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Brexit has unleashed an ugly side of Britain to the world. It has become the 60s again when immigrants were frowned upon or attacked in broad day light. Police have confirmed that there has been an upsurge in racist violence since the UK voted to leave the EU last year, by at least 41%. Immigration played a key role in the debate and some have argued that the decision to leave has given racists a boost in confidence. Since then, hundreds of hate


8th April to 14th April 2017

crimes- including murder of a Polish man - have been investigated while police say many more assaults go unreported. Asian families live in fear of what may happen tomorrow. Faith leaders have held innumerable round tables and spread message of peace and solidarity. But their prayers

Let noble thoughts come to us from every side

have fallen to deaf ears. In fact on this Saturday, between 100 and 250 farright protesters marched through London. Clashes took place between the joint English Defence League-Britain First marchers and a larger counter-demonstration of anti-racist activists with 14 arrests made.


l Human Rights Commission aims to tackle race inequality l Chancellor Hammond meets Minister Jaitley in India

46 Church Road Stanmore Middx London HA7 4AH


Enfield attack

A family who lived in Winchmore Hill, in North London, for 6 years, have faced racial comments from neighbours on and off. But on this weekend the Indian family's 9 year old boy was threatened while they were playing with friends in their home garden. The children came running to their mother, afraid for their lives. Continued on page 16

Priyanka Is Second Most Beautiful Woman It is official! Bolly star Priyanka Chopra is second-most beautiful woman in the world! Compiled by video-sharing social media network, Buzznet, the 34 year old 'Quantico' actress stands right after pop diva Beyoncé on the World's Most Beautiful Women of 2017 list. Chopra beat famous faces like Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Blake Lively, and Michelle Obama for the position. The list consists of strong, intelligent, desirable, and successful women of 2016-17, reveals Buzznet. It also said that over seven million people voted in the poll. Chopra is followed by model and Victoria's Secret angel Taylor Hill, who stands 3 r d ,

and actresses Emma Watson and Dakota Johnson who occupy the 4th and 5th spots, respectively. The list also includes Ashley Graham, Blake Lively, Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, and Alicia Vikander. A thrilled Chopra took to Twitter to express her gratitude. She said, "Thank u @BUZZNET and all who voted. @Beyoncé is my number 1 too!!"

IPL 2017 begins on Wednesday The tenth edition of Indian Premier League will begin on Wednesday, 5 April 2017, and will culminate with the final on 21 May 2017.

Sunrisers Hyderabad will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore in the season’s opener. See page 32 for detailed report


ONE ONE with Keith Vaz, MP

Asian Voice 8th April 2017


David Mowat

David Mowat was born and brought up in the Midlands, attending his local grammar school before studying Engineering at Imperial College where he joined the RAF as a cadet pilot officer. After graduating, David qualified as a Chartered Accountant. He joined the consultancy firm Accenture where he became a Global Managing Partner. He was elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament for Warrington South in 2010. Since being elected to Parliament, David has served on: Board of the Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology; Joint Select Committee on the draft Financial Services Bill; Scottish Affairs Select Committee from 2010 to 2012; and was Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Financial Secretary to the Treasury from 2012-2016. David was appointed Parliamentary UnderSecretary of State for Community Health and Care in July 2016, with a brief including adult social care, primary care, dementia and integration.

1. What is your current position? Member of Parliament for Warrington South and Minister for Community Health and Care.

2. What are your proudest achievements? a) Having 4 more or less normal children b) in my work career as having created a business employing 15,000 working with a few colleagues. 3. What inspires you? Bringing clarity to complex problems. 4. What has been the biggest obstacle in your career? Over estimation of other people. 5. Who has been the biggest influence on your

2 Indian-Origin Men Arrested For Allegedly Harassing Air India Hostess Two drunk British nationals of Indian-origin were arrested for allegedly harassing a 28-year-old air hostess on an Air India flight from London to New Delhi. After a complaint was registered, the accused, who are real estate agents were arrested in New Delhi but later got bail, police said. The accused were identified as Jaspal Singh, 35, and Charandeep Khaira, 36, who had come to New Delhi from London to attend a marriage ceremony in Jaipur, said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Airport) Sanjay Bhatia. Their breathalyzer test indicated they were drunk,

he said. On March 29, while they were on the flight, they asked the air hostess to get them some food. When she took some time to respond, they got irritated and started making lewd statements, police said. Once the plane landed in New Delhi, the crew reported the matter to the security agencies and a case was registered. In a statement, Air

India condemned the incident and said that they will also investigate the matter at their end. "The AI is also carrying out its probe and the incident is condemned. At the same time we urge our passengers to draw a line of ethics while flying and using our services so that it does not cause inconvenience to either the airline, supporting staff or our valued travelers," Air India said in its statement.

Man jailed for possessing stolen gun A man from Pimlico has been jailed for being in possession of a stolen shotgun. Layth Ahmed was one of two people to be found guilty of the charge at Snaresbrook Crown Court on Friday March 31. The 25-year-old, and Naveed Rehman, from Plaistow, were each sentenced to 27 months in prison. The pair were arrested following a high-speed chase with police in April last year. DC Jane Lotriet, the investigating officer from the Met’s Trident Area

Naveed Rehma and Layth Ahmed are beginning 27 month sentences for possession of a stolen handgun

Crime Command, said there was no doubt in her mind that the weapon

would have been used on London’s streets if not found. AsianVoiceNews

career to date? My previous work mentor Tim Forrest.


10. If you were marooned on a desert island. Which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why? Bob Dylan but he is still alive. Failing that Bobby Fischer the chess grandmaster.

6. What is the best aspect about your current role? Can make very complex and difficult organisation work better and more productively. 7. And the worst? The fact that organisations are over complicated in first place. 8. What are your long term goals? To be the best that I can be. 9. If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change? Make sure that people were evaluated on what they did not what they said.

Thieves who tried to evade police after Westminster crime spree jailed Officers from Operation Attrition, the Met Police's response to moped enabled snatch offences, were mobilised in unmarked police cars with the support of the National Police Air Service helicopter. As police gave chase, Sharuk Sheraji jumped off the vehicle in Haringey and was caught and found in possession of the phones. Zuriel Hutson continued on the vehicle, heading north and onto the North Circular, all the while followed by a National Police Air Support Air Service helicopter. He rode at speeds of up to 90mph, weaving in and out of traffic along the M11, and often against oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the carriageway. Drivers were forced to swerve to avoid a head-on collision, but some minor incidents occurred as a result of Hutson’s riding,

Zuriel Hutson

Sharuk Sheraji

forcing police to close part of the M11 to prevent further danger to motorists. Before reaching this point, Hutson, 21, came off his moped while trying to squeeze between two cars on lanes two and three. The impact knocked the shoes off his feet and he skidded along the motorway, narrowly missing the car behind. He got back up, restarted his moped and continued along the hard shoulder against oncoming traffic. Police eventually deployed a "stinger" tyre deflation device, which

safely slowed Hutson down and eventually stopped him on the slip road of the M11 to the M25. Both men were charged, and on January 31, Hutson, from Islington, pleaded guilty of conspiracy to steal, dangerous driving, breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order at Wood Green Crown Court. Sheraji, from Hoxton Street, appeared at the same court on February 9 and admitted conspiracy to steal and breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order.

Ahmed, from Churchill Gardens, and Rehman were in a black Audi when they were spotted by officers in a marked police van with incorrect number plates while travelling along New Plaistow Road in Stratford, East London on April 28, 2016. The officers pulled alongside the Audi and one of them spoke with the

front seat passenger, whose window was wound down, and told him and the driver to pull over. Instead, the Audi completed a U-turn and drove off at speed, going up onto the pavement kerb to get away. A short while later, a member of the public was in nearby Hotham Street when he saw a black car driving recklessly.

The car pulled up in front of him and he saw the front seat passenger, get out, open the boot and remove a shotgun. The shotgun was sent for forensic testing and DNA matching Rehman was found on the barrel and trigger of the gun. He was arrested on October 20 2016 and charged the next day October 21.

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C MMENTS AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Global turbulence: Challenges facing India The present global order, mired in crises, is increasingly dysfunction. The US-led coalition strives to destroy Mosul in order to save it, as was memorably stated by an American general in the Vietnam War, after B 52 bombers had flattened a Vietnamese city. As significant are the political fissures in the Atlantic Alliance, with Turkey bristling at Washington’s support of the Kurds, whom Ankara perceives as terrorists, Turkey’s ties with Germany and the Netherlands already in shreds. American spy mania is the stuff of pantomime; and Russophobia, a psychological disorder requiring the close attention of available shrinks, rather NATO war games on Russia’s borders which, at some point, guarantees a wider conflagration. The European Union is in jitters over Brexit. Eurosceptics across the continent are in good voice, affirming the supremacy of national sovereignty over transnational blocs that throttle their democracy. The rise of Islamism and jihadi terrorism have been grist to their mills, as has been the massive influx of humanity from the ruined Greater Middle East and North Africa, resulting largely from the folly of interventionist of US and European interventions in that region. This maelstrom was highlighted by the France’s Front National leader, Marine Le Pen, who, following a visit to Moscow and talks with President Vladimir Putin, declared: ‘He represents a sovereign nation. I think he represents a new vision. A new world has emerged in the past years. This is Vladimir Putin’s world, Donald Trump’s world in the United States, Mr Modi’s world in India. I think I am probably the one who shares with all these great nations, a vision of cooperation and not one of subservience…that has too often been expressed by the European Union.’ (New Indian Express, March 25). Le Pen’s reference to Messrs Putin and Modi is a point well taken. One cannot be as sure of President Trump at this stage. Confronted by a political blizzard over his secret links with President Putin - strongly reminiscent of the Pink Panther Peter Sellers comedy

currently playing on Capitol Hill – the embattled US President is seeking cover by snuggling up to China – much to Beijing’s relief. His original desire to confront China on its dodgy trade policies and coercive behaviour on security issues - most notably in the South China Sea, - appears to have been put on the backburner – at least for now. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s recent visit to Beijing for talks on the Korean crisis, following North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests, his soothing talk of win-win Sino-US cooperation based on ‘mutual respect’ might well be interpreted as a coda for the administration’s acceptance of China’s ‘core interests,’ which is scarcely reassuring to Indian ears. You can bet that continuing US indulgence towards China’s all-weather friend Pakistan - despite its jihadi activities - will rank high on the list of Beijing’s ‘core interests.’ A call by the influential (US) National Interest magazine to the Trump administration for a radical reset of the country’s toxic relationship with Pakistan appears to be a non-starter. President Xi Jinping is to make a visit to the United States, where he will hold a strategic dialogue in the sumptuous environs of the Trump estate in Florida. Its outcome will be watched with considerable interest. One recalls President Obama’s ballyhooed Asian Pivot, whose end result was an emboldened, snarling China, intimidating neighbours on the consequences of infringing China’s ‘core interests.’ One hopeful sign is Russia’s assurance, conveyed by Mikhail Ulyanov of the Foreign Ministry in Moscow, to India that Russia would be engaging with China on India’s membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, which Beijing resolutely opposes and Moscow resolutely supports. As India and Russia are signatories to the Missile Technology Control Regime, both sides are to start work on expanding the range of their jointly developed BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. The mailed fist in a velvet glove is the subtext to China, a timely reminder that other powers, too, have their ‘core interests.’

Assessing demonetization Nothing so divided Indian than the Modi government’s sudden imposition of demonetization in November 2016 - that is the entailed withdrawal of high currency notes from circulation. This was accomplished as planned, without the commonly foretold catastrophe. There was undoubted pain in the immediate aftermath of the decision. Long queues outside banks told of the desperation of ordinary citizens to acquire cash for basic household expenses, and of small businesses, in particular, who pay their staff - among them day labourers without bank accounts – in cash. Their discomfiture was too visible for denial. However, the pressure began to ease as new notes were carried to all parts of the country on heavy lift transport aircraft requisitioned from the Indian Air Force, the exercise placed on a war footing. There were a multitude of doomsayers predicting all manner of disasters, from hyper-inflation to a precipitate decline in the GDP, leading to collapse of the Indian economy itself. Media pundits foresaw a collapse in popular support for the BJP-led Modi government. The predicted apocalypse never arrived. The BJP swept the polls in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarkhand, and head coalition ministries in Goa and Manipur. Over and above this, there was no hyper-inflation, no collapse of the Indian economy, flight of foreign cap-

ital, and much else. None of the dire predictions came to pass. Instead, there appears to have been a rebound from the early travails, and the economy is moving steadily into an improved trajectory of growth. The doomsayers proved hopelessly wrong on every count, and their present silence is positively deafening! Professor Jagdish Bhagwati, the eminent economist writes: ‘With no compelling precedent for such a move in a growing and stable economy, not one suffering hyper-inflation – it was no surprise that most commentators failed to grasp its implications and many got it plain wrong…Indeed, we [ his close colleagues at Columbia University] were among a small minority of economists who had argued explicitly that, contrary to this emerging consensus, demonetization could, paradoxically, be expansionary rather than contractionary, or in any case, the contractionary impact could be made less than commonly believed. Additionally, the take-up of digital payments, the emergence of informal credit arrangements between sellers and consumers and the fast pace of remonetization’ [set by Reserve Bank of India Governor, Dr Urjit Patel] ensured that the ‘economy did not contract as much as was widely feared.’ Bhagwati dismissed the doomsayers with lines from Macbeth’s great soliloquy: ‘It is a tale/Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/ Signifying nothing.’

Manilal Bhaumik: Philanthropist scientist Manilal Bhaumik’s life is a story of rags to riches, of triumph of the elect over the adversity and misery of the many. Born into a family of modest means in the Midnapore district of West Bengal, he had to get up at the crack dawn and walk four miles to school. After school he would take out the cattle to pasture. Back home, he studied under lamplight. A billionaire today, he lives in a marble mansion in California overlooking San Francisco Bay and the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean. His daily schedule begins with a drive in his Rolls Royce to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where his $11 million donation is helping construct a research centre for top physicists to plumb some of the stubborn secrets of nature through intricate mathematical modeling. It was mathematics and physics that proved the game-changer and opened new vistas for him in a

once famine-stricken, disease-ridden corner of India. From Midnapore, Bhaumik took a giant leap to Calcutta and the tutelage of the eminent physicist Satyen Bose. His next climb up the ladder was entry into the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he earned his PhD, thence a fellowship at Amrica’s UCLA on the recommendation of his mentor, Professor Bose. There, his researches in high energy physics led to numerous patented applications which made Bhaumik a billionaire philanthropist. He has donated a substantial sum to the National Institute of Advanced Studies Department at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. He has given Rs 400 crore to his alma mater, IIT Kharagpur and set up the Mani Bhaumik Foundation for the education of deprived children. Truly, it is more blessed to give than to receive.


You have to find what's good and true and beautiful in your life as it is now - Mitch Albom (1997)

Councillor Ameet Jogia

How homegrown British businesses can seal the deal on Anglo-Indian trade The referendum to leave the European Union last year proved to be a momentous decision for Britain as a nation. Regardless of which side people supported, the overwhelming goal now must be to make a success of the negotiations and the opportunities that have presented themselves, above all, the chance to lead the world as a great, global, free trading nation. The Prime Minister, Theresa May has been very clear on this point, saying as much time and again, from her address at the G20 summit late last year, to her speech at Lancaster House on Brexit. Today no country promises more trading opportunity than the world’s fastest growing economy – India. And with our shared ties of culture, commerce and people, no country is better placed to seize that opportunity than Britain. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has signalled the important role that India is set to play as one of Britain’s strongest post-Brexit trading partners. “I think the time is fast upon us when we need to turbo charge this relationship with a new free trade deal,” he said while on a mission to Delhi in January. “This is not the time to put up barriers between our countries. This is time to break down barriers that will in the long term to create the jobs, the good jobs with good incomes that offer real hope and comfort” he said. “Let us work together, Britain and India are united by our values and in many ways by our approaches to the problems of the world and it is working together to improve our security that we will allow the freedom

and the openness that will drive our long term prosperity.” The foreign secretary has good reason to back the strengthening AngloIndian relationship through trade. British and Indian companies have a history of providing mutually beneficial products and services to each other. As a stronger trading relationship is built between our two nations more jobs will be created, a greater variety of goods will be available to the growing middle classes, and we will have the opportunity to share vital skills and services. A number of wellknown British firms have already increased their investments in India. High street cosmetics emporium Lush opened its first store on the streets of Mumbai, United Biscuits increased their investment in India by £20 million, and Fever-Tree made a splash by announcing that it would start exporting its British tonic water to India, winning the Queen’s Award for Exports. Smaller firms are also taking up this opportunity. For example, Green’s Power, a small British engineering company are exporting parts for coal-fired power stations in India. The triggering of Article 50, which signals the start of negotiations with the European Union, will present Britain with many challenges and opportunities. As the Prime Minister has already said, new trade agreements with other countries will form a key part of the government’s Brexit plan. A strong free trade policy will define our country in the coming years. Who could ask for a better partner to help us succeed in a post-Brexit world than India?

Editor: CB Patel

Asian Voice is published by ASIAN BUSINESS PUBLICATIONS LTD Karma Yoga House, 12 Hoxton Market, (Off Coronet Street) London N1 6HW. Tel: 020 7749 4080 • Fax: 020 7749 4081 Email: Website: © Asian Business Publications



Muslim teacher kicked off US-bound flight told he is NOT banned from America A Birmingham-born teacher refused entry to America on a school trip was left furious after the US authorities denied he was barred. Juhel Miah was taken off a New York-bound flight at Reykjavic while on a school trip. Despite video footage showing it happening, Mr Miah said he had received a letter from the US embassy officials saying otherwise. Speaking to BBC Wales’ Sunday Supplement radio show, the Llangatwg Community School teacher said: “I was gobsmacked reading the letter. The last paragraph — it says something like Mr Miah has not been denied entry to America nor has he ever applied for a visa. Both those comments

are not true.” He said he had an Esta (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) for his trip which was valid until January 2019. He added: “When I read this I thought it was a joke at first. I am hoping to make as much noise as possible so someone can hear me and someone can help me.” Mr Miah said he did not want to put it to the US authorities that his religion was the reason behind what happened. I don’t want to put words into everybody’s mouth,” he said. “I want someone to say: ‘This is why you were denied entry’. I just want answers. I’m trying to get a solution but I’m not getting anywhere.”

Taxi driver who grabbed breast of female passenger is jailed A taxi driver who grabbed the breast of a young woman passenger has been jailed for six months. Married father, Zahid Shah, denied sexually assaulting the 22-year-old in the early hours of the morning, after helping her out of the cab. He was convicted unanimously by a jury of eight men and four women at Leicester Crown Court. Deputy Judge Michael Stokes QC, said: "Women have to know if they're getting into a taxi in this city, or any other city, they will be safe and not subjected to an indecent assault, no matter how brief an incident it may be. Any taxi driver who commits an offence in these circumstances must know they will lose their liberty." Shah told the jury, when he gave evidence, he hugged the victim because they had argued about the fare in the taxi moments earlier and he wanted to "calm her."

Zahid Shah

The victim, however, said there was no dispute over the fare. Shah denied asking for a kiss or touching her breast. After the verdict the judge was handed a character reference from the defendant's wife, describing him as a "loyal" husband. The judge inquired whether she was aware that her husband was given a police caution in February this year for soliciting a prostitute and was told the wife was in court and had attended the trial. Shah will have to enlist on a sex offenders' register for seven years.

Leicester hailed as model for future flood schemes Environment Secretary Andrea Leadsom has announced a competition to encourage natural flood defence projects around the country to apply for a share of £1 million. The competition, which was launched during Mrs Leadsom’s visit last Thursday to Leicester’s new flood defence scheme, will look to discover projects and better encourage those that plan to use landscape features such as ponds, bank, meanders, channels and trees to store, drain or slow flood water in its initial project construction. Mrs Leadsom, pictured, described Leicester, one of the most diverse cities in the UK, “a fantastic example of how natural and concrete, engineered defences can together provide communi-

ties with the best possible flood protection. Not only are 1,200 Leicester properties better protected thanks to new natural flood management measures, it is good to see how local wildlife has also greatly benefited.” The government has committed to investing £7.1mn towards Leicester’s three-part flood defence scheme by 2021. Details of the competition and how to apply are available via

In Brief


Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Juhel Miah

Mr Miah, who was 25 when he was taken off the plane in February, said people had contacted him since the story broke to say they’d had similar experiences. He admitted he was “dreading” going abroad in case his passport was flagged up

again as a problem. Mr Miah, who now lives in Swansea, said the worst part of the Reykjavic experience was that it took place in front of 39 pupils from his Aberdulais school. But he said he had received a lot of support from strangers who recognised him from the media coverage, Wales Online reported. One person had even sent him £20. Mr Miah said he did not want his career to be affected. BBC Wales said it had received a response from the US embassy saying it could not comment on individual cases. Neath Port Talbot Council said it was “appalled” by what had happened.

Woman hit by ex-husband but judge did not believe her The ex-wife of a man who beat her with a cricket bat and forced her to drink bleach has spoken out after he avoided jail. Cricketer Mustafa Bashir, 34, was given a suspended sentence on Monday after admitting assaulting his then wife Fakhara Karim. Bashir walked free from Manchester Crown Court when Judge Richard Mansell handed him an 18-month suspended sentence, after saying Bashir's victim was not vulnerable because she was an "intelligent woman with a network of friends". Ms Karim told the BBC: "I am a confident and strong woman because of what I have suffered. I was suffering for my life but the judge didn't believe me." Bashir told the court that if he was not jailed he would be free to take up a profes-

Mustafa Bashir

sional contract with Leicestershire County Cricket Club. Leicestershire County Cricket Club have said they have never spoken to Bashir, let alone offered him a contract. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said there is possibility that the sentence could be altered. The crown court has the power to alter a sentence within 56 days of the date it was made, under the 56-day "slip rule".

Virgin Media scam allowed people to tune in without paying Two men have been sentenced for their roles in a multi-million pound scam which enabled thousands of people to watch paid-for cable TV for free. Manish Javahar and Bobby Bhairon appeared at Leicester Crown Court to plead guilty to their involvement in a fraud which allowed people to tune into Virgin channels without paying the usual subscription fee. Javahar, (35), from Leicester pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud Virgin Media and was sentenced to 21 months in prison. Bobby Bhairon, (39), from Coventry pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud Virgin Media and was sentenced to 19 months in prison, suspended for two years. In August last year eight men were convicted of conspiracy to defraud Virgin Media. The man who master-

Mahesh Tailor

minded the scam, Mahesh Tailor, was jailed for six years. Tailor, (51), also from Leicester, was the director and owner of Tailor Made Circuits in Thurmaston, a printed circuit board manufacturer. He found a method of bypassing the encryption system used to protect cable channels supplied by Virgin Media. Tailor was jailed for six years and disqualified from being a company director for eight years.


Man charged over death of Birmingham pedestrian

A man has been charged over the death of a Birmingham pedestrian who was struck by a car as he crossed a road. Dil Bahadur Subedi, aged 45, who was described by his family as a ‘well respected son, husband, father and work col- Dil Bahadur Subedi league’ was killed on Sunday, March 26. Police said he was crossing Belgrave Middleway in Birmingham city centre just after 11:30pm when he was hit by a green Ford Mondeo, which failed to stop at the scene. Mr Subedi was treated by the ambulance service but despite their best efforts they could do nothing to save him and he was pronounced dead at the scene. Connor McCaugherty, 22, is in police custody and was due to appear at Birmingham Magistrates court on Monday.

Butcher jailed for £80k tax dodge

A butcher behind an £80,000 tax dodge has been jailed for two years. And Munir Hussain faces another 12 months behind bars unless he repays the cash within three months. The 53-year-old, from Sparkbrook, lied about the Munir Hussain size of his profits in a bid to cut his tax bill. He even faked a letter from a supplier showing his buying and selling record in a bid to strengthen the three-year scam. But Hussain, who ran AK Halal Meat Centre, was rumbled after an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) fraud probe. He admitted breaking tax laws and was jailed at Birmingham Crown Court on March 22. Hussain pocketed a total of £80,310 in stolen tax. He spent the cash on living expenses including mortgage payments for his business, his home and a rental property.

Man facing jail for helping 'ISIS supporter' flee to Syria after murder of taweez faith healer

A man is facing jail after being found guilty of helping a murder suspect flee to Syria. Mohammed Syadul Hussain gave Mohammed Abdul Kadir getaway money - used to head for ISIS-occupied Jalal Uddin territory - after Kadir allegedly bludgeoned an elderly faith healer to death in Rochdale. Hussain, 25, from Rochdale, denied assisting an offender in a Manchester Crown Court trial, but was found unanimously guilty on Monday. Murder victim Jalal Uddin practised taweez - an Islamic form of faith healing involving ‘spells, amulets and numerology’ which is viewed by religious extremists as ‘black magic’, jurors were told. Last year Mohammed Syeedy, 22, also from Rochdale, was convicted of Mr Uddin’s murder and was jailed for life.

Doctors slammed after 'gross failings' in morphine overdose

Two doctors have been slammed by a coroner for ‘gross failings’ in the care of a patient who died following an accidental overdose of morphine after becoming addicted to the drug. Dr Chayan Datta and Dr Guruprasad Ganguly will be reported to the General Medical Council by senior coroner for north Manchester Simon Nelson over serious concerns about their dealings with Nicholas Wilkinson.

Dr Chayan Datta (L) Dr Guruprasad Ganguly (R) AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice | 8th April 2017


Mathru Vandana

Inspired by friendship

a musical tribute to mothers

London-based micro-apartment developer Inspired Homes debuts in Greater Manchester – facilitated by Sanjay Shah of property investment company Mirasa Limited. The property is all set to revolutionise the city’s real estate landscape – but that is not what makes this deal special.

The programme delights audiences in Barking and Tyseley Birmingham over the weekend

Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar organised the Barking and Birmingham chapters of Matru Vandana, a musical evening to celebrate Mothers Day and pay homage to mothers – over the weekend on the 1st and 2nd April. Rohit Patel and Pushpa Patel from Ashiana coorganised Matru Vandana at the Abbey School Barking on 1st April on the auspicious day of Chaitra Navratri. Revered singer Maya Dipak was flown down from India to delight the audiences with an evening of sugam sangeet in her versatile, distinguished and melodious voice. Trained in Hindustani Classical, Maya is a famed artist in Gujarat and has been honoured with Gaurav Puraskar from the Gujarat government for her contributions to the field of vocals for Sugam Sangeet. Maya started the programme with Ma Jagdamba Stuti “ya devi sarvabhuteshu” and left the audiences captivated by her songs on mathru vandana in Gujarati, followed by famous Hindi songs dedicated to mothers. Maya she started singing traditional folk garba songs for Chaitri Navratri and the audience reciprocated by breaking into garba dance. The programme was compared by the Managing Editor of Gujarat Samachaar Kokilaben Patel. Matru Vandana was showcased in Tyseley, Birmingham at the Shri Hindu Community Centre

on April 2. The President Mukesh Ladwa declared that the temple required funds for redeveloping the “Shikhar” of the temple that has been sitting in the church premises for the past 35 years. Changing the look to a temple would require £300,000. Out of this amount the trustees have been able to raise £115,000. In 1980, Hariprasad Vyas, Rameshbhai Patel, Dr Vaja and Mr Chadrakant Pattani and CB had laid the

A scrumptious dinner was laid out for the guests ABPL could not be more grateful for the overwhelming response from the readers and well-wishers. The food was sponsored by Lataben Lodhia, and CB Patel took the opportunity to celebrate his and Lataben's birthday at the event. He said that he would assist in all future fundraising initiatives, while Maya Dipak also declared her willingness to come on

foundation of the Hindu Community Centre- Shri Laxminarayan Mandir. The Karma Yoga Foundation donated £5000 and Rs 500,000 to an education charity in India. Hemlataben Ladwa donated £2500 and Harish Dhokia from Coventry donated £3501.

board to perform in fundraising events. Matru Vandana was organised in London at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on the 26th March and will be held in Leicester on April 7 and Preston on April 8. For further report, refer to Page 18 and 19 of Gujarat Samachar.

