thanking grandfather for unwanted. G-8/1/98 — What does Abraham mean by “the Universe”? Why he buys high and sells low. Rockets of Desire, connecting to your Well-being. Retirement, as not necessarily in one’s best interest. Wanting to believe that “All is Well.” She remembers Grandmother’s teeth in a glass. Would Jesus do it differently this time?

G-8/2/98 — What would Christ say to us today? Caring for this beautiful new baby girl? Why is she collecting “inappropriate jerks”. Best to ask for specifics, or in general? Magical appearance of a second career decision. How about this attorney’s unforgiving nature? My body, my PMS, my unwanted cramps? G-8/15/98 — Why you’ll never not feel negative emotion. A rocket of desire to weigh less. How does Nonphysical Energy enter physical body? Get me and my Thunderbird out of this. Inner Being isn’t speaking rude words to you. Deceased mother smiles lovingly in his dreams. From regal riches to doldrums, now what? G-8/16/98 — To be an empowering, allowing “Fairy Godmother”. Bucky’s body’s buried; where is his beingness? Can a thought thought think it’s thinking? Is performing “hard work”, right or wrong? Wants to strangle her day-job co-workers. Does dirt work as well as “manna”? Looking for love in all the wrong places.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1998 FRESHNESS OF YOUR ETERNAL NOW G-3/4/98 — After the Place Mat, then do what? Will vibration of joy bring only good? Which of these thoughts feels best? Focus Wheeling creations of a slender body. Addressing the concept of wasted natural resources. But, what if everyone wasted resources? My abundance does not deprive anyone else. G-4/4/98 — Learn to consciously feel your Creative Tension. Can he harness and utilize his Energy? Are you driven by inspiration or by motivation? To enjoy the process of becoming organized. Focus Wheeling preparing her taxes in joy. Is “poormouthing” kin out prospering prosperity student? How many dollars could you spend tomorrow? G-4/5/98 — Dream contact with essence of dead friend. Medicate child or beat him down? Balancing “I’m not safe” with “All is well”. Resolving the enigma of her migraine headache. Concerning depending on an undependable relationship. Positive language question about “Wanting to try”. Wants quantum leap in other aspects of life. G-4/11/98 — Insight into the Nonphysical part of you. Chances of achieving a lawsuit victory? Jerry and Esther’s gate-crashing landscaper. What is life like without physical bodies? Seeking the easiest way to appreciate self. Why Abraham doesn’t see that “all’s not well.” The thing that will serve you best. G-4/14/98 — Feel the Freshness of Your Eternal Now. The healing power of your connected thought. Does your illness allow another’s wellness? Will group think world into peace? Can Inner Being’s desire conflict with ours? Questioning the source of communicative Thought Forms. If it feels good, it is good. G-4/25/98 — Make more eager decisions in every day. Was rusty skyscraper in Jerry and Esther’s destiny? How decision resolves relationship discomfort. Can she have time and dollars too? Focusing one’s thoughts on pleasing prosperity binge. Can new environment alleviate nurse’s health issue? Significance of recovering alcoholic’s recurring dreams? G-5/10/98 — Why is her new secure money evoking fear? Can we learn channeling from a book? Understanding specific versus general attracting scenario. When the children ask about suicide. Act much less and imagine much more. Abraham discusses her child’s “learning disabilities” label. G-5/16/98 — How about that June 18th asteroid crash? Can dream career replace her realistic job? Considering a focus on diverse religious icons. Tears of overjoyment or of overwhelment? What isn’t Abraham yet telling us? Her suicidal, school loathing, teacher hating child. Wants an overall view of his direction. G-5/18/98 — Discover the freshness of your powerful now. Magical points of intersection of our thoughts. Focus Wheeling his career hampering fears. Conflicting emotions regarding their joyous divorce. What pre-birth choices are made from Nonphysical? Seeking a dividing line between Source and selves. Prosperity game for practicing the flow of Energy. G-5/23/98 — When the manifestation spark goes “pop”. Can a child be spoiled by well-being? She specifically desires a specific lover. Wanting a slender body in two months. Scripting an appropriate body of 120 years. My body will always match my intentions. She feels resistant to her teacher’s criticism.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1997 your influence in this vibrational universe G-10/12/97 — Wanting his body to stay forever young. To not see creator/consumer mate as waster? Is there masculine and feminine in Nonphysical? Phinally phorgiving Phil the philanderer. How can he delegate his many business hats? Transforming those recurring marital squabbles. When does a new Spirit’s birth begin? G-10/14/97 — Positive role of contrast in Universal co-creation. Getting stuck trying to figure it out. When frustrating forgetfulness becomes one’s reality. When is it appropriate to explore resistance? He wants to comfortably communicate with students. Don’t look at reality; create reality. Her granddaughter wants everything now.

G-11/2/97 — Trying to disallow others always disallows you. Ow! Is it those raging hormones again? When one’s mate chooses to “do drugs”. Without armies in the equation, then what? Should teacher home school aggressive, independent son? Can she allow her mother’s physical decline? Adult’s and child’s role in molestation scenario. G-12/14/97 — Considering conspiracies, cover-ups, laws and Laws. Foods, beliefs, cravings and cellular compensation. Wanting to be conscious of his creativity. Some words to think when falling asleep? When humans allow God-self to flow through. Lead us in 17 seconds of pure thought. Follow your bliss to your joyous fulfillment.

G-1/24/98 — To relive the pleasure of past new perspectives? When concerned with making the right choices. Do we create crises for opportunities to shine? Is teleportation of our bodies a possibility? Criticism is never constructive; it’s always destructive. Muddy water can’t contaminate a clear flowing hose. Presidential sex, and child’s premature pubic hair.

G-1/31/98 — When a life of misery becomes traditional. Wanting to make his mark by winning. How all unfolds for your highest good. Why do animals and babies sometimes suffer? You can’t get it wrong or done. Distinguishing between Inner Guidance and physical conscience. Does doing what feels good require discipline? G-2/7/98 — Your connection to Source is not fragile. Genius is simply attention to something specific. To focus on several things at once? To stay slender while eating fattening foods? Is this Abraham-Hicks work for everyone? Can mentally disordered persons deliberately create? Sexual Energy and Dali Lama’s celibate monks?

G-2/21/98 — Why “peace on earth” will never happen. Is reaching a decision vibrational harmony? To define the different kinds of “love”? Rather than leave his wife and child. Institutionalize her drugging, stealing, school skipping son? Hell, dark force, devil and shadow concepts. At 80, she took another ten year death option.

G-2/28/98 — Do our Energy nose-dives undo our progress? He didn’t like the envious kid, anyway. Presidential sexual desires, and the sexual revolution. How can an individual prevail in a group? Rascally daughter stands her ground at school. Where does God stop and you begin? No “end results” in your relationships.

G-3/1/98 — Odds against acquiring business space seems infinitesimal. Is there a career destiny to fulfill? Joyous survival, rice, beans, castles and buttons. How long will massive dollar manifestation take? Questions from environmental, animal rights activist. The wave of a mental career orgasm. How can she keep her cork afloat?


G-series tapes FALL, 1997 SET THE TONE OF VIBRATIONAL MATCHES G-6/10/97 — Her personal path is disturbing her mate. Can she teach Well-being while undercover? Desire is necessary to summon Life Force. In what way can crop circles affect us? To bring these principles into business world. From unconscious incompetency to unconscious competency. Hold the vision and trust the Process. G-6/14/97 — How can she inspire her sightless mate? Why Abraham communicates through Jerry and Esther. Prosperity, and a child’s touch-stone to Well-being. Alcohol, tobacco, blame and physical cravings. Retirement money options and “buyer’s remorse.” Congressional run has dramatically altered their lifestyle. What would be our healthiest sleep pattern? G-7/4/97 — What is purpose of the Nonphysical existence? Why do you care what others think? One man’s perception is another’s false perception. She suffers greatly the suffering of others. His suffering childhood has proven a blessing. The vibrational rash before the visible rash. Can we boost our state of appreciation?

G-7/19/97 — Your role here is to extend thought. Has our time to die been foreordained? Brief scenario of the evolution of Jesus. Focus Wheeling her way to her wanting. Universe responds only to the vibration. Do you believe there’s a reason for life? How would Abraham interact with the children? G-7/26/97 — When desire for solitude conflicts with mating. Focus Wheeling a first class airline experience. Are we reborn into physical at higher levels? How to fine-tune his manifesting ability? Never ever settle for less than wanted. Frightened that bad dreams will come true? He’s barking up the wrong relationship tree. G-8/3/97 — Mediator is wanting a nonadversarial role. To be less affect-ed by other’s opinions? An aerial view of the mating issue. Conjuring the feeling of perfect body weight. When it seems normal to feel ornery. Focus Wheeling way to peace with another. Doesn’t easy way out compromise integrity? G-8/30/97 — Everything always works out, everything! Found Abraham in bar on 4th of July. Stock Market, Internet and the Mass Consciousness. Laws, dollars nor power can protect princess. High School teacher was getting hoarse. Is decision to marry right for her? Has son adopted a resistant religious philosophy?

G-9/13/97 — An aerial view of Creational Energy Streamers. Pre-paving, as setting our positive morning Tone. Down play difference in children’s reading abilities. Finding a way to change counterproductive beliefs. Paradigm shift regarding noisy, unruly children. Wants her fingers in his chest hair. Has strong desire to become recording artist. G-9/20/97 — You can’t go back to your unknowingness. Focus Wheeling my physical body’s Well-being. A deliberate departure of Princess Diana and Dodi? Let’s talk about a feeling of compassion. How should granddaughter facilitate grandmother’s death? A yearning to become a multi-millionaire. Wanting yet fearing an Out-of-body experience. G-10/4/97 — The vibrational rash before the physical rash. Focus Wheeling divorce from blame to appreciation. No one can take your power away. Vibrational “moods” will always feel like that. When right for us feels wrong for us? Clarifying seven acres of appreciation and desire. So what?, you can change it all!


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1997 whatever floats your cork 4/12/97 — Every physical malady is rooted in thought. Chickens don’t starve after leaving mother’s nest. Focus Wheeling self-esteem regarding “illegitimate” child. When the most important becomes most immediate. When considering “letting go and letting God”. Children are grown; now who is she? Go forth and have fun with this.

4/19/97 — At her age, she wants a baby. A request for a planetary realignment update. Have humans actually descended from the apes? Do our pets reflect our Energy flow? Free and contented, but now without passion. Children, and the variety of religious instructions. Was there timelessness before the Universe began?

4/26/97 — Some general statements of physical Well-being. Lung disease departed in same way it came. To easily re-route old habit paths. To assist and uplift state prison population. Adding new laws is filling new prisons. Why Abraham’s lookalike avoids fielding questions. Do Thought Forms haunt a specific location?

4/30/97 — Having growth and stability amidst scattered Energy. Network marketers and “Go and tell none”? Focus Wheeling to set our own Tone. So others won’t bring our attitudes down. When holding back from potential greatness. Seems like it’s not growing fast enough. Bless your unique, independent visionary leader. 5/3/97 — The sea of contrast contains enormous Well-being. Focus Wheeling your way to much more dollars. Have you learned to tolerate the unwanted? Which action to encourage, habitual or conscious? You really are the center of the Universe. Actor typecasting self into lifetime of misery. Wanting to climb mountain without taking training.

5/4/97 — Why Jerry gunned down an inedible cardinal. What animals are saying to their protectors. Focus Wheeling path to a new career. “Since I can’t get it wrong, I’ll...” What Abraham sees through Esther’s eyes. Her pain when having to fire someone. Time lag between thought and the manifestation. 5/6/97 — There is enough good for anything you want. Should he terminate this uncomfortable business relationship? When you can’t get there from here. Focus Wheeling balance of belief and desire. Musician wanting to perform world-wide tour. Love the unfolding of your magnificent dream. Private outward orating became publicly embarrassing.

5/17/97 — Dreaming an intentional community into being. When you feel “led to” a decision. Definition of the process of a decision. On deciding to have a business partner. Marathoner decided to see the finish line. The productive power of positive excited anticipation. Don’t get action cart before decision horse.

5/29/97 — How to imagine something we’ve never experienced. Perspectives of discipline and giving attention to. What “Credentials” are required for uplifting mankind? Job is binding her by golden handcuffs. Son’s Touret’s syndrome at table disgusts husband. Thought Forms and male/female hormones. When “getting even” seems to feel good.

