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Hunter Ring Make your own.. or buy one of ours Proven Sire of Champions


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2012 Mare out of Magic Hostess (TB)

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2012 Mare out of Alythia (TB)

2010 Mare out of Magic Hostess (TB)

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Walking a Little Straighter Today How can it be that time already? Here I am looking up at you, dressed in cap and gown, with memories streaming back to the days where I was always looking down at this little boy with a great big smile planted on his face, and those rubber boots that never left your feet. Do you remember when you’d jump on that little motorized Harley? We had to replace the plastic wheels with wooden ones so they would endure our daily morning routine of rolling down to the stable to feed the horses. You would stop and explore, yet never stray too far from me. Little did I know that you were always watching me, studying me, following my lead. The other day a song came on and brought me to tears thinking of our time together. On the outside, you’re all grown up, with your life moving along smoothly, all in control, and excited to make a mark in this world. But truth be told, you’re still watching, studying, and following my lead. The past two years have left me all out of sorts—I’ve lost that routine with you, and I’ve felt like I’ve been tripping and stumbling through the days. You don’t need me to drive you to motorcross, where I’d sit for hours watching you, wondering why you never get tired with the long hours from open to close. Now I know why. You have this determination to be the best at whatever you do, and you understand the importance of NEVER giving up and you have the motivation

to give it your all. Your efforts with surfing and skating are prime examples. (I’m smiling as I write this, as I’m sure this will make you smile.) With skating, you wanted to learn to drop in on the half pipe, but for some reason I couldn’t find the courage to let go of your arm when you dropped in, which would result in me yanking you off the board. You had to tell me: Mom, you need to let go of me! Those words never left me, Conan. I have tried very hard to let you go, to allow you to become the man you need to be. Today, looking up at you, there’s nothing I would change. You grew into this absolutely amazing young man, and I couldn’t ask for a better son… a better man. I am so proud of you. I am so amazed you made it through these past two years with a lost mom, who has been stumbling and tripping. Now I’m the one watching. I’m watching you, studying you. I’m going to take the lead and make solid, confident footsteps forward. I’m done swaying, I’m going to walk a little straighter because I’m still leading you. Congratulations Conan!

Love, Your very proud Mom Above The Rail 11

DER DAU CUSTOM RIDING BOOTS ANNOUNCESS PARTNERSHIP WITH GEORGINA BLOOMBERG’S “THE RIDER’S CLOSET” TRADE IN YOUR EXISTING BOOTS FOR A CREDIT TOWARDS A CUSTOM PAIR OF DER DAU DREAM BOOTS AND MAKE SOMEONE ELSE’S DREAMS COME TRUE! Two of New York’s iconic equestrian figures, Georgina Bloomberg and Joseph Der, Jr., have combined efforts to provide high quality riding boots to equestrians in need. Der Dau Custom Riding Boots has initiated a program to accept trade-ins of existing riding boots in exchange for a credit applied towards a future order of the company’s exclusive Dream Boots. Each used pair will then be refurbished as needed by Der Dau’s expert craftsman and donated to The Rider’s Closet. Georgina Bloomberg explains, “I started the Rider’s Closet 8 years ago to be able to help riders afford the proper equipment and clothing for this sport. I have hopefully made a difference in many rider’s lives and made it easier for them to pursue their riding, whether they do it for pleasure or have the opportunity to compete. I have known Joseph Der for years now and always respected his work and his involvement in the horse show community. I am thrilled to be able to work with him and his company as well as humbled and overwhelmed by his generosity towards my program.”

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About Der Dau Inc. Established over 50 years ago in New York, Der Dau is passionately dedicated to its legacy of producing the finest riding boots. This pinnacle of quality is achieved by building each boot by expert craftsman and hand selecting only the finest quality materials. Culminating on their rich foundation of traditional artisanship, Der Dau has incorporated sophisticated innovation to create boots that consistently meet the functional and design needs of modern equestrians. Each Der Dau boot remains handmade in the United States and is custom built to the exact standards specified by each customer. The company’s overriding commitment for excellence has made its boots the choice for the most discriminating riders- from dedicated equestrian enthusiasts to Olympic medal winners. For more information, visit or call 1.718.336.4513

Der Dau accepts all brands of boots that are in acceptable working condition. To determine the value of your trade-in, bring your boots in to one of Der Dau’s booths/showrooms, excluding third party dealers, at equestrian events across the US and Europe. For more information, please visit or call 1-800-DerDau6.