High Commissioner of India to UK, HE Y K Sinha met Indian Journalists' Association on Thursday 30 March over a working lunch at the Quilon restaurant. He spoke on various subjects, including India's trade policy, importance of the diaspora in the UK, and the upcoming visits of UK Ministers for bilateral trade negotiations with India. He also said that post-study work visa for Indian students is very much a part of the bilateral agenda for India. Indian students were formerly given a right to work in this country for two years, post graduation. This was scrapped by the Conservative government, when they came to power. HE Sinha also spoke about the upcoming Vaisakhi celebration organised by the High Commission of India for the first time on Sunday 30 April at SKLP Sports and Community Centre in Northolt. The High Commissioner told Asian Voice, “This is the 350th birth year of Guru Govind Singh. This event will be a great opportunity to come together to celebrate the fabulous festivities.” They are expecting over 20,000 visitors.

Smita Sarkar Business is to be conducted with cold reason and logic – not with emotion and heart. Or so they say. But, Sanjay Shah is not just a businessman. Friendship and trust comes first to him and the story of the Sim Chem House deal in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester stands out in the dog eat dog world of today’s real estate business. This tale of friendship between Sanjay and Martin Skinner, CEO of Inspired Homes and parent company Inspired Asset Management, dates back one and a half years. Martin urgently needed £5m GBP to complete a project and reached out to Sanjay – who managed to find £3m at short notice. The money was not enough but Martin remembered the gesture and the effort Sanjay put in. Nine months later, Martin returned the favour by offering a few flats to Sanjay in the same property at heavily discounted rates. While the transaction was not insignificant, the real benefit to the two seasoned businessmen was the bonds of friendship and trust this created – a bond that has endured to this day. So when Sanjay approached Martin with the idea of redeveloping a former office building in Cheadle Hulme, all that he needed to know was that Sanjay believed in the project. Although, Inspired mainly focuses on Greater and commuter London, Martin decided to take the plunge and immediately grabbed the opportunity – banking on Sanjay’s acumen and the prospects of the UK’s Northern powerhouse. The deal was far from straightforward and without Sanjay’s personal intervention at the critical times the acquisition of Sim Chem House would have fallen through. Martin is not alone in placing this trust with Sanjay. Mirasa’s true strength lies in the complete faith that Sanjay’s partners have in him. Pavan Batavia (also of Synergy Properties in Dubai) and Rajesh Virani needed little proof beyond their mutual respect, carefully cultivated over the years, to invest in Mirasa.

Property details

Sim Chem House, now called Fabrick, is located in the sought-after Greater Manchester suburb of Cheadle Hume on Warren Road and has an estimated GDV in excess of £25m. The development will pro-

L to R: Rajesh Virani, Sanjay Shah & Martin Skinner

vide impressive features and details including Smart NEST thermostats, 1 Gb broadband by Hyperoptic, granite worktops, and designer kitchens and bathrooms. There will be a concierge service, WiFi ready residents’ lounge and a roof top terrace with seating and a bbq area. As a developer, Inspired typically focus on high specification fixtures and fittings to ensure longevity and minimise maintenance costs for the purchaser, whether they are a first-time buyer with little disposable income or a buy-to-let investor looking to maximise their returns. "What we aspire to do is to provide affordable but high-spec, high-tech solutions for young professionals typically between 20 and 40. We like to build a community within the developments we produce and encourage some techled growth," said Martin. Inspired are able to offer high quality homes at lower prices by using space more efficiently. Their micro-apartments are designed to feel more spacious than the square footage suggests by incorporating hallway-free design and uniform openplan living spaces. At Fabrick, studio apartments are 280sqft and cost £119,000; one bedroom apartments range from 334sqft to 409sqft and are priced between £129,500 and £155,000; and the two bedroom apartments range from 527sqft to 639sqft and are priced between £195,000 and £215,000. "There's a lot of money coming into Manchester from London. For returns on pounds per square foot, Manchester is the place to invest," said Sanjay. "Prices in Cheshire are going higher, whether you’re buying residential or commercial, you cannot get an opportunity here – house prices just go up, there is an acute housing shortage and a lot of people who want to live here." The team have already sold 22 apartments before construction has even started and the development

will be ready to move into within 15 months, that is, by the summer of 2018. Fabrick sits conveniently for commuters just moments from Cheadle Hulme railway station, with direct trains to Manchester Piccadilly in just 16 minutes and Stockport in only six minutes. Additionally, Manchester Airport, now boasting direct flights to China, is only around 10 minutes drive away by car and is home to the new £800m Airport City Manchester development and its £130m 'China Cluster' set to be UK's first airport city and a leading business hub in the region. Sanjay and Martin do not know how Brexit will impact property prices when the UK does finally leave the EU, however both agree that the ‘Project Fear’ predictions made in the wake of the vote have failed to materialise. "Brexit can be good if the country follows their policies to deregulate and reduce taxation," said Martin. “The weak pound has boosted overseas interest, particularly from China and India,” adds Sanjay.

Dream for Greater Manchester

Sanjay and Martin keep the purchaser's interests in mind when embarking on new developments. "Martin is giving you a luxurious apartment where there is a wow factor as soon as someone walks in," said Sanjay. "It's a catalyst for their lives, they are stepping up and making their first home purchase. It feels nice to be able to help people take that step and provide that solution in the most efficient way possible," said Martin. It takes courage to dream in today’s property market – but it takes much more to build those dreams on friendship and trust alone. Sanjay and Martin’s dream for Greater Manchester could well be a precursor for a new approach to bricks and mortar – cemented with the warm human touch.




Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Dixit Joshi appointed as the Group Treasurer of Deutsche Bank Dixit Joshi has been appointed as the Group Treasurer of Deutsche Bank AG, based in London. Prior to this, he was Head of the Debt Institutional Client Group and Listed Derivatives and Markets Clearing from November 2015 to March 2017. Before that, he was Global Head of Prime Finance, and from 2011, he was Head of Equities for Asia Pacific, based in Hong Kong. Mr. Joshi joined Deutsche Bank in October 2010 from Barclays Capital to head the EMEA Equities business across Sales, Trading, Research and Structuring. At Barclays Capital, he was responsible for the EMEA equity business, had overseen the Asian Equities business, was the Head of EquityLinked Products and led the growth of the Equity Derivatives business.

Before joining Barclays Capital in November 2003, Mr. Joshi spent eight years at Credit Suisse First Boston. He held various roles including Managing Director and Head of Equity Index Arbitrage and Quantitative Trading for Europe and Asia, Chief Risk Officer for CSFB’s Equity Derivatives and Convertibles Unit, based in New York, and before that Head of Equity Derivatives Exotic Trading, based in London. He currently serves as a third time board member of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), among the world’s largest financial trade associations, and was an Equities board member of the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME). Mr. Joshi serves as a board member of Pratham, a leading India focused

Help Hope for Children ensure 1,000 young girls receive an education

education non-profit. He is also a trustee of the Student Sponsorship Programme in South Africa, focused on creating educational opportunities for the disadvantaged. He has served as a board member of the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of African Art in Washington D.C, and has been President of the Advisory Board for National Sewa Day, a social action and volunteering initiative for local communities. He holds a degree in Statistics and Actuarial Science from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa.

Asian-origin singer from London gains popularity in the US Pallab Sarker, a British Asian indie singer-songwriter from Walthamstow, has just released his debut single, Morning in Brixton. The reflective and soulful ballad from Pallab's new album, Grey Day, is being well received in the US and is proving a hit across American colleges and has led a record deal there. Pallab, 39, says Morning in Brixton is about finding love in one of London’s most famous cultural spots. He added, “I grew up in an artistic family. My mother is a poet and storyteller and when I was growing up she wrote a lot about her youth in Bangladesh- particularly

the war of independence. “There is no doubt that Bengalis have made a hugely significant contribution to cultural life in the UK; whether it is drama, dance, comedy, music or journalism... “The album is very much made in Walthamstow and was recorded in the Cabin Studios not far from the Village, with local musicians contributing to my tracks.” Off the back of his recent success, Pallab has just been signed to the US record label, Bongo Boy Records. Born in Peterborough, to immigrant parents escaping the Bangladesh war of independence in the

Seventies, Pallab showed an early interest in music. Moving to London in his early twenties at the height of Britpop, Pallab established an indie rock band, ICON, and was the band's lead vocalist. ICON played extensively across London's gig circuit. Kanye King MBE, Founder and CEO of MOBO, remarked: “These boys are extremely talented and deserve success.” His music has even brought the business of Government to a standstill! One afternoon, thousands of civil servants left their desks to watch him perform in the atrium of the Home Office as he raised funds for Children in Need.

Livingstone suspended from Labour party for another year Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has said that Labour Party has suspended him for another year over Hitler comments, as we went to press. The former London Mayor was dragged before a disciplinary panel after reportedly claiming the Nazi leader supported Zionism in the 1930s. The

comment were made to BBC London. Mr Livingstone has been suspended from the Labour Party since the row erupted in April 2016, when he was defending MP Naz Shah over claims she had made anti-Semitic social media posts. He could be expelled if Labour bosses decide his

comments were "grossly detrimental" to the party. The BBC reported that on Tuesday morning he blamed the Jewish Chronicle and Labour MPs for misreporting his comments. He said that if he was expelled from Labour he would take legal action to fight the decision.

Abu Hamza's son stripped of UK passport The son of the radical cleric Abu Hamza has been stripped of his UK passport after he travelled to Syria to fight against Bashar alAssad’s forces, according to media reports. According to The Sufiyan Telegraph,

Mustafa, 22, whose father is in jail in the US after being convicted of a series of terrorism charges, told the Arabic newspaper alQuds of his surprise at his passport being revoked. Mustafa is understood to be fighting alongside


rebel units after fleeing Britain in 2013 following the extradition of his father to America to stand trial. He denies fighting with Islamic State or with forces loyal to al-Qaida, although it is unclear for which rebel group Mustafa is fighting.

Education is the single most effective tool to enable children to break out of the cycle of poverty. With the support of the public, we want to make this a reality for 1,000 young girls living in rural poverty in Telangana, India. In the Warrangai District, Telangana, only 19% of schools have a clean water supply, 8% have toilets, and just 4% have separate facilities for girls. Although education is available, it is not accessible. At school, children face the daily risk of typhoid, dysentery and malaria, which are most dangerous for the youngest. This lack of facilities means that over half of all girls drop out of school before they reach 12, girls who do stay in school will miss at least 1 day every week due to a lack of hygienic sanitation facilities. The solution is a simple one. We want to build child-friendly toilets and washing facilities in 13 schools, and deliver workshops within their communities to raise awareness of the importance of good hygiene, and its subsequent impact on children and their education The aim of the project is both to provide girls with appropriate sanitation facilities, and improve their hygiene, realise gender equality, significantly improve their ability to access education. Girls like those attending Mandal Parishad Primary School, where they now have 3 toilets with running water between the 139 students,

Wolverhampton University graduate appointed as Chief Magistrate

A University of Wolverhampton graduate has been appointed to one of the top roles in the judiciary. Tanweer Ikram has been appointed by the Queen as Deputy Senior District Judge (Chief Magistrate). As Chief Magistrate, he will have leadership responsibility for the 300 District Judges (Magistrates’ Courts) and Deputy DJMCs across England and Wales. He will be based at Westminster Magistrates’ Court with effect from 31 March 2017. The 51-yearold was called to the Bar in 1990 and admitted as a solicitor in 1993 after graduating from Wolverhampton Polytechnic, now the University of Wolverhampton. In 2015 he was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Law from the University’s Faculty of Social Sciences for his contribution to law.

66 of them girls. As a result attendance has improved by 50%, since their installation, which in turn has contributed to an improvement in academic perfor-

hygiene workshop for up to 40 primary school children. You can help us to reach our appeal target of £15,000 to launch this project.

mance as the children no longer need to miss lessons when going back to their homes, just to use the toilet. In the next article will introduce you to one of the girls and how her life has been transformed. You can start transforming the lives of girls like these and thousands more by donating today towards the Sanitation for Education Appeal now. £25 can provide a

To support: Either, fill-out the online donation form: h tt ps : / / h o p e -f o r- c h il or send in cheques made payable to “Hope for Children” to:6 Progression Centre, Mark Road, Hemel Hempstead HP2 7DW (please write Sanitation for Education on the back of the cheque. If you do not include this reference we cannot guarantee that the money will be allocated to this project) Office: 01442 234 561 Direct: 07814 004 963

Imams advise Army on recruiting Muslims Leading Islamic scholars and imams have attended a conference with military top brass as part of a drive to encourage Muslims to join the armed forces- something that has never been organised before. The event was conducted without any publicity at Sandhurst last week. It was aimed to improve the armed forces' relationship with the Muslim community and address concerns about operations in Muslim coun-

tries, The Times reported. General Sir Gordon Messenger, Vice-Chief of the Defence staff, and Air Edward Vice-Marshal Stringer, Assistant Chief of the Defence staff for operations, briefed Islamic leaders and heard presentations from scholars who met Defence Minister Earl Howe. A group of 25 scholars visited Sandhurst, RAF Northolt, Army Training Centre Pirbright and the Ministry of Defence over 3 days.

Top Met officer urges fellow Muslims to join battle against extremism Britain's most senior Muslim police officer has urged Islamic communities to do more to confront the 'silent killer' of extremism, saying they cannot rely only on the police and security services to deal with the threat. Mak Chisty, a MET police commander who leads the organisation's

communirty outreach programme, said that some moderate Muslims were being deterred from opposing extremism by fundamentalists who equated assisting police with 'spying'. Chisty added the Muslim community was an 'integral part of modern Britain', but it needed to do more.

UK Asian Voice | 8th April 2017 AsianVoiceNews



Lord Paul faces fresh allegations over £40,000 expenses Lord Swraj Paul faces fresh allegations, for reportedly claiming over £40,000 in expenses for just showing up in the House of Lords. Lord Paul, the 84 year old founder and chairman of the Caparo Group and his family, are ranked as Britain's 154th richest according to the Sunday Times Rich list and has an estimated family fortune of £740m ($928m). The Indian-born billionaire made his career as a businessman trading in steel. Though the allegations have been brought forward by the Sunday Times, it has been clarified that none of the Peers have broken any rules with their claims, which they are entitled to make under the system created seven years ago after MPs' expenses scandal. Lord Paul claimed £300 for 136 days of attendance between November 2015 and October 2016, earning £40,080 in the process but have allegedly made only three verbal contributions to debates and only voted on two pieces of legislation. He was introduced into the Lords in 1996 by former Conservative Prime Minister John Major. He rose up to become the deputy speaker of the House of Lords, but was

Lord Swraj Paul

suspended for four months in 2010 after it emerged he misclaimed £38,000 of expenses. The Sunday Times revealed the figures are as part of a wider look into the House of Lords, which now has more than 800 members while facing continual allegations of cronyism and abuse. In an editorial accompanying its investigation, while The Sunday Times has clarified that the Lords does some useful work and many peers are driven by a belief in public service. But, it has also indirectly highlighted the reputational damage it has suffered in recent years, especially exemplified by former Prime Minister David Cameron's parting shot, where he ensured some of his key supporters were bestowed with a peerage. A total of £19.1m was paid in expense claims to the Lords between November 2015 to

October 2016 – the highest ever since its introduction. Soon MPs and Peers will need to move out of the Houses of Parliament, so that the building can be brough to 21st century, with the required repair work. Lord Paul told The Sunday Times his allowance claims were 'more than representative' of the work he had done in Parliament, but declined to elaborate further. There was no evidence of wrongdoing or illegality. Speaking to Asian Lord Karan Voice, Bilimoria said, “The House of Lords' greatest strength is to provide expertise in different fields. For that, a Peer, travelling from outside London can claim £300/head (includes accomodation charge) and £150/day if you are from London. “We are not paid any salary or allowance. The

Peers participate in legislation, voting, being parts of the committee, all party parliamentary group “For myself, I feel it's a privilege to be a part of the House of Lords and I love contributing as much as possible, and it is always much more than just speaking and voting.” However, Baroness Shreela Flather told Asian Voice, “I have always felt that if somebody has not contributed to anything for say, 6 months but certainly for a year, they should be asked to retire. “I have also suggested to the House of Lords enquiry about numbers that there should be an age limit. I have suggested 85 so that those people whose brains are still working can contribute. “Finally, I have always believed that anybody who has cheated on their expenses like Lord Paul or Baroness Uddin should be made to retire from the House straight away as this gives a very bad impression to people outside.” When Asian Voice contacted Lord Paul, we were directed towards Lord Paul's tweet about a column written by Charles Moore in the Daily Telegraph. It said: “Yet again it is claimed, some

peers are turning up at the House of Lords and collecting their £300-a-day allowance without doing any work. “Work” is here defined as speaking or asking question in the chamber, sitting on a committee session or voting. I remain defiantly unshocked by these revelations. First, the allowance sets no such conditions of “work”: it is simply for attending, so no one is necessarily cheating. If Peers are to be paid at all, surely it is much better and cheaper that they get allowances- which do not accure pensions and fringe benefits- than salaries. The

allowances are payable only on days when the House sits. More important, has anyone tried to imaginbe how appalling the Lords would be if everyone present did speak, vote and sit on committees? Its business would be complete;y gummed up. Peers should speak only if they truly need to: far too many of them fail to observe this rule already...” Lord Paul tweeted about Mr Moore's piece, tagging the author, said, “Thanks @CharlesHMoore for your opinion. You have said what the House of Lords is really about.”



Asian Voice | 8th April 2017


Wednesday, the 29th, in the Commons, a debate was held regarding bad deal, and no deal. But, the real question i s ;


The term 'Great' as a prefix to the mighty Britain, has for years represented the greatness of the typical British character. Contrary to popular belief, it isn't synonymous to what once was the richest or the mightiest power in the world. It rather reflects the core British values of realism, fair play, self esteem, and tolerance. All these, supported by civilised mannerism, often found conducive to harmonious relationships. Simple little things like standing in a queue, the genuity of saying Thank You, or making way for others, are not symptoms of surrender, but an integrated way to avoid unnecessary confrontation or friction. The triggering of Brexit, and the follow-up formal letter to the European Commission written by the Prime Minister on 29th March, needs to be concieved with

Prime Minister Theresa May

some coolness and caution. There is no point now to go back on the stand taken, and announcements made, by the Leave and Remain camps prior to the Referendum of 23rd June, 2016. Irrespective of omissions and commissions, the decision has been made. A very extensive and if I may call it, historic session in the House of Lords heard several wise words. Of course, the Commons has an upper hand and the Prime Minister was empowered to write the 6-

Are you looking for a more rewarding

page letter. By common consent, the tone of the letter remained realistic and resolute, as it should have been. However, the fact remains that now, the United Kingdom is treading unchartered waters. It is a gamble. Now, to decipher whether one should call the decision arrogance, or false pride, is not my main purpose here. There are several pretentions, some with knowledge, but not in its entirety of the consequences of leaving the EU. On

Media Advertising Sales Representative Media Advertising Sales Representative positions are available with Asian Business Publications Ltd - publishers of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, the leaders in ethnic media.

Using a mixture of face to face, telephone and electronic contact, the position will entail selling advertising space for both Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar, theme based specials, sponsorships for various events we conduct through out the year.

We are seeking confident assertive, energetic, and goal-oriented individual with or without previous experience in sales. Position is responsible for building effective consultative business conversations with decision makers and win business. Selected candidates will receive a competitive salary and commissions. For consideration please email resume with references.

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Send your CV with a covering letter to: Mr L. George Asian Business Publications Ltd Karma Yoga House 12 Hoxton Market, London N1 6HW or email:

Does the British prefer any deal, however damaging or destructive? For the next two years, if not longer, there will be negotiations, and of course, UK has to look after its own interests. Fact to point is, the other 27 countries involved, are duty-bound to do the same. UK's disassociation from the European Union is like an ugly divorce between a couple. It is a painful process. Unavoidably, it will will involve leaking out each others' muck and very often, in a dastardly way, one can't comprehend what the final package will hold. In the meantime, we hear so many noises prompting serious concerns. Prime Minister May has already visited US, India, and China, and presently is in the Middle East. Her Chancellor, Foreign Minister, Defence Minister, and Trade Minister, all are globetrotting, trying to negotiate, and prepare better grounds for trade deals in the future. Now and then, we also hear a supposedly plausible option of Commonwealth 2.0. About 100 years ago, the imperial power of Great Britain vouched for imperial trade preferences. Of course, they were more or less preferential trade terms for Britain, and as history stands witness, countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, India, and other colonies were steadily cajoled into such "agreements". INDIA AND UK There is vast potential of trade and other cooperation between UK and India. India has to offer demand, demography, and democracy. While UK can too furnish several other skills, talents and resources. But let's be realistic. British trade between 27 countries accounts for almost 40 to 42 per cent of the total, while with India

it is just 1.7 per cent. Another self-inflicted problem for UK; As a Home Secretary, and now as Prime Minister, Theresa May's stand on the skilled manpower coming to UK is well-known, though not welcome, in India and other countries. You can't have trade without fairer movement of skilled manpower. There are so many direct and indirect claims about security and peace and the British contribution in the past and the potential for the future. We have one information in this country, which is systematically ignored in our curriculum or general knowledge, that since the 1853 Crimean War, the British "victory" in the I and II World War was aided enormously by Her Empire. In World War I, British India provided 1.4 million men on the fighting front, and another million were engaged in various war efforts like in manufacture, delivery and supply of ammunition and other war weapons. Thousands of Indians were killed to defend the freedom of the Colonial Master. Rajas, Maharajas, and tycoons of undivided India opened their treasuries to "donate" huge sums of money for the war efforts. In World War II, India's contributions were gigantic. 4.2 million Indians participated in the war effort, and out of them 2.4 million stood in the battlefields of Europe, Asia and the Middle East. 74,000 Indians were killed. 800 million pounds (now almost 30 billion) were "lent" by the British India treasury to the war effort of the Imperial Power. Not only similar sacrifices of other countries of the Empire are not taught in schools and colleges, but it is deliberately, if I may say so, ignored or omitted in the general reporting. Shashi Tharoor's recent literary venture 'Inglorious Empire: What the British Did to India' has received wide coverage. Not only India, but even other former colonies are going to be cagey about the British intentions or promises. 27 countries of the EU know all these things. So all this charade about British protection, about the security of the Europe, is more or less just "a claim". After all, Britain is one of the founding fathers of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance. MAINTAINING PEACE IN EUROPE Another intention which was more or less realised, was peace on the European mainland. For 70 years, there was no major war

AsianVoiceNewsweekly between the nations of Europe. The departure from EU, and the debate going on is very worrisome. First of all, we need to embark on newer trade relationships with several countries. The enormous pressure of EU-UK separation, puts UK at a massive disadvantage. But, UK will survive. Now, to survive to one's satisfaction or to survive out of compulsion, as a mere existence, is the debate. Within two weeks of May's 29th March letter, British ministers began talking of going to war with Spain on the Rock of Gibraltar. Prime Minister May has to now announce in her Middle East visit that no war is envisaged. But look at tabloid papers. They are preparing themselves in the same mode of the Falkland War. Such negative attitude or reporting are capable of sowing seeds of discontent, dissatisfaction, suspicion, and insecurity. What was a peaceful continent for 70 years, is now inadvertently inviting some serious problems. It is currently on a risky, if not irresponsible journey. Last week celebrated the 60th Anniversary of the process of the European cooperation. What an irony! Something which was created, necessary, desirable, durable, is now thrown away willy nilly for some strange reasons. Say in March 2019, negotiations do not arrive on acceptable terms for UK.What will happen then? God forbid some stupid statements create tensions between European countries. The confusion is unhelpful for economic development, especially for the UK. I do not want to dwell on the problems within the present UK borders; in Scotland or in the island of Ireland. But perhaps we have opened the Pandora's box. The centuries old relationships and especially a reasonable piece in the northern Ireland since 1998 now hangs like the sword of Damocles. Clearly in Scotland, UK needs to be careful. Let me dare to make two presumptions. May be when the agreeable end is not achieved after two years, the UK government, at the earliest opportunity, should follow the path of common sense and British characteristics. When the loss is overwhelming than the gain, a sensible person or administration prefers to maintain a status quo. Even now is it not sensible to accept that it is better to deal with the devil we know than the devil we don't? It might be difficult to swallow false pride and arrogance, but history has taught us one lesson, it is that if you can't change it, accept it. However, one does need to have enough sense to see the difference.

UK Asian Voice | 8th April 2017 AsianVoiceNews



British Asian women doctors turn to their roots to help cure the world Returning to the roots will provide bi-directional knowledge to British Asian women doctors and assist them to cure the world of ailments that are typical to the Asian communities globally. Smita Sarkar

Three top-notch British Asian women doctorsresearchers-practitioners from University College London UCL have collaborated with Indian organisations to provide knowledge based solutions to tackle the global state of affairs on Health, Education Engineering, and Environment (HEEE). The three musketeers Prof. Monica Lakhanpaul, Head Institute of Child Health, Dr. Priti Parikh, Faculty of Engineering, and Prof. Marie Lall of the Institute of Education are the three foot soldiers of the HEEE project. They will provide a platform to link their expertise across the different UCL faculties with local Indian voices to develop solutions that will address the health problems faced by the Asian communities across the world. Asian children are more prone to diabetes and heart diseases. HEEE, aims to address the development issues in a holistic way by co-designing solutions with local partners in Indian villages. The British Asian pro-

L to R: Professor Marie Lall, Dr Monica Lakhanpaul and Dr Priti Parikh

fessors will be aligning with the Government of India’s initiatives Clean India Mission, Unnat Bharat Abhiyan, and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.