6/1/97 — Destiny, karma, and her job crises. Can wanting incite more need for wanted? Can’t meditate with her “popcorn like” mind. Evolution of Jerry, Esther and Abraham. How a five year old creates an illness. How to spiritually approach an alcoholic’s recovery? Why Nonphysical expresses in male and female.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1997 WITHOUT CONTRAST, NO FULFILLMENT G-2/2/97 — To divine our positive future right now? Are there natural levels of protective caution? Alternatives to taking our lovers to court. The Nonphysical, and the human fetus. What are her after-death choices? Yours, as the most important role here. The key to a joyous, fulfilling relationship. G-2/15/97 — Jungian psychology, and his “dark sides” theory. Harmonizing with this baby now within her. Ease isn’t the trophy you’re looking for. Abraham clarifies “the balance of the Universe”. Why haven’t humans agreed on a “truth”? Her maddening son is also her teacher. Why does Inner Being teach in parables? G-2/27/97 — Considering the variety of religious experiences. Why her career idea lost its momentum. Never take action if it feels uneasy. To go public or keep it simple? Past beliefs and current illusions of illness. Wrestlers, snakes and Universe takes up slack. What would a naturally slender body crave?

G-2/28/97 — To effectively influence with your budding ideas. Do bad thoughts cancel my good ones? Launch, in a moment of passion, then glide. From where do our undirected thoughts originate? How would Abraham generate an ideal day? This passive person wants to generate Energy.

G-3/1/97 — What is the bigger picture beyond this? An angry “disturbed” six year old child. Those memo-ing “bully bitches” at his workplace. Requesting a perception of an ulcerated condition. Don’t talk to nobody about nothing negative. Do talk to everybody about something positive. Why the modest cost for these workshops? G-3/2/97 — Guess what happened to Curiosity the cat. She doesn’t want a fixer upper lover. Divorced from the good parts of ex-marriage. Why new babies give this nurse thrills. Applying these principles to her legal career. Addressing the Edgar Cayce approach to health. What does Abraham do without Esther?

G-3/7/97 — Your decision is born of contrast. Getting the feel of a vibrational turnaround. When bound by expectations of another’s expectations. Evaluating the magnet’s relationship with the nail. A tearful thank you for Abraham’s teachings. To enjoy her adult, homeless, suicidal son. Predictable, preordained or only sniffable?

G-3/8/97 — Decide to say only “yes” to life. He attended “Our Lady of Perpetual Guilt.” Fear can’t abide where there is appreciation. Music conductor’s dreams are coming true. Can she adjust to her children’s deaths? Is there value in attending grief groups? That’s not God; that’s her mother. G-3/15/97 — If you’re living it, you’re vibrating it. Graduate seeks specifics of unique career. Having problems with her dry, fuzzy eyesight. How did Mom attract this little angel? Getting sick before you die is pointless. A wonderful, abnormal, autistic, uncorralable child. Labeled “channeled” or “inspired”, it is natural.

G-3/30/97 — Abraham responds to Tallahassee Unity Church group. Unconditional love vs. mate’s different interests. Committees, visionaries and harbingers of doubt. Lesbian really wants to become perfect parent. Aliens, UFO’s, Hale-Bopp comet and Heaven’s Gate. What can’t we still enjoy in the afterlife? Environmental student questions sources of future resources.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1996 MAKING CONTRAST YOUR FRIEND G-10/15/96 — Understanding some perspectives of stray animals. Young nephew communicates with invisible “Angel Man”. Would you be satisfied in a beast’s body? He questions, “who answers our prayers?” What is the source of Abraham’s information. To enhance the upliftment of our associates. Should she “cut out T.V. altogether”?

G-10/17/96 — How Abraham would interact with a “cranky” child. Role of sex for a pre-teen daughter. Child wants to only play Nintendo game. When using statistics for evidence of reality. Children’s ongoing communication with deceased father. A bizarre balance of habits of thought. He fears being given a premature burial. G-10/20/96 — Narcoleptic physician has embarrassing seizures. Teen son has grand mal seizures. If you were an absolutely natural being. Habituating your decision to drink more water. Resolving a bitter breakup of a relationship. Wants to promote his addiction to freedom. Water still tepid? Leave the heat on. G-10/22/96 — Are you a 17 second clock watcher? To fantasize your most desired relationship. How to handle negative thoughts and beliefs? When a family is negative about diverse ideas. Ever a time and place for martyrdom? Your happiness is only 17 seconds away. “Badly wants sole custody” of her child. G-10/23/96 — She wants to attract self-motivated associates. Good and bad side of setting goals. He’s making more money with less action. Learning to trust your natural Well-being. Get on a rampage of career appreciation. No credentials are required for true “success”. Busy physician wants to talk about time. G-11/16/96 — How important are our visits to burial places? Translation and resolution of a teacher’s dream. Minister may be feeling some “project overload.” Are we reborn with our previous vibration? She has summoned a discomforting Nonphysical. Source of the Calendar/Workbook’s illogical power. Thought Forms, Ghosts and Angels perceived.

G-12/14/96 — Runaway dog is being more fun now. Some vows for ones wanting to co-create. Some tantalizing thoughts about thinking thoughts. The pros and cons of obsessive thinking. She desires an intimate Inner Being connection. A visualactualized relationship came and went. You must constantly regrow your vision.

G-1/11/97 — Only a part of you has come forth. The softening distinction between Esther and Abraham. Her media ride from fear to disease. Affirmation of knowing of physical well-being. A 96 year old healthy heavy smoker. This child desires no “A’s” at school. Potential opportunity within public school system. G-1/12/97 — Can one Inner Being inhabit multiple bodies? How to evoke the best from others. Can teacher of upliftment avoid bureaucratic influence? Two year old son raises restaurant ruckus. Brothers in conflict about property management. Some ways to regain their sexual intimacy. Doesn’t want to depend on husband’s dollars.

G-1/25/97A — When bad dreams happen to good people. An alcoholic, spendthrift, frustrating mother. Multiple personalities, attention deficit and Alzheimer’s. Let’s discuss desire, greed and the ego. Are boy’s cliques from a natural tribal instinct? New baby’s parents would like more sleep. Can she positively safetytize her baby?


G-series tapes FALL, 1996 17 seconds from your true desire G-6/23/96 — Interaction with a Unity Church in Colorado. He and his intelligent, runaway, guilt-free dog. Are humans other than higher level animals? He has a great life; but now what? At odds with his newly single life. Diet is more than what you eat. To take dollars out of career equation.

G-7/6/96 — Gang members or choir boys return to Source. What is it like to be Nonphysical? Life, as a cookie counter of delicious choices. Any value in memories of early years? He wants Abraham’s thoughts on Astrology. If Nonphysical is so good, why come here? Differentiating between contentment and complacency. G-7/7/96 — Rock the boat, just don’t get dumped out. Staying positive in his run for Congress. What if we wanted to only envision. When menopause rears its mysterious head. Are you aware of new physical symptoms? Wanting her employers to walk their talk. With an increased desire for adventure. G-7/13/96 — Directing the Energy that creates worlds.

Seth, Life Spring, EST...any Nonphysical connection? Fearing re-emerging as gang member “societal deviant.” Uncle John deliberately chose his life of crime. To stay youthful, stay interested in something. Understanding karma koncepts and pre-birth intents. About “doing wrong and enjoying it”?

G-7/27/96 — When there is a pencil in your fan. Her dog died, and “parents are failing.” Can the deceased come back to help us? Why we don’t hear Abraham laugh. Does Abraham focus into other planets? She wants her family to make history. Your final vacation destination is your home.

G-8/24/96 — Recipe for brewing a long delayed tea. Lawyer’s lover’s jailing brings judicial clarity. Why “visualization” is your best friend. Can we mentally detect another’s criminal intent? Health store resisting cigar smoker’s deck. The “Little Piggies” headache remedy. Her angry kid that kan’t be korralled.

G-9/7/96 — To deal with shady side of herself? Pre-paving her pending post-divorce experience. He wants this beautiful, well organized, life. Why marriages are better in the beginning. The good news about his impending divorce. Have we made limiting pre-conditions or agreements? Abraham produces a brief aura show. G-9/8/96 — Through the contrast, you define and decide. He is cosmically curious about his beingness. Why doesn’t Esther always invite Abraham? Channeled, translated, inspired or enlightened? Some poignant elements of human sexuality. “What do I like about my mother?” Society disapproves of her unconventional lover.

G-9/21/96 — Her family experimented with the satanic concept. Have you a bag of diverse thought tapes? If it’s bringing you pleasure, it’s success. Public defender seeks guidance for incarcerated clients. Children, genetics and conception without articulated decision. Some clarification of the Feeling Place scenario. Appropriateness of childhood immunization?

G-9/28/96 — Discussing methodology of a 12-Step program. Those meaningless, nebulous, tumbling thoughts. Nurture yourself as a magnificent germinating seed. Universal Energy in squirrels, chairs and humans. To further comprehend the phenomena of Abraham. Any intelligent contact from other solar systems? Wanting to better comprehend the GOD concept.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1996 you cannot exclude excluding G-4/14/96 — On seeing your savings as seed money. When taking your manifestation score too soon. What your powerful imagination can do for you. Appreciating a sudden realization of abundance. Vibrationally influencing a loved one's transition. Seeing prisons as small intimate cities. Suppressed adventure and the expanding prison population.

G-4/27/96 — Playing the creative game of Positive Inclusion. Establishing peanut butter cookie prisons. Her high need child demands too much. Four adopted children and an unaffordable castle. Can't give positive answers to negative questions. Why use Abraham? Why not only Esther? Learn to take pleasure from your visions. G-4/29/96 — On resolving his guilt governed economic cycle. Harmonizing Squadron Commander's vision of family unity. Your freedom ends where my life begins. She wants to regenerate a decrowned tooth. Wanting to positively empower fellow African Americans. High spirited son labeled as "mentally retarded". Nurse dreams of opening African mobile clinic. G-5/4/96 — Sixty eight seconds to your unlimited prosperity. Is the banning of "horror books" warranted? Why would a mass murderer murder children? Influence of being born into horrific experience. Aging, and our power in the NOW. Learning, and the highest form of intelligence. Presenting the "Sara" book to school teachers. G-5/18/96 — There's no reason to guard against illness. Wanting to get rid of overwhelming clutter. She feels stuck on always being right. Ego is essential to your physical fulfillment. If we intended to walk on water. Earth is everything "we" wanted it to be. Rome fell; will this empire fall too?

G-6/1/96 — To what end is her physical form? When wanting to manifest specific dollars. Does the "Abraham Energy" have individuality? Wanting positive answers from a negative daughter. Follow your bliss to fulfilling your purpose. Why not merely create directly to joy? She questions crucifixion, salvation, damnation and hell. G-6/6/96 — To reconcile any feeling of negative emotion. Is there a specific point to take action? Wanting to verbalize the beauty he receives. Her free dog attacked friend's leashed dog. Therapist discusses tribal beliefs and voodoo influences. Still wetting bed at ten years old. Neither preaching nor praying made me "me". G-6/8/96 — Since you can't exclude excluding, just include. How and why does the pendulum work? Could occasional pains be Thought Form fallout? Helpful policeman and an "extra" love seat creation. Is not Abraham here to help us? Cindy has a question about her God. The process of designing your perfect relationship.

G-6/9/96 — Childbirth, does it have to be stressful? Can she interact with Christ Consciousness? To enhance value of diverse cultures. Whatever became of "Adam and Eve"? When one's parents complain about their health. A seven minute review of Abraham's Processes. When self-judgment defeats physical beings. G-6/22/96 — To vaccinate or not to vaccinate. When therapist achieves vibrational harmony with resistance. The widening crevasse between haves and have-nots. Desire is the root of all creation. Has she wasted 52 years of life? Words for a couple about to unite. Father forbids her belly button piercing.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1996 discover your vibrational matches G-1/7/96 — To spiritually invest her material dollars? Eastern religions, meditation and the Nonphysical Energy. The ultimate objective of a physical entity? Abraham would choose passion over fear, anytime. You can influence only as per vibrational matching. “Focus Wheeling” to purify prosperity vibrations. What Abraham wants for each of us. G-1/13/96 — Being a most effective Teacher of Well-Being. Should we ignore the unwanted in another? When fearing the fear of thought control. How vulnerable are we to Mass Consciousness? Do our cells remember from other lifetimes? Why is a “desperate” wanting counterproductive? When to take action on your vision. G-1/27/96 — Difficulty in helping those who “need” you? Wanting a specific vs. general business growth. Her negative family conditions are positively shifting. They have created a fun specialty business. Some characteristics of the “Family of Teachers.” Wanting “positive boundaries” for their first child. Why birds often serve as Nonphysical messengers.

