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In a brilliant stroke by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to empower women and bring more of them to the forefront of Indian administration, former commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman has been named the new defence minister, the country's first fulltime female minister to hold the post. Sitharaman is one of the four ministers to be elevated to the cabinet rank. In a major cabinet reshuffle which is deemed as Modi's yet another strategy to clinch second term in the upcoming 2019 elections, the PM made several noteworthy changes, the biggest of them being Nirmala's appointment. “Somebody who has come from a small town, grown into the party with all the support of the leadership, and if given responsibility, it just makes you feel sometimes that cosmic grace is there. Otherwise it is impossible,” Nirmala told reporters after taking oath. She takes over charge of the major department from Arun Jaitley who also holds the Finance Ministry. Party sources said as the minister of state for commerce, Nirmala is seen to have gained in confidence in handling the ministry and has done well in multilateral negotiations. She also found herself in the limelight as party spokesperson back when BJP


9th September to 15th September 2017 Let noble thoughts come to us from every side


Shortage in organ donation gives rise to Asian deaths

NHSBT Organ transport box in theatre

Rupanjana Dutta

Nirmala Sitharaman taking Oath as India’s first full-time female Defence Minister

was in the Opposition. Already taking over her responsibilities, the Defence Minister who is due to assume office on September 6, was reportedly briefed by senior military and defence ministry officials at her Safdarjung Road residence. Officials said, “IAF chief Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa met the new minister for around half-anhour while other senior officials of the defence minPrime Minister Narendra Modi meeting Chinese President Xi istry were briefing Jinping on the sidelines of the 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen throughout the See Comment on Page 3 Full report on Page 26 day.” She also met with senior

defence ministry officials, including the Secretary, soon after taking oath as a Cabinet minister. She said Make in India, one of PM Modi's key initiatives, in the defence sector would be one of her priorities. When asked how she plans to tackle issues faced by her ministry, Nirmala said she would discuss these issues in detail after assuming charge but would take decisions in consultation with all stakeholders under the guidance of the PM. She will face challenges of modernising the armed forces, that deal with issues of obsolescence in weapons and equipment. Leftist JNU alumna becomes BJP's shining star For those who know the new Defence Minister, the ruling national Continued on page 17

Reluctance among Asian families' to talk about organ donation is contributing to the deaths amongst Asian people, who are waiting for a transplant. Last year 470 people in the UK died whilst waiting for a transplant, among which 50 people were Asian. In Greater Manchester alone, 386 people have died over last 10 years, waiting for an organ transplant. Although many black and Asian patients are able to receive a transplant from a white donor, for many the best match will come from a donor from the same ethnic background. Blood and tissue types need to match for a successful transplant and organs from people from the same ethnic background are more likely to be a close match. Black and Asian patients are over-represented on the waiting list. More than a quarter (29%) of patients in need of a

transplant are from these communities. They are more likely to need an organ transplant than the rest of the population as they are more susceptible to illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension, which could result in organ failure. Currently only 35% of black and Asian families agree to donate when asked in hospitals. There are a range of perceived barriers that vary between different faiths and communities. For example some people worry that doctors will not try to save the life of a potential donor. There may be specific concerns over religious or cultural practices. And there may concerns about organ trafficking if this is known to happen in the country of family origin. Many believe Asians refrain from donating organs due to lack of family consent and some think it is fuelled by religious and spiritual believes. Lack of exposure remains another reason. Continued on page 16


Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


to Kamal Vachani was born in India on the 7th August 2017. He is the Group Director of Al Maya Group, the leading supermarket chain in the UAE. He is regarded as one of the Gulf's leading Indian origin entrepreneurs. His supermarket chain with its unique brand of retailing sees thousands of shoppers every day. Kamal has a number of achievements of note during his career, including NRI of the Year Achiever Award 2005, Face of the Year 2011 from Masala Magazine and an award from the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council in 2012 in recognition of meritorious services. Alongside his current business interests Kamal currently holds the position of Honorary Regional Director of Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Panel for the Middle East. 1) Which place or city or country do you feel most at home in? The world is so big There is not just one place or

country where I feel like home. I am based in Dubai, UAE, for over 2 decades and I always feel like home in this city.



Keith Vaz, MP Kamal Vachani

India is my motherland and it’s always close to my heart. Since I travel to UK very frequently, therefore, the UK is another country where I get the homely and warmth. 2) What are your proudest achievements? My most proudest achievements are my kids…..seeing them finish university and set place in the workplace. 3) What inspires you? My inspiration comes from both my father and my father in law…..the legacy they have achieved and passed on to future generations is something that inspires me to grow further.

4) Who has been the biggest influence in your career? My biggest influence on career – my father in law, Mr L.K. Pagarani, Chairman, Al Maya Group. Mr Pagarani at the age of 80 plus, still works and puts in all his effort to take the Company to new heights.

for Al Maya Group’s business in future. In addition, I want to continue serving my country either as

5) What is the best aspect about your current role? The best aspects is I get to meet people in different stages of life and get to learn from their experiences. 6) What are your long term goals? I wish to see more success

a Hon. Regional Director of ESC for the Middle East or any other role. I also

want to see my children very successful in their own life and career.

Survey suggests more than half Watford Chef a King of Curry? of Britons have no religion New figures have revealed that more than half of Britons describe themselves as having "no religion." According to the latest data from the National Centre for Social Research's (NatCen) British social attitudes survey, the proportion of non-believers is at a record high of 53%, The 2016 research found 15% of people belonged to the Church of England (CofE), 9% to the Catholic Church, 17% to other Christian denominations, and 6 per cent to other religions. Those who describe themselves as having "no

religion" has increased gradually since 1983, when the survey began and it stood at 31%. Roger Harding, NatCen's head of public attitudes reportedly said: "This increase follows the long-term trend of more and more of us not being religious. "The differences by age are stark and with so many younger people not having a religion it's hard to see this change abating any time soon. "The falls in those belonging to the Church of England are the most notable, but these figures should cause all religious leaders to pause for

thought." Researchers said the fall in religious affiliation has, at least in part, been driven by young people, with 71% of those who are between 18 to 24, saying they had no religion in 2016, up from 62% cent in 2015. The data also shows a decline in religious affiliation among all age groups over the same period, but among the oldest people, those with no religion are still in the minority. Just four in 10 people between 65 and 74 years say 0they have no religion, with the proportion dropping to 27% among those aged 75 and over.

Kilburn conman jailed for £1.2m fraud Abid Hussain is a Kilburn conman who had defrauded a property company and a mortgage lender of more than £1.25m and bought gold bullions with that money has been jailed. Hussain pictured, was sentenced to five years and nine months imprisonment at Southwark Crown Court on August 18 following an investigation by the Met’s Fraud and Linked Crime Online (FALCON) Unit. Hussain had contacted the police in May 2016 stating that he had been a

victim of fraud and reported that a property he had owned in North Acton had been sold without his knowledge or permission. Officers had soon established that Hussain had himself already sold the house through a legiti-

mate process. By reporting the transactions as fraudulent, he aimed to make them void, leaving the property company and mortgage lender out of pocket. Using the fraudulent money Hussain then went on to spend £438,000 on 15kg of gold bullion. Hussain has denied any involvement with both charges even though CCTV enquiries revealed that he had bought the bullion then travelled to Pakistan. Enquiries to establish what happened to the bullion are ongoing.

Mihad Rahman a curry chef from Watford got a surprise when he was shortlisted for a national curry award. He is the head chef at the Indian Sizzler in Longspring, Watford and is set to attend the event in London this autumn to find out if he will be the winner of the king of curries at the 2017 Curry Life Awards.The annual Curry Life Awards is a celebration of Anglo-Indian cuisine to showcase the most innovative curry chefs. Diners from across the country nominate their favourite chef and restau-

rant in the annual awards ceremony presented by Curry Life magazine in association with the takeaway food ordering app Just Eat. Rahman notes that he is honoured to get shortlisted for the national

Husband and wife Niyutee and Rakesh Khetani, from Stanmore are getting ready to jump out of plane at 10,000 feet as they are aiming to raise £10,000 for The Children's Trust. The campaign is set up to support children with brain injuries. They were inspired to take on the challenge of skydiving because of their 3 year old son Kai who had suffered a serious brain injury after being involved in a car accident when he was two. During that time Kai had spent 8 month recovering at the The Children's Trust where he underwent intensive rehabilitation in order to re-learn how to move and communicate.

Niyutee said that The Children's Trust holds a special place in their hearts as they supported the couple immensely whilst their son was going through his treatment. The Trust had provided sharing experiences with other parents, simple equipment like dining tables to accommodate parents which allowing parents to stay onsite with their children all the time. One big motivation factor for them has been for their son as they want to show him that they can be brave as he has been over the last year. The skydive will be taking place on September 23rd as a part of The Children's Trust

Mihad Rahman

award and because he doesn't get out of the kitchen much he is looking forward to sitting back and being served for once. He also thanks his team as he feels that this nomination could not have been achieved without them as they are like his family. The chefs nominated will also get the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills at the Taste of Britain Curry Festival which travels abroad every year taking the unique flavour of a British curry to countries such as India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Stanmore couple skydiving for Charity

Husband and wife Niyutee and Rakesh Khetani with son Kai

#MyBrave campaign which encourages people to do something courageous to help raise money for charity.

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Doklam crisis weathered China’s threats and ultimatums in the Doklam face-off with India came to an abrupt halt with the looming BRICS summit at Xianmen, where Beijing is host. The violent, orchestrated language delivered to and against India was unique in international discourse. It included the Chinese Ambassador in Delhi and his colleagues back home in the Foreign Ministry. The performance was reminiscent of the Nazi regime in Germany, as it preparatory to its invasion of Czechoslovakia in March 1939. It is possible that in its delusional conceit, the present regime in China imagined that India would lie down quietly and obediently follow Beijing’s diktat. India was indeed mute in the face of a barrage of racial insults, sneers and ultimatums, choosing wisely not to answer in kind. There were no supplications for help from international interlocutors, as was, alas, the case with Czechoslovakia, and hence no possibility of betrayal in the face of such calculated intimidation. India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval neither bent nor broke in talks with his counterparts in Beijing. His chief, Narendra Modi, kept silent, while External Affairs Minister, Sushma Swaraj, uttered emollient words. To Chinese bellicosity reminding New Delhi of the 1962 military standoff in which India was humiliated. Defence Minister Arun Jaitley made a dignified riposte, as opposed to a rant, stating that the Indian military today is not what it had been half a century and more ago. The likely fallout of another conflict along the Himalayan border would have had an impact beyond the region with unpredictable global consequences. With the Indian nerve holding firm, there was no climb down in sight, and the certainty that Prime Minister Modi would not attend the BRICS summit in case of a clash of arms imperilled his attendance and those of Russian, Brazilian and South African leaders. This may may have given pause to the Chinese leadership and rethink their reckless behavior. The medium and long-term political fallout of the India-China confrontation and the indecent exposure of Chinese bluff is sure to be significant, particularly among the nations of South East Asia (ASEAN), much alarmed by Chinese aggrandizement in the South China Sea. have long been looking to India as a counterweight to China’s rise. The lessons of Doklam will unfold in the fullness of time. China perceives it’s as a global hegemon in company with the United States. Plagued by its inner demons its insecurity is cloaked in aggressive posturing. Why else would the mention of the Dalai Lama provoke a fit of the vapours in Beijing? Truth is Tibet, an independent country, was invaded by China in November 1950 and timed to

coincide with its intervention in the Korean war. Neither the brute power of the Chinese state nor its sponsored demographic alteration of the country through waves of Han colonists, have reconciled Tibetans to their tragic fate. The Dalai Lama and his followers live in India as honoured guests. Were they to be expelled from the country, China’s attitude to India would change dramatically. But the price would not be worth the candle.. any more than the appeasement of Hitler over Czechoslovakia did decades ago. India cannot be hostage to China’s political failures in Tibet. Tibetan refugees brave natural hazards and Chinese border guards to make the perilous journey to India. Chinese power in Xinjiang is being challenged by a local Uighur insurgency. Beleaguered China apparently has no solution to internal ethnic unrest. Disaffected Tibetan and Uighur alike will take comfort from Chinese discomfort over Doklam. For them all is not lost. The West must also ponder the Doklam episode. It has long perceived Asia as a Chinese-centric continent, with India hyphenated disdainfully with Pakistan to be caged within the prescribed limits of the Subcontinent in whose status Nato and the European Union have a shared sphere of influence with Beijing. After all, President Obama’s first port of call in Asia following his assumption of power was China, where he proclaimed China was a stakeholder in the subcontinent’s stability. As China had gifted Pakistan nuclear and missile technology and is possible in cahoots with jihadi terrorism into India, Indian reaction to the Obama demarche was omen of stern, silent disapproval. The US-China alignment in 1971 against India in support of their military client in Islamabad is well documented. President Nixon and his National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger, even tried to persuade China to open a second front to draw off Indian forces engaging Pakistan. The cooperation between Washington and Beijing to box India subcontinent lasted until the end of the Clinton administration in 2000. The Nixon-Kissinger scheme ended dismally, as India broke its shackles with Pakistan’s defeat and the creation of a sovereign Bangladesh in December 1971. At the end of the decade, India gave full support to Vietnam as it destroyed the genocidal Pol Pot regime in Cambodia, bolstered by China with the discreet acquiescence of America and Britain, simultaneously repulsing Chinese forces that had invaded Vietnam. Finally, will Sino-Indian relations be trouble-free, with Doklam seemingly out of the way? This is highly unlikely. It promises to be a long, hard game.

India and Vietnam draw closer Vietnam, wise to Chinese ways through primordial experience, has long understood that Chairman Mao in essence was a peasant revolutionary with ingrained fascist instincts. Tested in wars against colonial France, imperial America and expansionist China in February 1979, this heroic and indomitable nation emerged victorious in these epic encounters. Vietnam is today strongly allied to India strategically, with frequent high level ministerial visit to deepen their bonding. Few Indians or others are aware that Vietnam was the first and only power to extend full support to India’s claims to disputed territory with China along their Himalayan border way back in 1981 when Premier Pham van Dong visited New Delhi to parley with the formidable Indira Gandhi. India now possesses the military, technological and economic muscle to aid Vietnam in its myriad endeavours. India has underwritten most of Vietnam’s defence needs and is set to continue this fruitful partnership of equals. A recent statement emanating from Hanoi suggests that Vietnam appears to hint that it had received the much sought after BrahMos supersonic cruise missile, jointly produced by India and

Russia, designed for export with the approval of both parties. However, Moscow has waived this right and left it to India to act as it will. Furthermore, India and Russia are engaged in a project to extend the range of BrahMos and take its speed to a hypersonic level of 4.000 miles per hour from the present 2,800 miles per hour. The message is significant. Russia has abiding national interests that brook no denial. It has given no blank cheque to Beijing, as expected of a Great Power belonging to an exclusive military league of two with the United States of America. India has drawn up a list of countries that desire this lethal weapon system. They include Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Brazil and Chile. Hence the denial by the Ministry of External Affairs that no decision to supply Vietnam with BrahMos, was questioned by the Bangkokbased Asian Times, which analyzing the Vietnamese statement on defence and economic platforms construction with Indian help included an oblique reference to BrahMos. Whatever the immediate truth, BrahMos is destined for Vietnam, particularly as Prime Minister Modi had asked BrahMos Aerospace company to speed up sales to Vietnam. Watch this space.

Candid Panagriya speaks his mind Outgoing Niti Ayog Chairman Arvind Panagriya, the Cornel University professor who returned to the bowers of academe following a two-year stint in India, said he was refreshed and enlightened by his experience. He had lectured on the Indian economy but his close-up view of its mode of functioning, his interaction with Prime Minister Modi and the bureaucracy was a valuable experience. Professor Panagriya said: ‘I think the prime minister’s resolve for reforms has only increased not diminished…he gave us a lot of freedom to do that.’ The top bureaucrats in the Finance Ministry were bright, energetic and willing facilitators in the enterprise, but the bureaucracy as a whole was inclined to be slow. Asked by his interlocutor on the pace of reforms, Panagriya said this had been well calibrated, pointing firmly

to the example of Air India’s privatization as work in progress, which most people despaired would ever happen. He brushed aside the brouhaha over interest rates, predicting that the economy would rebound to 8 per cent growth. Professor was at pains to point out that in this day and age the controversy about his long residence in the United States and the similar situation faced by Dr Raghuram Rajan was absurd since information was always accessible on all things in every corner of the world. There was thus no dearth of knowledge about the state of the Indian economy, warts and all. As it was, he still held his Indian passport (as did Dr Rajan). Outsiders, he explained, also had a stake in the system. In a globalized world it cannot be otherwise.

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not what ships are for - William Shedd

Manoj Ladwa Strategic Advisor - Global Business & Government

Demonetisation a failure: Really? There is a large section in the Indian media (and I include the India correspondents of many western agencies and publications in this basket) and some of India’s so-called intellectual elites that have made it their mission to find fault with and pick holes in whatever the Narendra Modi government does. There is another, smaller, lot that pulls in exactly the opposite direction. In most cases, the truth lies somewhere in between the extreme opinions of the two camps. The recent release of the annual report of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave both sides ammunition to carry out their proxy war. Demonetisation has failed, screamed the first lot, with a lot of self-congratulatory analysis on how their predictions of economic doom had been allegedly borne out by the RBI report. Nonsense, shouted the other group, but by most accounts, their voice has been drowned in the din. But what is the primary evidence for this latest bout of competitive chest thumping? The RBI annual report said 99 per cent of the currency demonetised on November 8, 2016 had been deposited in banks and had been exchanged for new currency notes. The conclusions the first lot drew from this were: a) All or most of the alleged black money in the system was back in circulation, thus, defeating the government’s objective of snuffing out unaccounted cash. b) The government’s goal of gaining a windfall of about $50-60 billion from extinguished currency notes (those that would not be returned) has not been achieved. c) The government’s alleged intention of using this windfall for expenditure on social welfare and infrastructure building has come to nought. d) And, the pain suffered by the people in anticipation of this cumulative gain to the economy has been in vain. Therefore, a section of the media shouted, demonetisation had failed. Even the venerable BBC echoed this sentiment. I would say I have great respect for the BBC as an institution. But I cannot help but say that this report is a prime example of lazy journalism, where the reporter concerned has let his audiences down by substituting facts with opinions. After all, it is much easier (and dare I use the word “sexier”) to tom-tom the alleged nonreturn of $50-60 billion to the government’s coffers than to do a detailed cost-benefit analysis of a complex multi-pronged exercise, of which demonetisation is only one part, to tackle and eradicate a deep rooted and hydra-headed monster like black money. Continued on page 13 Editor: CB Patel

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Bolton’s new curry to rival the Birmingham Balti Ready, Steady, Cook and Strictly star Ainsley Harriott has praised a unique, new curry recipe developed in a Bolton Indian restaurant as ‘better than a Balti’ after sampling it at Bolton Food and Drink Festival on Sunday 27 August. The new dish, dubbed ‘the Bolti’ in honour of its Bolton origins, has been unveiled exactly 40 years since the creation of one of the UK’s favourite curry dishes – the Balti – in Birmingham. Anwar and Keith outside the Royal Balti House restaurant

Ainsley with Bolti

The Bolti was developed by one of Greater Manchester’s best curry restaurants. The unique dish is based on a traditional Balti recipe, but has been enhanced with achari pickle, along with Lancashire Sauce made by family firm Entwistle’s of Ramsbottom. Ainsley, who has been one

of the nation’s favourite TV chefs for almost two decades, sampled the dish when it was premiered after his first-ever cookery demonstration at the festival, which runs from Friday 25 – Monday 28 August. Ainsley said: “The Bolti is delicious. I absolutely loved it. It has a tangy, spicy flavour and is very aromatic, and really moves on and develops the original Balti recipe. The Lancashire Sauce and achari pickle add a whole new dimension. “This new curry is unique to Bolton – you can’t get it anywhere else. I think the Bolti recipe will be a huge

Manchester Labour Party hit back at Muslim councillor's sacking claims The Manchester Labour party has hit back furiously at claims that a high profile Muslim councillor was sacked for allegedly being out spoken. Instead they have raised concerns that she has a very poor campaigning and attendance record, the Manchester Evening News has reported. Council leader Sir Richard Leese has waded into the row over the treatment of Councillor Amina Lone of British Pakistani origin, pointing out she allegedly failed to attend key council meetings last year for nearly six months. This has sparked an extraordinary public row, and made national headlines. Cllr Lone was barred from standing in next year’s local elections by the city party in March, following an interview with a panel of Labour figures. Despite his previous letter of support for Cll Amina Lone, council leader Sir Richard Leese - in a joint statement with chief whip Suzanne Richards has reportedly said that

Amina Leone

the Manchester Labour group had had to ‘report an extremely poor campaigning record and an attendance at official council meetings so bad that it almost led to a byelection’. Cllr Lone had appealed the decision and lost, later saying that she believed ‘ambitious’ figures within the party had pushed her out for being ‘outspoken’. However city party chair Linda Priest has now also reportedly issued a statement in response including information she said was ‘inaccurate and misleading’.

success and it is a worthy rival to the traditional Balti.” The Bolti was developed by the Royal Balti House in Farnworth, which scores five out of five on Trip Advisor and has won a series of awards. Manager Keith Meah and chef Anwar Hossein developed the dish in response to demand from regular customers who had tried everything on the menu and wanted something bigger and bolder. The Bolti has proved such a hit with locals that it is now set to be added to The Royal Balti’s regular menu. Mr Meah said: “We’re thrilled that Ainsley loved

our Bolti! It is wonderful that a top chef like Ainsley has given it his support. “We’re great fans of the Balti – we specialise in them, and that’s reflected in our name! We have many regulars who want to try something that’s not on the menu and so we create new dishes for them. They love this new recipe. “To mark the 40th anniversary of the invention of the Balti in Birmingham, the fact that we’re based in Bolton and it’s the food and drink festival, we named it the Bolti. We hope that it will be as popular as the original Balti one day.” Bolton Council’s Cabinet Member for Culture, Cllr John Byrne, said: “It’s fantastic that Bolton is home to a unique, new curry recipe which could rival the famous Balti. I love this unique Bolton version and it’s great that Ainsley does too.” Balti curries are a staple on the menus of Indian restaurants throughout the UK and are enjoyed by thousands of people nationwide every week. The Balti thought to have been first dished up in a Birmingham restaurant in 1977.

Daylight jewellery heist by masked robbers A jewellery store in Handsworth, Birmingham was raided by masked robbers at around 5 pm on the 1st of September. CCTV footage shows a number of masked men armed with sledgehammers and knives raiding Pahal’s Jewellery store in Soho Road. It is believed from eye witnesses at the scene and CCTV that they used a smoke grenade that was thrown into the store. As the smoked poured underneath one man held open the steel shutter as the other men entered the premises and preceded to take a ‘significant amount’ of jewellery. After the jewellery was take the men were seen running to a black Mercedes. Even though several eye witnesses have been identified and CCTV records

have been recorded for evidence the police are calling out to hear from anyone that has any information about the robbery, especially those that may have recorded footage on their phones. Luckily no passerby was injured but it must have been a frightening experience for the staff of Pahal’s. West Midlands Police Detective Inspector Dave Sanders said, “This appears to have been a well-organised robbery: all of the men were masked, one held open the shutters while others threatened staff and stole valuables.” He goes onto saying that the Police are working to resolve this robbery as quickly as possible as he urges the public to come forward with any information about the robbery.


Increase in Islamophobia attacks across the North and Midlands

Recently there has been an increase in Islamophobic attacks around the Midlands and North as caught on camera in Sheffield and Birmingham. Footage emerged in Sheffield of a man being kicked off a tram making racial slurs and arguing with fellow passengers. Another incident occurred in Birmingham where a video emerged showing a group of Muslims being abused. The police confirmed that a 43 year old woman being taken into custody. Both the South Yorkshire Police and Kirklees District Police say that they take a serious stance when dealing with racial abuse.

Road race crash leaves people injured

Cadbury worker Manjivan Purewal had taken his car out while on a break from the chocolate manufacturers was sentenced last week. The judge gave him 3 years imprisonment on the hope that he learns the risks of reckless driving. He had raced another car at 120mph through Birmingham before crashing and seriously injuring a husband and wife. The couple had suffered serious injuries as Mr O’Sullivan had a broken collar bone and pelvis and Mrs O’Sullivan Manjivan Purewal had injuries to her spine. Purewal’s vehicle had collided with the O’Sullivan’s car by Linden Road, in Bournville. Sentencing Purewal, Judge Philip Parker noted that driving on our roads is a privilege not a right and that he raced his car in a 30mph road which was in excess of 100 mph over the limit. Due to this Purewal was disqualified from driving for 5 years and told that he would have to re-take his test.

Birmingham terrorist tried to recruit undercover reporter for London Bridge attack

Birmingham Islamic State recruit Junaid Husain had tried to persuade an undercover reporter to carry out an attack on London Bridge a year before the incident on June 3. A special report by BBC Inside Out London said one of its journalists was encouraged by the Kings Health terrorist to target London Bridge, suggesting he could do it alone or in a group and also illustrated how to attack a victim with a knife to inflict maximum damage. The BBC reportedly said the details bore striking similarities to the attack on London Bridge. In a special report on Islamist-inspired extremism, researched over two years, the undercover journalist used Twitter to make contact with jihadist and IS recruiter Junaid Hussain. Speaking through an encrypted messaging site, 21-year-old Hussain said he could help train the undercover reporter on how to make bombs from home. 0Hussain also revealed explicit terrorist tutorials on the dark web, including step by step instructions on how to make a bomb, and a detailed description on how to create a fake suicide vest. When Hussain was killed by a US army drone in Syria, apparently another recruiter made contact to continue the conversation. He even detailed a plot to assassinate a police officer, including how to obtain firearms and bullets.

Oldbury sweethearts start new auto-rickshaw business An Oldbury couple Sandip Gillar and Dal Gillar has started the allelectric Ride My Tuk Tuk which will offer customers to travel on the automobile to special events. Come from China the auto-rickshaw has space for up to 5 people and is environmentally friendly. The idea had come up when Sandip was on maternity leave and they set about to buy their very own on eBay. The couple decided to start the business

because of the nostalgic feeling of riding the auto-rickshaw as it is loved by all generations. The couple say that it brings back fond memories as everyone loves the uniqueness of the ride. The automobile can be hired out for events such as weddings and proms so that you can arrive at your venue with style! The auto-rickshaw can also be hired out for a photo booth session to catch the most Instagram worthy pictures.

