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Essentials To Achieve A Smooth Domino Migration Some good things survive all conditions and circumstances, but they are few in number. The automobile might be considered one of those successful products that has survived the test of time and circumstance, but one would be hard pressed to recognize the similarities sufficient to call the Model A Ford and its modern Ford Focus equivalent as similar products. Yes, they both are vehicles containing engines to propel a driver and passengers down a road. There, the similarities end. It is certain that most of us do not know a driver of a Model A. Circumstances have likewise reached the end of the road for Lotus Notes/Domino as a viable product, in spite of its revolutionary beginning. Revolutions do not last, particularly one of 20 years. Today, Domino is outdated with antiquated user interfaces, has an unbearable limitation of scalability, a relational model is completely lacking, data transfer is slowed by multiple silos, and it has reached unaffordable licensing costs. It has become a business liability instead of an essential and profitable business tool. Enterprises that once depended on Domino are required to prepare and execute Domino migration to new technology. The migration may be painful and eventful, but it is necessary and all who require the transition hope it is smooth. Here is a list of essential outcomes to make Domino migration as smooth as possible: • Acquire the best possible security of data, not just during migration, but in operation of the new platform. • Execute the migration with improvement of delegation of rights in the new platform. • Limit or eliminate downtime for the Domino server(s). • Maximize the migration speed. • Maximize the number of simultaneous migrated mailboxes. • Limit the necessity to add additional resources to build needed server(s) or find a platform that does not require servers for scalability. • Acquire superior system and user level reporting. • Find and enable attachments migration. Once these outcomes have been satisfied in a search for a new platform, the next task is to assure that the platform will accomplish a smooth Domino migration by offering tool-supported features similar to those to which you are accustomed to using in Domino, albeit with improved technical advances that accelerate the processes of archiving, searching, retrieval and action on the data. Of particular urgency is to be sure the new platform covers the basic needs of a modern archiving platform while adding additional features and benefits not available in Domino. You should assure: • email settings and message formatting and composition • attached documents and file folders • calendars, appointments and tasks • address books and contact lists Be certain that these features are, in descending order of preference: • supported with the new root platform • supported with optional platform features • not applicable any longer • not yet supported (but anticipated in future revision upgrades

not supported and no current plan to accommodate support With careful research and planning in choosing an alternative archiving provider, Domino migration can be accomplished smoothly with the least aggravation and downtime. •

Essentials to achieve a smooth domino migration  

Some good things survive all conditions and circumstances, but they are few in number. The automobile might be considered Click on: http://s...