G-2/24/96 — Managing in midst of a heated argument. You can’t defy the “forces of fat.” When we can’t get there from here. Resolving the dilemma of criticism of obesity. Can we simultaneously exist in another place? Does their different opinion make them wrong? A potty training and bottle wanting conflict.

G-2/25/96 — Discipline, can only net a mediocre experience. Her daughter is taking crashing Karate falls. Incapacitated mother existing in nursing home. Family of Teachers is finding each other. Daughter is caught up in parent’s divorce. Painlessly observing the pleasure of diversity. A perspective of the evolution of physical. G-3/2/96 — Shyness, critics and music conductors. Conscious cells, dead bodies and ghastly apparitions. Parent/Educator questions allowing children their freedom. When humans create the illusion of scarcity. Attorney choosing to publish “spiritual,” technical works. To travel backward and forward through time? High points of new Deliberate Creation perspectives. G-3/17/96 — “The ‘imp’ in me contradicts my desires.” “Is the deck stacked against reality observers?” Focus Wheel, Prosperity and Parade of Processes. Benefits from friends who reemerge early. A bisexual in love with a married man. Understanding school skipping, lawbreaking troublesome teenagers. Mandating legal adventure illegal, creates illegal adventurers.

G-3/30/96 — Contrast, decisions and contradicted Energy. Considering an infringement on the copyright laws. A pre-intended relationship as a co-creation. Wanting evidence of being a Master Creator. Mental health worker discusses “belief system” effects. “Vibrational Matching”, in childlike terms. Infants, manifestations and “vibrational vocabularies”. G-3/31/96 — “Tithing of talents, treasures and time?” Feeling vulnerable to mate’s “frivolous” legal decisions. Fearing her daughter will abandon her again. That vital feeling of lined up Energy. “I really like my political opponent.” The evolution of a street gang member. To personally empower your governmental leaders. G-4/13/96 — Trying to exclude exclusion is still including. You are individual perspectives of a greater whole. Deciphering a leaf-bearing dream of driving. High school “dropout” considers value of education. How do you feel about dollars without work? To attract an “Abraham” into my thoughts. The American Dream in process of achievement.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1995 YOUR MAGICAL CREATION BOX G-10/8/95 — Using jelly beans as “Cosmic healing symbols.” Very old souls inhabit crack baby’s fetus. At each religion’s heart was a connected individual. Your economy as a Stream of Energy. Beatles nightmare and a seductive guru. On starting a group of learning thinkers. In reality, every death is a suicide.

G-10/14/95 — Is this moment of negative judgment justified? The etiology of a schizophrenic scenario. Points to ponder when considering helping another. Feels blamed for her son’s schizophrenic symptoms. When fear of wakefulness equals sleeplessness. Butterflies understand the joy of the journey. Are they uncomfortable in your “unrealistic” joy?

G-10/21/95 — “They need my help,” a counterproductive belief. Why success begets success that begets success. To do about negatives in the workplace. Is this worth disconnecting your Life Force? On living each moment as a new beginning. Why his fear of being totally alive? When a murderer receives financial justice.

G-10/28/95 — The “yes” on other side of every “no.” A new game: “My Magical Creation Box.” Any way to understand our original Source? Smoking and drinking reduced on 120th birthday. Let your pleasurable vision be more dominant. Battered and bruised mom’s 90th birthday. Allowing family members their contrasting diversity.

G-10/29/95 — Chronic back pain in doctor’s thriving office. The rhythmic stream of Nonphysical consciousness. Brother dogs are biting each other. Your Nonphysical friends love you anyway. Children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. Bickering human brothers are biting each other. “Survival of the fittest,” dogs and humans? G-11/11/95 — Matchmaker, matchmaker make you a match. Resistance free contrast at cookie counter. Are fruits and vegetables healthier than Twinkies? Missing link in teaching broader Nonphysical wisdom. Nurse disturbed by media’s attention to mistakes. Treating a zinc oxide allergy with zinc oxide. Commit to work or to split pea soup? G-11/12/95 — She fears her pure erotic stream of Energy. Sexual transmutation and “Think and Grow Rich.” Considering “DNA scattering at a molecular level.” Jerry and Esther and the Seth synthesizers. Your big dreams attract their vibrational essence. Everyone on the planet can be wealthy. Can we create Universally without taking action?

G-12/6/95 — Achieve a vibrational match to your desire. A question about vision, the eyesight kind. What a Focus Wheel can do for you. Paradox of a singular ego vs. All-That-Is. Is the “subconscious mind” a valid concept? Evaluating the match of wellness and herbs. The “Sara” book eased their pang of “death”.

G-12/9/95 — What is the order of the Universe? Easing grief and terror of widowed mother. Contented choices in cookie counter contrast. Widening crevasse between the haves and have nots. She craves the intimacy of a sexual experience. Abraham study group dynamics of cocreating. The Universe will always match your vision.

G-12/10/95 — How Esther received and transcribed “Sara” book. The success secrets of Sudbury Valley School. Trusting home schooled child to choose appropriately. Their multimedia Life Force game boomed. She doesn’t coddle her ailing husband. What is Abraham’s view on abortion? A dynamic, comprehensive, practical summary.


G-series tapes FALL, 1995 is this worth giving up my life force? G-7/9/95 — Geratologist’s body is showing signs of deterioration. Why weight gain can influence physical decline. Why to never speak your negative symptoms. As Jane Roberts resisted utilizing Seth’s suggestions. Defensiveness and a debilitating live-in critic. Relationship took a nose-dive after child birth. Why the laborious “C-section”?

G-7/22/95 — Example of a beneficial use of contrast. Relieving an electro-magnet from it’s metal burden. Why he fears trusting in the Universe. Self critique of her process for acting. Brief process to augment your Place Mat Process. A mother’s greatest empowerment for her child. She still smokes and enjoys doing it. G-8/5/95 — How much “doing” to leave to Universe? Efforts required when your recipe contains resistance. Mother’s role between father and prodigal daughter. An assignment from a loving Inner Being. Can A Spiritual journey be extraordinarily painful? When new friends face your old reality. Your similarity to an attracting electromagnet.

G-9/9/95A — Nothing is ever worth disallowing Life Force. To harmonize with her eighth grade teacher. Significance of the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Musician ponders a harmonic European band tour. Why he can’t comfortably let her go. “Social responsibility” in a fear driven society. Even “lowly” bacteria naturally immunize themselves.

G-9/9/95B — What is Abraham’s opinion on smoking marijuana? Since early childhood she’s never slept well. You can appreciate your way to success. When “abnormal” mid-life physical sensations become frightening. Preparing for a catastrophe with health insurance. Dark thoughts intrude into her happiest moments. Varieties of definitions of synchronistic events.

G-9/10/95 — Why so many people talk about negatives. You are an extension of a Nonphysical “we”. Dealing with the issue of personal bisexuality. A perspective of a Down’s Syndrome scenario. Do human beings share other’s Inner Beings? It’s not about dollars; it’s about abundance. Anything to do for a dead friend?

G-9/16/95 — Venting her MLM and Place Mat contrasts. A butterfly as baby chicken’s chicken hawk. From whence comes Abraham’s leading edge thought? She still isn’t keeping her bedroom cleaned. Why sell home you want to keep. Teaching the children that all is well. Increasing an income on airline’s pay scale. G-9/24/95 — Public defender seeking truest justice for all. Esther’s translation process relative to her vocabulary. Video producer in a collaborative quandary. Feels a personal slave to clinging children. Trading her “prosperity cup” for a hose. The economy, a simple exchange of Energy. How Jerry attracted his two ideal businesses. G-9/30/95 — “In this world but not of it”? Abraham’s perspective of a “schizophrenic personality”. “Realty”, as only the majority’s agreed perception. A “cloned” mother resists mood modifying medications. To joyously render Caesar’s levied revenues. Consider our contradictory beliefs about law-keeping. So “sovereign” that we can choose bondage.

G-10/7/95 — Three statements for living happily ever after. Sculpting one’s body in contrast to beliefs. Fred, our flying friend of a feather. Psychologist wanting to integrate Abraham’s teachings. She very much wants to get pregnant. Adopted Korean son and Scripting a birth mother. Relationships are either getting better or worse.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1995 utilizing the value of contrast G-4/29/95 — Should evil be resisted or not resisted? How would Abraham handle a bomber’s punishment? Bombed, broken babies of Baghdad and Oklahoma. How banks of anger fuel future disasters. The case for banning potential killer cars. To positively observe all the baby killing bombers. Consideration of our moral and ethical positions. G-5/13/95 — When your creating is out of balance. When noticing a case of background anxiety. You were trained to respond to conditions. Feeling guilty about living her leisurely life. Have you asked “What is my work?” Abraham’s teachings considered as a unifying force. Why so “hard for her to tap in”? G-5/14/95 — When one declines while moving through time. When doing the unwanted to please another. Why most have a hard time empowering others. On saying “yes” when we mean “no.” To live in harmony with your government. Nothing is “greater,” because it is all one! Is Non--physical only pure positive Energy? G-6/1/95 The killer earthquake versus the killer military. To understand the bombing of the children. How can she help her chemotherapied sister. Inspired teenager saves friend by his belt loop. Role of Appreciation in Process of Creation. Depressed over daughter doing 90 days for DUI. What is your Vibratonal Point of Attraction? G-6/3/95 — Could she have been her own grandmother? “Home alone” child felt no bitterness. Allowing the passion for whatever you want. What would the perfect lover FEEL like? Value of a state of impatient patience. Positive aspects of a state of procrastination. Getting a grip on the Karma Koncept. G-6/4/95 — How do you decide what is appropriate? Dreaming of silver dollars and homelessness. To do if suddenly engulfed by grief. Real estate broker experiencing competitive trainee. In Eternal Becoming we find eternal joy. Effect on fetus of smoking and drugging? Children, limitations, agreements and cocreative decisions. G-6/17/95A — Planetary depletion thesis vs. “All is well”? Your Economy as an exchange of Energy. Pot smoking, acid tripping disconnected granddaughter. Creator, as an orchestrator of conditions. Have fun on the way to your happiness. Suffering, is not essential to your growth. “All is so well in my world!” G-6/17/95B — Time, is not the income producing factor. Naught more normal than woman’s changing body. On keeping her husband and her lover. Religion, worthiness and creating one’s own reality. His daughter is failing “scissors” in kindergarten. Some advantages and disadvantages of home schooling. Natural childbirth, menstrual cycles and menopause. G-6/18/95 — Another enlightening session at Unity of Ft. Collins. The Principles of Spiritual Living Made Practical. Wanting a mosquito-free gardening experience. Is your relationship ripe enough to pick? Catch the spirit of collecting the data. When a school attempts motivation through humiliation. A Scripting example for mother of teens. G-7/6/95 — Here is what is normal for you. When all the desirable ones seem taken. Can’t remember where she hid her jewelry. When Jerry drank some discombobulating wine. Why has she lost her sexual drive? A question about a credit card debt. The vibrations of appreciation will get you anything!