The Plan of Action

“We are trying to take some of our learnings to our working partners in India – but also we are looking at what interventions they use in India and see how we can apply them to our communities in the UK. “For instance, the work that we are doing in the Tower Hamlets is that we are using women's groups to find out about feeding practices. This idea came from work that is already going on in India. So this

kind of a bi-directional knowledge exchange is what we are looking at. “The UK now has problem with funding for NHS and India is resource-poor as well like the UK now,” she laughs. “So how can we learn from each other.” The professors will engage with selected villages in the Banswara region and with stakeholders across all levels of the socio-ecological framework. The partners will identify, train, and support local 'community champions' and later establish 'community education and innovation hubs' with a few chosen participating schools. The HEEE project has been tailor-made to fit the

Yo ou should be b the one sleeping easyy. Not your pen nsion i .

www w.hb hbfs f k

requirements of existing government initiatives. In future, the funds will explore how the HEEE package can be scaled up to the rest of the additional India states. The UCL team has partnered with Save the Children, The Indian Institute of Technology New Delhi (IIT-Delhi), Symbiosis University in Pune and the Jawaharlal Nehru University - New Delhi (JNU). The World Bank has identified under-prioritisation of nutrition and health education as a bar-

India Facts India faces a triple burden of childhood malnutrition: l 48% (61 million) under-five's are stunted, childhood obesity is on the rise, and most have a micronutrient deficiency. l The GOI has been implementing key nutrition and behaviour change interventions through three cadres of frontline workers. l Barriers include outreach, variable levels of sanitation, social-inequity and the feasibility and effectiveness of localised integration. rier to progress. The 201630 global strategy emphasises the need to integrate multi-sector enablers that address education, gender, sanitation, water, agriculture, and nutrition.

The ground collaborations and research will go a long way to provide solutions that will stand the Asian communities globally in good stead in the years to come.

Professors Priti Parikh, Dr Monica Lakhanpaul and Dr Marie Lall with children in India



Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Talking to children about Talking to children about grief and loss is difficult for anyone and a recent BBC documentary touched the hearts of millions in its portrayal of one celebrity’s recent personal challenges. Being a Mum and Dad was an emotional insight into Rio Ferdinand’s grief following the death of his wife Rebecca and – as well as highlighting the emotional difficulties faced by anyone following the loss of a partner - it also raised awareness of the challenges of talking to children about the loss of their parent. To help parents broach the subject with their children the NSPCC has put together the following advice: n Consider where and when you're going to start the conversation and make it relevant. It could be while watching a TV programme featuring the subject you want to talk about. Special story books about loss are also available. n Encourage them to ask questions and be honest about how you feel too. n Keep the conversation going by asking them questions. If it does not go as well as you were hoping give it time. They may re-start the conversation with you a few days later. n Show that you are listening to them and that you value what they are telling you. n Reassure them by letting them know it is normal to feel upset, scared or worried. Parents can get help and advice by calling the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000. Children and young people can contact Childline on 0800 1111. Having difficult conversations is hard, but it can bring you and your child or children closer together and help you to understand each other a bit more. Colin Peak Regional Head of Service London and South East

Heritage History

I looked at the Heritage History in Asian Voice of 18th March and got another surprise. Shahariyar Khan is a good friend of ours. He was at school with my husband and when he was High Commissioner for Pakistan here we saw a fair amount of him. He is a very special person and it has been a privilege to know him. Some time ago his mother came here to visit him and he invited me to his home to meet her. She was truly a Begum of Bhopal. The whole family including her son addressed her as Huzoor which was to show respect. She had on her wrist an amulet which belonged to the founder of the state and she took it off and put it on my arm. Unfortunately she took it back when I was leaving! Shahariya Khan has written a book called The Begums of Bhopal. It seems that the male rulers were quite ropey and so the Begums ran the state for some time. Baroness Shreela Flather Via Email

NHS in permanent state of crisis

The NHS employs more than 1.5 million people, putting it in the top five of the world’s largest workforces, together with the US Department of Defence, McDonalds, Walmart and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The NHS in England is the biggest part of the system by far, catering to a population of 54.3 million and employing around 1.2 million people. Of those, the clinically qualified staff include 150,273 doctors, 40,584 general practitioners (GPs), 314,966 nurses and health visitors, 18,862 ambulance staff, and 111,127 hospital and community health service (HCHS) medical and dental staff. The situation in NHS is getting from bad to worse by the day. The A & E department of most hospitals are unable to cope with the rising demand, static capacity, shortage of staff, nurses, midwifes and facing austerity. Waiting time has increased substantially. Currently there are 6,400 fewer nurses compared to 1997. NHS health service is 50 per cent lower than the other European countries which is damning indictment. However, the relentless pressure on A&Es is taking its toll on staff. This is already reflected in problems of recruitment and retention and will create a much greater risk to patients than the current issues. This is seriously affecting the care and treatment of the elderly. Patient have to wait up to 3 hours in the ambulances and 6 hours on the trolley in the corridor. This is unacceptable. Also it is difficult to get suitable beds for the patients. Furthermore they are constantly required to move to other wards when they are not in a fit state to be moved. Poor strategic decisions and budget cuts to care services have exacerbated pressures on emergency care. There is acute shortage of mid-wives in the maternity wards placing mothers and new born babies at risk. There is no doubt that the NHS staff are doing their best but it is difficult to cope with the enormous pressure they have to work under and to provide good care. Psychiatry patients are not getting the service they are supposed to get and are worse off than other patients. On top of that aging population in UK is increasing and need better health care which unfortunately they are not getting. Dr Peter Carter, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing stated: NHS Direct and replacing it with NHS 111 was a massive mistake. NHS Direct was properly staffed with nurses and was well-placed to provide patients with appropriate advice. That clinical expertise has now been lost and it looks as though the service is sending people to A&E who do not need to be there. In England, the district nurses numbers have decreased from 12,000 in 2003 to 5,500 today. The Government has to invest in the existing nursing workforce and increase the number of training places. The fundamental issue is that the NHS isn’t receiving the resources it needs. It is time now to review the whole structure of NHS and new model created to deal with the demands of the 21st century. The old system is not fit for purpose. Baldev Sharma Harrow

Issue of reincarnation

There is a story in the Gita about a king who was in a forest meditating. As time passed he came across a mother deer and her calf. When the mother died the king took over the care of the calf until his death. When the king died he came back as a deer in his next life as his last thoguths were about the deer. This tale shows that your next life is dependent on your thoughts at the time of your death. Mr Otter asks other readers whether if anyone feels once you are dead- you are dead and that is the end? Well I believe it all depends on your own belief system and those who follow the Bhagvad Gita and Vedic scriptures may believe in reincarnation in human form. But others may not if looking for scientific evidence of how a soul actually transmigrates from one form to another. Bharat Raithatha By email


Congratulations to Priti Patel

We would like to congratulate Ms Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development and the first female politician of Indian origin to receive India’s highest honour reserved for Indian diaspora. She is also the first such person to hold a high profile Cabinet post. This is indeed proud achievement, feather in the cap of the wider British Indian community members who are rightly considered to be hard working, highly educated and extremely law abiding Citizens of Britain, most of whom came here after East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania gain independence, especially after the army mutiny on the beautiful spice island of Zanzibar and the brutal take over by Idi Amin in Uganda. The expulsion of Uganda Asians has proved to be a blessing in disguise for Britain, as most of us who came here penniless but settled down well, enriching our adopted motherland politically, socially, economically and culturally beyond belief. Another pleasing aspect of unassuming East African Asian community is that they include Hindus, Sikhs, Goan Christians and Muslims, mainly Daudi Bhoras, IthnaAsheris and Ismalis who all have turned forlorn hope upside down, risen above narrow confine and integrated well, making enormous contributions on all front. Priti Patel is indeed a role model who will encourage younger generation to enter politics and make their mark at the highest level. Our two-dimensional politics indeed need politicians of her dedication and calibre. Kumudini Valambia By email

Is hard Brexit a political propaganda?

It seems our hard pressed PM is trying to please everyone with her placatory approach to Brexit, in view of continuous opposition and street demonstrations by opponent of Brexit who are unwilling to accept people’s verdict. There is hard core MPs and Lords of every political persuasion who will not rest until the government gives in to their demand for second referendum after exit terms have been negotiated, hoping that such pressure will force PM to go for soft Brexit which will be worse than remaining in EU under terms negotiated by David Cameron. It seems there pressure is paying handsome dividend, as government has just announced that it will present a bill in HOC to integrate all existing EU laws into British laws that will enable EU citizens living in Britain to retain all benefits, including child benefits they now claim for children not living here with their parents, that so often leads to fraudulent claims, costing British tax payers billions but just a tiny amount to other EU nations who pay lip service to such laws unlike Britain. The government’s claim that such laws will be removed one by one after Brexit is fooling no one; as such legislations will never be approved either by HOC or HOL. Could Brexit be a doomsday scenario, especially after Gibraltar bombshell? Bhupendra M. Gandhi By email

The Rajputs

Mr. Kishorsinh’s letter about Rajputs is very educative, irrefutable and praiseworthy. All Indians must be very proud about Rajputs’ proverbial bravery, wealth, sacrifices and cultural heritage. Rajputs are role models of loyalty, patriotism. It is a mighty miracle that Rajputs survived and handed Indian nation a handsome legacy in spite of being pillaged and looted by savage rulers. But Mr. Gandhi is right to draw attention to drawbacks of Rajputs dismissed under the words “though a very small number sided with Moguls.” Consider the following: Humayun could never have never established an empire without collaboration of locals. Man Sinh, whose sister Jodhbhai was married to Emperor Akbar; fought against other Rajput kings, especially against Maha Rana Pratap. He defeated Shivaji and delivered him to Aurangzeb. These lapses may appear small and a historically unavoidable, they helped marauding hoards. This happened in order to preserve the very existence of Rajputs and sure sign of loyalty to ruthless tyrant. But it is historical fact that Marathhas, Sikhs and Rajputs never united against encroaching English traders. We must be grateful to Sardar Vallbh bhai Patel for unifying 550 states to create a great nation that is India. Ramesh Jhalla By email

Mother’s Day Special

Thank you for your invaluable gift of “Matru Vandana, Mothers Day Special. I salute Mr C. B.Patel and his team for such a wonderful thought in publication of this magazine. Mothers love is unconditional, selfless and know no boundaries. Mother plays very important part in motivating, inspiring and shaping their children’s life. My heartiest congratulations go to all mothers who have moulded their children to be successful and decent human beings. Niranjan Vasant London

The Health column

I am an avid reader of the health and wellness column which is presented on page 27 of Asian Voice and the “Swasthya” column at page 20 in Gujarat Samachar. Last week’s Gujarat Samachar carried an article entitled “Does your body remain swollen?.” It is informative and is presented in such a way that even a layman can understand and grasp the contents. My congratulations to the author for his brilliant account of this medical condition affecting many of us. Having succumbed to this rather irritating condition where the upper part of the feet and ankles get swollen mainly in the night and cause prickly pain on top of the feet, I was looking for an answer to why this was happening to me. After reading this article, I ruled out some of the reasons like heart or kidney conditions mentioned by the author as my test results for these had given me a clean bill of health. The other reasons mentioned are a lack of sleep, use of too much salt in our diet etc. I therefore arrived at the conclusion that my affliction may be due to high blood pressure. Besides the remedies mentioned in the article, I would like to share with readers that a drug called ‘Furosemide’ will help them in removing excess water from any part of the body. I hope other readers suffering from water retention, may get some benefit from my letter and seek appropriate medical treatment. Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

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Readers’ Voice AsianVoiceNewsweekly

Every life matters

Recently in America some people have taken laws in their hands and before killig innocent people they said ‘you Indians this is not your country, go to India,’ and then with cold blood they shot them dead. America - a vast country was once the home of Native Americans who had bows, arrows and spears with which to protect their people and land. When Vasco da Gama discovered America, thousands of people from Europe with guns and ammunitions arrived and killed the inhabitants. To harvest the vast land the conquerors brought over countless people from West African countries as slaves. How these people were treated was shown in the serial “The Roots”. Hats off to Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery. Now let us hope that the new President Donald Trump takes strict actions towards these murderers and save innocent people in America. Sudha Rasik Bhatt Glasgow

NRI-eihter Beg or Demand

During his recent visit (JAn 17) to India CB Patel - publisher/editor of Asian Voice presented the problem of British Gujarati community to Chief Minister of Gujarat, regarding RS 500 and 1,000 currency note, in possession of Gujarati people. Let us wait for some good news! NRI means Non Resident Indians - in other workds Indian passport holders residing abroad - be clear. There is no mention of British passport holders of Indian origin, residing in the UK. Although, many such British passport holders have OCI cards, they are not regarded as Indian citizens. I know a few friends who hold OCI cards and have tried to exchange their currency notes in India but were refused! Indian passport holders have to go to RBI by travelling 200-300 miles to exchange their notes! It is British passport holders who assumed in good aith, that they are also NRI. They travel long distance over 200-300 miles in cold and rain to great Ministers and VIPs coming from India. It is British passport holders who contribute substantially to Indian economy by depositing crores of rupees in Indian Banks. It is again British passport holders who donate generously to Indian charitable institutions and it is the same British passport holders who have to bed for changing few thousand rupees notes! This gives an opportunity to rethink their national status. However, any government or bank is under obligation to honour the payment because on the currency note it is clearly mentioned that “I promise to pay the bearer a sum of Rupees ...” This is like an unconditional Promissory note to pay on demand. It is the right of the note holder. Now, it is upto the note holder how to claim this right - by begging, by demanding or by challenging. Ballubhai Patel Bradford

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017


Universities penalise undergraduates for 'offensive' gender phrases in essays and exams Essays will be marked down unless they use 'gender-sensitive language', students at a British university have been told. Many universities are already advising students and staff not to use 'gender-offensive' terms such as 'he' or 'she' to describe people that could be either male or female. And terms such as 'mankind', 'manpower' and

'manmade' are frowned upon by academics if used in essays. But now the school of social science at the University of Hull has gone one step further by threatening to deduct marks from students for using such phrases. A document sent to students reads: 'Language is important and highly symbolic.

University wins Guardian Award The University of Wolverhampton has won a top industry award for its work to encourage staff equality. The University took the award for Advancing Staff Equality in the annual Guardian University Awards in London last Wednesday. Judges picked out the University’s BME Steps to Leadership programme, which aims to tackle the lack of diversity in UK universities, especially at leadership level. The University created a two-day personal development programme for its black and minority staff targeted at staff just below senior manager level to help raise participants’ confidence and develop their leadership skills. Delivered in partnership with the Black Leadership

Initiative, participants receive an assessment of their skills and attributes and a personal development action plan among other support. It is also followed by up to six individual mentoring or coaching sessions. The first pilot of the scheme was a success – with 100% of participants reporting that the course was either good or excellent and judges noted it could easily be adopted by other universities and has been submitted as a best practice case to the Higher Education Statistics Agency. The Guardian University Awards showcases the work done in UK universities and has 15 categories covering a range of areas including student experience, sustainability, teaching excellence and inspiring buildings.

'In your essay I thus expect you to be aware of the powerful and symbolic nature of language and use gender-sensitive formations. 'Failure to use gendersensitive language will impact on your mark.' Critics have savaged the move as 'linguistic policing' which damages students' fluent expression and creativity.

Sats for 7-year-olds set to be scrapped

Controversial national tests taken by sevenyear-olds in England could be scrapped under new government plans. The move follows years of pressure from teachers, parents and educationalists opposed to putting young pupils through high stakes national Sats tests. The statutory tests in English, maths and spelling and grammar, are used to monitor schools' progress. The Department for Education is proposing a new assessment for pupils when they first start school instead. This should be done in such a way that pupils do not realise they are being assessed, the DfE said.

Calling for Advocates to Volunteer

SightLife is the only non-profit global health organisation focused solely on eliminating corneal blindness; an objective we plan to achieve by 2040. Our current geographic focus is India, where we aim to eliminate this form of preventable blindness with support from people like you. This will look like fully restoring the sight of to the 7 million people affected, and are blind when they do not need to be. To accelerate the work in India, we can’t do it alone. We registered as a charity in the UK and are now seeking a committed and visionary group of volunteers to work with us to help people like Gorama, who has been blind since birth. After finally receiving a corneal transplant at age twenty-eight in Bangalore's Lion's Hospital, a SightLife Partner, Gorama now moves confidently through the village. She navigates the potholes and debris with ease as if she had been doing it her whole life. She even volunteered to be our guide as we toured some nearby silkworm farms, the driving force behind the region's economy. SightLife is headquartered in Seattle and has a New Delhi office, headed by Atul Kapoor, SightLife’s Vice President of Asia. Atul joined SightLife in 2016 after an eight-year tenure at Population Services International. Based in Seattle, Claire Bonilla is the Chief Global Officer, who took over SightLife’s India and Asia efforts in 2015 following her leadership at Microsoft of the software giant’s Humanitarian Claire Bonilla Assistance & Disaster Response business. With over Atul Kapoor 20 years of managing a breadth of global functions for Microsoft, and earlier as a Fortune 500 consultant, Claire is now applying her skills to help SightLife eradicate corneal blindness worldwide. Following our successful launch event in the House of Commons, we are looking for people who share our commitment to serve as volunteers and advocates. This is an exciting opportunity to partner with a new, energetic and successful charity to enhance the lives of many Indians.

If you would like more information, or an informal conversation, please contact James Newell, UK Development Lead for SightLife at or on 020 7 566 3635. SightLife UK is a limited company registered in England and Wales under company number 09357309 whose registered office is c/o Kingston Smith LLP, Devonshire House, London, EC1M 7AD, and a charity registered in England and Wales under registered charity number 1162658. Email: Phone: +44 (0)20 7566 3635. Fax: +44 (0)20 7566 4010.


MEDIA WATCH AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Indian politics and politicians frequently plumb the depths. What else can one say following the deplorable behavior of Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad’s hooligan assault on a 60year-old Air India manager at Delhi airport during an altercation over his demand for a business class seat, when the flight was exclusively economy. The assault – captured on camera ended in a blanket ban on his future presence on any Air India aircraft or on any other of the country’s national airlines. Jihadi terrorism’s Tentacles Government informed Parliament that 2016 had witnessed the highest level of youth involvement in jihadi terror activity in Kashmir. Home Ministry statistics reveal that 88 Kashmiri youth. Kashmiri youth with jihadi sympathies have taken to pelting the security forces with stones during firefights with jihadi terrorists, putting at risk the lives of the security forces. Ravindra Gaikwad

As a result Gaikwad has been forced to make long distance journeys by road or by rail. The Shiv Sena has been, and is, associated in the public mind with Mumbai’s underclass hoodlums. Gaikwad’s conduct was a demonstration of what can be expected of unruly elements among Indian politicians.

Mobs in Delhi run amuck

Mobs in the New Delhi suburb of Noida ran amuck, targeting Nigerian residents. Seven Nigerian students were hospitalized. Large-scale arrests were made by the police, and more are expected in the coming days and weeks.

Step too far

Understanding the limits of forbearance is not seldom the truest wisdom, for the men in uniform, too, are of the same flesh and blood flesh as the rest of us, and are also fearful of losing their lives in the line of duty. Stone throwing is no fun and games. General Bipin Rawat, India’s Army chief had pointed this out earlier, emphasizing that his first duty was to protect the lives of the men under his command. In the latest encounter with a holed up terrorist, three of his stone throwing allies were shot dead together with the principal. Those who take up the sword

is scorned and derided. Take a recent case at a Kolkata hostel for Muslim students: an organization called the ‘All Bengal Minority Youth Federation’ has demanded that a marble bust of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the hostel’s third floor, inaugurated by Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Mani in 2011, be removed on the ground that Islam considers ‘idol worship’ reprehensible. (Hindu March 21) Similar logic drives the Muslim clergy to oppose the judicial ban on the triple talaq of Muslim Personal Law. Its repeal, they claim, would violate the injunction of the Holy Quran. That being so, would it not be in their best interest to shake the dust of India from their feet and migrate to, say, Saudi Arabia or Qatar or, better still, to Pakistan, which translates as ‘Land of the Pure’ - a win-win outcome for all sides, surely?

Indo-Israeli Embrace

Daniel Carmon

Jihadi stone throwers pelting Indian security personnel in Kashmir

must expect to perish by the sword (Times of India, Telegraph, Hindu, March 29).

Telangana sleuth in UP terror group

An intrepid Telangana detective infiltrated an Uttar Pradesh terror outfit by pretending to be their Syrian handler. Thanks to his courage and smartness, three terror suspects, Danish Akhtar, Syed Mir Hussain and Atif Muzaffar were arrested before their plan to plant a pipe bomb on the Bhopal-Ujjain passenger train fructified. Four others were also arrested, while another, Saifullah was killed in an armed encounter with the police (Hindu March 26).

Roots of jihadi bias

Tunnel vision is the seedbed of jihadi culture: compromise and accommodation being the one of the fundamentals of civilized life

Debit card business doubles

Debit card transactions have more than doubled after demonetization. The change has been driven by small public sector lenders, whose usage of cards has incrased almost five times. Small cities are likely to spearhead debit card transactions, judging by trends available thus far. (Times of India M arch 17).

Aadhar card hailed abroad


The violence was triggered by the death of a local teenage schoolboy who died of a drug abuse. Stories that the Nigerians had peddled the drugs, without any evidence to back the claim, led to mob anarchy. This is not the first such incident have occurred in the Indian capital. Similar incidents - including an outrageous attack on a flat with African women residents – severely dented the Indian image in Africa, and it took a great deal of effort in damage control to repair the country’s tattered reputation across the African continent. Noida, the Delhi suburb where these disgraceful events occurred is under the administrative authority of the Uttar Pradesh government. Hence Sushma Swaraj, the Minister of Exterrnal Affairs, contacted UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who promised stern action against the hooligans. The Nigerian Ambassador in Delhi was assured that every possible measure would be taken to bring the offenders to justice. ‘Indians in Nigeria are not treated like this,’ complained an injured Nigerian. Indians would do well to introspect before pointing to racism in the West. That has become the flavor of all seasons. Indian culture that is commonly bandies about clearly requires considerable fumigation. Meanwhile, Sushma Swaraj, has her work cut out (TV channels, print media, March 27,28, 29).

the ball to other more obvious directions such as agriculture etc. That said, the radar now reveals that the Indian Air Force is set to take part in the joint military drills in Israel. Other participants are the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Greece. ‘The joint aerial drills are being described as the biggest and most complex ever to be hosted by Israel. This is the first such participation by the IAF in Israel. The IAF has acquired valuable experience from such drills, notably from the Red Flag exercise, hosted over Alaska by the United States last summer. IAF pilots and support staff were lauded by the US commander for their excellence. He had seen none better in such a challenging environment, he said. (Economic Times, March 23).

It was a long time coming, but all the sweeter for the long wait, as India and Israel celebrate the 25th anniversary of their diplomatic relationship. In an interview with Mint, Israel’s Ambassador in New Delhi Daniel Carmon, responding to a question on the relationship, said: ‘I think I would look at the past 25 years as a process …as a crescendo that goes beyond the political,’ referring to the safety and their development in every field. High level ministerial visits were now as routine as they were once rare, he said, but he called for deeper knowledge and awareness on both sides through people-topeople exchanges and business interaction that transcend formal government declarations. (Mint March 27).

IAF heads for Israel drills

A lot is happening below the radar, suggested the Mint interviewer. To which Ambassador Carmon ducked suavely to guide

The Aadhar card scheme, based on the biometric identifier for every Indian citizen was a social game changer when first introduced during the Congress regime of Dr Manmohan Singh. It was the brainchild of Nandan Nilekani, one of the founders of Infosys. In power, the BJP-led government has adopted it with immense enthusiasm, when in opposition they were at best lukewarm. Now, however, the Aadhar Identification system has attracted a number of foreign countries, keen to replicate it. The list includes Bangladesh, Tanzania,


Nandan Nilekani

Afghanistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria and Russia. The World Bank’s Chief Economist, Paul Romer, says, ‘The system in India is the most sophisticated that I’ve seen. It’s the basis of for all kinds of connections that involve things like financial transactions. It could be good for the world if this became widely adopted.’ Identification is the first step to accessing services such as health and education in a world where 1.5 billion people can’t prove who they are. (NDTV).

GST Bills pass Lok Sabha test

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) took a significant forward to its final passage to the Statute book, when the Lok Sabha cleared four bills, setting the stage for 28 States along with Delhi and Puducherry to enact State legislation over the upcoming three months to roll out the new tax regime from July. The GST is designed as a game changer, making India a unified market. Much time and could have been saved if the BJP had supported the measure, first introduced by the Congress government of Manmohan Singh. Better late than never (Times oof India, Business Line, Business Line, Mint March 30).

India’s victory marred by ill-will

Beating Australia in the sylvan setting of Dharamsala to clinch a 21 victory in the four-match Test cricket series against Australia was a magnificent Indian achievement. The crowd at Dharamsala and TV audiences across the world saw the best of Test cricket. The great German tennis star, Boris Becker, after losing to a better opponent on the day, exclaimed ‘ I have lost a tennis watch, not a war.’ The unfriendly comments made by Indian captain Virat Kohli and Australian sledging were unworthy of the spirit of cricket. Steve Smith, the outstanding batsman of the series, apologised as Australian captain for going over the top, and Virat Kohli said his initial comments were blown out of proportion by the media. Kohli’s poor form with the bat, suggested Sourav Ganguly, a former Indian Test captain, was his involvement in distracting off-the-field controversies (Telegraph March 31).

UK Asian Voice | 8th April 2017 AsianVoiceNews


Four-hour A&E waiting periods rising 300% in some UK hospitals

Great Politicians Are the People I write to you from India where I will be hosting the British Chancellor of the Exchequer. When I think back to PM Modi’s Independence Speech, many people said it was a great speech, and he was a great man. They are wrong. His speech was exactly what so many of the readers of this paper think, ordinary people like you and me; protect our women, provide toilets for our mothers and sisters and daughters. He is a giant because the of the pygmies before him who never bothered to express such a view on Independence Day, who never spoke of a national shame on Independence Day but always sought to beat their chests about their own greatness and attack their neighbours for their own failings. PM Modi is great, is a giant, because he is ordinary, like you and me. For all those who think criticising your nation does not make you a patriot, you were all shocked to hear his speech. To politicians who think they can only speak from a script and yet appear sincere, you were proved hollow and shallow. To his opponents who think those who say they are Hindu must be fundamentalists, you were proved cowards of your own fears. This is what it means to be a Hindu Nationalist. To say, we need toilets, to say

crimes against women are a national shame. That is patriotism. The secularists never managed it on Independence Day. They had their chance and they were shown to be dwarfs, that is why a man of ordinary stature looks a giant – he is us – the common patriot. When you look around you may see the poor, I see the shame of what has befallen a great and wondrous civilisation, always too open to foreign influence, I see royal blood in pauper’s clothes. You see a destitute woman, I see the honour of a nation reduced to begging on the streets. Anyone who speaks the truth without fear is great. We all do it in our living rooms each evening. The Prime Minister just did that. A simple thing, but in the years since independence hardly a PM had that simple thought, to do simply that. Speak the truth about the nation’s problems. As the words of the unofficial national anthem state: Thou art Durga, Lady and Queen, With her hands that strike and her swords of sheen, Thou art Lakshmi lotus-throned, And the Muse a hundred-toned, Pure and perfect without peer, Mother lend thine ear, Mother sweet, I salute thee, Mother great and free!