About the Rider’s Closet The Rider’s Closet is a program started by Georgina Bloomberg in August 2006. The program aims to make riding clothes more accessible to therapeutic riding programs, pony clubs, intercollegiate riding programs and individual riders who are in need. The Rider’s Closet accepts all lightly used riding gear then donates them to anyone who requests the items (U.S. only).

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HITS Ocala 14 Above The Rail

Scenes from the Million Dollar Grand Prix Ocala

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to Stay

Cool? Tips to combat the heat this summer when it comes to cooling out your horse By

Megan Arszman It’s hot. And we’re not just talking about the competition this summer. And after a hard schooling session or a long course, one of the last things you want to do is stay out in the heat. But before you can cool off yourself, you have to cool off your horse. 16 Above The Rail

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Too Hot To Stay Cool...continued from page 16 Horses handle cold weather much better than hot weather, so cooling down in the summer months is extremely important. It’s not uncommon for a horse to have a body temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s up to you to bring those temperatures down in a healthy manner

Cool Down and Wind Down

Use your cool down time as a way to reconnect with your horse on a quieter level—don’t think of it as one more thing you have to do. Be sure to leave plenty of time at the end of your ride to properly cool down your horse, as cool down periods can have different variables and take different lengths of time. How fit your horse is will affect how long he takes to cool down—a more fit horse will cool more quickly than one who is just starting to get in shape. Also, the ambient temperature affects your cool down period—the cooler the

18 Above The Rail

air temperature is the faster your horse will cool. “Typically a horse should be to a comfortable temperature within an hour after exercise,” says Adam Cayot, DVM, with Peterson and Smith Equine Hospital in Ocala, Fla.

Cayot points out some signs that your horse has adequately cooled out: • Decreased respiration rate; • Your horse should feel normal, not hot, to the touch; • If you are not comfortable with judging this you can always take a rectal temperature. A normal temperature is 98-101 degrees Fahrenheit in a horse.

“As far feeding and watering the hot horse, I typically recommend that feed be withheld until he is cooled down,” explains Cayot. “Water can be given as he is cooling, but in small amounts (a few swallows at a time), followed by several minutes of walking.”

Five Cooling tips: 1. Start with a fit horse. A more prepared athlete is ready for the work and will recover much faster. 2. A typical cool down can simply be easy walking for approximately 15 minutes, with periodic small drinks. 3. Find as cool an area as possible to walk in, in the shade or barn aisle if possible. 4. Give your horse a cool water bath. Start with the legs and work up— you’ll want to run the water between the hind legs under the tail, and over the poll. If the weather, and your horse, is very hot, and alcohol bath may be warranted for a cool down. 5. If you have them available, ice wraps for the legs can help your horse cool down and while minimizing swelling after a strenuous class or training session.

PhotoArt By Jill Personalized Books & DVDs l Fast Action Sports

l Life Events

Chester Weber & “Team Clark” 2015 Live Oak International “What a Place! What a Competition! What a Team!” Jilluann Martin-Valliere

561-719-8624 Above The Rail 19

Photos Courtesy of

Getting To Know

By Megan Arszman

20 Above The Rail

Twenty-nine-year-old Charlie Jayne has been taking the grand prix arena by storm since his first grand prix at the tender age of 11. The Elgin, Ill., rider grew up riding horses at his family’s Our Day Farm with his mom and dad, Linda and Alex, and sisters Maggie and Haylie. Charlie’s resume is constantly growing, most recently with his win at HITS in Ocala. Above The Rail caught up with the international rider to get to know him outside of the arena. Nicknames: Big C, Father Charles, CJ Favorite sports team: Chicago Blackhawks Favorite show to compete at: Dublin horse show because the country has its roots in horses, the crowds are unbelievable, and the whole town gets into it when show comes to town. Drive across the country or fly? Fly. Time is money What’s your guilty pleasure? Shoes Do you have a ritual you perform before every ride? For big classes in the evening I try to take a nap in afternoon so that I’m well rested. Are you superstitious? Yes. I do not like change. I keep everything as consistent as possible from flat work in the morning, to my horse and I having snack two hours before the class. I pay a lot of attention to detail. What is one thing you have to do before leaving the house? I chug a

water and turn off all the lights Favorite beverage: Water with lemons

Besides show jumping, what is one equine event you’d like to compete in? Reining

Preference: Mare, stallion, or gelding? Good horse. I don’t discriminate, sex, size, or color. I always say the horses pick me, I don’t pick them.