G-series tapes SPRING, 1995 UNIVERSE MATCHES YOUR OBSERVATIONS G-1/28/95 — An introduction to Little Miss Sticky Fingers. You were born into a state of absolute Grace. On islands of freedom for trespassing homelessites. Trespassing dogs are defacing her flowers. His neighbors shot his trespassing dogs. Teaching our children the magical balance. When the deceased dog reappeared in a dream. G-1/29/95 — Your broader view and mass upliftment. Augmenting the value of public school systems. When you’re taught that resistance is normal. On allowing a child their own experiences. Empowering the Universe to deliver to you. To replace her skills in her husband’s practice. Role playing disaster as a counterproductive act. G-2/11/95 — A whole new orientation for life. He wants to understand those intermittent seizures. “Former” rebel is “controlling” ten teen rebels. Why would anyone ever want to die? Conscious croaking, as a doable undertaking. Ideal physical life and fulfilling one’s purpose. Life is not like a football game. G-2/18/95 — Looking at the problem resists the solution. Does Abraham observe us only through Esther? The productive response to “How’s it going?” A positive beast and a toothless cowboy. To be able to comfortably kill beasts. When waitresses workplace deteriorates to dissension. To have your cigarettes and well-being too. G-2/25/95-B — Perspectives of “3rd World” birth conditions. What becomes of “bad guys” in Nonphysical? To create less resistance around sexuality. Gained a lover but lost some freedom. Perusing your history will repeat your history. His girlfriend’s pregnancy is closing his valve. Cocreating with critical fundamentalist daughter. G-2/25/95-C — Clients who remember a forgotten negative past. As a gay man, I write this scenario. Do we have prebirth choices of sexuality? Are there sexuality options in Nonphysical? I’m the gay one who wrote that note. A homosexual is expelled from the Ashram. Take no delight in another’s dethronement. G-3/10/95 — On learning to appreciate your diversity. The Power of the Place Mat Process. Five young videoed vandals express their freedom. The vandalee’s role in the vandal’s vandalism. Reducing your resistance to a horrific event. “Forgiveness,” as counterproductive to well-being. One has different sexual passion than another. G-3/25/95 — A perspective of welfare reform and homelessness. You can not not get what you want. Is there form or self in Nonphysical? To help our children continually evolve. Why children rebel in these “better” times. Avoiding contrast isn’t fulfilling your purpose. Three teens who love drugs and lawlessness. G-4/2/95 — A butterfly’s three generational joyous journey. She’s being plagued by irrational relationship thoughts. Why quantum leaps can feel too painful. Reality, as how we feel in the moment. After we croak, then what happens? Nonphysical behavior in a physical body. Will the real Nicole please speak up? G-4/8/95 — Abraham becomes a bit more blunt. Place Matting from resistance to prosperity. When inheritances and trusts equate with resistance. Shortage is a fallacy; there is enough. To give up the counterproductive financial struggle. Benefits and detriments of facing financial deadlines. Knowing when you are fulfilling your purpose.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1994 relaxing into natural well being G-10-8-94 — A paralyzing house-buying terror attack. When not doing the simple workable things. How to quickly defocus our negative attention. Not telling you what to, but how to. Which Inner Voice should we listen to? A potential diagnosis of Esther's "brain condition." Abraham writes a Script for Deliberate Creation.

G-10-12-94 * — A smoking, emphysematic, wallowing, unwilling mother. A minister's daughter questions "speaking in tongues." A physician seeks clarity of her purpose. Wanting specific applications to physical sensations. To deal with feeling rightly criticized. Wants a billion $ to transform consciousness. And a spider sat down beside her.

G-10-15-94 * — From calm pregnancy to hands on mate's throat. He's still petrified over the "croaking" thing. Merchandising nutritional products without negative manipulation. Multi-level leaders disturbed by distributor's diversification. Renegade back-seat teenagers preserving the species. Script for it, or work for it? Expression of "God" as limited by perception.

G-10-29-94 * — Some perspectives of the teen criminality issue. You were trained to close your Valve. Teen son in serious trouble with the law. Abraham discusses the issue of crime control. She hasn't Scripted a purposeful pregnancy. Will sexuality continue to be a taboo? Mother, as a child's Garden of Eden. G-11-20-94 — Releasing Resistance to Your Natural Well-being. Counterproductivity of most policymaking. Abraham frames a resistance releasing debt letter. Re-Scripting vibrational patterns of a "brutal" childhood. Shouldn't we be a lot further along? Disabling children by labeling them "disabled." Measure success by your joy in the moment.

G-12-4-94 — You are physical extensions of pure Energy. Abraham's philosophy relative to the tax system. Your againstness goes against your well-beingness. Conscious Thought Bank utilization for intuitive precognition. The etiology of the new "Sara" book. Does Abraham have a curriculum or agenda? Prayer, and the plight of the outcast smoker. G-12-11-94 — Can we teach a child too much freedom? Resisting a loving man and lovable body. Most of you demand too much of action. A Happy Re-emergence into Nonphysical Party. Tired of living and scared of dying. Yearning to connect with her deceased father. Birds, utilized to convey Nonphysical messages.

G-12-17-94 — Depression followed achievement of her lifetime goal. Not resisting her adult daughter's debilitating illness. Her three children foretold their early deaths. On living fast, adventure filled, short lives. Primal Scream, an automatic trauma attractor. Sacrificed his early life for his kids. Retired, RV-ing and pining for a playmate. G-1-7-95 — Learned patterns of resistance regarding dollars. Writing a new sister-to-sister Script. Tell others: All is truly well! Allowing the flow of your creative genius. Your power to project your positive influence. Your positive connection to your nation's presidents. Do you really miss your extinct dinosaurs?

G-1-8-95 — When resenting the source of your dollars. Could we waste our way to abundance? You are not the controller of population. Esther doesn't do fever blisters, anymore. After seven years of mushrooming mammogramal fear. Statistics have nothing to do with you. Been there, done that, and now what?


G-series tapes FALL, 1994 SCRIPTING YOUR LIFE G-7/9/94 * — Is there any preassigned path for us? Inner Being and projected continuing personality. When encountering one of your cucumber counterparts. Prisoner won't learn "please" and "thank you." Mystery illness, spiritual treatments and miracle drugs. Torn between two choices of careers. Haunted houses, trapped souls and abominable apparitions. G-7/23/94 — Fifteen minute creative update to Unity gathering. Fifteen seconds, as enough to focus on unwanted. Hypnosis, Thought Forms and Unidentified Flying Objects. You are an extension of your own inspiration. Trying to draw mate to conservative finances. A photo opportunity with the Prime Minister. Finding the balance between acting and reacting. G-8/6/94 — Dreams, as literal translations of Thought Energy. Does conscious wanting limit the God Energy? A miraculously manipulated manifested meeting. Party Cat and the house wrens, 1994. Resolving an unfulfilling 11 year relationship. Knows none with time, money and joy. You all make too much of this. G-8/7/94 * — The vibrational patterns of your learned vocabulary. To not squelch a baby's innate ability. Those coming forth to teach well-being. Doctor discusses exposure of physicists to Abraham. "All are one" — the "unworthy" ones too? Seth, Abraham, Mickey Mouse, and assorted labels. Harmony isn't about all singing the same note. G-8/14/94 — Loving, in spite of observed, unwanted conditions. Teacher loses control of hog-tied sixth graders. What children really learn in public school. Karma, a punishment of a cruel ex-lover? On being labeled as a gifted underachiever. When disturbed about how dollars are allowed. A rising tide doesn't raise the rock. G-9/4/94 — To receive broader answers, ask broader questions. Do this when confronted with "female trouble" statistics. Diagnostic terminology for a law abiding surgeon. Divine Intelligence, and the cell's aging process. What is appropriate time to stop aging. Horror movies, and creating accessible Thought Forms. On becoming a culture of comfortable killers. G-9/17/94 * — When one's child has an inappropriate mother. Considering eliminating grandbaby's inappropriate father. Discussing Strength, Courage, Patience, Wisdom and Understanding. Esther's consciousness relative to her Abraham experience. Does one on the "other side" grieve? Historic parallels to the Abraham phenomenon. Party Cat, and the seductive, suicidal squirrel. G-9/24/94 — When you consider violating your broader intents. Vacillatingly selecting a post-divorce dwelling. We are all one big, happy, expanding family. Should we ignore "revelations" of apocalyptic terror? She had the strangest "gingerbread dream." National exposure, and the Joan D'Arc fire walk. In appreciation of Abraham's teachings. G-9/25/94 * — Demonic description of disallowance of positive Energy. Your diverse children in institutes of sameness. She and her shadowy, voyeuristic Thought Forms. Things to consider about Post Menstrual Syndrome. Earmark your taxes for things you appreciate. What happens to "Abraham" when Esther dies? Why do some emerge with homosexual orientation? G-10/1/94 — Why you try to physicalize the Nonphysical. On joyfully cocreating with an autistic child. Participant's perspective of a mental rehabilitation facility. Aging ones stacking more to push against. How long to wait for harmonic relationship? Four kids, debilitated husband, and she quit job. How one can sell one's home fast.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1994 fun with opening your valve G-3-26-94 * — Taxes, individual sovereignty and Energy-flow. Common "Creational" ground of religionists and scientists. Why Abraham bypasses scenarios of disempowerment. A community of healthcare independents. Transmuting the debilitating feelings of unworthiness. Generic Abraham for professional health-care utilization. Abraham's words for a "new" physical being. G-4-16-94 — Learning to open your Valve to Abundance. Chain of birth-control-Pap-smear fear. To them, you're either cancerous or precancerous. Is there power in another's dire warnings? When considering participating in a lawsuit. Seeking proof invalidates the process you seek. Ten minute acknowledgement of feeling of well-being. G-4-17-94 — Sales skills, as precognitive or creative? Other-dimensional teleportation and the magic of connectedness. Advice to father of drug dependent child. If the body parts are unpleasantly aging. Why the "homeless" choose freedom of homelessness. A further exploration of the "realignment" scenario. Son bites sister and torments the cat. G-4-26-94 * — Creators, as deliberate managers of Energy-flow. She always hurts the ones she loves. If the sales dramatically dwindle off. Why the recruiter's recruits aren't recruiting. It's not about "earning" or "paying a price." Make mental fortune before placing your bets. Aiding one in fear of death by disease. G-5-1-94 * — As in the "beginning", world without closure. Even looping cells are of good intent. Breechbirthed out of a roman Empire? Your dog doesn't forgive, pray or celibate. Abraham's words for your dying loved one. Understanding a four year old piano prodigy. Having fun with opening of your Valve. G-5-7-94 — Best to do in an emergency condition. Not being swept up in mate's anger. An appropriate recipient of a lackful prayer? Resolution of custody battle over a stepchild. Get ready; get set; go Nonphysical. Haven't yet taught child to fear trees. Explaining "Abraham" to his mainline minister father. G-6-4-94 * — Son is in governmental child protection custody. Entire Universe responds to your Energyflow. You can't use the power when disconnected. Appreciating the evolution of your own body. Culturally defined values or your broader values? What is the most socially advanced civilization? What can an "Idiot Savant" teach us? G-6-19-94 — Why does the skin's scar reproduce itself? The "Gift of birth", but, regarding P.M.S.? Dysfuntionality of financially bailing out the grandchildren. You have no "mission" to fix anything. When born with a grotesque physical condition. More to life than staying out of trouble. Psychics are seeing probabilities, not mustabilities. G-6-25-94 — An elaboration on the "Vibrational habit" concept. To live 80 years of quiet desperation. Securing her son's freedom from imprisonment. Test words and thoughts against your Valve. When innocents are suspected of dastardly deeds. On putting Party Cat in protective custody. Legal or spiritual responsibility for children's actions? G-6-26-94 — Manifestation, relative to the detachment concept. Evaluating the circus' coming to town. This hinders you more than all else. Stuttering, and a variety of positive choices. Positive pondering and the "trim tab" concept. How fighters, in turn, create other fighters. Learning to stay positive when criticized daily.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1994 FINDING THE FEELING PLACE G-1-23-94 * — A message for a newly-wed couple. Understanding the Nonphysical birth process. Live and love as consciously as possible. To retain positive autonomy in intimate relationships? Abraham defines "eternal beingness." Being allowing within a structured teaching environment. To not "backslide" from your well-being. G-2-12-94 * — Meditation, related to the State of Appreciation. Basis for understanding broad earth changes scenario. Son, 5 1/2, beginning to express his sexuality. If it doesn't feel good, don't do it. Addictions, as the cell's adjustment to conditions. Spirituality, sensuality and sexuality further defined. Shorten the time between wanting and manifestation. G-2-20-94 — Realistic academics and the mystical God concept. Luxury cruises "paid for" by vibrational allowing. Are "fun and money" valid spiritual subjects? Re-"energizing" aspects of food, rest and drugs? Will we all be able to see auras? A process to get your stuff organized. When concerned about changes in sleep patterns. G-2-26-94 * — Taking her "beautiful body" score too soon. Princess Pollyanna wants life amply provided for. Does vibration of joy cancel unwanted beliefs? After teaching our children fear of others. Are donatees dunning you for donations? Another day older and deeper in debt. Wants a relationship with an uplifting God. G-3-5-94 — National debt, relative to my personal experience? Male "named" entities threaten her selfevaluation. Fear of fear of a (healthy) Pap smear. Does she have a true death wish? From a critical mass to a "second coming"? How Abraham would play an awesome ball game. She is considering a positive career change. G-3-12-94 * — "With what am I achieving vibrational harmony?" Revisiting the process of utilizing positive "Touchstones." Momentum, and the speed of manifestation. When contrast broadens between Psychotherapist and client. She wants a delicious relationship with a man. Resolving the fears of an exmate's threats. Another's eccentricity is not a valid threat. G-3-13-94 * — Your innate power to universally influence. An adult child returns in financial straits. Relating to the nature of the nonhuman beasts. Mother fears daughter's exposure to mandatory philosophy. Dynamics of a time limit and/or $ attraction. When beings choose emergence into "impoverished" areas. Harmonic vibrations of "bad guys and good guys." G-3-16-94 — Creation, as a 4 Step vibrational process. To regenerate a traumatized physical body. To reharmonize with a disharmonic mate. To separate lackful speeding from joyous speeding. To transmute wanting to a positive feeling place. To carry your joy over through death. To add years to your delicious years. G-3-20-94 — Doctors and medicine as bridges to well-being. You, the captain of your ship of cells. A doctor healed by alternative placebos. Patients, on seeking validation of electromagnetic vulnerability. Adoptions, genetics and a porcine expectedness. Getting stuck in mate's abundance attitude. Pre-planning's value to your creative outcome. G-3-25-94 * — Observation of a condition increases the condition. Finding the feeling place of perfect body weight. Understanding the dynamics of the man/woman relationship. A ghastly apparition and a state of vibration. When one's life begins to feel meaningless. You are never physical instead of Nonphysical. Counter-productive concept of a Nonphysical hierarchy.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1993 an extension of pure positive energy G-9-25-93 — How to understand how to understand how to. An overview of a stroke patient's scenario. A stepmother seeks less sibling squabbldry. Is physical a definitive dimension for Nonphysical? A softball pitcher voices her speedball "limitations". To always feel that "winning feeling." Revisiting the subject of allowing dollars. G-9-26-93 — Why the Nonphysical teaches through fairy tales. Enlightening perspective of a 100 mile divorce dispute. On seeking a new career while under $ pressure. Why do some choose to be "retarded"? Nonphysical's choice of a "defective" physical apparatus. Staying free in an unfree high-school experience. Resolving, and living beyond, hurtful relationships. G-10-2-93 — You can't resist "evil" without adding to it. Why the exterminators of world's other-thinkers. A life saved by breaking a traffic law. Phenomenon of "stretching" the illusion of time. Could a 120 year older somersault to death? Playing a "positive what-if" relationship game. An oncological nurse's fear of offering false hope. G-10-9-93 — You are an extension of pure, positive Energy. The exuberantly happy, extremely "poor", primitive children. Why primitives don't submit to "civilized" threats. Why Nonphysical sees earth-experience as joyous. Passion comes from the intensity of your wanting. Getting to happiness from a state of depression. The crevasse of lack when "growth" is your goal. G-10-10-93 — When having "fun" with blame and resentment. Group's negative gossiping gets her goat. Considering some ramifications of forced health insurance. Agedness and youthfulness further discussed. When the results don't seem to match the thoughts. Divorce, and a means to a joyous resolution. Conscience, cultural shalt-nots or your Inner Guidance? G-10-16-93 — Clarification of how "Spirit" enters the body. "Energy Basics", what you call your Soul. High intelligence, mental retardation and true success. Result of an "We need a mommy" evocation. Only you can keep your lover away. "I love you, but I'm not 'in love' with you." Near Death Experiences as reflecting participant's beliefs. G-10-24-93 — Why can a "good" doctor change a belief system? Babies born out of wedlock...without family values. When evil is rewarded with good, how to reward good ? Evolution, and the extinction of specific species. "No", as a universal contradiction. Whatever you choose is all right with me. You are not going to take your body with you. G-12-4-93 — Speak to us, some more, about "Passion." When confused about a fluctuating relationship. Creating a future of extraordinary nows. Speak to us, some more, about "Appreciation." Don't honor a negative manifestation by labeling it. She became attached to the outcome. The diseases they feared most, befell them. G-12-17-93 — Keep your pipe open and pointed at positive. Wellness, is the order of the day. The passionate power of an obsessional "yes". Rage-control and Universal power of conscious prepavings. Tennis, and the effect of the Buffer of Time. Her old "terror of hell" recently resurfaced. To capture the spirit of joyous becoming. G-12-19-93 — A dream of a Hawaiian tidal wave scenario. How many Universal Laws are of value to us? Home schooling, from lack, as counterproductive. Earning dollars doing what you want to do. When one has fear of losing control. Joyously patronizing a "joyously negative" mate. Access the Energy that created your world.


