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23rd June to 29th June 2018

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VISA ROW THREATENS UK-INDIA RELATIONSHIP w w w . d u b a i h olida y s .c o

Rupanjana Dutta

The various visa fiascos in the UK have left the diaspora flabbergasted, especially after India has been 'purposefully' left out of a list of countries that recently been granted a relaxed student visa rules. The changes that will come into force from July 6th, makes it easier for international students to study in the UK. On a list that already covers countries like the US and Canada, several new countries have been added including Serbia, China and Bahrain, though India remains excluded. The various visa fiascos in the UK have left the diaspora flabbergasted, especially after India has been 'purposefully' left out of a list of countries that recently been granted a relaxed student visa rules. The changes that will come into force from July 6th, makes it easier for international students to study in the UK. On a list that already covers countries like the US and Canada, several new countries have been added

J&K govt collapses as BJP ends alliance with PDP

The three-year-old Jammu and Kashmir government collapsed on Tuesday with the BJP pulling out of its alliance with the PDP and setting the stage for yet another round of governor's rule. BJP general secretary Ram Madhav made the surprise announcement after the party high command sum-

moned its Jammu and Kashmir ministers for emergency consultations in New Delhi. A few hours later, chief minister Mehbooba Mufti submitted her resignation to governor NN Vohra amid a swirl of political activity in Srinagar and New Delhi. Continued on page 26

Prime Minister hosts Eid al-fitr at 10 Downing Street

See page 5 for full report including Serbia, China and Bahrain, though India remains excluded. Sajid Javid has in the process caused a diplomatic rift, after the decision that has perhaps stemmed from the 'nonsigning' of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in April 2018. The MoU that was discussed by the Indian

Home Secretary Kiren Rijiju with his UK counterpart during his January visit, emphasised on the deportation of a 'number' of 'illegal immigrants' to India. Many of these 'illegal immigrants' believed to have come to the UK on student visa during the Labour party rule. An Indian government source called the 'number' of 'illegal immigrants' in ques-

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tion 'not correct'. Mr Modi did not sign the MoU, what initially believed to have been because of the 'timelines'. The decision to leave 'India' out of this new Tier 4 list, definitely affects the UK-India relationship, that the two countries have been trying hard to foster, especially with Brexit around the corner.

Judge orders declassification of documents relating to Operation Blue Star

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Keith Vaz, MP

Rakesh Rajpara At the age of 5 years, Rakesh Rajpara migrated to the UK from the Gujarat state of India. Having grown up in England, Rakesh completed his studies in Multimedia Computing at De Montfort University, which led to a career as an IT Technician in the pharmaceutical industry. Rakesh along with the guidance of devotees like Radhepriyaji from India and Sadhnaben from Leicester are currently trying to spread awareness around the current state of the Holi Yamuna River, as some devotees do not know just how polluted the River is. They have also managed to collect over 10,000 petitions here in UK in the attempt to speed up the rejuvenation of the Yamuna River and highlight their plight on a global scale. The Petition will be presented to the British Parliament shortly  1) Which place, or city or country do you most feel at home in? In Hinduism, it is considered that where God is present and at same time when your heart is set for selfless service to the divine you are at home. Whether this is in your own home or along the banks of Yamuna River (near Delhi, India) where Krishna performed many divine play. 2) What are your proudest achievements? Money, Fame, Job, expensive pair of shoes, branded suits, premium cars are easily achievable materialistic objects, however

even the thought of rejuvenating a sacred Holi River is something I consider to be the greatest achievement. 3) What inspires you? Truth, empathy, love, no lies, integrity, respect, humbleness, peace, unity, goodness, loyalty, sincerity, genuineness. 4) What has been biggest obstacle in your career? I would class Bhakti (Devotion) Seva (service) to be my true career and the biggest obstacle is being able to do selfless Seva full-time, as we are all engrossed in our day to

day activities. 5) Who has been the biggest influence on your career to date? Faith, God, Devotees 6) What is the best aspect about your current role? I think the best part of my role is being blessed to have the ability to help others who are in need. This has a real and valuable positive effect on communities and society in general. I have also seen that when we do something for our community, we inspire a lot of the youth to also learn and take part which is also a great contributor now and in later generations to come. 7) And the worst? Billions of Hindus sing “ Vin dhya- Him acha laYamuna-Ganga” from our national anthem yet we fail to notice the significance of these words. We fail by continuously allowing toxic man-made waste being poured into a sacred river that was once home to Lord Krishna Devine plays.

Food for Life Vrindavan UK holds ‘She must count’ charity event

Vivek Oberoi

On 29th June 2018, Food for Life Vrindavan UK (FFLV) are holding a special event to support underprivileged girls in Vrindavan India. The event will be held at the Stockley Park Pavilion near Heathrow Airport. Bollywood star and FFLV’s Brand Ambassador Vivek Oberoi, will be attending and giving the keynote address and he will be joined by a host of VIP guests and dignitaries. Vivek has worked tirelessly to share the message of hope and empowerment through education and has been voted Bollywoods top Philanthropist due to his work at grass roots level with charities to ensure change and betterment of children’s lives. FFLV’s Founder Rupa

Rupa Raghunath Das

Raghunath das will also be attending and reporting on the progress and achievements of the charity to date. The purpose of the event is to ensure 300 additional girls are sponsored into the charities school for the forthcoming academic year, enabling them to better their lives and the lives of their families. For over 25 years, Food for Life Vrindavan has been working in one of the poorest regions in India and now have three schools and numerous

projects to educate and empower girls in the community. The work includes: free meal distribution to the poor, environmental initiatives and vocational skills training .The charity were proud to see their first batch of girl’s graduate university in 2016 and are celebrating the work that has managed to save many girls who otherwise would have been are forced into a child marriage. The event will be hosted by Stockley Park Pavilion & Red Cube Events with entertainment featuring The Internationally acclaimed Bollywood and Bhangra star Shin DCS as well as Flute That Groove quartet. To book tickets call the FFLV UK office on 0207 127 4864 or email

8) What are your long term goals? 1. Help rejuvenate and stop millions of devotees from drinking polluted water from the scared Yamuna River (near Delhi, India) consequently improving water quality for natural wildlife throughout the Yamuna River bed, improving living conditions for poor women and children residing near polluted banks, strengthening cultural heritage and cultivating younger generation to see the river in the form as written in our historic scriptures. 2. I would like to support and aid 5,00000 cows in Vraj, India 3. Cremating deceased in the manner laid out by Hindu scripts is challenging in the UK. I would like to introduce a 24 hour cremation facility for the Hindu community in UK, so that the spirit can move on and consequently their loved ones don’t suffer as much. 9. If you were Prime Minister, what one aspect would you change? If I was Prime Minister, I

would introduce an individual points system for each person based on how helpful, loyal, honest a person is in the community. This will benefit a lot of people and to an end to the "hostile" environment s u r r o u n d i n g immigration.

10. If you were marooned on a desert island, which historical figure would you like to spend your time with and why. Definitely spend time with my father, mother, Lord Krishna and be able to cherish and listen to his beautiful flute.

Five who chased down and killed Southall rival with swords, knives and baseball bat found guilty 33-year-old Sukhjinder Singh, also known as "Gurinder" was ambushed and killed by five men in a 'shocking' revenge attack

Soba Gurinder Singh

Five men who used a multitude of weapons that included knives, swords and baseball bats to commit a brutal attack on a rival have been convicted at the Old Bailey following the conclusion of a trial on Wednesday, 13 June. Amandeep Sandhu, 30 and Ravinder SinghShergil, 31 were found guilty of the murder of 33year-old Sukhjinder Singh, also known as Gurinder Singh from Southall. Two other men, Visha Soba, 30 and Kuldeep Dhillon, 26 were found guilty of Gurinder's manslaughter. Dhillon was also found guilty of witness intimidation; Soba and Sandhu found guilty of assisting an offender. A fifth man, Palwinder Multani, 37, pleaded guilty on 10 November 2017 to



manslaughter and assisting an offender. Multani was sentenced at the Old Bailey on Thursday, 21 June; the other four were sentenced on Friday, 22 June. The court Sandhu Singh-Shergil heard that as far back as August boasting about an assault 2013 there was a rivalry he had committed on that existed between the Dhillon at a religious fesvictim and a group of men tival in Birmingham. within the Sikh communiAssociates of Dhillon ty. The rivalry escalated in wanted revenge. July 2016 when it surfaced On Saturday, 30 July that Gurinder had been 2016 Gurinder was ambushed and violently attacked in Spikes Bridge Road, Southall by a group of men with various weapons that included knives, swords and baseball bats. The men chased, beat up and stabbed Mr Singh a number of times. Weapons used in the attack AsianVoiceNews



Trump trumps his detractors on Korea US President Donald Trump appears to have trumped his legion of critics at home and abroad with the deal North Korean President Kim Jong-un to de-escalate tensions on the highly charged Korean peninsula. It would appear that President Kim has agreed to stop his country’s development of nuclear weapons as a first step towards abolishing them altogether, the process to b e subjected to close verifiable scrutiny. President Trump, for his part, agreed to stop military drills with South Korea. The American and North Korean leaders got on well during their talks in Singapore, which is cause for hope and no more, knowing President Trump’s penchant for sudden mood swings. But it is some blessing that the US President has forsaken his initial incendiary language to blow away North Korea ‘with fire and brimstone,’ and possibly worse. In these troubled times small mercies are occasions for celebration. Two lessons will be learned from the Korean experience. The first and overriding lesson is that nuclear weapons in the state locker is a form of life insurance. Libya’s Muamer Gadaffi gave up his country’s nuclear weapon development, only for Libya to be attacked by Britain, France and the US, and his regime destroyed. He himself was brutally murdered to cackling acclaim of the vile Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State in the Obama Administration. Warring parties today battle for control of Libya, the point from which dispossessed humanity from Sub Saharan Africa and the Greater Middle East take to the waters of the Mediterranean in a bid to reach European havens. Libya now has a fu nctioning slave markets for trafficking in black African cargo, a numbing tragedy for which the Nobel Peace laureate Barack Obama bears prime responsibility. It is thus understandable why President Kim gave to initial rage when the US Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Advisor John Bolton referred to

a possible Korean settlement built on a likeness to the Libyan settlement. Mr Kim didn’t take kindly to being disposed of the Gadaffi way! That said, the leading feature of the Korean situation was the determination of the leaders of North and South Korea to heal their cold war neurosis and join hands in an enduring peace with the beckoning dream of a united Korea. The South Korean leadership in the early days of the crisis felt they were losing control of their sovereignty with the US and North Korea seemingly the two maintain protagonists. A second Korean war, they believed, correctly, would leave the entire peninsula a ruined desolation, just as it did after the first conflict of 1950-53. The nightmare galvanized both Koreas to come together in defence of their common heritage. The lotus-eyed in India look to the two Koreas and the once two Germanys as an inspirational model for a hallucinat ory Indo-Pakistan accord. This is utter twaddle, a fallacy as the rulers of Pakistan from the Partition of the subcontinent, if not before it, denied any shared cultural experience with infidel India, which is why they created through blood and gore Pakistan – ‘the Land of the Pure’ - in the first place. It’s time to get real and eschew the march of folly. The Indo-Pakistan confrontation will not end unt il the messianic delusions of Pakistan’s rulers and the country’s political class are abandoned. That is unlikely to happen anytime soon. Time is not on their side. Korean developments are best viewed from a Korean perspective, as was the case with German unification. Period. Much claimed Korea settlement by President Trump may prove to be on weaker foundations. It is more like a wish list without any detailed step by step agreement and the time frame. North Korean President, like his father is well known for changing goal posts and renegading on promises. Both South Korea and Japan appear to have been let down.

British policy, from immigration to Brexit, is hobbled by confusion and uncertainty. For instance, its loosening of ironclad controls for skilled Indians entering the country is welcome. Changes in in the tier 2 visas open up opportunities for Indian professionals. Indian doctors and nurses have been exempted from the annual cap of 27,700 visas to plug the crippling shortages of skilled shortages in the National Health Service. Indian industry has reacted positively to these changes. ‘Coming in the wake of a long-standing demand from Indian professionals, the news is a welcome development,’ said Rashesh Shah, President of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Vinous Ali, head of policy at Tech UK, added his voice of welcome. ‘The tech sector in the UK is going from strength to strength,’ he said. Matthew Fell, Chief Policy Director at the Confederation of British Industry called on the government to remove all shortage categories from the cap. Good sense has prevailed. The government’s desire to ease the movements of capital across borders inevitably entails recognition of a like movement of labour. This does not, of course, include unskilled labour, or labour in areas where there is a plentiful local supply. The issue of demand and supply should surely be regulated by market forces, which, allegedly, has long been a mantra of Conservative Party philosophy. It has taken more time than it should to get back to basics. Easing the entry of professionals into the country has almost perversely been accompanied by restrictions on Indian students. For long British university vice chancellors have pointed out to the authorities that the presence Indian students have been a boon to higher educational institutions in the country. It was not only

that they contributed to university coffers, but that they made valuable contributions to their intellectual life. The stubborn resistance of the Home Office has drawn severe criticism from Lord Kiran Billimoria as an act of ‘hostility.’ Indian students have been placed under the ‘risk’ category, while many from non-Commonwealth countries are perceived to be risk-free. It is not that Indian students simply walk in with applications in hand. There are mountains of paperwork to endure. Shrimoyee Chakraborty,28, who came from Mumbai to Manchester University in 2010 on a tier 4 student visa to do an MSc in global business analysis, explains: ‘It was tough to apply. There’s a ton of paperwork. It is ridiculous….because so many Indians pay four of five times the fee that a UK citizen does.’ Nishanath Kilim, 28, from Andhra Pradesh, who spent 40,000 pounds in 2014, complains, ‘The UK, for a long time, has given preferential treatment to China and other Asian countries,’ to which the Home Office countered: ‘We welcome Indian students. We issue more visas to students from India than any other country except China and the US.’ Finally, Britain’s industry chief has warned of postBrexit ‘extinction.’ Paul Dreschler, Director of the Confederation of British Industry in an interview with the BBC was highly critical of the government’s approach of Brexit: more ideology and politics than business sense. Maybe. Brexit was the country’s democratic choice. He reproached Government for its lack of clarity on the future direction of Britain’s relations with Europe. His comment came days after Jaguar Land Rover’s decision to shift production of its Discovery model to Slovakia as part of JLR’s long-term manufacturing strategy. The message to Government and Parliament is loud and clear.

Afghanistan’s cricketers, reared mostly on the one-day format including the Twenty/20 Indian Premier League (IPL) were understandably out of their depth in the more demanding requirements of five-day Test cricket - the ultimate demonstration of skill and character. The Afghan side, hopelessly under-prepared were thus blown away by India at Bangaluru in two days of the five-day Test match, their first such encounter. Rashid Khan and his colleagues have abundant talent; but this harnessed to the requirements of the five-day game.. The Afghans had,

prior to the Test match against India, played three warm up Twenty/20 games in which they disposed of Bangladesh. Perhaps this led to complacency – and disaster. However, the India-based Afghan team will have opportunities galore to learn the game for the next level. The BCCI could help by allowing Afghanistan to participate in India’s domestic four-day Ranji Trophy, which includes top Indian sides. Cricket, however, has taken hold in war-torn Afghanistan, and this truly is a cause for celebration.

UK policy confusion worse confounded

Cricketing lesson for Afghans

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018


Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving - Scientist Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Alpesh Patel

How to Get the Indian Flag Burners For God’s sake a is stabbed and killed outside Parliament – yet a man wielding a knife outside Parliament is left untouched by Police – it happened he was using the foot long blade to cut the Indian flag. London has a knife crime problem. Knives used in this same location to kill police. This man walks free. The police are not even protecting their own from knife crime.

How do I say to someone, join the police? Rule 1: It’s not about your feelings No authority cares the Indian flag was burnt. You wont make them care. Stop caring that others don’t care about what you care about. Instead, to get them to do what you want – punish the flag burners – focus on what the authorities care about – knife crime outside Parliament and terrorism links. It’s also why petitions don’t work. Letters to MPs are better but not much good. But do write them. At least it will keep the issue alive as it should. Rule 2: Get the evidence to them. Collate all the photos and videos from social media onto one Google Drive folder. The police are busy. Rule 3: Find the links on social media – find the accounts of people in UK around Parliament on the day and keep copies of their support – cross reference to Facebook accounts to – friend them to find out what they are saying. Collect this evidence. Rule 4: Vengeance is not our goal – duty to society is When these people behave this way, working for state sponsored pro-Khalistan/Kashmir group, trying to fund a militant ISIS type state of religious fundamentalists – they are doing to other faiths what has been done to Islam. Stop them. The identification of terrorists in crowds is still often a manual task, going through images, social media etc. For instance, take this image where the Indian flag was burnt by those wanting to free 'Jaggi' who the Indian Government has charged based on intelligence of terroristrelated fundraising. Continued on page 6 Editor: CB Patel

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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018


Sardar Patel Memorial Society (UK) celebrate Bardoli Day at India House On 12th July, 2018, Sardar Patel Memorial Society (UK) celebrated, for the first time in the UK, Bardoli Day, at India House in London. In the year 1925, when India was under the British Raj, the District of Bardoli, in Gujarat, suffered from floods and famine, causing crop failure and leaving the farmers facing great financial hardship. This was then followed by drought leaving the farmers totally destitute. The Raj had raised the taxes by 22% and left the farmers in a total destitute. They barely had crops to pay off the taxes let alone feed themselves. The Raj would not budge on reducing or cancelling the taxes. During the struggle

entered, the most prominent freedom fighter, Shree Vallabhbhai Patel, who had excellent organizational skills and expertise. Shree Vallabhbhai asked the farmers, if he was to lead the revolt, to get united and get every village in the district to unite in refusing to pay the taxes. He also warned them that they could lose their property and go to jail. Every farmer in the District of Bardoli united in opposing the Raj’s injustice and stood by Shree Vallabhbhai. Vallabhbhai first wrote to the Governor of Bombay, who ignored the letter and announced the final date for collection of the Taxes. Vallabhbhai instructed farmers to stay united, not pay taxes and remain peaceful. Entire Gujarat support-

Ninder’s Nachural Awards Final preparations are underway for the Nachural Summer Ball and Awards which will take place at the Wolverhampton Racecourse next week. Brainchild of Ninder Johal, pictured, past president of the Black Country Chamber of Commerce and current board member of the Black Country LEP, Mr Johal said: ‘This event will reflect on the positive news around the region, with Birmingham

winning the Co m m o n we a l t h Games, Coventry winning the City of Culture Bid and the Black Country confirming its position as one of the leading areas of inward investment and economic growth.” The black-tie, glitzy event will take place next Friday (29 June). For further information please call 0121 526 3141 or email uk

World Hunger Day was organised by Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence at the House of Commons recently. Hosted by Mrs Sharon Hodgson, MP for Sunderland West and co-hosted by Emma Lewell-Buck MP, ViceChair for All Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger, the event was organised in association with the Akshaya Patra Foundation, in cooperation with the Hunger Project, the Felix Project, Feeding Britain, Sustain and Child Poverty Action Group. Sophie Noonan, Country Director of the Hunger Project, Hilary Croft, CEO of the Felix Project, Rosie Oglesby, National Director of Feeding Britain, Bhawani Singh, CEO-Europe of Akshaya Patra

Foundation, Barbara Crowther, Campaign Manager of Children’s Food Campaign at Sustain, Louisa McGeehan, Director of Policy, Rights and Advocacy at Child Poverty Action Group have shared their vital inputs with regard to the issue of Hunger in Britain, highlighting the facts and figures of child hunger and

ed the movement. The farmers were treated with heavy hand and were terrorized by the Raj. British, the Imperial Power used strong arm tactics in the beginning but the absolutely peaceful resistance changed the hearts of the Hakems in Bombay, Delhi and London. A settlement was reached. All the confiscated lands and properties were returned to rightful owners and the increase of taxes withdrawn. The Bardoli victory turned the momentum into freedom struggle all over India. Women of Bardoli bestowed title of the Sardar to Vallabbhai. Chairman C. B. Patel gave the invited audience of over 150 people a back ground to the Bardoli move-

From Left to Right : Deepak Patel, Jairaj Bhadranwala, Bhanubhai Pandya, Rajesh Patel, Dr. Rami Ranger, A S Rajan (Minister for Co-ordination, High Commission of India), CB Patel, Kantibhai Nagda, Jitendra Patel, GP Desai, Hemesh Patel and seating L to R Sulochana Sethi, Krishnaben Pujara and Kalaben Patel. (P G Patel who played leading role as the Special Projects Co-ordinator, trustee Sharadbhai Parikh and committee member Jayant Patel are not in the picture.)

ment and captured the attention of the audience, many of whom did not know much about it’s history. An interactive discussion was led by Mr. A S Rajan, the Minister of Coordination at India House who thanked CB Patel for the history of Bardoli. Rami Ranger, Vicechairman and founder of

Man charged over 'Punish a Muslim Day' letters in court A 35-year-old man has appeared in court today in connection with the sending of 'Punish a Muslim Day' letters. David Parnham was arrested last Tuesday and appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court. Following his initial court appearance Parnham, of Lincoln, has been remanded into custody. He will appear in the Central Criminal Court on Friday, June 29, and faces

14 charges, including soliciting to murder. He was arrested on Tuesday, June 12, in south Lincoln, before being questioned by detectives. A 'Punish a Muslim Day' letter was sent to an address in Leicester.

World Hunger Day at the House of Commons

Presenters at the World Hunger Day at the House of Commons

Sharon Hodgson MP and Emma Lewell-Buck MP at the World Hunger Day celebrations

what they are doing to address the same. A quick panel discussion was conducted by Kanika Gupta Mohan of Akshaya Patra Foundation seeking inputs on the direction of the work ahead, quality of school meals and what UK should do to eradicate child hunger. Ragasudha Vinjamuri, Founder of Sanskruti Centre has made an interesting dance presentation on the story of Akshaya Patra from the epic Mahabharat explaining how Surya the Sun God bestowed the miracle vessel Akshaya Patra that would provide a daily inexhaustible supply of food. “It took about two months to put this event together, coordinating with the speakers and their offices

to make sure we have perspectives from those hugely involved in addressing the issue of Hunger in the UK and beyond and to have everything in place for the event to go as smooth as possible” she said. Sharing inputs on marking the World Hunger Day and facilitating important discussions, Host MP Sharon Hodgson, also Chair of the APPG on School Food said “It is great to bring together so many experts to discuss how we can ensure no one goes hungry in the UK, or around the world. I hope that we can continue to work together, and with the Government, to reach that goal.” The event concluded with a vote of thanks.

SunMark Group Ltd spoke about his father Nanak Singh’s marytdom. Mr Gautam Chakraborty of Dr B R Ambedkar Memorial Trust spoke about his personal memories of Sardar Patel’s daughter Maniben. Ms Sanam Arora, a well known student leader, Rami

Ranger and hospitality entrepreneur Ramesh Arora made useful contribution in the interactive discussion. The event ended with a vegetarian dinner, courtesy of BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir. Krishna Pujari was the compare of the event and food was provided by Saya.

