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How To Make Trade Show Booths Environment Friendly

Trade Shows Create Trash All trade shows create a lot of trash like throwaway brochures, pamphlets and other marketing materials. These get accumulated and create a lot of waste that is hard to get rid of.

Re-Use Your Materials Re-using your materials is the best way to lower the impact of trash on the environment. You can re-use products like packaging materials, table covers and other stuff after cleaning and washing them. It also saves you money.

Reduce Unwanted Stuff When you attend a trade show you tend to buy a lot of stuff most of which find no use at all. Try to make a plan of exactly what you need so that you may reduce those unwanted things and reduce trash.

Use Eco Friendly Lighting As much as possible try to use eco-friendly lighting to decorate your trade show booths. They would require less electricity to operate, appear aesthetic and create a positive impact upon conscious people.

Keep Recycle Bins Always keep recycle bins at your trade stall and ask your visitors to throw trash at the bins only. Keep a variety of bins for different items for easy sorting later on.

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How to Make Trade Show Booths Environment Friendly