G-series tapes FALL, 1993 YOUR NATURAL STATE IS ONE OF GRACE G-7-11-93 — You can't get there while vibrating here. A realtor transmutes a major financial transaction. Transmuting paralyzing fears of prospective phone calls. Can we receive the same answers without Abraham? A more valuable commodity than your dollars. Recruiting, hiring and conscious cocreative experiences. Attracting great abundance in a brief time. G-7-24-93 — Intuition, prepaving and your personal flight plan. Why you don't look and age equally. "Going to the well" for energy and stamina. Why one would request a gender change. A balloon person attracting bearers of pins. Uninspired son rules out the house rules. Eastern philosophies, gurus and Triad of Intents. 7-25-93 — His aging, sleeping mother is lingering on. Are we "thinkers" or extensions of thinkers? Dealing with divorce one thought at a time. Mediation, and purposes, processes and tools. Depression, as an absence of Inner Being. Children's "formative years" as freedom trampling time. To hear different answers, ask different questions. G-8-15-93 — Optimal utilization of your basic six senses. Wanting to attract an intimate relationship, but.... "Surrender" and why the word comes up. In reality, you are your only opponent. Channeling one's Source — or a Nonphysical Thought-form? Feeling, forming a fulfilling, funfilled career. Letting contrast serve as a catalyst to clarity. G-8-28-93 — "Death", as a physical/Nonphysical decision. His energy wanes as the day progresses. When a motivational visionary takes score too soon. Interacting with a negatively focused family member. An anomalous merging three generational family. Why the desire to retain eternal individuality? A becrutched, suicidal, mirroring Energy-being? G-8-31-93 — Your bliss will point to your life's purpose. Discussions of a devastating dental diagnosis. Counterproductivity of using revenge to "get even." Millenniumania and massive mass consciousness changes. To keep a 2 1/2 year old child "in tune." Instant lacklessness to a mystical transformation. Chain of events, as a casual postcard leads to Abraham. G-9-4-93 — A bridge between want, allow and appreciate. "Labeling" an "insomniac" increases the problem. Raggedy Ann's burial, and warts were vanished. Spend zero time trying to solve problems. When hospital's function is to prolong death. Pregnancy, child birth and always feeling good. Releasing counterproductive cultural beliefs without guilt. G-9-5-93 — From your diversity springs your growth. Why any belief can be "confirmed." Another run at physically comprehending Nonphysicality. All different "Truth-holders" believe they are correct. On "being grounded" vs. meddling in others' problems. Naught "must" be, for all is in flux. Guidance is "to" wanted, not "from" unwanted. We are not here here to fix something broken. G-9-18-93 — Some curiosity about Spiritual Guides’ honesty. Why we can't "be psychic" on purpose. Emergency doctor wants more controlled family time. Thinking about dollars, or the "lack" of dollars? You have each returned via sexuality. Guidelines to help children utilize these principles. Guiding, affirming eight minute summary. G-9-19-93 — The reason you didn't come as an otter. Looking back for "footprints" weakens your now. Expectation, and a "near perfect" sexless marriage. Why can't humans add life to the dead? Jerry's headless dog was resurrected tail less. A snake is not a "disabled" lizard. You come from a pool of Nonphysical Energy.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1993 to feel good is the root of all desire G-4-23-93 — To re-enter your stream of well-being. The body as an electrical circuit board. Why Abraham doesn't face "reality". Your role relative to a disconnected relative. To attract a mate just like you. Preparation for battles creates battles. When "mustard" runs in the family.

G-4-24-93 — Every physical condition as an "emotional" condition. The only reason outside help ever works for you. When a child won't do its school work. Abraham's words from a perfect parent. "Learning disabled," as a learning disabling label. The larger your group, the "safer" you feel. Abraham's new process of mediation and affirmation.

G-5-2-93 — When children should make their own decisions. Abraham advises a "child" regarding education. The liberating magic of non-judgementality. To change my "classroom" experience, tomorrow. Ferreting out your feelings about dollars. Welfare programs weren't started to foster weakness. She quells negative feelings with a night's sleep.

G-5-8-93 — Atrocity museum as a touchstone to atrociousness. Pointlessness of "timelessness" in a world of clocks. Grumbling about a grumbler is still grumbling. An intuitional insight or a conditioned feeling? Valued words to one labeled, "attention deficit." Truth, so simple that most can't accept it. You can't separate physical from spiritual. G-6-5-93 — Criminal Justice System and Law of Allowing. All laws are made by disconnected beings. Can a killing nation not foster killer children? Your resistance to another fuels their fire. Power, is not about numbers, but about purity. To communicate this philosophy to a child. A 9 minute guide to practical ecstasy. G-6-6-93 — Guard dog bites hand that feeds it. Law officers and law breakers as same vibration. Different Life Force in animals than humans? Doorbell dogs, DNA & multidimensional mother ships. The basic harmonic theme of world's religions. Transmuting the pain of a pet's transition. Essence of a dog articulates through Esther. G-6-12-93B — You can't hold your breath, or your Energy-flow. Any value seeking cause of negative experience? When new $ desires evoke old lack beliefs. Goal Setting, Energy-flow, and Inspired Planning. You can't fill the void with the physical stuff. When setting a goal date can be detrimental. Stepchildren, parents, and families that work.

G-6-26-93A — A suicidal child and fulfillment of purpose. To allow a child while protecting it? Why today's children's propensity towards violence. What is the experience of Soul in a fetus? Will we lose our identity in Nonphysical? A superb experience of shifting thought. What Abraham would do with cigarettes.

G-6-26-93B — You are eternal, creative Energy-flowing beings. They "die" of fear, not of disease. From Nonphysical perspective, physical is all adventure. Every "justifiable" war perpetuates more "justifiable" wars. Would you feel an injustice if burglarized? The fastest way to connect to Inner Being. Three minutes of secrets of the Universe.

G-7-3-93 — How our feet are literally, positively guided. Dissecting the past holds you in that pattern. Process to shift Energy toward dollars. To feel good is the root of all desire. Parent's worry, at core of child's problems. To drug or not to drug a child. For your Lithium ladened loved ones.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1993 EVERYTHING IS ABOUT ENERGY FLOW G-2-6-93 — Everything is about Energy-flow. Is it difficult to trust in well being? Always feeling good attracts what you want. An action assignment for you. Acting through inspiration vs. motivation. Leave everybody else out of the equation.

G-2-13-93 — Feel as though it is, and it must be. Reversing habitual unwanted thought patterns. Why talking with Abraham feels so good. Take a pill, or change your thought. A doctor's reaction to Energy-flow. Medicine, as a crutch to belief in wellness. Set your worries ablaze and out to sea. G-2-21-93 — Futility of trying to figure how it happened. Competition, a separation from creative sources? On forming a new thought forum. To stay tapped in, tuned in and turned on. If that is not my work, what is? A menu of processes to flow your Energy. Her son doesn't fit into the educational system. G-2-27-93 — Ask, often, "How am I flowing my Energy?" Statistics have nothing to do with you. An easy way to by-pass unwanted beliefs. Evict an overly dependent adult child? A productive use of your dream state. Lobotomy as only one way to control beliefs. Congressional seats as positive platforms of influence.

G-2-28-93 — Can we ever become non-judgemental? The fallibility of judging by another's experience. Is there amplitude and frequency to Energy-flow? Paddling with your stream of positive Energy. Here is a bridge over troubled others. How to increase production without increasing activity. "Spirit", relative to sleep, coma and birth.

G-3-5-93 — Your choice, vibrationally, of parents and deaths. Physical, as an extension of the Nonphysical. Answers to unasked questions are also unheard. Appropriate to delude oneself regarding absent ulcers? Continue facing unwanted, and continue attracting unwanted. Childhood ideals vs. truth in government. Resolving a child's fear of abduction and murder.

G-3-6-93 — Further definition of conscious Energy-flow. How dissatisfaction can inspire a positive desire. Can Abraham prove that "joy is our purpose"? If Nonphysical is positive Energy, what is "evil"? The process for having your heaven on earth. Musically or religiously induced states of ecstasy. The shortest route isn't always the best route.