Chef Jay Morjaria offered £500,000 investment on BBC’s hugely popular food show ‘Million Pound Menu’ Show

Chef Jay Morjaria with show host Fred Sirieix

Chef Jay Morjaria, beat hundreds of other hopefuls to bring his ‘plant-forward’ East Asian concept, ‘Dynasty’ to BBC’s latest food show ‘Million Pound Menu’ and then went on to receive an investment offer of £500,000 from Lydia Forte of the 5 Star Rocco Forte Hotel group, with hotels in London, Edinburgh and across Europe. Million Pound Menu which some have called a combination of Master Chef Professionals and Dragon’s Den showcases 12 different food concepts from across the UK by giving each a three-day trial run of a 40-seater pop-up restaurant in the heart of Manchester. The aim is - to try to win over the paying public and the all-important investors. Chef Jay, the first Asian contestant on the show, had to run ‘Dynasty’ as a full-service restaurant, manage a team he had never worked with before, be prepared to have his food scrutinised and face a nail biting interview with potential investors to prove his financial plan and figures stacked up. Chef Jay said “Growing up surrounded by cooking and my parents’ Indian vegetarian restaurants, food has always played a big part in my life but now I get to take it one step further and make my

dream a reality…I have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and support I have had since my appearance on the show and look forward to sharing my food with you all.” Seven years ago, Chef Jay gave up his job as a retail buyer to pursue his passion, opening Sutra Kitchen, a vegetarian cookery school in London. He then decided to explore East Asian cuisine, working in restaurants in Korea, even making his own homemade kimchi, before opening Dynasty as an occasional, sell-out supper-club, serving vegetable focussed friendly dishes with a few meat sides. Chef Jay’s food was extremely well received on the show with diners loving the unique combinations and flavours and even Million Pound Menu show host Fred Sirieix declaring “This is amazing, every little mouthful” on tasting Jay’s food. Jay’s appeal is easy to see, his passion and drive to bring Dynasty to life resonates with so many aspiring individuals and the outcome is inspirational. To find out more about what Chef Jay is up to and where you can try his delicious food follow him on Instagram/twitter @chefjaymorjaria

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Prime Minister hosts Eid al-fitr at 10 Downing Street Rupanjana Dutta Dhiren Katwa Prime Minister Theresa May hosted the annual Eid al-fitr celebration at 10 Downing Street, amidst serious allegation of 'Islamophobia' gripping the Conservative party. As resilient as the Prime Minister is, she welcomed and met the invited guests with open arms, and paid homage to the community's contribution to Britain's Big Society, an idea conceptualised by her predecessor David Cameron. The queue outside 10 Downing Street meandered all the way to the Westminster subway, as people from the Pakistani, Somalian, Indian and the Bangladeshi community waited eagerly to enter the premises. Inside people gathered, networking, exchanging pleasantries over soft drinks, mango lassis and canapes at an Eid reception held at No10's garden terrace for the first time. 11 year old Hasan Razawi accompanied Ali Abbas Hussnain from the Scottish Ahlul Bayt Society, while Rukhsana Yaqoob, President of Muslim Teachers' Association, dressed in a beautiful necklace and salwar kameez felt thrilled to be invited. She was accompanied by Shahina Ahmad, Principal, Waltham Forest Girls' School. Some key guests included Clare Moriarty CB, Permanent Secretary of the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Mohammad Ejaz Aslam, Chairman of Gravesend & Dartford Muslim Association, and his Committee, Students Omar Sharif, Ismael Arshad and Hani Mustafa, Cllr Mohammed Ilyas, Cllr Shamshul Shelim, Major Naveed Muhammad & his team from the British Army, Zahra Shah, CEO, British Pakistan Foundation, Asad Aamir Ansari from Deloitte, Enam Ali, Founder, British Curry Awards, Abdullah Rehman MBE, from Tell MAMA, Nasir Awan, MD of Awan Marketing, Birmingham and Lady Sheikh, to name a few. The event was compered by Rt Hon Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary, who said how he enjoyed Eid at his younger brother's on Sunday and joked that Bas Javid, Chief Superintendent with West Midlands Police, ate all the samosas. He welcomed guests and called upon Mrs May who greeted

on offer. guests with the traditional such contribution goes “And that whatever 'Asalam Alei-Koom' and unacknowledged and community you are from wished everyone 'Eid unrecognised. or religion you are, you are Mubarak'. “And I know many of respected, feel valued, and Dressed in a grey suit you here are doing incredand wearing a multifree to practise your reliibly important and posicoloured watch, Mrs May gion in peace.” tive work – in an array of spoke to individuals and listened to what they had to say. In a short and crispy speech, addressing the audience the Prime Minister said, “It gives me great pleasure to welcome you here for this Eid reception, a chance for me to say a huge thank you for your tremendous contribution to our country. “I know Eid is Prime Minister Theresa May welcoming guests at the a festival dear to Eid al-fitr celebration in No 10’s garden terrace the hearts of Muslims – and it is a great The reception coinciddifferent fields. So let me honour to share in a little ed on the first death say thank you to all of you. of your celebrations with anniversary of Makram “You demonstrate how, you today. Ali, the father-of-six who up and down the country, “I want to begin by died in the Finsbury Park so many Muslims are quitelling you about an iftar terror attack. Paying tribetly and steadily, making a meal I attended last week. ute to him and speaking huge difference in the It was at the Al-Manaar about the new £3.4million communities where you Mosque in North to protect places of worlive, and to society as a Kensington – a beautiful, ship Mrs May said, “That’s whole. spacious mosque whose why we have committed to “Now let us enjoy these representatives we have £3.4 million to protect celebrations together. And here this evening. places of worship from to all of you – and to “I was there to thank hate crime, including £1 Muslims across the UK – them for everything they million for vulnerable faith institutions followdid following the horrific ing the Finsbury Park fire at Grenfell Tower attack last year. Over 40 when they – along with Muslim places of worship other faith communities – have had funding demonstrated such approved under these extraordinary community schemes so far. spirit, helping those in “What happened in immediate need, and Finsbury Park was a sickorganising donations for ening and horrific terrorist those who had lost everyattack – an attack on ordithing. nary people going about “But what also made their daily lives, an attack the evening special, what on a community, and an also made it memorable, attack on all of us. was the iftar: a simple act “But what we also saw of hospitality – of sharing was the spirit of communia meal – and the warmth, ty that apprehended the generosity – and patience attacker, and the spirit of – of everyone there, and our thriving, diverse, that despite the long vibrant city as people ralhours of fasting, which I lied round those affected can only imagine feels in support and solidarity. even longer during a “That spirit, and the British summer! shared values that under“It is an act of hospipin it – respect, compastality that has been replision and justice – are what cated many times over this make this country such a year – as people of differgreat place to live.” ent backgrounds across She then went on to the UK have shared in speak about the role of iftars this Ramadan, British Muslims in today's including in Bristol where Britain, “And I want to pay an estimated 3,000 resitribute to the role that dents attended one such iftar. British Muslims are play“And it is an act which ing in that – from the millions of pounds you conrepresents the strong tribute to charities every communities in so many year, the local and nationparts of the UK and of al activism that is helping which we can all feel rightto make this a better place ly proud. Today, as this to live, to the work carried Government works to out every day by Muslim build a stronger, fairer doctors, nurses, Britain, I want to ensure entrepreneurs, civil serall our communities thrive vants, sporting profesin a country that works for sionals, media presenters everyone. and those in the armed “A county where forces,” she added. everyone can make the “Of course, too often most of the opportunities

Eid Mubarak.” The Eid reception coincided with the inaugural England match. Earlier in the day, Mrs May had sent this message to the Three Lions: "Best of luck to the

England team - the whole country will be cheering you on back home." The Armed Forces had 9 representatives present at the reception. Imam Asif Hafiz OBE, who is the Islamic Religious leader at the Ministry of Defence told Asian Voice, “The Eid celebration by the Prime Minister is important in many ways, a very positive gesture for the Muslims in

part of Britain. Muslims in Britain is a trusted community, of all backgrounds, including people at the highest level of government. Today's event sends out positive vibes, it proves the Muslims are fully integrated in the society.” Major Naveed Muhammad from the Royal Army told the newsweekly, “It is a really good way to get recognition for the community. It helps us to be a voice for the voiceless.” Flt Lt Muhammad Sohail Azad, an engineer with the Royal Air Force told AV, “It is an honour to be present here today. It's my first time at the Eid in Downing Street. This celebration is recognition for the community and our contributions. We are humbled to be invited.” The Prime Minister also recognised Moawia Bin-Sufyan, from South Glamorgan, for promoting interfaith dialogue and community cohesion, with a Points of Light award at the reception on Monday.



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23rd June 2018


Britain witnesses the first ever UK-India week The first ever UK-India Week was launched in London on Monday with an indication that a post-Brexit bilateral trade partnership has the potential to shape the global economy. Britain’s Secretary of State for international trade Liam Fox, who was the Chief Guest described India as “foremost” among the UK’s allies and trading partners and hailed reforms initiated by the Indian government. He is set to visit India later this year for the next UK-India Joint Economic Trade Committee (JETCO). The Minister giving a speech at the launch event in London's Taj Hotel said, “India and the UK are, in PM Modi’s own words, an 'unbeatable combination'. “We are here to look to the future and lay out our ambitions for a trading partnership that has the potential to shape the global economy... “In particular, as we leave the European Union (EU), there is the opportunity for both countries to enhance this partnership – opening up new sectors for business and minimising barriers to trade... “Your ideas today can become our policy tomorrow so take this chance to let us know what you believe the challenges and opportunities to be. “And by working together to meet these challenges, as governments, as business communities, and as people, we can build a brighter, more prosperous future for India, the UK and the world.” The launch event was marked by the release of

the second edition of the ‘100 Most Influential in UK-India Relations’ – covering leading figures across business, politics, arts and culture who are seen as making a significant contribution towards enhancing the UK-India relationship. Matt Hancock, UK Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, Indian minister of communication Manoj Sinha and the Indian High Commissioner to the UK, HE Y.K. Sinha, were among the other prominent guests at the event. Closing on Friday with the UK-India Awards 2018, that will be attended by Guest of Honour, the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Foreign Minister Rt. Hon Mark Field MP, UK-India Week will feature high-level discussions and engagements.

The Conclave Taking place 20-21 June, the fifth annual UK-India Leadership Conclave will be a landmark event, hosting senior Indian political and business figures – including the Presidents of the Confederation of Indian Industries and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry – to address the prospects for postBrexit partnership opportunities and assess the future opportunities to invest in the UK. Over 200 delegates will attend from both nations. Yashvardhan Sinha, His Excellency the Indian High Commissioner to the UK, opened the first day of the UK-India Leadership Conclave, for a packed agenda that will also see Dr Rajiv Kumar,celebrated

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Y K Sinha, Indian Minister Manoj Sinha, Mathew Hancock MP and Manoj Ladwa

economist, author, and Vice Chairman of the Niti Ayog (National Institution for Transforming India), discuss the current trajectory of the Indian economy. The Conclave, convened by India Inc., will play host to Indian political dignitaries including Vijay Chauthaiwale, In Charge of Foreign Affairs for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party; Dr Swapan Dasgupta, Member of Indian Parliament and, joining via video link for the Global Investors Forum, Piyush Goyal MP, Minister for Finance, Railways & Coal. Taking place at the De Vere Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire, the UKIndia Leadership Conclave will seek to identify ways to grow and transform the strategic partnership between ‘Brexit Britain and Global India’. Josh Hardie, Deputy Director General Confederation of British Industry (CBI) will speak alongside counterparts from the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).

Different Sessions Alongside the Global Investors Forum, an eclectic range of sessions will take place, including: l ‘Opportunities for collaboration in technology and innovation’ and ‘Building smarter, safer cities’, hosted by FICCI l The untapped potential of the UK and India’s soft power, hosted by award winning Indian actor, businessman and philanthropist Vivek Oberoi l The Future of Energy & Climate Change Cooperation, hosted by Hon Barry Gardiner MP, supported by Hero Future Energies l Debating values, democracies and corruption with Lord Jonathan Marland, Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council Chairman and former UK Trade Envoy l The Future of Mobility and India’s aspirations to be a global hub for electric vehicles’, hosted by OLA Cabs l A Young Leaders Forum to be hosted by Infosys l A social impact roundtable bringing together UK companies,

How to Get the Indian Flag Burners Continued from page 3 We manually have to sift to determine terroristrelated elements under the Terrorism Act 2000 and cross-reference them on social media and other data sources and then determine their links often they don't even realise they are supporting illegal groups (which is no defence). Especially keen to identify those covering their faces, wearing sunglasses, caps, hoods. It's all our responsibilities to be vigilant. Our country. If your organisation works in ID, cataloguing, analysis of terrorist

imagery - you should apply to Government here: https://apply-for-innovat i o n - f u n d i n g . By the way, the bearded man, with the long knife, and t-shirt with machine gun image, is of special interest for carrying an offensive weapon in public, possible incitement to murder offences based on the writings around the machine gun. Relevant legislation: Public Order Act 1986, s.5 abusive, threatening behaviour. Terrorism Act 2000 Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2006

family offices and large Indian charitable trusts engaged in India, hosted by the British Asian Trust. Manoj Ladwa, Founder of UK-India Week and India Inc said: “Brexit is an opportunity to forge a new, global identity for Britain, while India – the fastest- growing major economy in the world, a rapidly emerging nation finds itself at a strategic apex, ready to take its place among the world’s top economic powers: Global Britain meets Global India. “UK-India Week celebrates the strong partnership between the UK and India and is a catalyst for promoting opportunities for future collaboration. There is a huge opportunity for these two great countries – now equals on the world stage - to harness their shared values, trade, technology and talent to enhance prosperity at home and around the world.” Alongside hard hitting political and economic debate, the Conclave will celebrate the cultural ties between the UK and India, with an early morning yoga session in a celebration of International Yoga Day, along with fusion jazz and food.

Bollywood Star and Technology Icon to launch the UK's first "35 under 35" Bollywood star Vivek Oberoi and former Facebook India Boss, Umag Bedi will inaugurate the first ever India Inc. UKIndia Young Leaders Forum sponsored by Infosys on Thursday 21 June at the De Vere, Latimer Estate in Buckinghamshire as part of the UKIndia Leadership conclave during the India Inc. UK-India Week 2018. The Young Leaders Forum will bring together "35 under 35" of the most dynamic and innovative entrepreneurs, City pro-

fessionals and public service leaders who have been identified as playing an instrumental role in developing UK and India relations. The theme for the Young Leaders Forum is #PositiveBritain meets #PositiveIndia and the Forum will be used to launch the UK-India Young Leaders 2025 Vision Document which will be presented to key Westminster and New Delhi Government departments. During the Forum, Delegates will present their ideas from their respective industry of expertise as to how best the millennial generation can spearhead a stronger post Brexit relationship between the two countries. The Forum will be sponsored by global technology consulting firm Infosys. Pranav Bhanot, Co convenor of the UK-India Young Leaders Forum said “A task of setting the Young Leader 2025 vision for UK and India requires a mix of talent and we are pleased that the Forum is made up of a diverse group of dynamic, innovative entrepreneurs and sociopreneurs to kick start the UK-India Young Leaders 2025 Vision document. The task of constructing a closer relationship between the world’s oldest democracy with the world’s largest democracy not only requires trade deals and diplomatic pleasantries but requires the next generation of leaders from both countries to be empowered and enthused to continue developing the relationship”. We hope the Forum will provide a powerful starting point”. Manoj Ladwa, Founder and CEO of India Inc said “Youth is a great strength of the UK-India partnership. UK-India Week celebrates young perspectives on technological transformation, global connectivity and the growing demand for new skills. The India Inc. Young Leaders Forum provides a platform for the young leaders taking an optimistic approach, forging global ties to tackle the great challenges of our time.” “The winning partnership between the UK and India has many unbeatable opportunities for India’s predominantly young demographic to forge global ties and transform global industries. Young people in the UK too are adamant that they will not let Brexit will not force globalisation into retreat but they will turn it into a catalyst for greater bilateral ties. Now is our chance to recognise these opportunities.”

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Judge orders declassification of documents relating to Operation Blue Star A Judge in the UK has ordered the declassification of documents that are expected to throw some light on Britain's true nature of involvement in Operation Blue Star in 1984, dismissing the British government's argument that the move could damage diplomatic ties with India. The relationship that is already in doldrums after the student visa row over a 'Memorandum of Understanding' (MoU) involving illegal immigrants has reached its peak this week. Judge Murray Shanks, who presided over the three day hearing of the first tier tribunal in London in March, ruled on Monday 11 June that a majority of the files relating to this period 'must be made public' and rejected Downing Street's argument that declassifying the papers would 'hamper' UK-India diplomatic ties. It is believed that Indira Gandhi led Congress government had sought assistance from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while preparing Indian Army's operation on Golden Temple. In 2014, UK government documents declassified under the 30-year rule to make material public and it had revealed that British military advice was given to Indian forces prior to Operation Blue Star. The then Prime Minister David Cameron

had ordered the review into this discovery, named as the Heywood Review, which led to a statement in the Parliament declaring that Britain's role had been purely "advisory" and the advice provided by the country's Special Air Service (SAS) had "limited impact in practice". The PTI reported that the judge, however, did accept that one file marked "India: Political", from the UK's Joint Intelligence Committee (JIC), could contain information that relates to British spy agencies MI5, MI6 and GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) and therefore the Cabinet Office was entitled to rely on a technicality that exempts such material from the Freedom of Information (FOI) request appeal. "We recognise that the period we are concerned with was a highly sensitive one in India's recent history and the strength of feeling it continues to evoke... it should also be remembered that the fact that 30 years has gone by is bound to have reduced any prejudice that may have resulted from release of the withheld material," the judgment notes. But Phil Miller, the author of 'Sacrificing Sikhs: The need for an investigation' report released last year, said that only 'full transparency' could tell the true nature of Britain's involvement.


The UK Cabinet Office has been given time until July 11 to appeal against the First Tier Tribunal's decision. Alternatively, it must make the relevant documents available to Miller for his research by July 12. The Cabinet Office reportedly said it would be issue its response in due course. The Sikh Federation UK in a statement said, “(We) provided direct evidence for the tribunal and made robust public interest arguments during the hearing that have been recognised in the ruling...” The Labour party has made a manifesto commitment to hold an independent public enquiry and following the ruling the leader and deputy leader were requested to issue a statement and increase pressure on the Prime Minister. Bhai Amrik Singh, Chair of Sikh Federation UK in a statement said, “We welcome this judgement that confirms the Heywood review was limited and will add the evidence we already presented to prove that it was a whitewash... “Theresa May should reflect on the judgement and accept the British Sikh community and the public deserve the truth mearly 35 years later with an independent public inquiry. She should not listen to those paranoid about relations with India...”

Entreprenuer raises over £26k for British Heart Foundation

Paresh Raja, CEO and founder of a leading city based bridging firm Marketing Financial Solutions (MFS) has raised over £26000 for the British Heart Foundation (BHF) by partcipating in a bike ride from London to Brighton on 17th June. Speaking about his experience, he said, "It was a an exhilarating day , with not much preparation as I hoped for it was definitely worth it. A truly amazing worthwhile experience. "For all those with heart

conditions, young & old, one day we will find a cure for heart failure and heart disease. "I am so grateful to all who have contributed to the British Heart Foundation & the MFS Team for supporting me. Thank you!" The BHF has helped halve the number of people dying from heart and circulatory disease in the UK but sadly every day hundreds of people lose their lives. £24 could pay for two hours of research by an early career scientist.

INTERNATIONAL WIDOWS DAY 2018 Deeds Not Words: The Quest to Leave No Widow Behind Why Widows Need Your Help

23rd June is International Widows Day, the United Nations ratified day of action to raise awareness and help millions of widows and their children around the world, who are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, conflict and social injustces. The Loomba Foundaton launched 23rd June as International Widows Day at the House of Lords in 2005. After a tireless campaign for five years, the United Nations adopted it at the 65th UN General Assembly in 2010. It is a significant day as it was on this day that Lord Loomba’s mother, Shrimat Pushpa Wati Loomba, became a widow in 1954 in Punjab in India. There are estmated 46 million widows and over 100 million their children in India. Many of them are humiliated, abandoned, ostracised, discriminated against, raped, tortured and even murdered. Often, they lose their rights to inheritance Please contact: UK Registered Charity No. 1064988

Shrimati Pushpa Wati Loomba

With President of India, Ram Nath Govind

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

18 8


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23rd June 2018



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The prestigious Asian Achievers Awards is hosted every year by UK’s leading news weeklies Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to honour British Asians par excellence.

Deadline for nomination 31st July, 2018 Please  tick the appropriate category Achievement in Community Service In recognition for an individuals service to community.

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Minute's silence held to mark anniversary of Finsbury Park attack A minute's silence has been held to mark the first anniversary of the Finsbury Park terrorist attack. One man - Makram Ali - died, and nine others were injured when a van was driven into a crowd of people near a north London mosque on 19 June 2017. The prime minister said it was "an attack on all of us" and the community's bravery "sent a message that terrorism will never succeed". The silence was held outside Islington Town Hall at 09:30 BST. On Monday evening, the phrase #LondonUnited was projected on to the Muslim Welfare House and

is remaining to mark a year since the attack. Darren Osborne, 48, was jailed for 43 years for murdering 51-year-old Mr Ali after deliberately ploughing into the crowd on Seven Sisters Road during Ramadan. Muslim leaders, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and

other politicians also gave speeches at the event in Islington. On Saturday, the Islington Faiths Forum will host a "Great Get Together" in the courtyard of Muslim Welfare House with the aim of "bringing the community together in peace and mutual understanding".

Buckingham Palace terror suspect 'said Queen was enemy' A man allegedly caught with a samurai sword outside Buckingham Palace said the Queen was the enemy "that Allah tells us to fight", a court has heard. Mohiussunnath Chowdhury, 27, from Luton, denies preparing acts of terrorism on 25 August last year, claiming he only wanted to get killed. He shouted "Allahu Akbar" ("God is the greatest") as he was arrested, jurors at London's Old Bailey were told. In a suicide note, he

allegedly said the Queen will "be in the hellfire". The court also heard how a potential sat-nav error led the defendant to a pub called the Windsor Castle, instead of one of

the Queen's residences, earlier on the evening of his arrest. Uber driver Mr Chowdhury, of Kirkwood Road, Luton, had searched the internet for Islamic State group beheadings and Jihadi John, jurors were told. On the day of his arrest, Mr Chowdhury sent a suicide note to his sister and changed his social media profile picture to a green bird, in reference to becoming a martyr, jurors were told. The trial continues.

Violent husband kept wife virtual prisoner for 16 years by her husband A woman who Aziz Rehman, spent 16 years 47, who also as a virtual prevented her prisoner in her from seeing Birmingham family and home says she friends. She never spoke described how out because Zeenat Bibi he used to wedge she thought twigs in the no-one would front door frame believe her. Zeenit Bibi, when he left the house 36, was beaten regularly

Aziz Rehman

Sikh charity faces management inquiry A charity that supports Sikh communities across the UK is being investigated amid concerns about how it is being managed. Charity Commission inspectors have asked the Asthan Babe Ke Trust to turn over ÂŁ1.8m of assets, but say this has not happened. The charities watchdog will look at whether trustees had "sufficient oversight and control" over operations. The trust, based in Birmingham, has been approached for comment. Charity Commission staff began a statutory inquiry on 11 May after an internal dispute at the trust, which aims to advance the Sikh religion, raised "serious regulatory concerns" over how it was

being run. An initial case was opened last year amid allegations of conflicts of interest, the "invalid" appointment of trustees, undeclared income and poor financial controls. The commission gave the charity, based at the Gurdwara Babe Ke an action plan to help resolve the issues. But it said trustees had failed to make "meaningful progress", which had led to its formal inquiry. The commission said it also had concerns over the management of the charity's ÂŁ1.8m of freehold assets and called for them to be given to the Official Custodian, which holds land on behalf of charities.

so he'd know upon his return if she'd gone out. At Birmingham Crown Court, Rehman has been sentenced for assault and coercive control.

Huddersfield doctor struck off for sexual misconduct A doctor who asked a patient about sex positions and told her to bring sex toys to a surgery has been struck off. Huddersfield gynaecologist Dr Iftekhar Ahmed also watched the female patient undress and did not allow her to cover her lower body during the consultation. Dr Ahmed worked at Princess Royal Community Health Centre where the incidents took place in 2013 and 2015. The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) found he was guilty of sexual misconduct. He was found to have abused his position of trust and was banned from the medical register for life.

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23rd June 2018

Top Indian-origin hotelier Baba Ramdev to visit UK from 22 June Surinder Arora in legal battle to celebrate International Yoga Day with Heathrow Airport An Indian-origin hotelier, Surinder Arora, is taking legal action against Heathrow Airport for his right to build a nine-storey car park at one of the world’s biggest airport hubs. Arora has issued a UK High Court claim against the west London airport over his plans to build a 2,077-space ninestorey car park on a land he owns at Heathrow. According to a report in The Sunday Times, while Heathrow Airport Limited claims it alone is entitled to build these spaces, Arora has challenged that claim. Under local planning rules, a maximum of 42,000 car parking spaces are allowed at the airport. Arora believes the 42,000 cap refers to the airport site as a whole, of which his land is a part and therefore should allow him the right to build car-park spaces too. A planning application has been pending with Hillingdon Council since 2015. Unable to secure approval for his multistorey car park, Arora was allowed to build a smaller version with 1,000 spaces and five storeys on the site, which opened last year. However, the 59-

Hotelier Surinder Arora who is in a legal battle with Heathrow Airport over right to develop

year-old Punjab-born entrepreneur behind a chain of hotels in the UK wants to add another four floors and undercut parking charges at Heathrow – which are among the most expensive in the world. But the newspaper notes that Heathrow guards its car parking rights “jealously”. As well as earning money from drivers, they allow it to reap returns from airline passengers by adding the value of the car parks to its asset base, currently worth 15.8 billion pounds. The newspaper also claims that the current row is about more than just car parking. It is a proxy for Arora’s broader battle with the airport on whether competition

should be allowed. The businessman wants the right to build a third runway at the airport, and has backing from airlines including British Airways for his cut-price plan. Heathrow, however, claims the right to develop the runway is its alone. Arora, with an estimated fortune of 349 million pounds in the latest 2018 edition of ‘The Sunday Times Rich List’, is understood to have hired two top barristers to fight his parking case. Heathrow thinks Arora should exhaust the planning process before going to court. “We believe this is entirely without merit and will respond accordingly,” the airport said in reference to the High Court claim filed by Arora.

view, commercial exploitation. Your business model was largely predicated on free labour

and the most minimal expenditure into your business to extract the maximum profit."

Takeaway shop owner jailed for slavery offences

Hargit Bariana

A landlord who enslaved his tenants, forced them to work in his takeaways and fed them leftovers rather than pay them has been jailed. Hargit Bariana claimed he was helping the homeless, but was convicted of modern day slavery offences. The victims worked in grim conditions and were beaten or threatened if they did not comply, jurors heard. The 46-year-old, was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court to eight-anda-half years in prison. The offences related to a period between 2010 and 2016, during which Bariana forced four vulnerable men to work for free in his Blyth takeaway, while they were living in a multiple occupancy house he owned. They were supplied with drink and drugs and fed leftovers, but received no payment. Judge Sarah Mallett told him: "This was, in my

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Baba Ramdev is visiting the UK from 22 June to celebrate the International Yoga Day in Britain. Addressing more than 5000 people in 3 cities viz. London, Coventry and Glasgow, he will be practicing mass yoga in different venues across the country from 23 June. Organised by the High Commission of India, in support with Patanjali Yog Peeth (UK), the organisers are welcoming people to attend the ticketed events, that will cost per person from £16.76 to a VIP ticket at £108.39. Advertised as a 'once in a lifetime' opportunity, the sessions in London are divided into two slots. One from 8:30am to 11am at Kensington Olympia, in Hammersmith, London on Saturday 23 June, followed by the second session of the day from 46:30pm at the same venue. He is going to be doing yoga with people in Coventry on Sunday 24that Ricoh Arena from 9am-12pm, followed by Glasgow on Tuesday 26thJune at Emirates arena from 6:30am-9pm.

Baba Ramdev who has pioneered a simple approach to practicing yoga, has strived to improve the quality of life for everyone through his revolutionary breathing techniques known as Pranayam. Based on a series of pranayam combined with yoga asana (postures), his methods are known to be simple and suitable for all ages and abilities. Yoga, that has taken the international audience by awe, promotes health, happiness and inner harmony using

breathing techniques and physical exercises. If practiced regularly and efficiently key benefits can include: reduced stress levels, improved circulation, healthier joints, enhanced strength, agility and body tone, weight regulation, boosted immune and digestive system, enhanced energy, concentration and flexibility. Recognising its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.



