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FARCRY3 *Please note that the thumbnail idea for this piece was a collaborative effort that came out of a kickoff meeting. While I built this keyart, I did not draw the actual thumbnail shown here.

DISNEY EPIC MICKEY 2: THE POWER OF TWO 2012 Out of Home (OOH) Campaign

While a member of The Ant Farm design team, I helped to create the visual ID for Disney Epic Mickey 2. I was also responsible for creating many of the OOH creative layouts, and producing all of the OOH mechanicals for final delivery to the printer.

DISNEY EPIC MICKEY 2: THE POWER OF TWO 2012 E3 Convention Center

Working within the scope of the visual identity that The Ant Farm team created, I concepted, comped, and built through to mechanical this piece of artwork. The final piece was broken into 5 seperate 8-foot lightboxes that spanned the entrance to the South Hall.

RAGE While at The Ant Farm, I was fortunate enough to be an integral team member for the development of the entire RAGE visual ID system. This particular piece is one that I concepted, comped, and fully finished. The finish marries in-game, post production 3D, and photographic assets.

DISNEY EPIC MICKEY *I was a part of the creative team that created the strategy and brand identity for the entire Epic Mickey brand. Please note: I cannot take credit for the keyart as my own. My role in the development of these particular pieces (below and to the left) was expanding the original artwork into different layouts and mediums and buidling their full mechanicals ready for production. I was also involved in the press checking of all the outdoor advertising. These different layouts include: - Full bus wraps - Outdoor billboards - Outdoor kiosks - Outdoor window coverings - Outdoor vinyl banners The entire DISNEY EPIC MICKEY campaign went on to win The Ant Farm 5 GMS awards (formerly the MI6 Awards) that year.

DEFIANCE - Irathient character poster

DISNEY ON ICE - Site re-design comp

ALEX BOWRING portfolio  

Alex Bowring's portfolio of work.