Favorite book: Divergent

If you weren’t training horses and showing professionally, what would you do? I’d be an actor Sports car or tricked out truck? Truck. I am more luxury then speed kind of guy when comes to cars. When you’re not at the barn, where can people find you? Poker game on Mondays, the basketball court on Tuesdays, and the movies once a week Dog or cat person? I’m more of a horsey person but if I have to pick, it’d be a dog

You’re going to a restaurant to celebrate a big win, what do you order? Bone-in ribeye for two rare from Ruth Chris steakhouse Biggest accomplishment, so far, in your career? Double clean in both Fururisaya Nation’s Cup in Calgary and Dublin in 2014 for the USA team. Goal for the future? Immediate goal is to do well in million dollar class in Saugerties, N.Y., in September and 1.5 million the next week in Calgary. The three big events I am aiming for in 2016 are Gothenburg World Cup finals, Aachen Grand Priz, and the Rio Olympics.

Most embarrassing thing to happen to you at a horse show? At this past year’s Nation’s Cup in Dublin I was doing the victory gallop and I fell off carrying the Aha Han trophy in front of crowd of 20,000 Favorite place to visit outside of the U.S.? Bahamas Favorite music artist? Nelly Favorite song? Remix ignition

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Professional, Results Driven

equinevent 速 Equine Marketing Full service, turn-key marketing campaign strategies for equine specific businesses Real assistance from equine industry experts

Call Glenn Wilson at (276) 237-4157 w w w. e q u i n e v e n t . c o m

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Live Oak

Participants in the Combined Driving Marathon held at the Live Oak International Horse Show, Ocala

24 Above The Rail

Live Oak s Live Oak s Live Oak s Live Oak s Live Oak s Live Oak s Live Oak

Third Place Margie Engel riding “Eckham Van Het Steentje”

Live Oak Grand Prix Winner Andre Thieme riding “Conthendrix” All photographs from the Live Oak International Horse Show courtesy of

Second Place Cian O’Connor riding “Chandon Blue”


Top Fourth Place Scott Keach riding “Virlato”


Fifth Place Brianne Goutal rinding “Ballade van de Indlhof”

Live Oaks International Grand Prix Winners Winners from March, 2015 s Live Oak Plantation s USEF Network Above The Rail 25

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Jumping Ahead Of The Competition

A properly fitting saddle is key to your horse’s back health! By Jochen Schleese, CMS, CEE, CSFT

Saddle Fitting and Jumping Saddles

The art and science of saddle fit has become part of the consciousness of the importance of truly caring for your horse; of really working together with every equine professional who is part of the “circle of influence” around horse and rider. Traditionally however, it has been dressage riders and endurance riders who have been the most concerned with having a properly fitting saddle, because these are the disciplines where it seems to really matter how comfortable the horse (and rider) are – because otherwise performance can be visibly impacted.

The design of jumping saddles has been primarily dictated by a certain ‘look’ that especially hunters want to achieve; little attention has been paid to a) whether these saddles actually are ‘anatomically correct’ for the rider and b) whether they actually fit the horse. If you look closely at pretty much any jumping saddle, you will discover that they all generally have very narrow gullet channels and non-adjustable panels made of felt or wool. The paradox is that the ‘close contact’ the rider wants to achieve becomes pretty much non-existent after keyhole rubber pads and other saddle pads are added. Very rarely will you find a truly adjustable jumping saddle that can be fitted in the flocking as well as adjusted in the tree width and angle to accommodate the shoulder angle and necessary room all around the withers. 28 Above The Rail

Hunter/jumper saddles are usually placed pretty far forward on the horse’s back – which is good, because you generally do want to sit as close to the withers as possible as this is where the horse’s back ‘swings’ the least – but it is also bad, because often times in achieving this, the tree points are actually placed on or over the shoulder blade. This will of course impact the horse’s freedom of movement over the shoulders and shorten his stride and ability to actually jump. The next result of this is that instead of allowing the rider a balanced seat, the pommel will be much higher than the cantle – thus the need for pad after pad to bring the back of the saddle up level again. Most riders prefer the jumping saddle to be center-balanced. Particularly the shape and position of the gullet plate, the stiffest and most stable part of the saddle, needs to accommodate the natural asymmetry (i.e., usually the left shoulder is bigger – higher and further back) in the horse’s anatomy during saddle fitting. Its necessary function cannot be substituted for or eliminated by re-flocking, shimming, or the use of other special orthotics in the panel area. Because of the pretty common occurrence of the unevenness at the horse’s shoulders, it will usually be nec-