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23rd June 2018

Long letters

This is in reply to Dinesh Sheth’s contention that long letters tend to bore reader. He suggests that letters may be short, succinct and subtle to get full attention of reader. But let me mention my experience since 1999. Bhupendra Gandhi will endorse my statement that I have written more than 400 letters and autobiography, which were accepted by all Editorial teams. Thanks. I used to write about 500 words and got appreciation to contents from Birmingham to Ahmedabad. Many writers in London also were engrossed to read my letters fully. Those were the days when Payal Nair was in the editorial team. Then next persons Urjaben and Rupnjana Dutta restricted length of letter to 250 words. This was painful and we protested, to no avail. Squeezing all information in 250 words was like squeezing a bull into a thimble. Therefore when length of letters was extended to 450 words, we were very happy. We must congratulate editorial team for using next page (number 11), to accommodate letters. But it is not compulsory for all readers to read all the letters fully. One has to look at the title, and name of the author. If any is eye-catching, one may plunge into the text. New names may need full reading. Contents of letters by old veterans can be guessed easily. Some keep to politics, some to statistics, some to travelogue, and some to NHS woes. Choice is customers’, whether to read all or any letter fully or partially. One may skip the column on page number 10 totally. I further suggest one liner precis of some letters, which may be repetition of one good letter. Dinesh Sheth’s letters are eye catching and topically trendy. He is right to make suggestion, but compliance depends on the writer, his knowledge and strength of reaction about the subject. All writers must continue for benefit of curious readers. Thanks to Readers’ Voice, Editorial team and all those who contribute. Ramesh Jhalla By email (Many thanks, Accurate recollection. We are planning our letter writers gettogether. Suggested dates are 1st, 4th, 8th and 11th August 2018 from 3pm to 6pm at Karma Yoga House. Please advise your preference. -CB )

Singapore summit

The summit meeting between President Donald Trump and the Supreme Leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un was a historic meeting of two leaders of opposing ideologies. Donald Trump is the first sitting US president to meet with a North Korean leader. The thought that a president of the United States and a North Korean leader would shake hands in a friendly manner was unimaginable before. This summit meeting which was never going to happen in view of the hostility between America and USA, but it did happen to everyone’s surprise. This meeting of two unpredictable leaders should not be trivialised in anyway. At least a start has been made and ice broken between staunch adversaries. That North Korea’s weapons programme has become a threat to neighbours such as Seoul and Tokyo - and potentially even for the US mainland. Usually before any summit meeting ground work and planning is done by the officials and experts from both side and come to an agreement on all the major issues. Then the leaders of both the countries meet amidst great fanfare to sign the treaty or agreement. Here what happened was the other way round the leaders met first to sus and bond with each other and come a broad agreement (they signed three comprehensive documents") with vague details about future elimination of nuclear weapons from the Korean peninsula and other outstanding issues such as human rights and sanctions. President Donald Trump is taking a huge gamble, based on the very assumption that the force of his personality, and the deal-making skills in which he has supreme confidence, will make all the difference. Skeptics doubt that anything basic has changed. Speaking of the meeting, Trump said the meeting had gone "better than anyone could have expected". Kim Jong-un said “we're prepared to start a new history, and we're ready to write a new chapter between our two nations”. Analysts' opinions are divided on the outcomes to be achieved at this meeting. Some see it as a propaganda for Kim, others consider this meeting to be the beginning of peace on the Korean Peninsula. If after this summit peace comes it will be worth the effort. Baldev Sharma Rayners Lane, Harrow

Is Britain becoming a safe have for criminals?

While Vijay Mallya’s extradition case is dragging on, another Indian billionaire Nirav Modi is reported to be in UK, seeking political asylum in Britain. He was in America, as last reported by Indian press. One may wonder how he is able to travel so freely when his Indian passport has been cancelled. Then billionaire fugitives do not need legal papers, meant for only mortals like us! It is outrageous for British government to link such extraditions of alleged Indian criminals wanted in India with much delayed agreement on some 75,000 Indians allegedly living here illegally. No wonder Britain is known throughout the world as safe haven, a soft touch, not only for criminals, but their ill-gotten bulking bank balances as well. There is no differentiation between spies who have betrayed their motherland, put lives of their fellow spies in danger, financial crooks who have stolen billions, illegal and economic migrants and even Chechen terrorists, warlords, wanted in Russia and other countries for mass murders. It was the “Golden Age” of cooperation, friendship and instant connection between then British PM David Cameron and his Indian counterpart, PM Modi. Who can forget the tremendous, “Pop Star” reception at iconic “Wembley Stadium” with some 70K cheering British Indians occupying every seat available, on a bitterly cold winter day with drizzle and snowflakes descending from a grey, cloud laden sky? It is difficult to understand stunning naivety of British “Foreign Policy” under PM May, as after Brexit, we will need every friend we could muster to make Brexit an economic success to validate our decision to leave EU in a fair and free referendum. Instead this government, isolated in EU, bullied by France and Germany, has spoiled relations with Russia, India and even America. No wonder President Trump refused to have one to one talk with Mrs. May at G7 Summit in Canada, instead preferring to have private talks with Canadian PM Justin James Trudeau and young, dynamic French President Emmanuel Macron, who now occupies pride of place in American political circle. Luminary Indian PM Narendra Modi is a trusted and well-liked politician on the “World Stage” receiving tremendous, Bollywood film star like welcome wherever he goes, even in Islamic countries of the Middle East. It is time for PM Modi to put his foot down and confront the bull by the horn, as Britain needs India more than India needs Britain. Bhupendra M. Gandhi By email

Asian child gang

Just read about Asian Child Sex Gang in the Daily Mail. It is extremely annoying to read that yet again although all of the men are Pakistani Muslims and why are they all called "ASIAN" by the British Media. Asia is the largest Continent and it is high time we Indians take this up and try and resolve this GROUPING UP problem once and for all. I have written to the Daily Mail to question this point. R Parmar By email

Eid celebrated with fanfare all over India

Eid-ul-Fitr, marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, was celebrated with great joy and religious fervour across all the Indian States on June 16. In Mumbai alone, over five lakhs Muslims came out early morning dressed in their finery to offer their special Eid congregational prayers as thanksgiving at the 800-plus mosques in Mumbai. After the solemn prayers, people joyfully greeted each other with hugs of 'Eid Mubarak' in mosques, homes and public places. The festival marked the culmination of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan during which Muslims observe a stringent dawn-to-dusk fast in which even water is not even permitted. After offering the Eid 'namaaz' (prayers), it was time for the celebrations with family, friends, neighbours and community people, savouring and serving each other the festival special dish of 'sheer-korma', a sweet preparation of milk, vermicelli and dry fruits. The community was not alone as they were joined in large numbers by Hindus, Christians, Jains and even Parsis to meet, greet and celebrate with their Muslim brethren. Jubel D'Cruz, Mumbai, India


Are ‘snowflake’ parents responsible for child obesity?

As all parents know, our children are getting more clever, more demanding, some may even say somewhat spoiled, especially if it is the only child in the family. Our materialistic society plays a big part in the obesity epidemic that may inundate our already under pressure NHS in a decade, especially as the ever increasing older population will also make their mark on the NHS. We all live longer but not necessarily a healthy life in our retirement. As widely publicized in our national news-papers, unlimited supply of sugar loaded soft drinks at so many nation-wide food chains; especially catering for children and youngsters and families, with free refill self-service as part of their meal deals, from “Soda Fountain” machines, that attracts the attention of children and plays a big part in the increase of sugar intake among our children, resulting in the epidemic of obesity in adult life with increase of such medical conditions like diabetics, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol level, as well as heart problems. Not only we have snowflake parents with children setting the agenda but also snowflake government who is the last to act in EU on health related matters, with industries and businesses having undue influence on the government policies, some say it is due to their reliance on the donations, especially at election times, that enables them to influence, even dictate government policies. As usual Scotland gives us the lead in such legislation, with pegged alcohol unit price, free prescriptions and perhaps Scotland will be the first to ban free refills as well while we in England will rely on the voluntary measures, on the goodwill of these foodchains where profits precedes, take priority over health matters. Government should take a hint from France where the government recently banned free refills, bottomless supply of such drinks nationwide. The acclaimed chef Jamie Oliver, advocate of healthy, balanced food, urged the PM to ban junk food adverts on transport, such as busses, extend the sugar tax on milkshakes and prohibit junk food adverts on TV before 9pm watershed. Kumudini Valambia By email

The moped riders

There has been a spate of attacks from people riding mopeds. According to media reports, there were 16,000 attacks by scooter riders last year. In this alarming increase, motor cycles have been used in crimes such as mobile phone snatches, gem store raids and acid attacks. In this spate of moped related crimes, groups of youths are using stolen two wheelers to commit the snatch offences across London. After the harsh punishments which were meted out to the offenders of acid attacks and knife crimes, moped crimes have mushroomed. The crimes happen in a matter of seconds when the criminals mount pavements on bikes and snatch mobile phones and other valuable items from the innocent passers by. Why this type of crime has been on the increase? The snatch happens in a very little space of time and before the pedesterian realises, his phone or purse is taken from his hand. The culprits are between 15 and 22 years of age and the mopeds which they use are stolen from delivery drivers. Experts believe that the cuts in police officers mean that there are fewer officers on the streets and that there is no time for the officers to stop and search the suspects. Hence a large number of crimes are not reported and the stolen jewellery is sold in other countries. Criminals know that they can get away with more and more. It is not rocket science. Hope AV readers will be warned. Dinesh Sheth Newbury Park, Ilford

Nirav Modi and Vijay Malia

Why is it the crooks of India who cheat the Indians and the Indian Government seek refuge in the UK? And why are we so proud of their ill gotten wealth? Subhash Patel St Albans

UK AsianVoiceNews


Modern students 'prefer work to drugs'

Students are more likely to want universities to take a tougher line against drugs on campus, rather than a more liberal response, say researchers. The study - from the Higher Education Policy Institute (Hepi) and the University of Buckingham - found 71% of students had not taken illegal drugs. But almost 40% thought their university had a "problem" with drug use.

Hepi's director, Nick Hillman, said students were "more hardworking and less hedonistic" than was realised. The study, which surveyed more than a thousand undergraduate students, rejects the image of students being sympathetic to drug use, and suggests a more clean-living generation. It shows 62% wanting a "stronger line" from universities to stop the drugs trade on campus and 53% thinking that university authorities do

Asian Voice |

Teenagers 'let down over degree choices'

not do enough to discourage drug use. Drugs did not seem to be prevalent enough to be a major worry - with more students concerned about excessive alcohol consumption than illegal drug use. The negative view of drugs saw them as causing mental health problems and encouraging criminality. Last week an annual study of student attitudes from Hepi gave further evidence of a cultural shift towards a more hardworking approaching to student life. It showed that students wanted to have more teaching hours, seeing a heavier workload as better value for money. Paying tuition fees and the pressure to get a good degree seem to have influenced what students expect from their years at university. The results from this survey do not agree with another recent piece of research from the National Union of Students, which suggested that about two in five students were drug users. Cannabis, ecstasy, nitrous oxide and cocaine were the most widely used, according to a study which suggested that drugs were much more pervasive than claimed by the Hepi and University of Buckingham report.

Teenagers in England are having to make choices about university on the basis of too little information, a report by the Public Accounts Committee warns. The PAC report says this is due "in large part to insufficient and inconsistent careers advice". It also says students have limited redress if they are unhappy with the quality of courses and that shorter and part-time courses have not emerged. The government says a review of higher education will address such issues. The report says it's "deeply concerning" that most students in England don't have the advice they need to make an informed decision. "The substantial financial commitment required and wide variation in outcomes from higher education mean prospective students need high-quality advice and support to make decisions that are right for them. The complexity of the market and the volume of information available makes it difficult for prospective students, most of whom are teenagers, to assess the quality and suitability of higher education institutions," it says. The report also warns

income group into which they were born, with those born into poorer families likely to remain poor and those from high-income families going on to become high earners themselves. There was also a trend for middle class families to

have slipped further behind the highest paid and for some to have got much closer to low earners. In the UK, the study found only about a fifth of the children of lowincome families went on to become high earners.

Five generations 'before poor reach average pay'

Social mobility is so frozen that it would take five generations for a poorer family in the UK to reach the average income, an OECD report says. The economics think tank says income inequality has widened since the 1990s, with high earners accelerating ahead. Those born before 1975 had much more chance of social mobility than those born afterwards, the study says. The international study, A Broken Social Elevator?, says high earners are getting bigger rewards and consolidating wealth for the next generations. It also says those at the bottom of the ladder are finding it increasingly difficult to help their families catch up - with social mobility declining. For those people born between 1955 and 1975, the research says, social mobility was a "reality", with people born into lowincome families able to move up in terms of education and earnings. But the OECD study suggests that those born afterwards, becoming adults in the 1990s and later, faced "stagnating" social mobility. Researchers found a high likelihood of people being "stuck" in the



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that students who are dissatisfied with their course are more likely to drop out than switch provider, with only 2% of students transferring provider each year. "An effective market requires empowered consumers who can switch provider if they are dissatisfied, but this is not the case in the higher education market." The PAC report makes five critical conclusions: - the Department for Education (DfE) is treating the higher education sector as a market, but not one that works in the interests of students or taxpayers - young people are not being properly supported in making decisions on higher education, with lack of careers advice a crucial factor - students have limited means of redress if they are unhappy with the quality of their course, even if they drop out - the DfE does not have enough of a grip on actions to widen participation in higher education, and is over-reliant on the actions of some universities - the new Office for Students has not yet articulated how it will support the varied and complex interests of students.


23rd June 2018

Don't be afraid to take phones off teens, says Eton head

Schools and parents should not be scared to take smartphones and other electronic devices away from teenagers, the headmaster of Eton has said. Simon Henderson, head of the private school since 2015, says it is sometimes appropriate to take devices away. Speaking at a Girls' Day School Trust conference in London, Mr Henderson said Eton now requires its Year 9 boys to hand in their devices at nighttime. He said the boys liked the move, as it removed the pressure from them. Asked how schools could help teenagers navigate social media, Mr Henderson told the conference: "It's a 24/7 culture, but there's a place for taking phones and things off them.� Many schools, both state and private, ban pupils from having mobile phones with them in

school. While teachers have the legal right to confiscate items from pupils, there is no government policy about mobile phone use in England and individual schools make their own rules on the issue. The study looked at schools in four English cities and found test scores increased by more than 6% in those which banned phones. Former Ofsted boss and vice-chancellor of Reading University, Sir David Bell, who also spoke at the GDST conference, was keen to point out the positive side of social media.He said it was a w onderful opportunity for youngsters to "connect up". But he acknowledged there were elements of social media that left young people vulnerable. It was important to help young people identify the "right sort of community" to be a part of, he added.


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

A young Indian woman, a junior international chess champion to boot, had the courage and moral integrity to say no to a demand that she play with a headscarf at the Asian Team Chess Championship to be held in Hamadan from July 26August 4. The demand was made by the Iran’s Islamic regime. Soumya Swaminathan had much at stake: prize money, to be sure, but also the possible advancement of her career to the next level. She put these considerations aside on a matter of principle with a forthright statement.” ‘I do not wish to be forced to wear a headscarf or burqa. Soumya Swaminathan

I find the Iranian law of compulsory headscarf to be in direct violation of my basic human rights, including my right to freedom of expression, and right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. It seems that under the present circumstances, the only way for me protect my rights is not to go to Iran.’ (Times of India June 13). That said, it does not infringe the rights of those who have no problem conforming to Iranian law on the headscarf. It is the individual’s freedom of choice one way or another. Compulsion is the issue.

Kashmir journalist assassinated For ordinary folk in the frontline of jihadi violence, the assassination of Sujaat Bukhari, Editor of ‘Rising Kashmir’ the English-language newspaper and his two bodyguards were hardly a surprise, but breast-

Sujaat Bukhari

beating peaceniks, such as the formaly, intelligence chief of RAW turning the other cheek is the flavor of the season. A massive public turnout for the funeral of Mr Bukhari and his men should give the jihadis pause, their brutality and cowardice may alienate those who have hitherto answered their call for jihad (Times of India, Hindu June 15, 16).

Pakistan’s jihadi spots Despite a recent ceasefire agreement on the Line of Control along the border in Jammu and Kashmir, the Pakistani military indulged in heavy mortar and machine gum firing, leading to the deaths of four troopers of India’s Border Security Force (BSF) including an officer. A strong protest was lodged, as were others before it. A retaliatory strike will undoubtedly follow. The cycle of

violence is likely to accelerate (Times of India, Hindu June 14).

TCS to expand Prudential deal Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) expects to generate $1.36 billion over 10 years from its partnership with British insurer Prudential Plc. India’s largest IT company said that it would get $680 million from Prudential in addition to the $690 million order it got earlier this year. TCS extended its partnership with television ratings measurement company Nielsen in December when it won a $2.25 billion eight-year contract (Mint, Hindu June 13).

Investing in skills

against the OPEC cartel of oil producers who manipulate the market to keep oil prices exorbitantly high (Hindu June 10, 14).

Alimov commends India’s role in SCO Prime Minister Narendra Modi met the Secretary General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Rashid Alimov in Qingdao on ways in which Indian participation could strengthen the organization since it became full member (along with Pakistan) in 2017. Alimov complimented India for its contribution to the work of the SCO (Hindu June 10).

India, Uzbekistan review bilateral ties Prime Minister Modi and Uzbekistan President Shavkat Mirziyoyev met on the sidelines of the SCO Summit for talks on the full scope of bilateral relations, with a pledge to boost economic and cultural ties. Mr Modi tweeted: ‘Wonderful to meet Mr Shavkat Mirziyoyev. Ties between our nations have their roots in history. We reviewed the full range of the India-Uzbekistan friendship, especially ways to boost economic and cultural cooperation.’ (Hindu June 14).

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman inaugurated the first public sector defence office in Vietnam. Bharat Electricals Limited (BEL) will showcase products such as Weapon Systems, Radar Systems, Naval Systems, Military Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems, Combat Management Systems and Coastal Surveillance Systems, and product and services to users across Southeast Asia (Business Line June 14).

River, rice deals by India, China

Lynching disease

Afghanistan India and China also agreed to move forward in identifying joint projects in Afghanistan that would help in development of the war-torn country, which has long been battling jihadi terrorism through suicide bombings, mostly by ISL, and to a lesser extent by al-Qaeda.

India, China to form Oil consumers’ bloc India and China have also agreed to set up an oil consumers bloc

Money down the drain The sum India invested in the Russian FGFA has simply gone down the drain. The plane is completing its tests in Russia and will join for the Russian Air Force. Foreign policy gains credibility when defence is strongest (Economic Times June 13).

President for Greek, Latin American tour President Ram Nath Kovind is shortly to embark on a tour of Greece, Surinam and Cuba. India has had strong ties with Greece, hence the Indian President’s visit reaffirms these ties. He will

stadia are superb, built within time and a wonder to behold; a carnival of light, sounds, colour on Russian streets as supporters from every continent jostled and mingled and bonded– a disappointment, no doubt, to the British tabloids who had warned of outbreaks of Russian hooliganism. In a remarkable volte face, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who had earlier called for a boycott of the tournament, oozed AngloRussian friendship. Indian media reporters spread themselves from Moscow, St Petersburg, Sochi, Kaliningrad and Kazan, in the country’s Islamic province of Tartaristan. India’s ethnic and cultural diversity pales before that of the Russian Federation, the largest territorial expanse of the planet, its architecture varying from the striking domes of the Eastern Orthodox dispensation, and those of other Christian denominations, Muslim minarets, Jewish synagogues, to the totems of the forest dwellers of Siberia. The Russian language

BEL office in Vietnam

A group of leading companies, spearheaded by IT firms, are engaging closely with students at school and college levels. They include Philips, IBM, Wipro, EXL Service, SAP Labs and Infosys are drivers of initiatives, such as promoting an interest in STEM [science, technology, engineering and mathematics], creating awareness of new technologies like artificial intelligence, to ensure a skilled workforce up and running for creative employment (Economic Times June 12).

India and China took a significant step forward through two agreements, the first pertaining to hydrological data that China will supply to India on the Brahmaputra river from its headwaters in Tibet as it flows down stream into the plains of Assam and Bengal. The second agreement involves the Chinese imports of Indian rice, beyond the basmati variety.

Director that it possessed the technology to produce the joint venture Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA), which it clearly does not, judging by the delays and failures with the Tejas warplane for the Indian Air Force. Meanwhile the continuing depletion of IAF squadrons carries on regardless.


Lynching by mobs instigated by fake reports on social media is an affliction that must be stamped out with all the vigor available to the state and judiciary. The recent assault in Assam on two innocent students by a mob believing the young men to be child kidnappers was instigated by social media. The police have arrested 15 people. From cow trafficking to child trafficking, the scourge has gone on for much too long (Times of India, Hindu June 12, 14).

President Ram Nath Kovind to embark on 3-nation tour to Greece, Suriname and Cuba

then proceed to Surinam in South America, much of whose people are of Indian descent; and thence to Cuba, a timetested friend from the days of Fidel Castro. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu had earlier visited Guatemala, Panama and Peru, where he signed a number of economic agreements. India’ outreach to Latin America was long overdue (Economic Times June 13).

Healthy Indian presence in Russia for FIFA World Cup Thousands of Indians have assembled in Russia for the World Cup 2018, the grandest sporting spectacle on earth. The occasion is proving everything FIFA hoped it would be. The

is the common tongue that binds the peoples of the Eurasian heartland.

Titanic figures Russia’s unique cultural heritage was, as was its amazing history. The fortitude and heroism of the Russian and Soviet peoples in face of Hitler’s conquering legions in June 1944, not to speak of Tsarist Russia’s defeat of Napoleon in 1812. The titanic figures of Ivan IV the Terrible), Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Lenin and, not least, Josef Stalin, mightiest warlord above

FGFA Russia deal aborted Manohar Parriker, the previous Indian Defence Minister, a techie himself, had passed the deal with Russia for the joint venture to produce the Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft and submitted it to the Cabinet for final approval. The government sat on it for a year. The Prime Minister’s Office referred the subject to the Defence Research & Development Organization (DRDO) and was told by its

Russian President Vladimir Putin opens World Cup 2018 in Moscow

all others in the nation’s annals. The Bengali t e l e v i s i o n documentary scripted by Suman Mukherjee was outstanding, keeping audiences glued to their TV screens; hopefully English and Hindi versions will appear on our screens in due course.

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Asian Voice |

Moped thieves stole Sajid Javid’s phone as he tried to call taxi

Home Secretary said he could have been badly injured

before stealing the Rolex. Sajid Javid, who is in charge of the nation’s policing and security, said the incident happened during his previous role as Communities Secretary. The revelation comes amid concerns of a wave of violent crime in some parts of the country, particularly in London and other big cities. Mr Javid, who has four children, admitted he worries about them if they are out late and his parental concern drives him to tackle the problem. ‘Our streets should be safe at all times, you shouldn’t have to worry about things like knife or other crime,’ he said.

Theresa May has acknowledged concerns about moped gangs, but insisted police were being given the powers they need to crack down on crime. Earlier this month the Prime Minister was challenged about the Government’s response to criminals using mopeds to carry out robberies and other crimes. She said former home secretary Amber Rudd held talks with police to make sure they had the powers they needed to be able to chase moped-riding criminals. ‘This issue of moped crime is one that is of concern for people,’ the PM said.

Grenfell Tower had unfit lifts and unsuitable water mains, inquiry hears

The fire safety flaws that lay undetected for over a decade have been revealed by a fire safety expert during an inquiry into the tragedy. Dr Barbara Lane, an expert witness who analysed the fire for the investigation, said safety measures within the building were not suitable and many external materials flammable. She is one of four specialists due to give evidence about the tragedy this week, but did not provide an opinion about fireperformance, which she is expected to give at a later date. Her forensic examination painted a picture of a refurbishment of the external wall and flat win-

dows that was riddled with errors. The refit was overseen by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation and contractor Rydon between 2012 and 2016. Work done on the lifts in 2005 and 2012-16 left them unfit for evacuating

the building of vulnerable residents and aiding the emergency response, Dr Lane said on Monday. They lacked features including an escape hatch, a secondary power supply or doors that can resist a fire for 60 minutes, it was heard. The block’s dry rise system – pipes through which the fire service pump their own water into the building – was also said to go against statutory guidance. A gas pipe running from the basement throughout the building was installed in 2016 and remained exposed at key points during the fire, the expert continued. The inquiry continues.

Harrow game designer goes through to BAFTA final

A teenager has made it through to the finals of a competition to find the coders and game designers of the future. On June 6, Diya Patel from Harrow was among those chosen to go forward for The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Young Game Designers competition. Diya, who is 13, was one among the 60 finalists announced aged between ten and 18-years. Diya will now appear alongside other hopeful applicants vying for the Game Concept Award which recognizes paper-based writ-

ten game ideas. All the finalists will eventually go through to the final round, a special red carpet awards ceremony on July 7 at the BAFTA Piccadilly headquarters. Diya, who attends the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth, has designed a game called Polar Blast, which features Para the penguin who must escape from Kalinda the whale while collecting fish bonuses The (BAFTA) Young Game Designers competition is an annual initiative which began in 2010 giving young people an

Diya Patel

opportunity to learn about game design and future career possibilities. Some previous entrants have gone on to attract commercial interest.

23rd June 2018

Instruct a Personal Injury Solicitor sooner rather than later Many people who suffer from an injury and do not pursue their claim immediately after the accident may be unaware of potential time limits.

(Picture: PA)

Sajid Javid said he was lucky not to have been stabbed or beaten up after moped thieves stole his phone. He had reached for his mobile to call a taxi outside Euston station in north London, when criminals appeared ‘in a flash’ and grabbed it. ‘It was brand new. Before I knew what was happening, it had gone. They just rode up, grabbed it and zoomed off,’ the Home Secretary said. ‘I was angry and upset but thought myself lucky not to have been stabbed or beaten up like many other victims who fall prey to these vicious criminals.’ Mr Javid told the Sun: ‘It happened in a flash. I was walking out of Euston station and reached for my phone to call a taxi.’ He spoke about the incident after Michael McIntyre was robbed of his watch by moped-riding thieves. The comedian was on the school run in his Range Rover in north London when thugs smashed the windows


In the majority of Ifrah Ahmed cases an injured party has three years from the date of their accident to settle their claim or initiate court proceedings pursuant to the Limitation Act 1980. The period can be longer in cases such as hearing loss, clinical negligence and exposure to asbestos where the symptoms of an injury occur a considerable time after the negligence or exposure that caused it. If the injured party is a child or lacks litigation capacity the three year rule does not apply. Some people decide not to pursue their injury claim immediately after the accident as they may not know that they are entitled to claim or that they have three years to make it.

es, which could have been an extremely useful chance of assessing the prospects of success. l If the claim is against an employer/ business, they may become difficult to trace if they move or close. l

The law changes quite regularly and if you hold off on seeing a solicitor you may be denied the right to claim or reduce the prospects of succeeding.

l Memory fades with time - clients and witnesses may forget key facts that are crucial to establishing liability.

l If your injury was caused by machinery, this may be sold, scrapped or repaired. In such circumstances, an engineer will struggle to examine it or provide a report to support your claim. We advise that you see a solicitor as soon as possible. If you are hesitant about pursuing a claim, then a solicitor will be able to deal with the many issues above and advise you fully. Author, Ifrah Ahmed is a Personal Injury Solicitor in the Personal Injury department and a member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) who specialises in claims on behalf of individuals who have sustained serious injuries arising from an accident. Her expertise includes but is not limited to traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries and serious orthopaedic injuries. For expert advice call Ifrah on 020 3114 1215 or email her at


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This is not the best way forward for the following reasons:

Witnesses may be harder to contact – they may change their numbers, move house or lose contact. l CCTV may no longer be available – typically footage is kept for one month. This evidence can be vital in establishing liability. l In fatal incident cases, the inquest may have been concluded and your solicitor will not have had the opportunity to attend and question the witness-

Our Personal Injury Solicitors are proud of their reputation for being caring and considerate and have extensive experience representing clients who have sustained injuries as a result of accidents. Family members can call us for advice on making a claim if someone close to them has been injured and is still recovering in hospital on 0333 772 0409.