Sandip Gillar and Dal Gillar

UK AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice |

Hindus, Sikhs and Christians defend Champion over grooming claim

Jeremy Corbyn

Lord Singh of wimbledon

Sarah Champion

Hindus, Sikhs and Pakistani Christian groups have written a joint letter criticising Labour's “weak response� to Sarah Champion, the MP, who raised about the race factor in grooming cases. Lord Singh of Wimbledon has co-signed the letter, defending Sarah Champion, the Labour MP who was forced to quit after pointing out that many sex grooming predators were of Pakistani origin. The letter published in The Times newspaper, said, “We commend Sarah Champion and the Muslim Councillor Amina Lone for speaking up on a clear trend in criminality: the conviction of men largely Pakistani Muslim

heritage in sexual grooming cases...Rochdale, Rotherham and recently Newcastle are examples of a significant number of convictions, highlighting an obvious pattern. However, it's not just white girls who fall victim. For decades Hindu, Sikh and Christian organisations have raised concerns about grooming gangs. The latter have plagued our communities so much so that a BBC documentary on the targeting of Sikhs was aired a few years back. The common denominator is that victims almost always tend to be non-Muslim girls. We are dismayed by the Labour leadership's weak response. We are not willing to see see the betrayal of victims, who

are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. It's not racist or Islamophobic to raise a matter of significant public concern...� The letter has been signed by Lord Singh on behalf of the Network of Sikh Organisations and by groups including the British Pakistani Christian Association and Hindu Council UK, states: Ms Champion wrote in The Sun: “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls.� She later apologised for an “extremely poor choice of words� and quit her role as shadow secretary for women and equalities. She has refused to comment on her alleged sacking by Jeremy Corbyn.



BE PART OF THE LYON SQUARE SUCCESS STORY  ( &#  (    # ) &   #   %  $   ## (# #& '( '   # & ( (  ##   ) # # ) # (  (  # (   #     (  #  ) & 

#   # #    & %* &# 

     WWW.LYONSQUARE.CO.UK (  # &#  (  ##  !  ) (   (  )& ##        



9th September 2017

M1 crash victims named at inquest An inquest in Milton Keynes on Tuesday confirmed the identities of those who died in the crash between two lorries and a minibus near Newport Pagnell. The six men and two women were heading from Nottingham to London when their minibus, that was sandwiched between two trucks, heading towards London.

to India this week, as confirmed by World Tamil Organisation's Chairman Jacob Ravibalan. Wipro UK has been organising for the reptariation and necessary visas for family members. Condolences were expressed to the families by the coroner. Four of the victims are P a n n e e r s e l v a m Annamalai, 63, S u b r a m a n i y a n Arachelvan, 58, and two

The inquest has been adjourned pending the outcome of criminal proceedings. Milton Keynes senior coroner Tom Osborne released the victims' bodies to their families during the hearing at the city's Crownhill Crematorium, in Buckinghamshire. The bodies will be repatriated

women Lavanyalakshmi Seetharaman, 33, and Tamilmani Arachelvan, 50 Those who also died were minibus driver Cyriac Joseph 52, and IT workers Rishi Rajeev Kumar, 27, Vivek Baskaran, 26, and Karthikeyan Pugalur Ramasubramanian, 33.

Cyriac Joseph

Four other people in the minibus - including a five-year-old girl has been left orphaned by the tragedy - are in hospital. They were on their way to a coach tour from Wembley's Star Tours to Europe when the crash happened on the southbound carriageway at 3:15am BST. The coroner was told a lorry stopped in lane one of the motorway next to the junction 14 slip road. The minibus slowed and stopped, and was then hit from behind by another lorry. Two lorry drivers Ryszard Masierak, 31, of Evesham, Worcestershire, and David Wagstaff, 53, of Stoke-on-Trent - have both been charged with causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving. Mr Masierak also faces charges relating to drink-driving.


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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Sponsor 100 children for £1000 for a year!

Bhawani Singh Shekhawat CEO UK/Europe

Akshaya Patra exists to eliminate social inequity in one generation and whilst our focus is to ensure that one fantastically put together plate of food goes a long way in getting children to school and keeping them in education; occasionally we get an opportunity to serve our communities in very many different ways.

Today, we have an excellent disaster relief system wherein we have a Kitchen on wheels, developed with support from CISCO that helps communities with freshly cooked vegetarian meals be it a tsunami or an earthquake. On other occasions like the recent floods in India – starting with Gujarat, we use our existing kitchen capacity and donor network to help communities and governmenbts almost instantly. We recently did this in Gujarat where we supported hundreds of thousands with food and food packets. We are committed and will continue to do so in all parts of India. When the floods hit Chennai a few years ago, we were right there air-dropping food packets. Our service efforts in Nepal where we set up a kitchen, served people in Kathmandu soon after the earthquake and handed over the facilities to the local communities to run after normalcy returned is still cited as the best practice in direct, tangible and immediately effective humanitarian service. We will continue to support wherever an opportunity presents itself. But we can only do this with your help. So please step forward, call and support us. You can rest assured that you are supporting an organization which is using your contribution optimally, wisely and responsibly! So How can you, readers of Gujrat Samachar help. l Sponsor a 100 Children school meals for a whole year - £1000 l Sponsor an entire school for a whole year - £2750 Please call us at the numbers below and me and my team would be delighted to help you understand how Akshaya Patra is changing the future for millions of children and their families and how every little contribution helps immensely. Please do note that our admin costs are the lowest in NGOs in the world and our numerous global awards and recognitions bear testimony to how well we use donors contribution. We simply exist to make a huge difference and use every penny contributed to its greatest value. Every day, Akshaya Patra serves freshly cooked, nourishing school lunches to over 1.6 million children in more than 12,000 government schools across 11 states in India through our Food For Education Programme. Our mission is to serve 5 million children by 2020. To help us reach this ambitious goal, please donate online at or text MEALS to 70300 to donate £10. Your £10 gift will enable us to serve school lunches to one child in India every day for an entire year. To learn more about our work, visit The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK E: T: 020 7422 6612 Akshaya Patra is the official sponsored charity for Asian Achievers Awards 2017


Muslim parents caught for killing teen daughter Almost nine years after 17 year old Shafilea's death, it has finally been known that her father had stuffed a plastic bag in the victim's mouth, holding it in until she stopped breathing. Her body was found six months later in the River Kent on Cumbria, 70 miles away from the family home in Warrington, Cheshire. Muslim parents who murdered their daughter for failing to embrace her Pakistani culture were caught by a single nod described as “self-incriminating”. Body language experts analysed footage of Iftikhar and Farzana Ahmed lying to the public about 17-year old Shafilea's disappearance in 2003, helping close the case. Expert Cliff Lansley, who shared his findings on Investigation Discovery's 'Faking It: Tears of a Crime' said that the way Iftikhar moved his head in an

Shafilea Ahmed

Iftikhar Ahmed

up-and-down motion when he pressed on his involvement in the murder, denying all charges, is a significant indication of guilt. “He has got his eyes closed, his volume has dropped and we see the head nod yes. Slightly diagonal, but this is up and down,” he said. He said that by adding “I couldn't even dream of it” to his answer was his way of trying to further qualify his story, fearing his lies may be

Farzana Ahmed

detected. Iftikhar and Farzana were convicted following evidence given by Shafilea's sister after she was arrested for setting up a robbery on her own parents. Alesha said they had murdered her for failing to accept an arranged marriage and asked her siblings to keep silence if they did not want a similar fate. Following her testimony, both the parents were jailed for life. A judge ordered them to serve a minimum of 25 years.

Top London curry house opens doors after illegal immigrant raid closure One of London’s top curry houses in the City was temporarily shut by officials for allegedly employing illegal workers. Family-owned Punjabi restaurant Tayyabs, in Whitechapel was closed since last Tuesday till Thursday after being raided by immigration officers. Officials served a closure notice due to “outstanding civil penalty fines amounting to £95,000” after previous offences. The East London food joint had first opened its doors in 1972. It is a popular joint among bankers and professionals, more as the restaurant does not serve alcohol, but allows customers to carry their own alcohol, making it a cheaper option. Following a raid by the Home Office’s

Immigration Enforcement agency, it was alleged that some of the 40 staff at the award-winning eatery were working illegally or lacking correct permits. Of nine offenders that have been identified, five Pakistani nationals are being deported, the Home Office said. A spokesman added that the eatery already

owes fines of £95,000, while the latest notice to be served carries fines of up to £180,000. Twitter went to meltdown after this news emerged, but many were found relieved when they heard the restaurant has been now reopened. Boss Aleem Tayyab reportedly said he would now bring immigration

Christian girl placed with Muslim foster to live with relative

The five-year-old who was reportedly placed with a Muslim foster family has been reportedly taken to her grandmother's home after a judge ruled she should live with one of her relatives. The move came after the girl was placed within a foster home where her Christian roots were allegedly discouraged. A media report said the Muslim foster family had sought to impose its values and traditions on the girl. Local authority Tower Hamlets Council, involved in the case, denied claims that the foster family did not speak English. It said the foster carers were in “English speaking family of mixed race” and claimed there were other “inaccuracies” in reporting of the case. Family court judge Khatun Sapnara

reportedly said it was in the girl's best interests to live within a family. They said it could meet her needs in relation to “ethnicity, culture, and religion”. “Tower Hamlets Council has the welfare of children at the heart of what we do. The decision to choose foster carers for a child is based on a number of factors, including cultural background and proximity to promote contact with the child's family and the child's school in order to give them as much stability as possible. We have always been working towards the child being looked after by a family member and we continue to do so,” a statement issued by the local authority said.

permits checks in-house and reportedly blamed a third party for oversights which led to the shutdown. He said his staff are mostly British, but also originally from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Eastern Europe. Mr Tayyab said: “We’re incredibly busy but now we’ve realised that now I need to sit down with one of my brothers to do the recruitment and all the compliance checks ourselves now rather than getting a third party to do it. “It’s been devastating for us, we’ve never been closed for this long and we have to put our house in order. “We’re very sorry for the inconvenience to our customers and we’re looking forward to seeing them soon.”

Nine G4S staff suspended from immigration centre Private Security contractor G4S has suspended 9 staff from an immigration centre near Gatwick after fresh claims of abuse and assaults against detainees. This has prompted calls for the government to stop awarding its contracts. After the allegations by the BBC Panorama of “chaos, incompetence and abuse” at Brook House immigration removal centre, an investigation has been launched. The programme claims to have undercover footage showing officers “mocking, abusing and even assaulting detainees” at the facility, where drugs are allegedly rife. G4S said nine staff had been suspended pending further investigation in the latest scandal to hit the controversial firm.

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Horrific acid-attack victim shares expecting their third child incredible recovery pictures The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting a third child, Kensington Palace has announced. The announcement was made as the Kate was forced to cancel an engagement on Monday because of extreme morning sickness. In a statement, Kensington Palace said: “Their royal highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting their third child. The Queen and members of both families are delighted with the news. “As with her previous two pregnancies, the duchess is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Her royal highness will no longer carry out her planned engagement at the Hornsey Road children’s centre in London today. The duchess is being cared for at Kensington Palace.” Following the announcement, Alice and

Victoria/Arthur and Henry have been the early favourites for name of third child of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, according to Betfair. Katie Baylis, Betfair Spokesperson, said: “Following (this morning)’s announcement of baby number three for Kate and William, we have Alice and Victoria as 10/1 favourites if the child is a girl and Arthur and Henry also at 10/1 as favourites for a boy. “Alice could be one to

watch out for if the child is a girl, as when Kate was pregnant with Charlotte, Alice was heavily backed by punters and went from 50/1 into the 5/2 favourite at one stage. “As the world marks 20 years since the death of the Princess of Wales, Diana is at 20/1, while Elizabeth and Phillip are both at 16/1 and Charles 33/1. “Carole, the name of Kate’s mother is a 100/1 outsider, as is that of Camilla.”

Aspiring model Resham Khan, who was left with severe facial burns after allegedly being doused with acid on her 21st birthday in East London, has shared amazing photos of recovery. She and her cousin Jameel Mukhtar were allegedly attacked with a corrosive substance while they were driving through London streets near Beckton, with windows rolled down. In a series of harrowing posts, she told how she was “too petrified to walk to my local shop” and explained the extensive medical treatment she went through including skin grafts. And the 21-year-old has now shared pictures of herself with no visible scarring, thanking her followers for their support in an emotional post. She wrote: "Of course my face isn't what it was, the images show mainly one side,” she wrote, to which hundreds of people responded commenting on her beauty. She added: “You're all actually making me so emotional thank you all so much I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much positivity. "




Resham after recovery

Shortly after the alleged June 21 attack, she

shared pictures of herself with large dark scars on her body and peeling scabs across her face. Her followers praised her “courage” and said she is a “welcome hope for others who have been affected by acid attacks”. Police investigating the incident charged 24-year-old east Londoner John Tomlin with two counts of GBH. He is due to stand trial at Southwark Crown Court on November 27.

Resham Khan and Jameel Mukhtar



£225,000! 1 BED APARTMENTS FROM £350,000

Residents’ Gym

Sauna & Steam Room

Terrace Lounge

Screening Room

Hot Desks

24 Hour Concierge




6 minutes walk from Hanger Lane Central line Bond Street 21 minutes direct. Unrivalled opportunity for first time buyers, post graduates and home movers. Around 21 mins drive time from London Heathrow.


020 3409 2282 Image of Westgate House is computer generated and may not be indicative of the final consented scheme. Lifestyle facilities are subject to planning. Price correct at time of going to press. Journey times are approximate, source and



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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


Reuben Lal John Collins, son of John Collins and Sheila Pankhania, has recently received 9 A stars and 2 A’s in his GCSE’s. In the new GCSE system he received a 9 in Maths the highest award. Reuben will be attending Harris Westminster School to do his A levels. His late grandfather Lalji Popat Pankhania a Mathematician himself would have been very proud, as is his Nanni Kanchan Pankhania.

Have Hope Race riots in America, nuclear aggression in the Far East, Syria, ISIS. We look for leadership. We look for hope. We so often looked to America when in despair. Sometimes they made things better. Never in American history have so many thought this President a clown, (fact checked) so maybe he should have given this speech from a man, Charlie Chaplin, who played a clown and directed this to Nazis. (Charlie Chaplin who was much respected by Mahatma Gandhi by the way). "I should like to help everyone if possible, Jew, gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another, human beings are like that. We all want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone and the earth is rich and can provide for everyone. But we have lost the way. We have developed speed but we have shut ourselves in: machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge has made us cynical, our cleverness hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little: More than machinery we need humanity; More than cleverness we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost.

The aeroplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men, cries out for universal brotherhood for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people. To those who can hear me I say “Do not despair”. In the seventeenth chapter of Saint Luke it is written ” the kingdom of God is within man ” – not one man, nor a group of men – but in all men – in you, the people. You the people have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness. You the people have the power to make life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy let’s use that power – let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work, that will give you the future and old age and security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power, but they lie. They do not fulfil their promise, they never will. Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. In the name of democracy, let us all unite!” There will be hope again. There will be elections. Trump will go. Patience.

LEICESTER Salutes CB Patel

Legend of Asian Media on the occasion of his 80th Birthday

A special performance by


Sunday 10th September 2017 at Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre from 4pm onwards What they say about CB “Many Happy Returns of the day to Shri C B Patel on his 80th Birthday”

“Through his Press Media and Publications, he has enlightened the social and cultural pride of being an Indian especially a Gujarati residing abroad.” Hon Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi


“The position he has achieved as Editor and Journalist, and the leadership he has provided for public service is very much commendable. I have a warm and personal relationship with C B Patel. I pray to God that his eight decades life journey may still remain much active and lengthy."

“He is a legend of the media. We cannot thank him enough for his lifetime of service. Many people have done things for our community but CB's contribution has been enormous. He always has the community in his heart” Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP

To book your place contact

Jinesh Ajaykumar Patel got 3 A* in Computer Science, Further Mathematics and Mathematics and A in Physics. Speaking to Asian Voice, he said, "I thank my mum Priti and dad Ajay and brother Brijesh and all fellow close family members for all the encouragement and support they have given me,over many years, to pass these exams swiftly". He will be pursuing a degree in Physics at a leading University in the UK.

Book Launch at the Zoroastrian Centre

Bachi Karkaria

The Zoroastrian Centre on Rayner's Lane hosted an event on September 3 which was described as 'a first' by Malcolm Deboo, the affable and energetic President of the hoary Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (ZTFE). It was the London launch of a book making waves back in India, 'In Hot Blood: The Nanavati Case That Shook India', and a sizeable audience chose to sacrifice a Sunday afternoon to listen to a discussion between the author and senior Indian journalist, Bachi Karkaria and London's sports broadcaster and author, Mihir Bose. It got its time's worth because it was a lively exchange in a heritage setting. The Zoroastrian Centre is the latest, and arguably best avatar of the original art deco Grosvernor Cinema, a Grade II* listed building, reverently restored by the ZTFE which took it over in 2000. Karkaria is an engaging speaker and her passion for the book was evident as she replied to Bose's questions and read riveting passages. The conversation extended to the Bombay of 1959- 1961, the period of the case – Bose in fact was an 11 year old still living there when it hit the headlines –and comparisons with the present-day social milieu. The book has received a record number of reviews in Indian and become a bestseller. Not surprising considering its winner combination of impressive research and thriller pace. Indeed, it is the first, comprehensive non-fiction account of India's first upper class crime of passion. The Nanavati saga has continued to grip the urban imagination for six decades. It has been the pivot of three films –Yeh Rastey Hai Pyar Ke, Achanak and Rustom, which hit the screens as late as last year, winning a National Best Actor Award for Akshaye Kumar. It was the inspiration of Indra Sinha's novel, The Death of Mr Love, and made a cameo appearance in Salman Rushdie's Midnight's Children. Sabina Gadihoke wrote her Ph D thesis on the way the case was covered in the Bombay tabloid Blitz and its after-life in the first two films mentioned above. On April 27, 1959, the Parsi Commander Kawas Nanavati, among the most promising officers of the Indian Navy heard his English wife, Sylvia, confess that she was in an adulterous relationship with their Sindhi playboy-businessman friend, Prem Ahuja. That same afternoon, while Sylvia and their three young children watched the matinee of Tom's Thumb at Bombay's Metro Cinema, Commander Nanavati requisitioned a .38 Smith and Wesson revolver from his ship's armoury, drove to Ahuja's flat, entered his bedroom, and shot dead his wife's lover just as he had emerged

Bachi with Malcolm Daboo and Mihir Bose

from his bath with only a towel loosely wrapped round his waist. The Defence led by the flamboyant art connoisseur and criminal lawyer created an elaborate story of a scuffle, but Ram Jethmalani, then only a junior lawyer pointed out that had there been a scuffle, the towel would not have remained on the body as found by Ahuja's sister, servants and the summoned sleuths. The jury, dazzled by the hysteria of the supporting crowds and the optics – Nanavati appeared each day with a naval escort and in full, dazzling, bemedalled uniform --pronounced him Not Guilty. But the judge described the verdict as 'perverse' and referred the case to the High Court. By the time, it was all over, it had involved the topmost legal brains, written an important chapter in Indian jurisprudence and led to a blistering turf war between the executive and the judiciary because the State's governor had suspended the life sentence passed by the high court. Even Prime Minister Nehru had to step in to soothe a press demanding why justice was being subverted to help an influential man. It was clear that Sunday evening at the ZTFE's Zartoshty Brothers Hall that Karkaria had brought into bear her formidable experience as an investigative journalist. The book is rich in detail about the legal twists and turns, the traditions of the Royal British Navy in which Commander Nanavati was steeped, the glittering social milieu of Bombay, especially its iconic Parsi community, and the never-before revealed facts of the life of the Nanavatis after they emigrated to Canada soon after his pardon in 1964. As important, she has dismantled the invincible cliches of Nanavati as Unalloyed Hero, Ahuja as Unmitigated Villain and Sylvia as Unwitting Victim. The book is available on and can be ordered at large bookstores such as Foyles.

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Rani Singh, Special Assignments Editor

Lainy Malkani – an Author Finding Important Hidden Stories Many journalists steer a conventional path seeking stardom and acclaim by their peers. Few have the courage and the confidence to pursue seemingly obscure subjects and bring them into mainstream media focus. Lainy Malkani was one who did; she looked at the hidden story of the relationship between migrant workers and the production of sugar. Lainy is the author of ‘Sugar, Sugar Bitter-sweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers’ published by Hope Road Publishing. Background Londonborn Lainy Malkani’s parents arrived from British Guiana in the early 1960s. “Their ancestors left India in the late nineteenth century to work on sugar plantations in the colony. I know little about them. They probably worked as cane cutters and domestic workers,” she told us. In London, Lainy’s mother did several jobs from home – sewing and working in a biscuit factory - until finally settling at the British Library. There,

she worked in the reference library in Chancery Lane until she retired. Lainy’s father, a teacher in British Guiana (now known as Guyana,) worked for the Civil Service. Lainy continues; “I was close to my mother. Her stories of reading unusual and i n t r i g u i n g manuscripts and archive material at the British Library rubbed off on me. We always read the newspapers and watched the news on TV. Perhaps her influence led me to journalism.” Lainy did a Communication Studies degree then won a scholarship from LBC radio. She did a Post Graduate Diploma at City University. “Before moving to BBC News and Current Affairs, I worked in the Community Affairs Department where I covered British Asian stories.” She carried the topic into her next post; at the BBC World Service. But she still had hardly any opportunity to cover stories

others they worked for five years on the sugar plantations in British Guiana and then decided to stay. ‘Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas,’ was a success and seemed to strike a chord with British Asians who shared this history.” Inspired by the success of the documentaries Lainy approached Arts Council England and the writer’s development agency Spread The Word, to write a collection of short stories that would reveal the wider Indian diasLainy Malkani pora who share this history. “‘Sugar, Sugar about her own IndoBitter-sweet Tales of Caribbean heritage and Indian Migrant Workers’ upbringing. begins in 1838 when the Forging Her Own Path first ships left Calcutta and Lainy left the BBC in Madras. The ten short 2012 to explore ways of story collection is based on bringing her history and archive at the British experience to a wider audiLibrary and memories of ence. “In 2015, with the the descendants of indenhelp of radio production tured Indian workers. It company Culture Wise includes stories about Productions, we made a Guyana and Trinidad, as two-part documentary well as South Africa, Fiji series for BBC Radio 4 and Mauritius where about my family’s experiIndians also thrived. It ences as the descendants took me six months to of Indian Indentured write; I worked with a workers. Like thousands of

Offshore investing: The legal way

Kishan Devani Consultant

Much has been made in recent years of the government’s crusade against tax evaders using offshore jurisdictions to dodge their tax responsibilities. The barrage of criticism from both the media and the general public has ranged from justifiably concerned to vehemently hysterical. The bottom line is that all non-UK investments are now considered by many to be immoral, dishonest and reprehensible. The outrage is understandable. Whilst some schemes used over the years have been outright illegal; many, whilst being legal have sailed so close to the wind that

they have often unintentionally crossed the line. The upshot of this is that even totally legitimate mitigation of tax has become so soiled by association that Joe Public now looks with disdain upon anyone seeking to limit their tax exposure. The truth is, that taxlimiting investing can be totally beyond reproach. No one has issue with the appropriateness of using ISAs as a vehicle to hold investments, or benefitting from the personal Income Tax or CGT allowances or even with enjoying tax relief on pension contributions. These are considered acceptable because they are recognised by all as government sanctioned vehicles to encourage us to earn and to save. Both we and the economy benefit from us using them. Offshore investing is no different. There are questionable and illegal ways to hold offshore investments. But there are also legitimate ways to hold them. The Offshore Wrapper is one of these. HMRC sanctions the way

a wide range of regulated investment products can be held in your wrapper and so long as the investments remain in the wrapper, there is no tax to pay and no need to report the performance of your investments to HMRC. For investors who will be in lower tax bands or who plan on becoming residents of other countries like Dubai in the future, there can be exceptional benefits. Segments of the wrapper can be gifted to family members who can then liquidate their segment on their own tax rate. One of the most attractive aspects of the Offshore Wrapper is that the holder can take 5% income from the growth every year for 20 years without having to pay any tax on it. HMRC allows this because they know that after 20 years tax will be paid and they are happy to wait. Offshore wrappers fit in with HMRC's 'Chargeable Events Regime' and can be suitable for long term investors.

mentor to help guide me through the writing process, and an amazing illustrator, Mireille Fauchon. Her family history rooted in Goa and the UK helped influence the creative process and the end result is magical.” About the Book “’Sugar, Sugar Bitter-sweet Tales of Indian Migrant Workers’ is written for

It’s written for the elders in our community and the younger UK audience. the elders in our communities and the younger UK audience that is intrigued by their past. I chose fiction because I wanted to create new voices, allowing the reader to place themselves at the centre of the story. There is an absence of first person narrative in the archive material at the British Library. Most of it is written from the perspective of the British: the plantation owner, the manager of the sugar estate or the doctors who were supposed to care

for the Indian workers. I wanted to write these stories now before our elders pass away. It is sad that we are in danger of losing our histories.” The Present Lainy has inspired others with her work. In September, she will run creative writing workshops for the community and other budding authors who want to use their past to write their own stories. Enrol at the @sugarsugartales FB page or email Lainy at lainy@socialhistoryhub.c om. The Future Lainy is researching her second book and is looking forward to sitting down at her desk to write. “I am hoping that this time I won’t spend a whole month sleeping on the sofa with just my laptop and cat, Marvin, for company. I’ve learned a few lessons throughout the writing process for ‘Sugar, Sugar.’ My family was so supportive of the erratic working weeks that preceded publication but I’m not so sure they will be as giving the second time around!”

