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How do we sabotage our own success without even knowing about it?

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When you think good, you feel good Who wants to feel good? Meeeeeeee! Everyone wants to feel good, am I right? So think good and you will feel good. It‘s as simple as that. If it is so simple, then why don‘t we all just do it? What does the statement "when you think good, you feel good“ mean? It’s not unusual for people to question themselves when things are not going as they have planned. They wonder if success is ever going to "find“ them or even if they are destined to be successful at all. Instead of being successful they most likely feel that they have failed. They aren’t lazy people or unintelligent – they are people like you and me. They work hard, pay their bills and try to be good, decent people but success – well that is just always out of reach. Despite working hard, there just never


seems to be enough money to cover their needs and somehow, along the way they have begun to believe those phrases we have all heard at some time or another "money is the root of all evil“ or "money isn’t everything.“ - Try telling that to the bank manager when you have exceeded your overdraft limit and see if it works! Sadly, I used to think the same way about money and wealth with very similar results, which were as I am sure you will have guessed, not positive!

The way we grow up

We all grow up with commands and instructions as to what we should not do instead of what to do. They started from early childhood with our parents telling us "don’t do this or don’t do that,“ "don’t touch that or don’t go there“ etc. Then we go to school and teachers continue what are parents began, as they focus on the things which we need to improve. It seems quite obvious that they give the most attention to the subjects which we are the worst at or don’t do well. So we grow up with the thought "I am not good enough – everything I do is wrong“ We then go on with this negative self-image imprinted on our brain and it becomes a belief which is not necessarily supportive or helpful. Compliments in my family were very rare – again I know, in a well-intentioned desire to keep us all grounded and our egos in check. Who hasn't heard someone calling a halt to compliments by saying "stop it! I’ll get a big head“ suggesting that a compliment is undesirable. Again something we were taught as young children – pride is wrong. We weren’t however, taught that there are different types of pride and they are not ALL negative or narcissistic. Personally, I was never able to accept compliments - for example when somebody complimented me on a nice dress, I would say "This old thing?“ "come on – I’ve had it for years. It‘s not even in a fashion anymore“ and then I would start to over think the situation. In the back of my mind was the thought "OMG, what is wrong with my dress?“ or "did they really mean it?“ It wasn't long before those around me knew I would reject their compliments so I didn‘t get them very often. It even got worse and I started to think that I‘m not pretty enough, that I‘m not clever enough or good enough to have anything better. This is just a small example but do you recognize some of yourself in this example? I now know that this was the way I had been thinking about myself for many, many years and I was not even aware that I was doing so, as these thoughts are "normal“ for many of us.


Is it all about „luck“? For years I have been plagued with self-doubt, continually surprised when things were not working for me. I just couldn't understand what was wrong with me - I have never intentionally hurt anyone, never stolen anything, always been polite, loyal and hardworking so where was the justice? Looking at others and comparing myself to them, I could see nothing extra that they had done that I had not. They weren‘t special either and they had everything I wanted - is it really just about good luck, is it all just a big lottery and my number has not come up? I just couldn’t accept that this was how it works and that I have no control over my own future. So I started examining myself and looking for answers. I questioned for example, how it can be that somebody who had not finished school, who comes from bad family circumstances and have been through a lot more than I have, ends up a successful, rich and a happy person? This is not what I had been taught was the foundation of success and I‘m not talking about just the one exception. There are plenty of people who were down, poor and miserable but then turned their lives right around. I just burned to know their secret and how they had done it. The Universe was listening and it usually works that if you are looking for something you find it! I am sure that these well-known statements are nothing new to you: You can’t change others, you can only change how you react to them. If you want to see changes start with yourself. Yes, I too have heard those sayings many times before but just did not apply them to myself. They were just cute sayings to put on a meme. It just didn’t "click“ that I needed to change, I wasn‘t aware of all my negative thoughts and how they were affecting me and holding me back. When I finally started to look at what I REALLY thought about myself, what was inside my head, everything became clear to me.

Awareness Awareness is the first step towards change. I know we all have some emotional baggage and have been through rough times but we can‘t change the past or things around us. We can CHOOSE how we view things and what thoughts we allow into our mind! This famous manifestation formula is well known but in case you do not know it, please take a moment to process it: T & E &A = R Thoughts create Emotions ~ Emotions create Actions ~ Actions create Results Everything starts with the thoughts in our head. The way we think is the way we are going to feel ( emotions) We act according to our feelings and of course results are products of our actions. If we want to see different results we have to start with our thoughts! Here is an example: If you have £200 and spend it all at once - do not be surprised you have nothing left. If you invest the £200 instead, you will have your £200 & profit. When I read this formula everything suddenly clicked, making sense to me and I was so relieved! It isn‘t about luck


or random good fortune (unless you want to believe it is all about luck of course). I realized that if I change my thoughts on my blueprint I could do anything I want to do! With my new thoughts, I can achieve anything - I can be anyone! Of course, there are more steps to change your life completely and it does not happen overnight but this is a strong foundation block to start from and the awareness is the first step to it. There are plenty of books, exercises and training out there which can support you through the whole transformation process. It is a simple as formula and while the whole process may not be easy it is most certainly for anyone. In case you are interested what book I was reading feel free to get in touch. I only wish I knew about this formula sooner but it is never too late to start. Feed your mind with thoughts which are positive and good. Good produces more good - It doesn’t cost anything and it is a pleasant thing to do! Dare to dream Yes, I know you may feel a bit weird at the beginning but the more you practice, the more you will start to believe in yourself – feel it (emotions) and from there it is only a short step to your actions and wanted results! Now I know I have the power to choose what I put into my mind. I chose to change my life. I chose to grow, to learn, to work less and earn more. I chose freedom! I chose to succeed! And if I can do it everyone can do it! Think good, you will feel good. If you are ready to have results you have dreamed of click here. P.S.: There are many many people out there who are working so hard and want to succeed as badly as I wanted. And they have no idea what is the core of their problem. If you know them, please, share this article with them. Let them know! Thank you.


How do we sabotage our own success without even knowing about it  
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