G-3-7-93 — A classical update of Abraham's basic message. Were humans inferior creations of malevolent creators? An Out of Body Experience with Thought Forms. The main obstacle to a First Class experience. Introduce yourself to the Power of the Universe. Rude drivers, and the Law of Allowing. A sensible, "uninvited ghostly, poltergeistic" experience.

G-4-3-93 — Adventure in taking thought into the unknown. On viewing contrast from a place of appreciation. She wants more of everything, right now. When day dreams become day nightmares. Are we to "appreciate" one mistreating another? "Negative," as the other end of "positive." A beautiful, uplifting, enlightening closing. G-4-4-93 — To alleviate a vague sense of restlessness. Health of sperm, ovum and the third party. A suicidal firewalker as a lackful example. Taking a moment to create an earth. Are your car keys smarter than you? Proposed jailing of a "dysfunctional" mother hen. An enhancing process for all areas of originality.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1992 CATCH the spirit of joyous becoming G-10-4-92 — The disadvantage of destroying other thinkers. You have no mission to spread this word. A devilish discussion of powerless thought forms. Hogwash, and "reptilian super creatures." Germs, genes, and the power of thought. Where does "Soul" fit into "Body, Mind & Spirit"? The intimate intertwining of "cause and effect." G-10-10-92 — Why the different answers to the "same" questions? Catching the spirit of joyous becoming. Vibration, Meditation, and Aligned Energies. Appreciation, fall colors, and conscious remembering. Make plans, as long as it feels good. A mental molding of a mythical mate. Does Inner Being continue to grow? G-10-11-92 — How individual is an individual? A "Spiritual Community", and Freedom, Growth & Joy. What to do about an unsettling dream. Teaching appreciation to a "spoiled" child. Nonphysical, and "seeing" without eyes. I want to live as long as I want to live. Selfserving service without sacrifice. G-10-17-92A — Even that which is "not possible" is possible. A price to pay for joy and prosperity? Vibrational segregation of appreciative beings. To whom are you comparing yourself? It's not about worthiness; it's about joyousness. Staying well in a culture focused on illness. The "hierarchy" of loitering thought forms.

G-10-17-92B — A process for consciously transmuting your energy. Why are you wanting to be of service? A process to begin to feel your freedom. Take your overwhelephant one bite at a time. Your "action" is not the main event. A broader perspective of "anti-lesbianism." When you joyously want the joyousness of joy.

G-10-18-92 — A business owner seeks vibrational advice. When your intellect overrides your intuition. When Woo Woo didn't know he couldn't. Lover juggling, honesty, and data collection. A "pact" made during a childhood illness. Role-playing a resolution with a suicidal client. Do we need to be "cash-register honest"?

G-10-25-92 — Are children supposed to respect their parents? Which of your current thoughts will eventually manifest? How, and when, do others read our thoughts? A magical resolution of an I.R.S. misunderstanding. An Abraham dialogue regarding the GOD concept. Which directions are you pointing your canoe? Who should we believe regarding "earth changes"? G-10-31-92 — A process to "heal negative core beliefs." Blaming the cause intensifies the disconnection. Native Americans, Columbus & the Law of Attraction. When all are disconnected, the biggest wins. Does it matter who wins the Presidency? The power behind a good intimate relationship. A process for a passionate quantum leap. G-11-1-92 — If "health is natural", why have doctors? A perspective of your vibrational dietary stance. In support of a "chemically dependent" teenage rebel. When something you dread turns out fantastic. The process to create perfect living quarters. Fear of dying, or love of living? Five minute summary of life enriching processes.

G-1-23-93 — Let the contrast serve it's magnificent purpose. A "witch" recommends more pain and less joy. Sensing a Nonphysical being in your presence? On understanding your cryptic dreams. "Early to bed"...gets the worms? On the leading edge, you have little company. Definition and utilization of the "Sixth Sense."


G-series tapes FALL, 1992 all is well and in perfect order G-9-5-92A — Four minutes of basic Abraham. Socially unacceptable parents as a positive influence. Is studying the past an exercise in futility? As you vibrate, so shall you receive. In judgement of the vegetable massacre. Seeking direction to which path to follow? The skunk truck, and joyous becoming.

G-9-5-92B — Is your wanting from connectedness, or disconnectedness? To cope with a bombardment of negatives. Does Abraham have a dominant purpose? Type of illness reflects specific thoughts? "The Ten Commandments", relevant, timely revelations. Pumping past civilizations into your gas tank. Some tools to connect with Inner Being.

G-9-12-92A — Vibrations, and your day by day life experience. Balance of pigeons and lack of them. Has freedom, just doesn't have a job. Wellness, and a crystal clear picture of creation. Our moral responsibility to domestic beasts. Our moral responsibility to our children. "Fourth dimensional," and other conceptual labels.

G-9-12-92B — Our vocabulary's effect on our life experience. Balance of "Spirit, Mind and Body"? Needs new auto, wants more $. On not recreating a "love turned bad." To heal it or to leave it? Teaching your child to trust its guidance. You, as equal amounts of male and female. G-9-13-92 — A quick fix for an abused youngster? Your body can adjust to your desire. Considering confronting beer drinking teenagers? Your brain is not a storage machine. Abraham offers emphasis to professional school teachers. Can society survive without disciplining the others? If mate won't change, can I expand? G-9-18-92 — Why can one feel "sex" for an unliked one? Follow your logic, or follow your heart? Relationships & sexuality, major causes of confusion. When lovers attract other lovers' lovers. Sexuality, jealousy, honesty, and the higher Laws. Who gets to choose the cultural rules? Plucking a painful thorn is not resolution enough. G-9-19-92 — Food beliefs, and how they affect the body. "Sacred places", what power do they hold? Ten things to do to help connect us. "Trust God, but tether your camel"? Rape, and the mix of individual intents. Drugs, and the societal effects of their illegality. Laughter, and the natural hilarity of the universe.

G-9-26-92 — The "Garden of Eden" scenario, revisited. Life, as an eternal unfolding of beingness. You live in an eternal state of grace. Is personal control limited by unsensed influences? A process to change negative core vibrations. Considering concerns about age, health and action. Life, as a series of new beginnings. G-9-27-92 — How we can most effectively teach others. A world of more connected beings. Clarification of the "Spirit Guides" concept. Analyzing the criminal justice system. Is there "liberty and justice for all"? Can growth occur in an area of agreement? Do some have two bodies at once?

G-10-3-92 — Wanting to expose someone's "evil" deeds? A process for a "First Class" experience. Can we discreate a "thought form monster"? Has creativity any geographical preferences? Does doing as per "obligated" feel bad? A strong believer in "Heaven and Hell"? Wanting to influence man's humanity to man?


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1992 THE POWER OF APPRECIATION G-6-13-92 — The power of the vibration of "appreciation" . Integration of spirituality and day to day stuff. You leave your body every night. A vicious circle of joy. Sex, children & perspectives of abuse. The inherent contradiction of "forgiveness". Is GOD's will for me my will for me? G-6-27-92 — Abraham, Seth, etc. as a massive library. The Gospel's role in teaching and healing. Nonphysical Laws of the Universe? What else does Abraham do? "Ascend", or just leave body lying there? Value of a life is not in its length. Let's discuss disembodied "ghosts".

G-7-25-92 — Is there no value in pain and empathy? Wanting to end a 30 year habit? Self image as a stumbling block to connectedness. Classic symptoms of perfect connectedness. To interact with a "dead" loved one. Understanding the "death" process. Wanting to know that "all is well"?

G-8-1-92 — Who, what, why and how am I? Sex, Kundalini and aligned energies. Inspired touching vs. assigned hugs. Anti-sex legislation vs. a higher Law. My perception vs. your perception. Psychic predictions vs. "naught is meant to be." Would you dine with a naked stranger?

G-8-8-92 — Can we have a repeat "first impression"? Plan for tomorrow vs. live in the now? A most valuable transmutation of grief to joy. Abraham describes their Nonphysical beingness. "Vibrator, Creator, Attractor..." defined. Speculative Universes and Alternate Realities. You can't judge your value by your actions. G-8-15-92A — The perfect balance of your planet. A physical body in a Nonphysical dimension? What kind of President do you want? Why are most uncomfortable in dying? Can you attract an evil energy? Advantages and disadvantages of drug use. Pay your taxes in joy.

G-8-15-92B — Consider this before leaving your lover. Taking action out of the equation. The only relationships that work. Would one benefit by being abducted? Which has most value: a dolphin or a tuna? What advantages to swimming with mammals? Can I help others to evolve? G-8-16-92 — Basics of deliberate creating. A sports fan's roller coaster emotions. Abraham enlightens us regarding "Enlightenment". Conformity vs. a bigger game in town. Positive value in your negative emotions. You didn't come to prove, but to "be". A beautiful energy flow closing.

G-8-22-92 — "Miracles", as a change in perception. Why the rich get richer. Can old suppressed feelings manifest as illness? The issue of technology replacing jobs. Does feeling angry, sometimes feel correct? Duality of "good vs. evil" as an illusion? Agreements, promises and when to say "no".

G-8-29-92 — Naught is more important than feeling good. Are changing circumstances difficult for you? In the beginning, was positive Nonphysical energy. Are you still blaming your parent? Paranoia, as faith in bad things happening. Allow all others their own creations. Tune yourself to a feel-good frequency.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1992 THE POWER OF DECISION G-4-11-92A — What you can dig up but can’t throw away. Caged by conformity to what-hasbeen. Deal with an arousal of an unwanted belief. How sleep saves you from self-destruction. A beautiful welcome to a new infant. The international economy as an illusion. Why is Abraham interacting with us? G-4-11-92B — Petroleum, and the justice of planetary balance. A body without need for sleep, food, air or water? Do Abraham’s thoughts ever focus on lack? Ego. Fear. Guilt. Release or dissolve them? Beauty, deformity, and other perspectives. Perspective of Inner Being’s experience through you. Something for you to believe in.

G-5-2-92A — Rodney King, police beatings, video, verdict and riots. Los Angeles police, and brutality, as a perspective. A connected beings’ effect as judge or jury. Where did civilization leave its natural path? Dreams, as blocks of thought from Inner Being. A process to empower the little ones. Did Los Angeles children attract the riots? G-5-2-92B — The Dead Sea Scrolls. They’re back! Always in the right place at the right time? Beautiful words, for one who is “terminally ill.” Wealth, can have it all. Heroism? Pain is not needed for growth. Why doesn’t prosperity, health & joyousness come to all? To know in which direction to grow.

G-5-3-92 — The empowering value of decision making. A short-cut process to feel your value. Allowing a loved one’s withdrawal from physical. Preoccupied with issues of “right and wrong”? An unborn child’s choice to not be physical? To help a negative child to pivot. Take all action from your place of feeling good.

G-5-9-92A — The difference between tolerating and allowing. Why do we forget our pre-emergence agreements? More revealing perspectives of Rodney King & police brutality. Each thought sets a reality into motion. Why the time between thought and its manifestation? How can I achieve true “goodness”? See the “error of our ways” in Nonphysical?

G-5-9-92B — Health, as per Inner Being’s alignment of cells. Value in seeking the cause of illness? Was there health before medical insurance? Different valid realities, physical and Nonphysical? Reflect not past perception into your future. A message from your Inner Being. Do the disconnected ones create also? G-5/22/92 — It’s nice to have a friend upstream. $ from playing, vs. working to earn $. Old beliefs wither as per new choices. A potential for ecstasy with many Soulmates. The cheap little car that couldn’t. Enjoy the “why?”, and let the “what” evolve. A perspective of nursing home tenants. G-6-6-92A — Choosing from physical while harmonizing with Nonphysical. You get what you think about, wanted or not. Marching to the beat of a dysfunctional drummer. Sameness wasn’t your vision, newness was. Conscience, established from a place of lack. Make more decisions in every day. When it’s perfect, you’ll feel exhilaration.

G-6-6-92B — “Walk-ins, Piggy-backs, etc.”, have no power to “attach.” Talk to child about wanted, get “no” out of vocabulary. Teachers, as catalysts to student’s connectedness. Parents, as entry into physical, not as guards. What inspires death defying sexuality? The beasts, as your best teachers. The purpose of your physical experience.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1991 WHAT IS MY GREATEST VALUE? G-12-7-91 — Prayer, the power of, and a method of. Why do the rich get richer? Thought energy, and the perspectives of masses. Out of body experience, astral travels, etc. Can we feel good when conflicting ideas are thrust at us? Which is best, to give or to receive? Can we all allow all to be, have and do...?