Dealing with Inheritance Tax (IHT) - Discounted Gift Trust (DGT) Your will is in place and this will ensure that all of your assets will be distributed as per your wishes once you have died. You still have a significant amount of personal and family wealth that will be subject to IHT on your demise and you prefer to would ensure that as much as possible passes on to your beneficiaries. You are in the fortunate position that you have enough wealth to provide for any unforeseen emergencies in the future. You are mid60s, retired, currently in good health and have no problem relinquishing access to some of your money. The only proviso is that you are not comfortable gifting to your beneficiaries at this time primarily because you would like to continue drawing an

income from your investments, but also to avoid other issues involved in gifting. It would seem that using a DGT would be a suitable solution to your issue. As the name suggests, a DGT aims to provide the settlor/s with an immediate discount to their potential IHT liability with any growth on the trust fund falling outside of their IHT estate from Day 1. A DGT involves a single premium investment bond being written under a suitable trust. As the settlor retains the right to a chosen level of income during their lifetime, this will have a value for IHT purposes which will stay inside of the IHT estate. As such, for the purposes of calculating the gift at the outset; the value

The value of your investments can go down as well as up and past performance of an investment is not necessarily a guide to future performance.

of the full investment can be reduced (“discounted”) by this ‘retained value’. The actual value of the ‘retained fund’ is calculated taking into account the settlor’s sex, age, state of health, and the amount and frequency of the capital payments they are entitled to, and is calculated on application. The remaining part of the investment is subject to the “Seven Year Rule” and will be totally outside of the estate after seven years. On the demise of the settlor/s, the investment will pass directly to the beneficiaries without being subject to probate.



Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Moving back to uncertain time

Water, Water, Everywhere

While studying in Bombay, way back in nostalgic sixties when Bollywood ruled our hearts, I remember climbing into “Ladies Compartment” for no other reason than being half empty while other carriages were full to the brim especially during rush hours. Recently government floated the idea of introducing similar facilities for ladies on our trains after spate of attacks, mainly of sexual nature, have more than doubled during last five years. Ladies no longer feel safe travelling alone, especially outside rush hours. Could such action break gender equality law, deal with gender blender freaks, fill pockets of greedy human rights advocates who normally chase asylum seekers at ports, upset EU bureaucrats? This may create more problem than it could solve! This is indeed black-mark against us, especially against novice, outlandish politicians whose responsibility is to protect us, especially venerable people. Instead these out of touch, bleeding heart politicians living in their “Ivory Towers” keep on destroying fabric of our society, the infrastructure of the nation by cutting their budgets to bare minimum. Even after spate of terrorist attacks on London and Manchester, Government’s scriptural duty is cut police budget, closing down police stations, cutting NHS beds, denying Fire Bridget essential funds to buy high rising ladders that could have saved lives in Grenfell Towering inferno. Of course our euphoric, masochistic Government need these savings to build hospitals, schools, roads in Africa. Charity begins at home is an outdated slogan, has no place in our liberal, gullible, fatalistic politicians’ philosophy! If few geriatrics perishes in the process, so be it?

The havoc caused by the heavy rains in the wake of, and in accompaniment of, Hurricane Harvey has brought America, the world’s most powerful nation, to its knees. The incredible sight of Houston, America’s fourth largest city, submerged in deep waters makes you wonder how helpless man is against the wrath of nature. But it has to be said, the culprit is man himself. So far, the poor nations of the world bore the brunt of the sins of the advanced countries. Most of the world’s disasters like the mudslides, floods and earthquakes happened in poorer countries in Africa and Asia. Now it is the turn of the advanced country like the US. More rain and flooding are forecast and the devastation is expected to continue till mid September when Harvey makes second landfall - the hurricane’s last punch. These tsunamis, mudslides and floods are Mother Nature’s cry for help in retaliation to the flogging we humans subject her to. I would like to reiterate here what I have said before in this column – stop belching out poisonous gases in the atmosphere or else our posterity will have no earth to live on. So what could be done to prevent such disasters from happening again? It is time for governments to do more to protect the environment. This could be achieved by reducing global warming and conserving ecological balance by avoiding the depletion of natural resources like trees and forests – by creating sustainability.

Kumudini Valambia Via Email

There was a time when British media made fun of Labour leader Jeremy Corbin (JC) insisting that under his leadership, Labour will be reduced to fewer than 200 seats, Conservatives enjoying healthy 24% lead in the opinion poll that triggered the snap election. Now reverse is true, while JC enjoys unimaginable universal support, in spite of his left leaning agenda, public wholeheartedly supporting his renationalization targets, namely railways, energy firms and Royal Mail where services have deteriorated beyond belief, once mighty, invincible PM May is seen as liability, even by her own party members. Once she enjoyed unprecedented 39% lead over JC, now JC has 1% lead and both parties are neck and neck in recent opinion poll. Could doomsday scenario become a reality! Her recent announcement made from Japan where she is on official tour that she is “No Quitter” and party will fight 2022 election under her leadership is indeed an early cornucopia Christmas gift for Labour, in particular for JC who will not miss a single opportunity to humiliate her at their regular “Question Time” slot in HOC. Worse aspect of her leadership is that she has learnt nothing from election humiliation. She still remains aloof, arrogant, surrounded by her cronies, as her visit to Grenfell Tower bear witness. She was in and out within minutes, in sharp contrast to JC who met victims, hugged, comforted and talked to them, giving media golden photo opportunity that grabbed headlines. Her 1% pay rise to public employees, especially hard pressed nurses, interest rise on unpopular student loan debt, ever lengthening food-bank queues is another vote losing scenario. Her good fortune is that party is bare of credible challengers, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, once favourite, has performed even worse as FS than Mrs May as PM.

Reaching for stars

I am referring Jayesh Patel's letter last week (AV, 1 Sept). Indo European influence on English language is accepted by linguists/ Indologists. This was due to contiguity of Sanskrit with Latin on banks of Mediterranean Sea, during historical past. Indologist/ Euro-linguists would accept roots of words father, mother, daughter and brother to Sanskrit pitru, matru, dukhtar and bhrata. Words: navy rooted in “nava”, ignition in word “Agni”, Socrates with “Shukracharya,” Augustus with “Agatsya”, Etruscan with “Atri”. It is alleged that, word Vatican is rooted in Sanskrit word “vatica”, means garden. Note: September, October, November and December were supposed to be seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth months after Sanskrit words sept, ashta, nava and dus. Decimal system is based on “dus” of Sanskrit means ten. “Sasha” in Russian and Sanskrit mean, rabbit. Three is “tri” and divide has root in Sanskrit word “dvi”. The word “Man” can be traced to “Manu” and Sanskrit saying that one with “mun” is Manushya and thus “man”, as changed in English language. But happily, many Indian words are accepted and included in Oxford English Dictionary e.g. pandit, yoga, zen, nirvana, bindi, saree, curry, diulaly, Aga, tikka, tandoori, mufti, putty, lascar, sepoy and many more. Ramesh Jhalla Via Email

Ram Rahim should be jailed for longer Just 20 years of imprisonment for this Dera Chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh? It is too little. Shouldn’t he be imprisoned for life? He should also be held accountable for the deaths of the 36 odd people who died in the havoc wreaked by Dera followers. Other religious gurus should learn a lesson from this and stay away from committing sins like these. Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is nothing but a carbon copy of Asaram Bapu allegedly involved in similar crimes with different tactics. Indians are so blinded by the so called God-men that they are ready to sacrifice anything including their own children to them. I hope other God-men will learn a lesson from this. There must be a law to deal with these pseudo sadhus committing crimes in the name of religion. Jubel D’Cruz,Mumbai, India

Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

Early Christmas Gift for Labour

Bhupendra M. Gandhi Via Email


Welcoming young readers to write in our Diwali issue Dear Readers, Diwali is now just over two months away. The New Year is knocking at the door waiting to bring in colours and light to our lives with fervour of joy and ever lasting happiness. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar will once again be publishing the ‘Diwali Special’ Magazine for our fabulous and supportive readers like yourself. This year we are once again inviting our young readers to send in their articles for the English section. 1. If you are between 5-25 years of age, write an article in English on either of the following topics in no more than 350 words, along with a suitable photo: l how do you celebrate your Diwali every year OR l Your most memorable Diwali with friends and family OR l how do you celebrate Diwali in your school'. 2. If you are 2-25 years of age, you can also draw/paint a picture of what Diwali means to you or your memorable Diwali, with a suitable photo caption, your full name, age; scan and send the picture to the the below address, by the mentioned deadline. 3. If you are within 9-25 years of age, you can also write a short story within 350 words or a poem within 150 words for our Diwali special. 4. If you are a part of an organisation, which has a youth wing or support youth activities, please tell us how your young members or youth wing celebrates Diwali in 300 words with 2 pictures (in no less than 300dpi). Send your articles/stories/poem with your photo and/or painting/picture to Last date of entry: 30th September 2017. - Asian Voice

Obsolete forms of etiquette

It is with interest I have read the letters from Rudy Otter and Bhupendra M. Gandhi (AV Sept 1). I strongly disagree with Rudy Otter about etiquette. I think it still plays an important part in our day to day life. There is no harm being polite to others – means respect either to the person or the weather (whether dull or sunny). When I go for walks and just say good morning to another person, I get a smile and a reply and that makes my day. How rude is to address somebody with first name and then insult him/her with just a short letter. The form of art in writing is slowly declining and that is a sad future for our youngsters who think that everything should be in short form with no emotion. How sad. May be I am old fashioned but I feel good when my grandson tells me that “nanny you have not sent me my valentine's day card yet or any other card he has missed because of post delays. Goes to show that young people still like to receive letters in the mail. Kapila Patel Via Email

India is not divided because of Gurus

Thank you, Bhupendra M. Gandhi, for your kind comments about me in Asian Voice (Sept 1). I am delighted to hear that you find my letters in this newspaper “interesting and thoughtprovoking...short, sharp and to the point...a pleasure to read.” The big advantage in writing short letters these days is that they are more likely to be read than long ones because time is precious to most readers. I very much appreciate your interest in my output.

The article by Soutic Biswas, (BBC News, How a divided India fuelled the rise of gurus) is a typical extreme reaction by many left leaning journalists of Indian origin. So India is divided because it has many gurus? By that logic all the countries of the world are divided because all religions have thousands of faith preachers. India is actually very united for a country, considering the size of a continent and a population of 1.2 billion. What Ram Rahim case shows is that the law in India does not let anyone off, no matter how powerful they be. But then when it comes to India some will only see things as half empty rather then half full.

Rudy Otter By email

Nitin Mehta Croydon

Kind comments

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

London mela marks 15th anniversary Allergy at school claims third child The 15th year of the ZEE London Mela saw London’s second biggest community event and Europe’s biggest festival of South Asian culture return to its original home in Gunnersbury Park for a feast of music, dance, performance, food and family fun, featuring some of the world’s Sadiq Khan with London Mela attendees biggest and best South Asian artists in an helped to make ZEE Stage, a vibrant and extraordinary coming London Mela even bigger colourful display of together of the diaspora’s and better this year - it’s Bharatanatyam dance by musical heavyweights. events like this, taking The Bhavan & IIW and Over 26,000 people place in all corners of the Jay Kumar’s Bollywoodsaw incredible perforcity, that showcase influenced Dance Asia on mances from the likes of London at its diverse, the Love to Dance stage, Desi Crew alongside lively and open best.” and Mercury Prize-winTeam B, who set the ning percussionist crowd alight with Talvin Singh who their furious blend presented a range of of production and atmospheric and dance, iconic experimental British-Indian rapsounds on his own per Hard Kaur, concurated stage: temporary Bhangra Anokha. The Mela superstar Miss came to a jaw-dropPooja, India’s pre- Dance performance at the Mela ping close with an miere exponents of incredible display of political ska The Ska A total of 40 perforaerial percussion from Vengers and the godfamances took place, Transe Express and East thers of cross-genre spread amongst four London’s Dhol Academy British-Indian experistages with further high(with the help of a 100ft mentation Asian Dub crane), before a spectaculights including a homeFoundation. lar fireworks display. coming for former They were joined on Zee London Mela Hounslow resident, now the main stage by the Artistic Director Ajay New York-based Mayor of London Sadiq Chhabra said: “Our 15th Bhangra-hip hop MC DJ Khan, who introduced anniversary festival has Rekha, DJ collective Hard Kaur’s set, saying: been our best yet. The Panjabi Hit Squad on the “I’m proud that we’ve range of artists across BBC Asian Network

In yet another appalling case, a nine year old boy lost his life due to his school's incompetence in dealing with his fish allergy. Student of Al-Hijrah School in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, Ismaeel Ashraf died on March 3the case however, was only brought to light after an investigation into the incident concluded. The child collapsed less than two hours after eating a lunch of fish fingers and chips in the school. Even after he complained to teachers that he feeling unwell and that his stomach was hurting, around an hour after lunchtime, Ismaeel wasn't given an epipen injection to stop the reaction, despite his allergies known to the school staff. The child was instead asked to walk down to the school's reception area, and given Pirotin when he got there. He soon began four brilliantly distinctive stages (and our Magic Mela family area) has transformed the Zee London Mela into a completely unique festival celebrating the very best of what London has to offer. “At a time when London needs spaces for communities to come

having difficulties and asked for his inhaler. Ismaeel reportedly said “I'm going to die” a couple of seconds before he suffered a cardiac arrest. Following a four-day hearing, an inquest jury has concluded the school's neglect as part of the death. Senior coroner for Birmingham and Solihull, Louise Hunt said there were several problems with the way the school managed children with allergies. She said she will write to the local authority to highlight her concerns. The kitchen staff admitted that they did not read the book. Al-Hijrah has a red book consisting names of children with allergies. Ismaeel's name was on it for his allergic reactions to fish, nuts, dairy products, tuna in brine and kiwi fruit. The inquest heard that kitchen assistant Jemma Sheedy had asked the chef if he could have together, the London Mela becomes an important cultural event as well as a wonderful feast of entertainment.” The next stop for the ZEE London Mela is Croydon on 30 September for another glorious display of the capital’s best music and culture.

fish fingers, which contained pollock, and was told that he could. It was reported that he had fish and chips every week at the school and never had any reaction. Sheedy said, “About five pupils wore badges showing their allergies, one of them was Ismaeel but over time the pupils stopped wearing their badges but we already knew what they were. There’s a red book which has people’s allergies in by the counter. But I've never looked at Ismaeel’s. I asked the chef if the allergy boys could have the fish fingers. I was told they could. I was leaving school when told by a colleague Ismaeel had an allergic reaction to fish. When we looked in the book later we were shocked to see Ismaeel was allergic to fish.” Hunt said, “Care plans are still not in place for all pupils with health needs, including Ismaeel's sister who is also a pupil at the school. Not all the care plans which have been drawn up have been given to the catering company responsible for dishing up all meals. Lanyards meant to be worn round the necks of children with food allergies are not being worn properly.”


Applications are invited for the following posts in the High Commission of India, London: SN Name of Post 1.


No of Pay-Scales posts 02

£1350-41-1965-59-2555-77-3325 plus

admissible Cost of Living Allowance.

2. Candidates with minimum qualification of O/A Level or equivalent are eligible. Candidates should possess good command of English Language, valid British Driving Licence and local driving experience of at least 5 years. They should be medically fit and sound for driving. It is mandatory for the applicants to have long term valid UK Work Permit if they are not UK nationals.

3. Employment benefits includes Competitive Salary, 30 Days Paid Leave and Indian National Holidays, Overtime Allowance, Travel and Daily Allowance and Yearly Bonus. For further details, interested candidates may please visit the Mission’s website 4. Applications supported by copies of Passport/Visa Status/Educational Qualifications may be sent by 18th September, 2017 to:

The Head of Chancery High Commission of India India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA


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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

‘The law is an ass,’ exclaimed a Dickens character. Perhaps the Haryana godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh thought so too, having lived the life of Riley for so long courtesy the Haryana Chief Minister Mohan Lal Khattar and his ilk, who perceived in him a useful vote bank of foolish and gullible human capital. However, the law did catch up with the man playing god. The security presence was huge, as reinsurance against the mayhem and violence that had scarred the State at Mohan Lal Khattar Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh news of his sentence was announced. A couple of days later, he was sent to prison for 20 years. He wept when the verdict was pronounced and begged for mercy. Justice was done and seen toa be done (Hindu, Times of India August 27, 29) Acts of redemption

Jaitley’s take

The Indian judiciary is not without its blemishes, as India’s citizens have good reason to acknowledge, but much has been redeemed at critical moments. It was a young sessions court judge who sentenced Jayalalitha for corruption, and earned the plaudits of the Supreme Court when they confirmed his verdict.. It took time and effort to bring those responsible for the Mumbai bomb blasts of March 1993 to be brought to trial, but brought they were, and sentenced accordingly. The guilty ministers responsible for the anti-Muslim pogrom were identified by the CBI, brought to court and sentenced to long terms of imprisonment. The youthful murderers of Jessica Lal in New Delhi who imagined their families’ wealth and social influence were guarantees of impunity are learning in jail that they were mistaken. Finally, the Supreme Court ruling on privacy and Triple Talaq have struck a blow for the rights of Muslim women.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the ‘fact that the entire demonetized money has come back shows black money has been accounted for completely.’

Mystery solved: RBI gets back banned banknotes

Urjit Patel

Coke’s India ambitions James Quincey, British-born President and CEO of US soft drinks major Coca Cola, wants India to become the company’s fifth largest global market. But he is not content to rest on his or the company’s oars. On his first visit to India, he told a select media audience that he had given a free hand to Team India under the leadership of T. Krishnakumar to take Coca Cola to the top three, from its present sixth position, in India (Times of India September 1).

Shambolic Mumbai Mumbai may be India’s glitzy financial capital, but parts of its infrastructure are no cause for satisfaction; indeed they are nothing short of a disgrace. Come the monsoon, streets

Ex naval commander fingers former Vice Admiral A serious allegation from a former naval Lieutenant Commander impugning the integrity of a former Vice Admiral cannot be brushed aside, especially after his letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi stating his case. In sum, retired Lieutenant Commander S.S. Luthra has accused retired Vice Admiral P.K.Chatterjee at an Armed Services Tribunal of manipulating the system to promote the interests of his son-in-law, thus almost wiping out an all Russian-trained nuclear submarine operators from service.

Charge upheld The Principal Bench of the tribunal on July 31 issued a ruling against Vice Admiral Chatterjee, as Inspector – General Nuclear Safety, Navy

Barack 8 missiles Following the deal to supply Barack 8 missiles to the Indian Army in the second quarter of 2017, worth $2.5 billion. IAI is preparing to tender for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with an offer to India of its Heron TP (Eitan) models. This happens to be a medium-altitude long endurance UAV developed by the Malat division of IAI. It has an operational capability of up to 52 hours. The advanced Eitan Heron is capable of surveillance, battle damage assessment target acquisition, aerial refueling and missile defence. The Indian military that had acquired Heron drones is eager to get the advanced Eitan model (Business Line August 25).

Russia ships MI-17 helicopters to India Russia shipped its last batch of Mi-17V-5 helicopters to India earlier this year under a contract for 151 such machines. The helicopters are manufactured at the Kazan Helicopter plant (part of the state-owned Rostec group ) is popular with India’s armed forces. The company is preparing to set up service centres in India for repair and maintenance, but has no plans at present to establishing manufacturing hubs in the country. There are ongoing negotiations for the supply of a further for 50 more of these helicopters.

Kamov joint venture Collapsed Mumbai building

Arun Jaitley

‘In that sense, demonetization has been a success.’ said former deputy RBI governor R. Gandhi. ‘It is now up to the tax department to do its job,’ he added.

Growth slows First quarter growth of 5.7 per cent, (April to June), the lowest in 13 quarters or three years, was attributed by most economic analysts to to slow down in industrial output, which itself was caused by demonetization and GST (Goods and Services Tax) as traders, for the most part, waited cautiously to assess their impact (Hindu, Times of India, Business Line September 1).

Foreign investors buoyant The Reserve Bank of Indi’s annual report has revealed that 98.96 per cent of the Rs1,000 and Rs500 denomination banknotes that were invalidated on November 6, 2016, have been recovered. The Reserve Bank of India’s annual report states that ‘subject to future corrections based on a verification process, ‘estimated that value of the banned notes received was Rs15.28 trillion.’

forward to the next level (Times of India September 1).


However, there appeared to be no diminution in the optimism of foreign investors. Japan’s Softbank ploughed some $4 billion across India in the last six months, with India-born CEO Rajeev Misra including Flipkart, Ola, Oyo Rooms, Snapdeal, Grofers and Paytem. Softbank will now turn its attention to its Indian portfolio companies and take them

overflow with sewage as drainage system clogs, building come tumbling down because they have been unsafe for years through lack of repair or faulty construction. Such is the Mumbai experience without let or hindrance. In the latest a collapsed building resulted in 24 of inmates crushed by the falling masonry. Local politicians will condole ritually, then hope that all is forgotten – until the next time. The dead are poor. They carry little weight on the scales of justice (Times of India September 1).

Arunachal, J&K record fastest growth Arunachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir clocked the fastest expanding economies among Indian States in 2015-16.with 16.5 per cent and 14.7 per cent growth respectively, according to data released by the Central Statistical Institute. This comes from a low base. Per capita income in each State rose by more than 14 per cent based on 2011-12 prices. That said, the top five economically developed States in order are: Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, with its proximity to Delhi, and Karnataka. The top five account for about 46 per cent of India’s GDP. Per capita income was highest in Gujarat, followed by Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu (Business Line August 31).

and fined him Rs 500,000. The tribunal expressed concern that the Navy lacked an internal mechanism to check nepotism in the service.

Senior officers complicit In his letter to Prime Minister Modi, retired Lieutenant Commander Luthra told how Former Vice Admiral Chatterjee and a civilian adviser visited the Inspector General’s office and given access to documents that were forbidden to former officers, more so to a civilian. Commander Luthra charged a number of senior officers of manipulating the promotion system for favoured candidates. He accused the cabal of ‘nuclear treason’ and demanded that they be brought to justice (Hindu August 26) Was there foreign espionage? Over to you, Prime Minister.

Israel Aerospace boosted by Indian orders Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reported record orders of $11.1 billion at the end of the second quarter of the current year, compared to the $9 billion in the same time span last year. Sales were buoyed by the new deals the company signed with India. These include contracts for the supply of air defence systems worth $2.4 billion for second quarter of this year.

India and Russia have already reached agreement on a joint venture to manufacture Russian Kamov 226T helicopters in India for the needs of the Indian military. India’s Hindustan Aeronautics Company is to produce 140 Kamovs, the rest to be be bought direct from Russia. Asked about US sanctions, a Russian official dismissed these as inconsequential. Russia presses ahead with its weaponry regardless (Business Line August 31).

Satellite fails The latest satellite launch by the Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO), the first in 39 launches (Hindu September 1)- has failed.

Top Hizbul leader killed Top Hizbul commander Yasin Itoo alias Mehmood Ghaznavi was killed in an encounter with security forces in Kashmir. The Jihadi death toll in Kashmir this year numbers 140. (Hindu September 1).

Army reforms The Defence Ministry has sacked 13 senior Ordinance Factory Board officers for ‘unsatisfactory performance,’ an unprecedented action in keeping with recently promulgated army reforms to make it leaner with shorter tail and stronger teeth, as 57,000 posts, including those of officers have been abolished (Telegraph September 1).

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Demonetisation a failure: Really? Continued from page 3 The questions the BBC reporter, and others who filed similar reports, should have pondered over were these:1) Was the extinguishing of a part of the currency in circulation the objective of the demonetisation exercise?2) More importantly, was it the only or even the most important goal?It is while answering these questions that I concluded that those accusing the government of failure have cherry picked facts – accepting only those arguments that supported their hypothesis and ignoring other, stronger ones that proved them wrong. Let us now go back to that fateful night of November 8, 2016 when Prime Minister Modi made an unscheduled address to the Indian nation at 8.00 pm IST and announced his bold plan to withdraw Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 notes, accounting for 86 per cent of the value of currency in circulation, from midnight, i.e. in less than four hours from his announcement. Not once in his speech did he mention anything about notes being extinguished. He spoke about how the action would curb the shadow (black in Indian parlance) economy, encourage digitisation of transactions and help the government crack down on illegal funding and terrorist activities. Later, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley spoke of how in India, the cash in circulation was about 12-13 per cent of GDP compared to 4-5 per cent in developed countries and that the government was hoping to bring this ratio down to about 8 per cent. He added that as more transactions came into the banking system, they would leave a digital trail, making it difficult to evade scrutiny. Thus, more transactions would come into the tax net, increasing the tax base, improving the tax to GDP ratio, increasing GDP growth, boosting government revenues and lowering the fiscal deficit, leading to higher expenditure on defence and rural infrastructure, he had said. “Anonymity of money is gone with demonetisation as the money has come into the banking framework and becomes part of the formal system leading to strengthening of banking,” the Finance Minister had added. The only, albeit oblique, reference I could find to any government official speaking of money

not returning to the RBI was when then Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi told the Supreme Court that Rs 12 lakh crore (about $180 billion at the then prevailing exchange rate), which exceeded the government’s estimates of cash that would be returned, had been deposited in the banking system. You will notice, even here, there is no mention of extinguishing the notes in order to generate a windfall for the RBI, which could then be transferred to the government as dividend. So where did that argument come from? I have, in the past 24 hours, gone through dozens of news articles and

analyses on demonetisation. This was a theory floated by some analysts and experts. This was lazy analysis but, perhaps, because of the huge amount involved, became common currency and the accepted wisdom on demonetisation. Now, let us look at the real positives that have flowed from demonetisation and measure them against the goals set by the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. At the end of 2016-17 (year in which the demo initiative was undertaken), the income tax payer base increased substantially to 62.6 million from about 40 million earlier, according to the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Then, more than Rs 3 lakh crore (more than $45 billion) entered the banking system for the first time. The trail left behind by this money and the improved use of data analytics methods have led to the identification of about 200,000 shell companies that are now under investigation for their role in generation and circulation of black money. According to data available publicly on the RBI website, the volume of overall digital payments in the Indian economy grew almost 70 per cent to 10,740 million in 2016-17 from 6,337 million in 2015-16 – a sharp increase over the growth rate of 54 per cent over the previous four years. Mobile banking, too, has grown a phenomenal 150 per cent in volume and


224 per cent in value terms in 2016-17 over the previous year. Now, let us come to terror funding, the other point made by the Prime Minister in his November 8, 2016 address to the nation. Is it a coincidence that in the months following demonetisation, a sting operation by a TV channel exposed the hawala (illegal and unofficial cross-border financial transactions) racket that channelled millions of dollars of unaccounted money to separatist leaders in Kashmir to finance the so called “popular street protests” against Indian authorities? Is it also a coincidence that incidents of stone pelting by unemployed youth at Indian security forces has witnessed a dramatic decrease in the months following demo? And what about Naxalite violence in central and eastern India? There hasn’t been a single major Maoist attack since November 8, 2016. The evidence is compelling. But if some people choose to deliberately ignore it, then good luck to them. And finally, before I end, I would like to point out that the fight against black (unaccounted) money is not a singlepronged campaign. Demonetisation was just one arm of a pincer attack. The other arms are GST, which forces businesses to create a digital trail of transactions, and the Benami Properties Act, which clamps down on real estate transactions made in the name of third parties. These actions are ongoing and will doubtless face roadblocks from vested interests and criticism from the Opposition. But the important thing is that the battle has begun. And for a change, there are many people who believe the government is winning. The huge popular support for the Modi-led dispensation in the Uttar Pradesh elections and the return to the NDA of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar prove that. So, the next time you

Supreme Court forces U-turn on Government policy as employment tribunal fees ruled unlawful The Government has announced the abolition of employment tribunal fees following the Supreme Court’s ruling that they are unlawful. This will affect claimants who have Anthony Thompson brought cases regarding matters, such as unfair dismissal, discrimination and other work place issues, since the introduction of tribunal fees by then Lord Chancellor Chris Grayling in July 2013. The appeal to the Supreme Court was backed by trade union Unison, which argued that the fees restricted access to justice for thousands of employees treated unfairly in the workplace. This was supported by the fact that, since the introduction of fees, there had been a 70% fall in employment tribunal cases. The fees varied depending on the type of claim brought by an individual, ranging between £390 and £1,200. Lower fees were paid in claims concerning unpaid wages, redundancy pay or breach of contract, while claims of unfair dismissal, equal pay, discrimination and whistle blowing tended to incur higher fees owing to their complexity and timeconsuming nature. The Supreme Court took issue with the fees for various reasons. Firstly, some people would not bring their cases to employment tribunals because paying fees would cancel out the benefit of any financial reward. The court added that claimants with low or middle incomes would only be able to take their claim further if they sacrificed “ordinary and reasonable expenditure for substantial periods of time". Secondly, the imposition of fees was indirectly discriminatory because more discrimination claims are brought by women than men in the workplace. The justice system was therefore not allowing women equal rights to men in this regard. The decision was described by the Law Society as “an urgently needed wake-up call”. The President of the Law

come across a news item, such as the recent BBC report on the alleged failure of demonetisation, please remember, lazy journalism can afflict even the best agencies in the world. Manoj Ladwa is the founder of India Inc. and chief executive of MLS Chase Group @manojladwa

Society, Joe Egan, also added, “Justice must never be a luxury for those who can afford it, it is a right we all share.” The Government has now abolished employment tribunal fees and has guaranteed to repay £32m to all those who had incurred fines since the policy’s inception in 2013. The policy had effectively dissuaded genuine claimants from bringing claims against their employer simply because they could not afford to do so. It is therefore a victory for employees, particularly in low to middle incomes, who no longer face significant and unfair barriers in pursuing their employer in an employment tribunal. The decision not only opens up the possibility of employees pursuing ‘new’ claims but there may be scope for employees who were deterred from bringing a claim due to not being able to afford the fees, bringing claims outside of the traditional three month time limit. Anthony Thompson, the author, is a Director in the Employment department at Duncan Lewis Solicitors. With over 20 years’ experience, Anthony has advised and supported businesses and individuals on all aspects of the working relationship, including both contentious and non-contentious matters. He is also an advocate, having achieved notable successes representing clients in employment tribunals, and has negotiated significant settlements at private and judicial mediations. If you have a problem with employment, it is important to take legal advice and find out what your legal position is as soon as possible. Duncan Lewis can offer clear legal advice on employment law at any stage of an employment matter. Duncan Lewis also has a successful track record in advising companies and employers on employment matters and disputes. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can help you with an employment claim or employment law matter. Duncan Lewis has offices nationwide and in most major cities, with more than 20 offices across London and the southeast. For expert legal advice on employment law, call Duncan Lewis employment solicitors on 033 3772 0409.