Civil servants to be quizzed on what school they went to in a drive to increase diversity

Whitehall bosses are to ask staff if they went to private school in a drive to increase diversity. As part of a survey of ‘socio-economic’ issues, civil servants will be asked to state the type of school they attended. Other topics will include whether they qualified for free school meals as children and the profession and academic qualifications of their parents. The survey has been drawn up following a consultation with private sector firms KPMG, Grant Thornton and Linklaters. These companies are already said to ask staff such questions, while others including Standard Life say they will follow suit. Tens of thousands of civil servants will take

part in the annual survey in October. But another Civil Service survey of almost 3,000 senior civil servants

in 2016 found that just 23 per cent went to a fee-paying school, and 42 per cent of those had been on bursaries.


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Visa row threatens UK-India relationship Continued from page 1 This also comes in the wake of the first UK-India week, being celebrated in London from 18-22 June (report on pg 6). As more and more sense of 'distrust' now apparent, it is evident why the Indian Foreign Secretary Sushma Swaraj had reportedly admitted to have influenced Mr Modi's decision on the MoU. It was Prime Minister Theresa May who during her visit to India in 2016 had said that she would consider a better visa deal, only if India 'could step up and speed the volume of returns of Indians who have no right to remain in the UK'. But the numbers have always been a 'bone of contention', that were not resolved before Mr Modi's arrival and continue to stir up further troubles. A Home Office spokesperson reportedly said, that Indian students are still welcome to the UK and they issue more visas to students from India part from China and the US. While Britain's Home Secretary Sajid Javid has introduced a new tech visa for non-EU immigrants, the Home Office said the new visa will make the application process 'faster and smoother' for entrepreneurs wanting to come to the UK. The start-up visa will require applicants to have an endorsement from a university or approved business sponsor, including accelerators. The visa route has been designed following advice from the Migration Advisory Committee and feedback from the tech sector, according to the home office. But with this new announcement it remains unanswered why 2000 IT professionals were refused their visas over the last 5 months along with 2300 medical professionals. The highly-killed migrants still have their lives hanging by a thread, as home office so far has refused to overturn their decision to not grant them an Indefinite Leave to Remain. James Kirkup, director of the Social Market Foundation (SMF), a think tank, reportedly said that this step by the Home Office sends a wrong message to India and students, especially during Brexit, as Britain needs to demonstrate that it is 'economically and intellectually' open to the rest of the world. Sanam Arora, Chairperson of National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU), a UK based Indian students' forum said, "The UK continues coupling students to immigrants is getting really frustrating for all involved in the UK's Higher Education sector. "For starters, this myth of overstaying students needs to be categorically cleared once and for all - last year it was confirmed that 97% of foreign students left the UK after completing their studies. So where is the overstaying student? "An international Indian student is not a migrant. That is why the entire country is united in asking for international students to be removed from the UKs net migration targets. Even the UKIP asked for this to happen! "We condemn the abuse of the student visa route by some but would like to remind everyone that unfortunate as it is, where there is a law, there are some who break it and the onus should be on us to create a framework that doesn’t allow abuse - for instance the entire ETS TOEIC issue; which many are still awaiting justice for, was created because of an institutional failure, as was the whole bogus college scandal. "Sadly, this is harming those that it’s meant to serve - ie the students and the HE sector. It is about time students were given the respect and consumer rights

they deserve. On India’s part, we request the MEA to work with the Foreign Office to resolve pending issues urgently. What shared global future will our two countries define together if people to people ties are continuously harmed?"

Peers discuss illegal immigration and back Indian professionals in visa row The Peers at House of Lords on Thursday 14 June debated about the failure of Home office, the cause and affect of illegal immigration and the plight of the highlyskilled migrants in the UK. They backed Indian professionals who are caught up in the highly-skilled migrant visa row, and called it a 'national scandal' During the debate called 'Immigration: Hostile Environment', Lord Dick Taverne, a Liberal Democrat peer, who is leading a parliamentary campaign in favour of professionals affected by the by the clause 322(5) said, "This treatment is a national scandal every bit as outrageous as the treatment of the Windrush immigrants. A monstrous injustice is being perpetrated by our government in our name. "If it is not remedied, the Home Office will not only be breaking every canon of a civilised society, but ignoring one of the most basic tenets of the rule of law the golden rule that someone is assumed innocent until proved guilty... "Their only error is one that half a million British taxpayers make every year. Native taxpayers amend their tax returns without facing any penalty not even a fine but the Home Office treats migrants who do as terrorists.” By the clause 322(5) Home Office marks people as 'a national threat' caused by discripancies in taxes, that have been already settled with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). The debate was moved by Lord Bassam and also had Lord Morris from the Labour party, Baroness Williams, the Minister of State, Home Office from Conservatives, Baroness Manzoor from the Conservatives, Crossbencher Baroness O'Neill, Lord Suri from Conservatives, Baroness Mcintosh from Labour, Lord Jones from Lib Dem, Crossbencher Baroness Flather, Lord Parekh from Labour, Lord Judd from Labour, Baroness Hamwee from Lib Dems and Lord Kennedy from Labour Co-op participating. Lord Suri speaking immigration said, “Under the previous Home Secretary, now Prime Minister, the hostile environment came into effect. This brought stricter checks into many more spheres of public life to make it harder to continue to live in this country without the right to do so. The policies enacted put stricter responsibilities on a range of private sector actors. For example, universities and landlords have found themselves in the unfortunate position of having to carry out checks on their tenants and students to check that they are here legally. But this approach did not stop there. “Public sector bodies were all caught up in the net. Institutions, from schools to hospitals, found themselves having to collect and share data on individuals accessing those services. Checks are also carried out on those seeking a state pension or other benefits. The trouble is that this approach has a fundamental flaw. It has the nefarious effect of acting against peo-

ple who have been here for an extended period, who have full residency and employment rights.” Making a very interesting observation on the psyche of the legal and illegal immigrants, Baroness Flather said, “We have a lot of illegal immigrants. When there is a desire to stop illegal immigrants or find them, how do legal and settled i m m i g r a n t s respond? It is an interesting question. They respond in two ways. Of course, they feel unsettled, especially if they have any doubts about their own position, but they also want the illegal immigrants to be found because they feel that illegal immigrants threaten their position. It is not all one-way, where they do not want anybody to find the illegal immigrants; they want them to be found. “This brings us back to the Home Office. Why are there so many illegal immigrants in this country? Is the Home Office not supposed to keep an eye on people who come to this country? It is no good starting to turf them out and so on once they are here. The Home Office should be stopping them from coming here in the first place. It is not functioning to any kind of standard. Everything takes too long. Even English people trying to get a visa do not know when their passport will come back. It is a very serious situation. The Home Office cannot function with all those responsibilities and should not be one huge department like it is. Immigration in particular needs its own department and people who know the history of migration to this country—why people have come, where they have come from and what the situation is. “It is no good saying that we do not want the illegal immigrants—clearly we do not. They should be stopped from coming, rather than being picked out once they are in this country and have merged with the rest of the population. When you start doing that you upset them and other people that they are working with. As has been said clearly, you are bound to worry people. On the other hand, if you do not do anything about illegal immigration you do not reinforce the position of those who are here legally...” In his usual empirical approach Lord Parekh said, “We hear stories of people who owed HMRC only £1 or £2 who have been deported or threatened with deportation. Why is there this kind of attitude? Where does it spring from? From what soil does this kind of attitude to our fellow human beings, now labelled as illegal immigrants, spring?” Speaking on the hostility towards immigration, he added, “In the course of exercising those powers there have been high-profile enforcement campaigns. Remember those boards on the buses saying 'Go home or face arrest'? In the course of exercising those powers we have used schools to provide the data. We have gone to workplaces to find out what happened. The benefit system has been capped to find out illegal immigrants. Access to services, hospital doctors—at any conceivable point where we can catch them we have been trying to do so. We have set targets, although those became the subject of some controversy, and put them ahead of people. We threaten people with deportation and detention. We look at their bank accounts to see whether any illegal transactions are taking place.

“In the course of using those powers to try to achieve this kind of goal, inevitably mistakes are made—they are bound to be. The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration said that 10% of the cases have been wrongly identified. Not only that but small derelictions become very large—they get magnified in our views and become subjects for deportation...” Speaking further on the larger consequences of illegal immigration, Lord Parekh added, “First, some legal immigrants have been identified and punished. Secondly, the country’s sensibility has become very coarse, such that if a man is branded as illegal, anything goes, anything can be done to him. Thirdly, because we talk about illegal immigrants, all immigrants get marked in this way and that accounts for the populist reaction that we have been witnessing, not only in Britain but everywhere else. Where people feel so possessive about the country, then the figure of the immigrant, not just the illegal immigrant, becomes a dangerous one, something to watch against. As soon as someone is identified as an immigrant, people will say, “Oh, my God, lock him up, send him away”. The psychology behind the politics has not developed in a vacuum. It has developed slowly, each step being sensible in its own right, but all collectively leading to disaster. “It is also the case that it has tarnished Britain’s reputation. Those of us who read newspapers in other countries feel deeply saddened that a country we love should be represented in this way as a country which is prepared to denigrate its own citizens, deport them and detain them. This is not the way a civilised country should behave...” Speaking about situations created through foreign policies, he added, “The other important thing is that they come here because we have messed up their countries through our foreign policy and they are in a situation where their lives are unliveable. When I read horrible stories about Syria and Afghanistan and elsewhere, and people coming here, I ask myself why are they coming so late? I should have expected them to come before. They come illegally because they would like to come legally but we have closed the legal door. Illegal immigration takes place because legal immigration has been blocked. So I do not think we should simply blame the villain out there, in the form of an illegal immigrant; we should also look at ourselves and our policies with some degree of modesty and humility and ask ourselves whether we are responsible for what is going on. I do not think the Minister would want to say that we have no responsibility of any kind for the illegal immigration that is taking place. Emphasising that he wants to alert the Peers to do something, Lord Parekh concluded by saying, “A friend came to see me the other day and this man told me his life story. He cannot bring the wife he married in the Dominican Republic here and cannot bring his daughter. His mother is dying and is desperately anxious to see them. Why, is a long story, but the important thing is that there are cases waiting to break and I think it is about time that the Government became proactive and seized themselves of the situation.” A petition on 38 degrees created by the highly-skilled migrants have already gathered 97,251 as we went to press ( On the page they speak about father of two Owais Raja, who was working as a college lecturer when his accountant make a tax error. His accountant is now convicted for fraud but Owais has been left unable to pay his wife's medical care and the family faces deportation AsianVoiceNews


UK Minister drives forward minority ethnic employment On Tuesday the Minister of State for Employment, Alok Sharma, brought together charities, Local Authorities and community groups to hear about their work to support minority groups into employment and to build on progress to date While the Black, Asian and minority ethnic employment rate is at a record high, Mr Sharma has said it’s vital we keep up momentum and that he is personally dedicated to “pushing progress forward”. The BAME employment rate has risen by 6.4 percentage points since 2010, which demonstrates the progress the Government has made in building an economy that gives opportunity to everyone, regardless of their background. Three of the biggest minority groups – Black, African and Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi, and Indian – have seen significant rises in the rates of employment since 2010 with growths of 9.5ppts, 8.5ppts and 6.1ppts respectively. Twenty key representatives from organisations leading work to boost BAME employment attended the roundtable with the Minister where they discussed their programmes, including how they work to tailor support for young people and women from a range of BME groups, including those from Kurdish, Middle Eastern and Somali backgrounds.

Speaking following the meeting the Minister for State Employment Alok Sharma said: “We are all working towards the same goal – opening up work opportunities for those who are underrepresented in the labour market. And there is incredibly valuable work going on across the UK. “It’s important we learn from some of the best examples and make the most of the talent out there, giving people from all backgrounds the chance to reach their potential. “We’ve made good progress, with the BAME employment rate at an all-time high but I am absolutely determined to make faster progress in closing the current ethnic minority employment gap.” The meeting follows the Department for Work and Pensions strategy to boost Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic employment in 20 challenge areas across the country, identified in light of the Prime Minister’s Race Disparity Audit. The sessions offer jobseekers six hours of exclusive face-to-face interaction with an employer, focussing on practical help with application forms and CVs, practice interview skills and questions, and gives jobseekers authentic insight into the business. The mentoring circle in Peckham brought jobseekers face to face with representatives from Google, the National Gird, Capgemini and SEO (Sponsors for Educational Opportunity) London.

A mother and daughter who have dedicated their working lives to the NHS are amongst the black and minority ethnic NHS staff who have been honoured as part of NHS England’s Windrush Awards. It also includes three Asian origin candidates in different capacities including a doctor. Dr Sanjeev Nayak, a consultant interventional neuro-radiologist won Clinical excellence award for medics, Kashmira Sangle, a Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead won Clinical Excellence Award for allied health professionals and Dr Bijay Sinha, a Consultant Physician won BME inspirational leader award. More than 11,000 members of the public, patients and staff nominated NHS staff for the NHS Windrush 70 Awards which mark the 70th anniversary of the arrival

of Empire Windrush and also the 70th birthday of the NHS. In a recorded message played at the awards ceremony, Prime Minister Theresa May paid tribute to the award winners saying: “Without you, there is no NHS and we treasure you every bit as much as the NHS itself.” This awards is a message to the Prime Minister Theresa May who has brought in several cuts and have not allowed medics of non-EU background to come to the UK over the last few years. The ceremony also recognised the significant contribution to race equality in the NHS of three health service representatives, with Yvonne Coghill, head of the Workforce Race Equality Standard, Lord Victor Adebowale and Jane Cummings, Chief Nurse for the NHS all given special recognition honours.

Black and ethnic minority NHS staff honoured in NHS Windrush 70 Awards



Sunetra Senior

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

choice accessible to all,” Vishal emphasised. The business and spokesperson has worked very hard 2015 saw the success of environto integrate the best zero-waste mental thinking breaking into the products out there, from far and mainstream. London restaurants wide, to make a convenient: “onesuch as Ethos and Tibits proved stop shop with a playful brand.” Just vegetarianism was trendy, and six weeks into launching the zeitveganism became a proud Indie geist-venture, he is then making trait. Now, with this millennial impressive progress. As well as great quarter fast-approaching, the endorsements, Vishal has a pop-up importance of greener buying stall in the buzzing Spitalfields choices and safe consumerism are Market, and a sophisticated online also on the rise. Vishal, the founder shop. He also plans to grow an excitof one such relating outfit, talked with us about his new budding ing signature line of VIMI’s own and will have a special venture, VIMI, promoting a collection on offer for zero-waste lifestyle while social Christmas. Again, as the introducing some Vegan movement’s charismatic colour and dialogue and exciting gift boxes and design. Currently, his pressure are accompaniments have conscientious range led by example, fesincludes bees wax crucial for tive selections are an wraps as an alternamanufacturers excellent way to poputive to rolls of cling larise a smart lifestyle film, stainless steel, to change shift. Finally, Vishal told glass, or bamboo straws us of the big yet incidental as an alternative to plastic, influence of his religion’s core reusable coffee cups as belief of Ahimsa: a showing of care opposed to single-use ones, and and respect for the surrounding, livstate of the art bottles from Germany’s artsy district of Berlin. “I ing world. “I have been a people peram aiming to reduce plastic-use,” the son and aware of the environment from a young age,” he said. “And as eco-friendly entrepreneur commenthighlighted in a recent David ed, “and encourage reusing and recyAttenborough documentary, there cling instead. I want to raise awarehave been shark carcasses found ness at the same time as selling wonbecause of plastics dumped in the derful products. Educating people on ocean. This is very disturbing in the issue is always very important.” Indeed, having worked in the corporate sector for a long time prior, Vishal has come to deeply value its intertwining relationship with social impact: “I have been privy to both the mass production of plastic and the unacknowledged repercussions on the customer and environment. Until recently, I was working for a company who manufactured plastics. With more urgent research coming to light about this sort of polluterms of wildlife”. But, pushing back tion and some enlightening converagainst plastic pollution does not sation amongst my circle of friends, I even start there. “It just as much began to realise the great danger of begins with us. It is verified that plastic pollution and made the moral there are microplastics in bottled choice to create a business that water, and this is obviously harmful would actively combat it.” to our health. Once the plastic is manufactured, it cannot be *** destroyed.” Thus, “we must be aware of how each consumable is affecting This sentiment extends to the wider the environment from flora and market economy: “truth be told,” fauna to human beings themselves.” Vishal continued, “social dialogue But, of course, as VIMI’s diverse and and pressure are crucial for manufacbright products at once reminds us turers to change. I do believe many that plastic-free living can be a realcompanies should alter the way they create their products, but it’s equally ity, fun and the best way forward for important to be vocal in challenging a healthier environment. From a the dominant production practice. business point of view, the enterprise Having more natural goods seems shows that a good way to forward human causes is to resonate with expensive because such materials are human nature. available in the world around us, but they are not in demand.” More Was there more to starting specifically, already part of an ethical your environmental enterprise? initiative, zero-waste lifestyle busiI previously worked at a company nesses would need to increase which manufactured children’s plasdemand to be able to deliver the tic tableware. VIMI helps to offset favoured outcome of lowering prices my carbon footprint built over the at the supply stage. “With VIMI, I years. If you are a parent, it’s imposreally wanted to make alternative




sible not to want to protect your young ones. Preserving the environment is as much about securing a safe present for the next generations as it’s about their futures by keeping things in continuous rotation and out of landfills and oceans. Tell us more about VIMI’s great products? Yes, we’ve got wheat bran plates you can actually eat after using. There’s your breakfast and lunch! We also have biodegradable, toothbrushes made of bamboo as opposed to plastic. We also have organic alternatives for women’s and men’s hygiene. They actually last longer. We’ve got the home bases covered. Have you always been passionate about the environment? Oh yes, all the time. Perhaps another influence of my cultural upbringing: I’ve never liked wasting resources when they’re available at home. If you bought it, you should use it. It’s only when the life of a product ends that you should get a replacement. However, I will say that pivotal environmental facts and research have also only come to light recently. They make much more sense and are at the forefront of media than they’ve ever been before. The discussions of why we should be looking after the earth are far sharper now than when I was growing up. What is the imagination behind your logo? I am a socially conscious entrepreneur so I want my brand to reflect that: it’s plain black but stylish, simple but meaningful. I wanted to keep the brand image minimalistic and let the beautiful products speak for themselves. We’ve got products covering latest trends to classic prints like flamingo colours, moustache and botanical feel to name a few. Who’s been a big support? Definitely my wife, whose name actually forms part of the brand name. She is currently the breadwinner so this allows me to pursue Vimi fulltime. Finally, if you could tell people concisely why and how they should consider a zero-waste lifestyle, what would you say? Using plastics has many serious ill effects. Humans, animals and environment are interdependent so we must consider them all when buying our consumables. Secondly, I’d recommend starting with taking small steps at a time. Zero-waste is a mentality before it’s pragmatic. Start by replacing or reusing one thing, and then move onto the next. Do visit our stall @ Spitafields (Fri –Sun) to experience how you can live a zero waste lifestyle. W:

Anand Mela brings together thousands to celebrate community spirit



Asian Voice |

23rd June 2018




Asian Voice |

Renia Ganguly

Lighting of lamp ceremony

On the weekend of 9 and 10 June, Harrow Leisure Centre was bustling with energy, as around 2000 people gathered to celebrate the annual Anand Mela by Asian Business Publications Limited, the publisher of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar newsweeklies. ABPL group, which works closely with the British Asian community have designed many such events over the years to entertain and serve the diaspora, and keep the cultural connection alive. Proceedings from ticket sale at Anand Mela every go to a designated charity.

Anashmita Saha from Dakshinayan UK

Payal Basu Chatterjee


his year's selected charity was Help A Poor Child. Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable is the patron for this charity, which was founded in 1980 by Derrick Pereira visiting India, who was presented with a challenge by an Indian nun, Mother Colombiere, of "doing something for the poor". The 8th Anandmela, which is one of UK's most thriving cultural festival over two days hosted a variety of stalls for food, fashion, wedding, beauty, property and investment, health and well-being and others. One of the main attractions being food always, the event served various Indian

A student from Mira Performing Arts

23rd June 2018

Performers from London Sharad Utsav

Bob Blackman MP speaks at the inauguration

preparations this year, including samosa, kachodi, aloo tikki chat, and other items. Drinks included frapuccino, milk shake, lassi, sugarcane juice and ice creams that were served to beat the heat. Asset India a Londonbased company that helps NRIs and PIOs buy and sell Indian real estate had stalls in the mela. They were formed in 2011, and since then have built up a loyal client base through an investment in over 200,000 sq. ft. of residential space. A large propotion of their sales come through repeat purchases - testimony to the satisfaction of the clients.

Ahana Ghosh Sikka from Sur Bharti

The company's knowledge of the Indian market ensures that you avoid the pitfalls and get good deals, both when you want to buy, and when you want to sell. And in between, we do the renting and property management as well. Plus, they know how much you value a hassle-free experience. So the company focuses a lot on helping with the nittygritty, taking the pain away as much as possible. The event witnessed varied cultural performances by highly sought performers, community organisations, and school children. Cultural line-ups included a sizzling perfor-

Alkananda Mohapatra

mance bynoted singer Navin Kundra, dancers from Mira Performing Arts, singer Kishan Amin, young performers from AK Dance Academy, singers from London Sharad Utsav, dance and old Bollywood songs by Dakshinayan UK, songs and dances by Dakshinayan kids, songs and garba by singer Dhrumal Shah, A mix of Kathak and Bollywood by dancer Anashmita Saha, Ahana Sikkha Ghosh of Sur Bharti, Payal Basu Chatterjee, young singer Renia Ganguly, who came all the way from Birmingham, classical Odissi dancer Alkananda Mahapatra who did a piece

Dhrumal Shah

Navin Kundra

on climate change, dancer Shruti Sharma, who performed on Ghoomar, singer Geetika Sulekh, singer Mukesh from Lisbon, Portugal, Bollywood dance by Bollyfusion UK and Kathiavadi comedy by Lalit Mehta. Navin Kundra, the noted British Asian musician and actor, who entered into the Guinness book of World records with his song 'Mehbooba', is hosting his first show this weekend. He secured 3 consecutive top 20 English singles in the UK Urban charts last year and is a celebrated youth icon in the UK. Kishan Amin, popular British Asian singer, enthralled the audience at the Mela with his voice. He has performed at prestigious venues such as The O2 Arena, Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall. He has toured internationally in Las Vegas, Japan, Thailand, India and across Europe. He has signed a deal with International record label Sa Re Ga Ma. Dakshinayan UK is an academic affiliate of Dakhinee (Kolkata, India) and UK curriculum (helping children acquire UCAS points). They are the cultural wing of London Durgotsav Committee, a registered charity. Dakshinayan Kids, part of Dakshinayan UK, were a part of London's biggest Durga Puja celebrations last year. They are an affiliated institute, training children in Hindustani Vocal and Kathak. Performers from London Sharad Utsav (LSU), that aims to promote Bengal's


Moumita and Nilanjana from Dakshinayan UK

heritage through cultural and religious events, lit up the stage with traditional Bollywood numbers. LSU is a registered charity and is popular for its grand flagship event, the Bengali festival of Durga Puja, in London. The inauguration of the Anand Mela took place in presence of our esteemed guests, parliamentarians and councillors with lighting of the lamp and prayers.

Dakshinayan Kids

Health and Wellness Expo Health and fitness has always been one of our prime focuses, and this year is no different. With support and association of Meditouria, the Anand Mela Health and Wellness Expo this year focussed on services you never knew you needed. Specialist consultants and doctors from major super speciality hospitals and health centres from India were present at the expo. They provided consultations on physical ailments and any kind of sicknesses. Participant hospitals included: Apollo Hospital Group, Fortis JK Hospital Udaipur and Nova IVI IVF Centre.

Community Recognitions First time in the Mela's history, chosen community organisations were honoured for their indomitable spirits and relentless work in the community and for its welfare. This included London Sharad Utsav, Save Girls, Educate Girls, Inspiring Women, Women to Women, Hindu Council

Shruti Sharma

Tanisha Biswas

Media Partner

Photo courtesy: Raj D Bakrania, PrMediapix & Vineet Johri

Mukesh from Lisbon

Kishan Amin

Croydon, Gayatri Parivar UK, Sanatan Dharma Mandal and Hindu Community Centre, Cardiff, Tarapur UK, Sanskruti, Shree Sorathia Vanik Association, Om Shakti Centre, Pinnak’s, Satsang UK, LCNL Senior Mahila Centre and Lohana Community North London.

“HELP A POOR CHILD” was the chosen charity for Anand Mela

Audience at the mela enjoying performances


Bollyfusion UK

Geetika Sulekh

Women enjoying the cultural programme

Anand Mela brings together thousands to celebrate community spirit



Asian Voice |

23rd June 2018




Asian Voice |

Renia Ganguly

Lighting of lamp ceremony

On the weekend of 9 and 10 June, Harrow Leisure Centre was bustling with energy, as around 2000 people gathered to celebrate the annual Anand Mela by Asian Business Publications Limited, the publisher of Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar newsweeklies. ABPL group, which works closely with the British Asian community have designed many such events over the years to entertain and serve the diaspora, and keep the cultural connection alive. Proceedings from ticket sale at Anand Mela every go to a designated charity.

Anashmita Saha from Dakshinayan UK

Payal Basu Chatterjee


his year's selected charity was Help A Poor Child. Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable is the patron for this charity, which was founded in 1980 by Derrick Pereira visiting India, who was presented with a challenge by an Indian nun, Mother Colombiere, of "doing something for the poor". The 8th Anandmela, which is one of UK's most thriving cultural festival over two days hosted a variety of stalls for food, fashion, wedding, beauty, property and investment, health and well-being and others. One of the main attractions being food always, the event served various Indian

A student from Mira Performing Arts

23rd June 2018

Performers from London Sharad Utsav

Bob Blackman MP speaks at the inauguration

preparations this year, including samosa, kachodi, aloo tikki chat, and other items. Drinks included frapuccino, milk shake, lassi, sugarcane juice and ice creams that were served to beat the heat. Asset India a Londonbased company that helps NRIs and PIOs buy and sell Indian real estate had stalls in the mela. They were formed in 2011, and since then have built up a loyal client base through an investment in over 200,000 sq. ft. of residential space. A large propotion of their sales come through repeat purchases - testimony to the satisfaction of the clients.