G-12-8-91 — The creative process and bridging of beliefs. Energy connection between man and beast. The counterproductivity of negative probing. Changing the future effects of past thought. A teenage child in the land of the free. Why there is no injustice on your planet. A dynamic dialogue on the Perception of Time.

G-1-18-92 — If anything can go wrong, will it? See yourself as an energy funnel. Should we try to enjoy the unenjoyable? Are you mentally replaying unwanted scenarios? Your ability to perceive is always in the now. Seeing, or not seeing, neither validates nor invalidates. The universal wordless language.

G-1-25-92A — Is my soul ever lost or alone? What is the best use of my time? Can I get poor enough to enrich the poor? Pain, as the extended allowance of negative emotion. Abraham’s words to a new born baby. Should I form an “Abraham Fun Group”? Can you tell me how to be happy? G-1-25-92B — “Disturbed” children have much to teach you. Joyous mating vs. building monuments to pain. Words for one in fear of impending death. Free-will as an allowance of changing destiny. A process for the selection of a “life-partner.” Marriage vows, by Abraham. Children, and the positive aspects of a divorce. G-2-1-92 — The paralysis of analysis. The empowerment of dollar-basking. Are you spending your psychic nest egg? Is not the jailer also jailed? Your greatest value to others is. Consider a world without law enforcement. Why isn’t positive thought more dominant?

G-2-2-92 — Are you wanting more peace and health? Consider advantages of a structured government. Why Abraham teaches meditation. Does a loved one attract distracting chaos. A wedding and the dilemma of protocol. Nonphysical memory of your physical vibration. Naught is more important than appreciation of self. G-2-15-92 — What if 100 monkeys believed in joy as the purpose? Turnabout of a parental happiness damper. A recipe for an Abraham stew. How can all find way back to their source? Words for a mediation group. You don’t have to think of $ to have $.

G-2-16-92 — Art and music in the Nonphysical plane? What is the current state of the planet? If you feel emotional—it is important to you. How can we halt negative thought drift? To please the crowds, here is your message. You can’t measure the quality of life by its length. To have a love affair with self.

G-3-21-92 — When your lover doesn’t want a serious relationship. If it makes you feel good to work hard—do it. Who are you when you are all alone? Are there still potent moments of self-doubt? Party Cat makes his timely entrance. What is your best decision to make right now? Rape, massacre—and other forms of disconnectedness.


G-series tapes FALL, 1991 RELAX INTO FEELING GOOD G-9-14-91 — The synchronicity of Divine Inspiration. The non-semantics of Nonphysicality. Are you always open to vibratory influence? Why protection doesn’t feel good. Depression as an absence of Inner Being. The significance of a smiling mother hen. True motivation is empowering.

G-9-20-91 — The attraction of a suitable partner. Why you can’t suffer your way to joy. Justified negativism as a miscreator. The positive message in a negative emotion. A Process for wellness. When your chicken part drives your car. A teacher is bothered by would-be-truants.

G-9-21-91 — Sleep as a re-emergence into the Nonphysical. How addressing the problem perpetuates the problem. Food and sex, as practical and sensual. The justice of a massacre to “avert” a massacre. How to identify great deeds. Physical matter as an extension of refined thought. Abraham addresses the “frivolousness of feeling good.” G-9-22-91 — Placebos, Perceptions and Formulas for Miracles. To vibrationally double your dollars. Basic Abraham in 800 words or less. Why the diagnosis accelerates the diagnosed. A “scientific” perception of Esther’s condition. Your guide to an appropriate diet. The power of your vibrations over world events. G-9-28-91 — Arthritis, how far does it run in a family? Independent prosperity in a mass negative economy. High energy children in this time of transition. The effect of television on our society. A dialogue on “high tech” health care. What are Abraham’s “qualifications?” Resist not; relax into your well-being.

G-10-26-91 — The key to breaking old unwanted habits. Nutrition, diet and spiritual and physical well-being. Are you ever aware of “presences” around you? How spiritual has the world become? Abraham’s empowerment of a school child. Some modern day fairy tales. Esther’s value as an example of thought reception.

G-10-27-91 — The healing “tool” is not the issue. To enhance the ecstasy of sexual passion. “Financial independence” from what? How much joy can the body handle? Abraham counsels a counselor regarding “therapy.” An enlightening dialogue with a mother-to-be. Say “yes” to your tax dollars. G-11-9-91 — Which racial group has the most wisdom? Would you “drive it on the sidewalk?” So, who has the clearest guru? “Honey, you can’t love five...and stay alive.” What color of ink are you spewing? The choice between homo and hetero sexuality. Birth, and the justice of the universe. G-11-10-91 — When we expectantly ask to feel good. The quest for “The Historical Jesus,” cont’d. The quest for “The Valid Virgin Mary,” cont’d. Do drugs affect communication with Inner Being? The creative dynamics of a cluster of beings. An affirmation to affect others. Personal control vs. group standards regarding body shape.

G-11-30-91 — To clarify reception from your Inner Being. Would you have the “handicapped” ones improve? Body cells, as responsive to mass consciousness. When should bickering family members cease communication? Words for someone disconnected from Inner Being. The attraction power of a state of appreciation.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1991 you can be, do, or have anything G-7-4-91 — A morning process to vibrate self to ecstasy. A new game: “A Day of Yeses.” When your “go power” has got up and gone. Jerry, a scorpion, and Inner Guidance. The fittest survive vs. meek inherit the earth. The value of birth as a new beginning. A Chiropractor, and reducing sublimated thoughts. G-7-20-91A — Feel good in a negative family situation. Destructive overeating as an action from lack. Guilt: the separation of you and Spirit. The cause of most business failures. How to vibrate in harmony with what you want. To see every day as a positive new beginning. That ominous, anonymous, unidentified fear.

G-7-20-91B — Cause of a general feeling of well-being. An instant manipulation of your reality? The eternal abundance of Universe. Being selfish enough to feel good. Synchronicity, Esther, and a crashing boulder. Deadlines, and eating green tomatoes. To change the balance of thought regarding $. G-8-10-91 — With a Unity Church group in Colorado. To control an uncontrollable anger. Career, and how to trust without testing. Have we any obligation to be happy? Can you get poor enough to enrich the poor? “Thou shalt not kill,” under what conditions? When to seek medical attention? G-8-11-91 — A word from one “back from the dead.” How resisting the unwanted, disallows the wanted. Commitment, as a form of entrapment. How to get out of bed on the right vibration. Why most can’t just die in their sleep. How to have the best sex of a lifetime. Planning a disruptive family encounter?

G-8-23-91 — Are some persons energized by negatives? Primary intents & the only joyous way to fly. Can foods, herbs, etc., raise your vibrations? Feelings, as a barometer of your vibrations. Is it random, or is it synchronistic? A process to open a positive avenue to $. A superb, uplifting, comprehensive closing.

G-8-25-91 — How can I fan the flame of my passion? What can I do to cause it to happen fast? Abortion, an issue of right or wrong? Depression, and the drugs that treat it. Do thoughts without feelings create? The universal cats don’t hear “no.” Whose opinion do you value, yours or theirs? G-8-26-91 — Automatic writing, an appropriate experience? Do you feel an abundance blockage? Why wars to end all wars don’t. To positively cocreate when mate’s wants differ. How to sell the “unsalable.” A Psychotherapist’s pain in working with pain. Happy haunters and metaphysical panthers.

G-8-31-91 — Abraham’s favorite subject: Deliberate Creating. Creation, as 99% complete before seeing any evidence. Value in acquiring patience? Fishing a bucket of Casper from an ocean of beingness. Objectivity, as a damper to higher vibrations. Why so many centuries before these teachings? Can we be all one and yet maintain individuality? G-9-1-91 — The quandary of a yearly health checkup. A metaphysical perspective of tooth cavities. Find what holds one back? Focus on unwanted and perpetuate unwanted. Is looking back a waste of life? To resolve the pain of Vietnam participants. Regurgitation vs. your Supreme Guidance System.


G-series tapes SPRING, 1991 LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN G-3-10-91 — Why no one can take your freedom away. How both allowing and resisting create. Can we communicate with one in a coma? How can we best step back into positive? Do you feel best doing what doesn't earn $? Particular about your thoughts as your actions? How to know what makes you happy. G-3-23-91 — Your being here justifies your being here. Having and doing as an enhancement of being. Who created Universe? Attraction of abundance, continued. The joy and power of aligned priorities. In the flow, vs. a foot in two philosophies. G-4-6-91 — Leave "spiritual" to the angels.

Is spirituality compatible with wealth? Objectivity as your downfall. Pain as a cultural perception. Should we ignore history? How to tune out lower priorities. Aging as evolving, versus deteriorating.

G-4-19-91 — Wanting to change others, binds you. An aura of a positive pacifist. The value of a classroom leader. Children are not mere children. A definition of "JOY". How to keep fear from sneaking in. Nothing is important enough to feel bad. G-5-4-91 — Stage fright and fear of evaluation — a solution. Some facets of LOVE — continued. Co-dependency and feeding not-enoughness. Parent/child punishment relationship. Spare the rod and spoil the classroom? American morality in the 90's. The value of rebellious teens. G-5-5-91 — Counterparts, Counterselves & Counterpoints. A child's perspective of Universe. What can the devil make us do? The detrimental aspects of statistics. Why hiding doesn't work. How can we do without doing? Which actions produce stress? G-5-24-91 — Feel good — nothing is more important. Why you have nothing to defend against. Do you heal faster asleep or awake? The cost of a free health exam. Universe wasn't created through action. How much is too much from Inner Being? Birds, beasts and joy begetting joy.

G-6-1-91 — Is having a back-up plan a sabotage? You didn't come to stay forever. A teacher, tuning forks & harmonic expectations. Is an imaginary playmate imagined? The leading edge of creation. Could Abraham conduct a symphony? Wellness and the crack of least resistance.

G-6-2-91 — How did Jerry & Esther get this happy? Testing, as a form of disbelief. Is TALENT an unexplainable gift? Is it OK to kill for fun? Handicapped, and the value of beingness. How to overcome unwanted habits. Selfish love, it feels so good.

G-6-7-91 — The advantage of self-adoration. Appropriateness of a reverence for life. How and why we attract birth conditions. Are there malfunctioning Nonphysicals? Freedom, GROWTH & joy or freedom, growth & JOY? On-the-job self-empowerment. Joyful becoming vs. seeking endings.


G-series tapes WINTER, 1990 your value is measured in joy G-1-4-91 — Use this guided process for daily use. It doesn't have to be hard to be important. Your guarding sabotages your experience. Do you measure your worth by your stuff? How can you get more money than you expect? A perfect being in a state of becoming. Good can't come when having a hard life.

G-1-5-91 — Can't give a charge from a dead battery. Valuable words for a hospital visit. Sympathy cards and the Law of Attraction. The planting of the arthritis seed. Earning your food vs. manna from heaven. Freedom and empowerment vs. control. Loyalty vs. living in the moment.

G-1-13-91 — Does Abraham have a beginning source? The creation and evolution of the planet. How a willingness to die attracts death. Wars, games and unarmed noncombatants. Is there any value in painful therapy? Aging, expectancy and nursing homes. Courage is usually spoken of by cowards.

G-1-26-91 — How can I change my self-image? What is the value of an aptitude test? Practical advice to live one full day. A cremation, a bird, and tears of joy. A perception of that which is called GOD. Finding peace in a search for paradise. How much can be gained from one tape? G-2-8-91 — Any of our insecurity from past lives? If Nonphysical is so great, why return? Birth, and the crack of least resistance. Seeing each day as a mini-lifetime. A cosmic continuation of consciousness. How are we drawn to prehistoric sites? The value of a near death experience.

G-2-16-91 — Can I empower my creation with emotion? I want all joy; what attracts confusion? What is the significance of sleep? Procrastination, as a positive non-action. Is pain of value to our growth? A dad's death and a white dove. A scenario for a sculpted body.

G-2-17-91 — How can I uplift, as Abraham uplifts? Using a piece of twine to dock a ship. Inner guidance and your ultimate goal. Should there be greater purpose than joy? How to sift through the inner chatter. The correlation between money and freedom. When is the worst time to take action?