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


A gastronomic journey of 'Little Kolkata' to London's heart “

London has a huge market for displaying what Kolkata or Bengali cuisine is all about

Prabir Chattopadhyay

Rupanjana Dutta For years Bangladeshi restaurants in the UK have served food, calling it authentic Indian or Bengali cuisine. Though the taste has been far removed from anything IndianBengali, in last 70 years no one has challenged it, which now, youngsters from Kolkata are determined to do. Prabir Chattopadhyay is one of such talents who have taken up this mission to grow a palate for 'real' Bengali food in the UK. Robi, as Prabir is fondly called, is doing pop-ups in London since years, the next one being on 10 September 2017 at 299 Borough High Street, near London Bridge in London. Prabir's brand known as 'Little Kolkata' this time comprises of a pop-up including 9 course Bengali dishes, which is very similar to the French tasting menu or Spanish Tapas. But is Prabir competing with Shrimoyee Chakraborty's restaurant 'Calcutta Street' or Asma Khan's restaurant 'Darjeeling Express' in London? Speaking to Asian Voice, Prabir said, “I am in the initial process of setting up my own restaurant 'Little Kolkata' in Central London. London has a huge market for displaying what Kolkata or Bengali cuisine is all about. Calcutta Street's focus is on home style Bengali food. Whereas my brand Little Kolkata is different. It will be canteen style, quick, freshly prepared, tapas style offering.” Prabir started his journey at the age of 18 with a scholarship to train as a merchant navy engineer. After travelling 11 countries, trying various cultures and their cuisines, he decided to pursue something more homebound. He was a shy and docile boy in the head priest clan of the 15th-century Kalighat Kali Temple, Kolkata, India. Like any other Bengali child from a modest upbringing, he grew up seeing his mother cook various Bengali dishes for the family and for the temple. The yearning to learn cooking began early and he and his little sister would watch their mother for hours, sometimes helping and relishing the different aromas that arose, at different stages of the cooking process. Prabir moved to the UK in 2006 to

complete his Masters in Operations and Supply Chain. As a student, he started working as a kitchen porter with Pizza Express and within a short stint worked his way through to becoming an assistant manager for Bella Italia. This helped him to experience and acquire a robust first-hand understanding of the operations within the food hospitality industry. Scoring exceptionally well at his masters and having worked across forward and backward integration of different product value chains in UK’s blue chip companies such as Costa Coffee, Argos, Co-op Foods, up to his present role as Logistics Manager - UK & Ireland for Arcadia Group, Prabir believes that “logistics” and “operations” are the key ingredients to a successful business. Knowledge of products, quick and cost efficient sourcing of raw materials, negotiation with vendors are skills he has learnt over the years. In 2008, Prabir moved to Kilburn, in North London and organised his first large dinner party to celebrate the confluence of Diwali and Halloween, the party was a resounding success, which ended with him making impromptu Indian breakfast for his loving guests next day. This sheer love for cooking and nostalgia of his motherland ushered him to launch his own brand “Little Kolkata” in 2016. After years of rigorous preparation, tastings sessions and innumerable supper clubs, Prabir, showcased his brand “Little Kolkata”, formally through a completely sold out supper club in July 2017, introducing recipes from his grandmother’s kitchen, street food and delicacies inspired from the Mughal and British invasion of Calcutta, and the age old Kolkata patisseries such as the famed Flurys. The launch was a huge success with raving reviews from renowned bloggers, industry influencers and critics. He has already been invited by various pop-up organisers to be part of bigger food festivals. Little Kolkata’s plans for opening a permanent site are already at its initial planning stage. His ultimate vision is to open “Little Kolkata” in every major city in the world so that every family can enjoy the real flavours of Bangla food in their own city.


Masterchef winner celebrates 70 years of Indian and Pakistani independence Masterchef 2017 winner Saliha Mahmood-Ahmed has joined one of London's most popular restaurants to mark 70 years of India and Pakistan's independence. Ahmed has teamed up with Sameer Taneja, the Indian-raised executive chef at Covent Garden’s Talli Joe, to prepare a oneoff feast of 10 dishes from across India and Pakistan to celebrate the strong cultural ties between the nations. Originally an NHS doctor, Mahmood-Ahmed swapped her shifts with colleagues at Watford General Hospital to take part in Masterchef and was crowned the latest winner in May, with judges praising her fusion dishes inspired by traditional Pakistani cooking.

Saliha with Sameer

Mahmood-Ahmed, 29 told the Evening Standard: “India and Pakistan share a deeply intimate food culture. This meal celebrates the culinary heritage which binds these nations together and celebrates all we have achieved in gas-

tronomy as a collective region, irrespective of geographically defined borders.” The meal will be available over two sittings on Sunday September 17 for £45 including two welcome drinks.

Telling stories of two rivers through silk scrolls

As part of a year-long programme marking the 70th anniversary of Indian independence and the cultural relationship with the UK, Silk River, an ambitious project has been created which explores the unique relationship between London and Kolkata through artistic exchange between communities along the Thames Estuary and India’s Hooghly River. Working in 20 locations from Murshidabad to Batanagar (Hooghly) and Kew Gardens to Southend (Thames) the aim is to gather, share and retell stories of these riparian communities through interprating them onto 20 h a n d - p a i n t e d Murshidabad silk scrolls. Ali Pretty, Kinetika’s Artistic Director, is collaborating with associate artistic Think Arts director Ruchira Das and an international team of artists, writers and photographers have captured and interpreted the experience of journeying along these two mighty rivers. Murshidabad is famous for its cowdial saris made of fine mulberry silk with flat, deep- red or maroon borders made with three shuttles. The borders are

laced with fine serrated design in gold zari. Murshidabad silks are also popular for hand-printed designs and other materials which are also printed with wooden blocks. Calcutta and Serampore in the Hooghly district are the main textile handprinting centres in West Bengal. Records show that the Silk Weavers of Murshidabad were operating in 18th century when Nawab Murshid Quli Khan shifted the capital of the Dewanee of Bengal from Dhaka, now in Bangladesh, to a new capital he built on the east bank of the River Bhagirathi and named Murshidabad. On 30 August, these hand painted Silk River Scrolls were revealed together at the Totally Thames launch party in London. At 6m tall, they only just fitted into the Chain Store at Trinity Buoy Wharf, but they looked really spectacular surrounding the stage. Representatives from all ten UK Silk River partners were there to see them. As a part of the journey The Silk River UK Walks will start at Kew on 15th Sept and continue until 24th at the finale in

Southend. The walks are part of the Totally Thames season of events as well as part of UK India 2017. ThinkArts was founded in December 2013 to facilitate high quality, transformative arts events for children and young adults. Ruchira Das told the Asian Voice newspaper, “Silk River has been a fantastic experience of engaging with communities along the two rivers, finding connections, making new ones and discovering fascinating aspects about our heritage and the arts.” Two 'patachitra' artists from Naya village, Swarna and Monu Chitrakars have also travelled to the UK, with Das to deliver workshops to participants from the 10 communities along the Thames, to inspire them through the form of the beautiful Pattachitra tradition of creating narrative scrolls. Dr Sanjukta Ghosh who is coordinating the Durga idol installation at SOAS organised the inauguration of the Bengal Heritage project of London Sharad Utsav, subsequently with the patachitra artists. They sang the verses of the famed Komagata Maru scroll painting at the launch event.

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Kept men risk early death A recent study suggests that men with partners who earn better than them risk dying from heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Sociologists at Rutgers University, New Jersey, found that men suffered psychologically when their better halves took over their role as the main provider of the house. Over 2000 couples were studied in a span of 30 years. Changes in their earnings and status were monitored and much higher rates of stress-related illness and heart problems and diabetes were found in men whose wives earned better than them

Three children per family a growing trend Number of families with three or more dependent children reached 1.18 million in 2016highest since 2003. Even as the average number of children per family has seen considerable decline following the nineties, a recent study shows a growing trend of larger families in the past five years. On the other hand, the number of one-child families has been falling since 2011. Study published by the Centre for Population Change published earlier this year suggested that immigration and the increased likelihood for women to have multiple partners might be the reason behind the increase. In the most recent wonderful news, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are all set to welcome their third child, after Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Minority defendants encouraged to admit guilt This week, a review of the criminal justice system will say that ethnic minority defendants must be encouraged to plead guilty to crimes they have committed to avoid jail sentences. Even though black, Asian, and minority ethnic (BAME) people make up for 13 per cent of the total population, 112 black men are sentenced to prison for every 100 white men.

Cardinal Cormac MurphyO'Connor dies at 85 The former Catholic archbishop of Westminster, Cormac Murphy-O'Connor has died after a prolonged treatment in the hospital. A message sent from his successor, Cardinal Vincent Nichols, to bishops in England and Wales, read, “I am writing to let you know the sad news that Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor died peacefully this afternoon, surrounded by his family and friends.” He asked them to pray for his soul, also adding that details of funeral rites would be circulated soon. Murphy-O'Connor was seriously ill and was admitted to a hospital a fortnight ago.

Dangerous phone chargers fetch over £73,000 for shop owner A shop owner in London's Tocadero Centre earned over £73,000 in faulty phone and tablet chargers. Barhtyar Mohammed Salih, 56, store was raided by officers of the Westminster council trading standards officers after a customer found his iPad charger emitting smoke. Counterfeit chargers were found in massive numbers. The devices were found to be poorly insulated with plug pins the wrong size, all that made them prone to melting or catching fire easily. It was also revealed that most of the products were made in China. Salih pleaded guilty to 26 offences relating to the sale of dangerous device chargers and counterfeit items. The Southwark crown court ruled that he pay £85,000, including costs of £12,305. The vendor was also sentenced to community orders and a three-month curfew before he was asked to pay the cash.


Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

UK steps up support to flood-affected communities in Nepal and B'desh The International Development Secretary announced that the Department for I n t e r n a t i o n a l Development will further allocate support to the flood response in Nepal, including providing clean water, sanitation and hygiene services. As monsoon flooding and landslides affected approximately 8 million and 1.7 million people in both, Bangladesh and Nepal respectively, the DFID is allocating £400,000 to the Nepal Red Cross in partnership with British Red Cross and the International Federation of the Red Cross. About 75 per cent of the support is pegged for water, sanitation and hygiene, livelihood recovery, and health. International Development Secretary Priti Patel said, “The devastating flooding in South Asia is truly heartbreaking. Entire communities

Flood in Bangladesh and Nepal

have lost their homes, their livelihoods and their loved ones. The UK has stepped up to support the region, our pre-positioned relief supplies ensured thousands of people received immediate support and we continue to provide assistance to vulnerable people who have lost everything.” She added that the UK will “provide clean water and prevent the spread of deadly and crippling diseases, as we continue to work to meet the immediate needs of people on the ground.” Minister of State, Department for International

Development, Alistair Burt, said, “Floods have ripped through Nepal and Bangladesh and have left a trail of devastation in their wake. Almost 8.6 million men, women and children across those two countries alone have been affected. Along with millions of people in India. UK aid is providing hope where there is darkness. We are working with the governments of both countries who are increasingly taking the lead in preparing for the impact of disasters. They are working hard to help communities protect themselves bet-

ter against risks, developing early warning systems and building homes, schools, hospitals and roads that are more resilient.” He added, “UK emergency assistance is already helping 90,000 people affected by the floods across both countries, providing clean water and sanitation, shelter, food and other essential supplies to flood victims. It is also helping to prevent secondary disasters; our humanitarian partners are working with health authorities in Nepal and Bangladesh to prevent the spread of diseases.” The country will also continue to monitor the situation in both countries, and work with the Governments to support immediate needs and to help people and communities affected to recover once flooding has receded.

59 British tourists died in Goa since 2009

Official figures released lately reveal that a total number of 59 Britons died in popular Indian tourist state of Goa, since 2009. As per the Foreign Office, the number of British tourists to die in the popular holiday destination was the highest in 2009, with 14, 13 in 2010, and 12 in 2016. The report added that it did not have information on successful prosecutions of the deaths. Goa is associated to the deaths of Britons like teenager Scarlett Keeling in 2008, and Danielle McLaughlin earlier this year. The Foreign Office said over 800,000 British nationals visit India each year with most of them being trouble-free. However, it also has a separate section for travel advice on Goa. “British women have been the victims of sexual assault in Goa... Be wary of confi-

Danielle Mclaughlin was attacked in her hotel room, and killed on March 14, 2017. She is believed to have been gang-raped. Local Vikat Bhagat, 24, has been charged with her murder.

dence tricksters, particularly in Goa, Agra and Jaipur, who promise large amounts of cash for delivery of jewellery abroad in return for an initial deposit. The jewellery is worthless and the deposit, often amounting to thousands of pounds, is lost,” the

Stop scaring older mothers about baby risk Britain's top midwife, Professor Cathy Warwick, chief executive of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) asked health experts to stop “terrifying” older women about the risks of having babies. She said problems attached to age has been overstated. Number of older mothers has risen in recent years as more and more women prioritise their career. As doctors warn women against waiting to conceive, stating that fertility drops with age, Professor Warwick said the risks were being overplayed. Due to stand down this week after nine years of leading the RCM, she said, “Even if you have your

baby at 42 or 45, it's a relatively small increase in risk to you if you're otherwise healthy. I'm not sure why we're quite so worried about the age issue, and I'm not sure we should be terrifying women about it.” Warwick said women should not feel guilty about bottle-feeding their baby. “If women don't breastfeed, I don't think they should feel guilty. We have to say 'breast is best' because, it is, but what's best for the population is maybe different from what's best for the individual woman, and an individual woman can very successfully bond with their baby and bottle-feed their baby.”

section read. The section advised them to observe and respect local dress and customs, taking particular care of bags and purses, and avoiding unlit and remote beaches in the state. It adds, “ Don’t leave your drinks unattended.

There have been reports of drinks being spiked and travellers, including British nationals, subsequently being robbed or assaulted. You should follow warnings posted at beaches and instructions issued by lifeguards. Every year several people drown due to the strong currents in the sea. Emergency service standards may differ from those in the UK.” “Road traffic accidents are common and many fatal accidents occur each year. Wear a good quality helmet if renting a motorcycle or scooter. Possession or consumption of drugs is illegal. If arrested, you may be incarcerated for several years whilst your case comes to trial, and a conviction for either offence may lead to a very long prison sentence,” the travel advice said.

Illegal Islamic schools “breeding ground” for terrorism A senior police chief has warned that the main dangers of terrorism came from extremists “in our midst”. Speaking during the Police Superintendents' Association conference, Metropolitan Police's counter-terror chief said that isolated communities and illegal Islamic schools serve as a “breeding ground” for terrorist activities. He informed that security services are investigating 600 extremist plots. Basu said, “Segregated, isolated communities, unregulated education and home schooling are a breeding ground for extremist and future terrorists.” He said counter-terror officers open

more investigations than they close each week and that there are weaknesses in the country's borders. “It is not going to change. This was truly a summer like no other, it was truly a shift and not a spike, it is truly a new norm that we face. The threat was returning fighters and now it is the threat in our midst. We stopped a lot of our jihadis travelling and some are not committed to the cause.” Basu added, “Borders and ports are porous. There is a lack of biometrics and advanced passenger information. Our borders are not badly controlled but nevertheless they are still vulnerable.”



Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Shortage in organ donation gives rise to Asian deaths Continued from page 1 Dr Sanjukta Ghosh told Asian Voice, “In my view, Asians have a very holistic view of death and bodies are cremated whole with the spiritual belief that the soul lives on. We don't have a scientific idea of death so as to be able to separate the organs from the mortal remains. As for donating live organs such as kidneys, it is driven by poverty among the poor in India than conscience. Eyes are donated more regularly though, and again in my view, it is related to an inner belief of seeing the world through the medium of the soul.” Radhika Kadaba who is from Cardiff told the newsweekly “I think it's important for our families to know about our intentions. Usually family has to consent after death. Indians don't like to talk about death. That needs to be encouraged. In Wales everyone is a donor. One needs to opt out if necessary.” Preeti Mann told AV, “I am registered already. Low number of organ donors among Asians could be because of lack of awareness. I have not seen a lot of promotion or talks about it, also in surgeries/hospitals.” To mark Organ Donation Week (September 4 to 10) NHS Blood and Transplant is urging people to tell their families they want to become lifesaving organ donors. NHS Blood and Transplant reassured people saying it is always the priority of the treating medical team to save a patient’s life. It is only when the treating medical team in the hospital and the family have accepted that no further treatment can help, and it is no longer in the patient’s best interest, that end of life care choices are considered. The major religions in the UK support the idea of organ donation and transplantation and Organ donation is a highly controlled area which is regulated by the Human Tissue Authority. The sale of human organs or tissue is illegal in the UK as is arranging to travel abroad to receive an organ from someone who has been paid. When Asian Voice asked the community if they would pledge their organs, many people, especially women came forward saying they have already pledged their organs for doantion after death, while a minority section said they had no idea how to donate. Others however mentioned they have pledged their organs while they were in India, but had no idea how to do it here. But what's the overall consensus among the diaspora?

Meenal Upadhyay told AV, “I would donate my organs after death, but not the whole body, as I had seen donated bodies were disrespectfully used by medical students in India, but it was long back. I would of course love to donate individual organs, right up to skin after death to give someone another chance at a better life.” Saloni Taneja Singh added, “Absolutely! I lost my mum as we could not get a donor heart for her. It was 17 years ago thought things would have changed by now but by the looks of it still the same. I did pledge in India for organ donation however never got round to doing it here.” Pooja Abhishek Dubey said, “When I was young I only knew tht we can donate eyes after watching some social message by actress Aishwarya Rai on TV and I decided I will donate my eyes too. With time I have realised it's more than eye donation and I have registered myself as an organ donor 4 years back. Its a good cause and we all should register I believe. But the above is among the 33% of

Asian people, who have told their families they want to be an organ donor compared with almost half (49%) of all adults in England.

A success story Hasnath Siddiquey had a lifesaving transplant after suffering heart failure aged just three, which doctors believe was the result of a viral infection. Hasnath, from Darlington, became ill in December 2014, with vomiting, a cough and constipation. His condition deteriorated rapidly and just eight days after his mum first took him to the GP, he had an emergency operation to fit a Left Ventricular Assist Device, a type of heart pump. Hasnath, now aged five, received a

"There are a range of perceived barriers that vary between different faiths and communities. For example some people worry that doctors will not try to save the life of a potential donor. There may be specific concerns over religious or cultural practices. And there may concerns about organ trafficking if this is known to happen in the country of family origin. Many believe Asians refrain from donating organs due to lack of family consent and some think it is fuelled by religious and spiritual believes. Lack of exposure remains another reason." heart transplant in July 2015. Mum Afia Begum, 39, said: “Before this happened, organ donation was a difficult subject for me – to me it was about death and I didn’t want to think about death. “I can now think about it and talk about it because I have seen it is about life and it saved my son’s life. “I would urge everyone to join the NHS Organ Donor Register and talk to your family.” Anthony Clarkson, Assistant Director of Organ Donation for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Because people from the same ethnic background are more likely to be a match, more Asian lives would be saved if more Asian people donated. “We know that Asian families are less likely to discuss organ donation and are much more likely to decline to donate organs for lifesaving transplants. “Last year 470 people died while waiting for a transplant or within one year of removal, and of these, 50 people were Asian. If more Asian people decided to be donors and shared their decision with their families more lives would be saved. “This Organ Donation Week, please tell your family you want to save lives. A few words now can make an extraordinary difference. “If you want to be a donor, your family’s support is still needed for donation to go ahead, even if you are on the NHS Organ Donor Register. “If you are unsure about donation, please ask yourselves as a family: what would you do if one of you needed a transplant? Would you accept a lifesaving organ? If you’d take an organ, shouldn’t you be prepared to donate?”



The people’s choice awards

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Bhattessa is sensational as Queen Anne's most 'powerful friend and dangerous enemy' Sheena Bhattesa, who has been well known as an actress among the Asian audience, has been chosen for the role of Lady Sarah Churchill, the Duchess of Marlborough in the London run of Helen Edmundson’s play Queen Anne, and she is spectacular. The role which is usually played by Romola Garai, and is made for a much older character, is strongly matched by Bhattesa. She offers a powerful stage presencean excellent mix of courage and sensualityan apt contestant for Emma Cunniffe as the obstinate and pious Queen Anne. Bhattessa, who has acted in several plays and films, portrays the right amount of strong-will, glamour, and haugtiness as the wife of Anne's most influential and trusted general. Her acting is smooth, quick and convincing as a cunning, political critic of Anne's Tory devoutness or that of the conniving Mrs Marsham, played by Beth Park.

Sheena Bhattesa

Sarah's friendship and influence with Princess Anne has been historically known. Leading public figures often turned their attentions to her in the hope that she would influence Anne to comply with requests. As a result, by the time Anne became queen, Sarah’s knowledge of government, and intimacy with the Queen, had made her a powerful friend and a dangerous enemy. We would like to congratulate Sheena for her fantastic and gripping performance as one of Britain's most powerful woman.

West Yorkshire GP faces misconduct charges A family GP had allegedly offered to have sex with a female patient when she asked him about the contraceptive pill, a medical tribunal has heard. Newly married Mohammed Ihsan, 35, allegedly put his crotch in the face of the unnamed woman and kissed her on the lips, telling her: 'Having lots of sex makes you healthy.' The woman known as Patient B, who was being reportedly being treated at the Dr Singh and Partners Health Centre in Pontefract, West Yorkshire in July 2016, fled the room and reported him days later. Ihsan, from Huddersfield, had been working as a locum at the surgery since 2015. The Manchester hearing was reportedly told that Ihsan's wife allegedly sent Patient B a Facebook message after the incident, saying what she had heard had 'absolutely killed' and

: Venue don

Lon l a r t n r Ce nd tembe p e S 22 017 2

Mohammed Ihsan

'shocked' her. In another allegation, Ihsan is accused of making inappropriate remarks about another patient's sex life when the woman known as Patient A asked for antibiotics for a chest infection. Ihsan admits 11 misconduct charges but denies 21 others. The hearing continues.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his third cabinet rejig named Nirmala Sitharaman as Defence Minister, took the important Railways portfolio from popular Suresh Prabhu and handed it over to Piyush Goyal, and gave additional charge of Skill Development to Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. The three have been elevated to Cabinet rank. The three ministers now stand in the league of other leaders under 60 years of age including Nitin Gadkari, JP Nadda, and Smriti Irani. The change saw a similar pattern that has been witnessed during NDA-I, over a decade ago. Under the leadership of Vajpayee and Advani, junior-level leaders including Sushma Swaraj, Pramod Mahajan, Venkaiah Naidu, Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley saw promotion. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said, “A very significant landmark in this reshuffle is that we now have Nirmala Sitharaman as new Defence Minister. I am sure, now that I have an extremely competent successor, she will carry the road forward... it is a case where a minister performs well and earns a higher



Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

New Ministers with President, Vice-President and Prime Minister

responsibility for herself.” Among the nine new Ministers of State, three- R K Singh, Hardeep Puri and K J Alphons, have been given independent charge of Power, Housing and Urban Affairs, and Tourism, respectively. The remaining six are Shiv Pratap Shukla (Finance), Ashwini Choubey (Health), Virendra Kumar (Social Justice and Minority Affairs), Anant Kumar Hegde (Skill Development), Gajendra Shekhawat (Agriculture) and Satyapal Singh (HRD & Water Resources). CABINET MINISTERS * Raj Nath Singh: Minister of Home Affairs.