Ahana Ghosh Sikka from Sur Bharti

The company's knowledge of the Indian market ensures that you avoid the pitfalls and get good deals, both when you want to buy, and when you want to sell. And in between, we do the renting and property management as well. Plus, they know how much you value a hassle-free experience. So the company focuses a lot on helping with the nittygritty, taking the pain away as much as possible. The event witnessed varied cultural performances by highly sought performers, community organisations, and school children. Cultural line-ups included a sizzling perfor-

Alkananda Mohapatra

mance bynoted singer Navin Kundra, dancers from Mira Performing Arts, singer Kishan Amin, young performers from AK Dance Academy, singers from London Sharad Utsav, dance and old Bollywood songs by Dakshinayan UK, songs and dances by Dakshinayan kids, songs and garba by singer Dhrumal Shah, A mix of Kathak and Bollywood by dancer Anashmita Saha, Ahana Sikkha Ghosh of Sur Bharti, Payal Basu Chatterjee, young singer Renia Ganguly, who came all the way from Birmingham, classical Odissi dancer Alkananda Mahapatra who did a piece

Dhrumal Shah

Navin Kundra

on climate change, dancer Shruti Sharma, who performed on Ghoomar, singer Geetika Sulekh, singer Mukesh from Lisbon, Portugal, Bollywood dance by Bollyfusion UK and Kathiavadi comedy by Lalit Mehta. Navin Kundra, the noted British Asian musician and actor, who entered into the Guinness book of World records with his song 'Mehbooba', is hosting his first show this weekend. He secured 3 consecutive top 20 English singles in the UK Urban charts last year and is a celebrated youth icon in the UK. Kishan Amin, popular British Asian singer, enthralled the audience at the Mela with his voice. He has performed at prestigious venues such as The O2 Arena, Wembley Arena and the Royal Albert Hall. He has toured internationally in Las Vegas, Japan, Thailand, India and across Europe. He has signed a deal with International record label Sa Re Ga Ma. Dakshinayan UK is an academic affiliate of Dakhinee (Kolkata, India) and UK curriculum (helping children acquire UCAS points). They are the cultural wing of London Durgotsav Committee, a registered charity. Dakshinayan Kids, part of Dakshinayan UK, were a part of London's biggest Durga Puja celebrations last year. They are an affiliated institute, training children in Hindustani Vocal and Kathak. Performers from London Sharad Utsav (LSU), that aims to promote Bengal's


Moumita and Nilanjana from Dakshinayan UK

heritage through cultural and religious events, lit up the stage with traditional Bollywood numbers. LSU is a registered charity and is popular for its grand flagship event, the Bengali festival of Durga Puja, in London. The inauguration of the Anand Mela took place in presence of our esteemed guests, parliamentarians and councillors with lighting of the lamp and prayers.

Dakshinayan Kids

Health and Wellness Expo Health and fitness has always been one of our prime focuses, and this year is no different. With support and association of Meditouria, the Anand Mela Health and Wellness Expo this year focussed on services you never knew you needed. Specialist consultants and doctors from major super speciality hospitals and health centres from India were present at the expo. They provided consultations on physical ailments and any kind of sicknesses. Participant hospitals included: Apollo Hospital Group, Fortis JK Hospital Udaipur and Nova IVI IVF Centre.

Community Recognitions First time in the Mela's history, chosen community organisations were honoured for their indomitable spirits and relentless work in the community and for its welfare. This included London Sharad Utsav, Save Girls, Educate Girls, Inspiring Women, Women to Women, Hindu Council

Shruti Sharma

Tanisha Biswas

Media Partner

Photo courtesy: Raj D Bakrania, PrMediapix & Vineet Johri

Mukesh from Lisbon

Kishan Amin

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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

CBI blames Interpol as Nirav Modi travels on revoked passport

The Central bureau of Investigation, the nodal agency for Interpol in India, blamed the international police body for not informing it about PNB scam accused Nirav Modi's travels between different countries using his revoked Indian passport even though all details were incorporated in Interpol's central database on February 24 and repeated reminders were sent in April and May. "After the passport was revoked/cancelled, we had updated this information in the diffusion notice. Information that Nirav Modi's passport had been revoked was provided in the Interpol central database, available to all member countries, on February 24," CBI spokesperson Abhishek Dayal said. CBI had informed

Niran Modi

Interpol that Modi's passport had been renewed four times, hence he was carrying five linked passports. Modi has travelled to the UK, France, the US, Hong Kong and Belgium in the last three-four months, mostly using his revoked Indian passport (no Z1781888). This included his train journey on June 12 from London to Brussels. After registering cases in the £1.30 billion fraud, CBI had approached

Interpol on February 15 seeking a 'diffusion notice' against Modi and his family members, according to which all 192 Interpol member countries are supposed to inform about the suspect's movements to the requesting country. Based on suspicion as to where he could travel, CBI had written to six Interpol member countries the UK, the US, Singapore, Belgium, France and the UAE. Reminders were sent to these countries through Interpol's Manchester (UK) office on April 25, May 22, May 24 and May 28. Similarly, five other countries were also approached. Only UK shared information Only the UK Interpol office shared information that Modi travelled from London's Heathrow airport to Hong Kong on March 15, from New

York's JFK airport to Heathrow on March 28 and from Heathrow to Charles de Gaulle, Paris, on March 31. This is not the first time that India's request has been being ignored by the international police agency. Earlier, Interpol refused to issue a red corner notice (an international warrant for the arrest of a suspect) for Zakir Naik, Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi. When contacted, Interpol said, "If or when police in any of Interpol's 192 member countries share information with the general secretariat in Lyon in relation to investigations and fugitives, this information remains under the ownership of that member country. Interpol does not therefore comment on specific cases or individuals except in special circumstances and with approval of the member country concerned."

Discussion on UK- India prospects for financial partnerships-3rd July The Committee of IoD City of London in partnership with leading law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP will host a discussion for IoD members and guests on ‘UK India – prospects for financial sector partnerships’. The discussions will take place against the following backdrop: n Opportunities offered by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s 8 point transformation plan to build a digital and inclusive economy

n Opportunities for crossborder collaboration for fintech advancements n Pace of change to improve ease of doing business, liberalise markets and implications for investment n Navigating a vast and complex market whilst on a journey of change As the UK’s 3rd largest FDI contributor, the UK remains an important market for Indian companies, particularly those seeking to access Europe. A panel of experts

David Stringer-Lamarre, Chairman IoD, London region

will share their views, market experience and insights on the impact of Brexit on business. David Stringer-

Lamarre, Chairman, Institute of Directors, London Region, in his comments said, “A modern day dialogue between the world’s number one financial centre and the world’s fastest growing economy offers a commendable platform for exploring opportunities for mutual interest and knowledge sharing. This is vital for a sector that continues to evolve and reform.”

Mallya told to pay £200,000 to Indian banks The UK High Court has ordered Vijay Mallya to pay a minimum of 200,000 pounds towards the costs incurred by 13 Indian banks in their legal battle to recover alleged dues. Last month, Judge Andrew Henshaw had refused to overturn a worldwide order freezing Mallya's assets and upheld an Indian court's ruling that a consortium of 13 Indian banks led by State Bank of India (SBI) were entitled to recover funds amounting to nearly 1.145 billion pounds. As part of the judgment, the court has also ordered Mallya to pay costs towards registration of the worldwide freezing order and of the Debt Recovery Tribunal of Karnataka's judgment in Britain. "The court ordered that Mallya pay the banks' costs. The standard order is that the court will assess those costs unless

Vijay Mallya

the parties can otherwise agree a figure for what should be paid," said a legal expert familiar with the case. The court's assessment of costs is a separate process, which ends with another court hearing before a specialist costs judge in the UK. But in the meantime, Mallya must pay 200,000 pounds towards this legal costs liability. In a high court ruling dated May 8, Judge Henshaw had refused to

overturn a worldwide order freezing Mallya's assets and upheld an Indian court's ruling that the consortium of 13 Indian banks - State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Corporation bank, Federal Bank Ltd, IDBI Bank, Indian Overseas Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab and Sind Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of Mysore, UCO Bank, United Bank of India and JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Co. Pvt Ltd - were entitled to recover funds amounting to nearly 1.145 billion pounds. Mallya to be in court next month Mallya is due back at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London next month for the final hearings in his extradition case. A hearing for closing arguments to be presented by his defence team and the Crown Prosecution Service

(CPS), on behalf of the Indian authorities, was scheduled for July 11 but is now likely to take place on July 31. ED submits 2nd chargesheet against Mallya E n f o r c e m e n t Directorate (ED) has submitted a second prosecution complaint (chargesheet) in a special court against Mallya, UB Holdings and now defunct Kingfisher Airlines, along with others. They have been charged for laundering £999 million which they had fraudulently availed as loan from State Bank of India-led consortium of 17 banks. The chargesheet said that Mallya used his Force India Formula One Team (private company registered in London) in Formula One car racing and Royal Challenger Bangalore (RCB IPL team) for money laundering.


JP Morgan's Jigar Shah will be joining KKR JP Morgan managing director and India head of legal Jigar Shah will be joining KKR in Mumbai as its India head of legal in a new role, said sources close to the development. It is understood that he will be leaving JP Morgan and joining KKR by the end of next month, where he will be reporting to the local partners and the Asia Pacific region general counsel. It is understood that KKR has not had an in-house legal role until now, so Shah will be the first lawyer to build the legal function in the Indian finance and private equity space. JP executive director Yash Yadav will take over in the GC role. Yadav had joined Shah in November 2015 from Deutsche Bank, where Shah was also previous India legal head before moving to JP Morgan. Both JP and KKR refused to comment on the development. Shah holds a 1992 LLB from the University of

Jigar Shah

Leicester, and had spent the earlier days of his career abroad (between 2002 and 2009 at Deutsche Bank in London and Hong Kong, returning to India in 2009). KKR is world’s second-largest private equity fund behind The Blackstone Group, according to Private Equity International in 2017 having raised $41bn of funds in five years. In India too, KKR has been active with a number of subsidiaries in addition to its PE plays, such as KKR India Asset Finance and KKR India Financial Services, involved in areas such as private credit to distressed debt.

Bestway Wholesale to buy two Blakemore depots

Bestway Wholesale has signed an agreement with A.F. Blakemore to purchase two of the company’s cash and carry depots. The deal, which remains subject to completion, for an undisclosed figure, entails the purchase of the 151,000 square foot depot in Cardiff, and the 76,000 square foot depot in Walsall. Bestway Wholesale Managing Director, Martin Race, said: “We’re very excited to add these two depots into our estate, and to welcome the employees into the Bestway family as our new colleagues. The addition of the Cardiff and Walsall depots will only make us stronger, enhancing our presence in these two key areas, and expanding our footprint and coverage in the UK. As a business, our mission is to be the best way for customers to

grow their food and drinks business and the purchase of these two depots will provide Bestway with the increased scale and reach to provide the best possible service to our customers, alongside our market-leading prices and promotions.” “The landscape in convenience retail is changing rapidly and we are committed to ensuring that Bestway Wholesale has the infrastructure to meet our customers’ requirements.” Both depots will remain open and will continue to be run by the Blakemore business in the interim until completion of the deal, which is due to take place in the coming weeks. All 123 Blakemore colleagues have been informed of the decision and will transfer their employment also upon completion.




We had a property fall out of bed today. Not due to any lack of intention from the side of the purchaser, it is just that the mortgage fell through. A few missed payments on the existing mortgage and the mortgage application is refused, and the deal falls apart. The missed payments were not even in this country, the applicant is an expat. Suresh Vagjiani

Sow & Reap London Property Investment

The property was being purchased blind, on the basis of an 18 page property report done on the strength of the area. The report is a thorough analysis on the location, showing the impact of Crossrail, and analysing the effect this will have on property prices. There are two very strong factors as to why this location will be increasing steadily over the next 5 -7 years. These were

analysed in great depth. Neither factor has anything to do with the ongoing Brexit negotiations or indeed anything else in the economy. They are based on need alone. The need for shelter. This basic need is often forgotten in the property world. Property prices are driven up by speculation and desire. Rarely does one look at the bottom of the pyramid and see that actually in the same way we all need to breathe and require food, we also need shelter. This sector in the market would be almost immune from any uncertainty in the economy. The same principles ensured Dominos profits actually increased by 11% in the third quarter in 2009, post credit crunch.

AGONY AGENT IS HERE TO HELP! Q: I gave my tenant notice and have yet to start court proceedings, however, I think they have left the property. What should I do?

tenancy, is where a tenant has “done a runner”. Often, you will not know the property is vacant until rent payments stop, and if no regular checks are carried out on the property, several weeks can go by before you know this has happened.

A: When this type of situation occurs, it can sometimes be called abandonment. But, this is normally the case if they do this without notice, before a tenancy comes to an end. In your situation you have served a Section 21 for them to leave, and they have saved you a lengthy process through the courts.

Your insurance policies usually request you to inform the insurers if a property is vacant for more than two to three weeks, so insurance cover could be compromised when the property is abandoned.

What is more commonly known as abandonment of

When tenants leave like this, they often leave


Maida Vale, London W9 Purchase Price: £510,000

Specialists in Central London Property Sourcing

This demonstrates the

possessions behind, even pets in some cases! They may post the keys through the letter box, take the keys with them, or even give them to someone else. When tenants’ possessions are left behind, you owe a legal duty of care to the tenant to protect them. This is the case even though the tenant may be in rent arrears or has damaged your property. But what is more of a pain for the landlord is that if the tenants have left possessions this shows that the tenant may come back at some point, which


Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

bottom of the market may even thrive during times of economic uncertainty. The money floating around London has both domestic and international origins, this money will always be looking for a home, despite the environment. And there are few markets as safe as the UK. This report establishes the case for the location, and a video confirmed the state of the property; and so, it was on this basis the client felt this was a very solid investment. The mortgage issue has come out of the woodwork and threatens to derail the investment if it is not overcome. We are trying with another broker, however, I’m doubtful whether another broker can neutralise the missed payments.

The case may require a complete overhaul, and instead the applicants could be the children rather than the parents, which was the original intention. These events, therefore, may actually be a blessing in disguise; as this would tackle the issue of inheritance as well, which will be a problem sooner or later. This issue may force them to think about and tackle

means the landlord must take extra care not to breach the Protection from Eviction Act: "It‘s a criminal offence to unlawfully deprive a residential tenant of his or her occupation of the premises, or attempt to do so." Basically, a landlord cannot stop a tenant from entering a property without first obtaining a surrender of the tenancy, or gaining consent from the courts via a Possession Order.

piling up behind the door, bins not emptied, drawn curtains, empty parking spaces etc. Better still, it is a good idea to talk with the neighbors. Once you are sure the tenant has left you should cautiously enter the premises with spare keys (after having dropped a letter through their door giving notice that you will be coming in).

In either case, first of all you should be sure that the property has definitely been abandoned. So, keep a watch on the property for signs of abandonment, for example, unopened mail

Have a witness like an agent or friend with you, and be prepared to find the premises occupied. If that is the case you would need to make your excuses and leave fairly quickly – tenants should

this problem now rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen, and then tackling it from the backfoot from a reactive place. This means there will need to be input from the accountant, lawyer and mortgage broker to make sure this happens in a holistic way, and to ensure there are no time bombs set up for the future.

understand if you state your concern for their safety. If you change the locks you must inform the tenants of this despite how bad your tenant was. If you are experiencing something like this, give me a call and I’ll happily offer you some free advice. Richard Bond Lettings Manager Sow & Reap

l An excellent buy to let opportunity l Share of freehold flat l Large reception room, two bedrooms, one bathroom, and fitted kitchen l Approximately 850 sq. ft. l Designated private parking spot l Moments away from the green open spaces of Paddington Recreation Ground l Expected resale value is £650,000 Call us now for more information!

0207 993 0103 27 Gloucester Place, London, W1U 8HU SowandReapProperties


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

India has just a decade to become developed nation: SBI study

Consultant Editor Financial Voice Alpesh Patel Dear Financial Voice Reader, "You own it, you better never let it go You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow This opportunity comes once in a lifetime " Those were the words from the Eminem song I sent the CEO of a startup before their meeting with the Prime Minister, as I have often done in the past. My role as Dealmaker for the Department of International Trade's Global Entrepreneur Programme is to bring to the UK the HQs of outstanding companies. In this capacity we often have these companies meet incumbent Prime Minister over the years. Indeed, sometimes in small cosy rooms with business giants such as Richard Branson. The gratitude of the humble tireless entrepreneur is a key motivator. And having myself at the start of my journey been in this position, use that experience. For many, often young inexperienced CEOs, these meetings are not easy and they appreciate experienced insights. A typical meeting may well be a small room, with giants of politics and business - from the head of Softbank's Vision fund to the Prime Minister, Chancellor, and Sec of State for International Trade. On top of that, your probably the smallest company there - rightly at the end of the table, and as sometimes happens one of only a couple of women, one of only a couple of ethnic minorities. I’d been in this situation many times thanks to my role at 29 on the UK India Roundtable advising the Prime Ministers of both countries on closer ties. And had written a book for women entrepreneurs, Our Turn, who so often in these situations are dominated by ‘Alpha Males’ – especially in finance. I was adamant this would not happen to any of my companies in the room over the years – they would give themselves the best chance to shine. My rules from my experience over 20 years working with UK, US and Indian Governments are below and as co founder of TiE UK the UK Chapter of the global entrepreneur mentoring organisation founded and supported by the bjggest names in global tech. On top of that the PM and Government are energised and genuinely keen to keep the UK at the top of the global tech league tables. Rule 1: You are an equal In that room, I don’t care yours is a smaller company – do not be shy. If you’re at the end of the table, move your chair to a more visible point – end of a table is far better than anywhere else, save right next to or opposite the PM. Too often, as I've documented based on academic research in my book, shrinking violets never bloom.

Rule 2: Do not criticise your host Yours is not to patronise or advise or criticise. Some entrepreneurs are arrogant and their own worst enemies -my job being over years to save them from themselves through sound advice. You never get results any other way. Yours is show you have something special. Time to lead – focus on the true goal – the best for your company. Be likeable by not being a pain in the ass. The number of patronising arrogant people I have seen in this scenario blow it (not in a good way). Rule 3: One Goal. Simple What is your objective? Is it to get Government to prototype? To work with you to help get insights on how you solve problems? Whatever it is, make sure the ‘ask’ is clear, in one sentence. It allows follow up by people who do the hard work of co-ordination and making things happen. In companies and Government this happens through assistants and directors and managers. They need clarity. Entrepreneurs rarely get this. They think Governments just write special deals and I've seen many a founder look a fool as they explain there's is the only solution and a special closed door deal is warranted. Rule 4: Speak about 20% of the way in Don’t be the first or the last. Attention is still strong at 20% of the way through. But don’t be a time hog or cocky. Rule 5: Speak with passion This speaks for itself. It is infectious. Rule 6: Know the hosts needs – what they can and cannot do Government does not write blank checks. Everybody thinks they should be the only one without competition to pitch to Government. That’s not how it works. You need to know and research that the PM knows on your subject. Ask for something Government can give – work with you to investigate the opportunity, you can inform, educate across Departments. Rule 7: Make clear the urgency, competition As with all sales, let the host, for instance the PM, know the urgency due to competitors to the UK.

India has just a decade to change its status from developing to developed country. Now the country has to focus on education, failing which the muchhailed 'demographic dividend' will turn into a disadvantage, a report said. If India is not able to get its act together, it will never be able to go into the developed group of nations, the report by the research wing of SBI warned. "India has perhaps now only a limited window of a decade to get into the developed country tag, or stay perpetually in emerging group of economies. Policymakers, wake up and smell the coffee!" the report said.

Abhishek Sachdev

Act now or feel the squeeze - that’s the key message for SMEs today. As the unprecedented era of ultra low interest rates draws to a close, smaller British firms find themselves exposed to interest rate rises, with 89% of business

British SMEs another £355m in interest payments in the first year alone, with annual interest payments on floating rate loans jumping from £3.7bn to more than £4bn overnight”. An increase in the Base Rate to 1.50% would cost SMEs an additional £1.4bn in interest payments. Since the start of 2018, the five-year swap rate has increased sharply by nearly 30% from 0.97% to 1.25%, while the ten-year swap rate has climbed almost 25%, from 1.21% to 1.50%.

Invest in education The report said the government and policymakers will have to focus on the young people to ensure they become good citizens and invest in education in order to achieve the objective and realise the demographic dividend. "India's strength of demographic dividend could actually turn into India's disadvantage by 2030," it warned. The population growth trend indicates that incremental population growth has been stagnant in the last two decades and fertility rates are quite diverse across states, it added. The report said Karnataka, which has seen a decline in birth rate over the last few decades that has led

to the share of those over 60 years increasing to 9.5 per cent in 2011, from 6.1 per cent in 1971, is best representative of the need to focus on education. With the affluence that comes as a result of slower population growth, people are preferring to put their children in private schools and not the government ones, on which a large number of population still depends. Make state-run schools perform better "The need of the hour is thus to improve the overall situation of government schools across states," it said, suggesting a slew of changes needed in order to make the state-run schools perform better.

Kochhar steps down pending inquiry ICICI Bank in a statement said that its MD and CEO Chanda Kochhar “has decided to go on leave till the completion of the inquiry” by former Supreme Court judge B N Srikrishna into conflictof-interest allegations against her. The announcement comes in the wake of escalating speculation that she would be asked to step aside and that Sandeep Bakhshi, MD and CEO of ICICI Prudential Life, would be brought in to hold the fort. That has now happened with the board

Chanda Kochhar

naming him chief operating officer (COO). Bakshi (57) will handle the entire range of businesses and corporate

functions and all executive directors will report to him. While an official communique says he will report to Kochhar “who will continue in her role as MD and CEO”, it later goes on to say that “during her period of absence he will report to the board”. The fact that Bakshi who was deputy MD of ICICI Bank before assuming charge of its life insurance subsidiary - has been appointed COO for five years is seen as putting him in pole position to succeed Kochhar (56).

Air India stake sale on hold now The Indian government has decided not to go ahead with Air India stake sale in an election year and will provide required funds for its operations, a senior official said. The decision comes less than 3 weeks after the proposed 76 per cent strategic stake sale in debt laden national carrier failed to attract any bidder. Air India will very soon get funds from the government for its day to day operations and will even place orders for a couple of aircraft, the government official said.

Could SMEs get burnt again? lending now being provided on a variable rate basis that is to say, linked to movements in the Bank of England Base Rate or to Libor, the interbank lending rate - compared to 50% of lending five years ago. Consequently, SMEs are faced with increasing uncertainty over their cost of capital, acting as an impediment to business investment. As Marc Bajer of Hadrian’s Wall Capital (a London-based SME finance specialist) points out: “a rise in interest rates of just 0.25% would cost


So, what does this mean for borrowers looking to hedge? The cost of securing a fixed rate £10m loan over a tenyear period has actually skyrocketed by £275k since the start of the year! It is important to remember that swap rates fluctuate continuously and are likely to react to market news before the Monetary Policy Committee is able to. Many SMEs are understandably wary of entering into hedging, given the fallout from the post global financial crisis IRHP mis-selling scandal.

The decision was taken at the high level meeting convened by Union Minister Arun Jaitley. The meeting was attended by Piyush Goyal, who has been temporarily given the charge of finance ministry, Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu, Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari and other senior officials of finance and civil aviation ministries. "The airline is posting operational profits. None of the flights go empty. With all the cost efficient mech-

anism in place, we will continue improving its operational efficiency. There is no need to rush in for disinvestment as of now," the official said. The government is looking at turning around the company to ensure that it makes profits on overall basis before going in for listing. "Certain conditions have to be met before listing a company. Once Air India fulfils those, we will go in for an initial public offering and subsequent listing," the source said.

However, we at Vedanta Hedging genuinely believe that selecting a suitable hedging product - tailor made to match your business needs and constraints - can insulate you from interest rate volatility in a cost-effective way. In this manner, hedging works as an insurance policy against adverse interest rate movements. It is, however, important to have an FCA regulated advisor to assist you in making a fully informed decision. Vedanta Hedging have the necessary expertise and experience to guide you through the complex hedging negotiation process with

your lender. In the current economic climate, the potential for future rising interest rates could have a significant impact on your business. You can keep track of key market rates by subscribing to our FREE market rate sheet. Updated daily, this concise summary covers swap rates (i.e. fixed rates for loans), FX rates and more. Visit our website for more details.

Tel: 020 7183 2277




Man who shot Malala ‘killed’ ISLAMABAD: An American drone strike killed the leader of the Pakistani Taliban in a border region of Afghanistan, Pakistani officials said. Pakistani intelligence officials said the group’s leader, Mullah Fazlullah, and four other senior commanders were killed in a drone strike in the Afghan province of Kunar, near the Pakistani border. Fazlullah’s death was later confirmed by the Pakistani ministry of defence. The spokesman for the United States military in

Malala Yousafzai

Afghanistan, Lt Col Martin O’Donnell, confirmed that the military had carried out a drone strike in Kunar. He said the target was “a senior leader of a designated terrorist organization,” but he did not offer further

details or confirm that Fazlullah had been killed. Fazlullah has been the most-wanted militant in Pakistan for years. His organisation has carried out hundreds of attacks against both Pakistani security forces and civilians, including an assault on a school in Peshawar in 2014 that killed 145 people or more, including at least 132 children. Fazlullah killed in US drone strike Fazlullah is also believed to have ordered the 2012 shooting of then15-year-old Malala Yousafzai over her advoca-

cy of girls' education. Yousafzai survived and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. In March, the state department announced a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest or capture of Fazullah. The American drone strike came as a long stretch of tension between the United States and Pakistan seemed to be easing. The Trump administration had been increasing pressure on Pakistan until recently, accusing the country of doing too little to help stop the Afghan Taliban’s long insurgency.

spoken to Musharraf and he was determined to return. But Musharraf said it was not possible for him to come immediately. Afzal pleaded that his client needs more time to appear before the court owing to the “current situation [in the country]” and Id-ul-Fitr holidays. He also claimed that Musharraf was ill. It prompted the Chief Justice to adjourn the hearing for an indefinite period, saying the next hearing will be held when the petitioner was ready for it. “Alright, we’ll adjourn the court hearing till indefinite time period, will hold it on your wish,” the judge observed. But the Chief Justice ordered the withdrawal of the conditional permission for Musharraf to contest elections.

Earlier the formerf dictator’s APML said that “preparations for his return were in the final stage”. It was not clear why the plan was changed within hours after it was announced. He is facing a high-profile treason case and has been declared an absconder due to his persistent failure to appear before the special trial court set up to try him. The former President was indicted in March 2014 on treason charges for imposing an emergency in the country which led to the confinement of a number of superior court judges in their houses and sacking of over 100 other judges. A conviction for treason case carries the death penalty or life imprisonment.