essary to fit the gullet plate asymmetrically in order to achieve this necessary support equally well on both sides, and allowing the required freedom of movement for both shoulders equally. As a matter of fact, if this crucial piece of saddle fitting is ignored, and a saddle with a symmetrical gullet plate is put on a horse’s back – it will inevitably fall to one side as it is pushed there by the more heavily muscled shoulder (usually the left, twisting the saddle to the right). You will see many instances of pictures of riders from behind sitting on a saddle which seems to have slipped to the right. There are many obvious visual manifestations of poor saddle fit – some of them will be deemed ‘behavioral’ issues; some of them are actually physiological. Some of the behaviors that may be experienced and can usually be attributed to poor saddle fit can be directly caused by the saddle impacting some of the reflex points – resulting in ‘negative’ or unwanted behavior. These would in-

clude bucking, refusing to jump, stumbling, tripping, or not rounding the back. The so-called ‘hunter’s bump’ or a dip behind the withers (due to severe muscle atrophy) is often seen in hunter/jumpers.

About the Author Former German 3-day event rider, Equine Ergonomist Jochen Schleese CMC CSFT CEE was the 1986 Official Saddler for the World Dressage Championships held in Toronto, and 2005, 2007 and 2009 World Cup Dressage and Jumping Finals in Las Vegas. Jochen is a guest speaker at veterinary associations and schools and riding instructor conferences worldwide. He is the founder of Saddlefit 4 Life - a global network of certified equine professionals dedicated to the comfort and protection of the horse, and also established the HIPPOH Foundation (Horse Industry Professionals Protecting our Horses) in California in 2010.

It would seem necessary – especially in hunter/jumpers, where the ability to move freely in order to jump is key – to have a saddle that can be adjusted over the course of the horse’s life; as he matures and changes conformation over the years. Instead, we find remedial fitting practices using more and more shims and pads, or simply replacing saddle after saddle. We invite the reader to check the fit of their saddle(s) using the 9 point checklist and following along with the YouTube videos at . What you learn might surprise you and change your perception of saddle fit!

Jochen Schleese eventing at Checkmate

Jochen is the author of ‘The Silent Killer’ (2012) and ‘Suffering in Silence –The Saddle Fit Link to Physical and Psychological Trauma in Horses’ (2013).

Above The Rail 29

10 Easy

Breakfast Ideas


by Gina McKnight

For a Winning Day at the Horse Show!

ake up sleepyhead! It’s 5 am! It’s show day! The anticipation of the day is overruled by the idea that you must eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for the show! For some, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee is the catalyst that simulates and supercharges their day. For others, it is a quick morning jog, morning yoga, or a cold shower. Whatever your pre-show routine includes, a healthy breakfast will propel you to success. Try these 10 easy breakfast ideas to get you moving!

crumbled bacon, cheese, salsa, herbs, or your favorite topping! #6 Breakfast of Champions. Stir together 1 cup oats, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon peanut butter. Add dates, almonds, and raisins, if desired. Gently heat on stove until moist and stir together. Mold into bars. Freeze overnight.

#1 Oatmeal. Add raisins, currants, diced apples, and walnut pieces to give you sustained energy. Oatmeal can be made overnight and kept in the fridge and reheated for breakfast for a quick breakfast. Yum!

#8 Egg Muffins. These bite-size marvels are easy to make and packable! Mix 2 egg whites, diced tomatoes, diced broccoli, and cheese. Place in baking cups and bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Substitute your favorite ingredients to make it your own!

#2 Green Tea and Eggs. Green tea is known as a metabolism booster and loaded with antioxidants. Eggs, no matter how you cook them, are a great source of protein that will stay with you until lunch! A sip of tea with over-easy eggs will get you going! #3 For Equestrians Only. Blend a squirt of green tea, diced organic red delicious apple (or any apple variety), a teaspoon of coconut oil and a dash of vanilla extract. Fold and gently stir in 2 organic egg whites. The amino acids and protein in this elixir will keep you on track! Enjoy! #4 Show Ring Smoothie. Blend 1⁄2 cup blackberries, 1⁄2 cup blueberries, 1 banana, and 8 oz of vanilla flavored almond milk to create a sensational energizing smoothie! Delicious! #5 Microwave Eggs. Whisk an egg in a non-stick microwavable bowl. Add 1⁄4 cup almond milk. Microwave for 2 minutes. Add 30 Above The Rail

#7 Get your Keurig on. Place your favorite instant oatmeal in a cup and stream hot water from your Keurig (if you don’t have a Keurig, I recommend the investment). Instant happiness.