* Sushma Swaraj: Minister of External Affairs. * Arun Jaitley: Minister of Finance; and Minister of Corporate Affairs. * Nitin Jairam Gadkari: Minister of Road Transport and Highways; Minister of Shipping Minister of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation. * Suresh Prabhu: Minister of Commerce and Industry. * DV Sadananda Gowda: Minister of Statistics and P r o g r a m m e Implementation.a * Uma Bharati: Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation. * Ramvilas Paswan:

Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution. * Maneka Sanjay Gandhi: Minister of Women and Child Development. * Ananthkumar: Minister of Chemicals and Fertilizers; and Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. * Ravi Shankar Prasad: Minister of Law and Justice & Minister of Electronics and Information Technology. * Jagat Prakash Nadda: Minister of Health and Family Welfare. * Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati: Minister of Civil Aviation. * Anant Geete: Minister of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.

* Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal: Minister of Food Processing Industries. * Narendra Singh Tomar: Minister of Rural Development; Minister of Panchayati Raj; and Minister of Mines. * Chaudhary Birender Singh: Minister of Steel. * Jual Oram : Minister of Tribal Affairs. * Radha Mohan Singh: Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. * Thaawar Chand Gehlot: Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment. * Smriti Zubin Irani: Minister of Textiles; and Minister of Information and Broadcasting. * Dr. Harsh Vardhan:

Minister of Science and Technology; Minister of Earth Sciences; and Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. * Prakash Javadekar: Minister of Human R e s o u r c e Development. * D h a r m e n d r a Pradhan: Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas; and Minister of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. * Piyush Goyal: Minister of Railways; and Minister of Coal. * Nirmala Sitharaman: Minister of Defence. * Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi: Minister of Minority Affairs.

India's first female defence minister Continued from page 1 party's particular move may have come as a surprise. Nirmala Sitharaman, a non-Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh politician comes from the controversial Jawaharlal Nehru University, that is time and again accused of showing leftist tendencies. From a humble background, her life began in a small town in Tamil Nadu which remains almost untouched by the BJP. Her father, a Tamil Iyengar, worked in the Railways. Nirmala did her Bachelor’s in Economics at the S e e t h a l a k s h m i Ramaswami college, and later got into the economics programme at Jawaharlal Nehru University. She did her

masters and MPhil on Indo-Europe trade in JNU, where she also was a member of the Free Thinkers- a forum that discussed politics of both, the right and the left. Married into a family with staunch Congress followers, Nirmala was appointed as an apolitical member of the National Commission for Women during the first National Democratic Alliance government under Atal Bihari Vajpayee. She was later removed after the Congress came to power and moved back to set up a policy think tank in Hyderabad along with a school for the underprivileged. Her work with the school brought her into contact with Sushma Swaraj, current Minister of

External Affairs, then the first woman to become national spokesperson for the BJP in the 1990s. Nirmala soon got involved with the RSSaffiliated Swadeshi Jagran Manch, and in 2006, at the behest of Swaraj and other BJP leaders, joined the party. Four years later, she became the second woman to be a national spokesperson for the party, and gradually gained huge popularity internally. She became a shoo-in for a ministerial post in 2014, when Modi roared into power, despite her not being a Member of Parliament. Her tenure in the Commerce ministry has not been very successful as she had to deal with issues inherited over the

years. Now, as the leader of defence of the nation, she is due to face several challenges. With elections due in 2019, Nirmala barely has a year and a half to make an impression in ministry where policies are seldom placed at the right time. There are several ongoing important defence deals and she will have to rescue the military segment of the Make in India policy. She also has to face the One Rank One Pension agitation that is layered in several political activities from veterans and forces. All these issues come secondary to the fact that her policy direction will directly come from the Prime Minister's Office and the National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

London hails India's new Defence Minister Modi's unprecedented move to give the defence ministry to Nirmala found praise across seas in the UK as several leaders and businessmen commended her appointment. Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable, who was business secretary in the former David Cameron government, hailed Nirmala's new role, recalling her straighttalking on India-UK ties in the past. “Nirmala is a highly impressive minister with whom I had very productive meetings. I am delighted she has progressed to such a crucial and sensitive post in the (Indian) cabinet.” Industrialist Swraj Paul said, “It is a great appointment. She is a very efficient

and capable person. Everyone knows my admiration for the first woman who held the defence portfolio: Indira Gandhi. Nirmala has a very big act to follow; I wish her the best.” The UK government has first-hand experience working with the minister. She had held talks in November 2016, when Prime Minister Theresa May travelled to India seeking to enhance trade ties. Nirmala's remarks as then commerce minister were considered of utmost importance by London. She had said that British visa restrictions from Indians “sound like non-tariff barriers in the services sector”, and noted that India was “not being treated as old friends any longer.”

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

GST revenue exceeds estimates with £9.20 bn collection Jaitley says the number is likely to go up after all taxes are accounted for

Maiden tax collections in India under the Goods and Services Tax has raked in over £9.2 billion in returns for the month of July crossing the estimated target. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that extrapolating the targets in the annual Budget, the central government's July tax revenue should be £ 4.8 billion and that of states £4.3 billion. He added that the total combined target of the two is £ 9.20 billion. As per a Finance Ministry statement, tax US defence giant Lockheed Martin is reportedly closing in on an international deal for F-16 fighter planes and has offered to eventually build all the jets at a proposed plant in India in case it was a bigger order to supply the Indian Air Force. Randall L Howard, who heads the company's F-16 business development, said Lockheed is offering to make India the sole F-16 production centre, so eventually it will make the planes not just for India, but also for other countries. It is currently closing its F-16 production line at Forth Worth, Texas and will supply new orders from a new facility at Greenville, South Carolina. The plan, however, was to eventually build the planes in India, Howard said. Lockheed is in race with Sweden's Saab to equip the Indian military with at least 100 single-engine jets that have

Harvard -trained Indian doc is Novartis CEO

Vasant Narasimhan

Harvard-trained Indian doctor Vasant Narasimhan, 41, chief medical officer and global head of drug development unit of the company at the Basel, Switzerland, will take over as the CEO of Novartis. The present incumbent of Novartis Joseph Jimenez has resigned after eight years at the helm of the company. Jimenez, 57, who will retire at the end of January, said his family. Narasimhan, an American citizen of Indian origin, is the youngest among a group of new chieftains at global pharmaceutical companies.

Arun Jaitley

returns filed for the first time under GST amount to a total of £9.22 billion till last week. Out of this

£1.48 billion was collected under Central GST head, whereas £2.27 billion came in as State GST. Another £4.74 billion was collected as Integrated GST, which is levied on movement of goods and services from one state to another. Jaitley said that out of the total IGST collection, £2.09 billion was levied on imports. Tax payers have paid £719.8 million as cess charged against demerit good. He said the number is likely to go up after all taxes are accounted for

and the tax collection number would “somewhat increase” with more compliances. The FM said that GST revenues would exceed the target when all taxpayers file returns, even without compensation cess being factored in. The tax revenue figures are on account of 64.43 per cent of the total 59,57,000 taxpayers registered with GST. This figure does not account for those who registered with GSTN in August, and dealers under the composition scheme.

Lockheed offers to export F-16 jets from proposed India facility

to be produced locally under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Make In India plan. Howard said, “Our next customer, which we believe to be very soon... We will produce those aircraft out of that (Greenville) facility. As you look beyond that, the opportunity for India is to them move all of that into India and that's what's being proposed... to have a single production line in

India that would service the new production requirements of global demand and the global market.” The Indian government will issue a formal request to Lockheed and Saab over the next few days to provide information about their plans to design, develop and produce combat jets in India, a government official said. The planes will be produced under a new 'strate-

gic partnership' policy under which the foreign aircraft maker will collaborate with an Indian firm to develop a world-class indigenous aeronautical base that India has struggled to build for decades. While the American company has picked Tata Advanced Systems as its local partner, Saab is yet to announce its Indian collaborator to produce the Gripen E aircraft that it has offered to the Air Force. Howard stated that winning the Indian contract worth billions of dollars will protect thousands of jobs at Lockheed in the United States as well as at dozens of components suppliers, since the Indian facility will come up gradually.

Meet Ameerh Naran who became an entrepreneur at the age of 4 Trained in business from a very young age, southern Africa's Ameerh Naran began selling tadpoles to his classmates at the age of four. Introduced to the entrepreneurial world at an early stage, Naran learnt to handle his parents' businesses while they were away. His father owned Zimbabwe’s largest independent shoe manufacturer, Conte Shoes, and his mother had string of garment shops selling Oriental Indian clothes and shoes. “My parents always taught me you can have anything you want in life. You just have to know how to ask for it,” Ameerh said. With zero experience running a private jet company, 23 year old Ameerh dared to venture into the field and connected with industry veterans Dennis Jans of CharterJet International and Joseph

Ameerh Naran

Amissah of Blue Cube Aviation. Following training from both the men, Naran was able to expand Blue Star Jets into Asia in 2010. While the company closed down in 2016 after founders sold it to Apollo Jets, Naran's positive attitude mixed with his interest in blooming businesses led to Vimana Private Jets, where he currently works as chief executive. Inspired to bring Victoria’s Secret to

Africa, Naran walked into the world of lucrative sex toys. On finding that they were illegal in Zimbabwe, he managed to get the law changed after three years of lobbying the Ministry of Health and the Board of Censorsgetting the country's first and single license. Good Vibrations, launched in 2015, now has two stores and a website. His third interest, has been one that he has held on to since the age of 11. Wanting to race cars and own a car company, Naran went on to study product and automotive design at university while also training at the Silverstone Motorsport Academy in the UK. He raced in several singleseater series championships after university. Today, he is creating a super car company due to launch in Geneva in 2020.


India's oil companies seek partnership with UK firms

UK Department for International Trade set up a delegation of Indian oil and gas organisations at the Society of Petroleum Engineers' Offshore Europe in Aberdeen from September 5 to 8. The group is led by senior officials from the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas. It aims to take the existing bilateral partnership between UK and India forward. The delegation includes India's Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, the Federation of Indian Petroleum Industry and four other private companies. SPE Offshore Europe will host technical sessions, conferences, workshops, and exhibitions from global industry players across the value chain. Andy Barr, Head of Trade and Investment at the British High Commission, New Delhi said, “Since the turn of the century, UK companies are responsible for over one third of all FDI

into India's oil and gas industry. Companies such as British Petroleum and Shell have a long-established presence and, as India intensifies its offshore, deep water exploration and production, the UK's experience in the North Sea and Continental Shelf which has created a business infrastructure of over 3,000 companies means there is enormous potential to enhance our collaboration.” The conference enables businesses and trade bodies to keep updated with the most significant technologies and helps them connect with a global network of over 50,000 international attendees. “We are bringing together British investors and export-ready companies with the visiting Indian delegation to look at opportunities for commercial partnerships across investment, services, technology and skills,” Barr said.

Coke eyes No. 3 spot for India market globally

James Quincy

Speaking at a select media gathering on his maiden trip to India, James Quincypresident and CEO of CocaCola said owing to the abundance of opportunities, the company will focus on beverages for the foreseeable future. “But we don't rule out other things if they create value and help us build a better company.” While he has given the company's Indian branch, led by T Krishnakumar, to become the fifth-largest market for the company in a selected time frame, he wishes to see Coca-Cola in the top three slot. Such a challenging aim would require Coca-Cola India to out-run large markets like Japan, Brazil, China, in revenues. India is currently the sixth-largest country in the network, with the top two being the US and Mexico. “We will be guided by what the consumers want and how that creates value for our customers. It means in the end, the company wants to become bigger than the world's best brand,

i.e., Coca-Cola. It's both a great strength that the company's name is same as the name of the brand but it also somehow limited us. So really while brand CocaCola will be the heart and soul of the company, the company needs to become much bigger by participating in many more categories. That's what we are making a strong emphasis on,” Quincey said. Ideally, Quincey would like markets to emulate Japan, where the sparkling drinks business forms a smaller portion and a large part of the business comprises coffee, juices and other non-sparkling products. Quincey, however, does not want to put a stick in the ground to say when the global portfolio would have an equal representation between sparkling and non-sparkling businesses. India, which faced a bit of slowdown, is working on a plan to return back on the path of growth. Quincey is keen that India remains a consistent investment destination for Coca-Cola.




We ended up completing on a deal in Hatherley Grove W2 on the 1st September. The hope was to flip the property prior to completion. The strategy was to apply for planning permission for another 430 sq. ft., in addition to the existing 700 sq. ft. of space, by way of a mansard on the top of the building.

Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap London Property Investment

We had managed to negotiate a long four months between exchange and completion; and attempts were made for a resell, both off market and by way of an auction. The property didn't sell, in part due to the poor market, especially in the auctions rooms, and in part due to the existing residents trying to scupper the sale; they figured out a flip was being attempted

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

and perhaps didn't like the idea of someone profiting from a block they lived in. Some objections were filed with the auctioneer and the council. One of their objections was that we did not own the area for which we were applying for planning. This is obvious, and it’s not a requirement to own the space before submitting a planning application. A planning objection can only be filed on a planning basis, not on any other. Truth be told, we were hoping to resell this property, as the time and hassle factor involved in the negotiations could be better spent elsewhere. However, now that our client has ownership we

AGONY AGENT IS HERE TO HELP! Q: I need to refurbish the kitchen in my rental property. As I am new to this, do you have any tips please? A: Decorating or fitting a kitchen for a property is all about return on investment. You want to spend enough that you get a durable, hard-wearing kitchen, but not so much that it takes you years to break even through your rental income. If you imagine spending £10,000 on a kitchen for a property which will rent for £300 pcm, you can see how long it would take to earn that money back. However, if you invest too little, you could find yourself having to replace

everything a year down the line. Whether you are replacing the whole kitchen, or just doing up an existing one, my top tips will help you save money and time – as well as keeping your tenants happy. As with bathrooms, moisture is one of the biggest threats to your sparkling new kitchen. Once mould has set in it’s pretty hard to stop and is notorious for eating away at plaster and paintwork. There are plenty of ways to prevent moisture damage and mould, for example, use a mould-resistant paint (one that is also wipeclean) and use tiles where



possible. Although expensive, tiling will last and keeps moisture at bay. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a tiled floor, try lino flooring. Lino is cheap, easy to fit and easy to clean – as well as being water resistant. Needless to say, carpets are a no in any kitchen, as is laminate flooring, which can expand and buckle when wet. Install a good extractor fan or cooker hood and advise your tenants to use it every time they cook, to whisk away steam and condensation. If your units are looking a little dated you’ll need to weigh up the expense of replacing them against your intended return on investment. Think again about

will need to grab the bull by the horns, and ensure we are able to implement the planning; assuming it is of course granted. The chances are very strong as the majority of the street all have mansards. The property is very nice, and a great deal even as it is. It’s a share of freehold, and the purchase price was £1,000 per sq. ft. A tenant has already been found for the property, at £500pw, giving a yield of 3.7% p.a., which is a strong yield in W2. We have another plan, if for some reason we are not able to implement the planning permission for the mansard, which is to convert it from an existing two bedroom flat to a three bed - two bathroom property; without the need for planning. This is

our default position. This area around Queensway is earmarked for massive growth in the coming years. A Knight Frank report in 2014, focusing exclusively on W2, highlights this is a growth area to watch out for; and this is where the smart money will be going. Of course, this was prior to the Stamp Duty rises and the Brexit vote. Nonetheless, once the dust settles, the fundamentals will override the temporary market conditions. The report focuses on the area between Westbourne Grove and Hyde Park, it points out there was planning permission for 239 new units in this locality, and at the time only 137 were under construction. Bear in mind these are not new

units coming on the market; they are ALL conversions, the external of the buildings are kept intact and the internals are worked on. Looking at it from this perspective, it can be argued no new stock will be coming on to the market. Given this, there is little risk of oversupply. The demand side is driven upwards by the regeneration which is due to occur in the area. A wealthy far eastern buyer has purchased Whitley’s Shopping Centre as part of a wider regeneration plan. In property, it important to stay flexible and be able to adapt to the changing market conditions; as there are things you can control, and things you cannot.

the type of tenant you’re trying to attract, and this should help you decide what to go for. If there is no structural damage to the cupboards, but they look shabby, why not paint them, with cupboard paint, and replacing the knobs for some fresh new ones? You could even keep the ‘shells’ of the cupboards and simply replace the doors but, whatever you do to them, stick to neutral colours. When it comes to appliances and white goods, even unfurnished properties will be snapped up quicker if they have the basics on offer. A washing machine, fridge and cooker will go a long way to attracting tenants. Before you go full steam ahead and start including fancier

goods such as dishwashers, consider again the type of tenant you want and how much they’ll be paying in rent. As always, any gas appliances will need fitting by a Gas Safe registered engi-

neer and will need an annual safety check. If you need any help or assistance with the refurbishment of your rental property, contact our office for free advice on this subject.

l Dual aspect reception room with separate dinning space, one bedroom and separate kitchen

l Fantastic communal roof terrace

l Striking rental yield of 8.4% expected

l After slight decoration and lease extension, expected

Kings Road, Chelsea, SW3 Purchase Price: £325,000

Specialists in Central London Property Sourcing

resale is £1,050,000 Call us now for more information!

0207 993 0103 27 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8HU SowandReapProperties


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Asian Voice | 9th Septmeber 2017

Consultant Editor Financial Voice Alpesh Patel Dear Financial Voice Reader, How do you decide who to entrust with your investments? We had to think of this recently when we launched a new service for private investors. How will our customers think. It is always difficult as a business working out prices. When you choose a fund to manage your investments, you do not want to pay anything in fees of course. Moreover, if you do, then you ask yourself that you do not want to pay anything if they make a loss in the investments. We agree with you. So we thought, well what if investors paid once and then didn’t have to pay again for say three years? That would be the upfront model and allows us to keep costs really low. However, of course, some customers do want to pay each month. So then we thought why not let those pay a monthly fee? However, then some customers only want to pay when they make a profit. So then we thought why not charge people a share of their profits? However, some people do not want to share profits and others do. So we thought why not only charge fees in the month's people make money and no fees when they do not? So we took all these ideas to be innovative in pricing, and we came up with our trading software which over the past 12 months delivered a 75% return. And we said even though we are profitable 10 months out of 12, let’s assume we will only be profitable half the time. So let’s charge people only for half of those 12 months. It was nuts. Actually, like most good ideas, it came from a customer. It is really hard in fund management to know how to price your services. People do not want to pay even though you could make them lots of money. Other people told us they do not want to be ‘locked in’ – or pay an entry or exit fee. That too made sense to us. When you consider making investments yourself, think about these things: Are you locked in? Can you see the trades made in your name, live, online 24/7 Are their entry or exit costs? Can you pay only in the months they are profitable? If you pay upfront, is it cheaper, as with British Gas! We really need in the fund management industry to learn from the way everyone else in other fields does things – because we do not know it all. Even though many in my industry do think they know it all! The service we launched – allowing people to copy the trades of a hedge fund –

RBI governor questions farm loan waiver Reserve Bank of India (RBI) governor Urjit Patel questioned the waiver of farm loans and urged the Centre and state governments to move to a more fundamental solutions. Speaking at a seminar to debate farm loan waivers organized by the RBI, Patel said that elements of an optimal approach to address farm problems are well known. These include crop insurance, infrastructure, irrigation, t e c h n o l o g y- e n a b l e d productivity improvements, and, opening up the farm economy to market forces and open trade. The governor questioned whether credit was being used as an alternative for other policy interventions. Patel said that

while waivers helped clear the debt of farm households, several negative side effects have also been cited by experts. The negatives include faulty targeting of beneficiaries and resulting discrimination, incentivising wilful defaulters, and erosion of credit discipline. “India's agrarian economy is the source of around 15% of GDP, 11% of our exports and provides livelihood to about half of India's population,” said Patel. Outstanding bank advances to agriculture and allied activities have risen from about 13% of gross domestic product originating in agriculture in 2000-01 to around 53% in 2016-17.


99% of scrapped notes back with banks, says RBI report The Reserve Bank of India said that £152.8 billion, or 99 per cent of the £154.4 billion demonetised Rs 500 and 1,000 currency notes on November 8, last year, has been deposited with banks. In its annual report, the bank said that the number of returned notes does not include the money collected by district central cooperative banks and from notes deposited by citizens and financial institutions in Nepal. The Apex Bank has been tentative in releasing data on the currency received, stating that the number is only an estimation. It said some of the returned money is still lying uncounted in currency chests. “Till such time these notes are processed by the RBI for their numer-

part of the liquidity management post demonetisation. Resultantly, RBI's dividend to the government for 2016-17 halved to £3.06 billion from £6.58 billion in the previous year.

ical accuracy and authenticity, only an estimation of specified banknotes received back is possible,” it said. The disclosure garnered flak for the government. Making matters worse, RBI's printing costs have more than doubled to £796.5 million in 2016-17 from £342.1 million in the previous year and its interest income was hit due to

demonetisation. The move has seemingly drained the central bank's finances. RBI's interest income dropped 10 per cent to £6.60 billion from £7.35 billion in the previous year. It said income from domestic sources fell 17 per cent to £4.32 billion as it had to pay out more interest on the money that it mopped up from banks as

Indian taxmen seek £3.23 bn from Hutchison over Vodafone deal Income tax department has slapped a £3.23 billion demand in tax, interest and penalty on Hong Kong-based Hutchison for alleged capital gains it made on the $11 billion sale of its mobile business in India to UK's Vodafone Group in 2007. In a filing to the Hong Kong stock exchange, billionaire Li Ka-shing's CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd said its unit, Hutchison Te l e c o m m u n i c a t i o n s International Ltd (HTIL) has been served with a tax demand of about £790 million, £1.64 billion of interest and another £790 million in penalty. The CK Hutchison unit continues to dispute the validity of those taxes, it said. This is the first time a tax demand on the Hong Kong firm is being raised. So far, the Indian government had been pursuing the tax from Vodafone. Vodafone was initially slapped with £799 million tax demand for not withholding tax from payments it made to Hutchison. The

outstanding after including interest and penalty runs over £2 billion. It challenged the levy and the Supreme Court in January 2012 ruled that the company was not liable to pay any tax over the acquisition of assets in India from Hutchison. Thereafter, the government in May 2012 amended the tax laws with retrospective effect and claimed taxes. Vodafone has disputed such levy and the matter is before an international arbitration panel. Besides Vodafone, the retrospective legislation was used to levy a principal tax liability of £1.02 billion on another British company, Cairn Energy Plc. That matter too is before an international arbitration panel. HTIL, an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd, received from the tax department a draft assessment order dated November 24, 2016 alleging gains made on sale of

its entire 67 per cent in the India business to Vodafone. "HTIL received on February 13, 2017 from income tax an assessment order dated January 25, 2017 in respect of tax of approximately £790 million on capital gains" in connection with the 2007 deal plus aggregate interest of approximately £1.64 billion," the filing said. Further, "HTIL received on August 9, 2017 from income tax authorities a penalty order dated July 3, 2017 for a penalty of approximately £790 million", it added. The taxes cannot be validly imposed on HTIL, the filing said, adding that the order issued by the income tax is on the "basis of retrospective legislation seeking to overturn the judgment of the Supreme Court of India in January 2012, which ruled that the acquisition (by Vodafone) was not taxable in India, are in violation of the principles of international law".

RBI said 370,000 pieces of Rs 500 fake notes were detected and in the case of Rs 1000 currency notes 256,000 pieces were detected. It added that while the whole exercise may not have resulted in black money being destroyed in the form of unreturned notes, it may help in tracing unaccounted wealth. The report read, “The trail of deposits of specified bank notes into bank accounts may provide valuable information to the revenue authorities in tracing unaccounted money.”

HDFC’s ‘India homes fair 2017’

HDFC Ltd, India’s leading mortgage lender, is organising a two-day property show at the Landmark Hotel in central London on September 16 and 17 between 10 am and 7 pm. According to the organisers, 'India Homes Fair 2017’ will assist Indian-origin people who want to own a home, back in India. Over 200 projects will be on display from Mumbai, National Capital Region, Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Goa, Kerala, Punjab, Kolkata, etc with varying options like flats, villas, plots, etc. Customers can avail exclusive offers and value-added benefits during the exhibition. This will be the 10th year in a row HDFC is organising the show.

India's GDP growth at 3-year low of 5.7% in Q1 The Indian economy slowed down in the April-June quarter, resulting in a three-year low as the impact of destocking by companies ahead of the roll-out of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) and long-lasting effects of demonetisation hurting growth. Data released by the Central Statistics Office showed that the economy grew 5.7 per cent in AprilJune, slower than the previous quarter's 6.1 per cent growth and lower than the 7.9 per cent expansion post-

ed in the first quarter of 2016-17. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has vowed to take steps to revive growth in the quarter ahead. “Slowdown in GDP growth in the first quarter is a matter of concern. Global economy is improving faster than what we thought and that is a positive trend. The domestic public investment is certainly going to be quite high because the revenue trend seems to be positive,” he said. The June quarter growth is below China's 6.9

per cent expansion in the April-June quarter and puts pressure on policymakers to unveil measures to revive the economy. “The subdued and weakened economic performance of the domestic economy indicates that the disruption caused by demonetisation has not run its course and GST implementation related disruption in business activity has further aggravated the economic vulnerability of the country,” Madan Sabnavis, chief economist at CARE

Ratings said. DK Joshi, chief economist at ratings agency Crisil, said, “For fiscal 2018 as a whole, we are in the process of revising down of our GDP growth forecast down from 7.4 per cent stated earlier. That said, normal monsoon, softer interest rates and inflation, and pent-up demand (demand postponed due to the demonetisation) will support consumption growth. There will also be a mild push to consumption from budgetary announcements.”



Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

N Korea dares US, S Korea with `H-bomb' test WASHINGTON: North Korea, in an open mockery of US' “locked and loaded” and inflicting of unprecedented “fire and fury” comments, tested a massive nuclear device that it claimed was a thermonuclear weapon- also known as a hydrogen bomb. State media said the test was carried to test the “accuracy and credibility” of its “Hbomb to be placed at the payload of the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)”. The test was preceded by the release of photographs purportedly showing North Korean dictator Kim Jongun inspecting the weapon that was exploded. US president Donald Trump condemned the test, calling the country a “rogue nation” whose “words and actions continue to be very hostile

Kim Jong Un inspecting a ‘H-bomb’

and dangerous to the United States”. He tweeted, “South Korea is finding, as I have told them, that their talk of appeasement with North Korea will not work, they only understand one thing!” Officials from the US and South Korea were on the hotline to coordinate a response to the test. US chief Joint Chiefs of Staff,

General Joseph Dunford called his South Korean counterpart- General Jeong Kyeongdoo to promise support and cooperation and the pair had “agreed to discuss all military measures against the North.” While US experts remain sceptic of the scale of the bomb and whether it was a thermonuclear weapon, it

remains certain that it was large enough to vaporise Seoul. Analysts said it had at least a 100 kilotonne yield and caused a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. The blast was North Korea's sixth nuclear test and the first since Trump took office. “Enough is enough! We have kicked the can down the road long enough. There is no more road left,” US representative at the UN Nikki Haley said during an emergency UN Security Council meeting. Haley left the slightest crack in the door open for negotiations, saying, among other things, “The time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it is too late” and “War is never something the United States wants. We don't want it now.”

Indian-American Professor Sonia Katyal quits Trump advisory council

CALIFORNIA: IndianAmerican professor at the University of California Berkeley’s School of Law has quit US President Donald Trump's advisory boards and councils. Sonia Katyal resigned from the Commerce Department's Digital Economy Board of Advisors, initiated by former president Barack Obama, to help the federal government navigate the challenges of an emerging economy. Over half of the members of the advisory board quit due to Trump's controversial comments on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, on August 11 to 12. He had blamed counter-protestors and rally supporters for the violence that claimed the life of a young white counterprotestor. Sister of former Acting Solicitor Neal Katyal, Sonia was an inaugural mem-

Sonia Katyal

ber of the DEBA. She had joined the Berkeley faculty 2015 from Fordham Law School, where she served as the associate dean for research. She is also named as one of the top 35 mostcited intellectual property law professors in the country and has several national awards to her name. Another Indian-American to quit from the President's council is data scientist D J Patil. He made an official announcement on Twitter, saying, “I can confirm that I

have resigned as a member of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council. Critical infra needs to be taken seriously.” Reports suggested that the group of seven resigned in a joint letter issued to Trump, accusing him of ignoring national security matters. Comprising of a quarter of the council, the group that looks into national cybersecurity. They cited several shortfalls in the Trump administration’s approach to cybersecurity as well as broader concerns about the “moral infrastructure” of the country. In the letter, they wrote, “The moral infrastructure of our nation is the foundation on which our physical infrastructure is built. The adminis-

tration’s actions undermine that foundation. Your actions have threatened the security of the homeland I took an oath to protect.”

Indian-origin appointed Singapore's acting president

SINGAPORE: J Y Pillay, an Indian-origin civil servant, has been appointed as Singapore's acting president until a new head of state is sworn in later this month. Pillay, 83, took over from Tony Tan Keng Yam who completed a six-year term last week. Pillay, chairman of the Council of Presidential Advisers (CPA), will act as the president until after polling day on September 23 - or after nomination day on September 13, if a candidate is elected unopposed. When the office of president is vacant, the first in line to exercise its powers is the CPA chairman, followed by the Speaker of Parliament. Pillay is no stranger to exercising the powers of the president since he has been the acting president every time the president goes on an overseas trip.

Sikh engineering student stabbed to death in US

WASHINGTON: Gagandeep Singh, a Sikh software engineering student, has been stabbed to death in his taxi allegedly by an American student who was upset over not getting admission into a university. Gagandeep was allegedly attacked by Jacob Coleman, the passenger who was upset as he was denied entry by Gonzaga University, a private Catholic school in Spokane. Coleman has been charged with first degree murder. The university said it "has no record of an application" from Coleman and that it was cooperating with law enforcement authorities. Coleman admitted that during the journey he "became homicidal" and bought a knife during a stop at a shop, police said.

Thousands evacuated, schools closed after typhoon hits China

GUANGZHOU: Nearly 70,000 people have been evacuated after Mawar, the 16th typhoon this year, made landfall in China's Guangdong Province on Sunday night. At least four cities, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Shenzhen, activated red alerts for heavy rainfall, the highest warning level, on Monday. Zhuhai flood control headquarters ordered all schools to be closed as heavy rain continues to batter the city, Xinhua reported.


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US to put `Dreamers' on 6-month notice?

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF: Former president Obama's initiative, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is all set to be repealed by Donald Trump. The President, however, would give the Congress six months to draft a legislation to replace it. Trump decided to delay enforcement of his decision to end the programme, a source said, adding that he could change his mind. The decision represents a compromise of sorts after Republicans and business leaders asked Trump to keep the programme that protects nearly 800,000 young men and women, also called

“Dreamers” from deportation and allows them to work legally. Business tycoons including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who signed a letter to the president outlining the economic contribution of Dreamers supported the programme. Prior to the news of Trump's action, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted, “250 of my Apple co-workers are #Dreamers. I stand with them.” Rep. Joe Croweley, DNew York, made an impassioned press call, saying, “These are American children. Eighty per cent of Americans support DACA and keeping these


DREAMERS right here where they belong.” He noted that Trump had promised compassion for undocumented children on several occasions after he was elected to the office. “They're not here for handouts, they're not here to harm, they're here to contribute to our country.” When asked if litigation would ensue in case the DACA is repealed, Crowley said, “We will exhaust every legal avenue. But the President could show his compassion by not prosecuting or persecuting DACA kids, and give peace of mind to these young people. We cannot send these children back to the country of their birth.”

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Hurricane Harvey - Joint efforts by Indian community in Houston HOUSTON: In the aftermath of the catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey in the Greater Houston area, the Indian community contributed immensely in the rescue and relief operations offered by public and private agencies. SEWA International Houston's President Gitesh Desai has been leading relief efforts despite his own house being partially submerged in water. The organisation began to prepare for the hurricane's arrival in the region, and put together teams when the storm made landfall in Rockport. Several Indian businesses and places of worship also initiated efforts, opening their doors to shelter the displaced. Indian restaurants and families have been providing packets of fresh Indian meals. Rescue and aid came in innovative methods, as Masala Radio's Sunil Thakkar used his radio station to provide directions about where people can go for help. When 250 students were stranded at an apartment complex near the University of Houston, without food, water or electricity, members of the Graduates Indian Students joined forces to move them to the 2nd floor. They were however, unable to deliver food due to heavy

Sewa International Houston comes to the rescue of Hurricane affected people

flooding. President of the group, Ravi Shankar contacted Houston's Consul General of India Dr. Anupam Ray, who reached out to various agencies for help. Also, Hare Krishna Temple and Govinda's Restaurant reached out to area residents offering food to the needy. Govinda's manager and ISKCON Temple President Syamasundar Das said, “ISKCON has a long history of service in disaster relief efforts globally so even though we are not fully prepared, still we feel urgently compelled to start now. We have gas stoves and we requested people to bring their own containers for a

fresh hot meal. We will expand our services as the need arises.” Several major Indian organisations such as Hindus of Greater Houston, India House, India Culture Center, the Indo American Charity Foundation, Indo American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Houston, and the Indo American Political Action Committee have decided to coordinate the relief efforts of the Indian community through SEWA International. On August 28, volunteers served hot meals to120 students at the University of Houston and delivered meals to local community members. They will

continue to prepare hot meals for first responders and community member. Death toll in the hurricane that lashed through Texas has risen to 46. However, it has also been reported that areas like Houston and other areas like record flooding has begun entering the recovery phase. Governor Greg Abbott said, “This is going to be a massive, massive cleanup process. People need to understand this is not going to be a short-term project. This is going to be a multi-year project for Texas to be able to dig out of this catastrophe.” The two Indian students who nearly drowned in a swollen lake have been reported dead. Nikhil Bhatia, 24, was rescued from Lake Byan along with another Indian girl Shalini Singh. While Bhatia died in a hospital on August 30, Singh continued to be in a critical condition until she was declared dead on September 3. Friends and some witnesses said both of them were swimming in the lake when a sudden current of water pushed them deeper. Those accompanying the two saw them in distress and flagged down nearby police officers. They were provided cardiopulmonary resuscitation to the victims until medics arrived.

Kenya's Supreme Court cancels vote result NAIROBI: In surprise ruling, Kenyan Supreme Court ordered a new presidential election within the next 60 days cancelling results of last month's poll over widespread irregularities. Chief Justice David Maraga said a majority decision by the panel of six judges found that President Uhuru Kenyatta was “not validly elected”, rendering the result “invalid, null, and void”. Veteran opposition leader Raila Odinga cheered at the historic ruling, weeping with joy. The 72 year old said, “It is now clear that no

Uhuru Kenyatta

one in Kenya is above the law.” In his judgment, Maraga said the election commission (IEBC) had “failed,

neglected or refused to conduct the presidential election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the constitution.” Unhappy with the ruling, Kenyatta slammed the judges panel, calling them “crooks”. Run-up to the August 8 elections was marred by the murder of top IEBC IT official Chris Msando and opposition allegations that there was a certain rigging. August 11 declaration of Kenyatta's victory with 54.27 per cent votes triggered two days of protests in the slums of Nairobi and Kisumu. The

violence claimed at least 21 lives, including a baby and a nine-year-old girl- most of them by the police. Fishmonger Lynette Akello from western Kisumu rejoiced. She said, “For the first time we have got justice. They have stolen elections for so long.” Maraga said there had been “irregularities and illegalities”, notably in the transmission of election results. He said this had compromised the “integrity of the entire presidential election”. The court's full ruling must be made available within 21 days.

72 Indian millionaires migrated to UK since 2008 LONDON: Latest figures from Britain's home office reveals that 72 Indian millionaires have migrated to the UK with their dependents since 2008. India is one of the top countries whose millionaires use a “golden visa” to migrate to Britain. If statistics are to be believed, 72 Indian millionaires with 84 dependents were granted the Tier 1 Investors Visa introduced in 2008. Except for nationality, no other details of the migrants are available. Minimum investment required until November 2014, was £1 million, which was later increased to £2

million after a Home Office committee found in February 2015 that the threshold was not bringing enough benefits to the economy. Earlier investments thresholds were £1 million, £5 million or £10 million, which led to perma-

nent residence to the visa holders and their dependents in five, three or two years respectively, and eventual citizenship. The first threshold was raised to £2 million. Campaign group Transparency International

(TI) called for more checks on applicants and their investment plans in a recent report. Titled 'Paradise Lost', the reports made recommendations to ensure Britain does not become a “prime destination for corrupt individuals looking to invest or launder the proceeds of their illicit wealth, enjoy a luxury lifestyle and cleanse their reputations.” “Corrupt individuals can use the UK's Tier 1 (Investor) visa system- otherwise known as Golden Visas- to secure residency in the UK, thereby receiving an implicit endorsement of their money's legitimacy from the UK state.”


Musharraf declared fugitive in Bhutto murder case

RAWALPINDI: A Pakistani anti-terrorism court last week declared ex- military ruler Pervez Musharraf a fugitive in the murder case of former PM Benazir Bhutto and acquitted five people in the killing. As an “absconder,” Musharraf must be arrested and brought to trial if he returns to Pakistan after being allowed to leave the country last year. The court also ordered attachment Musharraf's property in Pakistan. Benazir was assassinated in a suicide and gun attack in Rawalpindi in 2007, weeks after she returned from exile to campaign in elections to bring back civilian rule. Bhutto's daughter Aseefa Zardari tweeted that “There will be no justice till Musharraf answers for his crimes!”

Death toll surges to 400 in Myanmar violence

COX'S BAZAR (BANGLADESH): Around 400 people - “most of them Rohingya Muslims”- have died in communal violence searing through Myanmar's Rakhine state, the army chief's office said, with tens of thousands forced to flee across the border into Bangladesh. A further 20,000 Rohingya have massed along the Bangladeshi frontier, while 38 desperate people have drowned attempting to cross the Naf, a border river, in makeshift boats. Reports of massacres and torching of villages by security forces 'as well as by militants' have further amplified tensions, raising fears that communal violence in Rakhine is spinning out of control. "Until 30 August, terrorists carried out 52 waves of attacks on security forces .... in those attacks, 370 bodies of terrorists were found and nine others captured alive," a statement posted on the Facebook page of Commander-in-Chief Min Aung Hlaing's office. Fifteen security forces personnel and 14 civilians have also died in eight days of fighting, it added.

Blue Whale game `mastermind' held

MOSCOW: The teenager accused of being the global mastermind behind the Blue Whale suicide group craze has been arrested. Cops detained the 17-yearold, who is accused of being the brain behind the death group, which has incited dozens of vulnerable children to take their own lives. The unnamed Russian teenager issued threats to her victims to murder them or their family members if they failed to obey orders to complete tasks she set them involving cutting themselves with razor blades and other acts of self-harm. The tasks include self-harming, watching horror movies and waking up at unusual hours, but these gradually get more extreme. Separately, a 21-year-old man has been arrested near Moscow for inciting adolescent girls to take their own lives. The female “death group administrator“ used threats against parents or siblings of her victims as added pressure on them to obey her and commit suicide, say Russian state investigators.

Rains lash southern Pakistan

KARACHI: Torrential monsoon rains are lashing Pakistan's port city of Karachi following days-long downpours in neighbouring India that especially caused havoc in Mumbai. TV footage showed streets were submerged after the heavy rains began last week. Pakistan's meteorological department says rains will continue for some more days in various parts of Sindh province, where authorities closed schools as a precaution. Windstorms and rains are also expected in the southwestern Baluchistan and eastern Punjab provinces. The meteorological department says rains are also expected in the capital, Islamabad, and in Pakistan's portion of Kashmir.

Taiwan appoints new premier amid tense China relations

TAIPEI: Taiwan's president has appointed a new premier seen as willing to reach out to rival China amid ongoing tense relations between the two sides. President Tsai Ing-wen named William Lai to head up the government following the resignation of Lin Chuan. Lin had asked to leave the post before local elections next year added an unwanted political element to his work. The smooth transfer of office "represents that there is absolutely no problem with the communication and handing over of the functions within the Cabinet," Tsai told reporters at a news conference attended by both Lin and Lai. "All the reform projects will be handed over and carried on," Tsai said. Lai, a 57-year-old Harvard-educated physician, served for 11 years in the legislature and since 2010 has been mayor of the southern city of Tainan.

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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Cartoonist Ashok Adepal's art exhibition in London

Indian cartoonist Ashok Adepal is all set to come to London for his art exhibition 'Hundred Cartoon Selfie.' The exhibition will be up from September 11 to 15 at the Cultural Wing of High Commission of India, Nehru Centre. Given the current trend of taking “selfies” on mobile phones, Adepal decided to create a series of cartoons themed Cartoon Selfie which have been up for display at art galleries in major Indian cities like Ahmedabad and Baroda. The exhibition is a comic commentary on the new age obsession with the self image. While a cartoonist usually makes humorous and satirical representation of public personalities, Adepal drew his own image to laugh and mock. He also manages to present his reflections and thoughts on current events. Described as a potpourri of cartoons, Adepal's exhibition only relies on the singular character sans dialogue, prompting people to think and connect to ongoing events and issues. Each cartoon has its own title and cover mostly national and

sometimes international subjects of discussion. Recipient of the Kutch Shakti Award by Bruhad Mumbai Gujarati Samaj, 2010, Adepal was born in

Tharad, Banaskantha to a refugee family that migrated to Gujarat from Sindh, Pakistan. He began his career as a political cartoonist 15 years ago, training himself to draw cartoons and developing his own style by studying the works of other cartoonists. His first work was published on the front page of regional newspaper Kutchmitra in September 2002. Adepal's political cartoons regularly appeared from 2013 to 2017, in the Ahmedabad

NRI student visits Dr Bhalla’s dental clinic for a unique experience

Darsh Thacker I am a 17-year-old student living in London, and have just completed my first year of A-levels wanting to study dentistry at university. I wanted to experience the life of a dentist outside of the UK to see the differences in healthcare, practises, and see subcontinent pathologies. Therefore, I went to India, Ahmedabad, to Dr Bhalla dental clinic and implant centre for three days to get a better understanding. Before arriving,

Dr. Bhalla

like many other people, I had low expectations of healthcare centres in the country, thinking the clinic would be outdated in comparison to the NHS. On arriving at the practice, I was amazed by the modernized clinic with the latest and advanced equipment. The dentists were all very knowledgeable at Dr Bhalla dental clinic and during my time there, I noticed that a large proportion of the patients come from the UK to get treatment in this clinic. Many people overlook India, just like I did before I came, but I feel Dr Bhalla dental clinic is equally as good as the NHS dental practices back in the UK. I witnessed a variety of proce-


dures during my time at the practice including restorations, crowns, root canals and implants being put in. The dentists completed all treatments with upmost care and skill and I found it fascinating to see how the countries are similar in their methods of mannerisms, practicing and patient demands. I would like to thank Dr Bhalla for kindly allowing me to shadow him and I will keep this valuable learning experience with me for the rest of my life.

US gives $255mn military aid to Pak, with strings attached

edition of DNA. They have also appeared in various Indian regional newspapers and periodicals like Phoolchhab, Sambhav Metro, Divya Bhaskaw, Akila, Asian Age, Chitralekha, Abhiyan, and web news portal, Global Gujarat News (GGN).

WASHINGTON: The Trump administration moved decisively against Pakistan's sponsorship of terror groups, notifying the US Congress that it is putting $255 million in military assistance to the country -from the $1.1 billion in aid authorised for 2016 -in an escrow account, unless Islamabad acts against terrorism. The move is part of the gradual whittling down of foreign aid to Pakistan for its continued undermining of US efforts in Afghanistan with sponsorship of terror. The latest action came even as Pakistan drummed up protests at home against the hardening US stand, articulated by the US President in a policy speech last week. “We can no longer be silent about Pakistan's safe havens for terror organisations, the Taliban, and other groups that pose a threat to the region and beyond,” Trump had warned, in remarks that implicitly called Pakistan a terrorist state, while pointing out that Islamabad had squandered billions of US dollars in aid. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson had also warned that Pakistan risked the aid.

Instead of being chastened by the warning, the country that hosted Osama bin Laden among scores of well-known terrorists, doubled down in denial, demanding proof of its support for terror groups, many of which operate openly with state support and subsidy. It's National Assembly unanimously passed a resolution against Trump's statement, calling it “hostile and threatening” and its National Security Committee pledged a “robust response” to the US charge, even as its leaders and officials reached out to China, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia for support. But instead of glossing over Pakistan's perfidy and backing down as it has often done in the past, Washington tightened the squeeze on the country whose sponsorship of terrorism is well-chronicled and has been repeatedly voiced by US officials and generals. In fact, there is pressure on the Trump administration from hardliners to cut off all aid and declare it a state sponsor of terrorism, and two lawmakers have actually proposed legislation withdrawing the major nonNato ally status.


INDIA AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


Won't resort to backdoor means to form govt: Stalin Stalin said his party would reach out to people, get their support and come to power SALEM: The DMK will not adopt any “backdoor” means to form the government, even as the bickering in AIADMK factions continue. Speaking at an event in Salem, Tamil Nadu, DMK working president and leader of opposition in the assembly, MK Stalin said those who had spoken before him had desired that 89 should become 117, i.e., the DMK should come to power. While the DMK had 89 MLAs in the 234-member Tamil Nadu Assembly, its allies Congress and IUML add up another nine, taking the

MK Stalin

opposition strength to 98. The simple majority in the present House, where the RK Nagar seat fell vacant last year following the death of then Chief Minister J

EPS seeks compromise, Dhinakaran not interested CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami (EPS) adopted a conciliatory tone, appealing to his partymen to unite and strengthen Tamil Nadu ruling party AIADMK. In a pledge to keep the party united, Palaniswami said, “We will stay united to protect the party. We are ready to make any sacrifice for that. We will never allow the party to be divided by people trying to promote their own interests. We take this vow in the land of Perarignar Anna.” The plea came as 21 MLAs in the party pledged allegiance to TTV Dhinakaran. The former general secretary of the party and VK Sasikala's nephew, talking to reporters said, “Traitors will be defeated”. He also reminded Palaniswami and deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS) that they got their positions because of his aunt- currently in a prison in Bengaluru. The

Dhinakaran camp now plans to seek the intervention of the President against the CM in the wake of reports that the governor expressed inability to intervene in the current turmoil in the party. He said the EPS-OPS camp had been given enough time. “After assuming charge, he (EPS) wants to remove Sasikala, who chose him for the post of chief minister, and declare that my appointment (as deputy general secretary) is invalid. Our question is how can a person, who acts in his own interests and seeks power, be a chief minister,” Dhinakaran said. Palaniswami who spoke in the presence of Lok Sabha deputy speaker M Thambidurai, and other cabinet colleagues, said “no power can oppress the party”. OPS said, “There was no room for family rule in Amma's government, which is a strong fort, safeguarding the interests of the poor.”

Lookout notices issued against Honeypreet Singh NEW DELHI: Haryana police have issued a “lookout notice” for Honeypreet Singh, who is charged with sedition, or instigating violence, and conspiracy in attempting to free Dera Sacha Sauda chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh after his rape conviction. Airports, buse stations, and railway stations across the country are on alert. Haryana Deputy Commissioner of Police Manbir Singh said Gurmeet's adopted daughter, Honeypreet conspired to free him from the security detail that was given custody of the self-styled godman. Aditya Insan, mouthpiece of Dera Sacha Sauda, who is on the run is also charged with inciting violence after the verdict. A similar 'lookout notice” has been issued for him. He is the main accused in the sedition case registered for inciting Ram Rahim followers to extreme violence following the conviction verdict. Police sources said both of them knew what the cult leader's followers would do if

Honeypreet Singh

he were pronounced guilty. As many as 38 people died and millions worth of public property was destroyed last week. Haryana government is, meanwhile, looking into how Honeypreet was allowed to board the chopper that took Gurmeet out of the Panchkula court complex following the end of the case. Photographs taken in the court complex showed her sitting beside him in the chopper. Speculation over who will succeed the cult chief who has been jailed for 20 years, is the focus in the organisation's Sirsa headquarters.

Jayalalithaa, is 117. “Not just 117, our desire is that it (DMK's strength) should become 200. We are patiently waiting for that. The DMK will never come to power through backdoor means. That is the path laid down to us by Kalaignar (Party president M Karunanidhi),” he said. Stalin said his party would reach out to people, get their support and come to power “but are not desperate to come to power through backdoor means”. He asked what Governor Ch Vidyasagar Rao would do

“if the ball of the DMK which has 89 MLAs” went to his court. “What action will you take if the ball comes to you. It is a completely different thing that whether DMK will take the ball to him or not. The suspense will be lost if (DMK's strategy) is revealed right away,” Stalin said. “Therefore, the DMK will certainly take a decision after due legal consultation. That decision will not be for our selfish motives but in the interest of the welfare of people of Tamil Nadu. There is no change in that,” he said.

Protests across TN after student commits suicide CHENNAI: Protests broke out across Tamil Nadu, a day after a teenaged Dalit student committed suicide allegedly for not getting an admission into a medical college. S Anitha, who had fought against the common entrance exam for medical colleges in the Supreme Court, had scored 1,176 marks out of 1,200 in her board exams in Tamil Nadu, but failed to perform well in the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET). Daughter of a daily wage labourer, she was found hanging in her home in Ariyalur district, 300 km from capital Chennai. Over 1,500 workers from different opposition groups shouted slogans and protested at five different places in Chennai. They targeted the AIADMK in the state and the BJP in the Centre for their failure in exempting NEET for medical admission. As many as 300 workers of CPM were detained by the police for blocking the famous Anna Salai road in Chennai. The Supreme Court had ordered all medical colleges across the country to use NEET to decide admissions. With

S Anitha

over 40 medical colleges, Tamil Nadu said its students are at a disadvantage while taking the test alleging it seemed more apt for students who study in CBSE schools, and punishes poor and rural students who cannot afford private tuition classes needed to score high. While the SC exempted the state from NEET last year, it refused a request to continue the exemption this year. The Ventre said that if the Tamil Nadu government was to issue an ordinance or executive order that would effectively circumvent NEET, it would back the move. However, last week it changed its stance and ordered Tamil Nadu to use NEET as its sole criterion for admissions. Opposition parties have joined in the fight.

Jats serve ultimatum to Haryana govt JHAJJAR (HARYANA): The All-India Jat Aarakshan served a two-month ultimatum on the state government to complete all legal formalities regarding reservation for Jats in government jobs and educational institutions. AIJASS threatened to organise a march to Delhi if the government failed to do so within the given time. A 'Bhaichara Rally' was organised by the AIJASS at Rashalwala Chowk, which was attended by a large number of Jats from various districts of Haryana. Also present were leaders from Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Delhi. AIJASS chief Yashpal Malik said, “The Punjab and Haryana High Court has disappointed us, but we will continue our struggle for reservation. The state government has been

given two months to complete all legal formalities in this regard. After two months, Jats in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh will be free from their farm work and will not hesitate to march to Delhi.” He urged Jats to remain united on the issue, saying they were close to success after a long struggle. Malik said unity was needed to maintain pressure on the BJP government for extending OBC status to Jats. He said a delegation from the group had recently called on BJP national president Amit Shah, who assured them the reservation. Yashpal also demanded passage of the National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Bill in the winter session of Parliament.

Sri Lanka releases 76 Tamil Nadu fishermen

RAMESWARAM (TAMIL NADU): Seventysix fishermen from Tamil Nadu who were arrested by the Sri Lankan Navy for allegedly fishing in territorial waters, have been ordered to be released by a Lankan court. Among those ordered to be released, 12 are from Rameswaram, six from Mandapam, 46 from Pudukottai, and eight from Nagapattinam. Rameswaram Fishermen's Association President said the fishermen are expected to reach Karaikal in a day or two. Their release coincided with Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's visit to Colombo.

TN teen's suicide linked to Blue Whale

MADURAI: A 19 year old college student who was found hanging in his room, is reportedly Tamil Nadu's first death linked to the Blue Whale challenge. Police believe he was part of a Whatsapp group of 75 friends who were playing the suicide game. A note was found in his room, that read, “Blue Whale- this is not a game but danger. Once you enter, you can never exit.” Authorities also found a telling image of a whale carved into Vignesh's left arm and the words “Blue Whale” written below it. Vignesh was depressed and had been spending a lot of time alone in the last 45-50 days.