G-2-23-91 — Do you want to "make" someone happy? When is it too late to begin? Why does the negative have "power"? How to experience a good nights' sleep. How much negative is too much? Warnings as self-fulfilling prophecies. G-3-1-91 — Joy as resonant with Inner Being. What is all this talk about beliefs? Is there any unrealistic desire? Fear and confusion and the inner voice. Society and its influence toward disease. The appropriateness of medicine. Abraham, and the Ten Commandments.

G-3-8-91 — How much of me to "sacrifice" to my family? How appropriate is self-discipline? Why is there a seeming enthusiasm for war? Esther, and the symphony of Abraham. Am I this me through all of time? Prospective: Big ones eat little ones. The relativity of staying happy.


G-series tapes FALL, 1990 THE BASIS OF YOUR LIFE IS FREEDOM G-10-3-90 — Process to bridge or modify conflicting beliefs. A grasshopper & the power of attraction. Some positive aspects of a fear of cancer. Sympathizing & Empathizing vs. Helping. Tired? A process for regaining energy. Do we attract nice people — or nice from people? Prophets, predictors & prognosticators.

G-10-5-90 — Dreams, blocks of thought & your reality. Jealousy, polygamy & warning bells. The value of making more decisions. Is there truly an accidental death? Homosexuality, and why it is chosen. How to create your unlimited new vision. Invisible counselors & the 4 minute mile. G-10-7-90 — Weight control, flu & fever blisters. The Prime Minister & the fairies of the universe. The ecstasy of your Inner Being in your now. Which comes first, the thought or the feelings? The process of personal upliftment. Why most diets don't work. Your metabolism responds to your thought.

G-10-20-90 — Mutuality of Moses, Jesus, Muhammad & Mormonism. Working hard to succeed defies the Universal Laws. Happiness. You can't give it if you don't have it. What is the real source of good & evil? Esther, her Spiritual Guide and the physical focus. Brief history of the formation of religion. How man's insecurity creates bondage.

G-10-27-90 — Use the opposition to benefit your cause. Are animals here with a purpose? You can run, but you still take you with you. Linear lives vs. The Eternal Now. An interpretation of that which you call GOD. How to create a positive divorce experience. Life is supposed to be fun!

G-11-2-90 — Power in a night's sleep and a new beginning. Power in understanding and utilizing the Laws. Power in your choices, emotions and expectations. Power in inspired action & personal energy. Powerful formula for a pure new beginning. What gives the Tar Baby its power to hold you? Powerful feel-good affirmations.

G-11-24-90 — Foods, health, beliefs & bulls in a china shop. How can I receive dollars without working for them? A test & 100 yard dash through 100 closed doors. Carrot divas, Abraham, Peter Pan and other labels. Genetic & atomic engineers — & our choices. Evolution & the 4 billionth monkey. Why do some tribes remain primitive?

G-12-7-90 — Why the variety in cataclysmic expectations? Battering rams & other door openers. How much wanting is too much to want? The Harmonic Chameleon. Jesus, Christmas & the horror of a poor basket. What is the purpose of a physical brain? Abraham's version of "The Christmas Story."

G-12-14-90 — Allergies & hands-on healing. Rapists, light shows & birds of a feather. Why are there so many rabbits? A process to begin new thought habits. Intent vs. cellular mob rule. The deer-slayer: one's meat, another's poison. Pre-emergent intents & my highest priority. G-12-29-90 — How to want and not feel the deadly lack. So, who has the final answers? The way to positively leave a negative group. Memory? Your mind is not for storage. Love, and how it can be evoked. Take one of these the first thing in the morning. Abundance, via taking money out of the equation. Castles, shacks, money and other delightful stuff.


G-series tapes SUMMER, 1990 ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE G-7-8-90 — Comprehensive session to a Unity Group. Where does mental depression originate? How can I reverse a negative momentum? A practical process: "To be, To have, To do." Homeless, free & misdirected guilt. But, what about the little ones? Seatbelts, meat & mental ghostbusters. G-7-15-90 — An update on the use of universal power. From vitamins to exercise to death. Why? How does a person attract prejudice? Dollars, freedom & your balance of thought. So, is it precognition or precreation? Overwhelmed? A 15 minute solution. What to do when you don't know what to do. G-8-1-90 — Family crises, in-laws, outlaws & babies. How trying too hard works against you. How to have the gain without the pain. Comparison as your death trap. Why a common cold doesn't take your life. What is our duty to enlighten others? Why does sex seem to cause such trouble? G-8-3-90 — How to "resist" resisting and allow allowing. The unique attraction of Abraham. An experience with a frivolous entity. Health — Deformities — Plagues & AIDS. The meaning of love. What is our work? A powerful closing affirmation. G-8-19-90 — The power of the Book of Positive Aspects. When action makes it worse. Health and the effects of genetics. Iraq and the USA — a perspective. Use the "Wallet Process" to attract $. Why don't all fears manifest? A fun, feel-good closing. G-8-22-90 — Competition as a motivator? The building of your body. What is the significance of pain? Illness created to justify death. Action as a justification for being. Take dollars out of the struggle. A beautiful closing affirmation. G-9-7-90 — Why do Indians pray to not be reborn? Who created the GOD who created the GOD? Preschool, prebirth and creating worlds. Be in your prime on the day you die. How to avoid a predicted outcome. An opinion on a 12 Step Program. Forming an Abraham study group? G-9-9-90 — Why is reacting a hindrance? How does the universe hear us? What happened when I quit trying. Example of the power of thought over action. Healing, medicine, diet & the arthritis gene. Crystals, Leprechauns & little bones. Reincarnation from a point of misery. G-9-19-90 — Don't look for the cause. Results of negative motivation. How can I elude the economic cycle? Cool water on hot, tired feet. Blocks of thoughts vs. words. Is gambling a gamble? Doing for another saying.... G-9-23-90 — What makes Abraham feel good? What does Abraham want? Health, heredity & blocks of thought. When language deceives. Stay off the scales. Wheat circles mystery. Have fun. Trust the process.


THE SETH MATERIAL’S INFLUENCE WHILE THUMBING THROUGH the mail the other day, my eyes were arrested by a familiar handwriting — one that I hadn’t seen in years, but somehow familiar (printed block letters)... I expectantly turned the post card over and saw a brief, encouraging, note from Robert Butts (He and Jane Roberts and Seth produced the “The Seth Material” books that since the 1960’s have had such a visible influence on the philosophical world view.) When we began receiving information from Abraham regarding “You Create Your Own Reality”, I wrote to Rob, and six months later he responded with a hand printed letter stating that he was six months behind in responding to letters regarding the “Seth Materials”. Robert Butts has had a major role in the dissemination of the “Seth Materials” that, in turn, have had a major positive life (and career) changing influence on our lives and on the lives of many millions of others — and Esther and I feel both delighted and honored whenever we hear from him. THE SETH MATERIALS were a catalyst to our meeting and beginning to work with Abraham back in November of 1985 — and we will remain eternally appreciative of Robert Butts for many years of commitment to the purity of the Seth teachings. This time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve always finds me filled with deep feelings of love and gratitude for those who have had an influence on this delicious physical life that I continue to experience. And it strikes me as both strange and enlightening that most of them (as in the case of Robert Butts) were not at all aware of the enormity of the joy that they were adding to my life (nor was I) at the time that it was occurring.

For example: Grandpa Hicks: “’re a good kid.” Grandma Cora: “...for a six year old, you have a good singing voice.” Ben Piers: “...just one more push-up, kid.” Ben Hanley: “...kid, I like the way you walk.” Joe Prensky: “ would do very well in business for yourself. Napoleon Hill: “...what do you want?” Olaf Tuhkanen: “...I’m excited about your potential.” Richard De Vos: “ can do this.” Seth/Jane Roberts/Robert Butts: “...You create your own reality... in this present moment.” Esther Hicks: “...I want to be with you.” Of course I could go on like this about the many men, women, children, beasts and aspects of physical and Nonphysical Nature that have added to the Joy and the Growth that I have appreciated through these decades of physical experience, for I have truly been blessed... just as I feel blessed by this beautiful opportunity to work with Abraham and Esther and the multitudes of you loving, questioning beings who are seeking to become more deliberate creators of lifetimes of joyous and meaningful value. The proverbial “Johnny Appleseed”, from his joy in giving, was said to have planted many thousands of apple seeds along country roadsides from which he never expected to reap a personal harvest of fruit. And in like manner — through our observations and expectations of the positive aspects of others — you and I are planting latent seeds of Well-being that may bear fruits of joy in those observed. And whether or not you ever get a taste of the fruits of the seeds you’ve sown, as you learn to take joy purely in the experience of giving, the receiving may just become irrelevant ... but it still feels good!


ABOUT THE AUTHORS EXCITED ABOUT THE CLARITY and practicality of the translated word from ABRAHAM, Jerry and Esther Hicks began, in 1986, disclosing their ABRAHAM experience to a handful of close business associates. Then, recognizing the practical results being received by those persons who began plying ABRAHAM with meaningful personal questions regarding their finances, bodily conditions, and relationships...the Hickses made a conEsther & Jerry Hicks scious decision to allow ABRAHAM’S teachings to become available to an ever widening circle of seekers. And that circle continues to expand — even as you read this page. Jerry and Esther have now published more than 600 Abraham-Hicks books, cassettes and videos, and have been presenting open group interactive workshops in about 50 cities a year to those who gather to participate in this progressive stream of thought. Although worldwide attention has been given by leading edge thinkers to this Science of Deliberate Creation who, in turn, incorporate many of ABRAHAM’S concepts into their books, lectures, sermons, screenplays and scripts, the primary spread of this material has been from person to person — as individuals begin to discover the value of these materials in their practical, personal experience. ABRAHAM, a group of obviously evolved teachers, speak their broader NonPhysical perspective through the physical apparatus of Esther. Speaking to our level of comprehension, from their present moment to our now, through a series of loving, allowing, brilliant yet comprehensively simple, recordings in print and in sound — they guide us to a clear connection with our Inner Being — they guide us to self-upliftment from our total self. COMMENTS FROM READERS & LISTENERS: ...It’s hard to believe that life could be so simple and so joyous... Thank you, so much, for making an already good life even better! (With lots of good feelings) SC — PA ...I’ve been a “searcher,” “seeker,” “sharer” since I was a teen. My middle name was purported to be “Why?” The information from Abraham is so down-to-earth, useful, compelling, exciting, sensible, practical, empowering, clear, usable. I’m a marvelous deliberate creator now. Thanks for putting the “fun” back into physical life. JS — AZ ...Am so delighted to be reading your books, listening to your tapes and attending your seminars. I am so happy and getting happier and clearer every day. My life has been leading to this point, and it feels like the icing on the cake. I know everything will just get better, although it’s hard to know how. What a powerful gift you’ve given us — the recognition of our ability to create the life we want, and the tools to carry out the plan. Thank you for sharing. — CA


A B R A H A M - H I C K S M U S I C P R E S E N T S

A New Adventure, the teachings of Abraham masterfully combined with the music of Francine Jarry This album contains more than 70 minutes of a variety of uplifting musical styles that project the philosophy of Abraham in a way we have never felt it before. The first half of this album contains 20 of Francine’s bright melodies that project a wide range of musical styles. From her Count Your Blessings, and Reach for a Thought That Feels Better, she carries us through to the rollicking I Want to Live My Life to the Fullest, and on to the elegant, meditative Joy to the Universe. The second half of the album promises to give the listener a first in a lifetime experience. You will be enraptured when you immerse yourself in this 30 minutes of Abraham’s Rampages of Well-being. Over Francine’s haunting Mayan Theme, we have blended, from three live workshops, Abraham’s Living Happily Ever After and Finding My Core Beliefs, and finally Abraham reminds us that our Well-being is natural as this album closes with their, never to be forgotten, It Is Good To Feel Good. Comments: • In my opinion Abraham is one of the best teachers on the planet today. Your listeners are going to truly enjoy this music. — Louise Hay, author of best selling “You Can Heal Your Life”. • Thank you for the great music experience. It keeps getting better and better each time I listen to it. Francine’s music was a great prelude to Abraham, yet in no way was I prepared for the overwhelming, joyous, delicious feeling that went through me when Abraham started to speak with the music. I was absolutely awed with the reverence that the music provided for Abraham’s words. — Linda Falluca, Ph.D., Msc.D. • If this was the only thing that we had created in our lifetime, I would be satisfied. — Esther Hicks See Page 20

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