Pak SC quashes Musharraf’s hopes of contesting election

I S L A M A B A D: Former Pakistan ruler Pervez Musharraf’s hope of staging a political comeback by contesting the July 25 polls was quashed when Pakistan’s Supreme Court withdrew the conditional permission given earlier to the former dictator after he failed to appear before it. Musharraf has not returned to Pakistan since leaving for Dubai in March 2016 on the pretext of medical treatment. The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) chairperson had filed his nomination from the northern district of Chitral after the court last week allowed him to contest next month’s general election but made it conditional on his appearance before it on June 13 in a case linked to

Pervez Musharraf

his lifelong disqualification by the Peshawar High Court in 2013. CJ rebukes Musharraf Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had rebuked the former army chief for “cowardice,” taunting him for not appearing in court and had told him to appear on Thursday last. During the hearing, his counsel Qamar Afzal told the four-member bench of the apex court that he had

Sharif’s lawyers quit graft trial in protest against Pak SC's directive I S L A M A B A D: Lawyers defending former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif recused themselves from his corruption trial in protest against the Supreme Court’s decision to fix July 10 as the date for the verdict in the matter. The lawyers said the date was too close to the parliamentary elections and that they cannot work under such pressure. “We have decided not to pursue the trial because our request for an indefinite extension was rejected,” Sharif’s chief lawyer Khawaja Harris said. The general election in Pakistan is due for July 25. On June 10, the Supreme Court gave four

Nawaz Sharif

weeks to the anti-corruption court to wrap up proceedings. The court also said that the judge was free to fix the timings of the hearings. CJ accused of rushing through hearing Sharif has accused the chief justice of rushing through hearings in the three corruption cases


Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

against him. “Does the chief justice [Saqib Nisar] not know that justice rushed is justice crushed?” Sharif told reporters, according to reports. “This last episode of the game that began with Panama [Papers] is an extremely unfortunate example of oppression and injustice.” He also alleged that the court’s decision to fix the date of verdict a fortnight before the elections was tantamount to prepoll rigging. “Everyone knows what ‘wrap this up in four weeks’ means,” he was quoted him as saying. “July 10 is right before the elections. If this isn’t prepoll rigging, then what is? The Supreme Court is

influencing the case before the general elections.” The former prime minister has also said that it was impossible for any lawyer to review thousands of pages of case files in such a short time in order to represent him in the court properly. “Such an environment is being created that I am deprived of a legal counsel as well,” he added. In July 2017, Sharif quit as prime minister after the Supreme Court disqualified him from the post because of corruption charges against him and his family in the Panama Papers case. The court later also disqualified him from holding office for life.


Former Bangladesh PM Zia critical DHAKA: Bangladesh's imprisoned former prime minister Khaleda Zia is critically ill and not able to walk on her own, a senior leader of the main opposition BNP has said. The 72year-old three-time former premier was jailed for five years in February in connection with the embezzlement of 21 million taka (about $250,000) in foreign donations meant for the Zia Orphanage Trust, named after her late husband Ziaur Rahman, a military ruler-turned-politician. Khaleda used to walk to the family members whenever they visited her at the jail but now she is critically ill, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir was quoted as saying. He urged the government to let her take treatment according to her wish and take proper measures in this regard. Fakhrul, quoting the relatives of Zia's relatives, claimed that she is not able to even walk on her own. She is lodged at a

Khaleda Zia

200-year-old prison in Dhaka for the last four months. Last Month, Zia was granted bail by the Supreme Court which upheld a high court order in her favour considering her old age and health issues. Her lawyers, however, said that the verdict was unlikely to bring her out of prison as her bail pleas in at least five similar cases were pending. Zia's imprisonment has led to a question mark over the BNP's participation in the elections in December this year as the party said it would not take part in the polls without her.

Myanmar, UN sign pact for Rohingya return YANGON: Myanmar and UN agencies signed an agreement that could lead to the return of some of the 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who fled brutal persecution and are now crowded into makeshift camps in Bangladesh. The MoU promises to establish a "framework of cooperation" that aims to create conditions for "voluntary, safe, dignified and sustainable" repatriation of Rohingya refugees. Myanmar's security forces have been accused of rape, killing, torture and the burning of Rohingya homes in western Rakhine state, where most Rohingya lived. The UN and US have described the army crackdown that began in August last year as "ethnic cleansing." Myanmar and Bangladesh agreed in November to begin repatriating Rohingya. But refugees feared their lives would be at risk in Myanmar without international monitoring while Myanmar insisted they have identity documents, which most Rohingya have been denied. Knut Ostby, UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar, said the agreement is an important first step toward resolving the crisis. "There is a lot of work to be done. This task should not be underestimated," Ostby

said. "We are talking about approximately 700,000 people who don't only have to return, but the conditions have to be right for them to return ... In terms of their identity in society, in terms of their safety and also in terms of services, livelihoods, a place to live, infrastructure." The UN has said the agreement provides for its refugee and development agencies to be given access to Rakhine state. It said that will allow the refugee agency to assess the situation and provide information to refugees about conditions in their areas of origin so that they can better decide whether they want to return. Rights groups remain pessimistic that the safe return of Rohingya refugees will ever be possible. They point to a lack of firm commitments from Myanmar and its decades of hostility toward a minority that was denied citizenship by a 1982 law that excluded them from a list of recognized ethnic groups in the majority Buddhist nation. "How will the Burmese government guarantee these people will not face again persecution?" said Kyaw Win, executive director of Burma Human Rights Network. "It is very politically convenient for the Burmese government to sign this agreement, and also never commit.”


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018


Patel Mansukul sued over Solai dam burst NAIROBI: Kabazi ward representative Peter Mbae has sued Patel Mansukul, the builder of Patel Dam, that collapsed last month killing 47 people. The MCA moved to the Land and Environment Court in Nakuru seeking orders to compel the National E n v i r o n m e n t Management Authority (Nema) to conduct an environmental impact assessment of the dams and table the report in court within 60 days. In his petition, Mbae also wants the court to direct the owner of the farm, Patel Mansukul, to restore the ecosystem within his farm in Solai after the assessment. He further wants all natural water courses restored in the neighbourhood and a social audit on the dams in Patel farm done within two

Patel Dam

months to ascertain their suitability. The suit filed through the law firm of Gordon Ogola, Kipkoech and Company lists Nema, Water Resources Management Authority (Warma), National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation, Tindress Patel Coffee Estates Limited and Salt Manufacturers Company Ltd as respondents.

Mbae has asked the court to supervise the audit so that Kenyans can get the final report about what exactly led to the Patel dam tragedy. Mbae wants the matter fast tracked arguing that the remaining six dams located in the Patel farm are not in a good condition and their status has not been made known to the public in order to ascertain their safety. “Given the condi-

tion of the dams, there is urgent need for an Environmental Impact Assessment and Social Audit to avoid any future possible loss of lives, injuries and destruction of property,” read the petition partly. Report The petition cites a multi-agency report authored through the Ministry of Interior dated May 29, which indicated the Miliment Dam, which broke its walls nearly two months ago was completely breached. “The said dam had no red clay core and the soil material appeared to be randomly filled that has little or no compaction and the random material appeared porous,” the petition said. It also argues that the dams were built on water ways. The petition is set to be heard before the court Tuesday afternoon.

ODM threatens action against rebel members M O M B A S A: The Orange Democratic Movement has threatened to punish Members of Parliament, mainly from the Coast, who snubbed its National Executive Committee and Parliamentary Group meeting called by party leader Raila Odinga in Mombasa on Monday. The MPs, most of whom have been linked to Deputy President William Ruto in recent weeks, were expected at the meeting at Flamingo Beach Resort but did not show up or excuse themselves. Among them were vocal Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa and Coast Parliamentary Group chairman Suleiman Dori, as well as Jomvu MP Badi Twalib, Kinango MP

ODM leader Raila Odinga (left) deputy party leader Hassan Joho and Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi confer during the ODM delegates meeting

Benjamin Tayari, and Kilifi North MP Owen Baya. Others were MPs Paul Katana, John Mlolwa, and Danson Mwishako, and Senator Jones Mwaruma. However, Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi, who has twice attended Ruto’s events at the coast and signalled a willingness to work with him ahead of

the 2022 general election, was present at the meeting. Nanok didn't show up Kingi and Joho were the only ODM governors present. The party explained that Deputy Party Leader Wycliffe Oparanya (Kakamega) and Kisumu’s Anyang’ Nyong’o will host another event soon.

Council of Governors chairman Josphat Nanok also did not show up. Odinga used the caucus to explain his handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta and ask members to back the Building Bridges initiative, but his party's secretariat turned the heat on the "rebels". “They will be asked to explain themselves in the next meeting," said ODM secretary-general Edwin Sifuna. "We will give updates on their fate at the right time.” Sources indicated that Dori, who has openly backed Ruto to succeed President Kenyatta when his term expires and cast doubt on Joho’s ability to be president, will be ousted from chairing the Coast Parliamentary Group.

Outgoing UN human rights chief hails Lanka COLOMBO: Outgoing United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has commended Sri Lanka for cooperating with the UN system, following a period of fraught ties with the UNHRC over the country’s rights record. Hussein was speaking at the 38th session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva where he presented his last global update in a regular session, on Monday (18). He praised Sri Lanka for allowing at least five visits by UN rights officials in the

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein

last five years. “I note and commend the following States which have hosted at least five visits by thematic mandates in the last five years: Argentina, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Chile,

Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Republic of Korea, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Ukraine, the UK and the US,” he said. He also noted a number of other positive developments with respect to access for the Special Procedures. These include an increased response rate to communications, now at 68 per cent (an increase of 13 per cent over 2016); and Afghanistan’s issuance of a standing invitation to all mandate-holders, taking the number of States having done so to 118 UN

Member States and one non-member Observer State. Regarding engagement with the Treaty Bodies, he welcomed longoutstanding reports to the Committees by Bangladesh, Cabo Verde, Central African Republic, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Tonga and Zambia. He also applauded Qatar’s accession to the Covenants and Afghanistan’s accession to the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, alongside many other ratifications.



UK may build rural hospitals and bridges in Lanka

Greg Hands with Ranil Wickremesinghe

CO LO M B O: Britain's State Minister for Trade Policy Greg Hands during a discussion with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said that the UK expects to explore trade and investment opportunities in construction of rural bridges and hospitals in Sri Lanka. Wickremesinghe met Greg Hands during his visit to London recently. During discussions, Greg hands had drawn Wickremesinghe's attention to providing British expertise on building public and private partnerships in the development of the Colombo Port City. The Premier has also briefed Greg hands on the possibility of implementing the British public law in the Colombo port city which will serve as an international financial centre and on the discussions with the Bar

Association of Sri Lanka regarding the issue. The discussion also focused on the investment opportunities in Sri Lanka's mineral resources such as titanium dioxide and the UK's ability to provide modern technology. Wickremesinghe also held discussions with former UK Prime Minister David Cameron. He briefed Cameron on the political trends, including the abolition of the executive presidency, the establishment of the office of missing persons as well as the implementation of Hambantota projects on Chinese investment and the expected Indian involvement in the Mattala airport. Pointing out that Jaffna's economy was not yet restored, Wickremesinghe said that it was a challenge to restore social, economic balance that was destroyed by the LTTE.

Firebrand Lanka monk jailed for intimidation COLOMBO: A firebrand Buddhist monk was sentenced to six months in jail by a Sri Lanka court for intimidating a woman whose cartoonist husband has been missing since his abduction by the military. The court also fined Galagodaatte Gnanasara 1,500 rupees ($10) and ordered him to pay 50,000 rupees ($310) in compensation to Sandya Eknaligoda for abusing her in January 2016. This is the first time Gnanasara has been put behind bars although he has faced several previous cases on charges of hate crimes against minority Muslims in Buddhistmajority Sri Lanka. He was found guilty of criminally intimidating Eknaligoda during a hearing at the same court on the abduction of her cartoonist husband Prageeth, who went missing in January 2010. Gnanasara had been there to voice his support for the military officers accused of abducting Prageeth, whose cartoons lampooned former strongman president Mahinda Rajapakse.

Galaboda Aththe Gnanasara

In ugly scenes inside the courthouse, he accused Eknaligoda and her husband of supporting Tamil extremists and bringing the military into disrepute. Eknaligoda's perseverance in campaigning to find out what happened to her husband earned her an "International Women of Courage" award last year from US First Lady Melania Trump. Following the sentencing, saffron-robed Gnanasara sat on a bench inside the packed courthouse awaiting a prison vehicle to take him away. Last year the monk spent a month on the run as police pursued him in connection with a string of attacks against Muslims.

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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Indian diaspora heading to Canada for permanent residency OT TAWA: Canada has emerged as a coveted destination for India’s diaspora. Indians are appearing to grab Canada’s Express Entry programme which invites top-ranked candidates - under the country’s point based immigration system - to take up permanent residency. Express Entry is Canada’s flagship programme for key economic migration. Under it, of the 86,022 invitations sent in 2017, nearly 42% (or 36,310) were to those holding an Indian citizenship. The total number of invitations sent in 2017 was more than double of the previous year - 33,782. In 2016, the number of invites sent to those having Indian citizenship was merely 11,037, showing an increase by more than 200%. According to the Express Entry Year-end Report, 2017, a little over 1,00,000 applications were

received for permanent residency under the Express Entry programme in 2017, 86,022 invitations were sent and 65,401permanent residents and their families were admitted into Canada. Nearly 40% of this total or 26,000-plus Indians became permanent residents in Canada. Canada has a pointbased immigration system Among those applicants who had job offers and were admitted as permanent residents, occupations like information system analysts, software engineers and designers, computer programmers and university lecturers topped the charts. These

statistics, showing an increase in number of Indians opting for Canadian permanent residency, strengthen the belief that many H1B visa holders, tired of the backlog and infinite wait for a green card in the US - a green card grants permanent residency on American soil - are now heading towards Canada. Currently, more than 3,00,000 Indians in the US are waiting for a green card, CATO Institute, a Washington-based think tank, states that given the green card backlog, the waiting period for Indians with an advanced degree (those in the EB-2 category) could be as much as 151years. Vikram Rangnekar, now an entrepreneur in Toronto, is among those who made the move. “I lived in the US for six years on H-1B visa. I had a great life in California, lots of

friends, an awesome job, and enjoyed the outdoors. Then, I realised that I didn’t want to continue living my life on a restrictive visa. I wanted more freedom, I wanted to work on my own ideas and that was just not possible under the H-1B visa. Also with the ever extending green card wait, permanent residency in the US was out of question.” He and his family moved to Toronto in 2016. “We love the accepting Canadian culture, the diversity, high quality of life, great support and education system for kids,” he said. Today, Rangnekar hosts a platform which helps a significant number of Indians currently on H1B to find jobs in Canada. Canada has a point-based immigration system. Under the Express Entry programme, candidates complete an online profile and are given a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score.

Telugu film producer, wife held in US for ‘running sex racket’ C H I CAG O: Two people, a Telugu businessmanturned-film producer and his wife, were arrested in Chicago on charges of running a sex racket by exploiting upcoming actresses. According to reports, though 34-year-old Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandra were arrested in the last week of April, the case came to light last week when local media reported that the federal police had filed a 42-page charge sheet in a district court in Chicago. The couple reportedly lure actresses from the Telugu film industry to the US and advertising

them for sex at Indian conferences and cultural events across the country. The couple allegedly charged clients up to $3,000 per sexual encounter. Kishan rose to become a top producer in Tollywood and has co-

produced several hit films, allegedly threatened one of the actresses and her family if she told law enforcement agencies about what she did in the US. According to another report, the law enforcement agencies

raided the couples residence in Chicago and recovered 70 condoms, a fraudulent US lawful permanent resident card and security card in the name of Kishan. Federal agents also discovered ledgers that Kishan’s wife allegedly kept of the sexual acts performed by each girl. The police discovered text messages from Chandra’s phone in which she was haggling with clients over which girls were available and their prices. The federal police had filed a case a few months ago and the couple was on the run, before being arrested in late April.

Sikh leader to enter Afghan House

KA B U L: Avtar Singh Khalsa will represent Afghanistan’s tiny Sikh and Hindu minority in the next parliament, where he says he hopes to serve the entire country. Few Afghans are as invested in the government’s quest for peace and stability as the dwindling Sikh and Hindu minorities, which have been decimated by decades of conflict. The community numbered more than 80,000 in the 1970s, but today only around 1,000 remain.

Avtar Singh Khalsa

Khalsa, a Sikh and longtime leader of the community, will run unopposed for a seat in the lower house of parliament


that was apportioned to the minority by presidential decree in 2016. After the October election, he will be a solitary voice among 259 legislators, but hopes his 10 years of service in the Afghan army can help him secure a seat on the defence and security committee. “I don’t only want to serve my Sikh and Hindu brothers, I have to be able to serve all the Afghan people, no matter which ethnicity or group they belong to.” The 52-year-old father

of four has lived most of his life in Kabul. He also served as a senator representing the minority, which has long had a seat in the upper house of parliament. Sikhs and Hindus have been driven out of many areas by heavy fighting. They have suffered widespread discrimination in the conservative Muslim country. Khalsa will join parliament at a time when Afghanistan is struggling against a resurgent Taliban and an Islamic State affiliate.

Former Maldives president jailed for obstruction of justice MALE: The trials widely seen as part of a plan by Maldives President Abdulla Yameen to tighten his grip on power ahead of elections in September, a court has convicted former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom and the sitting Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Justice Ali Hameed for obstruction of justice and sentenced them to 19 months in prison. The country of 400,000 people has seen political unrest since its first democratically elected leader, Mohamed Nasheed, was forced to quit amid a police mutiny in 2012. Nasheed was convicted of terrorism charges in 2015 and sentenced to 13 years after a trial that was criticised as unfair. Gayoom, who is the country's longest serving leader, Chief Justice Abdulla Saeed and Supreme Court Justice Ali Hameed were found guilty, after they were charged for refusing to hand over their mobile phones for a police investigation. The Indian Ocean island chain has faced upheaval since February, when Yameen, half brother of Gayoom, imposed a 45day state of emergency to annul a Supreme Court ruling that quashed the convictions of nine opposition leaders, including Nasheed. During the emergency, authorities arrested the three men and a Supreme Court administrator on charges of trying to overthrow the government. They still face those charges. Saeed and Hameed refused the opportunity to make a closing argument saying their lawyers had earlier quit, citing grave procedural defects with the trial. Criminal Court

Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

Judge Hassan Najeeb refused multiple appeals by the defendants to be given time to appoint new lawyers. Najeeb said it was clear from "anonymous testimonies" that the defendants had mobile phones and refused to comply with a police investigation and requests to hand over their devices and this represented obstruction of justice. Politically motivated: Amnesty International The opposition has accused Yameen's government of jailing leaders who could challenge Yameen's re-election bid, a charge the government denies. Rights group Amnesty International said the convictions are politically motivated and should be quashed because the trials did not meet international standards. Athul Keshap, the US Ambassador for Maldives said in a tweet that an unfair trial with no defense witnesses or defence lawyers would always result in an unfair sentence. Gayoom told the court he denied the charges and said the trial was unfair, while Najeeb maintained the trial was conducted in accordance with the law. Dunya Maumoon, the daughter of Gayoom, who resigned from Yameen's government after her father was arrested, said her family was deeply shocked by the convictions.

Nepal, China to sign pact on Tibet-Kathmandu railway line KAT H M A N D U: Nepal Prime Minister K P Sharma Oli’s upcoming five-day visit to China, his first after re-election, will see the two countries sign a number of agreements, including one on energy cooperation and construction of a railway line connecting Kerung in Tibet to capital Kathmandu, a senior NCP leader said. Oli will be in China from June 19 to 24. During his visit, many projects under the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s plans for an India-NepalChina economic corridor are expected to be discussed. The visit will further strengthen ties and promote cooperation between Nepal and China, said Ganesh Shah, member

of Communist Party of Nepal (NCP) Standing Committee. Half a dozen MoUs will be signed between Nepal and China during the PM’s visit, he said. Nepal will sign an MoU on constructing a railway line connecting Kerung of Tibet to Kathmandu. A feasibility study will be conducted for the railway line, which is expected to complete within four years. An agreement will be signed for energy cooperation between the two countries, Shah said. An agreement will be made to form a permanent government to government mechanism between Nepal and China to look after different projects being constructed under Chinese assistance.


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018



Prez rejects TN plea to free Rajiv Gandhi killers NEW DELHI: Indian President Ram Nath Kovind has rejected the Tamil Nadu government's request to release the seven prisoners convicted for the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on May 21, 1991. A top official said, “The President has rejected the Tamil Nadu government's plea to free the prisoners on the advice of the Home Ministry. This has been conveyed to the State. The assassins of the former Prime Minister of India cannot walk free under any circumstances.”

Nalini, Perarivalan, Murugan and Santhan

Following directions of the Supreme Court, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on February 14, sought details on eight grounds from the State to “facilitate further” its request to release the convicts. It asked the State to furnish details such as the “physical and mental status of the convicts”

their “economic and social background” and the previous cases registered against them. The convicts are V Sriharan alias Murugan, AG Perarivalan, T Suthendraraja alias Santhan, Jayakumar, Robert Payas, Ravichandran and Nalini. On January 23, a threejudge Bench of the

Supreme Court gave three months to the Home Ministry to decide on Tamil Nadu's proposal to remit the sentences of the life-term convicts. The Centre moved court against the State's proposal, which dates back to February 19, 2014, where it said the State had decided to remit their sentences as they had already served more than 20 years in prison. Under Section 435 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the State government has to consult the Centre before releasing prisoners who were tried by the CBI or under a central legislation.

HC gives split verdict on 18 disqualified MLAs in TN CHENNAI: In a major relief for the Edappadi K Palaniswami led Tamil Nadu government, the Madras High Court has pronounced a split verdict on the disqualification of 18 MLAs of the Tamil Nadu assembly, who belong to the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), but have pledged allegiance to the breakaway Amma Makkal Munnetra Kazhagam (AMMK) led by TTV Dinakaran. This means, the cases regarding the matter will be sent to a larger bench. While Chief Justice Indira Banerjee upheld the disqualification of the

Edappadi K Palaniswami

MLAs, Judge M Sundar set aside the disqualification. When the case is referred to a larger bench and if the MLAs win the case, the Tamil Nadu government could fall short of a majority in the state Assembly. Dhinakaran said that the “longevity of the anti-

people government has been extended” because of the judgment. He said, “While one judge has deemed the Speaker's decision as invalid, CJI has ruled the Speaker's actions to be valid. But a couple of months ago, the CJI ruled in the Puducherry Speaker's case that his action wasn't valid. As a layman, I don't understand how there can be one law for TN's Speaker and one for Puducherry's Speaker.” MLAs want to change CM Dhinakaran said he could call for a floor test, but the 18 MLAs who are his supporters “are still a

part of the AIADMK and only want a change of Chief Minister.” He declared, “As an independent MLA, I want to remove his government.” Disqualified MLA Thanga Tamilselvan insisted that the disqualified MLAs continue to insist on the removal of Palaniswami as Chief Minister. He added that the judgment had extended the life of the anti-people government by a few months. “The people were looking forward to this judgment just like they were looking forward to the RK Nagar by-election results.’’


Cong, SAD come to Sikh detainees’ aid AMRITSAR: Both, the ruling party and the Opposition have decried the Centre's move challenging the Amritsar Sessions Court-2017 decision to compensate Sikh youths detained illegally by the Army and the Punjab police from the Golden Temple during Operation Bluestar. The counter-move was initiated by Congress MLA from Patti, Harminder Singh Gill and SAD spokesperson Virsa Singh Valtoha. Both of them were among the 365 youths who were arrested “illegally” kept in a temporary prison for eight days in Amritsar, in 1984. They were later shifted to the Jodhpur jail for four to five years. The Amritsar court on April 10, 2017, had directed both the central and state governments to give Rs 4,00,000 as compensation to 40 detainees, along with 6 per cent interest per annum from the date of filing the suit. The order for compensation covered both periods - illegal detention and alleged delay in trial.

The Centre then moved a petition in the High Court, seeking to express its point of view before releasing any compensation, whereas the state government is silent over the issue. Justice Ajay Tewari has set the hearing for July 2. Valtoha said, “I had a word with SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal, who was determined to approach the alliance partners at the Centre. We were subjected to inhuman treatment in the Jodhpur jail for five years and underwent interrogation by various agencies, faced torture. The Centre's move is like rubbing salt on the wounds of innocent detainees who went through hell.” Gill said Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh had shown solidarity with the affected persons and assured all assistance. During the Congress regime in 2002, he had granted a compensation of Rs 1,00,000 each. “A meeting will be scheduled with the Chief Minister to decide next course of action,” Gill said.

Passports of 11 runaway NRI husbands suspended CHANDIGARH: The Regional Passport Office (RPO) has suspended passports of 11 NRI husbands over last week as central government officials said that Nonresident Indian (NRI) men who wed in the country will have to compulsorily register their marriages within a week and update marital status on their passports. The men have been dodging their wives and the authorities and left the country. Such cases are in abundance and the women have been put through endless agony. 12,000 cases pending “There are nearly 12,000 such cases, pending for action, under the RPO, Chandigarh, which has jurisdiction over 24 districts in Punjab and Haryana in addition to Chandigarh,” said Regional Passport Officer Sibash Kabiraj. A victim from Bathinda was unaware of what she was getting into when she married Trilochan Goel, a resident of Surrey, Canada, last year.


“The match was arranged through a matrimonial advertisement. They wanted only my belongings and gifts, as even his parents knew of his first wife in Canada,” she said. She added that within a month of the marriage, her husband and mother-inlaw assaulted her. “I conceived and was sent to my parents' home. He visited my parents twice, but only to collect the wedding gifts that I had. By December, I knew of his first wife in Canada,” she said. Another woman was married to Haryana police head constable Rahul Chauhan from Amin village in Kurukshetra. She had no clue that he was planning to go to the US with the help of his paternal uncle. Chauhan disappeared in 2017, on the day of Karwa Chauth, turning her life into an endless wait. On filing a missing report, she was informed that her husband had managed to flee the country on fake documents.

Bengal panchayat members flee to Jharkhand fearing death

KO L KATA: More than 700 people, including elected representatives of the Bengal panchayat and their family members, have reportedly fled to the neighbouring Jharkhand fearing for their lives after allegedly being threatened by the ruling Trinamool Congress. Some BJP workers who took shelter in Bundu and Bokaro in Jharkhand have returned while a significant number of them are unable to return in the wake of the looming threats and the death of two BJP workers. “Some 713 Bengal BJP workers took shelter in Jharkhand fearing that they will be attacked or killed by TMC workers,” said Deepak Prakash, general secretary of the Jharkhand unit of BJP. “I will not be able to reveal much about their whereabouts in Jharkhand due to security reasons. All of them are safe and are getting adequate protection,” he added. It was learnt that some of the elected panchayat representatives in Murshidabad, Burdwan, West Midnapore and

Birbhum districts of Bengal have taken shelter in Sahibganj, Dumka and Pakur in Jharkhand. Others, who won from Purulia and Bankura districts, were learnt to be staying with their relatives or BJP workers in Ranchi, Bokaro and Dhanbad. Senior BJP leader and Ranchi MP, Ramtahal Choudhary said that he had personally met some of these workers in Bundu area. “I have written to Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh and requested his intervention so that they could return to their respective districts safely,” he said. Opposition leaders, including BJP and CPI(M), alleged that Trinamool cadres had unleashed terror after the panchayat poll results revealed that the challengers had managed to win a significant number of seats in the bordering areas, especially in Jangalmahal. “Fearing death threats, they fled and took refuge in neighbouring states,” Bengal BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu said.