Depressed woman flings daughter from third floor, twice

BENGALURU: A depressed mother threw her seven-year-old daughter twice from a buildingfor having a speech impairment. Accused Sathi Sarkar threw her daughter Ishika from her rented flat in JP Nagar. Eyewitnesses said they initially thought the girl had lost her balance and had an accidental fall. However, as they looked on, the mother took her child upstairs to throw her down again. As Sathi tried to flee the scene, witnesses tied her to an electric pole and beat her up before calling the police who arrested her.

Godman Rampal gets relief

CHANDIGARH: Haryana's self-styled godman Rampal has been acquitted in two criminal cases by a court. The court held him not guilty of wrongful confinement, unlawful assembly, and disobedience to an order by a public servant. However, he will continue to stay in prison as he is facing other cases, including of murder conspiracy, sedition and rioting. Rampal and his close aides had resisted a police operation to arrest him on the orders of the high court while holed up in Hisar in November 2014.

10 hurt in clash near Batala

BATALA (PUNJAB): Ten people were injured as followers of the Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan and members of the Guru Granth Sahib Satkar Committee clashed in Ghuman town last week. Senior police officers camped in the town throughout the day. Divya Jyoti sect followers were conducting an anti-drug camp when Guru Granth Sahib committee members attacked them. Sect member Jagbir Singh claimed that when he and other followers went to the Ghuman police station to lodge a complaint, they were attacked again with swords and other weapons.

SGPC relents, dhadis put off indefinite fast

AMRITSAR: Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Shiromani Dhadi Sabha put off its indefinite fast after the SGPC accepted its demand for enhancing the number of performance hours. Sri Guru Hargobind Sabha president Baldev Singh said, “On the SGPC panel's assurance, we postponed our fast. However, we have sought a written agreement. If we don't get it soon, we will resume our protest.” The group has been in loggerheads with rival faction, the Miri Piri Shiromani Dhadi Sabha over the allotment of hours for the traditional “diwan” at the Akal Takht.




Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Dr. Hari Desai

Jinnah’s Contribution in making Hindu Bharat Mahatma was all for Partition to oust both Islam and Christianity! Future lies with China, Japan and India with declining US influence

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of Modern India” in his latest book “Return of the Infidel”. The global launch of the book in the third week of September 2017.


the biggest Islamic country in the world. In that sense Jinnah was the greatest Indian after Gautam Buddha, Chankya and Adi Shankara.” Both Gujarati Barristers became the Father of Nations after Partition; Gandhi of India and Jinnah of Pakistan. The book reveals that Gandhi “pretended” to oppose Partition, deep within he was content that India would be a country living according to its Hindu heritage and ethos. Gandhi “plotted” the exit of Islam and Christianity following the end of colonialism so that most part of India remained a home majorly for the Hindus. He “egged” on Jinnah to demand Pakistan and with its creation India medieval era came to an end. Even the Khilafat movement was a strategic move by Gandhi. The author is rather harsh on Gandhi and seems trying to rewrite the history thrashing it out from the Gandhian and leftist historians. The children of Abraham, who follow Judaism, Christianity and Islam and believe in only One God, look at other religions as Infidel. And that has played a catalytic role in revivification of ancient civilizations. The future of the world lies with the “Infidel” China, Japan and India with US influence diminishing, Pandit derives the conclusion presenting the global historical events. “I can visualize Japan (and India) regaining its military power with American help, vis-avis China, and the US power

he historical events and documents may lead to various forms of interpretations. The British India’s Partition is one such eventful chapter in the history which has been seen by various historians with different prisms. Virendra Pandit, a science graduate and the Consulting Editor of the Hindu Business Line Daily of Chennai, has interpreted the events leading to the British India’s Partition calling “Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the Father of Modern India” in his latest book “Return of the Infidel”. The global launch of the book in the third week of September 2017 is sure to attract attention of all those curious to study the world history with a different eye. He tells this writer: “I found the available books on decolonization either as one sided or too narrow in scope. I wanted to see the Indian (and Chinese and Japanese) history through the prism of evolving, contemporary world history. As you'll notice, I have run the story as part of global history.” Not that Pandit makes Jinnah the hero in explicit terms but he has analyzed the chronology of the events where M.K. Gandhi is definitely greater and remains the Father of the Nation; but in a Global context, Jinnah stands out as one who is responsible largely to de-Islamize India! Both Gandhi and Jinnah actually complemented each other, according to the author. He says: “Had this not happened, imagine a united Hindustan with 750 million Muslims by 2050,

Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of India

correspondingly shrinking in the next three to four decades. Mustafa Kemal launched a virtual deislamization of Turkey, whose Ottoman rule ended in Europe after the First World War. And decolonization of various countries throughout the 19th century was what spurred me. If the Mughal and Ottoman

events but with a different interpretations and the reader would be inclined to apply mind differently. On 10 December 1938, Jinnah was officially declared as Qaid-e-Azam, or the Great Leader, by Maulana Mazharuddin Ahmed, editor of Delhi’s Muslim daily, alAman, in recognition of his contributions to the com-

Virendra Pandit, a journalist turned historian

Cover page of the book “Return of the Infidel”

Empires ended in the 19th and the 20th century's first half, the British Empire ended in the second half, though replaced by America. Rise and fall of civilizations is always cyclical.” “The Game Changer” Gandhi and “The Pied Piper” Jinnah are presented with known chronology of

munity; there was already another ‘Great Leader’, the Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler, in contemporary Nazi Germany. As a Congressman since 1904, Jinnah opposed the formation of the Muslim League in 1906, calling it a evil design to divide India, but after nearly three decades

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M.A. Jinnah, the Father of Pakistan who became a saviour of Hindu India

and activities of Islamist Wahhabi front organizations like Tablighi Jammat, Ahl-e-Hadis and Dawat ulIslam in an undivided India having 1000 million Hindus vis-à-vis 500 million Muslim population, and one can guess what impact it would have on the world… Jinnah halted that process; that was why he was more of the saviour of India than the creator of Pakistan; perhaps even he did not realize this. Sadly, he was also the most misunderstood leader, both by the Muslims and the Hindus.” The Mahatma knew both the Fuehrer and the Qaid-e-Azam and his reshaping the world-map from where Mustafa Kemal Pasha had left would bring result of containment of Islam. “The Mahatma proposed an offer which Jinnah knew would if accepted, have finished off the Great Leader in one brilliant stroke: the British should make Jinnah the Prime Minister of India and the Great Leader should then try to get the Congress support- in which case, of course, Jinnah would have to come with a begging bowl to Gandhi!” The Qaid did not realize how the Mahatma was pushing Pakistan out of India and making him, the Great Leader. Next Column: Dangers of ignoring N-E Indian states (The writer is a Socio-political Historian. E-mail:

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he had drifted to declare Muslims as a separate Nation. He became the lifetime President of the same Muslim League. Pandit gives credit to Gandhi for the transformation of Jinnah! “The Hindu-past of Jinnah had virtually evaporated, the Muslim present was lurking now on his mind: if Ismailis could once destroy even the Caliphate, kill 40,000 Muslims in Mecca and loot even the Black Stone, why could not this Ismaili, Jinnah, do something similar in India, which was anyway full of infidels, whose only right was to get killed?”, states Pandit giving reasoning for a Constitutionalist Jinnah to give a call for Direct Action in August 1946 responsible for killing 5,000 people from both Hindu and Muslim communities in Kolkata city alone within three days. The call for Direct Action by Jinnah was to get his dream of Pakistan fulfilled as a last resort, but the author says: “ Of course, Gandhi had laid the foundation but it was Nehru who unwittingly ‘ensured’ that Jinnah formed Pakistan, the way Hitler pushed the Jews to create ‘Israel’.” Jinnah who even refused to meet Chaudhary Rahmat Ali, the propagator of the idea to create ‘Pakistan’ in 1933 and discuss the ‘nation’, ultimately became the Father of Pakistan! But Pandit presents logical argument with a strong conviction : “ India would always be grateful to Jinnah, the Pied Piper. Jinnah’s greatest contribution, therefore, was not the creation of a Muslim Pakistan but making of a Hindu Bharat, shielding India from any further enforced Islamisation. Imagine the Arabs’ petro-dollars pouring into an unPartitioned India, since the 1970s, well after the British had left,





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Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping had a "healthy" and "fruitful" bilateral meeting at Xiamen in China on Tuesday and agreed to avoid another Doklam-like border row. This was the first one-on-one meeting between Modi and Xi after the over two-month-long stand-off between the two armies at Doklam in the Sikkim section of the border. In the over one hour meeting after the conclusion of the 9th BRICS Summit, both leaders discussed the need to maintain peace and tranquility on their border. "Met President Xi Jinping. We held fruitful talks on bilateral relations between India and China," Modi tweeted later. The Indian leader thanked the Chinese government and the people for their "warm hospitality" during the three-day BRICS Summit and said he was leaving for Myanmar. On his part, Xi said "healthy and stable relations" between China and India were in line with the fundamental interests of their people. "China is willing to work with India on the basis of the Five Principles

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attends the Welcome Banquet with other BRICS members in Xiamen, China

of Peaceful Coexistence to improve political mutual trust, promote mutually beneficial cooperation and push Sino-Indian ties along a right track," he told Modi. In his opening remarks at the meeting, Modi congratulated Xi for the "very successful" execution of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) Summit. Xi also told Modi that "healthy and stable bilateral ties (were) in line with fundamental interests of the two nations". India's foreign secretary S Jaishankar described the Xi-Modi meet as "forwardlooking" and "constructive". "I think one of the important points which was made in the meeting was that peace and tranquility in the border areas was a prerequisite for further development of the bilateral relationship." Jaishankar said both the leaders agreed that "more efforts should be made to really enhance and strengthen the mutual level of trust between the two sides. "It is natural that between large powers there would be areas of difference and it should be handled with mutual

respect. "Efforts should be made to find common ground in those areas... The defence and security personnel must maintain strong contact and cooperation and ensure that the sort of situation which happened recently should not recur," Jaishankar said. The stand-off between Indian and Chinese troops began in June at Doklam, an area disputed by Bhutan and China. India said the Chinese decision to build a road in the area impacted New Delhi's strategic interests. Indian troops entered the area and stopped the Chinese road work, angering Beijing. The border row seriously affected SinoIndian relations until the two countries settled the issue by recalling their troops from Doklam last month. Jaishankar said: "Both of us (India and China) know what happened. So, this was no backward looking conversation, this was forward looking conversation." Asked if Modi raised the issue of sanctions against Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar and terrorism emanating from

Pakistan, Jaishankar said these were not discussed.

Pak-based terror groups named in BRICS declaration In a diplomatic victory for India, for the first time, Pakistan-based terror groups like the LeT and the JeM were named in the Summit declaration of the BRICS countries that also asserted that those responsible for committing, organising or supporting terror acts must be held accountable. Prime Minister Modi was joined by Chinese President, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Brazilian President Michael Temer and South African President Jacob Zuma in strongly denouncing terror activities of such groups, as they expressed determination to collectively fight the scourge. The 43-page 'Xiamen Declaration', adopted at the end of the five-nation BRICS plenary, stressed on the need for immediate cessation of violence in Afghanistan. It expressed "concern" over the security situation in the region and the violence caused by the Taliban, ISIS, al-Qaeda and

its affiliates including Eastern Turkistan Islamic Movement, Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-eMohammad, Tehrik-iTaliban Pakistan (TTP) and Hizb ut-Tahrir. At the ninth Summit of the grouping, the BRICS leaders also condemned terrorism in all its forms and manifestations wherever committed and by whomsoever. They stressed that there can be no justification whatsoever for any act of terrorism. "We reaffirm that those responsible for committing, organising, or supporting terrorist acts must be held accountable," the statement said. Highlighting the primary leading role and responsibility of states in preventing and countering terrorism, the grouping emphasised on the necessity to develop international cooperation, in accordance with the principles of international law, including that of sovereign equality of states and noninterference in their internal affairs. According to officials, Modi raised the issue of terrorism strongly at the


summit and was joined by other leaders, who expressed willingness to fight this menace. "For the first time specific listing of terror organisations has been made (in the BRICS declaration)," Secretary (East) in the external affairs ministry Preeti Saran told reporters. The inclusion of Pakistan-based terror groups in the declaration is also significant as it indicated a slight shift in the Chinese view towards terror groups operating out of Pakistan. Ahead of the BRICS Summit, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson had said, "We noticed that India, when it comes to Pakistan's counter-terrorism, has some concerns. I don't think this is an appropriate topic to be discussed at the BRICS Summit." During the last BRICS Summit in Goa, China did not allow inclusion of Pakistan-based terror groups in the declaration despite the fact that the Summit was taking place within weeks of the Uri terror strike carried out by a Pakistan-based militant group.

Panel for allowing surrogacy services in India for NRIs, PIOs A parliamentary panel has said there should be no discrimination against people of Indian origin living abroad seeking to use surrogacy services in India. There is “no point” in restricting Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) and Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) from using surrogacy services, the panel’s report, tabled in Parliament recently, said. While recommending that foreign nationals be kept out of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, it advocated an appropriate mechanism for a complete background check of NRIs, PIOs and OCIs intending to use the services of surro-

gates for bearing a child on their behalf. The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health said this should be permitted after a “thorough scrutiny” of their documents submitted to the appropriate authority designated for granting permission for surrogacy services in India. “The Committee recommends that while foreign nationals be kept out of the ambit of the surrogacy bill, Persons of Indian Origin, Overseas Citizens of India and NRIs be permitted to avail of surrogacy services in the country,” it said. The Union Cabinet had

given its nod to the introduction of the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016, in Parliament, seeking a bar on unmarried couples, single parents, live-in partners and homosexuals from opting

for surrogacy. “Foreigners as well as NRIs and PIOs who hold OCI cards have been barred from opting for surrogacy,” external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj had told

reporters after the approval of the bill by the Union Cabinet last year. The committee headed by Samajwadi Party leader Ram Gopal Yadav said there were adequate provisions in the Bill for an appropriate authority to scrutinise documents submitted by the intending couple before commissioning surrogacy and to reject an application in case of any violation of rules. “The committee is of the view that PIOs/OCIs should not be classified along with other foreign nationals” for this purpose, the committee’s report said. The committee was of the opinion that since NRIs,

PIOs and OCI cardholders were of Indian origin, there should not be any “prejudice and discrimination” against them on the matter. “The government has been extending several concessions to PIOs/OCIs to boost the ties of the Indian diaspora with the country of their origin,” it said. The committee also recommended that the intending couple provide a specific “declaration” or a NoObjection Certificate that the child born of a surrogate would get the same citizenship rights as possessed by the intending couple. The recommendations of such panels are not binding on the government.



Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

To Our Readers

health lifestyle

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement any advice. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy...

Taking more drugs may land seniors in hospital, says study A study by researchers in the University of Toronto finds that the long and growing list of prescription drugs consumed by elderly is actually making them more likely to end up in hospital. The risk of having to visit a hospital climbs with each additional medication prescribed, the average being seven different drugs a year, the researchers find. The study underscores the mounting concern about “polypharmacy,” whose perils include side effects from powerful sedatives, anti-psychotics or opioids, and reactions between incompatible drugs. The researchers recommend increased monitoring of doctors’ prescribing habits and more awareness by patients of the issue. Experts not involved in the research say the issue is complex - it’s important

not to under-treat patients with several ailments - but confirm that excessive prescribing is a serious problem. Problems can arise because of lack of coordination between doctors and pharmacists, pressure from patients or a multi-medication “cas-

cade” - additional drugs used to treat side effects of existing pills, said Dr Roger Wong, a geriatrician at the University of British Columbia. Another Canadian study found that four in 10 older people were prescribed at least one drug

deemed intappropriate under specialist guidelines. The study concluded that the more drugs they took, the more likely they were to end up in hospital. The chance of visiting the emergency department climbed three to four per cent with each extra medicine, and of being admitted to hospital by two to three per cent. Prescription drugs can obviously be vital to a person’s health, but physicians should always ask themselves whether an extra drug’s benefits will outweigh its risks and try to “clean up the mess” of multiple prescriptions when a patient is moving from one location to another, said Wong. Doctors also need to manage the expectations of patients and family members who insist on drug treatment for each new problem, he said.

Hair loss may indicate diabetes

Diabetes is a long term disease that affects virtually all organs of the body. Earlier, many organs except hair were considered as a mirror to diabetes complications. Now, molecular studies of hair have opened new outlooks in the diagnosis of diabetes and its complications. Diabetes

can slow down your hair growth. You may face comparatively more hair fall if you are diabetic. It is not just your head, but your arms, legs and other body parts can also suffer from severe hair loss. In diabetes, the rate of hair regrowth also gets slower. If a person is suffering

After cleaning my five-year-old patient’s teeth, I accompanied him to the reception area, only to see him struggle with the oak door. “It’s heavy, isn’t it?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “Is that so children can’t escape?” *** A concerned police officer approaches a boy who is crying in front of a newsstand. “What’s wrong?” the cop asks. “Superman isn’t out yet!” says the boy. “I’ll handle it,” the cop assures him. “Hey, Superman!” he shouts. “Come on out! We won’t hurt you!” *** A few weeks? after the death of my father-in-law, I found my seven-year-old son crying in bed. His grandmother had died the previous year, and he was taking it all very hard. "You know, Kyle," I said, "when we die, we’ll get to see Grandma and Grandpa again in heaven." With tears spilling down his face, Kyle cried, "That’s easy for you to say. You don’t have that long!" *** Our six-year-old daughter, Terra, has a need to ask questions … lots of questions. Finally, one day, my wife had had it.

from severe hair loss, it may be an alarming signal for possibility of diabetes development. You must consider visiting your doctor if you are facing unusual hair loss. Only a few diabetologists recognize this as a first sign of diabetes .A French study was conducted to establish the link between hair loss and diabetes. A total of 6,00,000 people with diffuse hair loss were enrolled. Results from the study revealed that all the enrolled people with diffuse hair loss were diabetic, although they were unaware of the fact that they were diabetic. Therefore, people with complain of hair loss should have their serum glucose level checked. Sometimes, even unexplained hair loss can help in diagnosis of silent diabetes. Speak with your doctor if you are having any bothersome diabetes

symptoms, including hair loss. It becomes even more important to visit your doctor if you are losing hair loss from arms and legs as it could be an indicator of poor blood flow. If your hair loss is related to diabetes, you can control it by managing your blood sugar level. Once your diabetes is under control, you will notice a reduction in hair loss.

It was mothers who were involved in the school life of a child than the fathers earlier. But today it's just as important for dads to be involved in the classroom and education of their children. Research confirmed that a father’s emotional engagement leads to multiple positive outcomes and serves as a significant protective factor against high-risk behaviours in both girls and boys. This holds true for fathers living in the home as well as those who aren't. More frequent father engagement in a child’s literacy and education results in higher achievement levels in reading and math for the child. Educators who work with families have an unprecedented opportunity to engage fathers in children’s lives at school, especially in the elementary grades, and to raise awareness about the critical role fathers and father-figures play in how well students perform. While most fathers would welcome the opportunity to be involved in their children’s school life, they are still largely absent, especially when compared to the number of mothers who are committed to parental involvement in schools. Dads have to take responsibility for stepping up and getting more involved in the everyday life and fabric of the school, even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone. One study published in 2001 found fathers were most likely to attend activities designed for the whole family, and meetings focused on learning about child development and planning for the child’s future, and to take advantage of opportunities to learn more about parenting skills.


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for Hair & Skin Care

A traumatic experience when one is balding or suffering from hair loss

Hair loss falls into two categories, where it is distributed over the whole scalp and where hair loss is limited to localised areas. Hair loss is often more than a beauty problem. In some cases of alopecia, the condition is caused by bacteria or other infection or may even indicate a severe systemic disease. In the case of Hair loss, the hair follicles loose the capacity to initiate new growth.

Neeta’s Herbal offers a safe and natural solution to combat hair and skin problems.

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Dads should get involved in their kids' schooling


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28 AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017


Ahaana Krishna

‘Daddy ’

A movie on politician and former gangster Arun Gawli, 'Daddy' takes us through the life of the power-hungry criminal.

Actor Dileep denied bail for second time


erala High Court has denied bail to actor Dileep in the abduction and rape case of a Malayalee actress. While the defence counsel argued that the case was a conspiracy, prosecution said there was evidence against the actor and if he was let out, he might try and influence witnesses. Police authorities have claimed that the conspiracy to abduct and assault the actress and film the act was hatched by Dileep and Pulsar Suni- the prime accused in the case. This is not the first time Dileep's bail plea was rejected. Earlier on July 17, Justice Sunil Thomas rejected his first plea stating the case is progressing and unique, considering its seriousness, meticulous planning, cruel nature of execution, and the way the crime was executed. The court said another major reason for rejection of bail is that the crucial material object- the mobile phone, used to record the sexual assault and the memory card has not been recovered. The investigation against the accused is the conspiracy behind the case and it cannot be proved by direct evidence, the court observed.

'Baahubali' director praises Telugu film 'Anando Brahma'


elugu horror comedy 'Anando Brahma' has won several appreciations since its release on August 17. 'Baahubali' director Rajamouli too praised the film, congratulating the entire team. “'Anando Brahma' is very well written. A very well conceived project. Impressed. Congratulations to the whole team. Special mention to Rajeev Kanakala. Fine performance...” Directed by Mahi V Raghav, and produced by Vijay Chilla and Shashi Devireddy under 70mm Entertainments banner, the movie features Taapsee Pannu in the lead.

wants to act with Vijay, Ajith and Surya D aughter of popular actor Krishna Kumar, Ahaana Krishna has entered the world of acting as she debuts with ace actor Nivin Pauly in 'Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela'. “The team called me and requested me to play Nivin Pauly's sister role. I said a big no and told I wouldn't do it. But then, they told me that this isn't the regular sister kind of roles, and it is a family drama, that talks about the things that happen in a crazy family,” Krishna said. “They asked me to listen to the script and then decide. However, deep inside, I personally wanted to do this film, as it is a big project, which has names like Nivin Pauly. After he narrated, I loved the script and it was a beautiful character. So, I agreed to do the film.” When asked what hero she would love to be paired with, Ahaana said, “I'd like to act with Vijay sir, Ajith sir, and Suriya sir. I love all three of them.”

Vijay is a quick learner, says illusionist Gogo Requiem


fter the immense love he received from Ilayathalapathy Vijay fans, ace magician Gogo Requiem who helped the actor prepare for his upcoming movie 'Mersal', appreciated his new-found popularity in a video message. Heaping praises on Vijay and director Atlee, Gogo said, “Thank you guys for this huge honour. In the last 24 hours, I can't believe the amount of love shown to me on my Twitter, my Instagram, and my Facebook. I mean I am bombed. Thank you so much, but I don't deserve this. I am just an ordinary guy. I had the pleasure to work with Mr. Joseph Vijay in May when the part of the movie was shot in Macedonia, Skopje.” He said two other magicians also trained him for the film. “I can't reveal much about the film for now. In a couple of months, you will be able to see the full movie, and I guarantee that Vijay is an incredible actor and an awesome magician also. I wasn't the only one; there were two other guys too, Donney Bennet and Raman Sharma. They were all helping in the making of the movie in Macedonia,” Gogo said.

Kamal Haasan hints at entry into politics


amal Haasan has announced the beginning of his political journey. Speaking at a wedding reception organised by Thangavelall India treasurer of his fans' association, Haasan said people should not consider it as just a wedding function but an inauguration function. He said by taking money for votes, they had “let in thieves” and had erred in doing so. It was time for political change and the struggle for change should continue. When asked if he had enough courage to lead, the actor said, “My reply is, are you courageous enough to accept my leadership?” He said the time is right, they should start the journey towards the Fort (Fort St George) and that journey should be in such a way that even a poor man would be able to make it to the Fort.


'Lucknow Central': Music behind bars AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Mitul Paniker


ife of an aspiring singer in the small town of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, is turned upside down when he is falsely accused of a murder and sent to Lucknow Central Jail. Let down by the stark cruelties and realities of life behind bars, he forms a risky plan to escape after a band competition is announced in jail. With the help of an NGO activist, he forms a band. Ace actor and singer, Farhan Akhtar is back on the silver screen with yet another unconventional movie, with a distinctive cast. Makers of upcoming film 'Lucknow Central' have left no stone unturned in promoting the movie on the internet. A brilliant use of social media to create intrigue and promote the film, makers of the film began an innovative and viral campaign #KishenNirdoshHai, that garnered attention from various active users. The makers even visited Yerawada Jail and celebrated Independence Day with over 4000 inmates. Akhtar, who plays lead Kishen Girhotra, launched a new song and crooned to his favourite track from the film 'Meer-e-Karwaan' and music composers Rochak Kohli, Deepak Dobriyal, and Inaam-ul-Haq were greeted with a loud cheer.

The ensemble cast of Farhan Akhtar, Diana Penty, Gippy Grewal, Ronit Roy, Deepak Dobriyal, Rajesh Sharma, and Inaamul-Haq has piqued interest of the audience. Director Ranjit Tiwari claims that the film is based on true events. He said, “Around three years ago, I read an article about an annual day programme and music competition started by the state government for jail inmates as an initiative for their reformation. Six to seven central jails in Uttar Pradesh participated in the contest. The idea blew my mind and I discussed it with director Nikkhil Advani, who I was assisting at that time. Eventually, he and Farhan joined hands for the project.”

When Meena Kumari Became a Victim of Triple Talaq


esteryear actress Meena Kumari, famous as Bollywood's Tragedy Queen, lived a life full of series of upheavals including the humiliation and pain of a triple talaq. After falling in love with filmmaker Kamal Amrohi, the actress married him in 1952. However, the marriage soon hit the rocks, and once, in a fit of anger, Amrohi pronounced the triple talaq. As the incident broke the Meena, the couple later decided to remarry, which is when she had to undergo the draconian practice of the nikah halala. As per the ritual, a divorced woman has to marry another man first, consummate the marriage, and secure a divorce by mutual consent before being allowed to reunite with the first husband. Meena married actress Zeenat Aman's father Amaan Ullah Khan, divorcing him after a month to remarry Amrohi.

