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Personal Information


Abraham Amaya Castaneda




AIESEC in El Salvador


National Support Team – External Events


Dr. José Matías Delgado


Business Administration





(503) 2382 4446


(503) 7255 8223

AIESEC Experience Dates



Main Achievements

NST External Events

January 2013 – Until now

-Project Manager – “Santa Ana Youth

-General Planning of National Events

to Business Forum”.

Cycle (EwA) 2013 (Q1 & Q2).

-Project Manager – “Diplomado Más IMPACTO”.

AIESEC in El Salvador

-Direction of first Y2B forum outside San Salvador.

-Coach – “Festival Cultural 2013”.

- Direction of the first diploma course

-Coach – “Empowering Leaders

done by AIESEC El Salvador.

Seminar 2013”. September 2012 – November 2012

Organizing Committee President – “El Salvador Youth to Business Forum”.

-Compliance sales goals. AIESEC in El Salvador

-Organizing team committed to the project. -Positioning of the brand

National Cooperation Coordinator – September 2012 – December 2012

“Discover Colombia Project”. -Support of the National oGCDP

AIESEC in El Salvador

Recruitment. May 2012 – July 2012 February 2012 –

September 2012 December 2011 – February 2012

Accreditations Manager – “El Salvador Youth to Business Forum”.

AIESEC in El Salvador

Team Member of Talent Management.


Exchange Participant – Global

AIESEC Pereira

Community Development Program.

- Colombia

-Execution of Info Sessions and

Interviews for EPs recruitment. -3 Matches with @Colombia. -Creation and implementation of registration and tracking systems. -Planning and execution of functional areas training. -Planning and Implementation of 3 types of workshops. - Direct impact over 200 people.

General Questions

•What are your personal goals and next steps into AIESEC? I think I'm fulfilling my biggest goal, which is to make an impact on society. It may sound trite but that is the main reason why I am committed both to the organization and I realize that I'm getting when I see the attendees of the events or projects that I do, enjoying their experiences. Personally, my goal is to learn different tools and improve attitudes and skills that allow me to achieve my career goal, which is to be organizational development consultant. My next step into AIESEC in the short term is to end the cycle of national events until June of this year and then take a GCDP exchange. After that, I would like to apply for an international NST opportunity.

•List your 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses as facilitator. Weaknesses Time Dedication Spontaneity Interaction Management I tend to think too much the things, which is a I have knowledge and experience in different bit negative when quick responses are needed, areas of the organization and also in academic but it's something I warn preparing me well and and professional background. analyzing possible contingencies; and about I've also been FACI in sessions locally and time management, nothing that good planning nationally, adding my GCDP which consisted of cannot prevent. Also, sometimes I have workshops for youth and adults. focused too much on the content, which has I dedicate the time to research and prepare all left me a lesson that I should think more about necessary materials of any project I do. delegates could interact more with dynamics, questions, etc. Functional knowledge

Strengths FACI Experience

•National and international conferences you’ve attended and role. Date January 19 - 20, 2013 November 13, 2012 November 2 - 4, 2012 September 22, 2012 July 16, 2012 July 15, 2012 November 12 - 13, 2011

Conference National Congress AIESEC El Salvador El Salvador Youth to Business Forum Leadership Development Seminar Presidents and Leaders Meeting El Salvador Youth to Business Forum National Planning Seminar AIESEC Development Day

Role FACI OCP Delegate Delegate OC Delegate Delegate

Location El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador El Salvador

I like to take advantage of all the opportunities AIESEC offers, which help you to be an integral person and professional. Specifically I want to be part of the SDL conference team to promote my development and at the same time the growth of the delegates of the congress, sharing and gaining knowledge and experiences. Also, this would be a different experience, being the first time I'm a FACI in a congress outside my country and what better opportunity than AIESEC Guatemala, committee characterized by their results and quality of work. This would help me to promote my next step in AIESEC, apply for a NST in another country; the SDL would be an opportunity to position myself on the network.

•What are the main challenges that the conference team could face. I think one of the main challenges is the management of stress, because as AIESECers, we are, generally, very detailed in our projects and this sometimes causes increase our workload and stress between us; for me is super important handle it because in a conference like the SDL, we should maintain a positive attitude in front of the delegates, to infect them with our motivation. We must also help the delegates to be focused on their development, so we must make good use of agenda management, making it as dynamic as possible, so they feel they are getting the experience they deserve as AIESECers.

•What added value are you going to bring to the conference? In one word: Quality. I will ensure that all sessions and the delegates’ service maintain the quality that characterizes AIESEC for people to have a real AIESECer experience and promotes their empowerment and organizational commitment. I would be aware of their needs and feedbacks to improve both the content and the methodology of the sessions.

•Are you able to arrive before the conference to attend a pre meeting? Yes, in the week to be held on SDL, I'm available to go to Guatemala 1 or 2 days before the congress. In previous weeks, I could adjust my schedule to attend a weekend if necessary.

General Questions

•Why do you want to be part of the conference team and how it would enhance your AIESEC Experience?

Specific Questions

•How do you envision Empowering You and Becoming a Leader agenda and the mood you want to create in every one? I envision both agendas as an opportunity to promote the commitment of the members of AIESEC Guatemala, through practical sessions and quality content, to enable them to further developed, strengthen and gain skills and knowledge that will help them continue to grow personally and professionally. The atmosphere I want to create is motivation and dynamism, encouraging delegates to enjoy and get the most out of the conference.

•What is the key message you think we need to deliver to new members, middle managers and EBs? New Members: The Importance of AIESEC. Let them understand that if they commit and work, may be obtained from the organization, as much as they give. AIESEC offers many opportunities and is the perfect way to start achieving your career goals. Managers and EB’s: Leaving a Legacy is Paramount. They are key pieces and depends on their dedication and ambition that AIESEC Guatemala continue to grow and continue to provide quality opportunities and experiences to a new generation of young leaders.

•What is team work for you and how you perceive it during the delivery of the agenda? Teamwork is the key to getting good results. Many times, we have very good ideas, but if we are not able to handle a team, delegate responsibilities, share experiences, plan together, etc., hardly going to achieve our goal with excellence. During the sessions, it is super important to promote not only by theory but in practice, creating dynamic content that allows us to develop these skills in the delegates.

Empowering You: One of my focus points would be the Self Leadership and Proactivity. As team members is extremely important to know to organize and direct themselves, using proactivity as a tool to help them take action based on values ​that promote synergy in your team. Becoming a Leader: It is important to strengthen and promote their Planning Skills and Team Management, for the leaders of the organization know how to optimize their work and the work of their teams, to grow not only in numbers but in quality of experience. OPS: As in Empowering You, I would promote the development of Self Leadership and Proactivity, which is super important when you make a trade, not only in the labor sphere but to survive in the environment you are in, without feeling bound or nostalgic. Another point of focus would be skills and technical knowledge of the organization that help them to do a better process, and ordered that meets their expectations.

Specific Questions

•What are the main skills you think we need to develop on every agenda?


SDL 2013, Faci Application  

Abraham Amaya - Faci Application

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