NRC issue now simmers in Tripura, after Assam AGARTALA: The burning issue of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Assam is gradually spreading in Tripura as well, with tribal-based parties agitating to for an NRC up gradation exercise in the state with 1951 as the cut-off year. Tripura's three tribal-based parties Indigenous Nationalist Party of Tripura (INPT), Indigenous People's Front of Tripura (IPFT) and National Conference of Tripura (NCT) - have started holding rallies and demonstrations to press their demand that the NRC be updated. "We would again organise a five-hour sit-in demonstration on June 28 in Agartala to press for our demands. A similar demonstration would be held in New Delhi in September," INPT President Bijoy Kumar Hrangkhawl said. Tribal Parties plan big agitation He said: "If other parties want to hold the agita-

tion jointly, we are ready to do so. Earlier, in support of our demands, we have organised agitations, including a shutdown along with IPFT and NCT." The INPT, IPFT and NCT have also been demanding withdrawal of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016, which is currently under review by a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC). These parties are also demanding introduction of an inner line permit to protect indigenous tribals, giving more power to the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC), restoration of alienated tribal lands and inclusion of tribals' Kokborok language in the 8th Schedule of the Constitution. IPFT Vice President Ananta Debbarma said last month-end that they had organised big rallies in tribal areas, including at the TTAADC headquarters in Khumulwng, in support of the NRC and some other demands.




Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Dr. Hari Desai

Sardar Patel and the Sikhs • “For Sikhs Vallabhbhai was their Best friend”, wrote Baldev Singh • Patel thundered: “I will not tolerate Delhi becoming another Lahore”


arrister Vallabhbhai Patel earned the title of Sardar in April 1928 during the Bardoli Satyagraha and it was merely a coincidence that he was to work in close liaison with the real Sardars i.e. Sikhs in the days to come. When Mahatma Gandhi’s close associate C. Rajgopalachari’s formula saw the light of the day in 1944, the Sikhs were furious. “Considering the position occupied by these two men in Congress circles, the Sikhs assumed that Congress had conceded Pakistan,” records Khushawant Singh in “A History of the Sikhs”, adding, “The Sikhs reacted violently to the Rajgopalachari-Gandhi acquiescence. At a meeting (20 August 1944) at Amritsar attended by leaders of all Sikh parties, speeches were made strongly criticizing Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership ( ‘Let us give up now the practice of looking up to Mr. Gandhi for protection of our interests’-Gyani Kartar Singh). Master Tara Singh stated for the first time that the Sikhs were a separate nation.” Sardar Patel as a Home Member in the CongressMuslim League Provisional Government and as the Deputy Prime Minister with the charge of Home, Information and Broadcasting and the States Department after Independence, with active support from his Sikh colleague and the Defence Minister, Sardar Baldev Singh and other Sikh leaders, could evolve the present day Punjab after the Partition. Following the partition, the Eastern Punjab became the part of free India. The Princely States in East Punjab were six in number. Four of them, namely Patiala, Nabha, Jind and Faridkot were Sikh States. These four Sikh States were under the suzerainty of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, but by the Treaty of Amritsar of 1809, they came under British protection. The

remaining two States were Kapurthala and Malerkotla. “Before partition the Sikhs constituted the majority community in Faridkot; the Muslims in Kapurthala, and the Hindus in Jind. In Patiala, the Sikhs formed, according to the census of 1941, 47.3 per cent of the

to the present day Punjab having the newly built capital at Chandigarh. Sir Chandu Lal Trivedi was appointed the Governor and Gopi Chand Bhargav was elected as the Chief Minister of the East Punjab. In 1948, Sikh States of Punjab, along with Malerkotla and

Gandhiji with Rajagopalachari

total population. The partition and the consequent two-way migration materially affected the population ratio in these States. In Patiala, especially, there was a rise in the ratio of Sikhs because of the large influx into the State of refugees

Nalagarh were merged to form the Patiala and the East Punjab States Union(PEPSU) with Maharaja Yadvendra Singh, the father of the present-day Chief Minister of Punjab, Capt. Amarinder Singh, as Rajpramukh and Gyan Singh Rarewala as the

Master Tara Singh, Punjab Premier Sir Khizar Hayat Khan and M.A. Jinha

belonging to that community,” according to V. P. Menon in his book “Integration of the Indian States”. Khushwant Singh describes the chronology of the formation of the East Punjab government with a temporary capital at Simla

Chief Minister. In PEPSU, the Sikhs formed a majority of the population. Later, in 1966, the three states were carved out from the Punjab areas i.e. Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The correspondence between the Maharaja of

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Patiala, who was made the Rajpramukh, and Sardar Patel speaks of the love and loyalty of the Sardar for the Sikh community too. Even when Sardar Tara Singh was running campaign for a separate Punjab Suba, the Maharaja and Sardar Baldev Singh remained loyal to India. Sardar Patel always honoured the sacrifice given by the Sikhs and favoured an honourable place to the Sikhs as a community. The Maharaja of Patiala in a letter dated 5 September 1947 to Sardar Patel stressed on “reassuring them some active steps should be taken and provisions incorporated in the new Constitution which would guarantee that the rightful place, which the Sikh community deserves in the polity of India, will not be denied to them”. The Sardar replies him on 23 September 1947 to convey: “I need not present to you or for that matter to any Sikh my credentials of friendship and loyalty to their cause…I am happy to say that in the actual day-today working of Government in East Punjab both Dr. Gopichand Bhargav (CM) and Sardar Swaran Singh (Defence Minister) are acting as one man and are not taking any decision without consulting each other…for

the reasons for your stressate Delhi becoming another ing the fact that the Sikhs Lahore.” When he went to should be assured of their Amritsar on 30 September rightful place in the body 1947, he advised the Sikh politic, but I am sure you will leaders: “Break the vicious concede that there is no circle of attacks and retalianeed for an assurance where tion at least for a week. And a matter is a settled fact.” if Pakistan did not respond Even Sardar Baldev in kind, India would take Singh in his letter dated 29 them to task.” December 1948 to Sardar Patel favoured the Patel notes: “There is a Constitutional provisions for deep-laid conviction in the reservations for the mind of Sikhs that you are Scheduled Caste and the their best friend and of this Scheduled Tribes, but when you have given generous the same proposals were put proof on several occasions… forward for the lower caste I have heard it said by some Sikhs, he made no hesitation people that Master Tara to accept them. He told the Singh is supported by me in Constituent Assembly on 26 his present attitude. Nobody May 1949: “I will ask the knows my views and beliefs Sikhs to take control of the better than yourself.” country and rule. They may Though Sardar Baldev Singh be able to rule because they was a closed confident have got the capacity, they of Patel right have got the from his operresources and they Next Column: ations on J & got the The Size of West have K , the Sardar courage. In any Pakistan on 15 does do cerfield, either in tain plain talkagriculture, in August 1947! ing with him in engineering or in his communication the army, in any walk of on 30 December 1948. life you have proved your The partition of India mettle. Why do you being to followed bloodshed, killings think low of yourself?” and uprooting of millions of Sardar Patel never forgot to people from both the sides. present himself as the friend Thousands of refugees from of Sikhs even in the Pakistan were pouring into Constituent Assembly. the streets of Delhi bringing (The writer is a Socio-polittales of misery, death and ical Historian. E-mail: rape which incited the local )

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Hindus and Sikhs to take up arms against their Muslim brothers of Delhi. Patel had thundered:“I will not toler-

The Members of the Interim Government Nehru, Sardar Patel, Sardar Baldev Singh and others with Mountbatten and Jinnah.

Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary


the future wellbeing of both Sikhs and Hindus in their home province of East Punjab…I fully appreciate

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INDIA AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

10 Gujaratis honoured at Global Gujarati Award Gala in Canada

1st Global Gujarati Award Gala, organised by Global Gujarati Network and Vipul Jani, was held on May 25 at the prestigious Red Rose Convention Centre in Mississauga (Canada) was attended by approximately 330 prominent and successful business and community leaders from Canada and beyond. The best part was that the Gujarati Award Gala had several nonGujarati movers and

shakers in the audience, among them six members of parliament from different political parties are Ramesh Sangha, Kamal Khera, Yasmin Ratansi, Deepak Obhrai, Tony Clement, Bob Saroya. Ten successful Gujaratis from Canada, USA, India, Mozambique and UK were recognised with a Global Gujarati Award for their outstanding achievements and contributions. They are (from L to R)

representative of Dr. Vikram Shah (a globally recognized authority in Knee Surgeries and founder-owner of Shalby Hospitals – India) and Dr. Darshini Shah (One of the leading Dentists in India). Mr. Mark Mehta and Mr Sam Mehta, C B Patel (Publishers/Editor, largest selling ethnic news weeklies Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice), Vipul Jani (Global Gujarati Network), MG Vassanji – Best selling Canadian Author and a

recipient of Order of Canada, Yasmin Ratansi, (MP), Rizwan Adatia (Chairman, COGEF Group and a major philanthropist – Mozambique), Haren Sheth (Surati Sweet Mart – Canada), Dr. Sudhir Parikh (Well-known Allergy Specialist and Media Barons – America), Sunil Nayak (Successful Hotelier – America). For more information : www.globalgujaratinetw / Phone : 416827-5189

J&K govt collapses as BJP ends alliance with PDP Continued from page 1 "It has become untenable for the BJP to continue in the alliance government in the state," Madhav told reporters in New Delhi. Presenting her point of view, Mehbooba said in Srinagar that the PDP has always maintained that a muscular security policy would not work in the state and reconciliation was key. "We will continue to strive for dialogue and reconciliation in Jammu and Kashmir," the PDP leader said after submitting her resignation as chief minister and added that the alliance with the BJP was not for power. National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, whose party is the third biggest in the assembly, captured the drama with one sentence, "I wish Mehbooba Mufti had resigned herself ... instead of having the rug pulled from under her feet." The BJP won 25 seats and the PDP 28 in the 87-member assembly and came together in alliance, two months after the December 2014 elections. The NC has 15 seats, the Congress 12 and others seven. Although the BJP and the PDP had campaigned vigorously against each other, they came together with an agenda of alliance in the hope of

Mehbooba Mufti

pulling the state out of the cycle of violence. But the alliance never took hold and the two parties disagreed on most issues even as the security situation continued to deteriorate. Both Omar and the Congress said they wouldn't not form an alliance with any party to form government in the state. Mehbooba also said she had told the governor that her party would not go into any other alliance. The BJP said it favours governor's rule. If imposed, it will be the fourth time since 2008 and the eighth time since 1977. Madhav said the decision to withdraw was taken after consulting Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah. Immediately after his news conference, senior PDP minister and the party's chief spokesperson Naeem Akhthar told

reporters in Srinagar that the BJP's decision had caught the party by surprise. The BJP blamed the PDP for failing to improve the security conditions in the Kashmir Valley. Madhav cited last week's killing of senior journalist Shujaat Bukhari in the heart of Srinagar in the highly secured area of Press Enclave by unidentified gunmen. The same way - two days before Eid an Army jawan was abducted while going on Eid leave and killed. "Keeping in mind that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India and in order to control the prevailing situation in the state, we have decided that the reins of power in the state be handed over to the governor," Madhav added. Terrorism, violence and radicalism have risen and the fundamental rights of citizens, includ-

ing right to life and free speech, are in danger, the BJP leader said. In Srinagar, Mehbooba countered the allegations and listed her government's achievements. "We have been able to withdraw 11,000 cases against the stone pelters, given an offer of talks with all shades of opinion by none other than Union Home Minister (Rajnath Singh) and brought about a unilateral ceasefire," she said. BJP leader and deputy chief minister Kavinder Gupta told reporters in Delhi that he and his ministerial colleagues have submitted their resignations to the governor as well as to the chief minister. "Centre did everything for the valley. We've tried to put a full-stop to the ceasefire violations by Pakistan. PDP has not been successful in fulfilling its promises. Our leaders have been facing a lot of difficulties from PDP in developmental works in Jammu and Ladakh," Madhav said. "We are not questioning the intentions of PDP but they have failed in improving the condition of life in Kashmir," he added. Senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said the BJP had committed a "Himalayan blunder" by forming a government with the PDP.


India blasts UN’s 1st Kashmir report The United Nations last week released the firstever report on alleged human rights violations in both Kashmir and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, demanding an international inquiry. India reacted sharply to the report, terming it “fallacious, tendentious and motivated”, and lodged a strong protest with the UN, saying that the government is “deeply concerned that individual prejudices are being allowed to undermine the credibility of a UN institution”. “The report violates India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. The entire state of Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India. Pakistan is in illegal and forcible occupation of a part of the Indian state through aggression,” the ministry of external affairs said in a statement. The UN’s office of the human rights high commissioner also asked Pakistan to end its “misuse” of anti-terror legislation to persecute peaceful activists and quash dissent. Asserting that there was an “urgent need” to address past and ongoing rights violations, the report said that “any resolution to the political situation in Kashmir should entail a commitment to ending the cycles of violence and accountability”. The report added that “people on both sides of the Line of Control have been detrimentally impacted and suffer from limitations or denial of a range of human rights”. India has maintained that the country’s democracy has all that is required to address

legitimate grievances. There can’t be any comparison between J&K and PoK as “the former has a democratically elected government while the latter has seen a Pakistani diplomat arbitrarily appointed as its head”, Indian officials have said. The UN’s ‘Report on the Situation of Human Rights in Kashmir: Developments in the Indian State of J-K from June 2016 to April 2018, and General Human Rights Concerns in Azad JK and Gilgit-Baltistan’ also noted that since the late 1980s, “a variety of armed groups has been actively operating in the Indian state of J-K”. It also talked about killing of Hizbul Mujahideen terrorist Burhan Wani by the Indian forces which triggered unprecedented protests in the Valley during this period. There has been documented evidence of these groups committing a wide range of human rights abuses, including kidnappings and killings of civilians and sexual violence, it added. “Despite the Government of Pakistan’s assertions of denial of any support to these groups, experts believe that Pakistan’s military continues to support their operations across the LoC in IndianAdministered Kashmir,” the report said. The report also sought repealing of the Armed Forces (J&K) Special Powers Act, 1990 “urgently” and also “immediately remove the requirement for prior central government permission to prosecute security forces personnel accused of human rights violations in civilian courts”.

Take India’s growth to double digits, PM tells states Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked states to set ambitious growth targets for their economies, saying the world expected India to become a $5 trillion economy even as he emphasised on the need to reach welfare schemes to the last beneficiary. The PM’s exhortation at the meeting of the Niti Aayog governing council on Sunday came even as he yet again touched on the need for simultaneous elections to states and Lok Sabha, as this would ensure saving in costs and provide a break from a cycle of elections that takes away from governance due to long periods of the code of conduct, which restricts decision making, being in force. The PM advised states to pay special attention to expanding their exports and attracting

export oriented investments while organising investment summits. Speaking later, Aayog vice chairman Rajiv Kumar said there was a consensus that the population 2011 census would remain the key benchmark for devolution of funds. This was significant in the light of concerns expressed by some southern states that their better population control would disadvantage them. It was pointed out that meeting such goals would be given due weightage. Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said, “The crux of the PM’s address was that we need to focus and transform backward blocks, backward districts, backward regions and identify the ‘last people in the line’ so that benefits of governance can reach them.”



Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

To Our Readers

We are publishing these items in good faith, kindly consult your Doctor before you try to implement any advice. We do not hold any responsibility for its efficacy...

Type 2 diabetics face a 32% higher risk of developing Parkinson's in old age

People with type 2 diabetes are almost a third more likely to develop Parkinson's disease in later life, a major study has found. Research involving eight million people - including two million patients in England with type 2 diabetes - found the risk increased by 32 per cent. Scientists from University College London found the risk was significantly higher for younger patients and those with complications from diabetes, such as eye and kidney damage. The findings add to a growing body of evidence the diseases could be genetically linked or the result of insulin resistance on the brain. Professor Tom Warner, from the Neurology Institute at University College London, who led the study, said it was most comprehensive evidence to date to show a link. Parkinson's is a degenerative neurological condition affecting a

part of the brain that helps control movement, causing tremors and rigidity. There are an estimated 145,000 people with the disease in the UK and there is currently no cure. Rising numbers of people are being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, fuelled by a rise in obesity and sedentary lifestyles. Researchers looked at data from the national hospital database over 12 years, identifying more than two million people who were admitted to the hospital for type 2 diabetes. They were then compared to six million people without diabetes, admitted for a range of minor medical and surgical procedures like sprains, varicose veins, appendectomy and hip replacement.

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always better to opt for whole and clean foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits from local vendors or farmers who provide fresher ingredients as compared to the supermarkets. Add Protein And Carbohydrate-Rich Foods To Your Diet: Although nutrient-dense foods are not the most centric part of clean eating, experts recommend to include some amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in our daily meal. But, keep in mind that nutrients must be derived from natural and wholesome sources. For example, eggs and pulses are

good sources of proteins while potatoes, milk and other dairy products are excellent sources of carbohydrates. Limit The Consumption Of Fat, Salt And Sugar: One of the most imperative steps is to limit the amount of fats, salt and sugar in your diet. This is easier than you think, especially if you can cut



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Mere Sai – Shraddha Aur Saburi: Maha Episode Zindagi Ke Crossroads Zindagi Ke Crossroads Crime Patrol


CID The Kapil Sharma Show Zindagi Ke Crossroads Zindagi Ke Crossroads Crime Patrol Crime Patrol



18:30 19:00 19:30 20:00 20:30

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai Mere Sai Vighnaharta Ganesh Porus Dus Ka Dum (Mon-Tues) / Zindagi Ke Crossroads (Weds-Fri) 22:00 Dil Hi Toh Hai 22:30 Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 23:00 Crime Patrol



One of the hottest trends among the health-conscious people and dietitians is of 'clean eating.' The concept is rather simple - eating foods that are least or minimally processed, adulterated or refined. Clean eating means consuming natural and whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, pulses and whole grains. It is not completely intended to eat specific types of foods that provide only certain nutrients such as low-carb foods, low-fat foods or protein-rich food. While practicing clean eating, you do not have to resist the urge to eat. In fact, you should eat whenever you're hungry and stop only when you're full. The only condition applied is that you must eat wholesome and preferably organic food instead of processed food. Many experts around the world have compressed the concept of clean eating into six steps. These six steps guarantee not only a healthy and fit body, but also a healthy and blissful mind which keeps you happy all the while. Avoid Packed And Processed Foods: According to experts, processed food includes anything that is boxed or packed or sealed. It is

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Easy Steps For Healthy Lifestyle

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* Schedule is subject to change

Green tea is a the best alternative of carbonated drinks and packed juices

Monday June 25, 2018 01:07 Shukriya 05:00 Rokkk 07:08 Karishma Kudrat Ka 10:15 Majaal 13:28 Wah Taj 15:45 Ra.One 19:00 Mausam 22:26 Singh is Bling Tuesday June 26, 2018 01:05 Taj Mahal 05:00 Login 07:00 Hiraasat 09:50 Masti 13:24 Shikaar 16:17 Housefull 19:20 Aakrosh 22:10 Jeet - Born To Win Wednesday June 27, 2018 01:08 Robbery At Bangkok 05:00 Prithipal Singh... A Story 07:00 Wafadaar 10:10 Sikka 13:20 Mr. India 16:55 Daraar 20:25 Tutak Tutak Tutiya 22:59 Jurm


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us replace water with carbonated drinks and packed juices. High-calorie drinks, including soft drinks, packed juices and even tea and coffee, account for up to an extra 500 calories. In clean eating, you are recommended to boycott these drinks. Alternatively, you can also opt for unsweetened black or green tea. Get Regular Exercise: Physical exercise accompanied by clean eating can do wonders for your body. On one hand, you're cutting down fats by eating wholesome foods, whereas on the other, you're eliminating the already stored fat with regular workout. Clean eating is not just a fixed duration diet plan; it is a way of living. A healthy lifestyle means consuming wholesome natural foods and avoiding processed food, with regular exercise. Once you get the hang of it, you'll start to enjoy food more than ever. Clean eating will morph your body into a perfect shape and also provide you with mental satisfaction and happiness. Perhaps completely switching over to clean eating may be little difficult at once.

out on processed foods. Processed foods are full of calories and packed with high levels of fat, sugar, and salt. Clean eating is generally devoid of such ingredients. Fuel Yourself With Healthy Snacks In Between Your Meals: The three main meals should be spanned out as usual in the day, but nutritionists recommend having two or three snacks throughout the day to keep the blood sugar levels constant and maintain energy levels. Although, you must keep these snacks healthy and natural such as fruits, nuts or salads. Avoid Unhealthy And Fatty Beverages: Most of

SATURDAY 30th June

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Thursday June 28, 2018 01:20 Love In Nepal 05:00 I Don't Luv U 07:15 Sultanat 10:20 Sabse Bada Mawali 13:04 Bombay 16:00 Aakrosh 19:00 Veer 22:20 Luv Shuv Pyaar Vyar Friday June 29, 2018 00:44 Alone 05:00 Bezubaan Ishq 07:25 Loha 10:00 Mr. India 13:41 Udaan 16:18 Tutak Tutak Tutiya 19:00 Agneepath 22:18 Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama Saturday June 30, 2018 00:55 Anjaane - The Unknown 05:00 Huff! It's Too Much 07:00 Bombay 09:44 Ek Se Bure Do 12:31 Koyelaanchal 15:30 Veer 19:00 Raman Raghav 2.0 21:40 Alone Sunday July 1, 2018 00:10 Film : One 2 Ka 4 05:00 Film : 18.11...A code of secrecy 07:00 Film : Ram Balram 10:00 Film : Chalo Ishq Ladaaye 13:00 Film : Andaaz 16:00 Film : Agneepath 19:00 Film : Welcome 22:00 Film : Raman Raghav 2.0

SUNDAY 1st July




28 AsianVoiceNews

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Mahesh Babu all praises for 'Sammohanam'



Jr NTR, wife have second baby boy

elugu superstar Jr NTR and his wife Lakshmi Pranathi have become parents to another baby boy. Already parents to four year old Abhay Ram, Jr NTR tweeted the good news saying, “The family grows bigger. It's a boy.” Congratulatory messages for the proud parents soon began to pour in. Actor Nani tweeted, “Congratulations babai. It's raining boys. Love to you all”. While Eesha Rebba wrote, “Congratulations to proud new parents! May these tiny feet will tiptoe with love into your hearts and stay there forever.” Jr NTR married Lakshmi in 20122. Abhay, their first born arrived in July 2014. “My son's entry into my life changed the way I saw my career and my general outlook towards life. We keep thinking of what others feel when we do something. I was meant to be an actor and I realised that only after my son was born. I haven't been fully genuine in what I've been doing. The best thing after my son is my work and he taught me to be genuine,” Jr NTR had said.

Dulquer Salman's 'Vaan' to be a feel-good movie


ulquer Salmaan, who is currently busy with 'Kannum Kannum Kollaiyadithaal', will soon be seen in another Tamil movie titled 'Vaan'. Directed by debutant Ra Karthik, the film will have four heroines. Talking about the movie, Karthik said, “'Vaan' will be a feel-good movie, with the storyline travelling from Chennai to Kolkata. In addition to these two cities, we are also planning to shoot in Coimbatore, Pollachi, Gangtok and Goa. We wanted a title that's related to nature and since each episode will be connected to such an element, we felt that 'Vaan' will be apt.” The four female leads are rumoured to be Nivetha Pethuraj, Shalini Pandey, and Megha Akash. However, Karthik said they haven't confirmed any of the actresses yet and that talks are still on.


irector Indraganti Mohana Krishna's latest romantic comedy 'Sammohanam' dropped last Friday and has been receiving all kinds of praises ever since. Krishna has found several compliments for his illustrations and a fresh style of storytelling in the movie. Also, protagonists Sudheer Babu and Aditi Rao Hydari have played their parts beautifully. While applause continues to pour in from critics and the audience, the movie crew got a very special compliment from a superstar. Mahesh Babu took to Twitter to specially laud the entire crew for the excellent film. “Sammohanam is beautifully written & brilliantly directed.. @mokris_1772 is one of the finest talents we have in our industry... What a film!!! Simple loved it”, Mahesh posted. He also added, “Top notch performance by @isudheerbabu & @aditiraohydari. Definitely their career best !!! Special mention to @ItsActorNaresh garu's performance. He was absolutely brilliant … Congratulations to the entire team!”

Akhil heads to London to shoot with Venky Atluri

Tamannaah has personal parameters for choosing a film



rother of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya and son of Akkineni Nagarjuna, Akhil has commenced shoot for his upcoming film with director Venky Atluri of 'Tholi Prema' fame. The film unit is all set to go on floors from June 20 in London. The film's leading lady is actress Nidhhi Agerwal of 'Savyasachi' fame. Music will be rendered by SS Thaman, and the film will be produced by BVSN Prasad under SVCC banner. The yet-untitled movie is set to release in the second half of the year. His father Nagarjuna gave the first clap for the film as a symbolic gesture before the shooting got underway in Hyderabad. The film is the 24 year old's third movie after 'Akhil: The Power of Jua' and 'Hello', which released last year.

ith a mind of her own, Tamannaah Bhatia has her personal parameters for choosing a project and saying yes to a character. She believes it isn't the screen time, but the script and overall appeal of the project that matters. “It's the entire film that has to interest me and not just the character that I am offered. After all, the audience will eventually watch the film, and if they like it, only then will they like a particular character. It should be able to engage the audience for its entire length,” Tamannaah said. She revealed that there have been times when she accepted movies out of reasons other the ones mentioned. “Out of sheer respect for the people I look up to in the industry, I do say 'yes' to projects, at times. It helps me learn a lot. Also, if I am playing a small role in a good, content-driven film, I say yes to it. But there have been times when I said 'no' to films because I was not convinced with the content,” the 28 year old said. Tamannaah stresses on the connection and impression that content-rich films can establish with a wide variety of audiences. “So many different kinds of movies in various languages are being made. So much is also happening online and in television. So, the story is prime importance to me, and I feel inclined towards the realistic space.” AsianVoiceNews


Shaheen Bhatt opens up on depression and being suicidal


ctress Alia Bhatt's sister Shaheen has never shied way from talking about her struggle with depression. Last week, with the reported suicides of fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, Shaheen once again gave mental health and lack of awareness a voice. In an article written for Vogue magazine, she revealed that she lived with depression on and off since the age of 12. She said she had been “suicidal on more than one occasion.” The article read, “I've experienced the sheer terror of contemplating a life filled with unrelenting anguish, and I've been consumed by the terrifying thought of having but a single means of escape from a bleak, unbearable future.” Shaheen said Bourdain's death filled her eyes with tears. “I love Bourdain, I've been a fan of his ever since I read 'Kitchen Confidential'. I marvelled at his nononsense screen presence, his natural humour and his effortless ability to turn the foods he was eating into almost living, breathing characters. I love Bourdain, but that wasn't the only reason I was crying. I was crying because every time I hear of someone who was unable to go on living with the darkness within them, I'm reminded of how that could have just as easily been me,” Shaheen wrote. She further encouraged people to start communicating as “as talking about depression is no longer an option, it's a matter of life and death.” She added, “Every day that we shy away from the subject, someone plunges further into their depressive hole, isolating themselves and believing they're freaks. Every minute that we continue to stay silent we lose one more person to the horrors of depression and suicide. Every second that we choose comfort over reality we fail another Anthony and another Kate.”