Viacom18 Motion Pictures joined hands with Nikkhil Advani’s Emmay Entertainment to produce the much awaited film and from what we can see, 'Lucknow Central' looks like a winner. “Gayatri is a strong woman” Diana, who plays female lead in the film, Gayatri Kashyap talks about her movie characters, and what makes them different. You have maintained a visible difference in the kind of roles you play. Meera (Cocktail), Happy (Happy Bhaag Jayegi), or now Gayatri- who does Diana identify the most with? There has been a conscious decision on my part to play different characters.

total opposite, she had her heart on her sleeves, was kind of impulsive. I did not relate to her at all, and it took me a while to get into her skin. Gayatri, is balanced. She is a measured person, is real and relatable- quite likely to be somebody you would

Meera was this shy, demure girl who for a time I could relate to because to an extent I myself am an introvert and was quite reserved in the past. Now, I feel like I have opened up now and am more confident than I was before. Happy was the

have bumped into at some point in your life. At this point in my life, I think I would relate to Gayatri the most because she is a strong woman, strongminded, stubborn. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, and she not a

pushover- and is used to getting her way. She is not a loud character but she has a silent strength to her and I think I can relate to that in a lot of ways. Considering your love to act in true stories, given a choice, who would you make a biopic on? This is a really tough question. I can't figure out just one person I would want to play, there are so many accomplished people in so many different fields. Having said this, I would love to do a biopic and I guess all will come down on the story and if I read a script with a really gripping story, yes, I would probably love to do that. A biopic sounds very challenging and it appears to be very difficult to pull off, and that is something I would definitely want to do... some day... Your acting has fared considerably well, and you found acclaim- both from critics and the audience, in your past projects. Why don't we see more of you on the big screen? I have two films releasing this year. One is 'Lucknow Central' on September 15, and 'Parmanu' on December 8. So I think I have well made up for my absence in a while. I am reading several scripts and hopefully something will come up soon and hopefully 2018 is as productive as this year.

No repetitive roles, says Ajay Devgn


excites me but as far as genres are concerned, I would like to rotate genres. I do not like to be repetitive as it gets very boring,” Devgn said. “Doing similar kinds of roles do not excite me as it makes me feel boring and, then, one stops enjoying his work. As an actor, I like doing all

here is no doubt Ajay Devgn is an actor par excellence. His 25year career, the actor has tried his hands in all genres, be it comedy, action, or romance. Speaking in a recent interview, the 'Shivaay' actor said he likes to rotate all genres and is not interested in repetitive roles. “The roles that I have taken up earlier and roles that I am doing

I tried my best to look like Haseena Parker: Shraddha


ctress Shraddha Kapoor who plays underworld don Dawood Ibrahim's sister Haseen Parkar in her biopic, said she went through several look tests. Speaking about director Apoorva Lakhia, she said, “He has done lot of research on the film and it's unbelievable. Its' a process and every single day we used to discuss how Haseena Parkar should come alive on the screen.” Shraddha added, “He said to get into the skin of the character, it is important I look

like her and so we tried out many things. I hope everyone enjoys when they see the film.” “He (Apoorva) asked me to get into the skin of the character, it is important I look like her and so we tried out many things. I hope everyone enjoys when they see the film.” Speaking at the unveiling of a romantic track from the movie, Lakhia said, “By the trailer one might feel that it is a violent film but that's not the case. Haseena was married to her elder brother's

best friend, Ibrahim, who used to run a restaurant and in his free time used to do stunt in films. She got married at a young age and they had four children.” He said the godmother had a tragic life that hardened her. “The gang war between Arun Gawli and Dawood Ibrahim and Arun's men shot Haseena's husband. She carried him on her shoulder. It's a tragic life. In some areas she is a godmother and in some areas she is a gangster, and that is for people to decide.”

genre films. Now, I have done 'Baadshaho', earlier I did 'Golmaal' both are of different genre films. So, I keep exploring all genres and that kept me going,” the 48 year old actor said. Ajay's latest, 'Baadshaho' sees him playing a gangster 'Bhawani' in the Milan Luthria directorial. The film is based on the emergency period, and also stars Vidyut Jammwal and Esha Gupta.


EVENTS AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017

Swami Swaroopananda of Chinmaya Mission to visit UK Global Head of Chinmaya Mission Swami Swaroopananda is visiting the UK from 12-17 September. Swami Swaroopananda, pictured, will be visiting the UK from 1 September - 19 September. During this period Chinmaya Mission UK will be holding a number of events. Born and bred in the bustling commercial capital of India, Swami Swaroopananda first encountered Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda at a relatively young age through a copy of Gurudev's commentary on the Bhagavad Geeta, which he picked up from his father’s bookshelf. He later became an active member of the Yuva Kendra (Youth Wing) of Chinmaya Mission Hong Kong. As an adult, enchanted with Pujya Gurudev and the sheer breadth and depth of Vedanta, Swamiji gave up his family’s thriving business and joined the Vedanta Course under Pujya Gurudev and Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, Mumbai, in 1984. Upon completion of

his studies he was posted back to Hong Kong, from where he worked to grow new Mission centres across the Far East. Pujya Gurudev initiated him into the monastic order on the auspicious Shivratri of 1992. Soon, Swamiji’s remit was expanded to include the Australia and New Zealand region. In 2005 he was appointed Director-in-charge of the Chinmaya International Residential School in Coimbatore. Besides presiding at ‘gyaan yagnas’, Swamiji has authored original commentaries on Ik Onkaar, Sankat Mochan, and Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, as well as a number of books on diverse spiritual and lifestyle top-

Coming Events

l The Bhavan- Open Day and New Academic Term from September 9, 10.30 am to 5 pm, at 4a Castletown Road, West Kensington, London, W14 9HE l Brent Hindu Council holds Shraddh bhajan for those no longer amongst us, on September 9, 7 pm onwards. Alperton Community School, Stanley Avenue, Wembley, Middlesex, HA0 4JE.

Sneh Joshi

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 Venus, the planet of love

and romance throws a pleasing light on affairs of the heart. It is certainly going to be a fortunate time for those already married or in an established relationship. The keynote is emotional enrichment through close interaction with a loved one.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 Jupiter's transit in your solar 6th house, you will find it easy to do well at work and rise to great heights. During this transit you will enjoy robust health and find physical activities very enjoyable. Expect this to be a romantic period in your life with lots of opportunities arising for you to find someone special. GEMINI May 22 - June 22 Mercury and Sun transit

your solar fourth house now. During this cycle, you are especially fond of spending more time at home around the family. You are more receptive and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22

You will make your best progress by focusing your mental and physical energies on what you want to achieve. The underlying trend seems to be pulling you into a much wider social circle now. This is bound to enrich your life and give you a deeper sense of purpose. The prevailing pattern of planets gives you a marvellous opportunity - take advantage.

ics for the modern man and woman. He also created the proprietary selfdevelopment course Make It HappenTM, currently used as a human resources training model at various corporate organisations. Presently Chairman of the Chinmaya Vishwavidyapeeth, University for Sanskrit and Indic Traditions, and formerly Head of Chinmaya Mission UK, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Africa and Far East, Swamiji has now been bestowed by Swami Tejomayananda the privilege to serve as the Head of Chinmaya Mission Worldwide. l The Bhagavad Gita: The science of life: 12 September 17 September 2017, TuesFri: 7.30pm - 9.00pm | Sat-Sun: 6.30pm – 8.00pm. Royal National Hotel, London 38-51 Bedford Way, Bloomsbury, London, WC1H 0DG. This series of six talks will be free, in English and open to all | | 020 8203 6288 For more details see advert on page 21.


A photographic exhibition celebrating India in Britain Launching in Edinburgh this September, a major new outdoor touring exhibition will honour the long history of the Indian presence in Britain and its impact on British life. Telling its story through a series of striking photographic images, the exhibition documents the diverse histories which make up the shared heritage of India and Britain from 1870, the earliest image in the exhibition, to the present day. Curated to coincide with the India-UK Year of Culture for 2017, the exhibition grew out of a decade-long research project exploring South Asian and Indian-British connections. Spanning almost two centuries - from the period of the British Raj through to the betterknown era of post-war migration to today - the exhibition, and an accompanying website, is a visual history of India’s impact on Britain’s cultural, intellectual and political life, national and global politics, human rights and equality, the arts and sport. Famous personalities are celebrated, alongside

images of the ordinary and every day. The images also document moments of adversity and the discrimination faced by those who made their homes here in Britain. From giants of history to the unnamed and unrecognised, the exhibition shines a light on the many individuals who have shaped British life. Queen Victoria is depicted with her favoured Munshi, Abdul Karim; Gandhi is pictured visiting female textile workers in Lancashire; and the first Indian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore, is photographed in London. Soldiers and airmen from the two World Wars, factory workers in Northern England, judges, door- todoor salesman (a familiar sight in 1930s rural Britain), corner shop owners and doctors all show the diversity of the Indian contribution to British working life. There are many courageous campaigners portrayed including pioneering Members of Parliament, suffragettes, trade unionists and men and women who fought for social justice. Sportsmen

such as Monty Panesar and octogenarian marathon runner Fauja Singh are celebrated alongside those from the creative fields. Project Director, Professor Susheila Nasta, MBE comments; “By touring this outdoor exhibition, we want to swivel the perspective and examine India’s role within Britain (rather than Britain’s well documented historical presence in India). The images trace IndianBritish interactions across the divides of race, class, and gender, drawing public attention to the complex realities of both countries’ intertwined histories. The accompanying events and online tools will reach wide public audiences. We hope this will fire imaginations and provoke reflection so we remember the huge impact India and South Asia have had on contemporary British life.” TOUR DATES 17th September – 1st October – EDINBURGH, Edinburgh Mound Precinct 8th October – 15th October – LONDON, London Bridge Pier 16th October – 26th October – LEEDS, Victoria Gardens.

MPs wish UK's Muslim community on Eid-al-Adha UK MPs have come together to wish UK's Muslim community on Eid-alAdha. PM Theresa May in a message said, “I send my warmest wishes to Muslims around the world, and I congratulate everyone who has performed the Hajj this year.”

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable said “Eid al-Adha presents us with an opportunity to reflect upon our duty and responsibility to one another, through acts of generosity and compassion. These values are at the core of Islam’s message and are principles which

resonate and align with the Liberal Democrat principles of equality and unity.” Both applauded British Muslims for their charitable work and remembered those stuck in conflict stricken areas. We wish all our Muslim readers a Happy Eid-al-Adha.

We wish all our Malayali readers a Happy Onam!

020 8518 5500

The UK’s leading Vedic writer and TV personality

The Sun and Mercury highlight your second house of finance, and your focus is on material affairs and comfort issues. This is a good time to plan your future investments carefully to maximise your profits. Anything or anyone that drains your time and energy should be re-evaluated. It’s time to use that creative imagination of yours to create grandeur in your life.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

A blast of personal energy VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23 comes your way, and showing your leadership skills works for you now. Romance and pleasure are highlighted this week. The flowing, expressive, and spontaneous energy surrounding you attracts like-minded people. Be sure to take time to enjoy yourself, preferably around others!

Your mind is focused on private matters and past issues while Mercury and Sun transit the twelfth house of your solar chart. This is a time when you are least likely to express yourself freely. You're examining the past for answers. This is a good time for quiet contemplation, and meditation.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

This is a good time to cut back on extravagant spending and consolidate your finances. Your social calendar is likely to keep you very busy and you will have lots of opportunities to promote yourself. For some of you this is also a good time to meet like-minded people which could lead to romantic liaisons.

Mercury and Sun transit your solar tenth house. This is an excellent period for developing career and professional plans or strategies. Although approachable and ready to communicate, you are less inclined towards frivolous matters now. Good time to seek promotions to improve your status.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

The cosmic energies are decidedly invigorating at the moment. If you are taking a holiday, so much the better. Not only do you have Mercury putting a favourable emphasis on travel but, with Sun you can be sure of deriving the utmost pleasure from adventures and excursions.

Long-term partnerships are reinvigorated by Mercury and Sun's transit of your solar 8th house. Whether you’re single or attached you’ll have a busy time ahead of you. Business partnerships are tested by Mars and Venus's placement in your chart. The more you live up to your own set of principles the more cash you’ll pull in.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

Sun and Mercury in your opposite sign makes you feel invincible, but the way to utilise this transit is to sift through all the opportunities that come your way. You know you have no choice but to streamline and reassess your priorities.Try to create a balance between expansion and conservation.n

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20


Bangladesh made history last week by registering their first test victory over Australia, with Shakib Al Hasan's second five-wicket haul of the match securing a memorable 20-run win inside four days at the Shere Bangla National Stadium. Overnight batsman David Warner struck a belligerent 112 and added 130 runs with skipper Steve Smith but their efforts were in vain as the hosts took a 1-0 lead in the two-match series. Chasing 265 to win, Australia lost five wickets in the morning session itself, and whatever hopes they had were snuffed out when Shakib bowled Glenn Maxwell with the first delivery after the lunch break. Pat Cummins scored an unbeaten 33 to inject some drama but it was not enough in the end as Australia were all out for 244. "Obviously a great feeling, beating Australia," Bangladesh captain Mushfiqur Rahim said. Shakib (5-85) celebrated his 50th Test appearance by scoring 84 in the first innings and finishing with a 10-wicket match haul, a performance worthy of his status as the world's topranked Test all-rounder. He


was the obvious choice for Man of the Match. Resuming on 109-2, Warner batted with calculated aggression, while Smith was content to play second fiddle as they continued the good work they had started with some generous assistance from Lady Luck. Warner survived a review before the southpaw brought up his 19th Test century, a second in Asia. Then, when the opener was on 106, he pulled a Shakib delivery and the ball flew past leg-slip before the

fielder could put his hands together. Smith was on 28 when Tamim spilled him at midon but Shakib was lurking round the corner with his left-arm spin to change the complexion of the match. Shakib first trapped Warner leg-before for 112 and, four overs later, had Smith caught behind for 37 to pile the pressure back on Australia. On a turning track where their frontline batsmen have struggled against Bangladesh's threepronged spin attack, Peter

Handscomb, Matthew Wade and Ashton Agar all fell in quick succession prior to lunch. Cummins hit a couple of sixes in his aggressive innings but ran out of partners after Taijul Islam trapped Josh Hazlewood leg-before. "We probably let ourselves down in the first innings with the bat, probably should have made a few more there. It was pretty difficult batting here in the second innings and I thought we did pretty well to get 240 in the end."

Samit Patel

knock helped turn the tide as he and former Zimbabwe batsman Brendan Taylor shared a 132-run partnership. Patel, often overlooked by England for reasons of

fitness more than anything else, feels hard done by in being restricted to six Tests, 36 one-day international and 18 Twenty20 internationals since making his first England appearance in 2008. But having now helped Nottinghamshire to a domestic one-day double they beat Surrey in the 50over Cup final at Lord's earlier this season - the 32year-old Patel said he was still available for England selection. "Playing for England is my top priority. I love playing for England. Every time I put on an England shirt I

don't think that I've let them down. You always put yourself out there. You've got to be the right man to do it on the day and luckily enough for me it was. I think class will always show regardless of what the situation is." He added being overlooked by England in the limited-overs formats had been especially disappointing, particularly as, like many players before him, he felt he was now a much better cricketer than when he last represented his country. "Yeah it has hurt, especially in the white-ball format," he said.

Match abandoned as crossbow bolt fired at Oval pitch The county championship cricket match between Surrey and Middlesex at the Oval was abandoned because a crossbow bolt was fired on to the field last week. The arrow, which measured around 12 to 18 inches, is thought to have been fired from outside the ground and landed within feet of the players. No one was injured but the Surrey chief executive said “it could very easily have killed someone”.


Asian Voice | 9th Septmeber 2017

Ashwin spins Worcestershire to victory

Ravichandran Ashwin

Samit Patel hopes T20 heroics lead to England recall Samit Patel who scored an unbeaten 64 for Nottinghamshire and helped it to win by 22 runs in the final against Warwickshire, hoped that the England selectors would take note of his good work and recall him to the national team. Patel's last England involvement came during the tour of South Africa nearly two years ago. Patel's innings was timely given he walked out to bat with Nottinghamshire struggling at 30 for three at Midlands rivals Warwickshire's Edgbaston ground. But Patel's 42-ball


At 4.20 pm when the match was heading to a draw on the final day, the projectile landed about 10 metres from the pitch, and close to the Surrey fielder, Rory Burns. It had a pointed metal tip. The umpires encouraged the players and spectators to take cover inside. Police arrived within 15 minutes and a controlled evacuation of the ground took place. It is unknown where exactly it was fired from – the area of south

London around the Oval is particularly densely built up – but police investigations focused on the area north-east of the ground, because of the direction it landed in. While players said they heard the whistling sound of it flying in, the Middlesex batsman Nick Compton pointed towards the OCS Stand at the Vauxhall End of the ground, suggesting it had flown over the stand. “It was a proper arrow with a proper metal end,”

said the Surrey captain, Gareth Batty, who was fielding about 25m away from where it landed. Police continued to explore the area into the evening and conducted a thorough search of the ground. “We do not know if it was fired deliberately or if it was fired and just landed on our green space. It’s a lightweight projectile but one which looked as if it could have travelled 800 metres,” said Gould.

Ravichandran Ashwin spun Worcestershire to a 189-run win over Gloucestershire with a five-wicket haul in the second innings at New Road. The hosts declared on 295 for 8, setting Gloucestershire a target of 400. The visitors managed just 211 with Ashwin picking up 5 for 68 and Joe Leech bagging 3 for 50. Gloucestershire were in trouble early when Ashwin and Leech collaborated to knock over the top three batsmen with just 51 on the board on the third day. They lost two quick wickets on the final morning to slip to 75 for 5. Gareth Roderick kept grinding hard with a 101-ball 47 and was able to take the score to 176 in a 71-run stand with Phil Mustard (40). Patrick Brown dismissed Mustard while Roderick fell to Leach. Jack Taylor made 43 but Ashwin's twin strike took Worcestershire close before Leach closed the innings with the wicket of Craig Miles. Brief Scores: Worcestershire 363 (Brett D'Oliveira 93; Liam Norwell 4-54) & 295/8 (Daryl Mitchell 130, Brett D'Oliviera 55; Liam Norwell 3/73, Thomas Smith 3/73) beat Gloucestershire 258 (Jack Taylor 101; Ed Barnard 4-23) & 211 (R Ashwin 5/68) by 189 runs.

Hockey India sacks chief coach Roelant Oltmans Hockey India has sacked national coach Roelant Oltmans after a string of unimpressive outings at the international level. High Performance Director David John will be in charge till a suitable replacement is found for a smooth transition of the men's team. The decision Roelant Oltmans was taken during the three-day meeting of the Hockey India High Performance and Development Committee. Though the federation did not say it in as many words, it is apparent that the Hockey India bosses were not impressed with the Dutchman. "While Roelant Oltmans role as chief coach in improving the teams' overall fitness and cohesiveness has been appreciated, the results are what matter and the performance of the team has not been consistent or up to the desired levels," Hockey India said. The power-packed meeting to assess the way forward for Indian hockey was attended by over 24 members. Harbinder Singh, chairman of the Hockey India Selection Committee said, "The Committee was convened since we are collectively not satisfied with the Indian Men's Hockey team's performance in 2016 and 2017 and feels that wins in Asia can't be a benchmark for success any more. "We need to show results beyond intent in key international tournaments where the sporadic success over the last two years is more incidental than deliberate. To make results a reality, we need to make hard decisions for the greater good of the future of Hockey in India. "The current format of coaching was not showing results beyond a certain level. The Committee unanimously agreed that immediate action was required to be taken and while change may not always be comfortable but is essential if we want to position ourselves as a serious global contender for the upcoming critical tournaments in 2018, including the Asian Games & World Cup and 2020 Olympic Games."

Sport 32

Asian Voice | 9th September 2017




India became the first visiting country to inflict a 5-0 whitewash on Sri Lanka with a thumping six-wicket victory in the final ODI of the series. In one of the most lopsided bilateral contests in recent history, India have now completed back-to-back rout after humiliating the hosts in the three-Test series, which was also a complete rout. After Bhuvneshwar Kumar's maiden five-wicket haul enabled India to restrict Sri Lanka to 238, Kohli for the umpteenth time anchored a successful chase in 46.3 overs with a fluent unbeaten 110. This was his 30th ODI hundred in only his 194th game and is now jointsecond in list of most century makers alongside Ricky Ponting with only Sachin Tendulkar (49) ahead of him. Kohli got able support from Kedar Jadhav (63), who redeemed himself after a couple of ducks adding 109 runs with his skipper for the fourth wicket stand. The stage was set by Kohli and Manish Pandey (36) with a 99-run stand for the third wicket. On a pitch that was bit slower than the fourth ODI, Kohli adjusted his game accordingly, hitting only nine boundaries in 116 balls. Jadhav hit some delicate late cuts scoring his runs off 73 balls with seven boundaries. Fittingly, the winning runs were hit by Kohli, who is now growing in

strength and stature as the leader of a successful unit. The only people to miss out were Ajinkya Rahane (5), who was dismissed trying to hook a Lasith Malinga bouncer while Rohit Sharma's lap shot off a Vishwa Fernando delivery was brilliantly caught at fine leg by Malinda Pushpakumara. However once Kohli hit his customary cover drive to start his innings, things as usual went downhill for the Sri Lankans. Earlier, Bhuvneshwar Kumar grabbed a career-best 5/42 effecting yet another batting collapse as India skittled out Sri Lanka for 238. Sri Lankan batting once again promised a lot but delivered little, losing as many as seven wickets for 53 runs after they were cruising along at 185 for 3. A 122-run partnership for the 4th wicket between Lahiru Thirimanne (67) and Angelo Mathews (55) enabled Sri Lanka to reach a position of safety before Bhuvneshwar led the charge with his maiden five-wicket haul. Jasprit Bumrah (2/45), Kuldeep Yadav (1/40) and Yuzvendra Chahal (1/36) were the other wicket-takers. Upul Tharanga (48) opened the innings with Niroshan Dickwella (2) then, and the latter was dismissed in the third over offering a simple return catch to Bhuvneshwar. Virat Kohli took a brilliant catch at mid-off going backwards to dismiss Munaweera off

Bhuvneshwar in the seventh over. Bumrah then had Tharanga - caught behind in the 10th over. It was a familiar story for Sri Lanka as the scoreboard read 64/3 after the first powerplay. Thirimanne and Mathews though defied the Indian bowling for 29.3 overs as they put on the hosts' highest stand throughout this five-match series. Their 50-run partnership came off 65 balls as Sri Lanka crossed 100 in the 18th over. Thirimanne reached his 18th ODI half-century off 83 balls - his second fifty of the series. Mathews recorded his second straight fifty in as many matches, reaching his 35th ODI half-century off 79 balls. Their 100-partnership came off 122 balls as they looked to have provided a cushion for the lower-order to attack the Indian bowling. Yet another high for MSD Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with Akila Dananjaya's stumping in the fifth ODI, has created cricket history. He has become the first wicketkeeper to complete a century of stumpings in ODIs, bettering Kumar Sangakkara's tally of 99. Having stumped 38 batsmen in Tests and 23 in Twenty20 Internationals, Dhoni's tally of 161 stumpings in international cricket is also a record the next best being Sangakkara's 139.

Star India wins IPL media rights for next five years Star India bagged the IPL media rights for TV and digital broadcast worth £1.64 billion with a single consolidated bid worldwide. It pipped Sony to acquire the rights from 2018 to 2022. A total of 24 companies had picked up the Invitation To Tender (ITT) to bid. However, only 14 of the 24 names turned up with their respective bids, which meant that there was no participation by the likes of Yahoo, Amazon and ESPN digital. After a long technical evaluation, it was announced by BCCI CEO Rahul Johri that for broadcast rights, Star and Sony had emerged as eligible candidates while Times Internet, Reliance Jio, Airtel and Facebook could rightfully bid for digital acquisition. However, it was later revealed that Star had launched a consolidated bid and was declared winner.

Youth football teams to compete for Brent Super Cup

Four youth football teams - AFC Wembley, Harlesden Hawks, Hillside Athletic and Youngs FC – will compete with each other to win the Brent Super Cup in Stonebridge Recreation Park, on September 9. The competition aims to encourage youth to remain active and to keep them away from gangs and anti-social elements. Organised by Stonebridge councillor Zaffar Van Kalwala and supported by Hyde housing and Sam’s Chicken, the tournament will also include a range of free activities for the whole community. Kalwala said: “the Super Cup will be a great occasion for the whole borough. It will provide a fun way to stay fit and healthy and to bring the community together.” Niroche Fernando, from Sam’s Chicken, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to be the best in Brent.”

Saina to once again train under Gopichand Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal will once again be training under Gopichand, Pullela three years after the two had parted ways. the made Saina announcement via a series of tweets where she clarified that she had ended her association with former coach Vimal Kumar and that coach national Saina Nehwal Gopichand had agreed to help her again. Saina, who started talking to Gopi during the World Championships in Glasgow earlier, began training at his academy recently. She had left Gopichand's academy and started training under Vimal in Bangalore from September 2, 2014. Under Vimal, Saina had a fruitful time as she had surged to the world No.1 spot, won two World Championship medals and also reached the All England final. During the last three years, Saina had maintained a distance from Gopichand. Though they were not on talking terms, it's a fact that they have a lot of affection and respect for each other. It is under Gopichand that Saina had won a number of international titles and became the first Indian shuttler to win a medal (bronze) at the Olympics. The duo were responsible for popularising the game. Incidentally, it is not the first time that Saina had left Gopichand. A few months after she won the Commonwealth Games gold in 2010, Saina preferred to train under Bhaskar Babu. But a few days later she returned to train with Gopichand.

Dhoni presented with platinum bat on his 300th ODI

IPL technical evaluation committee

Interestingly, rival Sony's individual bid for broadcast (TV rights) this time was £1.10 billion compared to Star's £619 million. But as per rule, the companies could form a consortium and if its consolidated global bid happened to be greater than the sum total parts of every individual bid they stand to win the rights.

"We believe the IPL is a very powerful property, and we believe there is lots more value that can be created for fans of cricket on digital and TV," Uday Shankar, chairman of Star India, said. "We would remain committed to ensure the growth of sports in this country continues to be driven by the power of cricket."

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was made to feel really special by the Indian cricket team after skipper Virat Kohli presented him with a platinum bat to mark his 300th One-day International appearance at the Premadasa Stadium in Colombo. The Indian cricket team went into a huddle, and after coach Ravi Shastri handed over debutant Shardul Thakur his cap, the players gave a round of applause for Dhoni, who led India to two World Cup title victories and is now bidding to be part of a third victory in the 2019 50-over championship in England. Kohli stepped forward to hand over the momento as a pleased Dhoni accepted it and the huddle broke up. Although Dhoni has not made any comments, he has still managed to grab attention.

AV 9th September 2017  

Asian Voice Weekly Newspaper (Issue :19)

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