Autistic gym goer teaches himself law to sue gym after being called 'stupid' by staff member A gym-goer from Southall who has autism has successfully sued fitness giants Virgin Active after being called "stupid" by a member of staff – without the help of legal experts. Ketan Aggarwal, 30, was at a spin class at his regular Virgin Active gym in Hayes when the instructor called him “stupid” in front of the entire class. After complaining to Virgin Active, Mr Aggarwal said he was told to go back to the class – so instead he opted to take them to court for disability discrimination. Speaking to getwestlondon Ketan said: “If something like that happens and we leave and run away I don't think that fixes anything. I'm one of those morals and principles people. It's not always about money.” Mr Aggarwal had attended a spin class at the gym when another member complained that the music was slow, and he agreed. He said the instructor then started shouting at him in front of the class. Mr Aggarwal said: “He was a good instructor. Some times people have their bad days. He called me stupid twice. He wasn't a bad instructor. He was motivating but the music wasn't

Mr Aggarwal was awarded £1,200 and a letter of apology

great. He was screaming and shouting down the microphone.” Mr Aggarwal was awarded £1,200 by a judge at Uxbridge County Court when the hearing concluded earlier this month. Virgin Active was ordered to apologise to Mr Aggarwal and to consider amending its equality training for staff. A spokesman for Virgin Active said: “We believe in offering a welcoming, inclusive and friendly environment for our members. “We are very sorry that on this occasion we failed to do that, and are committed to reviewing our ongoing training to ensure the experience for all members is of the highest quality.” Mr Aggarwal said he would continue to use the gym despite his ordeal. The instructor no longer works at the gym.


VAT fraudster has £14m debt written off

The Royal College for Emergency Medicine (RCEM) has spoken out regarding a “large and systemic problem” in NHS England’s accident and emergency serAshwati Menon vices caused by the continuing lack of hospital beds, meaning hospitals are continuing to fail in meeting the fourhour rule. Dr Simon Howse, a policy research manager at RCEM, suggested that many NHS hospitals were under-resourced and thus unable to work effectively. He stated, “they are trying to treat a growing and more needy population with fewer and fewer beds.” He also explained how older generations, namely the over75s, were coming to hospitals with frequently more complex needs, meaning their treatment can often take more time in a hospital bed than the treatment of someone in their 20s, for example. Dr Howse highlighted the problem further with the claim that England now has fewer hospital beds per capita than Chile, Estonia and Turkey. In 2015-16, 85% of patients were seen within four hours, while Dr Howse states some hospitals are currently recording rates between 50 and 60 per cent. However, these latter figures have yet to be published. Howse emphasised that rates below 80% would mean people were “being seriously put at risk”. NHS England has admitted that some hospitals are under pressure but insists they continue to cope. Some hospitals now publish live waiting times and current patient levels to dissuade those going to A&E who do not urgently need medical attention. However, while it is fair to accept some people who go to A&E may not always be “in great need”, Dr Howse argued that there was no evidence of more people wrongly using NHS services than from 10 years ago. In

fact, he argued, studies show the levels of unnecessary visits to be “very, very low”. The number of people waiting 12 hours or more in A&E has also increased at an alarming rate. In 2013-14, 260 people endured such a waiting period, but this number increased to 1,271 in 2015-16. Previously, Duncan Lewis Solicitors has criticised the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, for his proposals to only apply the four-hour rule to patients who are urgently in need, stating that this would lower the standard of the NHS. As people are becoming more informed, there has been a decrease in unnecessary A&E visits, therefore it is arguably more concerning that hospitals are still failing to meet the four-hour rule. This demonstrates that the problem does not lie in people wrongly using A&E services, but in fact in a serious lack of resources in an increasingly stretched NHS. Ashwati Menon is a Caseworker in the Clinical Negligence and Personal Injury Departments. She is experienced in assisting on numerous clinical negligence claims, including, but not limited to, orthopaedic claims, gastroenterology and cardiac related injuries. You can contact Duncan Lewis for any of your clinical negligence claims. Please note that limitation periods apply to these claims. Usually there is a three year limitation period that applies from the date of the negligent act. In some instances, it can run from the date you became aware of the negligent act. You must ensure that court proceedings are commenced before the expiry of the limitation period that applies to your case or you will almost certainly lose the right to pursue your claim (as the Court only allows claimants to bring claims after the limitation period expires in very exceptional cases). For expert legal advice on Medical Negligence Claims, call Duncan Lewis clinical negligence solicitors on 0333 772 0409.

Nasir Khan

A VAT fraudster who was ordered to repay £14 million that he cheated from taxpayers has had his debt written off after striking a deal with prosecutors, the Standard can reveal. Londoner Nasir Khan was jailed in 2011 for his part in a £250 million scam. A court heard it involved “money which should have paid for hospitals or schools” being “diverted into the pockets of a group of dishonest people”. Khan, the former partner of Holby City and Footballers’ Wives star

a yacht and cars including a Ferrari, a Lamborghini and a Bentley as he enjoyed what HM Revenue and Customs called “the lifestyle of an international playboy”. After Khan, 44, was given a £14 million confiscation order by a judge at Laila Rouass

Laila Rouass, used his share of the profits to buy luxury properties in Chelsea, Putney, Gibraltar and Spain. He also bought

Convenience Store and Post office for sale Leasehold £95000/Three Mile Cross, Reading, Berkshire Post office Income 19000/£8,000/- pw shop sales Three bedroom owner's accomodation Please call 07886 782 369 for more details

Southwark crown court, tax officials vowed to recover “as much as possible for the UK taxpayer”. But the Crown Prosecution Service has agreed to let him off the sum on the grounds that he is too poor to repay a single penny.


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Head of Ahmadiyya Muslim community Jalaanjali-World Water calls for a curb on arms trade and Day celebrated at the urges dialogue between nations House of Commons

expressed his grief at continued warfare in the Muslim world, as well as voicing his fears about increasing tensions in the rest of the world. His Holiness also called on world powers to curb the sale of weapons and arms. His Holiness said it was a cause of great regret that extremist Muslim groups had turned certain Mosques and Madrassas into “centres of extremism”, which had fuelled fear and misconceptions about Islam amongst nonMuslims. In stark contrast, Holiness said that an inherent part of the worship of God was to serve mankind and to live peacefully with the people of all faiths and beliefs. Based on these Islamic teachings, the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has

established humanitarian projects in various parts of the world, each serving mankind and bringing relief to those in need. His Holiness also spoke about certain individuals or groups from amongst nonMuslims who are “fanning the flames of division and hostility” and cited a Foreign Policy article that described Islamophobia as an ‘industry’ in itself. His Holiness called on world leaders to speak with wisdom and integrity at all times. Referring to the theme of the Peace Symposium 2017, ‘Global Conflicts and the Need for Justice’, he said a lack of justice had “plagued every segment of society” and that whilst it was undeniable that today certain Muslim countries are at the “epicentre of wars

and cruelties”, it was wrong to say that the rest of the world was immune from disorder. He condemned the international arms trade, which he said was a means of fuelling warfare and ensuring that the world remained bound within a perpetual cycle of violence. His Holiness deemed the argument that the sale of weapons may ‘encourage’ peace by working as a ‘deterrent’ to be “completely senseless” and said such justifications had “caused the world to become embroiled in a never ending arms race”. He also said that no nation should think it is “immune from danger” because history taught that wars “evolved rapidly and often unexpectedly”. The event concluded with a silent prayer.

Diaspora welcomed to visit INS Tarkash, moored at Wharf INS Tarkash is a state-ofthe-art follow-on Talwar class 'Stealth' frigates commissioned into the Indian Navy at Kaliningrad, Russia on 9 Nov 2012, packed with a highly density of weapons and sensors and manned by a highly motivated crew of 320 personnel, she is one of the most potent platforms of the Indian Navy. The ship will visit London from 7 to 10 May, 2017. On Sunday, 7 May, 2017 from 12:45pm to 6pm, the High Commission of India has made arrangements for the Indian diaspora to visit the ship with friends and family (please carry a valid photo identity, without

which you may be denied entry). It will be moored at the West India Dock (E14 9SG) in Canary Wharf, minutes away from the South Quay DLR station. The ship carries cutting-edge weaponry which includes supersonic antiship missiles, advanced surface to air missiles,

medium range gun, close in weapon system, antiSubmarine and anti-Ship toepedos and rocket launchers. The ship incorporates stealth features to outsmart the enemy with her reduced radar, infrared, acoustic and magnetic signatures thus, making it difficult for the

enemy to detect her. The ship is powered by four gas turbines and sophisticated controls, the ship are capable of doping speeds in excess of 30 knots. The electric power is supplied by four diesel alternators, which together produces 3.2 MW of power. Tarkash is a quiver full of arrows which formded an integral part of the battle armour donned by the valiant warriors, who fought the epic battles of Ramayana and Mahabharata. The insignia is a unique entity that encapsulates the supreme might, magnificence and combat prowess of INS Tarkash.

entific evidence on preventing disease, promoting longevity and alleviating specific conditions with Ayurveda. Ayurveda offers a holistic, highly personalised prevention-oriented approach, including diet, exercise, and many other modalities

which enable people to take charge of their own health and well-being. Against a backdrop of an NHS in crisis, the largest-ever gathering in the UK of experts in Ayurveda finished with a resolution to help address major health problems and reduce medical costs in every country through the

promotion and application of Ayurveda worldwide. The Congress heard numerous presentations on the application of Ayurveda to relieve major disorders, with remarkable results. These included summaries of Ayurvedic strategies to improve Type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease, the effect of Ayurvedic

Ayurveda to be introduced in the NHS Nearly 300 delegates from 55 countries, including research scientists, doctors and pharmacologists with expertise in Western and Ayurvedic medicine gathered in London on 1-2 April for the Second International Ayurveda Congress to discussed sci-

The UN World Water Day was celebrated at the House of Commons (Portcullis House) on 20 March during which importance of water efficiency was stressed through presentations, song and dance. Baroness Anne McIntosh representing All-Party Parliamentary Water Group has given the keynote speech underscoring the role of women and organisations such as the United Nations and OECD and expressed her delight in supporting the World

the University of Sunderland in London Dr Vipin Nadda, Green Team member of Brahma Kumaris Sister Dulce Rocha have all presented the significance of water management from a variety of perspectives, making it an educative and informative evening. Speaking on the occasion, Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel emphasised how access to clean and safe drinking water is an essential part of development and highlighted her department’s

Photo Credits: CK Naidu, Snapsmith

On 25 March 2017, the World Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, the Fifth Khalifa (Caliph), His Holiness, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad delivered the keynote address at the 14th National Peace Symposium hosted by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community UK. The event was held at the Baitul Futuh Mosque in London with an audience of more than 1,000 people, from 30 countries, including over 600 non-Ahmadi guests comprising Government Ministers, Ambassadors of State, Members of both Houses of Parliament and various other dignitaries and guests. During the event, His Holiness presented Ms. Setsuko Thurlow, a Hiroshima bomb survivor and peace activist, with the Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace in recognition of her outstanding efforts in campaigning for nuclear disarmament. During his address, His Holiness condemned the recent terrorist attack in London as a “barbaric atrocity” and labelled all forms of extremism and terrorism as a complete violation of Islamic teachings. Further, His Holiness

Secretary for International Development, Rt Hon Priti Patel, MP, Bob Blackman MP, Bruce Keith, Helen Allister, Aaron Burton, Poonam Patnaik and Ragasudha Vinjamuri

Water Day celebrations. Parliamentary host of the event Bob Blackman MP remarked that it could be the first time that the World Water Day is celebrated at the House of Commons and has congratulated Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence for commemorating the World Water Day as a reminder of how precious water is in today’s time and of the responsibility upon all to be mindful of its usage. A presentation including the milestones and socio-cultural activities of Sanskruti Centre was given by its founder Ragasudha Vinjamuri. Lord Palmer of Childs Hill, President of CIWEM Bruce Keith, Director of Projects for Waterwise Aaron Burton, Sewerage Project Manager at Northumbrian Water Group Helen Allister, Educator and wife of Dinesh Ambassador Patnaik Mrs Poonam Patnaik, Mayor of Lambeth Cllr Saleha Jaffer, Senior Lecturer at approaches to optimise brain health, and personalised strategies for effective weight management; as well as the striking relevance of Ayurveda`s mind/body classifications and personalised approach to the emerging sciences of genomics and epigenetic. At the end of the Congress, leaders of the

role in supporting investment for providing people with access to clean water. She has also highlighted improvements in water infrastructure, warning and flood management systems in Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Sikkim and Bihar and applauded Indian Government’s Swachh Bharat programme. Singer Ashvini Kane has presented a touching song on the importance of water and Ahana Ghosh Sikka, Anashmita Saha, Nalini Bojja, Nidhi Gupta, Padma Jonnalagadda, Reena Choudhary, Sangeeta Naik, Shivangi Gokhale, Sahithi Nekkanti, Sree Charani, Sushma Awtani and Suvarchala Madireddy from Sur Bharti group presented a creative dance highlighting the lives and livelihoods of water dependent communities. Indian Minister for Environment and Climate Change Shri Anil Dave sent his best wishes for the event. Vote of thanks was rendered by Sushil Rapatwar. three largest Ayurvedic organisations in the world passed a Resolution recommending 9 action points to promote Ayurveda on a global scale. The points include working with national, regional and local authorities in each country to support the application of Ayurvedic principles in daily life.

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Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Markle: A Global leader for tomorrow

Brijinder Nijjar

Prince Harry's girlfriend Meghan Markle, who is already a television star, humanitarian campaigner and the most googled actress of 2016, attended the One Young World Forum in Canada, and has also graced the new edition of Vanity Fair magazine, in a feature celebrating the global leaders of tomorrow. The forum is a UKbased charity that aims to gather 'the brightest young leaders from around the world' and Markle was selected for a photo shoot on Ottawa's Parliament Hill. She was invited in her capacity as a UN Women Advocate for Women Leadership and Political Participation and global ambassador for World

vision. She is said to be considering moving into a cottage at Kensington Palace with Prince Harry. Sharing the humanitarian spirit of her Royal beau and his late mother Princess Diana, Meghan travelled to Delhi and Mumbai this January. Meghan wore a bindi on her forehead, just as Princess Diana did in India in 1992, as she showed her support for US aid organisation World Vision. She was visiting India to help fight against the stigma around menstruation and understand the knock on effect on women and travelled with children’s charity World Vision and met girls directly impacted by the stigmatisation.

Applications open for government-funded security at places of worship Second round of funding under the Government’s Places of Worship Security Funding Scheme is now available for Churches, mosques, gurdwaras and temples. Places of worship have until 29 May to apply for the funding, which can be used to pay for security measures such as CCTV, alarms, external lighting and perimeter fencing. In order to qualify, places of worship must show evidence that they are vulnerable to a hate crime attack or have experienced one within the last two years. The first round of support under the £2.4m scheme, which was announced by the Home Secretary as part of the Hate Crime Action Plan last

July, was awarded in November. This saw 45 churches, 12 mosques, one Hindu temple in South West England (which has been subjected to hateful graffiti, was awarded £9,319.20 for CCTV, security lighting, and gated fencing) and one Gurdwara given a total of £405,000 to help pay for security measures. The places of worship given funding include the below: This funding comes after the Home Office awarded over £300,000 under a separate programme worth nearly £1m to help nine community projects which are carrying out innovative schemes to help tackle specific types of hate crime.

The grammar vigilante of Bristol He calls himself the Apostrophiser. He patrols and silently corrects punctuation mistakes made on hoardings in public areas across the city of Bristol. He made these corrections under cover with only his family and close relatives made aware of his self proclaimed vigilantism. The Apostropher is a qualified engineer and does not want to reveal his identity – saying that his work is to save the youth from learning wrong grammar. He takes pains to cor-

rect the mistakes using the same font and colour of the original hoardings. At Tux & Tails in Gloucester Road he corrected 'gentleman' to 'gentleman's' and Jason Singh the manager told The Times that "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it. He could have let me know before doing it." The police said that he was not breaking any laws by causing any permanent damage to the properties of shopkeepers and his vigilantism has been welcome by many in the city.

CALL DUTY Beyond the TO

You can feel part of a team, humble and respected all at the same time

Sunetra Senior

Rain pounding the windows, whilst driving down the same stretch where he’d earned his official army ‘Wings’ in February this year, it was a fitting time to catch fully qualified pilot, Brijinder. The everyday yet evocative setting seemed to emphasise his message: the great relevance of commonplace careers in the armed forces, which ultimately even refresh the way society defines its basic vocational values: “being in the army has been such an intense and fulfilling journey,” the passionate pilot shared. “From my experience with the Army Cadet Force, to attending the world renowned Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and now completing the Army Pilots Course as an Army Air Corps Officer, the core qualities of self-respect, courage and discipline were deeply ingrained. The army really equips you with all you need to become a capable and autonomous individual. It really tests your concentration and works you to the edge of your mental abilities. I, for example, joined with no prior experience in specialised techniques and by the end of the flying course was well-versed in fixed wing (aeroplanes) and rotary wing (helicopters) aircraft, being able to fly adeptly at night. Commanding a helicopter through the dark blanket of the sky is obviously a very different experience to the day, and even more so with the night-vision goggles.” *** Also due to start Apache attack helicopter training in July - a highly honourable duty for which Brijinder was chosen – the model military man then clearly demonstrated how the army hones both the physical and intellectual senses, putting focus on character building and instructing its respective force in a uniquely holistic way. “Low-level flying is another specialist manoeuvre that’s taught to us,” Brijinder added, “again demanding all one’s available attention.” Unlike traditional schooling, as well as activating all the parts of the brain - building emotional resilience and the capacity to adapt to new environments alongside the analytical smarts - the military also fosters interpersonal relationships and a natural awareness of the wider community. “I have a tremendous sense of pride in knowing I’m providing a beneficial service for society,” Brijinder stated. “That is the main 'sentimental' appeal of the army. You can feel part of a team, humble and respected all at the same time. No two days are ever the same either. From my army pilot training in the summer, to the current office work raising awareness for the purposes of BAME engagement as part of a civil engagement project, my time has been broad and varied. In that sense the army is a professional certificate in and of itself: all actions can be transferred and accredited to a civilian organisation. You are not only prepped for the military, but a life outside of the army.” Thus as if expertly gripping the flying controls, Brijinder masterfully navigated us through any mystification around his worthy calling, revealing it, in fact, to be entirely exemplary.

Are you looking forward to the Apache attack helicopter training, considering it is very revered and specialist? It will be a long and difficult course, but also a testament to how much I’ve evolved since the initial pilot training. It is the most sophisticated attack helicopter in the world, and its capability is a militaristic game-changer. It’ll be exciting to be behind the controls of such superior equipment.

What is your future hope with the army – where do you see yourself ending up? I will continue to be an Army Air Corps Officer mixing flying with various other duties. My current role working in youth engagement for the BAME community and the recruitment aspect of the Army has really interested me. I’m not sure where my career will take me in the long-term but no doubt there are some exciting and unique opportunities out there on offer.

What’s been a highlight of your career? During the army pilot course, you’re given the opportunity to mountain fly. A whole fleet of helicopters are sent out to Snowdonia, where you spend a week flying in the mountains in thoroughly adverse conditions. You are training in high winds and with reduced visibility with awesome Mt. Snowdon as one of the tallest peaks in the UK serving as the visceral backdrop. It’s

some of the most interesting yet challenging flying you’ll do.

How would all your training translate to a real time conflict? Everything you do in training gives you more tools and techniques to employ for a future scenario. For example, the night flying and being able to land in confined places could be very useful in any future operational environment. We do have to have a nuanced arsenal in our back pockets.

Tell us more about your BAME civil engagement programme at Aldershot? We are raising awareness amongst the black and Asian minority communities because the British army is constituted of roughly 10% from BAME backgrounds at the moment. We have such a huge multicultural community in the UK and yet only a sliver is represented. We talk at local schools and youth clubs to reach that untapped armed forces potential. Why do you think families of BAME communities may be less supportive of children joining the armed forces? They tend to only know the classic historical careers of medicine, law etc. but the army is a legitimate professional career. During the First and Second World Wars people knew others in the army and so it had more visibility – cur-

rent generations are detached, not seeing anyone they know immediately in the profession. My parents for example were born and raised in the 1980s and had no recollection, but upon seeing myself and younger brother Harmeet in the army are now able to correct common perceptions. Prejudices can be attacked when the army is represented accurately. What do you think of videogames by way of engaging youth with the army? It is quite funny because when I meet with school kids there’s always someone who’ll reference a computer game. It’s fine for sparking interest, but the sure way to develop it is to talk with someone who has the background. The games are usually mixed with fantasy and Hollywood and never quite represent reality. The way to explore that is to talk to someone who’s in touch with the profession, and interacts with them face to face. I find that young people are generally very intrigued and have a lot of questions, but more often than not they don’t have someone to answer. Finally, do you have a motto? The worst someone can tell you is ‘no’. So always ask and explore opportunities – I wouldn’t be in the position I am today had I not been proactive in managing my own career and making sure I was always in the right place at the right time.


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Croydon attack

On train racism-

The British police is hunttowards Glasgow When the mother confronting eight people who ed the boy threatening the launched a vicious racist Sanaa Shahid and her fourchildren, she was manhanattack on a teenage Iranianyear-old son were accosted dled by 2 adults, who seemed Kurdish asylum seeker in by solicitor Alexander to be the boy's parents, and south London. The 17-year MacKinnon as they travshouted at the family to 'get old was standing at a bus elled on the Glasgow-bound out of their country'. stop with friends, when a service from London. Shocked mother Poonam gang of men and women The Virgin Trains guard Joshi, who is a journalist by approached him asking challenged MacKinnon and profession told Asian Voice, where he was from. When eventually removed him “My son has been taken to he replied that he was asyfrom the train. the hospital in an ambulum seeker he was chased MacKinnon admitted lance. by the gang and beaten the racially aggravated He was hurt when they unconscious, with repeated offence at Carlisle assaulted me, and his eye blow on his head that left Magistrates Court on last started bleeding. I have been behind a fractured skull assaulted by a couple well and a clot in his brain. known in the area, who other His friends escaped white neighbours refuse to unharmed. have any knowledge of. Six arrests have "This is not the first been made as British racist attack on us, what do police hunt eight peowe do? Give in? Move into a ple who launched the more 'Asian' area? Or fight vicious racist attack. back? My bruises will heal Gavin Barwell, but how will this country Croydon Central MP, Sanaa with her 4 year old son faced heal from the consequences described the attack- racial attack on the train to Glasgow from London photo courtesy: twitter of Brexit? ers as "scum" and said On a Facebook post she they do not represent the Tuesday. wrote: "These are the kind of majority of his constituents. He was fined £1,154 people who are celebrating and ordered to pay Mrs Cotswold Attack Brexit because they have Shahid £50 compensation. nothing to lose. They have Mrs Shahid, who is also A Cotswold shopkeeper of lived their lives drinking, Indian origin is 'lucky to be a lawyer, reportedly said claiming benefits because alive' after being attacked she was targeted by they can’t be bothered to last week with crowbars MacKinnon on the 14:30 work and their next generaand mowed down by a car train on 29 December after tion will learn the same. All after stepping in to defend a he took exception to her they understand about Polish boy from racist and her son's presence in Brexit is to hate anyone that thugs. first class. doesn’t belong here. They Amo Singh, 33, was After telling her she did walk around drinking, taking brutally assaulted and left not belong, Mrs Shahid told drugs, swearing and celefor dead outside his conveMacKinnon he was a racist brating Brexit. nience shop in the trendy and began filming him. “Police is looking Earlier, MacKinnon for the two people was also heard speaking on who hurt my son as his phone, saying that it was he came crying "my word against hers". towards me to help The train guard then me, and they have approached MacKinnon assaulted me and told him: "It's not just because I was your word against hers, it's recording their vile mine as well because I on my phone. They heard it all." will be caught I am The guard added: sure and there is no Amo Singh 33, was attacked when he "We're not going to accept way I am moving to tried to save a Polish boy from being it. You're drunk and racist racially assaulted another area because and you need to get off the of these bunch of losers!" town train." of Stroud, The thugs who dropped Writing on on her twitGloucestershire. their phone in the garden, ter page, Mrs Shahid said He intervened after seelater sent some people to she could not speak highly ing six boys and two girls retrieve it, and when enough of the train managattack a 15-year-old Eastern Poonam refused to hand er who helped her and her European boy - and armed over the phone (which was son. himself with a baseball bat with the police) to them, they She added: "Sat with us when they turned on him. started getting aggressive. until the guy was taken off Amo suffered serious She had to shut the door by [British Transport injuries and now on the quickly and call for police, in Police]". mend. His wife Sandy fear for her life. called it an attempt to murMrs Shahid also The Met police is investider, for trying to save a boy thanked the BTP and gating the matter, but who was racially attacked tweeted: "Thank you for the Poonam is not very hopeful by thugs. excellent support and reasthat they will be able to sucMore than £300 has surance u gave following cessfully bring the attackers been raised for him. this incident and for pursuto justice. ing the matter."

Faith represenatives prepare bespoke prayer to bring communities together Five faith representatives (Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian) have prepared a bespoke prayer designed to work across their faiths in an effort to reassure communities as we move forward with Brexit. As the Prime Minster triggers the official start of the Brexit process, the five representatives are encouraging their communities to love, rather than fear, the differences we find in our country. The group, including Cllr Dhruv Patel, Founder & Director of the City Hindus Network, are urging “all communities to come together in solidarity to continue working towards a society of peace and tolerance.” The faith representatives include: l

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism l Bishop Rob Wickham, Bishop of Edmonton l Cllr Dhruv Patel, Founder & Director of the City Hindus Network l Imam Qari Asim MBE, Leeds Makkah Mosque l Gurinder Singh Josan, National Executive Member of Sikh Council UK Speaking to Asian Voice, exclusively, Cllr Dhruv Patel said: “The UK faces an uncertain future and we wanted to come together as faith representatives to not let Brexit be captured by a hateful antiimmigrant minority. For me it should mean a more global rather than just continental outlook for Britain, raising the importance of how we understand different peoples.” Gurinder Singh Josan told the newspaper: “The one thing we can be certain of with Brexit is that we don’t know what our country will look like in two years time. Uncertainty and change can be difficult for people. This prayer defines what we are trying to achieve –to encourage our communities to come together. We want Britons, no matter what their political outlook, to aim for a positive future based on shared values.”

Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner said: “We are a group of faith representatives united by our belief that diversity is good for Britain. This prayer urges us to embrace our differences, and not to fear them.” Imam Qari Asim MBE told AV “We are all alarmed by the rise in hate crimes that we’ve seen in Britain since last year’s vote to leave the EU. As representatives of very different groups within our country, we’ve written this prayer to encourage our communities to join us in uniting against hate.”