#9 Bacon! For meat lovers only! Place bacon strips on a nonstick baking rack. Back 400 degrees for 25 minutes. Bacon bakes up crispy. A quick easy protein, you can make the night before! #10 Yummy Yogurt Stir 1⁄2 cup of your favorite fruit to plain yogurt along with chopped walnuts or almonds. Yogurt provides enzymes and energy for all day radiance! Before you leave the stables, don’t forget to repeat your favorite mantra “I am going to have a winning day” and take a moment to breathe/meditate. Focus on your hard work and accomplishments. Don’t rely on vending at the show for snacks; take along healthy snacks, like nuts, fruits, and raw veggies, to sustain your energy until lunch. Oh, and don’t forget to stay hydrated! Good luck in the ring!

Above The Rail 31

32 Above The Rail

July / August Issue After horses, equestrians love food, fun and entertainment. Let them know you’re there and they’ll be trotting over to your watering hole In the next issue, as the HITS Show Circuits heat up, we will be adding many of the great eateries in and around Saugertise, New York. To have your business included Contact

(352) 598-6668 Above The Rail 33

34 Above The Rail

Above The Rail 35

Charlie Jayne Crowned King

of the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix at HITS Ocala All Photos (C) ESI Photography


espite an uncertain forecast, droves of spectators packed two VIP tents and filled the grandstands for the return of the Great American $1 Million Grand Prix to the Ocala Horse Properties Stadium at HITS Post Time Farm. With hopes for a battle of the best, onlookers received just that when Charlie Jayne, of Elgin, Illinois, aboard Chill R Z, owned by Alex Jayne and Maura Thatcher, hustled his way to the win.

Forty-six of the world’s top riders, including World Cup champions, Olympic Gold Medalists and Grand Prix stars, attempted the 14 effort course set by Buddy Brown of Menlo Park, California. Many riders had a chance to talk to Brown while they were walking the course, and it was clear the track questioned riders in all the right places, with six securing a spot in the coveted jump-off. “Many of the verticals were well over 1.60, which we don’t jump anywhere 36 Above The Rail

Charlie Jayne and Chill R Z on their way to a Great American $1 Million Grand Prix win at HITS Ocala. else,” said Jayne. “I thought the course designer did an excellent job with the placement of the fences. Six was the perfect number of clears for a class of this caliber.” First to reenter the ring for the jump-off was Kirsten Coe of Royal Palm Beach, Florida, riding Baronez, owned by Ilan Ferder, Lovsa Stuteri and Tal Milstein. Hailed as a rising star in the Grand Prix arena, Coe had a rail at the fourth jump, the liverpool oxer, for four faults in a time of 46.918, ultimately leading to a fifth place finish. Lauren Hough of Wellington, Florida, riding Ohlala, owned by The Ohlala Group, was next to take the stage. Hough approached the course with confidence as a hush fell over the crowd. All-out galloping and zipping through the turns, Hough was on a mission and despite a down rail for four faults at the last oxer, the two set the Great American Time to Beat with a time of 42.601, a full four seconds faster

than Coe. Hough, who rode Ohlala in the FEI Nations Cup at HITS Ocala earlier this season, praised her partner for their job well done. “I’ve had him for a few years but he’s just come into this level in the past year or so,” said Hough. “He’s probably the most talented horse I’ve ever ridden.” Next to test his luck on the abbreviated course was Jonathan McCrea of East Windsor, Connecticut, with Aristoteles V, owned by Candy Tribble and Windsor Show Stables Inc. The crowd went silent wondering if McCrea would be the one to give them a clean go, but a rail at the second-to-last fence and a time of 49.241 would put him behind Coe on the leaderboard. Hoping to break the four fault streak, McLain Ward of Brewster, New York, on his faithful Rothchild, owned by Sagamore Farm, was next in the order and hungry for a win after a second place

finish at the AIG $1 Million Grand Prix, just one spot ahead of Jayne and Chill RZ, one week prior. Ward breezed through the course giving fans the first clean jump off round in a fast time of 42.903. For a moment, it looked like Ward was on his way to what would be his third $1 Million Dollar Grand Prix title. “He has been more than a great partner. It’s remarkable what this little horse has done,” said Ward. “I’ve said it before, but he’s really my friend. “We’ve been aiming for the World Cup Finals since the World Championship last year. When we made that plan, these two $1 Million Grand Prix were on the way there and very important markers for us,” he continued. Jayne, who immediately followed Ward in the jump-off both in Ocala and in the AIG Million a week earlier, had the advantage of watching all but one of his challengers. The chase was on as Jayne and Chill RZ cut through the course and as they launched over the final fence, the Great American Insurance oxer, for a clean round in a time of 42.24, the crowd

