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Clearing The Weather On Cloud Based Email Data Preservation Let's be clear about this: Not so long ago, anyone said to have their "head in the clouds" was not being complimented. The criticism ran from being a daydreamer to being completely disconnected from reality; ungrounded. On the other hand, that person might have been thought of as carefree (and that condition can be a good thing), visionary (without the illusion of rosecolored glasses) and creative (an outright compliment). A cloudy day is not often suggested to be clear and bright, but then, clouds have made a curious entry into our Internet selves and have placed themselves as front and center victors in the ongoing battle for appropriate acronyms and metaphors for cyberspace activity. Cloud based email data preservation is simply an extension of the metaphor itself: The cloud, as conceived and often literally sketched on white and glass boards in conference rooms and seminar halls around the world, is the ubiquitous metaphor for all Internet activity and presence. But let's be clear: there are no servers in the sky, unless you believe it is all one of the benefits that "ancient astronaut theorists believe..." Cloud based email data preservation is the service option of many in growing numbers who believe that retention and storage of their email data, and other electronic documents, is the best choice to assure that they have secure, encrypted data that is immediately retrievable, searchable, actionable and scalable. Some speak of cloud-based computing as having "virtual" servers, as if the "cloud" is really what is sketched on the boards. In this regard, the metaphor runs a little thin. There is nothing "virtual" about these servers when using the jargon of gamers with regard to virtual vs. reality. Somewhere, albeit anywhere, physical servers are stacked in rooms providing the bandwidth and storage capacity for everyone from Max Headroom to ancient astronauts. To the extent that a collective of suitable rooms can accommodate purchased, mounted and activated servers, the storage capacity of the cloud is virtually infinite (as in the traditional understanding of "virtual"). Cloud based email data preservation means that an individual or an enterprise is free of the necessity of onsite hardware, software, security protocols, and the expense to be equipped with them in order to provide retrievable retention of emails and other data. It also means that the IT personnel are free to address issues that arise onsite in the daily operations of their network and applications for the ongoing safe and secure computing functions of the individual or enterprise. The next time someone says that you have your head in the clouds, a polite thank you will suffice. You have been complimented for the wise choice to be free of grounded, antiquated retention and retrieval solutions that occupy onsite space, time, energy and expense to operate. You have cloud based email data preservation. With your head in the clouds, you are closer to the light; the source of all things on earth we use and cherish. Those clouds are not just raining; it is the rain of profitability.

Clearing the weather on cloud based email data preservation  

Let's be clear about this: Not so long ago, anyone said to have their "head in the clouds" was not being complimented. Click on: http://www...

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