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How to Dress Slimmer! If you've lost weight but find it difficult to shift those extra pounds learning how to dress slimmer is a great skill to have. I've always been slightly overweight so wearing clothes that flatter my figure and make me look pounds lighter in seconds are a must! For more information, visit: My motto is if it doesn't make me look slimmer than I am, I'm not buying it, wearing it or even letting it into my wardrobe. Here is a great tip to learn how to dress slimmer and knock off pounds instantly. Wearing one colour from head to toe, monochrome dressing, makes anyone look taller and slimmer. Dark colours do make you appear slimmer but what if you don't want to look the same all the time? That's why it's best to focus on the vertical line of tones rather than just relying on dark clothing. This captures the eye's attention vertically rather than horizontally. Many people don't realise that you can also create a vertical line with accessories or a combination of both your clothing and accessories. For example, if you have a patterned dress that you think adds volume to your figure you can slim it down by using accessories as your vertical colour line. First, choose a shade from the dress. Then accessorize from top to bottom in the shade you picked. Start with the earrings, then move on to a necklace (make it a long one!) or hanging scarf. Continue with tights and shoes. The main focus is to keep the consistency in the vertical colour line. If there's a break in colour it will also break the slimming illusion at that point. Remember that you can wear clothing from the same family of colour and tone rather than trying to find different items of clothing that match exactly.

How to dress slimmer - Wearing one colour from head to toe, monochrome dressing, makes anyone look tal...

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