The Prayer

“We are a nation proud of our diversity and strong values of inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. Let these values flourish as we embark upon the next stage of our journey together. Let us turn towards each other and not away from each other in times of difficulty. Let our values and our diversity continue to be a beacon of light in the post-Brexit world. “As our great nation embarks upon a new journey outside of the European Union and begins to take its first steps towards a new future, help us to continue to build a strong, inclusive and compassionate society. “Instill in our hearts a deep love, respect and understanding of each other, irrespective of our backgrounds, so that we may be in the strongest position to move forward into the next chapter in its history. “At this time of difficult negotiations and decision-making for our leaders, give strength and wisdom to the authorities so that they take the steps necessary to benefit our nation. “Eternal God, we pray that You enable all communities to come together in solidarity to continue working towards a society of peace and tolerance.”

Stand Up To Racism Stand Up To Racism initiated an emergency vigil on Sunday 2nd April in Croydon to bring together a wide spectrum of the community following a horrific attack which took place late Friday evening. The attack left a 17 year old asylum seeker fighting for his life after being chased and viciously assaulted by multiple assailants.

The vigil was well attended by community groups such as Momentum, Disabled People Against the Cuts (DPAC), a local refugee charity, trade unionists and faith leaders. Speakers all spoke of the need to bring the local community together after this cowardly attack, by displaying the true tolerant multicultural face of Croydon. There

were a mix of homemade 'refugees welcome’ placards and others saying ‘stop racists attacks’. Weyman Bennett, Stand Up To Racism said; “It is shocking to think that a child has come to Britain seeking sanctuary and instead has been met with violence and intolerance. "This has not happened in a vacuum, the

Protests held in Croydon

Home Secretary recently celebrated the ‘hostile environment’ her government were creating for migrants and refugees. "The government, along with sections of the media and UKIP should take some responsibility for the anti-migrant

rhetoric they have whipped up, which has sowed the seeds for this kind of racist attack. "Communities are too often being encouraged to turn on each other to explain deprivation and lack of resources but this does not benefit anyone

and lets those responsible off the hook. "More than a third of the public have been involved in showing solidarity with migrants and refugees. This is the true face of our communities which we need to draw strength from.”

UK Asian Voice | 8th April 2017 AsianVoiceNews


Human Rights Commission aims to tackle race inequality Redoubling efforts to tackle race inequality and hate crime as well as improve its ethnic minority workforce diversity, is an essential part of the Human Rights' Commission’s new business plan, published on Monday. The new business plan includes several new projects with a focus on tackling racism and hate crime as well as promoting equality for ethnic minority groups. In 2016 the Commission published ‘Healing a divided Britain’, which highlighted the inequality faced by people from ethnic minorities across all areas of life in Britain. In summer 2017, the UK Government will publish an audit seeking to reveal any racial disparities in the provision of services. Building on the findings of these reports, in 2017/18 the Commission promises to press the Government to develop and implement a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to enhance race equality in Britain. Covering various areas, such as Education, Employment, Identity based prejudice and violence, the Commission plans to focus on tackling identity based bullying, including racism in school, increase opportunities for people from ethnic minori-

ties, reduce pay gaps among ethnic people, enhance political representation for people from ethnic minorities, fight hate crimes, to name a view. CEO of the Equality and Human Rights Rebecca Commission, Hilsenrath, in a statement told Asian Voice: “Our business plan will ensure we redouble our efforts to promote race equality and tackle hate crime. It sets out new projects to tackle the barriers that people especially people from ethnic minorities, still face in their daily lives. “We must also do more to be an exemplar diversity employer. A lot of this work is well underway. This includes increasing the representation of ethnic minority staff in senior roles by creating a stronger pathway, supported by a positive action programme. “We know that a more diverse workforce will be critical in making us more effective and will enable us to speak with a stronger and more informed voice on behalf of the diverse communities of Great Britain. “We are committed to tackling the most severe disadvantages that ethnic minorities face by using our unique powers to make a real difference to people’s lives.”


Chancellor Hammond meets Minister Jaitley in India Discusses prospects of a new trade relationship between UK-India, as Britain prepares to exit the EU Chancellor Philip Hammond has reached India, to discuss the prospects of developing a new trade relationship with the UK, as Britain prepares to exit the EU. He flew to New Delhi for talks with Indian counterpart Arun Jaitley, days after Prime Minister Theresa May triggered the formal start of the Brexit process. The delegation accompanying the Chancellor includes Mark Carney, the Bank of England Governor, and ministers Baroness including Neville-Rolfe, the Commercial Secretary, Garnier, Mark and Minister for International Trade. The Treasury said business figures on the trade mission include some of the UK’s most experienced leaders in financial services and FinTech–financial technology- entrepreneurs. The UK is the world’s largest exporter of financial services and the leading centre for FinTech. Hammond seemed to have played down the risks of a so-called "hard Brexit", in which Britain would lose access to the markets of the bloc's other 27 nations if the two sides cannot reach a consensus deal within a two-year

deadline. After a joint economic and financial dialogue, at a press conference, Hammond said, “We have made the decision that we will not be part of the structure of the European Union, but we've also made very clear that we want to negotiate the maximum possible open trade relationship with the European Union. "We hope to be able to negotiate a deep and special relationship with the European Union that will allow us to go on trading and investing in each other's economy, but at the same time allow us to rebuild our relationships with our partners and allies around the world." The Reuters reported that Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, struck a pos-

They also discussed efforts to make India's rupee currency more freely tradeable on international markets, and promote so-called 'masala' bonds, by which Indian firms borrow in their own currency from investors in the City of London. The National H i g h w a y s Authority of India, Arun Jaitley with Philip Hammond the Indian itive note by saying, "The Renewable Energy United Kingdom, postDevelopment Agency and Brexit, is looking at a difthe Indian railway Finance ferent level of relationship Corporation all plan to with India. And there's a issue masala bonds in the huge aspiration in India coming months, they itself also to add to and added. improve on this relationIn a reference to ship." Indian Prime Minister No formal negotiations Narendra Modi’s “Make in on a bilateral free trade India” agenda, Mr agreement would be possiHammond reportedly ble until Britain has forsaid: “The UK is perfectly mally left the European placed to be India’s finanUnion, but Hammond cial partner of choice, said the two sides would helping it to raise the have a "deep discussion" in finance needed for its conthe meantime. tinued rapid growth and In a joint statement, my message will be ‘Make the ministers highlighted a in India, finance in the pact for each country to UK’. put £120 million ($149 “Our innovative marmillion) into a joint fund kets have helped support under India's National the development of whole Investment and new product classes such Infrastructure Fund to as masala bonds that will invest in energy and support India’s transforrenewables. mation.”



GST closer to reality, Lok Sabha clears four related bills AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

The Lok Sabha has cleared four bills related to the Goods and Services Tax, setting the stage for 28 states to enact state laws over the next three months to roll out the new tax regime from July this year. The Integrated GST, Central GST, Union Territory GST, and Compensation Bill, will be followed by work in the GST council, to finalise rules and product and service-wise rates by the end of April. The GST is all set to replace central excise, service tax, and state VAT and other levies, in addition to subsuming existing cesses

Arun Jaitley

and surcharges. Jammu and Kashmir will however, not be part of the current regime and will enact laws to ensure that its taxation system is linked with the

Centre and other states for consumer benefits. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley promised the House that the regime will make things "slightly cheaper"

India exported 5,798 MU power to neighbours Establishing itself as a net exporter of electricity in the current financial year, India exported 5,798 MU during the April 2016- February 2017 period to its neighbouring countries, including Myanmar. This amounts up to an approximate 4 per cent more than the 5,585 MU it imported from Bhutan, as revealed by the data from Central Electricity Authority. India began cross-border trade in electricity in the mid 1980s, by importing power from hydel projects built in Bhutan, and supplying small quantities to Nepal as part of government-to-government deals. Since then, it has established a mesh of cross-border interlinks for supply from Nepal and Bangladesh. India has been importing 5,000 to 5,500 MUs from Bhutan, while exporting 190MW to Nepal over 12 cross-border lines from Bihar and UP, and

RBI governor gets huge pay hike

RBI Governor Urjit Patel, along with his deputies, has received a massive pay hike, as the government more than doubled his basic salary to Rs 250,000 and Rs 225,000 per month for his deputies. The "basic pay of the governor and deputy governors" have been revised retrospectively, with effect from January 1, 2016, and marks a huge jump from Rs 90,000 basic pay so far, drawn by the governor and Rs 80,000 for his deputies. Monthly emoluments of the top RBI officials include 'basic pay', dearness allowance, and 'other payments', which totalled Rs 2,09, 500, in Patel's case, as on November 30, 2016, as per the latest information disclosed on the RBI website.

600 MW to Bangladesh through two interconnects from Bengal and Tripura. With rising cross-border wheeling capacity, exports to Nepal and Bangladesh have showed an increase of 2.5 and 2.8 times, respectively, in the last three years. The development also coincides with efforts to export coal to Bangladesh, an indication to the situation changing from shortage to surplus. India's power plants faced acute fuel shortage until three years ago. But, steps taken by the Modi government in

the last three years have amped it enough to look at exports, even if in small quantities, to maintain pace of mining and reduce stocks piling up at mines. Peak shortage came at 1.6 per cent in the period till February in the current fiscal against 4.7 per cent in 2014-15, while peak shortage reduced to 0.7 per cent from 47 per cent in the same period. At the same time, power plants, on a national average, operate at roughly 60 per cent, down from nearly 65 per cent in 2014-15.

Bharti sells tower stake, raises £619.4 mn Telecom giant Bharti Airtel has sold a 10.3 per cent stake in its tower unit to KKR and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for £619.4 million, to cope with £9 billion debt. Following the stakesale, Bharti Airtel's holding in the tower unit now stands at 62 per cent. "Bharti had been considering selling a controlling stake in the venture, but the announced consolidation between Vodafone and Idea knocked the stock off its highs. While it's a step in the right direction in reducing debt, we infer the smaller deal means Bharti has decided to wait for the price of Infratel to correct before selling a larger stake," said Chris Lane, analyst at Sanford C Bernstein. The share-sale will help Bharti Airtel

improve its balance sheet as competition intensifies in the world's second largest telecom market. Reliance Jio's offering of free calls and a proposed merger between Vodaone India and Idea Cellular has mounted pressure on Bharti Airtel. Investors KKR and Canada Pension jointly form the single-largest public shareholder block in Bharti Infratel. "This investment by a consortium of marquee long-term investors reinforces the positive outlook for the telecom infrastructure sector," said Sunil Mittal, chairman, Bharti Airtel. "The long-term investment horizon of the investors aligns well with the capital needs and business cycles of Bharti Infratel."

and products such as petroleum, which are currently out of the net, will soon be included over a period of time. "Today, you have tax on tax, you have cascading effect. When all of that is removed, goods will become slightly cheaper," he said. He also stated that a one-rate formula was highly regressive as a pair of chappals and a luxury car would face the same levy. The GST Council has recommended a four-tier tax structure of 5, 12, 18, and 28 per cent. Over the highest slab, a cess will be imposed on luxury cars, soft drinks, tobacco prod-

ucts, pan masala and coal to compensate states for potential revenue loss during the first five yeas of implementation. The FM said that once the new tax regime was rolled out, a businessman would have to deal with just one assessing officer instead of multiple authorities as is the norm now. Several objections were raised with leaders from the Opposition questioning the disempowerment of Parliament in setting tax rates, the reduction in the fiscal autonomy of the States, the need for several tax rates when the principle is to be of 'one nation,

SBI begins operations as one entity post-merger The State Bank of India (SBI), India's largest lender, started functioning as unified entity from Saturday, April 1, post merger of its five associate banks, besides Bharatiya Mahila Bank. The five associate banks merged with the SBI are State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur, State Bank of Hyderabad, State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of Patiala and State Bank of Travancore. With the merger, the SBI joins the league of top 50 banks globally in terms of assets. “We welcome the customers, employees and all other stakeholders of associate banks and Bharatiya Mahila Bank to SBI fold. The bank will strive to conclude the transition process within a quarter,” SBI Chairman Arundhati Bhattacharya said here in a statement. “The combined entity will enhance productivity, mitigate geographical risks, increase operational efficiency and drive synergies across multiple dimensions while ensuring increased levels of customer delight,” she said. The total customer base of the bank reaches 370 million with a branch network of around 24,000 and nearly 59,000 ATMs across

Arundhati Bhattacharya

the country. The merged entity now has a deposit base of more than £260 billion and advances of £185 billion. “The bank will rationalise its branch network by relocating some of the branches to maximise the reach. This will help optimise its operations and improve profitability. Integration of treasuries of the associate banks with SBI will bring in substantial cost saving and synergy in operations,” the statement said. Post-merger, all the customers of associate banks now enjoy the benefits of a wide array of digital products and services offered by the State Bank of India, the bank said. Online SBI, the bank's web banking platform is the fifth-most visited financial site, globally.


one tax', and the levy of additional cess. "The States and the Centre have pooled their sovereignty in the Council. The recommendation of the rates will come from the Council. But the Council has two-thirds voting by the States and onethird by the Centre. The GST Council has been given the power to only make a recommendation regarding the model law. The Constitutional amendment gave that power in Article 279A. The plenary power to frame legislation can only be with Parliament or the state legislative assemblies as the case may be," Jaitley said.

India to grow at 7.7% in 2018: Jaitley

India's finance minister Arun Jaitley stated that emerging markets face newer challenges in the form of inward looking policies of protectionism and increased geopolitical tension, as he pegged the country's GDP growth at 7.7 per cent in 2018. "Indian economy is expected to grow at 7.2 per cent in 2017 and at the rate of 7.7 per cent in 2018," he said. Speaking at the second annual meeting of the New Development Bank, Jaitley said global growth is moving upward, and is expected to improve further in 2017-18. He said emerging market economies face newer challenges in the form of inward looking policies of protectionism of some economies, global financial condition, policies of the United States, and increased geopolitical tension. "India has huge unmet infrastructure funding needs... $646 billion is required in next 5 years (for financing infrastructure)," he said. "I hope that NDB will emerge as a development bank and help in funding of emerging economies." He said news from economies of BRICS countries is encouraging, Jaitley said.

Amul becomes £3.50 bn brand India's largest food brand Amul is all set to cross the £2.70 billion mark in its annual turnover. As the financial year 2016-17 came to an end, the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation registered an 18 per cent revenue hike over the previous year. The apex body of all district dairy unions in Gujarat, the GCMMF had achieved an annual sales turnover of £2.30 billion in its last financial year. GCMMF's group turnover and its 18 member dairies also witnessed a jump as the unduplicated turnover of all products

sold under the Amul brand touched the £3.50 billion mark. "A majority of this growth - nearly 50 per cent has come from fresh products with sales of liquid milk being the highest," said GCMMF Managing Director, RS Sodhi. "In terms of volume, we have witnessed 14-15 per cent growth," said Sodhi,

adding that apart from liquid milk, the federation has also registered growth in other dairy products, including butter, ghee, ice cream, and infant milk food. The federation is currently handling 200 lakh litres milk per day, including 170 lakh litres per day milk procured from dairies in Gujarat, and 32 lakh litres milk per day procured from other states, including Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab.



Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap London Property Investment


We have just closed a deal over the weekend, in W2. We had the contract for some time, but I actually didn’t see the true potential of the property until my second visit. The penny did not drop. Not only is the property in a stonking location, which is in one of the few areas in Central London predicted to rise, you’re coming in with a very solid discount of 25%. These two factors alone make this a great deal. On my second visit, I realised there is almost a certainty of planning for a mansard to be granted. In addition to this there is also the possibility of the flat roof, at the rear, being open to conversion. Therefore, the property consisting of 700 sq. ft., could be developed by adding an additional 300 sq. ft. To find a property at a discount, in a good location and be able to increase the sq. ft. by 40% is almost unheard off.

Unsurprisingly we had a buyer for this property who viewed the property twice before he agreed to purchase the deal. A novice buyer, who in order to compensate for his noviceness partnered with a property developer and wanted to impose his terms on the deal, and thought this made him a good negotiator. One of which included shifting the lawyer from the one who had the contract; this would actually serve to disrupt the deal, which you do not want to do, especially when you have a bargain and there are vultures floating around it. Any half decent law firm would be able to execute a conveyancing matter. I expected this kind of response from the interaction I was having during the viewings. You learn to develop nose for these things. Another interested buyer, who only found out about the

them? Items left by your tenant still belong to them, regardless of whether a possession order was obtained by you, or the tenant surrendered the tenancy. This is a recurring dilemma for landlords, who are conscious that the removal of belongings left by a tenant is unlawful. If possible, photographs of the property and its contents should be taken and an estimate of the value of the goods left behind should also be recorded.

A decision should be taken based on what is left behind. If the goods are disposed of by the landlord and subsequently turn out to be of value, the landlord may be subject to a claim for damages by the tenant. The landlord becomes an 'involuntary bailee', having acquired goods left at the property which belong to another. Landlords are required to take care of the tenant's goods and make reasonable arrangements to trace the tenant so that their goods can be returned to them. Under the Torts (Interference with Goods) Act 1977,

AGONY AGENT Each week, we answer a reader’s rental property question, from first-time landlords to experienced owners. Agony Agent, is here to help! Q: How do I legally dispose of items left by my tenants?   A: At the end of many tenancies, items of furniture or personal belongings are left behind, but despite their abandonment, these items still legally belong to the tenant. So how should you go about removing


Edgware Road, London W2 Purchase Price: £799,950

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017


deal over the weekend, stepped up and said he would execute the deal on Monday, without seeing the property, and he was commercially minded enough to roll with the terms laid out. This deal has been agreed and is in the motions of being executed. Central London is anticipated to be flat for a couple years. This does not mean there are no deals to be done. Vendors who have to sell, such as those going through Death, Divorce or Distress, will be more realistic about what they will accept. Now is not the time to purchase at market value, only purchase discounted deals anywhere in Central London. From W2, off to an offmarket site in Walthamstow. Increasingly we are being pulled by the returns to Landlords are permitted to dispose of goods left behind as long as the correct procedures are followed. Notice should be served in accordance with Schedule 1 of the Act, requiring the tenant (or the true owner of the goods) to come and collect them. The notice should be sent to the tenant if the address is known, and in any event attached to the property so that it can be clearly seen. The notice will need to include the following information: where the goods are being kept;

l Lovely Art Deco building l Four bedrooms, two bathrooms l Long lease l 24 hour porter l As it is market value expected to be around £1,150,000 Call us now for more information!

the outside of London; there are some great deals to be had at the moment, especially development ones. This East London site, is truly off-market. Many deals are offered ‘offmarket’, until you find out in the coming days three other people are punting them around. In actual fact the term is a little nonsensical, because as soon as it’s offered it becomes on the market. However, this deal is only where sale of the items will take place; if items are sold, sale and storage costs will be deducted from the proceeds of sale; and list the goods that will remain. Reasonable time to collect is all down to you, however I believe two weeks or more is sufficient. If all reasonable steps have been taken to contact your former tenant and the notice has expired, you can dispose of the goods. If the goods are sold, any proceeds of sale that remain - after deducting storage costs and debt owed to the landlord must be returned to the

being sent to us - call it what you will. It is a development site without planning. This one is for a seasoned investor. The returns for getting planning and flipping offer the highest returns if you look at the life of a deal from its inception. This is the way to make the most money with the least amount of hassle. The purchase price is £3m, and with planning it is expected to be around £7m – at least. Call the office now to find out more. former tenant. If the steps mentioned above are not taken, landlords may find themselves open to the former tenant bringing legal action against them (a civil action for damages for selling or using another person's property). This can be very costly and time consuming so it is important to ensure that the steps above are taken and evidence of doing so is carefully recorded. For any further information or advice please contact me. Richard Bond Lettings Manager


FINANCIAL VOICE Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Consultant Editor Financial Voice Alpesh Patel

Dear Financial Voice Reader, Who Really Wins and Who Loses in Trading the Markets? Part 1 Tomorrow I will introduce a bunch of Fintech entrepreneurs to the British Chancellor. When it comes to Fintech – trading online is just one aspect. Trading online is my area of expertise in fintech. What if you had all the statistics as to who wins and who loses in trading? Which clients of a broker make money and which ones lose? What if that data could tell you across thousands of trades over years, what winning traders do right and losers get wrong, which products winners trade? At what times are they most profitable? Do they make more money betting prices will rise or fall? How much money do winners trade with? Is this different to the amount losers use? What techniques and strategies differentiate them? This has been an area of research for me ever since I wrote my first book 15 years ago, The Mind of a Trader. It’s been a mission to democratise trading and investing. What annoys me since I started writing my Financial Times column back in 1999, is how much professional investors have access to, that the private investor does not. So like the ‘Occupy’ movement – I want to cause a revolution. I want the 99% to know what the 1% knows. I have access to the 1% so why shouldn’t I share it – for free. I’ve been disseminating this data and know-how freely on my free webinars on – here are some of the findings: In FX trading, examining 12million trades, we saw that 71% of private investors had winning trades in AUD/NZD. They were least likely to have winning trades in AUD/JPY (in which 49% were losing trades). Of the popular EUR/USD – 59% were winning trades. In GBP/USD it was 64% that were winning trades. As for EUR/GBP – 59% were winning trades. But, before you get excited you should know that private investors on average lost money on all those currencies! How? Because although they had more winning trades in say GBP/USD (64% winning trades) they won on average 54 pips (points) and lost on the other trades in the currency on average 105 pips. So their average profit was about half their average loss across their trades. Overall, 90% of traders lost money. In which currencies did they come closest to making money? AUD/JPY funnily – the one in which they actually placed more losing trades than winning trades. Who actually wins in trading is very different to who you think wins. So it is important to get this kind of inside information. Which is why I am here!

Tata Sons to invest £1 bn in group companies Tata Sons will tighten its grip in the holding companies by investing £1 billion in various group companies. This decision was taken by the board of Tata Sons, the first such meeting presided over by N Chandrasekaran who has taken over as the chairman of the $103-billion conglomerate. The Tata Sons was recently shaken up by a power struggle between Cyrus Mistry and Ratan Tata. The Tata Sons board approved a resolution to invest up to £1 billion in various Tata group companies at the first board meeting chaired by Chandrasekaran. “Resolved that approval of the board of directors be and is hereby granted to the company to invest amounts not exceeding £1 billion for subscribing to issues of securities and/or purchasing securities in various companies of which Tata Sons Ltd is the promoter and/or a shareholder,” according to the resolution.

According to a filing, the Tata Sons didn’t give any reasons or mention the companies in which the funds would be invested. The board also decided to raise up to £700 million by selling bonds to refinance debt, invest in securities or provide loans to companies. The fund-raising could be done in one or more tranches. “We do not share information on such matters. Suffice it to say that, from time to time, Tata Sons raises funds as part of its ongoing activities,” Debasis Ray, Tata Sons group spokesperson, said. Chandrasekaran’s rise to the top job at the 149year-old conglomerate in February followed a battle for control after former chairman Mistry was unexpectedly ousted in October last year. The board said it had lost confidence in his leadership, naming Ratan Tata as interim chairman before Chandrasekaran was picked as a permanent replacement.

Singapore blocks visas for Indian Information Technology professionals AsianVoiceNews

Visas for IT professionals to work in Singapore have seen to have visibly dropped, prompting the government to put the review of the Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement (RCEP) on hold. As Indian companies are advised to hire local talent, they are looking at relocating some of their operations to other countries in the region. "This (visa problem) has been lingering for a while, but since early-2016, visas are down to a trickle. All Indian companies have received communication on fair consideration, which basically means hiring local people," said Nasscom president R Chandrashekhar. Another industry executive added

that visas have stopped for "our" people. Following problems for IT, and the banking sector, where there is a lack of transparency on the capital requirement, the Indian government has now decided against expanding the scope of goods where import duties would be cut unless the concerns of domestic

ED hunts 300 shell companies; Bhujbal, Jagan Reddy on radar The Enforcement Directorate (ED), India’s financial crime investigation agency, has raided more than 100 locations across 16 states on dubious companies suspected of money laundering on behalf of businesses and individuals, including two top politicians. The ED launched the raids targetting 300-odd shell companies, many of which are fronts for a slew of illegal transactions and crime and act as the backbone of India’s huge shadow economy. The raids were carried out under ‘Operation Shell Companies’. “Some of the companies were involved in major money laundering cases related to Chaggan Bhujbal, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, Yadav Singh, NHRM, AGS Infotech, Rajeshwar Exports etc while some other entities were found to have been used for laundering demonetised currency during post demonetization period,” the ED said in a statement. Some of the searches

were also in connection with a scam in the National Rural Health Mission scam in Uttar Pradesh as well as one involving the Jain brothers of Delhi, who were named by the agency when it attached a hotel in Dwarka managed by Radisson Blu in a money laundering case. An agency official said the operation had three specific targets - bogus import businesses, premises being used for conversion of black money to white and entry operators, actual people involved in money laundering. “Investigations had revealed that certain entry operators and fraudsters were using network of companies (to launder money), some of which have been used repeatedly while some other were discarded after use or kept dormant for a long period,” said ED spokesperson AK Rawal. “Some other entities were found to have been used for laundering demonetised currency during the postdemonetisation period,” Rawal added.

industry are addressed. Sources said that Singapore authorities were insisting on what is called an "economic needs test", which requires compliance with certain economic criteria, to deny access to Indian professionals. "They are doing it despite the CECA clearly stating that there will be no ENT or


quotas on agreed services. This is a violation of the agreement," said an Indian officer. In recent years, Singapore has emerged as a key opponent of allowing foreign professionals into the island nation. In fact, even during the negotiations for the RCEP, which will create the world's largest free trade area comprising India, China, Asean members and Australia, Singapore is seen to block most of the opening up. While RCEP negotiators are putting pressure on India to sharply reduce import duty on goods, they have so far been unwilling to allow easier access for Indian professionals, which is a key demand from the government.

Fresh row in Infosys over COO's pay hike The differences in Infosys were made public yet again, this time, the topic being a resolution to increase the total compensation of chief operating officer UB Pravin Rao by 35 per cent to £1.25 million. Several promoters of the company, including NR Narayana Murthy, abstained on the resolution. Murthy, however, provided a detailed explanation for why he chose not to vote, citing "current poor governance standards at Infosys" in a statement clearly directed towards Seshasayee. Murthy said the company had always stood for fairness in compensation, and had practised it. The latest move, he said, went against this tradition. He said he believed in striving towards reducing differences in compensation and equity in a corporation, and indicated that Rao's compensation increase has sharpened the differences. Murthy said that giving such a big increase in compensation for a top-level person when the compensation for most of the employees in the company was increased by just 6 per cent to 8 per cent was not proper. "This is grossly unfair to the majority of the

NR Narayana Murthy

Infosys employees. The impact of such a decision will likely erode the trust and faith of the employees in the management and the board. With what conscience can a decent person like Pravin tell his juniors that they should work hard and make sacrifice to reduce cost and protect margin?" He also said that no previous resolution in the history of the company had received such a low approval. About 24 per cent of the public institutions and 67 per cent of public non-institutions voted against the resolution. Murthy said that in a poor country like India, every senior management person of an Indian corporation has to show self-restraint in his or her compensation and perquisites.

