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Rules For Trade Show Staff

No Personal Stuff

Make sure that your staff are not busy with their personal cell phones or tablet PCs. They should always be at hand ready to talk to any visitors. If they at all use cell phones or tablets then it must be for company promotional purposes.

Courteous & Energetic Stuff

Make sure that your staff are very courteous and energetic and they always carry a smile whenever they greet visitors. The energetic nature of the staff will help creating a positive atmosphere otherwise which the visitors will feel awkward.

Make Your Stalls Interactive

Give your visitors a nice interactive experience with tablet PCs or other touch devices. Train your staff to handle the guests and give them a wonderful experience.

Staff Must Be Focused

Train your staff to concentrate on the theme of the trade event that of the booth. Your trade show booth staff need to be alert on what and how they are dealing with the visitors and helping spread the message of your business.

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Rules for Trade Show Staff  
Rules for Trade Show Staff  

You need to train your staff for better handling of visitors at trade show booths and achieve success.