second behind McLain last week, and I was just about that much ahead of him this week. Luck was on my side.” With one last entry to go, all eyes were on Callan Solem of Glenmoore, Pennsylvania, and VDL Wizard, owned by Horseshoe Trail Farm, LLC, as they Third Place Callan Solem on VDL Wizard raced the clock and Jayne for the $570,000 in the past two weeks,” replied win. Clean but not quite fast enough, Ward, referring to his and Jayne’s results Solem crossed the timers in 44.116 for a the past two weeks. “To see our sport third place finish. come to that level is phenomenal. I tried to go a little faster this week than last - I As Solem exited, a triumphant Jayne was worried about Charlie. I just had a reappeared in the ring for his well-defeeling that he was going to lay it on the served victory gallop and beamed with line.” excitement as he waved to countless cheering fans.

“Everybody in the jump-off was quite fast but I just had the advantage today that Lauren had a rail down and I got to see McLain go,” said Jayne after the class. “I think there was a very strong caliber of horse and riders here today – probably one of the strongest Millions we’ve seen yet.”

Course designer Buddy Brown agreed adding, Second Place McLain Ward on Rothchild “To me, the jumpoff is an Olympic erupted in cheers for the new leader. like round. When you come here to jump “Before the jump off I was talking to a for $1 Million, that is special. Tom holds friend who said ‘You know Charlie, you three $1 Million Dollar classes a year. won over a $100,000 last week, so just go Riders should come ready with their for it,’ so that was basically my strategy,” A-game.” said Jayne. “I think I got a little lucky at the last fence. I was a few tenths of a “The two of us have won $480,000 and

It was unanimous amongst the top finishers that the prize purses offered by HITS are remarkable and HITS President and CEO Tom Struzzieri gave full credit to the event’s title sponsor. “Great American Insurance is a fantastic sponsor of ours. To support us at this level is extraordinary and we’re so fortunate in that way,” said Struzzieri at the post-class press conference. “I’m fortunate to have frequent customers of mine sitting up here. I like to have people who support HITS through the year getting rewarded for doing well, and I’m happy about that.” As ten weeks of show jumping competition at HITS Ocala came to a close with a $1 Million Grand Prix to remember, Jayne is already looking ahead to the HITS Championship in Saugerties, New York later this year. Boasting the richest weekend in show jumping and with the Saugerties $1 Million Grand Prix debuting as an FEI CSI-5* class, riders from around the globe await another opportunity for their chance at international bragging rights and the iconic prize purse. Above The Rail 37

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Photo Mollie Bailey/Chronicle Of The Horse

Warmblood: Talisman (Toulon-Alexis Z), 16 hands. Winner of Eastern League YJC Finals. Sire Toulon had 4 offspring at the 2014 WEG. Cooled semen. or 410-658-9898

Dutch Warmblood: Vallado aka Praise (Now or Never M-Saros xx), 16.1 hands. Top Hunter Derby Competitor with Kelly Farmer. Approved son exported to Europe. Cooled semen. or 410-658-9898

MORE THAN LUCK Dutch Stallion sired by BEST OF LUCK Out of: INETTA by beach boy Owner/Breeder/Manager: Tish Quirk 21 Greenview Carlsbad, CA 92009 760-207-4887

photo BY Haras de Brullemail

42 Above The Rail

QUALITY TOUCH Oldenburg: (Quick Star-Landgraf ), 16.3 hands. Half-brother to Olympic Mare Classic Touch. Frozen semen $600/dose. www. or 410-658-9898

Holsteiner: Riverman (Redfort-Landego), 16.2 1â „2 hands. Previous USEF Sire of the Year. Offspring competing top levels in jumpers, eventing, hunters, and dressage. Cooled or Frozen semen. or 410-658-9898

Photo Alix Coleman

Photo Sportfot

Holsteiner: GK Calucci (Calido I-Accord II), 16.3 hands. Grand Prix record with both professional and amateur riders. Approved ISR/Old, sBs, & RPSI. Cooled semen. or 410-658-9898 JUST THE BEST 1991 Approved Dutch Stallion -KWPN Dutch Hunter Foundation Sire 16.2 Sired by: Best of Luck Out of: Timely Persuasion by Close Watch Owner/Breeder/ Manager: Tish Quirk 21 Greenview Carlsbad, CA 92009 760-207-4887