India's factory output at 5-month high India’s manufacturing sector expanded at the fastest pace in five months in March as output and new orders accelerated, according to a monthly survey that also showed price pressures eased. The Nikkei Markit India Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) - an indicator of manufacturing activity increased to a five-month high of 52.5 in March, from 50.7 in February. A reading above 50 indicates expansion. This is the third consecutive month of expansion

after the demonetisationinduced contraction during November-December period. “PMI data for March reveal positive developments in the Indian manufacturing sector. Rates of expansion in factory orders and production accelerated again, encouraging some companies to scale up their input buying and take on additional workers,” said Pollyanna De Lima, Economist at IHS Markit and author of the report. “This pick-up confirms that the adverse effects of the post-demonetisation

credit crunch on demand and firms’ working capital had almost completely alleviated by March,” banking group Nomura said. Input prices rose at a slower pace compared to February, and there was a corresponding slowdown in the pace of output price rises as well, which likely helped increase demand. The new orders index rose to a 5-month high of 53.6 from 51.3 the previous month. Export orders rose to 52.6 from 50.7. The survey also showed that the inflationary pres-

sure eased in the sector as input prices rose at a slower pace and the corresponding easing of output prices helped boost demand. The factory output grew fast as order books expanded at the quickest pace since the demonetisation move, which had hit the manufacturing as well as services sector hard in a largely cash-dependent economy. On the prices front, the report said although both input costs and output charges rose further, inflation rates softened from February.


Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Paresh Davdra is the Dealing Director of RationalFX,

Britain's exit could be tough and protracted Currency Specialists.

Last week British Prime Minister Theresa May triggered Article 50 of the EU's Lisbon Treaty with a formal notification of Britain's intent to leave the bloc on this afternoon, kicking off a two-year period of exit talks. Most analysts said the actual triggering of Article 50 will only have symbolic significance for investors, with the real driver for sterling being how negotiations with the EU will play out, and the health of the British economy going forward. Investors' main fear is that a "hard" Brexit -one in which Britain would lose preferential access with its largest trading partner -- would damage the British economy, which is showing signs of faltering. Worries are also growing that Britain's exit negotiations could be tough and protracted, as both Theresa May and European leaders take bold opening stances. Uncertainty surrounding the terms of Britain's exit from the EU continues to weigh on the currency, still down by nearly 20 percent against the dollar since last June's Brexit vote. The Pound remained relatively stable on the news and throughout Thursdays trading session. In a statement in the Commons, the Prime Minister Theresa May said that the UK has a "unique opportunity to shape a brighter future". She added: "The Article 50 process is now under way and in accordance with the wishes of the British people the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union."

She said Britain would now make it's own decisions and it's own laws, and "take control of the things that matter most to us - we are going to take this opportunity to build a stronger, fairer Britain, a country that our children and grandchildren are proud to call home". The pound has also come under recent selling pressure as a result of calls for yet another Scottish independence referendum, as investors consider the increased uncertainty posed by a potential breakup of the United Kingdom. The Scottish National Party (SNP) has refused to back down over its demand for a new independence vote, after May said: "Now is not the time". Despite voting to remain in the UK in 2014, the SNP administration wants a fresh vote as the UK plans to leave the European Union. Scottish voters voted by a majority to remain in the EU, with England and Wales voting to leave. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon says she is "up for continued discussion" with May on the matter, and wants to find a referendum date that both sides can agree on. The Euro strengthened after centrist French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's performance in a live television debate boosted the view that he will win the race over the far-right candidate Marine Le Pen. With the French election coming up in April, any news showing less chance of success for anti-EU Le Pen is likely to support the euro, as she has been seen as a major political risk.



Foreign Exchange


Several major banks have abandoned their forecasts for a fall in the euro to below parity with the dollar over the next 6 to 12 months. The main reasons are an expected delay in Trump’s fiscal and tax plans, as well as reduced political risk in the Eurozone. The Socialist Party said rival candidate Francois Fillon must abandon his campaign to become France’s next president because of the growing list of scandals he’s facing. Markets reacted positively to the results of the elections in the Netherlands, where the current Dutch Minister Mark Rutte won the most seats, sweeping aside the challenge of anti-EU Geert Wilders. The euro recovered some lost ground, finding further support in the form of the Eurozone’s final inflation figures for February. Eurozone inflation year on year showed a figure of 2%. Focus for investors now turns to elections coming up in France and Germany As widely expected the US raised interest rates for the second time in three months, a move spurred by steady economic growth, strong job gains and confidence that inflation is rising to the central bank's target. The rate increase to 1% lead to the Dollar initially weakening as the FOMC did not flag any plan to accelerate the pace of monetary tightening. The statement said further rate hikes would only be gradual as offi-


cials stuck to their outlook for two more rate hikes this year and three in 2018. The vote to hike rates was one sided with 9 votes for in favour of a hike. Only Neel Kashkari preferred at this meeting to maintain the existing target range for the federal funds rate. At the end of this week the Dollar lost ground when new US jobless claims rose unexpectedly last week, representing a departure from other data showing a solid labour market. The US dollar and U.S. longdated Treasury yields slipped on Monday as investors worried that U.S. President Donald Trump's defeat over healthcare reform could lead to for difficulties delivering other campaign promises, such as fiscal stimulus. If Trump is unable to deliver on these promised expectations surrounding US economic growth and inflation could dissipate leading to a weakening of the dollar. The dollar steadied after its worst week since U.S. President Donald Trump’s election in November, promises of more rises in Federal Reserve interest rates this year helping it recover from multi-month lows in still shaky global markets. The index that measures the broader strength of their U.S. counterpart was trading almost half a percent above Monday's four-anda-half month low but it was up just 0.1 percent on the day after a volatile Asian session.

Weekly Currencies

As of Tuesday 4th April 2017 @ 2.15pm

GBP - INR = 80.9

USD - INR = 65.02 EUR - INR = 69.3

GBP - USD = 1.24 GBP - EUR = 1.17

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GBP - CAD = 1.67

GBP - NZD = 1.78

GBP - AUD = 1.65

GBP - ZAR = 17.02

GBP - HUF = 361.33

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St Petersburg metro explosion: 14 killed, 50 injured Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

ST PETERSBURG: A former sushi chef from Kyrgyzstan has been named as the suicide bomber who killed 14 people and injured 50 in an explosion in the St Petersburg metro. Russia's state investigative committee informed that body parts of the man were found on the train while the suspect was identified, they declined to name him. Releasing a statement, the Russian state investigative committee said, "It has been ascertained that an explosive device could have been detonated by a man, fragments of whose body were found in the third carriage of the train. The man has been identified but his identity will not be disclosed for now in the interests of the investigation." The blast occurred on Monday afternoon, a little after the train left Sennaya Ploshchad station. Senior investigator Svetlana Petrenko said that the train driver's decision to

continue to the next station had most certainly helped save lives as it allowed prompt rescue. Train driver Alexander Kaverin talked to the reporters saying, "I just followed the procedure. You will know that this isn't the first terrorist act that we've had, there've been explosions before, so smart people came up with smart procedures. And these procedures say that in this situation, I had to take the train to the nearest station. This is what I did. The train kept mov-

ing." Meanwhile, the Kyrgyzstan security service has identified the suspect as Akbarzhon Jalilov. The 22 year old is said to be born in the Kyrgyz city of Osh, in 1995, and held Russian citizenship. CCTV images of the suspect have also been released, showing him in a red Parka jacket, and a green beanie, carrying a rucksack on his back through the Metro. Police authorities said they have reason to believe that he had close links to radical

Islamists. Russia has been on a high alert against Chechen rebels returning from Syria, where they have fought alongside Islamic State, and wary of any attempts to resume attacks that dogged the country several years ago. At least 38 people were killed in 2010 when two female suicide bombers detonated bombs on packed Moscow metro trains. Over 330 people, half of them children, were killed in 2004 when police stormed a school in southern Russia after a hostage taking by Islamist militants. In 2002, 120 hostages were killed when police stormed a Moscow theatre to end another hostage-taking. Putin, as prime minister, launched a 1999 campaign to crush a separatist government in the Muslim southern region of Chechnya, and as president continued a hard line in suppressing rebellion.

SA President Zuma fires Indian-origin finance minister JOHANNESBURG: A memorial service conducted for anti-apartheid icon Ahmed Kathrada soon turned into a vicious attack on South African President Jacob Zuma who has come under fire recently for his controversial cabinet reshuffle. Party veterans of the ruling African National Congress took the opportunity to vehemently criticise the state of the country amidst chants of "Zuma must go". The reactions came after Zuma sacked Indian-origin Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan and several other ministers in a move that sent the rand currency plummeting. Gordhan, in a rousing speech, addressed the crowds saying the country was in a "mini crisis". "Comrade Kathy leaves us at a time when the

Pravin Gordhan

ANC or the democratic government and indeed our society finds itself in a mini crisis. The problems are very clear and who is the problem is very clear as well," he said. Kathrada, known to be a close aide to Nelson Mandela, died last week in a Johannesberg hospital following brain surgery. He was

vocal about his disagreement with the current president and had once even called on Zuma to resign in 2016. His widow Barbara Hogan too, lashed out at the controversial leader. "If you had ears to hear and eyes to see, you would have not appointed four finance ministers in less than three years," she said. Hogan even urged Zuma to "step down" as her husband had demanded. The SA President's overnight Cabinet shuffle saw 10 of the country's 35 ministers changed, even though Opposition Democratic Alliance said it would file an urgent request in the Western Cape to halt it. Dismissing an intelligence report used by Zuma to sack him, Gordhan waived the report in the air outside the treasury offices in

Pretoria. "This is the so-called intelligence report which said that among others, the two of us and the Director-General are involved in this massive conspiracy to undermine the economy of this country, and if you read this you will know it is absolute nonsense." Gordhan and deputy finance minister Mcibisi Jonas, who was also fired, handed over charge to Malusi Gigaba, a Zuma appointee. Many South Africans see Gordhan as a responsible steward of an economy that now could be downgraded to junk status by credit ratings agencies within days. Pressure is mounting on Zuma after he dismissed five ministers and made 10 changes to his cabinet to surround himself with what analysts say “non-dissenting people.”

Shrine custodian batters 20 disciples to death in Pak ISLAMABAD: A shrine custodian killed over 20 people and injured four others, in a village in Sargodha district, Punjab. Deputy Commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatta said that custodian Abdul Waheed, a government employee, killed devotees at the Ali Ahmed Gujjar, using machetes and clubs. He said the killer was believed to be mentally unstable. An injured woman who arrived at the district hospital, reported the killings. She was one of the only four survivors who managed to flee from the crime scene. "Acting on her information, a heavy contingent of police rushed to the shrine and arrested Waheed and his two associates and shifted them to an undisclosed location," Chatta said. Survivors informed that Waheed called the devotees via telephone to his room one by one and offered them an

intoxicating substance before removing their clothes, and used a dagger and sticks to kill his victims. Citing a doctor at Sargodha hospital, the Geo TV said that the victims were murdered nude and the bodies bore multiple stab wounds and blunt weapons marks. Locals said Waheed usually visited the shrine twice a month and used to torture devotees by setting them on fire, which he called a healing

process. “We heard people screaming whenever he (Waheed) was at the shrine,” said the residents. Among the dead, 11 were from Sargodha, two from Islamabad, two from Layyah and one each from Mianwali and Pir Mahal. A dead body of one woman could not be identified. Police official Mazhar Shah said that the motive behind the crime has not been ascertained. The shrine

was built about two years ago on the grave of local religious leader Ali Mohamamd Gujjar. People would come to the dargah for “cleansing” their sins and allow the caretakers to beat them with clubs. Chatta quoted Waheed as saying that he killed his disciples because, according to him, they poisoned his spiritual leader, Ali Muhammad, to death two years ago. Waheed told the police that had he not killed them, they would have poisoned him too, Geo TV reported. The shrine was cordoned off for a search operation. Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif has summoned a report on the incident from IG Police within 24 hours. He also announced an amount of Rs 500,000 for families of each of the deceased person, while Rs 200,000 for each injured person.

In Brief



Blast outside Pak mosque kills 27

ISLAMABAD: At least 27 people were killed and over 100 injured in a high intensity blast outside a Shia mosque (Imambargah) for women in Pakistan's northwestern region last week. The blast took place in a busy marketplace in Parachinar city, close to Afghanistan's border. Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, a banned group linked to Pakistani Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack, which came after Pakistani army launched a nationwide offensive to root out terrorism. The blast caused several buildings' roofs to cave in, trapping victims under the debris.

Pak court questions detention of Hafiz Saeed

LAHORE: A Pakistani court has asked the Punjab government to explain under what authority it has detained Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief Hafiz Saeed and his aides “without a trial.” A Lahore HC bench was hearing a petition of Saeed and his aides - professor Malik Zafar Iqbal, Abdur Rehman Abid, Qazi Kashif Hussain and Abdullah Ubaid - who had challenged their detention under the anti-terrorism law. After hearing the arguments, Justice Shamsi observed the government should tell about its powers to detain a citizen like Saeed without trial.

2 Indian-Americans sentenced for credit card fraud

WASHINGTON: Two Indian-Americans were sentenced by a US court for a $200 million credit card fraud, one of the largest-ever exposed by federal authorities. Vijay Verma and Tarsem Lal, both of New Jersey, were sentenced to 14 months in prison and a year of house arrest, respectively, after previously pleading guilty to their roles in the scheme. Verma and Lal, both owners of a Jersey City jewellery store, were indicted in October 2013 for fabricating more than 7,000 false identities to obtain tens of thousands of credit cards.

Indian killed, wife hurt in US hit-and-run case

WASHINGTON: A 30-year-old Indian engineer was killed and his wife critically injured when an intoxicated minivan driver rammed them from behind in a hit-and-run case in Columbus. Anshul Sharma died on the spot while his wife Samira Bharadwaj, 28, was critically injured when the driver hit the couple, both walking in the buffered bike lane. Michael Demaio, 36, has been arrested.

8 Bangla militants blow themselves up

DHAKA: A family of eight, including children, blew themselves up after police stormed a hideout of neo-Jamaat-ul Mujahideen Bangladesh, inclined to the Islamic State terror group, in an eastern city, authorities said. “The suicide explosion blew up all who were inside the hideout...We assume seven to eight, including minor children, were there when the militants exploded a powerful device as we laid the siege to the den,” Monirul Islam, counterterrorism chief, said.

PIO bizman to challenge Warren in Senate race

WASHINGTON: Prominent Boston-based IndianAmerican entrepreneur, VA Shiva Ayyadurai will challenge Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren in the Senate race next year from the US state of Massachussets. An alumnus of the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Ayyadurai formally announced his Senate bid last month against Warren to “defend the American dream.”

Former Nepal PM held during protest

KATHMANDU: Former Nepal PM Baburam Bhattarai and several other leaders were arrested during a protest outside the election commission office against a new provision that bars them from contesting the local level polls in May on their respective party symbols. Bhattarai, 62, and the coordinator of the Naya Shakti Nepal, was leading the protest against the Local Level Election Act, 2017 that bars parties not having representation in the parliament from contesting on their poll symbols.

INDIA - WORLD Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

India failed to deter xenophobic, racist attacks: African envoys AsianVoiceNews

African envoys severely criticised India for its lack of measures to deter or properly condemn the recent "xenophobic and racial attacks" in the country. The Heads of African Mission Accredited to India conveyed their disapproval in a press statement last week after they held a special meeting to discuss the savage attack on four students from Nigeria in Noida. They said that they plan to call for an independent investigation into the attacks by the Human Rights Council and other Rights bodies. No words were minced by the African envoys as they termed the attacks racial. "The meeting unanimously agreed that these accumulated attacks against Africans are xenophobic and racial in nature," they said in a statement. They said they "express their deep concern and also take note that these reprehensible events, both outstanding and unresolved cases against Africans, were not sufficiently condemned by the Indian authorities." They also criticised India for its inaction saying, "They reviewed the previous incidents that have taken place in the past and concluded that no known,


Protest against recent attack on students from Africa

Congolese national Masuna Kitada Oliver was killed in a brutal attack in south Delhi's Vasant Kunj area, last year, triggering outrage amongst envoys of African countries. Before that, four Africans were allegedly attacked by a mob at Byrathi in Bengaluru in March 2015, after locals were reportedly "annoyed" with them for creating "nuisance" in the area. Meanwhile, the United Nations has expressed hope that the culprits behind the attacks in India would be brought to justice. "We do very much hope that people who are responsible for the attacks are brought to justice," said spokesman for the UN secretary-general Stephane Dujarric.

sufficient, and visible deterring measures were taken by the Government of India." The anger follows India's refusal to categorise the attacks on African students as racial. Authorities said that pending an investigation, it is not correct to draw a conclusion on "the nature and the reason" of these acts. Last week, four Nigerian students were attacked during a candlelight march for a 17 year old boy who died of a suspected drug overdose. Residents in Greater Noida allege that the Nigerians in the neighbourhood sell drugs to young people. Similar violence has for the past two years, been inflicted on people from Africa - most of them in Delhi and Bengaluru.


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Pak Christians told to embrace Islam to escape prosecution NEW DELHI: Accused of murder, 42 Christians in Lahore were guaranteed acquittal by a public prosecutor if they renounce their religion and convert to Islam. The people were charged with lynching two men after March 2015's suicide blasts that targeted Sunday Mass in two churches in Youhanabad. Many in Youhanabad's mostly Christian community believed the two men were involved in the planning of the bombings. Rights activist Joseph Franci, who is legally assisting the accused, claimed that Deputy District Public Prosecutor Syed Anees Shah had made the acquittal offer to the accused. "He asks them if

Members of the Christian community take part in a protest following the 2015 bombings of the churches in Lahore (File Photo)

they embrace Islam, he can guarantee them their acquittal in this case," Franci said. One of the 42 people even spoke out saying he preferred being hanged over converting to another religion. Advocate Naseeb Anjum, counsel for some of the accused, said, "The government should

get rid of such elements that bring bad name to the state by such acts." Meanwhile, when Shah was contacted by local media, he initially denied it, but later when told he was on video presenting the offer, he said he may have "offered them a choice".

The Parsi community in Iran celebrated Nowruz, or the Parsi New Year, with much pomp and splendor. While March 21 is considered the first day of the Iranian calendar, it also marks the day King Jamshid was crowned as the King of Persia.



Indian woman told to strip at Frankfurt airport In Brief AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

BENGALURU: An Indian woman travelling to Iceland from Bengaluru last week, was asked to strip by security officers, at the Frankfurt airport. In a Facebook post, she detailed the incident which took place on March 29. Shruti Basappa had cleared the full body scan, and still, security authorities had their doubts. She told them she was willing to go through a pat down search but requested they be gentle about it as she had an abdominal surgery about two weeks back.

Shruthi Basappa with her family

“I was asked to remove the dress I was wearing. Yes. Remove my clothes. Is this the new norm? Isn't it enough to

CBI asks trial court to cancel Jagan's bail HYDERABAD: The Central Bureau of Investigation has asked principal special judge for CBI cases in Hyderabad to cancel the bail granted to YSR Congress chief Jaganmohan Reddy three years ago in a disproportionate assets case. The court last week sought a response from the politician and posted the case to April 7 for further hearing. The CBI cited a condition in the bail order that prohibits Jagan from influencing witnesses in the case. CBI DIG V Chandrasekhar moved a petition claiming this condition was violated by media owned by Jaganmohan, namely Sakshi TV channel and Sakshi Telugu newspaper on February 26, 2017. It said they had telecast and published on that date an interview with former AP chief secretary P Ramakanth Reddy in which the exbureaucrat, despite being a witness for the CBI in the Vanpic and Indutech Zone chargesheets in the case, “spoke against the prosecution.” “In a bid to accommodate and shield the accused in the

Jagan Mohan Reddy

case, Ramakanth made unwarranted statements with regard to the investigation and also about the fate of the case at the trial,” The CBI petition said. He “admittedly” stated that the chargesheets in the Jaganmohan case would not withstand judicial scrutiny. In his plea, the CBI DIG said there were several ulterior motives behind Ramakanth's statement on the arrests of IAS officers and his scepticism about the fate of the cases, particularly when the cases were still pending and the trial court had even taken cognisance of the chargesheets.

Unfair to blame EVMs for poll debacle: EC tells AAP NEW DELHI: The Election Commission hit out at Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party for levelling "unfair" allegations of EVM-tampering and asked it to introspect on the reasons for its defeat in the Punjab polls. The EC, in its firm letter, said it was for the AAP to "introspect as to why your party could not perform as per your expectations and it is unfair on your part to attribute unsatisfactory poll performance to the alleged tamperability of EVMs." The letter added that so far, a total of 1,111 allegations regarding the tamperability of "ECI-EVMs" have been considered and dismissed by the commission as various high courts have unequivocally reiterated that given the effective technical and administrative safeguards, the EVMs were not tamperable and the integrity of the poll process was "fully preserved". The poll watchdog said that as per laws related to elections, after

the declaration of results, the only option available to verify the data of votes cast was filing an election petition before the high court concerned. AAP has claimed that the alleged EVM malfunctioning incident in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind district, where the VVPAT-enabled electronic voting machines printed the BJP's poll symbol irrespective of the button pressed during a mock trial, had made it evident that the EVMs were not tamper-proof. In a statement released by the party, it said, "The incident (of Bhind) shook the faith of millions of Indian voters in the impartiality of the EC and the entire process of elections using EVMs. The incident of Bhind has shown that the EC has completely failed in its duty to protect the EVMs and the integrity of the election process and therefore, failed in fulfilling its constitutional obligation of conducting free and fair elections."

always be the one random person picked out of line that now I need to wrap my head around the fact that I might be asked to strip? Do I need to wax my legs? Do I need to carefully put together a special 'for travel lingerie' set that has nothing to do with seducing my husband but more about hiding the outrage, anger, humiliation and disgust that is an inevitable part of travelling through airports?” Basappa wrote in the post. What made things worse, was the shift in atti-

tude once the officers met with her Icelandic husband. The strip search was immediately changed into a pat down. She said the change in the security officer's approach made “this whole thing worse for me. How was I not a threat then? I dread to think if I was alone or my husband not European what would have happened?” she asked. The 30 year old said she had already filed a formal complaint at the airport after her humiliation, but hadn't heard from them since.

Women resent Karnataka legislators' proposals BENGALURU: According to a proposal made by the Karnataka government, women should be spared of night shifts in companies. Made by a committee of legislators, the proposal did not go down well with women employees and activists who called it regressive. Critics also pointed out that the new law allowing 26 weeks of maternity leave for women can work as a disincentive. Committee chairman NA Haris claimed that women have a lot on their plate as they have to take care of the house and are more involved in child care. "A woman has a greater social responsibility than everyone else. She is going to groom the next generation and has maternal responsibilities. If a woman is working in the night, it could result in the neglect of the child as the mother and the child can't meet," he said. "It is easy to talk, but we have to understand that the social responsibility of each member of the family relies more on the woman." Citing women's safety as

another concern during night shifts, Haris said, "As men, we have more responsibility towards the safety of women. This is not an issue of oldfashioned, new fashion." However, the proposal has simply irked women, if nothing else. "Tomorrow they will tell a woman to stay at home and bear children. It is none of their business. It shows a feudalistic, paternalistic mindset which is very sad in this modern era," said entrepreneur Mohandas Pai. He said 'safety' was the government's responsibility. The legislators' job is to make sure that the life and liberty of every citizen is protected, he said. Pai said there are over 500,000 female employees among the 1500,000 IT workers in Bengaluru, and such a bizarre proposal may force employers to think twice before hiring women. "Women have fought their way up and penetrated the job market. Now if you put all these restrictions, employers will be hesitant to hire a woman."

Amarinder govt orders crackdown on drugs CHANDIGARH: In a massive crackdown on drugs in Punjab, over 485 drug traders and peddler were arrested and 397 FIRs were registered under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act. A Punjab government spokesperson stated that the multi-state agency operation involving state police backed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and AntiNarcotics cell units, led to major drug seizures across the region. Chief Minister Amarinder Singh directed all state agencies to coordinate with central agencies such as the Narcotics Control Bureau, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, and the customs department to check the supply and smuggling of drugs into the state from other parts of India, and abroad, the spokesperson said. A Special Task Force was set up by Singh to clean the drug menace in the state. A statement released by the state government said that in the period

Amarinder Singh

between March 16, the day the new government was installed in the state, and March 27, a total of 3.945 Kg of Heroin has been recovered in raids, including 1 kg seized by the BSF. "The maximum of 63 cases have been registered in Jalandhar rural district, from where the maximum recovery of 7.25 kg of opium, besides recovery of one kg of heroin by Border Security Forces at the border, has also been reported," the statement said. The teams also recovered 133 bottles of syrup, 1,075 injections, and 90,993 capsules/pills packed with drugs, besides 11.224 kg of Intoxicant powder during the period.


Chandrababu's son takes oath as MLC

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu's son Nara Lokesh has taken oath as member of the state Legislative Council. He was administrated the oath of office while the Vedic scholars chanted the hymns. Other newly-elected members, however, took oath in the Council hall. Lokesh was elected to the Council under the MLAs' quota earlier this month, and if sources are to be believed, he will be made a minister soon.

SC asks SIT to probe former Karnataka CMs

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court has asked the Special Investigation Team of the Karnataka police, to investigate the role of former chief ministers N Dharam Singh and HD Kumaraswamy in the iron ore mining case, and file a report within three months. The court, however, continued its stay on the investigation against former chief minister SM Krishna. Allegations have been made by one of the complainants on the case that the former CMs connived with several bureaucrats and others in de-registering a huge tract of forest land and allowed illegal iron ore mining on a large scale.

Transgender completes training to become cop

CHENNAI: India's first transgender subinspector Prithika Yashini, 25, has become one of the 1,038 trainees of the rank to complete the year-long course at Tamil Nadu Police Academy. Certificates were distributed by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami, who urged the state police to be proactive and people-friendly, but to act tough with anti-social elements. "Policemen should realise that law is not a weapon, but an effective tool for the safety of people," he said. Yashini, who has face several trials to reach at her position, told reporters that she was very happy to complete her training. "Both men and women training to be sub-inspectors were very cooperative, helpful, and friendly with me," she said.

Punjab CM reverses red beacon order

CHANDIGARH: Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh seemed to be in two minds last week, as he first cancelled his order to remove red beacons from the official vehicles of state Cabinet minister, but later reinstated it after facing flak on social media. A Punjab transport department office order later said, "Red beacons from all vehicles, excluding that of chief minister, Cabinet ministers, ambulance, fire and emergency services, will be removed." However, within hours of the first order, the CM's office issued a clarification saying, "The transport department had erroneously put out a part of the poll manifesto, which the social media had picked up and published as an official notification."

