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The changes WE can bring about ■ Reena Ranger, Founder & Chairwoman - Women Empowered his May marked the first birthday of Women Empowered or “WE”, as it is more popularly called. WE is a social initiative open to all. There is no membership or criteria to attend our events and we always include men in our discussion to get a well rounded and balanced perspective. Our aim is to encourage women to be the best at whatever we choose to do, by providing role models to engage them with journeys and inspirational stories. WE in turn hope that it will encourage people to take that leap of faith, empowered with the advice and experiences of the speakers and make the best of their individual skills and talents and achieve whatever personal and professional goals they may have. Women of the same age can be at very different junctures of their lives. So we aim to be broad and provide an array of speakers on the same topic at each event, so that women can find applicability and an affinity with one or more of them, to make the difference to their lives. That difference is not about achieving fame or fortune. It can be overcoming an illness, finding the right way to empower our children or starting our own businesses - whatever that special thing is. It is that special thing which makes difference to our lives. WE aims to provide women with a forum, a platform and a network where they can find support, mentoring and inspiration. As an organisation we try to support women through the journey by putting them in touch with organisations that can nurture their ideas and mentors who can assist in achieving those goals. WE aims to create a place to meet like minded people and create alliances for the future. We approximately hold three events a year on a variety of topics. So how did WE start? After having my children, I was surrounded by women who once considered themselves strong and articulate. They had contributed positively to society and the economy and were now finding it hard to get back on the train which they had left to fulfil their maternal desires. For many the cost of childcare, which in some cases exceeded their income or


was higher than their mortgages combined with what seems to be never ending school holidays, made returning to conventional work almost impossible. It was not flexible enough or it just wasn’t what they wanted anymore- as they wanted more of a balance with their family life and careers. With the power of the internet allowing anyone who wishes to be an entrepreneur and be their own boss, this was a logical option for many women. But many felt they needed the support of a mentor who had made it through to the other side. Some women wanted to get involved in issues they felt were not being addressed or even discussed in areas such as healthcare and education. But they were unsure how to do that, though some women were passionate about getting involved in public and community services to help shape the world around them. Repeatedly, there were discussions about how women can juggle all of these things in life- family, career, community and whether it is in fact possible to have it all. I discussed this subject with my friend Mona Remtulla who felt strongly on the subject too and WE was born through our combined efforts. The above mentioned issues became the inspiration for the WE events. So far we have held events on entrepreneurship, women in male dominated environments, “having it all” and how to create a lasting impression. In our next year we want to revisit some of these topics from a different perspective and look at new topics like “tomorrow's role models”. So come and join us, and take part in our initiatives. We at WE are sure that you and us together can bring about the changes, that we need.

Reena Ranger & Mona Remtulla

For more information see or “like”us on Facebook: Empowered. You can also follows us or tweet at us on Twitter at @WE_Empowered.

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