Pallido Blu CF: (Palladio/Rainbow/Delta Flag xx) Looking for a warmblood stallion with a pinto guarantee? Fully approved for breeding GOV and RPSI Fancy moving & colorful can only produce tobiano foals! Fresh cooled semen in 2015. Stud fee $1200, Contact Andrea at Crestline Farm 206-949-6661, andrea@

STALLION DIRECTORY Palladio: Palladio (Calletto I/ Samber/L. Ronald) International bloodlines, impressive KWPN pedigree. Multi-time winner in the International Hunter Derby. Stud fee $1500.00, Contact or call 206-949-6661

Blue Who-11.2 hand Hunter Pony Breeding Stallion by Blue Rain X Private Collection Sud fee $1,000 AI only. Contact Sandy @ 352232-2795 or

Carrasca (AscaZ x Calato) Approved BWP. 2013 reserve champion 3 yr. old Young Horse Show Finals free jumping. 2014 he was Overall Grand Champion 4 yr. old INT. jumper futurity. 2014 High pt. in hand & at liberty. saddle.

Sugarbrook Blue Pacific13.2 hand Hunter Pony Breeding Stallion by Gayfields Vida Blue X Tropical Breeze. Stud fee: 1000.00 AI only. Contact Sandy @ 352-232-2795 or


Diamant d’Heure ABF (Diamant d’Semilly x Lord Incipit) 2013 champion in the Young Horse Show Finals 3 yr.old Jump Chute. 2014 reserve overall champion 4 yr old International Jumper Futurity. 2014 High Point Best American Bred Horse

Sea Lion NY Bred, 1998(TB) Stallion. Rolex 4* Event Champion 1M20 Jumpers.Incredible temperament & fabulous work ethic. ATA Trakehner, ISR, Oldenburg Registries approved lifetime breeding licenses STUD FEE: $1500.00 Contact Pam @ 970-379-6676

Vuvuzela Z (Vagabond de Pomme x Casantos) Vuvuzela recently started under saddle, exceptionally well balanced, rideable & willing mount. One of the youngest colts to be presented at the Z Festival where placed 5th .

WELLESLEY 1997 Chestnut (17.0) hand AHS Approved Elite Hanoverian Stallion by World Cup IV x SPS Esplanade. Contact Kennedy Pedigo Farms 909-517-1582 / 714-357-2714 kennedypedigofarms. com



Above The Rail 43

44 Above The Rail

HORSE SALES Zander is a stunning 16.2hh, 3 year old gelding by the International jumper Zirocco Blue VDL (Mr Blue X Voltaire) and out of the exceptional mare Joy by Jupiter. Zander is a great mover, has a super jump and is kind. Fairly priced. Barbara 352 817-1946

Gigi 16.2hh 5 year old by Golan X Dutch Vivacious. Gigi is the kindest horse. She has shown locally and overnighted at HITS. She is a cute mover, has her changes and jumps in great form. Priced in mid five figures. Barbara 352 817-1946

Chablu 15.3hh mare by Chacco Blue X Joy/Jupiter. Simple ride with a great temperament, lead changes and jump. She has shown successfully locally, overnighted at HITS and is ready for the baby greens. Priced in mid five figures. Barbara 352 817-1946

Painted CF (“Ted”) Oldenburg stallion. Potential for hunter, jumper, equitation. Lifetime approved breeding stallion with RPSI & GOV. 2012 70-day stallion testing, super scores, super mover, great jumper, Andrea at 858-775-2778 or

For sale or lease Sontana 12.1 hh 8 yr old PF qualified Contact Michele Lewis 785-341-1475

For Sale or lease Cher Cheval 12.2 hh 8 yr old PF qualified Contact Michele Lewis 785-341-1475

For Sale or Lease Greymeadows Rock Step 14 1/2 hh 4 yr old Holsteiner x welsh cross PF qualified Contact Michele Lewis 785-341-1475

For sale 55k all import fees included 5 yr old By Adorado ou Contact Michele Lewis 785-341-1475

Kallanica - 2011 Oldenburg Mare

Destined to succeed in the jumper/ hunter ring. Sire is grandson of TB jumper sire Nightshade xx. Dam sire competes at 1.5M for Rodrigo Pessoa . Contact John Brown @ 407-272-8369