Major administrative reshuffle in Punjab

CHANDIGARH: The Punjab government, in a major administrative reshuffle, transferred 21 IAS officers. DP Reddy has been posted as the Additional Chief Secretary, Industries and Commerce, and given additional charge of the Additional Chief Secretary, Investment Promotion, while Satish Chandra has been posted as the Additional Chief Secretary, Development. Vini Mahajan has been given charge of the Additional Chief Secretary, Housing and Urban Development, while Viswajeet Khanna has been posted as the Additional Chief Secretary, Local Government. Kahan Singh Pannu has been posted as the Secretary, Technical Education and Industrial Training and given additional charge of the MD, Punjab Agro Industries Corporation Limited. Shruti Singh has been posted as the MD, Punjab INFOTECH and given additional charge of the Director, Information Technology and CEO, Punjab Bureau of Investment Promotion.

HERITAGE - HISTORY Asian Voice | 8th April 2017 AsianVoiceNews



Bihar State of Great Rulers, Buddha and Mahavir Ancient Nalanda University revived with Amartya Sen and Vijay Bhatkar Dr. Hari Desai

was established at Nalanda during the Gupta period on this land during 5th century AD. It continued to be the seat of learning till the mid-

7th century by the Gaudas. This time, the Buddhist king Harshavardhana(606648AD) restored the university. The third and most destructive attack came when the ancient Nalanda University was destroyed by the Muslim army led by the Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193. Khilji decided to destroy the roots of knowledge, Buddhism and Ayurveda from the country. He set fire to the great library of Nalanda and burned down nearly 9 million manuscripts. The library was so vast and strong that it took three months to completely destroy it. Since then the Nalanda has not been restored until 2006 when the former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, while addressing the joint session of Bihar Legislative Assembly and

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, the present Chancellor of Nalanda

Dr.Amartya Sen, the First Chancellor of revived Nalanda

dle ages, when the muslim invaders burned it down. For over 800 years Nalanda was one of the best universities in the world. At the height of it’s glory, Nalanda was devoted to not only Buddhist studies, but also trained students from all over the world in fine arts, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, politics and the

Legislative Council, proposed to reopen the university. The Government of India headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh got the Nalanda University Act passed in the Parliament, sanctioned Rs.2700 crore for a period of 10 years for the revival of the University and the Governing Body headed by the Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen was appointed with necessary land allocation by the Government of Bihar at Rajgir, the first capital of the Magadh empire, in Nalanda District. Japan, Singapore, China, Thailand and Australia also extended financial assistance for the revival of the global university. At least 17 countries have signed MOU with the University. In January 2017, the Government of India headed by Narendra Modi appointed Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, father of India’s first supercomputer “ Param” series and Chairman of RSS-affiliated science body, Vijanan Bharti, as the Chancellor to give a boost to the university. In the modern times, old glory of Bihar is being revived, but it definitely takes time to regain an ancient reputation.


ihar, the ancient land of Buddha and Mahavira, the cradle of democracy and the Janpadas (Republics), has been the best example for the world to learn evolving democratic process even before the Christ was born. Of course, there is a proverb in Sanskrit i.e. “Chakravat Parivartante Sukhani cha Dukhani cha” (The cycle of happiness and melancholy is like day and night.) The land of best rulers and sages has seen ups and downs. Not that the glorious past would not return, but the Magadh empire, which once had the boundaries from Afghanistan to eastern India and Andhra in the south, almost lost significance with the time. It came to be known as the land of gangsters and mafias

The Marxist turned Gandhian leader JP

where once the Kshatriya Kings used to renounce the worldly pleasures and came to be known as the Sages in the ancient history. According to the legendary history of Hinduism, Sita, who married Lord Rama, the Prince of Ayodhya, was a princess of Bihar. She was the daughter of King Janaka of Videha. The present districts of Muzaffarpur, Sitamarhi, Samastipur, Madhubani and Darbhanga, in north-central Bihar, mark the ancient Kingdom. Even the original author of the Hindu epic, the Ramayana, Mahrshi Valmiki, lived in ancient Bihar. It was here that Prince Gautam attained enlightenment, became the Buddha, at the present Bodh Gaya, a town in central Bihar; and the great religion of Buddhism was born. Ancient Bihar also saw the glorification of women in matter of state affairs. It was here that Amrapali, a courtesan of Vaishali(the present district with the same name) in the kingdom of the Lichhavis, attained and wielded enormous power. It is said that the Lord Buddha(563-483 BC), during his visit to Vaishali, refused the invitation of many princes, and chose to have dinner with Amrapali instead. It is here also that Lord Mahavira(599-527 BC),the twenty-fourth and the last

Ashoka, the Great

Tirthankara of the Jain religion, was born and attained nirvana(death). The site is located at the present town of Pawapuri, some miles to the east of Patna, the capital of Bihar which was earlier known as Pataliputra in ancient times. The ancient kingdoms of Magadh and of Licchavis, produced such rulers who devised a system of administration leading to a modern

Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the first President of independent India

art of state craft. Kautilya, who wrote Arthshastra, an ancient guide to polity, was adviser to the Magadh King , Chandragupta Maurya. Pataliputra, a city established by King Ajatashatru, around 5th Century B.C., at the confluence of the rivers Ganga, Gandaka and Son. Another Mauryan King, Ashoka, also

Bodhi Gaya, where Prince Siddharth attained enlightenment

places of worship(Takhat) for Sikhs. Even in modern times, Mahatma Gandhi had established himself in public life, after his return from South Africa, through the Champaran Satyagraha in

devotes seven chapters to the Champaran Satyagraha to remove distress of tenants in indigo plantation following tinkathiasystem. Dr. Rajendra Prasad, native of Bihar who became the President of independent

The ruins of Nalanda-university

1917 and his daredevil efforts at Champaran in Bihar earned him the lifelong supporters like Sardar Patel and Dr. Rajendra Prasad. The Government of India headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared the centenary celebration of the Champaran Satyagraha during the year 2017. Champaran is the land of King Janaka, notes Gandhi in his “Autobiography” and

India, joined hands with Mahatma during the Satyagraha. A Marxist turned Gandhian from Bihar, Jaiprakash Narayan(JP), provided leadership to the nation to install a nonCongress government headed by Morarji Desai in 1977 defeating the mighty Congress Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The world’s first seat of higher learning, a university

Temple of the Princess Sita of Bihar

known as Priyadarshi, was first to formulate firm tenets for the governance of a people. After the battle of Kalinga, where almost two lakh people were killed, Ashoka was converted to Buddhism. He sent his Prince Mahendra and Princess Sanghmitra on a mission to proselytization of people into Buddhism. It was here the tenth and last Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Govind Singh(22 December 1666- 7 October 1708), was born and attained the sainthood of Sikhism. Patna Sahib is one of the five holiest

The statue of Aryabhat at the Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune

Kautilya who wrote Arthshastra

Lord Mahvir addressing the Kings

art of war. It is believed that the great astronomer and m a t h e m a t i c i a n Aryabhat(476-550 AD) was the head of the University. According to the records, Nalanda University was destroyed three times by invaders, but rebuilt only twice. The first destruction was caused by the Huns under Mihirakula during the reign of Skandagupta(455467AD). But Skanda’s successors restored the library and improved it with an even bigger building. The second destruction came in the early

Next Column: Master Tara Singh and Partition of Punjab (The writer is a Sociopolitical Historian. E-mai:


INDIA - WORLD AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

No handbag stamping at Ahmedabad airport Passengers flying out of the seven airports in India Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Cochin will no longer have their cabin bag tags stamped “security checked” from April 1. The decision was taken by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) after getting changes made at these airports. The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) had on February 23 sought the ending of stamping at the seven big airports, which includes all metros except Chennai. “We have got high definition cameras installed at Terminal 1 and 3 of Delhi Airport. The pre-embarkation security check area (where flyers queue up to get frisked) has got 36 HD

cameras and the security hold areas (where flyers are sent after frisking) have got 44,” CISF chief OP Singh said. HD cameras now cover all domestic and international passenger areas of Delhi Airport. Singh said the Mumbai Airport has 85 HD cameras. “We have asked for uninterrupted power backup support at all these seven airports. At some airports we have got revolving cameras fixed in addition to fixed cameras to minimize grey areas. We will enhance passenger experience at airports,” the DG said. These seven airports account for 80% of all air traffic in India. BCAS had sought doing away with stamping from February 24. Now with

India rejects US offer to mediate with Pakistan In an apparent snub to the United States, India on Tuesday maintained that its position regarding the bilateral redressal of all issues with Pakistan remains unchanged. The Indian govt believes that all disputes with Pakistan must be resolved bilaterally and without third party mediation, the External Affairs Ministry said in response to a US suggestion that President Donald Trump could play a role in de-escalating tension between India and Pakistan. "The government's position for bilateral redressal of all India-Pakistan issues in an environment free of

terror and violence hasn't changed. We of course expect the international community and organisations to enforce international mechanisms and mandates concerning terrorism emanating from Pakistan, which continues to be the single biggest threat to peace and stability in our region and beyond," MEA spokesperson Gopal Baglay said. The reaction from the MEA came after US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley said that US would "try and find its place in efforts to de-escalate IndiaPak tensions and not wait till something happens."

Running for a cause Dr Purvy Patel, a Psychiatrist working for the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health team in Cambridge will be running the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April to raise funds for Centre 33 – a Cambridgeshire based charity that supports young people aged 13 to 25 with mental health needs, by providing free counselling. “I'm also raising money for my local primary school to help fund reading book sets. Proper schooling plays a massive role in a child's emotional and physical wellbeing, so I'm hoping to raise enough money to buy at least two sets each of a collection of reading books for the Preschool to Primary classes,” said Dr Purvy. Dr Purvy works for the local Child and Adolescent Mental Health Team, and recognised the need for local charities to step in and support young people with mental health needs.

Resources in the Health and Education Sector are limited, and funds raised through charities go a long way in supporting those who require the services in a major way. “I am grateful to my husband who has endured more than his fair share of dirty dishes, my Mum who has spent extra hours babysitting, my Dad who has helped me get through the gruelling training, and of course, my patient kids who have asked over and over again, 'mummy, running again?'” laughs Dr Purvy. But Dr Purvy means serious business. She has been trying to raise funds through crowd-funding, and has raised already raised £923 so far. She will continue to work towards securing the emotional and physical wellbeing of the young members of Cambridge and Asian Voice wishes her good luck in her future endeavours.

both agencies on the same page, passengers can look forward to faster and better screening of hand bags at these airports. Security check lines will move faster and a person just stamping hand bags earlier will now be free to focus on screening. Changes have been made on the rollers - belts with circular steel structures on which hand bags roll to first go into the x-ray machines (input roller) and then come out of them on output roller. They have been made longer at some of the airports where hand bag tag stamping has ended on April 1. “Acrylic barriers have been installed (at the point where hand bags exit x-ray machines) to segregate doubtful bags considered a threat,” Singh

said. CISF will examine how the remaining 52 airports too can get rid of stamping. Hand bag stamped tags have a number in fine print which identifies the counter where the bag was screened. The idea is to fix responsibility in case something that could be a threat to flight safety is allowed to go in those bags. Full camera coverage allows the same to happen without stamping. Airports in advanced countries, including the US and EU nations, do not stamp hand bag tags or boarding cards. CISF and BCAS had carried out week-long pilot projects at 12 airports last December where hand bag tags of domestic flyers were not stamped.


In Memory of Dr Mahendra Babubhai Amin A respected and popular GP who was always seen actively participating in community services, Dr Mahendra Babubhai Amin was a beloved husband and father. Born in India, Mahendrabhai moved to London with his family, in 1972, carrying on his medical practice till retirement in 2009. His family and friends knew him to be a sociable person with a calm and thoughtful approach towards others. A member of the Lions Club in Moshi, Tanzania, and a founding member of the Enfield Lions Club established in 1974, he steadily worked to raise funds for different charities. Mahindrabhai was mostly known for his kind and generous nature, and

his passion to always stand by what is right. As he left the world on March 30, his memory will continue to live on. Funeral: 9th April 2017 at 12 noon at Golders Green Crematorium, West Chapel, Hoop Lane, Golders Green, London NW11 7NL. Contact: 07711 069421

Ignoring China’s protest, Dalai Lama begins Arunachal tour Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, on Tuesday began a week-long visit to Arunachal Pradesh, India’s easternmost state that is at the heart of a decades-old dispute with China. But, while China has been predictable in its warnings against the Dalai Lama’s visit, the weather was not – both in Aruanachal and Assam. But neither could prevent the 14th Dalai Lama from travelling to the frontier state, albeit with a lastminute change of plan, as a guest of the BJP-ruled state government. The 81-yearold spiritual leader was scheduled to fly to Tawang,

a Buddhist pilgrimage at 10,000 feet, along with chief minister Pema Khandu. But the state-run helicopter could not take off from the airport in Guwahati due to torrential rain. “The weather forced us to take the road. Our tour of Arunachal Pradesh is on course but with a change in

schedule,” Tenzin Takhla, the private secretary to the Dalai Lama, said. The spiritual leader was earlier scheduled to depart from Tawang on April 9 and visit other places, some of which, including state capital Itanagar are likely to be struck off the itinerary. The rain, however, fol-

lowed the Dalai Lama when he arrived at Bomdila’s Lower Gompa after an almost nine-hour drive. Almost everyone who matters in Arunachal Pradesh – from ministers and local MLAs to the chief secretary and director general of police – had queued up in the rain to greet him. “This is a great day for us, and we are fortunate His Holiness accepted our invitation,” Khandu said. He had gone to Dharamshala last year to invite the Dalai Lama. One of his aides said the Dalai Lama’s visit was purely spiritual without any geo-political message for anyone.

Vishnu Pandya conferred with Padma Shri A total of 89 Padma awardees were conferred this year's awards by President Pranab Mukherjee at a special function held in Rashtrapati Bhavan. Political leaders like Sharad Pawar, Murli Manohar Joshi, cricketer Virat Kohli, and Bollywood singer Anuradha Paudwal, were amongst the recipients. The function was attended by Vice President Hamid Ansari, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, senior BJP leader LK Advani, Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, Union Ministers, and other top bureaucrats. Joshi, Pawar, late Lok Sabha Speaker PA Sangma, and former chairman of ISRO Prof. Udipi Ramachandra Rao, were conferred the country's second highest civilian award, the Padma Vibhushan. The Padma Bhushan awards were given to Yoga guru Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, Thai princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, and the Father of Laparoscopic Surgery in

India, Tehemton Erach Udwadia. Meanwhile, the Padma Shri was conferred to folk singer Basanti Bisht, entrepreneur Mohan Reddy Venkat Rama Bodanapu, Madhubani artist Baoa Devi, writer Narendra Kohli, para-athlete Deepa Malik, and journalist Vishnu Pandya, amongst others. The 89 Padma awardees included seven recipients each for Padma Vibhushan and Padma Bhushan. Currently the honorary editor of Gujarat Samachar, Vishnu Pandya is a renowned journalist, editor, and author of three novels. Born in a small town Manavadar in Saurashtra, in 1945, Vishnu Pandya served as general secretary of Vishwa Gujarati Samaj from 2009 to 2015. He is also chairman of Gujarat History Research Centre, Gandhinagar. He has also been conferred with numerous awards and prizes. He received the Narmad Chandrak from Narmad Sahitya Sabha in 1991, and the Kaka Kalelkar Prize for his book Misavasyam.



health & lifestyle

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

Guidelines for thyroid disorder are outdated Treatment guidelines for a mildly underactive thyroid gland – which affects up to one in then older men and women – are outdated, according to new research. The study, published Monday in the The New England Journal of Medicine and led by the University of Glasgow – in collaboration with colleagues from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark – shows that patients with a mildly underactive thyroid gland (subclinical hypothyroidism) are being prescribed an ineffective medicine. Under current guidelines, the drug levothyroxine is prescribed to nine of every ten women with the condition and is the most

prescribed drug in the US and the third most prescribed drug in the UK. Subclinical hypothyroidism is a common contributor to many problems in older age, including

causing non-specific symptoms such as tiredness or lethargy, muscle weakness, slowed thought processes, increased blood pressure and weight and circulation problems. The five-year European study found

that while levothyroxine tablets did effectively restore a normal balance of thyroid function, the treatment provided no apparent symptomatic benefits, with no improvement in muscle strength, speed of thought processes or any effect on body weight or blood pressure. The authors are calling for a reevaluation of the guidelines at a presentation at the Endocrine Society Meeting (ENDO 2017) today in Orlando, Florida. Lead author Professor David Stott, the David Cargill Chair of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Glasgow’s Institute of Cardiovascular and Medical Sciences, said:

“Our aim is to significantly improve the health and well-being of older people with subclinical hypothyroidism, by resolving uncertainties about how best to manage this condition. “Treatment with levothyroxine is common in clinical practice, but controversial. Our study concludes this treatment provides no apparent benefits for older adults and should therefore no longer be started routinely for this condition. An update of the guidelines is necessary.” The study followed 737 older adults (with an average age of 74 years). Half of the older adults in the trial were allocated to a placebo and half to levothyroxine, with participants followed up for at least a year.

Short Naps Under 30 minutes Can Make You Happier: Study Exhausted after a day’s work? Think taking a cat nap of 30 minutes would help go through the day better? It may not be that bad an idea according to a Scottish-based study, as

Laughter is the Best Medicine

long as it is a quick one, that is 30 minutes or under. While we are already aware how quick naps increases our productivity, alertness and psychomotor abilities.

A drunk walks into a drug store and asks for a bottle of mouthwash. “I’m not selling you that,” says the druggist. “You’ll drink it for the alcohol and get sick outside my door!” “Not true!” insists the drunk. “I have my first date in over a year, and I want to make a good impression.” “Oh, I’m sorry. Here.” The druggist takes a bottle of mouthwash off the shelf and puts it on the counter. The drunk stares at it. “Got one that’s been refrigerated?” *** The average age of people living in a military retirement community is 85. Recently, a neighbour turned 100, and a big birthday party was thrown. Even his son turned up. “How old are you?” a tenant asked. “I’m 81 years old,” he answered. The tenant shook her head. “They sure grow up fast, don’t they?” *** “Halt!” shouted the drill instrutor. He noticed that, for the umpteenth time, a recruit kept going to his right on a left command. The instructor promptly approached the directionally challenged Marine and stomped on his left foot. “Now,” he said, “when I say ‘left,’ it’s the one that hurts.” *** A man walks into a barbershop and asks, “How much for a haircut?” “Twelve dollars,” says the barber. “And for a shave?” “Ten dollars.” “All right,” says the man, settling into the barber chair. “Shave my head.” *** An officer served in a parachute regiment. During a nighttime exercise, she was seated next to a young officer. He was looking a bit pale, so she asked, “Scared, lieutenant?” “No,” he replied. “Apprehensive.” “What’s the difference?” “That means I’m scared, but with a university education.”

Researchers have linked short naps to increased levels of happiness, naming the state that follows as ‘nappiness’. The study was conduct-

ed for the Edinburgh International Science Festival, in which responses of the ‘nappers’ were measured on a happiness index.


Over 20 Million People in UK are 'Physically Inactive'

Obesity is one of the biggest perpetrators of a wide spectrum of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart ailments. Every year, close to 5 million deaths are attributed to physical inactivity and associated factors. While processed food items are slowly making inroads into our lifestyle, lack of physical activity is another bane of urban living. While many international health bodies press for walking at least 10,000 steps a day, the World Health Organisation suggests at least 150 minutes of "moderate aerobic activity" and strength training on at least two days a week. Experts suggest that an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of heart and circulatory disease by as much as 35%. Regular physical exercising can cut the risk of early death by close to 30 percent. Contrary to the mantra of good health preached by most health experts, most of us tend to carry on with our sedentary lifestyle.

Experts all across the globe now point at this lack of activity as the starting point of many severe health ailments. Over the years, research only show the world getting unhealthier, leaving the vision of a fitter world far behind. Close to 20 million people in the United Kingdom are physically inactive and are therefore at a high risk of developing heart diseases and even premature death. The study suggested women to be 36% more inactive as compared to their male counterparts. Statistics show the regions in England where people are most physically inactive, with the North West coming out worst as almost half of the adult population 2.7 million adults - are insufficiently active. Experts found that an average man in the UK is spending one-fifth of his lifetime sitting which would account to almost 80 days in a year. In UK, physical inactivity is to blame for one in ten premature deaths from coronary heart disease.



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Kamal Haasan reports loss of ÂŁ6 million Asian Voice

8th April 2017


eteran actor Kamal Haasan has alleged that the government was responsible for the crisis he faced in 2013, during the release of 'Viswaroopam'. Recounting the struggles he went through during those times in a recent interview, he said, "'Viswaroopam' was banned by the Government. We got the ban vacated through the court. But the then ruling Government banned the film again. Only after the swelling of people's support, the ban was removed. My financial stability was shattered. I was forced to mortgage my properties. I have never evaded tax but I lost ÂŁ6 million during that time. Only the support of people keeps me alive till now." He said he hoped 'Viswaroopam 2' "does not face any hardship like its predecessor. But we cannot forget that anything can happen."

Nayanthara's director to make a film with SJ Suryah


fter delivering the highest grossing film of 2015, 'Maya', featuring Nayanthara, director Ashwin Saravanan has now geared up for his second movie that will likely

feature SJ Suryah and Shiveda Nair of 'Nedunchalai' fame. While the filmmaker has confirmed Suryah as the lead in his next, he said official details will be out on April 14.

AR Rahman's students rock American TV


wo students of Music maestro A R Rahman's KM Music Conservatory recently delivered glorious performances in American television show 'Little Big Shots'. Hosted by Steve Harvey, the show focuses on youngsters skilled in different fields. Jacob and Jonathan's performance was so outstanding that a link of the video was shared by Rahman on his Twitter page.

OMG! Actress promises love making live on social media AsianVoiceNews


ctress Kavita Radheshyam of 'Main Hoon Rajinikanth' fame has sent social media in a tizzy after announcing her decision to make love live on camera. She reasoned, "I am doing this because the world presently is going from a very rough phase where racism, terrorism, and discrimination is at it's peak. This is my way to show the world a 'Relief' factor and also to make them under-

stand that 'Love' is the only weapon that can conquer your hearts." Kavita shot to fame by posting semi-nude photos of herself, as a protest against cruelty to animals. While we are all for protests for the right causes, we are still looking for logic in her latest one.

Rajinikanth to replace Shah Rukh


uperstar Rajinikanth has a massive fan following in Malaysia. People were seen waiting for hours to catch a glimpse of the much loved star during his 'Kabali' shoot in the country. Taking there fandom to a totally different level, it is now learnt that the Malaysian government is considering replacing Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan with


Finally! Kattappa himself reveals why he killed Baahubali

Rajinikanth as the Brand Ambassador for Malaysian Tourism. The Minister for Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz has pitched the idea of replacing Rajinikanth as the Brand Ambassador of Malacca Tourism. His proposal has even received favourable responses from a few Malaysian MPs in the Parliament.

Laali Ki Shaadi Mein Laaddoo Deewana

A complete Hindi entertainer, watch Laali and Laddoo get caught up in a royal wedding.


he secret's out! Our super long wait for the haunting question, 'Kattappa ne Baahubali ko q maara?' (Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?) is over. Actor Sathyaraj, who plays the trusted Kattappa, has finally answered the question in a recent interview. "It is very simple," he said. "Producers Shobu sir and Prasad sir paid me very well. And

Rajamouli asked me to kill Baahubali, so I killed him. Otherwise, how can I kill Prabhas (Baahubali)? He has been my darling since 'Mirchi' (their 2003 film)." For those unsatisfied with the answer, 'Baahubali 2: The Conclusion' releases on April 28, 2017. Touted as one of the biggest film releases ever, the makers are reportedly set to release the multi-lingual movie across 6,500 screens.

29 AsianVoiceNews


Rajkummar Rao to bare all for Hansal Mehta's 'Omerta'


ajkummar Rao has bared it all for his upcoming collaboration with Hansal Mehta, 'Omerta'. The movie is based on British terrorist of Pakistani origin Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh, known for kidnapping and murdering Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. No stranger to onscreen partial nudity, Rao had bared his butt for an emotionally overwrought sequence in Mehta's National Awardwinning 2013 film 'Shahid'. A source close to the development gave some insight into the scene, saying, "It's an integral sequence involving frontal nudity where Rajkummar's character is shown having

Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

I am still fighting the newcomer battle: Taapsee Pannu

vinced about a scene, I can do it. The b u t t scene in 'Shahid' was part of an e m o tional

sex with a prostitute a day before he leaves for a terrorist mission. It took the makers a month to find an actress who would agree to be a part of said sequence before finally canning it in Delhi last year." A methodical actor, Rao is known to adapt to his characters. "I like to push my limits and as an actor if I am con-

sequence. However, this one is more wild. I had discussed it with Hansal sir before we shot for it," Rajkummar said.

does not believe in repeating heroines. Gasp! We know. Aamir, quite evidently,

does not repeat an actress in his movies. So we have Katrina Kaif in 'Dhoom 3', Anushka in 'P.K' and Sakshi Tanwar in 'Dangal'. Buzz is, Anushka expressed interest in featuring in his upcoming 'Thugs of Hindostan' but Aamir does not want to work with her. Aamir has revealed that the shoot for the film will begin in June, but the makers are yet to finalise the female lead.


Aamir won't work with Katrina and Anushka again?


ollywood has often thrived on "hit" jodis. Over the years, onscreen pairs who have stuck the right chords with the audience have used their chemistry as a film's selling point. Which is why, we are always rooting for our favourite couples to share screen space again and again. However, it has been recently known that Aamir Khan (who shows excellent chemistry with Anushka Sharma)

Kabir Khan goes global with new war epic


ilmmaker Kabir Khan is all set with his next project; an ambitiously-mounted mini-series on Subhas Chandra Bose's Indian National Army. Once done with Salman Khan-starrer 'Tubelight' he began work on the next. A source said, "It's a war epic, an Indian 'Band of Brothers' of sorts, which will touch upon several stories, including the contribution of women in the Indian National Army. Kabir has been working on the subject since many years and now has a screenplay ready, however, he will develop the story further only after the release of 'Tubelight' with a team of writers." The source also added, "Kabir is extremely excited about this mega project with a scale and budget that will be way higher than any of his films till date. It will mostly be a nine to ten-episode series to be shot extensively abroad with some portions set in India and will feature actors and technicians from all over the world, but Kabir will begin casting only after the release of 'Tubelight'."