A ‘privilege’ to be with Alia: Ranbir



anbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt's relationship is the current talk of the town. The 'Brahmastra' actors came to everybody's attention when they made an appearance as a couple at Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's wedding reception. Later, the 'Sanju' actor confirmed the relationship in an interview to 'GQ'. RK has clearly fallen head over heels for the actress as he can't stop praising the Bhatt prodigy. In a recent interview with senior journalist Rajeev Masand, Kapoor yet again opened up about Alia. “I think every human being does extraordinary things only when they're in love. I believe that love is something, which is a privilege. And to be in a happy, beautiful, positive space... a relationship could be with a boy, girl, friend, your mother, father, anybody. When there's some genuine love it's really beautiful,” he said. RK added, “It's only positive and more so because we are working in a film together and I really admire her as an actor. To see her have so much of colour, so much of spontaneity, so much of hardwork, so much of discipline is quite rare. It's amazing. It's been 10 years for me in this industry, little lethargy, a little 'chalta hai' type attitude comes in. So it's rejuvenating for me as an actor to be with Alia.”

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Nick Jonas wants to marry Priyanka


e are psyched! Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra have only lately begun spending quality time together but it seems like the 'Time of our lives' singer is ready to settle down and start a family. It is reported by a source that Nick is so head over heels in love with the 'Quantico'

actress that he doesn't want to lose her at any cost. The two were last seen together walking hand in hand at Jonas' cousin's wedding, where PeeCee met his family. However, Nick wants things to move faster in his favour and is really keen on taking their relationship to the next level. “Nick is falling hard for Priyanka, and he is very interested in making things serious really soon. All Nick really wants now that he has a career in something he loves, is to have a beautiful wife and a couple children to boot. He does-

n't want to be a serial dater, and he hopes what he has with Priyanka turns into something very important in his life and he hopes that she is the one,” a s o u r c e revealed. T h e source also a d d e d , “ W h e n they're o u t together, Nick only has eyes for

Priyanka, and makes her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. Nick is clearly head over heels for Priyanka. He's even changed his phone screensaver to a cute photo of both of them, and programmed a special ring tone for whenever she calls him.” While the two are cooking up quite the storm in NYC, is PeeCee ready to take the plunge? We can't wait to find out!

Amitabh Bachchan's 'most awkward moment'


n a surprising news to us mere mortals, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan recently recalled a “most awkward moment” with the world. The actor spoke about his time shooting for film 'Parwana' in 1971, when he was “hopeless and immature” and was asked to dance and lip sync at the same time. Posting a photograph of himself with former actress Yogeeta Bali on his blog, Bachchan Sr. wrote, “This be a song sequence from an early film of mine. 'Parwana', and this be Yogeeta Bali the leading lady of the film. I was not the

leading man, Navin Nischol was, and this was the most awkward moment for me

because I had to dance and lip sync and I was hopeless and immature and

just terrible, the fact that I still am is another matter, but there. There we are.” Amitabh further reminisced the days when he shot at the iconic Mohan Studio in Mumbai. He said, “Most of it ('Parwana') was shot at Mohan Studios. The studio with an amazing history. Bimal Roy did most of his work there. Today's generation would have trouble understanding the magnificent contribution of Bimal da to cinema. Hrishikesh Mukherji was his assistant. Indeed all of Hrishi Da's films were all shot at Mohan Studios.”

Sonam obsessed with her mother-in-law


fter hosting, what was the wedding of the year, and a storm-like promotion and release of 'Veere Di Wedding', Sonam Kapoor seems to have finally settled down in marital bliss. From Kapoor to Kapoor Ahuja, the Bollywood fashionista opened up in a recent interview, where she talked about Anand, his parents, and of course, bringing the mangalsutra back in fashion. When asked about her changing lifestyle post marriage and how Anand has modeled his schedule according to her, she said, “We both have to manage. I think we both respect each other's work and space; we are partners in the true sense. For

me, nobody is more important than Anand and for him, nobody is more important than me. When you have mutual respect, things get easy.” About her new

family, she said, “They are Sindhis and are a very private business family. They are lovely people but I don't want to discuss much. I am obsessed with my mother-in-law, I get along very well with her. As they are not from the film industry, let's not talk about them much.” Sonam also talked about her ambition to direct a film someday. She said, “I have a couple of stories written for Swara Bhaskar. She is my best friend. I interact so much with her that it's easy for me to see her in a lot of things. I would also love to work with Alia Bhatt, but now she is too big a star to work with me. There are so many actresses I look at and I am awestruck at their talent.”


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Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

Art Jameel £25,000 prize, which is awarded every 2 years. An exhibition, showcasing the work of the 8 shortlisted artists and designers will run from 28 June until 25 November 2018. To read the finalists' biographies and for more information visit

The Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum in London has announced the shortlist for Jameel Prize 5, the international prize for contemporary artists and designers inspired by Islamic tradition. Eight finalists have been shortlisted for the

Coming Events

l Meditation Intensive: An opportunity to be ‘rooted’ in your true self and experience inner joy! Date: Saturday 23 June Time: 10 am to 4.30 pm Venue: Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon NW4 4BA Workshop fee: £15 Contact: or 07775 576 533 l International Yoga Day: Celebrate International Yoga Day with Chinmaya Mission UK and “Make Every Day Yoga Day” Date: Saturday 30 June Time: 9.30 am to 4.30 pm Venue: Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon NW4 4BA Suggested donation: £12 (to cover lunch and course) Contact: l Swara to Ishwara: Hindustani classical instrumental music concert: To celebrate Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda’s birthday Date: Saturday 30 June Time: 7 pm to 9 pm Venue: Chinmaya Kirti, 2 Egerton Gardens, Hendon NW4 4BA Contact: or 07738 176 932 Bochasanwasi Shree Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha's head Param Pujya Mahant Swami is in Sarangpur for his Vicharan. Earlier, he was in Bhuj for six days where he met his followers. Mahant Swami had reached Bhuj from Limbdi, where he urged everybody to maintain peace and be kind to every one. He addressed all his followers and spread a message of love and unity. Swami will be in Sarangpur till 24th of June.

Sneh Joshi

fourth house of family and home, these areas are highlighted during this period. Buying or selling of property or even renovating it will be uppermost in your mind as you will be trying to put your roots down permanently. It is also a time when family life will be charged with emotions so be diplomatic and respect other people's views.

TAURUS Apr 21 - May 21 You are exploring and searching now, making connections, and paying attention to your immediate environment. Socially you are very popular and your communications strengthen your connections. You will be busy with errands, paperwork, phone calls, and light socializing. Siblings, close relatives and friends may play an important role in your life during this period. The Sun continues to transit your

GEMINI May 22 - June 22 solar second house. This is the

most "financial" period of the year for you. You have an increased interest in your own possessions, during this period. This is a good time to plan your future investments carefully to maximise your profits. This is a time when "comfort zones" are more important to you than usual--you value the familiar.

The Sun transits your first house and this affects your personal identity, appearance, outward behaviour, and self-expression. This marks the peak of your physical solar cycle, and you are in the position to make an impression on others, and to assert your personal influence. Increased energy and a renewed feeling of confidence is with you now, so take advantage of your charisma to achieve your goals.

CANCER Jun 22 - Jul 22

London to celebrate Eid and Rathyatra

The Mayor of London has announced plans for this year’s Eid Festival on Saturday 23rd June. The 13th Eid Festival on Trafalgar Square will once again unite Londoners from all backgrounds and visitors from the UK and beyond to celebrate the end of Ramadan. This year’s festival will be hosted by Sameena Ali-Khan and Remona Aly. There will be displays of Islamic art, cultural exhibits, storytelling, poetry and food. An international programme has been designed for all ages. The

richness of London’s various Islamic communities will be proudly on display and celebrants will represent a plethora of nations from Turkey to Indonesia, Nigeria to Bangladesh. DanishPalestinian Darbuka drummer Simona Abdallah and BritishEritrean rapper and social commentator Awate will both be appearing. As part of the Mayor’s #BehindEveryGreatCity campaign the vital contribution of women to Muslim culture will be a focus of the festival. There will be prominent speeches and pre s en tat io ns from an exciting line-up of Muslim women and girls, which will include performances from British jazz singer Fatimuna

‘Bed in a shed’ landlord receives heavy fine An Enfield man who housed a tenant in an outhouse unfit for habitation has been ordered to pay over £5,000 in fines and costs following a successful prosecution by Enfield Council. Sanjiv Shah pleaded guilty in May to breaching section 32 of the Housing Act 2004 and failing to comply with a Prohibition Order issued by the Council for renting out as accommodation an outbuilding which lacked heating, insulation and an independent electrical supply. At a sentencing hearing on 7 June Shah was ordered to pay a fine of £2,600, costs of £2,441.35 and a victim surcharge of £170.

Shah failed to comply with a Prohibition Order served in September 2016 regarding the use of an outbuilding. Inspections highlighted hazards that left the building cold and uninhabitable. Some hazards were assessed as posing a serious threat to the health or safety of people living or visiting the accommodation. Further visits in April and September 2017 confirmed the building was still being rented, despite the Prohibition Order. In addition, a tenant in the main house had complained that their utility bills were unusually high, suggesting the outbuilding was using their electricity supply.

Abukar and the Al-Sadiq Al-Zahra School Choir. The following day Sunday 24th June, London's streets will then come alive with festive displays of music, singing, dancing and chanting as Rathayatra (the festival of the chariots) makes its way from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square. Every year thousands of Londoners, pilgrims and tourists line the route of the chariots, which carry the deities from Hyde park. These deities are from London’s Radha-Krishna temple at 10 Soho Street. The festival is a grand procession of the deities of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva and Lady Subhadra. They ride in three enormous wooden chariots beautifully deco-

Shoppers forced to flee after roof collapses onto pavement

More than a dozen people had to be rescued after a shop roof collapsed onto the pavement – with rubble narrowly missing lunchtime shoppers. An evacuation was underway to rescue those trapped inside by mounds of red bricks that were left strewn across the road. There were no reports of any injuries. Videos from the showed locals scrambling to the aid of people in neighbouring buildings after a 20-metre-long section of roof collapsed.

rated and painted in vibrant colours, which will be pulled by hand through the streets. The joyous and exuberant festivities transform Trafalgar Square into a vibrant attraction for everyone. The familyfriendly festival also promises stalls of face painting and henna for the children.

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The UK’s leading Vedic writer and TV personality

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20 With the Sun transiting your solar


The Sun travels through your twelfth house now, marking a time of retreat and regeneration. This also heralds a time for research and unfinished behind-the-scene activities. Matters which have dragged on for a while should now be re-assessed and put to rest. Some of you will be looking to spiritual enlightenment and take up yoga and meditation.

LEO Jul 23 - Aug 23

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

The Sun illuminates your sector of friends, social gatherings and group activities. You will be in constant demand and will be in a position to network with new-found friends who will promote your cause. Personal relationships are also to the fore and some of you might even find true love. This is a time to follow your dreams and ideals.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23

More than any other time of the year, your focus is drawn to your career and standing in the society. This is the time when you are more interested in, and focused on, accomplishing something important. Contact with authority figures is more likely during this period. Recognition will come your way whether you ask for it or not, and the responsibility that goes with it.

The Sun continues to transit your solar ninth house now. In this period you seek to expand your experiences and awareness, whether through philosophical thinking, travel, or simply activities that take you away from your mundane routines. It's an excellent period for looking at your life from a different perspective.

SCORPIO Oct 24- Nov 22

020 8518 5500

The Sun energizes your sector of change, transformation and regeneration. On a more practical level, you may be dealing with joint finances and shared resources now more than usual. You should also make sure that your tax affairs are in order. You are more willing than usual to explore and delve deeper into life's secrets and arrive at meaningful conclusions.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21

CAPRICORN Dec 22 - Jan 20

As the Sun transits your seventh house, you have a greater need than usual to be in a relationship. The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me". Social interactions of a personal nature are highlighted. This is likely to be an extremely busy time for most of you. Use tact and diplomacy in your dealing, otherwise you are likely to come across as over confident and egotistical.

The Sun transits your solar sixth house and highlights your health and also makes you take pride in your day to day work. Hence, you should enhance your skills, get organized and take up a health regime for your well-being. This transit highlights the need for efficiency and as such you should bring in the new and get rid of the old ideas that do not work.

AQUARIUS Jan 21 - Feb 19

PISCES Feb 20 - Mar 20

After a period of relative inactivity, you are coming out of your shell, ready to perform and to express yourself creatively. This is a very progressive period of the year, when you are inspired emotionally. You take more pride in your your love affairs, your children, and your hobbies and are generally very sociable and make friends easily.


SPORT AsianVoiceNews

India A began their UK tour on a promising note, thrashing England Cricket Board XI by 125 runs following half centuries from captain Shreyas Iyer, Prithvi Shaw and Ishan Kishan. The trio of Shaw (70 off 61), Iyer (54 off 45) and Kishan (50 off 46) helped India A amass 328 for eight before the bowlers dismissed ECB XI for 203 in 36.5 overs. Pacer Deepak Chahar (3/48) was the pick of the bowlers. This was the visitors' first game of the tour ahead of the 50-over tri-series, involving England Lions and West Indies, from June 22. India A will also play two unofficial Tests against West Indies A and one against England Lions in July. In the game played on Sunday, India A batsmen spent substantial time in the middle after ECB XI opted to bowl. Mayank Agarwal (4) departed cheaply but his

Pakistan beat Scotland to win T20 series 2-0 Shoaib Malik blasted a quick-fire 49 as Pakistan powered to an 84-run rout of Scotland in the second Twenty20 international. Malik's unbeaten innings took just 22 balls and containing five sixes and one four, setting the stage for Pakistan to seal a 2-0 series win. Fakhar Zaman (33) and Ahmed Shehzad (24) rattled up a 60-run partnership for the first wicket in Edinburgh before Scotland hit back to reduce the tourists to 98-5. Following on from Sunday's historic win over England - the world's top ranked one-day international side Scotland were hoping to claim another big scalp against the number-one ranked T20 nation. Michael Leask's three wickets gave Scotland hope, but Shoaib's brutal hitting kept Pakistan in charge as his side reached 166-6 after their 20 overs. Scotland had scored 156 in a losing effort in the first T20 clash with Pakistan, but this time they were unable to muster a decent response. George Munsey was caught for a duck after just two balls and Pakistan made short work of the rest as the Scots finished 82 all out after just 15 overs. Faheem Ashraf took three wickets and Usman Khan claimed two in a commanding display from the Pakistan bowling attack.



Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018

England post record ODI total of 481/6 against Australia

Alex Hales and Jonny Bairstow

opening partner Shaw was in good touch, collecting seven fours and three sixes. Iyer and Kishan then shared a 99-run stand before medium pacer Ryan Higgins removed them off successive balls in the 39th over. Kishan, who was a last-minute replacement to Sanju Samson, pounced on the opportunity with a fine

innings comprising four fours and two sixes. Samson was forced out of the squad after he failed the fitness test. Krunal Pandya (34 off 28) and Axar Patel (28*) came up with the big hits in the death overs, pushing India A beyond 300. ECB XI's challenged fizzled out after Ben Slater (37 off 38)

and Will Jacks (28 off 28) departed in quick succession, leaving the home team at 107 for four in 17 overs. Brief scores: India A 328/ in 50 overs (Shaw 70, Iyer 54, Kishan 50; Chahar 3/48, Axar Patel 2/21) beat ECB XI 203 in 50 overs ( Ben Slater 37, Will Jacks 28 Deepak Chahar 3/48)

Rani, Gurjit lead India to series-levelling win over Spain Skipper Rani Rampal and defender Gurjit Kaur struck a brace each as Indian women hockey team thrashed Spain 4-1 in the fifth and final match to level the series 2-2. India dominated the match in terms of possession and chances created as Rani provided the side a two-goal cushion at the Consejo Superior de Deportes hockey stadium in Madrid. The India skipper was backed by two wellconverted penalty corners by Gurjit towards the closing stages of the match. Spain's Lola Riera (58') scored the consolation goal for the hosts. In the second minute, Indian forward Vandana Katariya get a sight on the Spanish goal but the 26-year-old's effort was saved by Spain's Goalkeeper Maria Ruiz. India's aggressive start fetched them two penalty corners in the first five minutes, but Ruiz was called into action again, and she was upto the task. India maintained pressure on the hosts in the second quarter and did not give away possession easily. The world no. 10 team showed quality in the

Rani Rampal in action

mid-field and made an attempt through young forward Lalremsiami but it was saved by Maria Ruiz. Spain could not manage to get a grip on the match but did well to deny any clear goalscoring opportunities to the visitors. In the third quarter India utilised their possession to good effect as Rani was found in the striking circle with an accurate pass by midfielder Namita Toppo and the captain stroked home a delightful finish to give her team the lead in the 33rd minute. Four minutes later, India's ace striker Rani was again presented with an opportunity to score at the end of a teammove, and the 23-yearold found the back of the net to increase India's lead to two goals. Gurjit also registered her name

on the score-sheet as she converted a penalty corner in the 44th minute to make the scores 3-0 in India's favour. India dominated in the last quarter as well, winning two penalty corners in the opening five minutes. The first was saved by a Spanish defender and the second was stroked into the back of the net by Gurjit Kaur as she scored her second goal of the match. At 4-0, India looked comfortable in possession and made sure that they were not allowing the hosts to find space inside their half. However, in the 58th minute, the world no. 11 team hit India on the counter and won themselves a penalty corner, which was converted by Lola Riera, as the match ended 4-1 in India's favour.

England stormed to a world record 481 for six as they demolished Australia's bowling attack in the third match of their ODI series at Trent Bridge, Nottingham on Tuesday. Jonny Bairstow's swashbuckling 139 and a magnificent 147 by Alex Hales took England past the total of 444 for three they made against Pakistan, also at Trent Bridge, two years ago. Captain Eoin Morgan joined in the fun as he struck a 21-ball half century -- the fastest by an England batsman in

ODIs - to become his country's leading oneday run scorer. It looked as though England would go past the 500-run barrier before a few late wickets caused the run flow to dry up slightly. England failed to score any boundaries in the last four overs - but before that they struck 21 sixes during an incredible display of strokeplay. Australia fast bowler Andrew Tye suffered the worst punishment, his nine overs going for 100 runs.

Chhetri named StarPick's brand ambassador

Indian football team captain Sunil Chhetri was named brand ambassador of online fantasy sports platform StarPick. "We are thrilled to have the true champion of Indian Football, Sunil Chhetri, as our brand ambassador, who shares his admiration for the World Cup as well as his vision for football in fantasy sports, which is slated to be the next hot button gripping the fan base," Trigam Mukherjee, Co-Founder & CEO, StarPick said in a release. "We look forward to driving football conversations as the language that

will connect India." Chhetri said: "I am privileged to collaborate with StarPick known as a company that is redefining fantasy sports in India." StarPick also announced the launch of the 2018 Football World Cup online platform, offering prizes worth £2 million. The platform will now engage with football fans to enable them to use their skills to build and own their teams on the platform and be a part of the excitement associated with the Football World Cup in Russia.

Lanka take field 2 hours late after ‘tampering’ row Play got delayed for two hours on the third day of the second Test between the West Indies and Sri Lanka after the tourists initially refused to take the field in the wake of an apparent ball-tampering controversy. Following concerns raised by umpires Aleem Dar and Ian Gould about the condition of the ball nearing the end of the second day, the Sri Lankans were advised before the start of Saturday’s play that they could not continue with the existing ball.

Sport 32

Asian Voice | 23rd June 2018




India handed debutants Afghanistan a humiliating innings and 262 runs defeat in the one-off Test at the M Chinnaswamy Stadium in Bengaluru last week. India won the one-off Test match in just two days. The visitors were bowled out for 109 and 103 in pursuit of India’s first innings total of 474 all out on Friday. All it took for India to wrap up another Test victory at home was 66.3 overs and 290 minutes after lunch on the second day. India's victory margin will be remembered as well as Afghanistan's abject capitulation. It was only the fourth instance when a Test team has been dismissed twice in a day in Afghanistan's case over less than two sessions. Replying to India's first innings tally of 474, Afghanistan mustered 109 in their first essay. Their second essay, after being asked to follow-on, was similar - 103 runs. However, one must remember that South Africa made only 84 in the first innings of their first Test against England way back in 1889. It wasn't the only positive for Afghanistan. They did eject a formidable Indian batting line-up in about four sessions and they did show glimpses albeit too fleeting - of

Ravichandran Ashwin

Indian players celebrate the wicket of Afghanistan batsman Mohammad Nabi during the second day of a one-off Test match in Bengaluru.

what it takes to see off time in a Test match when Asghar Stanikzai and Hashmatullah Shahidi put on 37 for the fifth wicket in the second innings. Stanikzai undid all the hard work with an incredibly extravagant attempt of a hoist. In time, hopefully, the skipper will learn. The virtue of patience and preparedness to wear down opposition bowlers is one of the hardest lessons Afghanistan will have to imbibe from this game. There was little in terms of footwork and even less in intent of rotating the strike too. But then, they are a team that is only one Test match - nay just two days - old. India's bowlers were too quick and skillful for this inexperienced side.

Ishant Sharma and Umesh Yadav returned match hauls four each, while spin combo of R Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja finished with five and six wickets respectively. The Afghans began to unravel in the fourth over of their first innings when a direct hit from Pandya at point sent back sauntering opener Mohammad Shahzad. Thus, began the visitors parade back to the pavilion with only Mohammad Nabi putting up a fighting 24. In the second essay, the only two players who returned decent numbers were Sahidi (36 n.o.) and Stanikzai (25). Earlier, starting at an overnight score of 347/6, India added 127 runs in 26.5 overs, losing four wickets in the process.

Overnight batsman Ashwin (18) did not extend his stay at the crease for long. Wicketkeeper Ahmad Zazai pouched a Yamin Ahmadzai delivery edged by Ashwin. The pacer could have accounted for Ravindra Jadeja in the next ball, but first Zazai and then skipper Stanikzai, at first slip, failed to hold on to a catch, which ensured a 67-run eight-wicket partnership between Hardik Pandya and Jadeja. In the meanwhile, Pandya helped himself to a half-century (71, 94b, 10x4). Brief Scores: India 474 (Shikhar Dhawan 107, Murali Vijay 105 ) beat Afghanistan (109 & 103) by an innings and 262 runs

Indian chess player refuses to wear hijab; pulls out from Iran event One of India's finest woman chess players, former World Junior Champion, former Commonwealth Champion and Woman Grandmaster Soumya Swaminathan has decided to pull out of the Asian Nations Cup 2018 that will be held in Iran from 24 July to 4 August, 2018. The reason for her withdrawal is that it is compulsory for women players to wear a hijab/headscarf if they are playing in the tournament. "I feel wearing a headscarf is violative of my human rights. There is no place for such an

Ashwin becomes 4th highest wicket-taker in Tests for India

Soumya Swaminathan

enforceable rule, especially while playing sports. In sports there is no place for religious or cultural dress codes. I completely respect people who would like to wear a hijab, but how can you

enforce it?" asks Soumya, who is clearly upset at missing out on such a huge opportunity to represent her country. "I am definitely very sad that I missed this opportunity. Especially

because these Asian events are qualifying events for the world level tournaments. I felt very sad and dejected and that is the reason why I decided to write about it." This is not the first time that Soumya has played in Iran. She had also played in 2011 in Iran when she was 22 years old and had then worn a headscarf. "When I played in 2011 that was my first experience as an adult. I learnt something from that experience and the moment I came back home, I made a decision not to wear head scarf again.’’

Ravichandran Ashwin went past Zaheer Khan to become the fourth highest wicket-taker for India in Test cricket. Ashwin reached the mark when he castled Afghanistan captain Asghar Stanikzai in his very first over on day 2 of the one-off Test in Bengaluru. The wicket was the off spinner’s 312th in Test cricket, which took him ahead of former India paceman Zaheer Khan (311 wickets in 92 Tests). Ashwin has time and again proved his wicket-taking abilities in Test cricket and is also

the fastest to the twin milestones of 250 & 300 Test wickets respectively. Former India coach and the man whose big boots Ashwin is still trying to fill, Anil Kumble, sits atop the perch with 619 wickets in 132 Test matches, which in turn is the third highest tally in the history of the game. Kapil Dev, Indian cricket’s original rockstar, is second with 434 wickets in 131 Test matches, while Harbhajan Singh currently occupies the third spot with 417 wickets in 103 Test matches.

Gujarat runner Murli Gavit bags gold in Netherlands

Murli Gavit

Long-distance runner Murli Kumar Gavit bagged gold in the men’s 10,000m race at the Gouden Spike meeting in Leiden, the Netherlands, to become the second fastest Indian in this event. Murli, who hails from Dang district in south Gujarat, clocked a personal best of 28 minutes 43.34 seconds, the best by an Indian this year. The national record of 28:02.89 is held by current long distance coach Surendra Singh, who has run faster than Kumar on four occasions. Kumar’s earlier best was 29:33.85 during the Federation Cup in Patiala in March. The Gouden Spike is one of the top meet in The Netherlands. Speaking from Kenya where he is training for future events, Murli said, “I am happy with my performance. The sacrifices made by my parents working as labourers in farms during my childhood have made what I am today.” He further stated that his

parents struggled a lot to bring him and his two elder brothers up. His first coach Mohan Maurya said that Murli’s dedication and hard work helped him bag medals at the international level. “Even when a coach is not around at the training centre, he used to do intense workouts and was sincere and serious in his approach. He had the calibre to become a champion and above all, a will to work hard.” Murli said it was his elder brother Sitaram Gavit, employed with the Indian Army, who motivated him to take up running seriously. Murli’s middle and long distance running capabilities came to light in 2013, when he came first in the 1,500 metre running race at Khel Mahakumbh in Dangs. Later in 2014, Murli again participated in Khel Mahakumbh at state-level and clinched gold medals in 3,000 metres and 5,000 metre races.

AV 23rd June 2018  

Asian Voice Weekly Newspaper (Issue No.: 8)

AV 23rd June 2018  

Asian Voice Weekly Newspaper (Issue No.: 8)