Alexander P - 2006 2006 AHHA Gelding By Holsteiner ALCATRAZ Out Of FIFTH AVENUE-TB by REVE DORE. 16.3hh, Scored 9 for canter & 9 for jump at RPSI Approval. Contact John Brown @ 407-272-8369

Major League: Competitive Large Pony Hunter. Lots of miles including Devon and Indoors. Good points for Devon 2015. Reasonably priced. Call Dominique 484325-0380. www.rambleonfarm. com

Daisy: Adorable Small Pony Teacher. 11 hand aged mare. Mini Stirrup thru Children’s, auto everything. Call Dominique 484-325-0380.

George 2003 Sm Green pony Gelding #2 in the country, small green ponies. Contact Daphne Thornton @ 816-507-5928 or twobitkc@gmail.comContact Daphne Thornton @ 816-507-5928 or

Sugarbrook Suddenly Blue (small 4 yr old hunter pony) by Sugarbrook Blue Pacific X Sugarbrook Because I am) Contact: Sandy Holbrook 352-232-2795.

13.2 perm card Eligible green 9 yr old mare Auto changes, good mover and jump, ss-division Can be seen and tried at our partner farm in Del Mar CA Please email Or call Jenifer at 858-504-0050

45k all import fees included 7 yr old hunter Eligible everything Contact Michele Lewis 785-341-1475

(Callaway 4 x Kaiser De La Cour x Lantaan)

Above The Rail 45

Amy (Lord) Johnson Realtor 352-502-5855

Greg Lord Broker / Owner 352-266-6180

2455 NW 44th Avenue Ocala, Florida 34482

Representing two generations of Real Estate excellence, father and daughter team of Greg Lord and Amy (Lord) Johnson deliver on a solid reputation built on decades of unmatched...

sExpertise sIntegrity & sService 46 Above The Rail

Featured Property

Head & Heel Ranch

Private Estate *Old Fashion Cantina *40 Acres With One Main Below The Bunkhouse Home And two Guest Homes Including a Bunk *Roping Arena *8,000 Sq Ft Woodworking House *Event Center, Dude *Close To Ocala, Tampa & *Orlando $2,990,000 Ranch Or Your Own

Trackside Farm

*3 Barns With A Total Of 79 Stalls, Covered Eurocizer, Hay Barn *Maintenance Building With Office *2 Inside Hot Walkers *2 Feed & 2 Tack Rooms *Offered At $1,849,500

Working TB Farm * 5/8 Mile Irrigated track *3/2 Home On 73.50 Acres

Stoneridge Farm Close To HIT, Ocala, Or Williston *4/3 Lovely Pool Home On 464B *Brand New Kitchen Recently Updated *Open Floor Plan w/Cathedral

Ceilings And Office *6+ Private Acres w/Privacy Gate *New 3 Board Creosote Fencing *Pole & Frame Barn *MLS#406044 *PRICED REDUCE $335,000

From Private Residential Estates To Large Scale Commercial Equine Operations We Have Them All! Open View Farm *21 Acre Farm conveniently located to Ocala, Gainesville & Jacksonville *3/2 Split Faced CB Home with over 2900 sq ft, *2 car Attached Garage *Concrete Block Rubber Tile Center Aisle

*Show Barn W/ Efficiency Apartment *25X50 Pole Barn With More Stalls And An Insulated Workshop *RAMM Fencing throughout the 21 Acres With 6 large Paddocks *½ Mile Gallop Track Offered At $849,900

Dally Up Farm *Turn Key Farm on 10.53 Acres *3/3 Pool Home with Office *Electric Gate, Hot Tub, *Hardwood Floors, Fireplace

*6 Stall Center Aisle Block *Barn W/ Feed Room *Riding Arena & large Equipment Building *Great Location Across From *Golden Hills Golf Course

(352) 732-3276

Don Stewart Stables

One Of The Nicest Working Farms In Ocala *44.44 Magnificent Acres *2 Barns w/63 Stall and 17 Paddocks *Office w/Apartment and 2 Full Baths *Lovely 3/3 Elegant Country Home *Horse Heaven Personified Price Upon Request MLS#417837

w w w. h o m e s t o r a n c h e s . c o m Above The Rail 47

Der Dau Custom Boots & Shoes is pleased to partner with Georgina Bloomberg’s charity,

The Rider’s Closet to make riding boots available to more equestrians.





8 0 0 .D ER. DAU 6 48 Above The Rail

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