Live your life right now: Deepika Padukone


eggy lass D e e p i k a Padukone who has returned home after globe-trotting for Vin Diesel's 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' promotions, shared an inspiring post on Instagram for her followers. Asking readers to focus on the present, the post reads "Your life is right now!" It asks one to not hold out for the future, for a new lover, a new house, or even a new job. "It's not later. It's not in that time of retirement. It's not when the lover gets here. It's not when you've moved into the new house. It's not when you get the better job. Your life is right now. It will always be right now. You might as well decide to start enjoying your life right now, because it's not ever going to get better than right now... until it gets better right now!"

ctress Taapsee Pannu of 'Naam Shabana' fame still feels like a struggler in Bollywood. "It has been a nice curve up and down for me. My outcomes have been pretty interesting thankfully but the hard work and the stress I have to go through to reach this has been grilling. I was a newcomer in Hindi film industry but I wasn't really a newcomer. I used to fight the battle of being a newcomer struggler for a very long time and I think I am still fighting that battle," she said. Her recent action film shows her in a tough role and lots of action sequences. "It was very tough because action doesn't come very naturally to me. I am a person who is very inclined towards sports. I think that's why action looks quite convincing on my body but I am not a person who can hit and slap people easily. It was very difficult for me in the beginning to realise that okay I am going to hit people," she said. After a successful stint in the south, Taapsee won hearts in B-town with a stellar performance in 'Pink'. Her cameo in Akshay Kumar's 'Baby' caught everybody's attention. "When I did 'Baby', it was a big role for me at that point and also to get an Akshay film. I don't think people realised it. 'Naam Shabana' happened soon after 'Baby' because of the audience's reaction."


UK AsianVoiceNews


Asian Voice |8th April 2017

Anti-racist activists travelled to Kent this week to deliver curries to racist landlord Fergus Wilson. He provoked outrage last week when an email he sent to a letting agent was leaked to the press. It detailed groups of people he didn’t want his homes to be let to. “No coloured people because of the curry smell at the end of the tenancy,” it said. Wilson lives with his Judith partner at Boughton Lodge on Peen Lane, Boughton Monchelsea. They are protected by guard dogs, wire fences and CCTV cameras. Activists Saba, Antony and Naima travelled there on Monday to challenge Wilson over his racist views.

Anti-racist activists Saba, Antony and Naima in Kent

(Pic: Socialist Worker)

Activists take a surprise delivery to racist landlord - curry is unlikely to mask the smell of bigotry.” Wilson has issues with other people too. He has previously refused to take on housing benefit claimants as tenants, and evicted 200 of them. He has also said he won’t let homes to victims of domestic abuse because their abusers might damage his property. Wilson claimed in January, “There’s nothing about not taking Chinese

“He owns 1,000 homes, said Saba. “That’s 1,000 families who have to live with the fear of being evicted on a whim. Some people want to take us back to the times when landlords hung signs in their windows saying ‘no blacks, no dogs, no Irish.’

Coming Events

l The Bhavan presents the Spring Concert Series this weekend. A feast of Karnatic music, the concerts include a Violin solo by Nagai Sriram on April 7, 7.30 pm onwards, Karnatic Vocal by The Malladi Brothers, 6.30 pm onwards, on April 8, and Karnatic Vocal by Ramakrishnan Murthy on April 9, 6 pm onwards.

l Adhya Shakti Mataji Temple will conduct a 108 Hanuman Chalisa, on April 9, from 11.00 am to 5.00 pm, at Social Club Hall, Northwick Park Hospital, Watford Road, Harrow HA1 3UJ.

l Catch Vijay Rana's documentary, Sabarmati Ashram: The Home of Gandhi's Experiments with Truth at the Nehru Centre, on April 10, 6.30 pm onwards, 8 South Audley Street, London, W1K 1HK. l Chinmaya Mission UK will celebrate Hanuman Jayanti on April 9, 10.30 am to 6 pm, at Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon NW4 4BA. l Sree Sree Thakur Anukul Chandra conducts Satsang on April 8, 6.30 pm onwards, at the Brent Indian Association, 116 Ealing Road, Wembley, London HA04TH.

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 Saturn turned retrograde

on the 6th April. It is a very important planet for Aries since it rules over two very important houses 10th and 11th which deal with job, status, gains, networking etc. You need to reassess these areas of your life and tie up any loose ends. Time to press ahead with your ambitions and goals in life.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 Saturn turned retrograde on the 6th April. This cycle occurs in your eighth house of intimacy, shared resources, and personal transformation. Hold onto your money, work on a budget, and avoid arguments with loved ones that revolve around intimacy and sexuality. Reassess your relationships as Saturn is heading towards your 7th house.

GEMINI May 22 - June 22 Although all kinds of opportunities are coming your way, there are many obstacles between you and the fulfilment of any of these. As you clear your path you will get closer to achieving your dreams. Relationships and romance are both under scrutiny by the presence of retrograde Saturn in your 7th house.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22 The next few months bring confusion and misunderstandings at work and troubles with your health as Saturn transits your sixth house. You'll need to pay more attention to detail and double check everything before finalising important matters. Close relationships will prove to be challenging.

Attempting to deliver the curry

Wilson tried to justify his racism in an interview last week. “It’s a problem with certain types of coloured people—those who consume curry,” he helpfully explained. “It sticks to the carpet.” Saba said, “We're here to deliver him Britain's favourite dish—curry. We hope the smell sticks. But it


people, black people, homosexual people. As long as they can pay the money I don’t care what colour they are. If ever a person came in wearing pink socks and defaulted on rent, and it became a regular problem, then we would stop renting to people who wear pink socks."

Answer correctly to the following question and win a pair of tickets for Gujjubhai Rang Rangila Q: Name the places where Gujjubhai rang Rangila will be showcased in London 1. Wembley, Harrow, Rickmansworth and Leicester 2. Leicester, Birmingham, Wembley and Ilford 3. Manchester, Birmingham, London and Leicester Winner will be chosen from the right answers on lottery basis. Email: by Monday 17 April 2017.

Sneh Joshi

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

Saturn retrograde cycle occurs in your fourth house of home and family. Relations with your family may be a little strained. You might want to wait until Saturn is direct before you express your frustrations with family members! Saturn rules your 5th and 6th house of children health, work and routine. Try to organise yourself as things can go out of hand.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

Saturn retrograde cycle occurs in your third house of communication. People around you may seem insincere. In fact, you may have a hard time getting your ideas across in a warm, genuine manner. This retrograde cycle also affects your home, love and children. Try to deal with these issues by being patient and do not step on anyone's toes.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

Retrograde Saturn transit occurs in your solar second house, extra care should be exercised when it comes to new financial initiatives. There may be the need to resolve old, nagging issues regarding personal finances. Take this time to re-budget and re-think how you want to spend your cash during this period.

among many young people and children. She is also the author of the famous children’s books including Krishna Rocks, Ganesha Goes to a Party and many more. For further information, see advert in Asian Voice page No 7. or visit alendarmain/

Heart surgeon 'raped woman after helping her sick child' A top heart surgeon raped a woman in his office after telling her "you owe me" for helping her sick child, a court heard last Friday. The alleged victim told how Mohamed Amrani, 53, was still in his operating theatre gown as he forced his tongue in her mouth and kissed her neck and ears. She is one of four women he is said to have attacked during a campaign of "sexual bullying" at the hospital from 2001 to 2014. Amrani's third alleged victim said he had been "an absolutely brilliant surgeon" when her child fell ill. He claims all

The UK’s leading Vedic writer and TV personality

Saturn retrograde cycle occurs in your fifth house of romance, pleasure, speculation, and children. Because the cycle directly affects your sector of romance and speculation, you should be careful. An old lover may come back in your life, complicating matters. As Saturn also rules your partnership and health sectors, both of these things may come up for review now.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

Swamini Supriyananda is a trained psychologist who grew up in Australia. Currently the resident teacher of Chinmaya Mission in Hong Kong, she is immensely popular, especially with the children and youth. Swaminiji is in London for 10 days from 13 April onwards, specially to conduct day camps for toddlers, children and teenagers. The camps are designed to instil values and a spiritual and cultural understanding in children growing up in the modern world through fun! Games, stories, arts and crafts will all be part of these wonderful camps. Children are guaranteed to remember these ancient values, have fun and will make lifelong friends! Her modern style and contemporary views have made her a favourite

the women have invented their allegations. Amrani, from Harrow, denies one count of rape, one count of assault by penetration, six counts of indecent assault and three counts of sexual assault. The trial continues.

020 8518 5500

Saturn, the planet of caution and discipline is retrograde in your solar first house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to your body language. You will be re-assessing your work place as well as people around you. Good time to review your partnerships and relationships.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

Retrograde transit of Saturn occurs in your solar twelfth house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to private and personal matters. Be as non-judgemental as you can, but do keep an eye out for deceptiveness and falseness in others. Good time for yoga and meditation.

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

Bear in mind that Saturn, the planet of caution and discipline goes retrograde in your eleventh house of friends and associates as well. Good time to re-assess friendships and it would serve you well if you spend more time listening than speaking. Keep an eye on your investments

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20 Saturn turns retrograde in your solar 10th house, and this is likely to cause some disruptions and frustrations in your professional life. Work on coming to compromises and agreements. All Saturn retrograde cycles also affect you in the areas of home, family, security, and domestic activities because Saturn is opposite your Solar 4th house.

Haseeb Hameed getting ready to face Australian fast bowlers AsianVoiceNews

Haseeb Hameed, the batting talent unearthed by England, who is recovering from injury, is progressing well and will most probably be ready to face the Australian fast bowling battery- Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, James Pattinson and Pat Cummins during the Ashes tour this winter. But he has some urgent issues to be sorted out before the commencement of the tour like the insomnia problem on tour. His unflappable temperament shone during England's miserable test series against India. He was injured during the tour and had to return to undergo surgery. However, his inability to get a good night's rest, prompted him to undergo a second surgery of the winter. Having undergone one operation to repair the shattered finger that ruled him out of the final two matches during the tour, a procedure to improve his


Haseeb Hameed

nocturnal breathing delayed his 2017 first-class season. “It's an issue I have had for a while. I had two surgeries in the past, both unsuccessful. I have quite a lot of issues with breathing and sleeping. It means that on away trips I struggle on the first night in particular - to get any sleep at all,” he said. “In a different environment, or different temperatures – for example I can get quite bunged up, particularly if it gets cold.'

During the rest period, he has allowed his mind to consider the very hostile environment he will be thrown into in November if he continues to churn out the runs in the interim. “Just watching the India-Australia series, some of the spells Pat Cummins was bowling, some of the more experienced, the best batsmen in the world were being tested. You could see from the body language that it was a challenge. It will be the same for me but I have just got to back my skills, and the most important thing is to find a way to get through it,” he said. Hameed's approach is not exclusively consigned

to the present. In a fledgling career, he is yet to be subjected to such extreme pace as the Ashes examination threatens, although he cites the infamous duel between his fellow Lancastrian Michael Atherton and Allan Donald, of South Africa, when he was still in nappies, as a comparison. “It's exactly the sort of thing you play the game for. It's a highly intimidating situation, I would say, and I don't think you should shy away from that, to be honest. It's no use saying 'it's going to be fine' because it is going to be challenging. But you have got to relish it, I think. The best players that do combat it are those that look forward to it and actually find a way of getting in the battle and backing their skills to come out on top,” Hameed added. s of play you want to get involved in and it's why Test cricket is still the pinnacle of the game.'

Sindhu conquers Marin, bags India Open title India’s Olympic 2016 silver medallist P.V. Sindhu overcame her Rio Games conqueror Carolina Marin of Spain in straight games to win her maiden India Open Superseries badminton title in New Delhi on Sunday. The match between Sindhu and Marin was a repeat of the 2016 Rio Olympic final which saw the Spaniard taking away the gold medal in a hard-fought encounter. But in front of her home fans, third seed Sindhu posted a 21-19, 2116 triumph in 46 minutes to give another display of her fast-rising career. Since the Rio final, it was the second contest between the two shuttlers and the 21year-old Hyderabadi has won both. With this win, Sindhu also equalised 5-5

P.V. Sindhu

in career meetings against the two-time reigning world champion. The Spanish top seed struggled with her net game which proved to be the difference between the two. But Sindhu also had to be credited for showing her ever-improving game, especially in the crosscourt net-game and defence. Backed by a parti-

san crowd, Sindhu got off to a flying start, opening up a 6-1 lead but Marin got her act together to reduce the deficit to one at 6-7, thanks to her delectable half smashes. Sindhu then upped the ante and then pushed Marin into all corners. Hitting to the right of lefthander Marin, Sindhu gained the ascendancy even though the fighting Marin kept coming back at her. Sindhu felt the pressure as Marin equalised at the 16-point mark and for the first time took the lead at the next point. The see-saw game continued till the 19point mark. Then, a powerful stroke from Sindhu to which Marin put it wide made it 20-19 for the Indian. Sindhu then sealed

the first game when Marin was slow to defend a half smash. The second game also saw Sindhu getting in the lead early, forcing Marin to play the catch-up game. Marin seemed to be struggling with her movement due to a right foot niggle. But the warrior that she is, the Spaniard fought back to come within a point of equalising at the sevenpoint mark. But Sindhu pushed on, holding an 11-7 lead at the mid-game break. Marin fired two angling smashes to make it 9-11 before the Indian snatched three consecutive points to have a five-point advantage. Then onwards Sindhu never looked back and sealed the match with a 2116 victory.

TAL concludes two-week long Badminton Championship Telugu Association of London (TAL) concluded the two week long TAL Badminton Championship in East and West London with a mega-final on Saturday 1st April at the Osterley Sports Centre, Osterley, West London. People of Telegu origin from London and surrounding counties came to witness the tournaments where more than 160 Telugu speaking players participated. Sriram Chakravarty Gidugu & Rakesh Borancha have won the Men's Doubles title while Teja Vaddavalli and Sirisha Agarala have won the Mixed Doubles title. Venkat Undavall & Sai Seelam took away the Men's Doubles Runners up prize and third place was shared by Rajesh Toleti & Teja Vaddavalli and Murali & Prabhu. Mixed doubles runner up positions were secured by Rajini & Suresh Bikkina and third

place was shared by Rajesh Toleti & Clara and Rajesh Ramachandra & Rupa. TAL Sports Trustee Srinivasa Rao Kornepati (Vasu), Sridhar Medichetty (Vice Chairman) and other trustees such as Nirmala Dhavala, Sridhar Somisetty, Ex Vice Chairman Balaji Callur along with TAL Advisors Sanjay Bhiraju and

Ex Sports Trustee Ravi Sabba distributed prize to the winners. TAL Sports Trustee Srinivasa Rao Kornepati (Vasu) thanked the coordinators Rajesh Toleti, Sudhakar Gubbala, Rajesh Veeramachaneni, Murali Thadiparthi, and Vamshi Krishna Govindu along with all the volunteers who made the event successful.



Ashwin receives Garfield Sobers Trophy Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

India's off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin received the Garfield Sobers Trophy for the ICC Cricketer of the Year 2016 as well as the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year 2016 from former India captains and ICC Cricket Hall of Famers Kapil Dev and Sunil Gavaskar. During the voting period, which ran from September 14, 2015, to September 20, 2016, the 30-year-old from Chennai played eight Tests in which he took 48 wickets and scored 336 runs. Ashwin also claimed 27 wickets in 19 T20Is. Ashwin had finished 2015 as the number-one ranked Test bowler in the world, a position he twice reclaimed in 2016. On winning the ICC awards, Ashwin said: "It has been a great honour to be named by the ICC for two top awards and it is dreamlike to actually receive them here. What has been greatly satisfying for me is that I have helped the team do well during this period. We have a great unit that has done well across formats. Being on top of the Test table, in particular, is an accomplishment we are all proud of. I'd like to thank all my team-members, team management and support staff for helping me perform. I hope to continue doing well and help my team win many matches in the coming years." ICC Chief Executive David Richardson said in a release: "Ashwin has shown time and again that he is a match-winner in the true sense. I congratulate him for joining a select band of cricketers to have won these two top ICC awards." Kapil Dev, who presented the Garfield Sobers Trophy for ICC Cricketer of the Year to Ashwin, said: "Congratulations to Ashwin for winning this ICC award. Ashwin has shown his penchant for winning Test matches time and again. He has played a big part in India becoming the top-ranked Test side. Not for nothing has he himself been ranked the number-one bowler on the ICC Test rankings for so many weeks. Ashwin is a big asset for the team as he is useful with the bat and is a thinking all-rounder. I'm sure he will have a lot many successes in the coming years and help India win many more matches, both at home and abroad." Gavaskar, who presented the ICC Test Cricketer of the Year award to Ashwin, said: "India has always produced some of the finest spin bowlers seen in the game. Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja are the latest who are upholding that wonderful tradition. It is never easy for a spinner to make the adjustments required for the different formats of the game. Ashwin in particular has made these changes seemingly without any effort and continues to pick wickets in all formats of the game. Besides he is a batsman who prizes his wicket dearly and makes useful contributions with the bat. The number of Man of the Match awards and Man of the Series awards he has won show why he is the biggest match winner for India in recent times," Gavaskar said.

India retain ICC Test championship mace

The Indian cricket team retained the International Cricket Council (ICC) Test Championship mace and also won a cash award of $1 million for ensuring the top position in the Test Team rankings on the annual April 1 cut-off date. The ICC Test Championship mace is awarded to teams that reach the number-one spot in the ICC Test Team Rankings. Skipper Virat Kohli received the mace and cheque from ICC Cricket Hall of Famer Sunil Gavaskar at a ceremony after the fourth and final Test against Australia, in which Ajinkya Rahane led the side as Kohli could not play due to a shoulder injury. India had entered the series against Australia needing to win at least one Test to retain possession of the prestigious mace, which it had reclaimed following the Indore Test against New Zealand in October 2016. The second and third places in the rankings will be decided after the ongoing Hamilton Test between South Africa and New Zealand. If South Africa wins or draws the Test, it will be assured of second place but a loss will see Australia finish ahead of it in second place. The side to finish second will get $500,000 while the side finishing third will receive $200,000. The fourthplaced team, which is England, will get $100,000. Commenting on the achievement, Kohli said :"We are absolutely delighted to have topped the ICC Test rankings. The longest format of the game really tests a team's character and I'm proud that we have proved ourselves to be the best."



Asian Voice | 8th April 2017

IPL 2017 begins on Wednesday

The tenth edition of Indian Premier League will begin on Wednesday, 5 April 2017, and will culminate with the final on 21 May 2017. In a repeat of last year’s final, Sunrisers Hyderabad will take on Royal Challengers Bangalore in the season’s opener. IPL 10 will be played across nine venues and will be spread across 47 days. Each team will play 14 matches, i.e. seven home matches and seven away matches. The teams that finish in the top two after the league stage will play the eliminator and the winner directly will qualify for the final while the loser will play the winner of the playoff between third and fourth place in the second eliminator. In the previous season, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings were replaced by Rising Pune Supergiants and Gujarat Lions. Here’s a look at the full squads of the participating teams. Rising Pune Supergiants: Full squad: MS Dhoni, Steve Smith, R Ashwin, Mayank Agarwal, Baba Aparajith, Ankush Bains, Ankit Sharma, Rajat Bhatia, Deepak Chahar, Daniel Christian, Rahul Chahar, Ashok Dinda, Faf du Plessis, Lockie Ferduson. Usman Khawaja, Jaskaran Singh, Saurabh Kumar, Ben Stokes, Milind Tondon, Manoj Tiwary, Jaydev Unadkat, Adam Zampa Kolkata Knight Riders: Full squad: Trent Boult, Chris Woakes, Rishi Dhawan, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Rovman Powell, R Sanjay Yadav, Ishank Jaggi, Darren Bravo, Sayan Ghosh, Gautam Gambhir, Sunil Narine, Kuldeep Yadav, Manish Pandey, Suryakumar Yadav, Piyush Chawla, Robin Uthappa, Shakib Al Hasan, Chris Lynn, Umesh Yadav, Yusuf Pathan, Sheldon Jackson, Ankit Singh Rajput Mumbai Indians: Full squad: Nicholas Pooran, Mitchell

Johnson, K Gowtham, Karn Sharma, Saurabh Tiwary, A Gunarathna, K Khejroliya, Rohit Sharma, Kieron Pollard, Lasith Malinga, Harbhajan Singh, Ambati Rayudu, Jasprit Bumrah, Shreyas Gopal, Lendl Simmons, Vinay Kumar, Parthiv Patel, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nitish Rana, Siddhesh Lad, J Suchith, Hardik Pandya, Jos Buttler, Tim Southee, Jithesh Sharma, Krunal Pandya, Deepak Punia. Gujarat Lions: Full squad: Suresh Raina, Akshdeep Nath, Shubham Agarwal, Basil Thampi, Dwayne Bravo, Chirag Suri, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Manpreet Gony, Ishan kishan, Ravindra Jadeja, Shadab Jakati, Dinesh Karthik, Shibil Kaushik, Dhawal Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, Brendon McCullum, Munaf Patel, Pratham Singh, Jason Roy, Pradeep Sangwan, Jaydev Shah, Shelley Shaurya, Nathu Singh, Dwayne Smith, Tejas Baroka, Andrew Tye Kings XI Punjab: Full squad: Eoin Morgan, Rahul Tewatia, T Natarajan, Matt Henry, Varun Aaron, Martin Guptill, Darren Sammy, Rinku Singh, David Miller, Manan Vohra, Axar Patel, Glenn Maxwell, Gurkeerat Singh, Anureet Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Shardul Thakur, Shaun Marsh, Wriddhiman Saha, M Vijay, Nikhil Naik, Mohit Sharma, Marcus Stoinis, KC Cariappa, Armaan Jaffer, Pardeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, Hashim Amla. Delhi Daredevils: Full squad: Angelo Mathews, Corey Anderson, Kagiso Rabada, Pat Cummins, Ankit Bawne, Aditya Tare, Murugan Ashwin, Navdeep Saini, Shashank Singh, JP Duminy, Mohammed Shami, Quinton de Kock, Shahbaz Nadeem, Jayant Yadav, Amit Mishra, Shreyas Iyer, Zaheer Khan, Sam Billings, Sanju

Samson, Chris Morris, Carlos Brathwaite, Karun Nair, Rishabh Pant, CV Milind, Syed Ahmed, Pratyush Singh. Sunrisers Hyderabad: Full squad: Tanmay Agarwal, Mohammad Nabi, Ekalavya Dwivedi, Rashid Khan, Pravin Tambe, Chris Jordan, Ben Laughlin, Mohammed Siraj, Shikhar Dhawan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, David Warner, Moises Henriques, Naman Ojha, Ricky Bhui, Kane Williamson, Siddarth Kaul, Bipul Sharma, Ashish Nehra, Yuvraj Singh, Ben Cutting, Abhimanyu Mithun, Mustafizur Rahman, Barinder Sran, Deepak Hooda, Vijay Shankar. Royal Challengers Bangalore: Full squad: Pawan Negi, Tymal Mills, Aniket Choudhary, Praveen Dubey, Billy Stanlake, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul, AB de Villiers, Chris Gayle, Yuzvendra Chahal, Harshal Patel, Mandeep Singh, Adam Milne, Sarfaraz Khan, S Aravind, Kedar Jadhav, Shane Watson, Stuart Binny, Samuel Badree, Iqbal Abdulla, Travis Head, Sachin Baby, Avesh Khan, Tabraiz Shamsi Time to rise and shine IPL 10 presents an opportunity for India's young players to rise and shine. in the absence of some big domestic names and even a few imports have excused themselves for different reasons. Their absence would, however, present a perfect opportunity for some of the budding Indian cricketers to step up to the plate and make a name for themselves. Young turks like Karun Nair, Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan, Sanju Samson, Shreyas Iyer, T Natarajan, Mohammed Siraj and Rahul Chahar have a chance to corner glory. This is the one of the best-possible opportunities for all the Indian players to show their talent.

Call: 0 2 0 8 5 8 5 4 0 8 4 Dubai


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Kuala Lumpur frÂŁ476pp





Toronto o




New York o





IPL 2017 Schedule

April 5, 8 PM: Sunrisers Hyderabad v Royal Challengers Bangalore, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad April 6, 8 PM: Rising Pune Supergiants v Mumbai Indians, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune April 7, 8 PM: Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot April 8, 4 PM: Kings XI Punjab v RPSG, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore 8 PM: RCB v Delhi Daredevils, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru April 9, 4 PM: SRH v GL, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 8 PM: MI v KKR, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai April 10, 8 PM: KXIP v RCB, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore April 11, 8 PM: RPSG v DD, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune April 12, 8 PM: MI v SRH, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai April 13, 8 PM: KKR v KXIP, Eden Gardens, Kolkata April 14, 4 PM: RCB v MI, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 8 PM: GL v RPSG, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot April 15, 4 PM: KKR v SRH, Eden Gardens, Kolkata 8 PM: DD v KXIP, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi April 16, 4 PM: MI v GL, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 8 PM: RCB v RPSG, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru April 17, 4 PM: DD v KKR, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi 8 PM: SRH v KXIP, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad April 18, 8 PM: GL v RCB, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot April 19, 8 PM: SRH v DD, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad April 20, 8 PM: KXIP v MI, Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore April 21, 8 PM: KKR v GL, Eden Gardens, Kolkata April 22, 4 PM: DD v MI, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi 8 PM: RPSG v SRH, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune April 23, 4 PM: GL v KXIP, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot 8 PM: KKR v RCB, Eden Gardens, Kolkata April 24, 8 PM: MI v RPSG, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai

April 25, 8 PM: RCB v SRH, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru April 26, 8 PM: RPSG v KKR, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune April 27, 8 PM: RCB v GL, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru April 28, 4 PM: KKR v DD, Eden Gardens, Kolkata 8 PM: KXIP v SRH, IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali April 29, 4 PM: RPSG v RCB, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune 8 PM: GL v MI, Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot April 30, 4 PM: KXIP v DD, IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali 8 PM: SRH v KKR, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad May 1, 4 PM: MI v RCB, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 8 PM: RPSG v GL, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune May 2, 8 PM: DD v SRH, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi May 3, 8 PM: KKR v RPSG, Eden Gardens, Kolkata May 4, 8 PM: DD v GL, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi May 5, 8 PM: RCB v KXIP, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru May 6, 4 PM: SRH v RPSG, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad 8 PM: MI v DD, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai May 7, 4 PM: RCB v KKR, M. Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru 8 PM: KXIP v GL, IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali May 8, 8 PM: SRH v MI, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad May 9, 8 PM: KXIP v KKR, IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali May 10, 8 PM: GL v DD, Green Park, Kanpur May 11, 8 PM: MI v KXIP, Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai May 12, 8 PM: DD v RPSG, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi May 13, 4 PM: GL v SRH, Green Park, Kanpur 8 PM: KKR v MI, Eden Gardens, Kolkata May 14, 4 PM: RPSG v KXIP, Maharashtra Cricket Association's International Stadium, Pune 8 PM: DD v RCB, Feroz Shah Kotla Ground, Delhi May 16, 8 PM: Qualifier 1 May 17, 8 PM: Eliminator May 19, 8 PM: Qualifier 2 May 21, 8 PM: Final, Rajiv Gandhi Intl. Cricket Stadium, Hyderabad


Canada - 7 Nights (DVWHUQ-RXUQH\(VFRUWHG7 7R RXU




India - 8 Nights

Thailand - 7 Nights

Call of Wildlife









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